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fr?m* mm** t**. % m. THE ANDERSON flWEt^lUGE31CER -? rjwrmcm.
OevQteato me IJplmiia?Sri^ t?l O^Ifort aiid Vleiitlfy, anA as
a ft/ledium foar Corr&riF\unlcja,??r!tg News a??i Advertising.
Six Afferent H
Raw Materials
Are Used to make that bag of Fertilizer.
four of those?Nitrate of Soda, tor Sulphate of- Ammonia),
Dlopd,. ViPtoWe, ?Ufo Bomb -grefcbl^deaf te Ju??h the Aiub?p#W
(The ordinary Fertilizer has ONE source of
This combination of quick, medium,, gradual and alow acting
ammonlates supplies this vital food to the crop from the .sprouting of
the Beefl to the gathering of the last boll. r
To mix these six materials as they should be in a well-balanced
fertilizer requires the most careful atf.itIon and machinery, costing
thousands of dollars, i It means, In
creased manufacturing expense?but
It. Is the ONLY way to make the BE8T
it practically means Crop las arases
to the uses; and, after all tbat.U ..wjbftjti.
the. prHticat farmer after aft.
He WILL NOT take chancea with,
He WJLL NOT take long chances
with hin YerlHJler?
Vas Sale By
* *" Iva, S. C.
00.000 o'o 600060
o o o o a o otoaoio^osai * * *.*.? .?,
'' .?' 'I* -hn; <i lia'M . ' ? < '
W. J. Moorchead, o?ei Of our pros
perous, and hustling fidrpbaots, t had
business, In AauersonV'yesterday. .
J. ft Hicc, a prominent citizen of
Helton, tf&y be mentioned among
those who^had business in Anderson
yesterday. ? , ,
The fdll^wisg traveling men 'stop
ped at Hotel. Geer yesterday: O. F.
1'rcpp. Gray Court; W..8. Llgon. Co
lumbia; W. El more. Greenville; C. S.
Fuller, Columbia.; W; A. Prince, Char
lotte; R. M. Martin, South Carolina;
U; P. 3lark, Atlanta; W. H, Hand,
::olumb';n; ~1>' Blachman. Hamilton,
'ariadaj d c- Stewart, South Caro
lina; B. N. Rich burg. North Caro
lina; K, ?, Heise. Baltimore; L.
Witt, South .Carolina: W. 0. Greah
um, Spartahburg; A. L. Heath, Au
gusta; "A- Flnlay, Augusta; W. W.
Huff, Coluoibia; J. Roy Jones, Cotauv
.-. v > . ..
Fred Gaines Of Belton, has gone to
Anderson Where he will make hla fu
ture home.
Mr. and ?ra. A. Bhody and Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Rhr*?y Of Midway, were
In town yest?'day, greats of Sir. aud
Mrs: Ft P. Robertson.
r?or?es are sw/ce in Alaska as it is
too great ah expento to provide foou
..for them during the long xiater.
Wv Se?fked* delivered a
sermon litre Sunday afternoon.
& m
Glad t& show vou what
a nice up-to?date
we Have. We try to al*
had avgeoafiy a^ejft?ant?^
Misa Crayton Armstrong returned
home last w?ek. after a pleasant- visit
to Hone*/Path and xtfher places.
Mr. and Mrs. M Fx Ellison of near
Six and Twenty spent Saturday-night
and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Miss Dltne ETrod has been spending
some time with hes cousins. Misses
Lena and rMjrtte Else?*?* Flui' Reck.
Mass Agnes Blonks of Rock Hill Is
visiting her cousin, MlssvAlmh Rogers.
Ralston Brooks had the misfortune?
to .get his thumb and forefinger tarn
off at school Monday by putting a dy
namite can on the heater. No une eise
was Injured except Jimmle Rob?rson
Mir. and Mrs, C. W. King called at
the home, of Mr. T. B- S
Mar?led - people ?a*y. di??bver tea*
marriage cannot' maka ^theba happy,
only one and that so ??rrow^that
nawhe w raft
Nothing in the world is more haugh
ty than a man of moderate capacity
raised to a pqsltlon -o?; power.'
