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Say* That Name of Cal
horn) Would Bring
U Mmi? 80091.
Spoclal correspondence. ...
Columbia, Fob. 6.?The House re
ceived n message'-from the'Goveeoof
today reiterating Ills Tceomm?cda
tlons that the name of Clemaon Col
lege be changed to that of Calhoun
University and that the Institution
be placed under the direct control of
the State, instead et a self-perpet
uating board of trnsteea.
'A<M?ntTVJi*nyin? the mnaai?go ?*er?
letters to the Governor from John C.
Caihsun cf1 New York, a grand-son
of the etatesmar and Florii^ I*
Calhoun of-New York in which it was
intimated that should tbo name of
the institution bo changed, it might
be given a large endowment fund.
The message states that Thomas G.
Clemson. for whom the. coll?ge wn?
namod. was an atheist and "that is
sufficient vscscs the ustns
should "bo changed." r
The message, Vas referred.to the
Joint committees of. ways aud~.*aenna
of, the; House and the -finance com
mittee o? the Senate^ who were in
structed to luviteMr.CalhDun of'New
Special correspondence.
Rate for Advertising.
Columbia, Feb. 6.?The bill chang
ing Ihe rate for legaL advertising is'I
still in tbe hands of th? Senate Judl
nnnlttee to. wbbjh'it wda roc
tiSKgfftdcd for a hearing today. The
bewrlng Was attended by several
newspaper men.
The Senate spent the* night' dis
cussing the warehouse bill, adjourn
ing as soon as it heard of the illness
o? Speaker Pro Tempore Wyche.
.Te;t^lestoa Wedae?fi^. .
It was announced t?nsgbT that the
General Assembly woiila go to Char,
leston next Wednesday to Inspect
the State Medical College and the
Executive Clemency.
The Governor of South Carolina
has extended clemency In more than
i.O?? cases and ir his present speed
is maintained there will not be a
adopted the plan of. commuting the'
prisoners (eft in the State penitent!try
within the.next sixty days. Ho has
adopted the, plan of comma ting the
sentences , so that the men will serve
their time on the county chain gongs.
Today six prisoners were sent hack
io Coiteton county. 1
By ? vote
/refused this raorttlsg to pass tho M'.l
providing for the salb of the _ State
Hospital lor the :Xn*xne and the
transfer of the Institution to State
Park, On account or the closeness
o? the,voie, Speaker'tW?reh polled tbo
After the poll Mr. Tlndal of l?rtton
ville and Mr. Massey of Lancaster,
said they wanted iojrvhange their
votes on the hllljio as to ^iptc in fa
for of Its jmfpam.
of the House Vsqr\
to do this.
*By a vote ot 5* to"'41 tho House
refused to reOdneldor the vote r?
quently klUo?f
ueutly kUled.^?* I
Froeeeetage la Senate.
(From the trend taken by a loa?
dobato la the Senate Friday morning
there is every indication that the
McLnxirin cotton^wdf^house bill will
be killed. The .chief objection ad
vanced against the^i?; is that tho
system of managing the propo'ced
cotton warehouses would load to
\djt. Oen. Moore Opposes Change.
Adjutant General Moore today re
iterated that he will light any effort
tu bave the office of,adjutant, general
made optative by tneGorerafcr. The
rough draft of ?. b^U bas *een9ere*(|
pared to take the ofllco out of politics.
will very probably be pre
movement Wria' launched by
st one politicians.
!N"o 3fore Bills.
So more bills can be introduced In
the house aft?r today except th'oso
introduced by ; a standing committee.
Kgaety *.?eo rncaSnres have $??? in.
freduced at this session and there is
little hope. for the passage of many
or tncm.
the rales
ot allowed'}
Dense Fog Enwraps
The Atlantic Coast
(By Associated Press.)
. Norfolk. Vs., Feb. 6?Anothor
depse fog baa the Virginia-Carolina
ebbst in its grip tonight and vessels
or all descriptions are proceeding
cautiously. The fog became eo
dehso in tho harbor that' ferryboats
operating between Norfolk and
Portsmouth missed several trips.
Several Railing vessels bouvd to sea
anchored in the roads, until . the
weather clears.
