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Feuded 18?
IN North Mala Street
WILlLaK BANKS, - - Editor
W. W. 8M0AK, - Bailee*:; Maaager
w .Entered Aeeerdlag te let of Cob*
greet as Second Clans Mall Hatter at
the Pestofflee at Anderson, 8. C
FeUIihed Erery Morning Except
sWaO-Weekly Edition ox Tscs?ay and
Friday Mornings
Dally Edition?ft&OO per ananm i
B? for Six Months; 91.26 for Three
geaU-Weekly Edition ? ILM per
Aaanmi 75 cents for Six Montait M
tais fer Four Months.
Meta her of the Associated Frets and I
Beschlag Complete Daily Telegraphic |
A larger Circulation Than Any Oth
or newspaper la This Cengressleaal |
The Intelligencer la delivered by
earners In the city. If yon fall to
Bat your paper regularly please notify
JB. Opposite your name on label
eg year paper Is printed date to which
pasjr paper Is paid. AU checks and
drafts should he drawn to The An
derson Intelligencer.
The Weather,
Washington, Feb. 18.?Forecast:
I Booth Carolina?Haln, Thursday; Fri
day fair and colder.
They say the beat men are mouulded |
out fit faults
And fcr the most become much bet- ]
Per being a little bad.
Anderson Is My Town.
War news. The row b?tw??n ?
haseball leagues.
The kick of the punch bowl is the
tempo of the animal dance.
Making George Washington dlsrcp*
utable?paper hatchet days at the
PUblt^ schools. " y.^' V?.
Prcxy Wilsor, should stop his sub
scription to those mean old Mgxtaaa
?? ittm
Mr. Edison says be feels like a boy
?all of which la doubtful for he neve'r
takes a holiday.
aUvo.; <^cw^U,i<-s?iM?atgtt^'^
President Wilson should read the
f that
tent medicine ads and get rid o
4Jr? hgifc; \S ~
Bhme^plsdplS ^fi?en? willing to*rfsk
their reputation by running for con
gress this summer.
The Maine waa destroyed 16 years
ago. Remember that, Mexico, and
remember the conseq'i-nccc.
The people of Buenos' Ay re* have
sent Mr. By ran a pet llama. But he
was ever a lammer In politics.
The pear ahaped atyle la all right
no long as they keep the pear In the
position in which Nature placed It.
The Brogon mills should send
Proxy Wilson a dozon handkerchiefs
as a relief In his atate of Influenza
Whenever hogs are in danger of
tuberculosis congress has hysterics,
bu( justT think of Um people that: arei
nufferlo^; ,;. < tr>v ^AUj\
It tu'dOHcult for the public to tes
tify its affection for Washington, as
his birthday 'does not cohio In base
ball season.
The English suffs have burned a
Carnegie library. Now la the Urne
or ?ii bouq lucu to come to ins am
of the party.
Canada Is on the map alongside of
us There is nothing slow about the
Canucks. The loss by graft there Is
said to be $40,000.000.
Impersonating a congressman has
been made an offense Subject to a fine.
Heretofore It required a man of much
hardihood to admit l.t
t Who says that the American tem
perament lacks courage, when the
military critics declare so boldly that
the army officers should learn to
navlgato aeroplanes?
Any IndlvMe-*! who 4s a member
that asylum board of puppeta should
' hide hla head la shame. M?oy a negro
has been, lynched for Jess than they
have done.
The "back to the soil movement'
Koundi/perfectly lovely, hut we recom
mend as a trial a tew half hours I
spent cn the morning glory aroad)
the bouse.
9J*hs nejtt m?-??? of Charlotte, N. Ci
saa ybe a native of Westminster, 8.
O.. Mr- L Mason. We hope be will
Veto Mytiseviilo's claiming Andy j
essf _
The winter now coming to Its close
has seen two cold waves of exceptloul
severity that spread over mos! of the
i nii'.ti Stat' I'Hually the weather is
a minor** matter of conversation, hut
some**times temperature vitality af
fects economic life. Physiologists
claim ?'oliJ revitalizes human beings,
but there are Iohsoh that make the
balance at least doubtful.
The dold waves mostly come from
Canada, and are great overflows of
dry air chilled to a very low temper
ature. Tb?* either follow along the
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence rlv?V,
or may go at* far soutli as Colorado,
and then turn eastward.
