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?_ Fennded IBM
IBS North Mala Street
W. W. 8M0AK, . Basinets Manager
v.Catered According to Act et Cea*
grete a* Second Cl?? MaU Matter nt
ta? Postofflce at Anderson, 8. C.
PahUihed Every Morning Ixetpij
Bead-Weekly Edition on Teet&?y aag|
v I friday Meralagt
Daflr Edition-IMO per aaaamt
MM fer Six Months? f 1.2ft for Taree
Months, i
fies!?Wera!; Edition - ILM per
Anana i 7? cents for Six Mos th a j M
?.ats fer Four Months.
ll T-,-____
Member ef the Associated Pratt and
He? el Ting Complete Bally Telegraphic
A larger Circulation Than Any Oth
er Ne vripaper la Tait Congressional
Intelligencer lt dellrered by
aarriers In the city. If 70a fail to
awi your paper regularly please notify
m. Opposite your name on label
.t yow paper lt printed data to which
jroar paper lt paid. All checkt and
drafts should be draw*, to The An*
.arnon Intelligencer.
! 1
j The Weather.
Washington, March 4.-Forecast for]
South Carolina: Rain Thursday; Fri
day cloudy and cooler.
Ball/ Thought
We cannot ail be heroeo
And thrill a hemisphere
With some great, daring venture
Some deed that mocks at fear.
Yat we can fill a lifetime
With kindly acts and true;
There's always noble service
For noble souls to do.
Anderson is My Town.-it's home.
Come on, now; let's have this com
mission form of government and be a
Anderson people who' travel around
sometimes feel-awfully ashamed of the
muddy streets. ?. gspwe> ' fjtf?
Our opinion that Anderea* ls the
beat town in the sUtes?Wonnrmed f
from all pointa of the igimpaas.
When Abbeville gets " ?iat list
?tarted around Anderson will do her
part for the proposed railroad.
Bulletin-Teddy announces that un
der no circumstances wiU he become
a candidate for the Anderson postmas
St. -Louie has a reform wave. If lt
ever strikes Cincinnati and that town
ts cleaned up there will be, nothing
, .The world Is faithless. The bull
mouse have declared thai Teddy does
not suit for candidate for the presi
dency. . .'
England's attitude toward Villa re
mind? us of the parent who waits for
the angry passion to pass before pun
ishing the child.
Incidentally the rival bands in Mex
ico seem to have lost' their test to
fight each other while this Benton
controversy ls on.
Everybody in Anderson should hear
Reed Miller and his concert singers
next Monday.night, Frank Croxton ls
a favorite hero.
The Greenwood Journal in a head
line: "Who does Blesse favor?"
Meaning tn likeness or to whom does
he give his faanr?
Congressman Heflln ot Alabama
doesn't seem to mind the hisses of the
guffs, but we bet ho wouldn't'?ike io
be tickled with hatpins militant.
Every citizen, in Anderson who has
at heart tlwf welfare of this splendid
town in urged to attend the Chamber
of-Commerce rally Friday night.
A. D. Oliphant has many friends in
Anderson who'love him for his gentle
neat .and gentility. Who'd ever have
thought that Allie would ever be a
bruiser? \
.Some papers cannot- tell the truth
abdut O?flspeiiw>f?. Rainer than fail
into such ways we will try to be pleas
ant with any that might be-classed
*? 8Uch- _
..- Good roads should be the slogan for
Anderson ounty. Half a million dol
lar. bond issue-for roads would in
crease the saleable value of landa
many times that amount.
Some OK the papers ta making np a
Hst of the candidates for / governor
have omitted ?oe name or john: x
Duncan: He would make even a
db?t?n candidates, and we hellere he
will run, at usual.
The cost ot hunllnK over country
road* is largely determined by thc size
uf load that cm tc- hauled, Hie number
of trip? that qgb be made in one day,
and thc wear and tear on teams and
equipment, according to the Ottice of
Public looads Steep grades, an well
08 rutH and mud-holes, serve to de-]
crease both the speed and Hie loud...
On the principle that a chain is no
stronger than lin? ! weakest link, the
uiHxiuniMi t'.it'd (hat a team can draw
ls the' load that lt can .draw np tlie
steepest hill or tlijouj?li the deepest
mudhole on Hie road.
Whenever posadle roads should be
located on st Bi it lit lines between ter
s ?.
mina) points. In hilly or mountain
ons country however, tbs attempts
to keep rouds straight between termi
nals often lea ls to serious error. Hie
grade must, thcr^fjkjg,, bc handled to
gether. The bcstJUication ls one which
ls straight in general direction, ls free
from steep grades, is locate don solid
ground, and serves the largest possi
hie number of ^aople. Hoads should
be located for Hie benefit of Hie public
as well ns Hie private land-holder.
at will also be noticed cleanly that
steep hills on a line of road will fre
quently enable horses io draw three or
four times as much dkAhey could draw
on the old road, ft^lakes approxi
mately four times as much power to
draw loadH up 10 per cent, grades (10
fuet vertical in 100; feet horizontal) as
on a level ; but oh a 4 or 5 per cent,
grade a horse can usually draw (for
a short time) as much jus. lie can draw
on a lovel. A 4 per cent, grads 1 :.
therefore, considered. the maxim am.
on roads subject. tb heavy hauling.
