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Our Buyer
Wired us this morning
that we might expect an
other Car of those FAN
CY YOUNG Mule? by
Friday morning, 6th
inst. They are all TOP
BROKE and you will
miss a treat if you fail *o
see them before you buy.
COME and take a
LOOK. Terms and
Prices always right.
The Fr?tw?lt
like the s3vk1'+*'
yon get at this rcstaur* at From
SLhtkmil0^eator untfl you loaT0,
every attention that will attend t<j
waltl your comfort will bu sohwu
you. Your order will be promptly
taken and as promptly filled. You'll
wonder how we can cook things
to quickly and-perfectly as wo dp.
Pi ? 0 M 0 NT CAFE
114 West Whitner Street.
; ,J . ... il ' I?-' .IrT?
G. D. Antonekos. Prop.
New Vehicles of cv?ry description
keep coming n every day. .
Our stock of Harness, Whips ?n?
Robes is the finest ever. We also
have some Extra Good Mules and
Horses on hand* come and see them.
J. S. F
or Haying Electric Lights
is from One Dollar up per month, according to quantity need.
is matches, scratched up Wftl!^, danger of burned matches; dan
ger cf lamp e^^aions* mdasirablsJieat aid odor, vitiation
of she atmosphere, smoked Wall covering* and wall paper, :
Cart of lam^ ?no lamp ch.. -c , .% tKo purchase of wicks, nil
and chimncya. and general neenrertionce.
it costs a wh?;? tat to do without cXE?tttt&U?jOTS
* ? room house, Morr?a Street,.$12.80
6 room house, Welch Ave.,.$1CM$
S room house, S. Main air cet ..$12.50
*^Tf?c? roonvs, west ^too oqnare
Office rooms, S. Mala Street
Store ffoQm, South Main Street . .
Store room E. Whither itreat .
Livery Stable E. WhHner at ctt .
. ..$30.00
TK05L F. C?F.TWftlGHT. Mgr. Renting ?sparfcaerf
Stocks and Bonds
New York. Feu* 7.-?Haw York
Centra] ?ml the Rock Inland sceuri
tlc? today again developed murked
weakness. oi/erwUv, tUc mar net
wap dull and .apathetic, .with Ihe
Kai?c dragging tendency of the pre
vious days of thu week. Price?
eased c? ?Ughtly.alike q&isniufe but
Uto movement was cheeked quickly.
New York Central was forefcd
down to 00 J-8 bv n continuation $p
Mi* pendp^'Ul >%elHug. Earlier Tn
the week this stufl,k sold at OG. Tin
I Jbock Isluud securities, rvached new
; low points in the history of the com
pany. Tue "ointnon stork fell to (
:i-4, the prt.er.re4 tp. 12 1-2 and .the
collateral 1? to II.. Afuch of the
Belling of tin- Keek Island stocks was
for foreign account, it was estim?t -
ed that ?VH^Ott-share*-of t.'.cve js.
sues had been 'placed at varions
times in the Amsterdam market,
whence came a considerable part of
today's sel ling orders.
Canadian Pacific was ?irons In tac
oarly market, being Influenced bv u
previous rise in London, but later it
receded. Steel again was well suit
Forecast* of the hank statement
wer? far from the. mark, Instead, of
tbn predicted rash gala Of *8.?00,000.
there was a loss of more than $3,
?Oti,000. ?Reserve requirements were
feduenri, however, by n shrinkage in
depoai's, so Uuu there wan a nominal
increase in surplus.
--..8oad.pr.icu3, were,.inclined to shade
off, owing to tin: pronounced w^akr
nesa of special issues. Totul aale*,
par value, S2.CiiO.00U. .ynttcd States
2s registered advanced, 1-8, and 3s
registered 1*2 and Pnmiiua 3s cou
pon 1 point on call ob the week.
United Status 3s coupon d' ?liued
1-4. ?
Total sales were 102.000.
Money Market
Now York, Feb. 7 ? tall money
nominal no loans; time loans weak:
sixty duvs 2 1-2 4$ i-V, u uftty .dny?
2 3-1 <?t 3; six months. 3 i-i
Wn?/^nUlft MBPr .'. 1-2.'.3tiit?
ling ?^change'" caju , d?js,
$.-i.s3J.0; demand, $vw.7?* ..jjiuuqjv
f;bfl..l.?lUV ?l.S::r ,|u s.U'*?r, .;,I..S-S.