Thus they envelope for the most
part a population that is trained to
undergo their rigors. Old Boreas has
to take Ii out in splitting unprotected
plumbing, in which he joyfully gets
away with many millions of dollars
every whiter. Agriculture being sus
pende the farmer doe s not suffer
An enormous tax is laid on the
community for coal and wood. If the
cold Is recharging the human dyna-j
mo, the operation is for the time pro
vocative of friction. Extreme tempera
tures get on the nerves and* produce!
a feertsg of hostility of natrue.
The worst damage of the cold comes
in the infrequent Instances when a
wave goes well down toward Texas
and sweepB eastward; In 1890 the
farm values of Florida were comput
ed at';'Wl,000,00ftf to 1900 they were
called but *5fi,0?.0W. This was the
result at t6e stwra frosts, >rhaehlng
In sonjh^Un^tancelFjwo temperatures.
Thcft&auoden ahlffa are anM?ldglcal
kind offeyrny fdjr-.'flae truck farmers
of the'-south to meet They^arir too
infrequent to be considered,? much,
yet when they do come they seem to
upset-a.0 energy and foresight.
StiWyby comprehensive weather
foreWsts, by the spread of infonna
tlon by telephone, burning of fires in
fruit orchards, by protection ofi fruit,
avid Tt-B?uibiu trains, etc., southern |
produce^ deal ere and growers are en
abled1 To aVo*ld many losses that once|
would lyyrc bees cruant&g.
a SPLENDID woman
IJ^paper is independent or all
and any . person in the
disagrees with the views
herein expressed may have the right
?ffrpaiy. But all we. have to say at
thia tsjnrf ?>>out tt?? investigation of
cendfrkms at* the state aBylum is that
Dr. Bounders, the young woman phy
sician, has, proved herself as much
at the state asylum as a Stradlavarlua
Is to a cornaUlk flddje.
Arfiajafnewsjiiper^n the state had
If^wvfl^irtfwout her that certain
polft^afc^ffafe said, the howl that
would have gone up to high heaven
would have been louder than that of
ffle Sslpa of the wolves of the prairies.
iTfta splendid woman has been vin
dicated. But in. the name of purity
and chastity and virtue, is mere no
way for the state of South Carolina
to protect this good woman? Men,
where fa your chivalry?
. _
^SL'BAL cbedit plan
Wa. j-frlBh to commend our little j
friend'The pally Mall of thia city on |
Its efforts once to boost something.
The government of the United States
hss for many months been engaged
in an e^e/f-|o. establish a basis of
rural credits aeeklng to make, Jand
aa stable collateral value as gen ru
inent bonds.
The Dally ;#all has with a vigor,
r?i"TTh1fr offpr? of Its age, ladt
vacated the pi*? of the government
buying land and1 selling to individuals
on long^sftyg? Thia Is the 'lame
principle as the old aub-treasury
scheme/or the Ocala platform, and is
the rural credits plan which we have
adv^ated in a more practical form.
taking holder these plans, threadbare
aa they are, and wa will be pleased
to Bee something of the kind in a
less viglchmry and more practical
form put into effect.
% i t x
Dear Li)||e TUlly Mall:
Because you bought a balloon and]
made tttevcommunlty pay for it, don't j
for a moment think that The Intelli
gencer pities you enough, to take it off!
your hands. *-Dry your weeps.
Mr. Ediscn says the best training
for children Is found at Mis mot her'a
knee. It certainly is the only position
in which' the slipper can be used ( er? ]
Not much reason to complain of the ;
shortage of money in Mexico, when
they can* make a lot more Jost as good
with a rubber stamp.
AU'tbe congressmen seem.to feel
uneafjr because their are merely pass
ing laws, when they ought to be out
shaking hands with the voters.
Somejftpple seem to tblnk that ob
servlng^Nft to church Sunday** Is a
certificate "of Vaccination for the rest,
ct the jear. There are other cburcha.
(Continued from first i?age.)
vote until Wednesday, but it was
President Wilson today told Chair
man Cndorwood. d?mocratie leader of
the bouse, that the house could be as
sured of his support for the railroad
In Alaska. Reports have recently
been circulated that the President
was opposed to it.