The revenue cutter Onondaga,
more^colruptto^lbJui' Vas found in j spite the - fog. Is proceeding tc,. the,
tho State dispensary | arslstauco o
to ainsi
The Senate
House the
alon of the
is reported
the House,
Jqhn S, Mcsweif.
Senator T. J. Man'
m??i to ue
fora dlvK
circuit It
the bill pass
Crreenvllle sod
a of Pickeas will
be two of the candidates for Judge
ot the new circuit which the bill
creates. Judge. Prince would hold
oter In bis circuit and the Governor
would appoint a solicitor tor the
-Anderson-Oconeo circuit
Mr. K. P. Smith's name is mention
ed in that connection. It Is believed
here that be could nave the place
if he wished It.
Drop of rerty De^reea.
St Louis, Feb. 0.?At Springfield,
Mow, a drop In teamerature of about
40 degrees duribjr the day w is re
ported. Late tonight the temperature
was four above ase^.r . .
Rcaooaer Helen tad Benedict? which
stranded at 5:30 o'clock this morning
on the North Carolina coast, south
of the Nags Head lifesavlng station.
Refuses to Sell
_ (By AASoeiaxed Press.)
-, Washington, Feb. 6.?Secretary
Garrison has refused the vale of any
army arms or ammunition except that
they be sent beyond the seas.
As there is no means of delivering
arms to the Mexican constttutioaal
by way ot sea, the negotiations
for the present at least, are ended.
Secretary Garrison declined to give
th 3 names of the would-be pachas*
erj, but It was reported they were
private dealers, who expected to send
tho Krag-Jorgensens and their clips
of cartridges directly serosa the
Te tas border to the revolutionists.
(By Associated Free*.)"
IX^gias, Aris.? -?Pe??v S.?fwateraents
frt>m,?ouvoe? friendly to Huerta. that
the lifting of the embargo wouid do
the constitutionalists cau?e no good
because the rebels had no money, to
day were met With declarations ?y
Carranca agents that thty not_ only
Lsi wwSv Ci?wUSh,. io buy r*>Mc? by
the hundred thousand, but that they
were financially able to purchase
warihips of sufficient doatruetlve
f?deral navy out
power to bio
of the water.
Two warah
oeo tons durp
purchased Im:
than 15.
wlli be
?lottg the Pacific coast of Mexico, uc
>e?mteg to n statement by conatitu
ttrcalist Consul Lellvier today. It
was hinted that these vessels already
wore selected and wonld be ready im
mediately, after purchase to proceed
against the federal gunboats which
or reinforcing Huerta garrisons at
Oi eyn*&t> *ud Ma&s&xr.llo.
?k vt-arshlp of l?.OCd tons displace
ment would be . nsueh larger than
the Oregon, the famous American
battleship which raced around the
Hi ra in 1R?? to help defeat Cervera'a
fleet at Santiago and will,be almost
cu tat in sise to the big United States
nr cored cruiser Maryland.
Tragedy Occurred on the |
Street* of Atlanta Fri-'
day Night.
Occurred Alfter Snort
(By" Associated Press.)
Atlanta,, Ca., P?b. 6.?A. J. Amo.=on,
n tuvcHng 'ssSestsAh, residing hers,
J&te taday? shot and killed his wKo
and then committed suicide by send
ing a bullet through his heart.
The tragedy occurred near the In
tersection of Trinity avenue and
Whitehall street, in the heart of the
city; just at dusk. So far as known,
there were few witnesses.
AvvOiuiiig io uu?! man who claims
to have seen the killing, Amoson and
his wife, who was young and attrac
'Jve, engaged in a brief conversation.
Suddenly, according to this witness,
the man drew a revolver .. and fired
several times, the woman falling to
tho aldowalk. Amoson then turned
h'is wo?po? upon u??raelf, firing <two
shots, one of which passed' through
; bis heart. Both were d*n^i --before.
medical aid could reach ther,".
It is said that tho couplc^se^h?'?t'ed '
several weeks ago. and n^t since
then Mrs. Amoson steadfastly refus
ed to sco her husband. She Ts ins?,
posed. JtO . have been on her way, Jjn
b?r rooms on Trinity avenue, when
her husband mo? her and presumably
ifns? A??wft wl^not^t^^ejone^nf^
K< passing through her-head and tho
other through her left shoulder.