Mexican dollK.r?..., f.\mrumeni
bonds steady; railroad bonds easy.
New York Cotton
tf- ., V"
??ew York. Feb. 7.- -<'o^q3 to-lay
rath lu a rang'- of "or 4:P*>mta. >?Mt,
Hi Ills atk^-aaA t^x hrt lit. .tjjg I
way or .?tr^dtoT^^^?ii??r " ?**?
about the only, feature, was the tear ot
prominent house., brokers te? Jatdl.
M?rcu anT^iiy May whanthe, (Ufloi.
race widened to forty ; points during
the early trading.. Then*, .consentent:
ly Boomed some disjio^lticu. arouad
tau rum.iou4ne:i
the nrotab'.e widening of. the d?Tor
ence between New York a;ud Liver
pool. Tiia?wayket ^sadJ*?*A*4i, a i
net decline of q, to 5 pointa.
Lower cables and. rather was fa
vorable trade advices ?JQ0a>tyv,; ?c.
counted, for an qpeafafc, deolinq ot
from 3to 5.ooie,t#..aDd aqtiye monOje
apid 6 to ? pointa net. lower during
the. first few, minuta*. There.., .we*
mtut a good ,umpy .buytjig: orders,
however, fcrlcos ruillpd 4 to $ points
on covering of nhorts. Las* judceji
wer? -. s^ev'ft.^Kij^ tV.q,,^ UMK
realising. Private cables reported
American selling in Ltvcrnoob^ *j|A.
also said that cloths were accoin?
la ting in..Manchester py, some of the
dealers'in the Huraly section going
en short tluio. March lost part - of
l|?-early premium, closing 35 points
over May.
Spot cotton ulct; middling no
land*. 12.0&; gulf, 1.2:}M). Sales, 224
Cotton futures r*:v-?edr steady:
Open iV.gh' fLow Close
Fob.12M 12.* 1 1*2. IV 12 cmb
Feb .. .. Ifi.W --.? 12.12
March .. ..12.20 1J.23 12.17 VJ.^ti
.la>- .. .. 11.81 U.S6 11,78 llJt?
July .. .. 11.82 \\$\ 117? 11.82'
Oct- .. ..*-M0?-lLlfc:lUJL.U.4O
' -* 'VA' - ?, - -tt?.??? 'v^xar-v.
New Or! - ana Cotton ;
J|sw ?W.l||j^S
hndf a dpwaw s. tendency^t?mf
was ajeWT--. > ro^o^fW|? oaua
ad by profit aklng
tua, ahert. t iu..
loug. acvour : ?aa~ifl, Oi0*
^lmc. Rwd : * tivvt local
Planning take aft eottbn :oa, ftfetrck
contract* uatonla^a? s'.?ert covering. I
The,de?.lhe of d to s
orening was ' ca?eed b:
Ing cableB from ^ye
enough at times to mo
the demand for reftia .
and at the lowest the t(iftrke*_
it to nb>e points down.^ The cb?c J
\,i&jfrs. at a ne> U %\o ft pototH. !
Jpdt cotton quiet, unchanged. Mid- J
dling, IS 11-1?. Sales on the spot,
irftve ?0.
jien futures erosmit
mry. ... 12^?
12.42 ,
,. New Trorh, Feb. 7.?In* some ?f t^o j
cotton goods market quarters price* j
asking. P/lce* for what *?/ey wa|tf.
Printern nave placed good sized or.
dar* oft four yard eighty ?yusren fpr
delivery on the March contracts,
April and May at l-a beiow ihe top
of the recent market. Manufacturer*
of ovcrullH have contfaeti.'d (or da
nint? at 1-4 to l-u a yard^4rom -?tiie
ton. of .U?Ht^ >Lur aud JlaYn paid, foil
prices jtof iviuill lota, oj^. spots. TM"
vav:ll!.Ailon in t)ie .ma.rkeV is attribut
ed, to . w-eakue/h >u.. cotton, and JtjU.