, Mr?. J. Wl Bow Ian of Goldsboro,
N. C, recently visited at the home of
Mrs. Tea PJ?kehs. whe^hns, tisjty
The Y. W?. A. wll meet Sunday after
noon immediately aft*rSand?y -sqfieo:
All members are urged to he present.
Mrs, .l?"v3 Opt. and 9f*Fi Alien, cptnt
Sunday ?h^f^ an^Twe&jy, ;nj|th,]
Mrs. T. MV Bowlan.
t of ev
ways buy tine
we i^ositiyely
, Come to. see us.
Hanks Brose
; it nai oeen scaieu u>?i a ut??.
,stemach Is his .holler, his body le his
esgiae asS his- mo^t?s. 5*?f.i>>px
Is your boiler (stomach) in good
working order or Is it so weak that
it will not stand a foil load and not
able to supply the needed energy to
your engine (body)? It you have
n-any trouble with ypgratomachv Chain? ,
at S Whyrherlaln's.TahHta^^-do yen gpojd,
1 They strengthen and Invigorate the
stomach and enable it to do its Worir
.natural , tor very,
cures of-stomach trouJ
^e*eote*.*y- th??/ Fey *0* by:l
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago,. Feb. 19.?The-, vanguard ?4.
the.. White Sojs. ball ; cl ?blfcoa^ht Jeffcl
for*, their Irafailng grtfpiada at Phap
Rob?es, Cala. The apeclai train car
--f. perseatB. ao>?^|w^|pa| w
^jSTTan lamaii'imi ii'i liai lien .
Being Uniform in-Quality, Gives
it*k the Same "Wiaier and Summernrlt^
Always. tk& lk&t-Ckistsr no more?Just
of tho. rall
C; *a $jwas|
lived;in the
In tracing the history of Belton
from.??? es tig dayg-Vwe find thM il
bfft aoat haea, ot :?^r?eg*, amp*
aa is the .case in some of the new
towns of the west In the pf?tant.day.!
Dating Its birth from ttn^cMjtea***
the first passenger traia o*-,( *.. & R
lt., in April 1853. it is.69 years old.;
Previous to that time there was onlyj
a .few houses. Tradition says that
the. place- was called Coweater, be-'
cgu?e, sopw one stole a neighbor's |
cow amf eat her on the spot.
In those days all of the present
site of.BflJpaa. was in,pin**, with paths
Browaw T^-sipia-a? for the;
towaa.a^a^lm^S?? i?c>fasva.sciiooi
by"??*STreiSfflrtafr ^'jffirff
Josepmme. chlrjrteReaV t*ja* teSSjBel
ton tu. ho?pr V Jofcot, Mellai^GPtteall.
who ,wagu president og* the C. ft G.j
B. rc. vfah t$M
the flrs^ttateaeaat.:
house .no* cgsygsffftr M?te GJfc- Cope
landfc T^Cfrll war com**, on, was
an oM4Mh?b further p*Hgess.
In 18^-the., town wag rf-sjsgrtered.
MaJ. B. Dv f|es?. Was madg^iafteadant.
The first general sa?**hae}M?lng
store was built and owned; by, Jj B.
Lewis, Stringer and M?Gee? Th?*, ne
gro boy. oae Wiley Washington, who
banded up -boards .to xovev, the figst
depot Is stifi lfvtgf? IMS home being
near Toney Creek* Mr. J. P. Cox,
who recently movM< l? town, came
over on the-first: Sogd,; of lumber to
be used In,the erectjen of the first,
store housed being; th?? a small boy. I
The firstrhotel, was mapaged by
Whit Broyles fer?a short time?later
by Mattlsoa OnaniellV after whi-h it
came into* the hands of Q. W. McGee,
by whom It was owasd for many
years. Th}e gast taua^iaft establish
ment was owarsd by.m J. Brown and
Jess Lewie,?fe first dbrg& store, built
in the forks ,of the rallroa*, was own
ed by Dr> Mansfield. The-.pbtff}clans
of the eartyv days were Dr. George
Brown, Dr. Geo. Dean, Dr. Pramp
Breaaeale. We may add to those
(By Associated)-Prase.)