Seven Thousand Men
Waiting for Supplies
(By Associated Frets.)
Douglas? . . Ariz., Feb. V 0.?Seven
thousand additional troops armed
with rifles and am munition now dom
ing In from the United States will be
ready to take the field in Scnoxv,
and Chihuahua Feb. 16, according to
statements today by Ella* eallos,
commander of the constitutionalist
border military gone. A majority of
the troops will be recruited among
the Yaqul Indians. ,
Calles also confirmed reports from
HormosUio and Cullacan that Onrran
sa had arranged to purchase armored
vessels for operation against coast
Cities held by the federals; Calles
said two cruisers wonid bo commis
siope4 Jsx^ctac waters:r
Arohassador Page On
The Mortroo Doctrine
-'Associated Press)
?England, Feb. yV-w<u
r. the American ambassa
ifiDfiss here tonlthr^lMforst
.lie.chamber of commerce,
touched upon the Monrof, doctrine
and the situation m Mexico. He
ted States desired no
said the
? ?
dof *
ment. The
doctrine, the ambassa-1
stood for self-govera
Jprted States desired no
European government in America, I
because tt wished to dedicate the
American' continent to self-govern
ment by the peoples who live hero
Mr. Pago is ."tatting Newcastle as
could send an army into Mexico to
harry th? land, ont that would be
to establish' g protectorate?that
would nW'.?p.. self-government.
Mr. Pag els visiting Newcastle as
the guest or>tord Joioey. >.
i i ^HHi*' * *'r
(By Associated Press.) *
Mexico City, Feb. 6.?Koporis
that conspirators ware planning .
" move tonight result. a
troons of the entire
being held in Quarters *
tofed an guard in the
Of the artillery
barracks. *
ifcsldiers were ou top of some
of th? outWtngj. from which
a fei? familles had been advis
ed to'move.
The guard at the palace was
increased sod soldiers slept in
tho court * yard.
Oeneibt Bienouet. Minister ,
of War; and the post command*
er and. ot?*r' officers were io
Speaker Pro Tern. C. TV
Wyche Fell Prom the
Speaker** Chair.
>r Wm Given
AtteBiioh by Phy
^Vfco, WiiJfa' Pr?tent
I S?t&?. '
Special correapondeaco.
Columbia; Feb. e,^-WI
Wychc tif NswiKirry,
s Dr. C. T.
er pro tea.,
wan' presiding over'the boaso at 9:20
o'clock Friday night be suddenly tell
out ot the speaker's chair, on the ros
trum. His son, Cecil <A Wyche, of
Spartanburg; Dr. B?lt,.c4fEasley; Dr.
Jones, of Greenwood, and other mem
bers cf the house rushed to his assis
tance. Dr. J. A. Hayna* Dr. A. B.
'aticrscu, senator ?rotu.'Sst?vvcI!, and
Dr. J. B. Black, senator Jtrom Barn
burg, also hurried to the ^rostrum to
render medical aid.
After a brief examination the phy
sicians announced that they feared
that Dr. Wycbe's left sides was par
tially paralysed: He waaUaken to a
hosnltal In ?n arnbHlat
When Dr. V.
bouse was in
?cr ever the
bill to enjoin i
repute. As part of the
filibuster opponent
tho stand
catch Dr.
rhich the
nation; tho house
Seht ad JJWT-ned uatilSaturday
timing any. action'on the
Dr. Wyche in ?eint of service J
or the oldest memoirs of the
assembly. Hi M, "ihslimsii ot- the.;
house committee on education and!
tern,. He is onev.of rtbe most popelarj
sad highly -.re^e^d as^bsrs'.dsnSM
house. To a matt.the numbers of the!
house hope that Dr! Wycbe's Illness
will not prove serious.
Men Involved in Financial Trans-1
actions of Railroad Are
Score ft.