<l= r.iiv 01' as en of Koodrt to make tlieir
puniiapes from band to t>)oulh w/agp
i.PO.vun ?crure what, toey ?neu
tiiat way. Atynufactur??e Jiavay py*n
.forced.ta closer margin* of prot.'t in
consequence o( the nremluni op io\
ton pfgoqd spinning grade and they
avo. slow. 40 moeV Price oopcesSio^s
in goods. There, bat? been a light cjo
mun'd.far goods for^exuojjt .wlth bide
too low, to b(! worfcabfe, with . iptlla.
JBetailer?. hav? been. e&Hefpns in
primary RiarketH asd they, are operat
ing- I .oteadtly, but .,constativciy.
Prices are as fpllowe: . Pclnt cloths.
Sfelnch, ,S*,\(J4s, 3.4.4t<4k9inlaAl
0Ok1 & 5r$; Us bgrlach Ol*?,!*, T. ?-S
asked; brown ?{icetlugs Southern
bt^udnntH, S; deisms, 1? outtpe, 14
1:3; tilings, feopujfejjl 44;'u|*?rte
prints; 3 l-i; staple ginghams, Q 1-4;
drcutj ginghams, 9 ^-4.
Liverpool Cotton
'Uvejuool. F?b. 7?Cotton?Spot
Wi?t; price.> utugdy; good middling
T.::i; r?*Jes, d.ooo. icclttding r.,toi
Anwurlcau; rucetutj?, &i,uoa. Including
: ?:i4igrt?ftA closed barely titoady.
Fehrmisv . mm
Feb.$nv:>.I-"!* U2
M*y-.J4iiie .<B. tLoT
Aug-sept.r.r%.., 6.4C
o?t-^^v^,. ^,?,^ $4$
Cotton Seed OU
New"York, Feb. 7.-.'" a coiton seed
oil market today quiet. uu*.
pricei Vicie steady on local covenr
tag in the face of. lower markets-;tor
lard und'cotiuu. closing iiot'unaUaag? 1
Ied.to U points .iilgUer,. Prime crude
SaBju to curt; nYijMa summer, yellow.
spot, 7.06; prime' winter yellow end
summer white, 7.20 @ S^?Q. ?, ..
Financial _%yie?r
Now Yor.v, Feb. 7!?Trading hi Se
curities this week Vas on a dliuln
bculo and 'movements' wert
narrow.^. Th?'htgher prices ostablitn.
-''.lamiary rise were l?se Kt
r mvcitp?*ai and lbs an,
apsalty of tho mw'tet erat
rjuea ceaUora?4-;tia ?^i-|Wt
kly. Increased borrowing
a factor. . Offerlnaa of mercaa
fe.Sa paper V?ora. largor.
- Now 1 York State employed. more
than half the proceeds of lta
C00.?00 bond eale in notes due.
iviaturity of notes tor:-Vebru'ary ?re
on a large rtate'w'rhrlargcr amounts
In Juno and July.
Losa, conildeacc was felt,
fre?^. rate increase will $f
^o granted , because of the?4nti
ler?a.iC?nnnljwlbns ;. decision. ;t
vestigation. tbc.nlon. for goyernmcat
"iasa ?teleKr^idx -and tclcnhone
;th,Q gV'nata hearin.? on hUjc^
w^^pij^tlon^ and the?^exl
can sltuaW?n ^.nhtnod to make.
wanhingtcguPOW? a depressing, fact
Trade, reworls were .favorah^e?.,)
aonio lalsglvlags were felt that i
prpvement :liad-, been, o.vercstlm
especially ' bi thc; st,cel trade,.,r.t?sl^
mates of high perecatago conditions
of winter wheat helped tent intent.
Chicago Graiav -
and Proviaiona I
rCh4tWo*.? ; "t.?S?vero ' weath?r
west held, il? ^tLto^**??&
bu| JJ\e proj> soaro
y devejoe to atari.a,
Auer a. ?uod?si an
ctoucd easy at exactiy
lot, sutnc
[nmi rat**
^ff?*orn t* ho wed
land J^^J^^!?0:
I V^eet r^naiWoand ?xp*rtejace^ JtW
hno^.taere ta,*- ?re*t;
Ity ft^d^hape
jrte te<iuiremenu ot
_.\lt you will ??mtne
L?M?u. -atill at once soc they.
^ y * * * * ^ . %*?fe??r-?-V
* LO
I were pressai
cerycd de
:ved to
? ?.