Spttrta*burg, Feb. I*-~_D>. JofenC.
Carman, recently elected to be gener
his first sermon since his acceptance
of, this position at First Bandst
?h?wh ? Stem*??, nighu Ali > areaeot
were delighted with his discourse
the "Shepherd Heart" and were es
pecially* Pleased to bear that, h? vrt?
hlc l'majniiBr??rs In thi? Clt> S5 BOOS'
as he can. prepare his vrfirk la Color
hd? f?r, Sj, successor. lie esjp^st^ .ts
arrive here from Louisiana, where he
will bo one of the speakers at the
state Sunday school convention April
25, and soon afterwards Mrs. Carman,
her mother - and two soas will Join
Dr. Carmgn here. ,r Miss Carman will
Remain in-Denver till June,
r br. varman Ib s very enthusiastic
has received
ct. conr
state, through
of siatjstfes aa* It isvhfs
fbait no. fteJdlj is. so. ripe. wg
_ soMW>^WR'aTa*\Tt I? his aim
o devote time and energy to con
structive progress along this line. Dr.
Carman has a very pleasant snd win
ether leader in religious ,wAfk. Ho
JWork 14 .years,
"1 have used Chamberlain's Cough
wer since'ihave been keep
se." ,saysrfjA C. Barnes, of
AlsU ~'\ e?usid?* It one of
1 the best remedies I ever used. My
sale by Evans Pharmacy.
(Bar Aes#efe<e*-?^s.>
rtte. Va^ ffajav. Iff-tim.-, revaww
Islstaaee of the small schooner Lu
Icretta, ashore In Mtddleton anchor
lagsw Hyde county. North Carolina, re
it the; vessel >s high ~~
rosablj^ba float*
all and <
jM MHfofcr
ttigSm^T*^ laueret
1 Mayor Grace bad
j Usi* afterpoon or.
of represent*
Blesse ai
floor of
They clas
if a. few.
have a cn^wmuwrnm
others* v*tom, m, te sa?*?, ?s* HsMa4k>l
r tint, osetseuw W>- T|?SwSl M?sT^il
TNJkft, hjriefcais^wji*!
G. W. McOeev Stringer Hall wee the
church. Of the^a^terV Ire * c*?
ter him ca?aia> D??
at a. coet, oJtf three* tf
At tne-Mef^lt..
church was
far a*.**,
church,; u<3
of oar re
lag haa..t_..
en fafttir^qf?te
first ? edm
nie. Dr.? _
nedy, Jpl?s*?
Win, "
w. i
127 coIe*ed* se'
has heett, sere,
for oae-ci^tne n
first, aj^^a?ut
welfare; ft has st, _
small viiia??; In^^o^To* the;
progressive fawn* th*. tsa#*
rater aVf, so
, - a,Pweset^tala
efseJde*,. o*v ; tfcptr
Moet4 fetiu?fer
like thv bwajiia,
closge*.aa* nee* -,
ally, eiee WA^ftAfjB^
headaea*** i^fflllW??
liver, a*ttr>stag
au sert^^i; bihMMt.y.utavtWf8.
active .at f rI uii ? *~-?m*^. ,lulm)<-M>i yean
feel aw., ache br pajp in the k^ssstftd
take_a,re?*f|gJ??Bfjk? s^?fffeof fi
ter before breakfast far., aw fcasdj?
* "TT ,sT^rr* 11 ?at;-i mail . irtmr taw
blned, wJiftaWW*,***^
flush, clogged irkftbsps* aa* ?ttmaCaa*
them,to normal activity.. Ifcaiso neuT
milaee the. aste?, ifr the, tsrtor 'su-vSi
no longer Irr.tstes. \hue esssHng blad
der dgsagdetgy
raakee* t
Flake iiapw and, tben. to
neys cHhbow thwaj, ?vos**?.
eompjfcpifae* .
soils lot?, of "
believe in o^,
kidney mm**UWt^-.?msin
htm* msiErC?i'WHi
tf? Atfwaegtoovi
(i Waabttgtaja* IfeSb,
planes. i
of a
and 9ii
the first, h*:
be equjffaejaVwMfr
extfngelsfc?sv.?h sftMftle- a**}. ,
arcesaeg.ee, teafcedlae. nswnigg...?
i ^Philadelphia. Feb. 10.?The check-1
fotfce Ife ?Ojaestioir "S?ttifrig'
tetJtiT t*ey>toi!'u?,a?*Tfte Rre
Farmer, fjhrrmt Jim?!