Washington, Fob. 6.?Men Involved
in some of the post financial trans,
actions of the New York, New Ha
ven & Hartford Railroad were de
nounced today as criminals In thvj
Senate, Senator Borah said they
should be- occupying peniteatdarx-i
cells, if charges relating to the.cor-i
?or?tk>s*s affairs nu u*i?niases\
' There were intimatiojnB that, the
federal government still contemplates
Instituting - criminal action against
certain individiials engaged In trans
actions of tho.lrew Haven, which have
Lbees. .Savestftated by the interstate i
f<?oni)derce commission.
Th? discussion arose when Senator
Norrie of Nebraska called up bis
resolution to direct the commission
to extend its inquiry into the New
Haven's affairg, particularly with a
view to ^ascertaining what became
of millions of dollars of the New Ha
ven's fonds declared to have been
fraudulently withheld from the rail
roads stockholders.
Senator Nor rig insisted that further
information at least might furnish
a basis for proceedings by the pres
ent management of the New Haven
to recover something fev the wid- !
ows or orphan who have beam "plun-1
deretJV j
* Reciting clrcumstaoces disclosed la i
th? Interatrte commerce commission's
rcjiori on is?vr jsngiand ratr/oad con
ditions, ths senator declared that
the commission, had not completed
lta fiVestigation as to the New Ha
ven "because it feared H mis?t be
ebnYPQlled to extend Immunity to of
fenders. It waa his reading of *N>
tlon? of 'this reoort that nroasnted
I Scuator Borah to assort tact *>:s =c=,
If proven guilty of the financial trans
actions described should "be In the
Culiacan, Slnaloa, Mex., Feb. 6.?
From all sides' today came reports
to o?s-t?nt?caallst h*adauafte'-*s of
renewed* rebel activities in Northern
Mexico. Gen. Carrants was advised
that all was ready for Gen. Villa's
attack on Torrepx. Gen. G?nais?,
<(iamunder of the northern tone, re
ported that eight brigades wer? mov
ing toward the south to attack the
principal oolnt of Central Mexico.
Lever Agricultural Ex
tension Bill on Pat*
Says North?*? ^ Weitern Sena
tors Speele From Ignorance ox
the Whole Situation m
the Sooth.
(Py Associated Press.)
Washington. Feb. 6.?Alter another .
day's.debate on the raco question, tberj
Senate today agreed to vote ou t!ie
final passage of the Lever agricultu
ral extension bill. Senator Oalllnger
started today's argument with a
statement In favor or the Jones
amendment to provide that negro ag
ricultural College? in the South shall
hare in the administration, of the
proposed fund for farm demonstra
, This brought forth extended re
marks upon the.negro by Senator
Vardaman, who delivered It ' would
be a God-send if the negro were not
permitted "to vote (n any State, lie
added that the B*nu/Mie-a*i parly were
petting tired lof t?c. negro in politics
,and w?3 considering ,a way, to get
ijbim out of the national conventions.
I ^Senator Ciapp protested that What
ftteuaaiauVew daia'ja was -say lb g about
tho inability of the. negro to advance
tao?e, wWabt "applicable to the splx
e/Jt, bloods of AJJnp.csota. Describing
I?pteseni conditions in the "blfto?t
:fOT^be Mrsflttsiptjl. senator, said
the. women ..of jbq Southern States'
l when.-the wild pian and wild beast
[roamed the frontier,
f "And yet," he added, "aogtff .< ,men
i who kno*/ no more'about the subject
\ than I do about the political ecohb
jmy of th? planet Mhrs woitld tell you
'{8? about the negro problem." ,1
\y ?enator William Alden ?rniti? !
I Michigan expressed the opinion that'
( the possession of the South of $500.
: vv?'fih? worth or property by the ne
groes was a tribute to the latent abil
ity of the'raee.
is Oorernor of Canal fa Olvea Fall
(By Associated Press.)
Washington. Feb. 6.?Organization
of the permanent force of officials
and employes to protect the Panama
[Canal baa been entrusted to Col.
George W. Goothals, who Will be
come first, governor of tho canal zode
April 1. Wader au order tjtjr3 prosl-:
dent Wilson? asade ^tirt?Uc..todj|y4;CeL
Ooelbala J* auth?rlz?d to maLo cp
pointaneat9.;snd fix salariea.,.exerci??