Quite a number )
whifth tho keeMtaa I
mcqts. . -t.\ I
neasr ^Cal
ivg guest of Misa Ellen Tennan, has
returned to her house* m v .,.
a IMYs. r.osa Price soft ?fclklro? of
Monterey bar* bjc* vpsltlug tec for
mer'n sister, Nfiv*. I^utb^r -"iowaaan.
Rev. Mr. Cnaodler has returned
(rpra the low countrv where he went
to perform the marriage .ceremony of
Ills former members.
Mr. and Mm H M. ??h?in?per* of
.Ofcgg, Shoals spent a few days this
ween with the family of Mr. and Mrs.
.}. M. iluckubce.
per; II. C." Feunel! spent Tuesday
la Abbeville. .
Mr. C. !.. Bowen has sold his buBi.
nesB interests to Mr. Will Ellis and
h t? gone to Augusta to go in bugl
JB'jM. " i*. >, '
fir. T. V. iacksop, of Iva was Ja
jtp*n ?M</Wck.
|dr. <;. V Speer bas returned from
a visit to her mother.
;, Miss Gertrude Bell has .> to turned
from an extended visit to nslgtlvog In
<J teen wood and 8partaneurg.
i Mr. J. C Lomax, proprietor of Bolle
vue hotel of Anjlerson, is fn town for
a, lew days.
f\ jdr. llryan Lomax of Anderson is
visiting relatives at tho "Hermitage
ifarm.' '?,;f?te ' -y-* ij*fbi <tt .
. jklr. Will Cunningham of Monterey
was a tfuslno&s. visitor here Thursday.
i-The Savannah Valley Chapter of
.the 1'. I). C.. hch! Its regular meeting
with Mrs. C M. Clinkscales on last
{Tuesday. Tho chanter will serve
oysters on the 13th and ltth ant!
it }s hoped thev will pe liberally pat
cf.nb.od '
I VJs?:,KUn, Xickjos has raUuaed to
her home, after a visit to the home
pi.Mr. and. Mrs. E. W. H. Harper.
I Miss..I en nie Harper of Greenwood
Is visiting" the family of her brother
Mr. B. .WyUargpr,
? # ? * * ? * 5f *-*?.*.?
Washington, Feb. C?The day
Congress : ,
Heilet at noon.
b Gen. Woodiqjd .thftrm.illtar?. com
mittee the destruction o! military
academy by union-troop* in. |8?1 was
not in accord with the laws of war
tj Immigration committee took up the
Burnett bill and discussed the liter.
sp? test feature.
tu |ii&r?H.?av??ily,??i v?.- ??p- Vvwt?&?t?.
gt<}?k Exonange ot Wnw l'or*, .testi
fied on the O^ea bill for f?d?rai reg-*
motion before the/banking commit
-sijPsssed Norris resolution directing
?jsb?rstate commerce commission to
continue iU,' *^4ifaMoo uf. the? New
H?ven raljn. f fairs.
Agricultural csteuajon .bill, passed
ia-ijamended form, - .
.President sub-fitted nominations,
i ,1 r1 ?idine Medical inspector
8j ^rgjs|e^^ftfl S8^QQR.g??er?,l Qi
Adjourned ut-0:17 p. m. to noon
Met at noon.
Miscellaneous legislation consider
"hit. oeforo tho iojbtrstajte. comaeajpe
' ommfttee advocated 'his bill to em
power op ' interstate trade commis
sion tc regulate price fixing.
Concluded general debate ou the
Shackleford good roads' bill.
. Adjourned at'. 1:35 p./ m., to noon
Sunday tor memorial exercises for
the late Repr?sentatives Roddenbury
and .Whey, j-. fei -
Box Pari* ^^^^^laias Brought
Special to, Tha Jitfgjllraeer. ...
WilllnmsAon, R. 2> Fpp\ C?T,hC far,
mers in this community arft making
bis bWiiwny^ Abolitfarmings Same, arc
plowing and some.are hauling fctiliz
^er and some uro aiwost ready to put It
v"|o KToamjL, . ,
he school aT this pigije M .1? a
tombingjMifttfMttoh-? ;... .