The Alaskan railway project is of
more interest than even the expendi
tures of the $35,000,000 proposed ordi
narily would create. Coming noon
after tue completion or the Panama
Canal, it Is attracting attention as an
other great engineering project under
the direction or tite American govern
The bill which places gr.ee power
in the hands or the President, dlrectB
him to locate and acquire by purchase
or construction or by both means, a
line or lines or railroads rronv tide
water into the interior or Alaska and
to navigation on the Yukon, Tanana,
or Kuskokwim rivers. In choosing
the route he is to use bis judgment
as to what will best promote the set
tlement or Alaska, develop its re
sources, and provide adequate trans
portation ror coal for the army and
navy, for troops ana munitions or
war, and for the mails.
The total or all railroads bought
or constructed, is pot to exceed one
thousand miles and the appropriation
tor the purpose is $35,000.000.
The President is authorized, ir he
sees fit, to permit the government
railroad to be operated by contract or
lease, or, it .may be operated by the
Panama railroad company. In con
structing and operating the Alaskan
railroad, Ihe Pr?sident is authorized to
employ in its construction and opera
tion dlSy^iuHrWr er'nnln he fctfty think
necessary, choosing them a! p],fj?a
OK. on!yj-that>[email protected]<hQOSPn f?m ,fi|.v.U
life shall he under the supc rlsicn, in
the werfetotfCoostrucJion, o Im.engi
neers taken from the army HThe ap
pointment ?Jt?Ry (W?neer clv11
lire whose salary exceeds $8,000 a,
year must be'confirmed by the Senate.
The Interstate commerce commis
sion, subject to the approval of the
President, is empowered to regulate
passenger and freight rates on the
new railroad and the rates are to be
uniform, with no discrimination in
favor of agents of the government ex
cept the usual provision for employes
and their families.
The bill creates the ''Alaska Rail
ways redemption fund," into which
ia to be paid 75 per cent of all money
received from the sale or lease of
public ???iua in Alaska; fron: the sale
of coat or mineral or timber on pub
lic lands; and from the net earnings
of the railroad above maintenance,
charges and operating expenses. .
The debates in Congress pri'thls
hill' have developed the '*ct ifj*t tmtil
recently Alaaka" has been , unappre
ciated and that in the iBtifirW
of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Rus
sia and Siberia. Thla fertile'lknd Is
homestcakers. - !
Alaska has two. notable coal'fteldsj
larger than any In the United State*
or possibly in. th* world. The ! .Bah,-;
ring river Held covers sevenfrydWe,
square miles and th? Mantanuska
field elghty-flve. They are practically
virgin, only one title being been.n?r
fected. The rest belonga to the gov
ernment. ' . . :
The opening of mlnea in AlaaMMtt-'
<*?tber with the building of a railroad
and the opening of the Panama canal;
It la estimated, will aave the govern
ment-from three to five dollars a ton
on Its coal burned in the Pacific Alas
ka ltaell now buys coal from British
voluabia. Que statistician figures
toat~Alaaka~haa as much coal as
Pennsylvania and Virginia together
and that it is of good quality.
..c?oiiidv io aw HlftTMmY.
X bllUV'lH. mW ? ---
1848?Col. Fremont resigns hla com
mission In the army.
1880--Steame* t*m*ar?a: wrecked near
near Cape Sable, N. 8.,; 205
lives lost '
1862?To* > - Confederate C Oi ???
meets at Rlchmciid. I j
ii9Mr-*y*& Anderson, N. C, la aHen.
?ve ^?SSH^^loct] W?W
' nWn'r?b?d;hy the directors! ttf'?'
' Phila?elhhirsyndlcate.
1910?Strike* Of stieei car men began
is -Philadelphia.
1913-^ustavO ?dere, brother of ex
President "iMadero, and former
minister of finance, was execut.
fid by iruopo vi? iuo uvw gv??-ra
1 ment
Baseball ?t ?tes*
Chicago, 111., Feb. 18.?Eddie Cicotte,
Chicago White Sox pitcher, will leave
for Paso Roblea today, without a
signed contract Secretary Gardner,
of the Sox, refused to take upon him
self the responsibility of permitting j
him to sign the kind of contract he]
New York, Feb. 19.?The first squad
of the Giants leaves here today for
Marlin, Texas. All the young players
and the entire catching staff have
been notified to report ready for leav
Augusta, Ga., Feb. 19.?Manager I
Robinson and the new men of the]
Brooklyns are due here today.
(By Associated Press.)
Girard, Kan., Feb. 18.?No solution
Of the mystery that developed a month
Ago. when water In'the city's wells,
1,200 feet deep, rose to 120 degrees,
was offered ta a report by C. A H.a?
klns. state engineer, made today to
oily officials. Mr. Haskina said he
could rind no cause for ihe heat *vat
pronounced the water pure. The
[ water's temperature is now 90 de
Girard people have received hun
dreda of letters from all parts of the
t'ni ted States, asking about the water.]