?tais Ja; extracted to rotate as many
of tha. pr?sent staff as can be profit
5 Viiiiialt jftjMuiiifliil. ??
For Aiding Striker*
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago. Feb. 6.--Eleven arrests Of
young women pickets charged with
obstructing tb? sidewalk in front of
a downtown restaurant, where wait
resses are on strike, were made to
day. All the strikers were released
on bo Ad.
The young women adopted mili
tant tactics when a squad of police
men waa seat to disperse crowds that
gathered in front of ?Ute .restaurant
Tbe first of those ' arrested seated
themselves on the slushy sidewalk
and said*
^ "You'll have to carry us to the sta
*"r>e poUce-Vlfted the girls to itop.
W?-^a half-walked, ha1Ldragg*d
them to Ute station. The girls said
they would demand Jury trials.
o ? \jp .*,* *.* * * *
I * ... . PR***;
(By Associated Press.) *
Coluobia. Feb. ?.---Oauad *
States Senator B. R. THlmad
tomorrow .nomlng will take the *
stand ana give the first t?t::
mony in the investigation of *
? alleged scandals at the State *
Hospital for the insane. A ;
ter reported to have , been
tea by Seeetor Ttllman brought
about the invertigaUen.. : /.-.
' ' I, W. BabcocX ? kaperlnten
dent of tho asylum, will fol- *
low Odnatov Tlltman on tb*
stand. , % /;. N . : .?
(By Associated Preen.)
Po?tanl>4re?* at ?'hestwfield.
Washington, Feh. ?.?Tho Presi
dent today nominated J, Elisabeth
Mcobari as postmistress at Chester*
field, S. P.
Rebels to Attack Vera Cr**,
Vera Cruz, Feb. Rebels aro
concentrating for an Immediate at
tack: on Tampico, acaording to a
wireless despatch received hero to
day from Ciarence A. Malier, t'ni ted
States ConBnl at Tampico.
To Mark Confederate Grat*fe.
Washington. Feb. 0.?A resolution
for marking tho graves of the Con
federate soldiers; on northern eoll
was passed today: -
Brenner'* Funeral Monday. '
iPassalc, K, J., Feb. aWThe body
of Uepirorniuiive itoaerc o. Brem
ner, who died at Baltimore yester
day was brought to hl* hoffte here
today. The trierai will taks place
DittingmshedEr^Uskman la Ex
pected to Visit Wash
Low Temperatures Ex
tend From Texas to
1 ' '
Farmers^ Groin B^^^^g
Snowand Stock Men Are Fr?
pared to Care for
{By'Ass'oclatod/Press.) '* * ;
Ciiicagi. Fei'. G.?A Void way* thsf'
held virtually the . entire country
wost of the Atlantic States in 10
grip was'felt hero today and by the
end of the Week will include tho
States along the . eastern seaboard,
according tp the official forecasters.
Zero weather today extended as far
south as'Texas und in the northwest
Ststc-5 th? rm?c?ry wept to tony bo
The cold today was central over the
Ohio valley. All parts of the coun
try except the Atlantic States report,
cd sudden low temperatures. Ob
servations in tho eastern Status weirs
to the effect that, the cold w?v?,
moving southeast, while tn the trans
Mississipid region .afcothsr. w?? ces
ser seemed to be on its way in the
same directum.
Extreme tournera \tret> werp:
Havre, Mont., 42 'below; St. Joseph,
.Mo., zero; Denver, IS beJow; Amaf
illo. Tex,. 2 above; Bismarck,
and Winnipeg, Mhn., 30 hf$ow; Spo
kane. Y/aMh.. 4 l-olow; Hendnfifofd.
;^eb^4fe'?|ka^,JDhj??n, ,
low. r,.y.
tlVe visit to America of a distinguish
?4 ttngllshmun wa? tho chief purpose
of the conference, though the oppor
tunity that it afforded for a discus
sion of .the 'Panama canal-tolls con-,
trovorsy gave rise, to consid?rable
speculation in . diplomatic circles.
There was no ?n*vn>nt ?-s t???
incident either at the White House or
the British Embassy.