Wc ar?; glad to. know, thai tome of
tlic Dcoolo that hav,e \eea on the ajck
list ore able to ,1^. thta-w^WI**
There wcr.cL. a,j^;,,mawr.Jf?i??
folks of this cemmuni'^ ,who attended
th? box part? ^.^M^^flktins.school
hoaso las^.iirtiu^yMalght tho>,qisi
Jnat.,.to make u?t^monsy to-get. a. hell
pBr.aao.s2maomwiwaxgsfliirha^ rlfit.cat It
at; the. rise of,abp?:'t; ?40, The poqpje
of this communUy v. ere glad to know
that thn younjs.?oi^.?^.ti.Is place am
White Plains dW ??>t thjt much mon
ey. to. some good lAstoa^. ?( V h*?*u?
ajMp pop skull .and ?c^iqUnvs* b**.
teg ;to pay tbrec.or, four. dallare doo
Cor s be?Ideb.>. But 1 hope Abs
aarfr ii* ?c4 ;oo^ ji^e ono did la
g fimmunity cimm.:5jrjawbile back
when a be* bought a girl**, box and
ska, got mad becauea certain on*;
aujn'l get it o^^th^ t?x ,bs4 to be
^l^wSS?i^ ai?
girl bot.o-ht proud to Htjow ?tat the
bog, tynt ?Ml h|ir *U oblo to feed
the dogs s?ph good-rations.
Mr.. XvmaitiWm* hjw.fiori;Unsed^
new buggy and -we are U&teai&g to
h?ar his wcddlf?g,i)ellH oring very soon.
M*. KUn,.-Harris has reaigaod
tnaTcountrv and gone back to
in C^yiHe wh.jrej^ will Uke
m^h.m^w'cTr ffTamdo" a Trol
with W%?jtm?$i^%Jmi year, Mr. H.
P. Siartln at this community and wa*
well pleased until after Christmas
and he decked to go back home, hut
v?e hope tu see him once and a while.
(Mr. J. ?H- Elrod iuad.o % bM?e*s !
trip to Pe?ser last Tuesday.
Mr. John Mhuidin; made a business
trip to AndcrscM? l?at Tuesday^ ^
C^^^^lUoa *ho*?t? in ilm^f?a^rllal
and who was operated on and found
her getting cloag vary .well.
, j?<. J. H. ???rvv ni\'\ Irv v???d?w,
Lawrence and little Jeefcqtt* >??4
bhter-ta-mw ? aallie fiirod,
to Frantrvillc laut Wednesday to spend
ou Are
I ou'ii find this stock the most interesting in the
fjftjpi t.'rtr.n'} .i-^t|fc. .- aw. tpw , ^* -, vv;:v
City. Good clothes ?uro the only kind we sell,
and always you'll find the price reasonable.
We'd tike to have you look through this line
of Piece Goods, for?
ajUlIS* OKlliSj jl#susses,
Shirt Waists, Etc. Etc.
***** -^JfriirM ?t?tr?frV HQ. . -'??-;- - /j?^ft^^^^t
An excellent showing of all the Season's
most desirable cloths.
Ratines very prominent, we sell' em in many
colors at 25c, 40c, 75c $ 1.00, $1.35 yd.
Stop in any time, we are ready for you.
Spring Coat Suits.
Dresses* M???ihery and
AI V? 'M ?S*
? ?
terra? to suit
Convert Pianist und Lec?urer appears! ,j
entJjw'K'.w 1 ' .' 1 "'-vi
tve worse ihan; useless. In feet the*
>I year eyes. #hs* fc wkyyei
not parclutse them except af
an exsert end ttorosife **** eJ
mr *fcrht. J?te k***??*>1W? ?By **
ifrtj supply ?s lew nriee an U
?aie fer ji* t*. pay. SV? t* SMS
' npware. Bepalrs ea franse* and
Itetx and upward.
Dr. ML R. Campbell
TB?' tnutner SL 0round Floor
rfceaeStel*: Ben. TPfcoaejSfr.
afternoon.. Sfcrs. A. ?.
who is down with -pneumonia
for breaatast ot his re
aoKville and left kU v1(*
the sick folks.
eiirtendeni; 11:15
ship, sermon .by tl
"The Culture of tb
iC:12' uvesl***' r^t;
"The Scarlet
dow." Je^bua
strangers cordially

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