One P*xer concluded:
"Kansas people are awful liars." '
Jury Returns Verdict In Favor of
the Defendant in $50,000
(By Associated Press.)
Oklahoma City, Okla., Feh. 18.?Uni
ted State? Senator Thomas P. Gore
today wa? exonerated of charges of
improper conduct by a verdict in his
favor returned in district court here
in the suit for $:>0,000 damages insti
tuted by Mr-.. Minnie E, Bond, of Okla
homa City.
The verdict was returned at 5:40 p.
m., ten minutes after the case was
given to the jury. Only one ballot
was taken.
"We find," the Jury stated in the
verdict, "the evidence submitted by
the plaintitT entirely insufficient upon
which to base a Bult; that said evi
dence wholly exonerates the defen
dant, and had the defendant, at the
conclusion of the plaintiff's evidence,
announced that he desired to intro
duce no evidence and rested his case,
our verdict would have been the same
in that event as now returned by us,
in favor of the defendant."
"Despite the efforts of baiiffs to
maintain order when last words of
the Jury the verdict "in favor of the,
defendant" were read, the crowd,'
which taxed the capacity of the court
room, turned into a cheering throng,
orderly, but no less determined to
give vent to their feelings.
Those displeased by the verdict
forced their way to the doors and
left in ellence amid the bantering of
the senator's friends.
Senator Gore heard the jury's de
cision without change of countenance.
Mrs. Gore was the first to grasp his
hand. When she torhed and shft9kY
hands with Henr^'^.Caril'e^'tef.;i0t^?
foreman, tears were'bn the cheeks crj
both herself and the aged fftrmjsr. *
' "The verdict confirm
triith will triumph
Gore. "I never for a
the'outcome at the hands of the jury."
" From the time the jurors left the
room t? prepare their verdict unt'l
the demonstration was under way,
Mrs. Bond sat !n silence, leaning on
a tabla, and scribbling on a piece of
paper. She seemed In no haste to
leave the room until she wa s ap
proached by her attorneys' when she
arose and walked away with them and
her ftuafeacd.
Senator Gore will remain in Okla
homa City for a short' vacation be
fore returning to Washington.
The Allegations.
Trial'tof the suit began last Wednes
day! "I**'h*> declaration Mrs.. Bond
alleged that the senator attacked her
wfclia.tiBib' was ' in conference with
t?mut?f a' hotel1 Ut" Washington last
March, t? ?jon^l?n1 with the possible
appointment of her husband, Julian
Bond, ae* Internal rtffrehue collector at
rOklahoBSBJ'Ol?yl' Gore seised her, she
alleged, throwing her violently across
a bed and she freed herself only af
Ser/useWiral-m?ti appeared in the door
wiVadrtjSHu vtoual) la> the souffl?.
-- Won,* ftoscfJ^v-'-her faco was
jene^ a^.jhand .. lacerated by
Gore ' made
hartes and as
S .counterxhaxge alleged that the suit
was Instituted bv a coterie of his po
tftS^r'uAieWfitW'wab' had failed In
tbets" cffortsnto secure federal patron
ageult JteriJ ?Hj.. ?.t? ' I
fl The jury, Composed of nine farmers,
a grocer, a banker and a broker, was
secured on the first day of the trial.
Mrs. Bond was called as the first wit
ness after opening statements .-were
made Tnursday. Repeating her. al
legations, she denied any knowledge
of ihts uiui aiieged by the senator, who
Is a candidate for renomination at the
Oklahoma primaries next August
Effort to have read depositions deal
ing with alleged trirtrtents in connec
tion with the past of both parties to
the suit were l>> svented by a ruling
of Judgo Clark, who held such evi-'
dence not sltal to the suit,
T. E. Robertson, Klrby Ft
end Dr. J. K. Earn, Oklahonn
.1?6reJn Washington' ?fWe?
the hotel episode "
federal positrons,
principal witnesses^
Ml --re snsaccesifuJ inj'ioalr' fcafcdt-,
dacles Robert JtWj^u^trfe^
ed to have . 6ee? eyewitnesses, toi'??
alleged assasU. while Eirp asserted -
that he had been Importuned hvfWo
?Ve Wf: 00,10 ,e?ve Washington*:
and "hush the matter up."