So far as known, the British gov
ernment, never has formally been ap
prised of the views of the Wilson ad
ministration on, the tolls question,
though informal announcements of
the press or other informal intima
tions aro believed to have presented
for officials that President Wilson is
to have exemption clause repealed
and intends to press the matter to nn
early settlement.
toction to winter
estti? aro said to have; hoc
for the cold and stock mt
fer; little.
sAvanow -and - aleet ?Storni -
over-a - large'portion of M4chlgap" to
day I? held respond
when.a Grand Trunk freight
eo'.?de?? ?vit h wrr!; rrain, ; ^hr?.
trainmen were killed
trident's DesfrTtO fccpeei Ca
fy v h??rrw ,t?ii .
(By AssbeMHKdTsess.) . '
Washington. f^feHMMetaV Wil
i^Wf? repeal bf
jrovfsjon oc the Panama canal act
i exempts American coastwise
dp? from tolls, it was apparenV tb
night. will prcolpitoto rpigt^F debate
in congress. Senators and represen
tatives discussed the situatiou infor
mally today. Action poonnnly will
come first from the house Interstate
and foreign commerce committee in n
hill to repeal the toll exemption pro-,
Although the repeal is prepared in
the face of a plank in C?% Baltimore
platform of the Democratic party, the
discussion of that phase at the pro
posed reversal of policy is not ex
pected to be extended as the influence
of the contemplated action on foreign
relations. Senate democratic leaden
plan to await action la the house be
fore taking up the president's sugges
Bill for Regulating Stock Ess
changes Now Under Con*
iUior ?0
(By Associated Pre?i >
Washington, Feh, 6.?A possibility
of ' compromise betwceflH^^^Bfl
Yo(k!St??fc?M^^^ak m
Pankin* nnd ci^n^poafcfrttoe en'-,..:...
terms of a bill to provide, federal '"
regulation or stock . Achunges today
Was suggested at ',h4'? *~&?m??B?SB&
hoaHtifc**?^ *6n*erny; dn^ preel.
dotit'of the ekchangb asrtoj^tf?th
hoard''of 'got?r?toraVa^taerU?^ ;,/''
committed. airrsn?rtn ithh iWl?uea? of -' ;'
'committee. Bajao&im.nne '>maes* ot .
iL X
wonld deem adVttebi
Mr. Pomeroy had laid before the
committee the listing rules of tho
New York exchange and prom,'?d to
furnish jhe constitution and nuoa of
ether exchanges in the United States.
He asserted that the New
chango was tho only organization
having drastic rules na to listing ee*
curitios and that stocks listed >by
were accepted without question by
the London exchange. >
Senator Pomer?n?" asked If legis
lation requiring other exchanges to"
have equally drastic rales would no4
be beneficial. .Jlr. Pomeroy repUedj
tlutt It wouldy add agreed1 m ?ait'
a plan as a tftjilfc for auch lejiftbniop.
{Spaniards FearfulV
% El Paso. T*x.? reb. u.?*earful that
Gen. Villa will carry out als threat
to deal summarily with Spaniards
should they bo capturod in the at
ick on Torreon, ager ks of Spain to
ly telegraphed to tho Spanish minls
at Washington, iweonunendlng
it their countrymen be urged to
tve Torreon before the battle be*
ins. Spanish retugees, driven out
Chihuahua after mneH of their
property had been confine***' *#fY?"
1a, were anxious that'Hmards in
Torreon IcaTO ther? for Monterey Or
the Cnfted States. .
i Oon. Villa's esKertion Utas, he would
execute Spaniards, who, he says, have
taken up arme to support the fed
erals, was:accepted as warning to
them to leave the country white they .
had a chance.
Under an order from. Washington
releasing munitions ot war seHed&e*
fore the lifting of the embargo, rebel
leaders asked tbst 1,000,600 rounds
ot ammunition and one- field fan held
ta TW Pa jo be turned ever t?. ihw?.
Orders, including ono for l.O?C.O?O
rounds of seven mlllmefer fof riBea
for standard make, were placed wftti
manufacturers la the UnM:?'&*t*4
The r
decided to hay gun^
in the. roderai array.,
feas they eaa ntl?too
-tured from the, fbdeV

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