'. flies ttifJApsw^ S?sjflferu jow*
ngpj* te>* tftte^ Imimrm fid/ Che? whoifc
great: i^nU?mi ? to. mo bow ft U
baaee; "aadtltdsf''
yxnt ke*pw, fo? cwaenqfc,
bar. of .s^VMwo^-. m tftfc, coutttnr,
SM^O*9 tew 2*
<nwv 28Si jawv i anil
e4; rMfiEToe?. increased only ffot?v
4;3jfcs3<*tf to. 7f777fWTi ?h-SI?
per, ceastu?
Em c4*er words, there are
ewen ttw?et a?, many f?fr
neflaoo? -etc Ussere were. i?, UVUl
are nearly, HOAJR
a* raenyrsulattees. The.
Rajrajaiaatv*: Par mer- of Felwoary
Zi?V .jeiBBores?**' some amazing
Jajpaifia;' aoiisom* nofrblc utter
1^1?^^ '^' SbaosMM,
fU T, J. Broofety Saawtor ft ft
'oshevs about, tbb.
staster,, laa?MWsne
( ie* iwt < gping to.be
rearfhfes;, bet I W? migrrty
and in many
reading, aad
the. wb?le > Soerth* to
Une perils tifir?f
Uoefc out- for it.* Many otter,
JWttfr neUMe scientific, wticfca
1^-a?!: Sou?er?;
lateV wiQifoBow.
H^%sw^*gx-.>wa to mjq.
?^m?fe:?r?fft^.'Jimifr ^^ -?Vlfa^ rfWaive you rem
money. besA^t^ iis^ m**ih?>
?M for the eecaaion. TN? Wraes,| hearty- ee?ara^tew of, frlead*
""' w<lw m*rr-vm sits* o?e^?4##fr?^
?5*' ?<^??l*i?wBaa>.?nd. Rs^d?a?, rtaffnd??,.
the bride-el??t. The first
Tuesday, nffesaoou si the
. ton* M*asCajrl^afi)C?;wh?ih
Waev a shower of haa#naul9 articles.
A salad>course wa? ?erredit? tho thir
ty-oda. Fadfear present T?e, i ?Sed? a
ifesfi^howork by~?rs. U U
?^ov!?^^^^8h?W^of. ce*** h**,?weet-. coera* *sfe dm***..-.
a2E2S5^^ ea??***** **t ??laa?** ****W****' m'lhe
^ofcsW.o*ia<a4st?w/K^^ Tt^e^^^^w^.'Br ^
tm- we*?fc ?iae**?.po?foT?a ib* ~~~-i?-? * ?-?jr^-:_.fl|-,r; .fTT-v: tzi-^-^irr: * n-iiW ?-~?^TZ>^ ???
S^^J^^^^S?1^ P^^^ ^^r^fSI?^Sri ?.^^^T.^^&'^?S?^
Thirty aere Phrte-of Cotta? ee'tarmifijr.<fe. t* '"p^.
paktes Fertilisera . Mr. ToHtean lsoae of tha,thou'aa<?4t
yotw.^ea?tr ow go0d* aa4Jiuie)a? B seasettu**.
A ba*4?r, Feetiltaa? wW'iw?4e??* a batter croi), .-TTN?ON;
c*s| plsntt^a in yoar owa^aoaaty thetiw twcnwiar, -?riVPrmiiiiJajf^ nuBsjfftt,
rattae* by ?ffipN O?ANO COSaV
*?' ?'ataai those, v/arlftls?ca,
eutatlre at
? ;fe?wav>
re eVanonstratel to many of the Ht
A? wa*>s?i* w?a,aa**,??5ig?. .
qreaavl?le and Hc?ena^coanUa?Xi??~ fartbar information) wH?
Qerrise or addrosr UNION GUANO COMPANY, Winstoa-Sa'aav. Q

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