Testifying In his own defense. Sena
tor Gor? <?hB?fl?H.oA ?V-- ?'i^?wm
as infamoua lies," and asserted that
the whole affair waa the result of the
Plotting of bis political enemies, in
tended to embarrass him in his cam
paign for rehomlnatlon.. He declared
that Mrs. Bosd seised him and at an
opportune moment Robertson and
Fitzpatriok appeared in tne room. Oth
er witnesses for the defense quoted
witnesses for the plaintiff as admit
ting that a/frame-up'.' against Senn
in. ?ro ha.d been arranged and
^^.ZVS** 48 nav,n* ??de threats
?> get" the aenator.
Arguments which began yesterday,
was finished at 5:30 o'clock this af
h -noon. Ten minutes later the ver
dict exonerating Senator Gore was
announced^.' WBa
fragments^her, bjjaken, cye-g
'geVeVat ?f t^e charges
(By Associated Press)
Washington, Feb. 18.?Money trou
bles of homesteaders In the west were
pictured today to the joint commit
tee on rural credits by George W.
Fisher of Redfield, S. D., who urged
that legislation make provisions for,
loans to entrants on homestead lands. 1
At present, be declared, the poor!
homesteader who endeavored to make
a start in a new country, without a
large amount of capital, victimised by
"Shylock beakers who atrip each ad
Be la wait let* the tkf.it crop."
vancing wave of homesteaders sal
The committee t /day received pro
testa from farmers' organizations in
Nebraska and Colorado objecting to
the rural cr?dite' bill as framed by the ?
American Rural Credits' Commission.
THE fact is, a sale such as we're now carrying on
is a great thing for us as well as for you; hot
from the standpoint of our making a profit on
the goods; we can afford to forget that when con
sidering the friends we make. It's constructive
work. iFor every-man who gets in here, _and
gets the wonderful values now to toe had,, must
feel that we've,done him. a real service in making
such buying possible.
Suits & Overcoats
1 c an
Values now
17.25 ?
Boys' Suits &|)yercbats
$3.50 and *$3.00%tues' $2.50
4.50 and
6.50 and
8.00 and
4,00 .
'I. V?
u-: >*
Men % Odd Trousers
Men's Shoes
\I yd
$'2 50 and $200 Values $1.75 "Vot^d-'-.gladly-?fty*ihe?4fegular
?2 50 i *i f?r^swcferiqualityyou'll
**J# r5.00 l&>w*t?&?&*t?f${ r3 75
500 4.00 44 44 3.25
Oi00 3.50 Snow Shoes 2.75
iL?.'< *_i & "?-> ><
6.50 and *6y
8.00 and 7.50
? t
send us your mull ordern. We prepay ail charges when cheek, cash or
money order gHosMiiw er?er, Ye zr coney fcsck if jca want 51.
i;*ili>d friA* aboo^ atfj brt? *mii* srti *i tort"! ?ffT
(oy Associated irres?.)
Juarea, Mex., Feb. 18.?Gustav
Bouch, accused by the* rebels of be
ing a spy. today could, not be seen,
permission being denied by the author
ities. It was officially ,stated.thjat as*
prisoner, who claim's1 to be ?h "Amer
ican of German descent," 1b in- no Im
mediate d&su:.
W.U. Bentlon, the British 3ubjectar
reated last aight.'ftleo waa.in Jail
today, but probably will not' be held
long. His offense is eaid to have been
indiscreet ntterancaa with reference
New York, Feb. ft,?The National
Carbon Company today declared a dly
of outstanding ''common Btock, or a
distribution equivalent at par tp $2,
750,000. The company announced it
had been enabled to do so through the
liquidation of certain atmete.
Washington, ^^BIWeaiafPWrcBlcIeiit
Wilson will decide the fate of Mid
shipmen McClure, Bungert and Mc
Gowan, involved in c.hark^s of irreg
ularities in a marine engineering ex
amination at. Antfapolla] ! Secretary
i/??i?iB tient ' the 'cane ia the Wbiio
House tonight, and some' announce
ment may bp made-tomorrow.
An investigating board with the
approval of the naval academy, rec
otumended the three .for dismissal.
A Complete Stock of
ill 2
and Supplies.'
.00 up
$2.50 up
if you can't ?ali, send us
your order by mail. It
* will have ojur prompt at
tention. ,
Established 36 Years
Anderson, South Carolina,
f Eg

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