Many steep grades may be avoided by
locating Hie road around instead of(<
over the hill-the handle of a bucket i
is no longer when In a horizon
tal position than.jin .a* vertical. By
going around, we avoid twe steep :
If the road must phss up a step hill 1
or mountain sldrs, the steepness of ,
the road may be egressed by ?ncreas- |
lng the length eYtyuV'road. In other
words, eliminate steep-grades by lo- '
eating the road on curved or zigzag ,
linee, and not in straight lines from t
the bottom to the top of the hill. Theale
curves should, be carefully plotted and j
the Btralght stretches located with an
Instrument. ~ Jit is ImproAds the lodki? <
of Hie road atjjt does noyj|4 material- ^
y|n \tudylnajtthe qa>J?Q^??f grade
ls interesting:' 'loTift'e ion one foot '
high requires 2,000 foot-pounds of en-j J
orgy; on tho road the surface of which ,
offers 100 pounds ot tractive resist- l
ance per ton the same energy would '
roll the ton a horizontal distance of
20 feet To save 1 foot of grade the
road may, Iheraf?ffe be lengthened
20 feet ot ?
Roads ihnnlljnarnr be located so
close to streamSeds as to be subject
to overflow, orin ground which is
constantly damp^rud"marshy.
The earth road should nave at least
six hours of sunshine each day. This
can be secured elthdrr by locating the
road with southern or western expos
ure, pr by having-euell brush and trees
as Impede the drying action of the '. un
and wind iv moved; With gravel and i
stone road this ts not so necessary, i j
as a certain amount of moisture is ?
needed on such? roads;-, especially lu
the summer timo.* | .'. . i i
Relocating roads Is not an engineer- '
lng problem alone. ? One must also '
consider the effect ot the road on the
people who now live upon lt. Many i
farmers dislike to have, the road put
back of their house lr out of sight of
it. It requires tact and* good judgment
to Secure a suitable* location without
?rousing harsh agitation.
Appreciated; Indeed
Greenville piedmont.
The Anderson Intelligencer In its
Issue of today eays:
"We wish to cati the "attention
if the Chamber of.^Comoa-irce to the
'act that the people of Greenville aro
trying tc get the. United States gov
ernment to send there fd* enco-up
nent something like 10.000 troops. As
loon as it appeared that Greenville
night be favored, Atlanta with her us
ual reserve and dlBldonce, steppet in
to the lime light end tried to take it.
We trust that th?fttfOBle'of Anderson
will stick to their??Iffer city and will
by resolutions, personal efforts and
ippeal to our legislators and our rep
resentatives in congress do what they
can for Greenville. 1
"pf course, it would .be impossible
to nave the encampment here, for
Ibero I? not In ?ll And?W?S county put
together land enough not under culti
vation to hold an encampment of that
oaky troops." .
Greenville appreciates very much
Indeel the stand o? the Anderson pa
pers in this matter. They have acted
the part of frfendte neighbors, both
of them having coK out strongly for
Greenville for tbeBcampment Green
ville appreciated & Jrandshlp and
support of the sSrBtCJty and will
take pleasure hfnprbving the fact aa
soon as tba oppov?janttHJoffera.
George C. Slkcs^hlc?go's leading
advocate of reform tn everything, bad
warned the voters of that city that the
local government is issuing too many
bonds and a bait should be called be
fore th? city ls embarrassed.
Revolution's First
Naval Engagement
(Hy Associated Presa.)
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, March 4.
The li rf t naval engagement of the
present Mexican revolution ended to
day at Topolobampo. after n half houri I
of ineffective firing between the rebel!'
warship Tamph-o and the federal gun
boats Morelos and Guerrero, which
strumed down from c'uuyinas for the
The Tampico remained at Topool-j1
bampo after its crew had mutinied;'
and turned the little Wessel, over toj]
the Carranza forces. ' The Morelos 1
and Guerrero arriver off Topolobam-|'
pu and today opened fire at long >
range. The Tumpico remained inside |<
tim liarbor. willie tlie federal stflMs.j
took positions out in ^he Gulf of Cai-j*
ifornla. ' j'
Tlie Tampico's guns seemed to have|<
a longer range tlian those of thc fed
eral gunboats and the latter drew
away. No damuge wus done on either
New York, Mareil 4.-Sir Lionel
farden, British minister to Mexico,
hailed for I/ondon today to report in
person regarding the Mexican Hitua
tion to Sir Edward CJrey, the British
foreign secretary. He said that he
would spend only ? few days in lin
day, tlien return to Mexico City.
wi i.i, it isl ix; ?: CREEK
(lichter Board II ec ides to Max:
Structure ?ar lam ry v Me
Chester, Mardi 4.-The Chester
board of county commissioners met
yesterday In the ofllce df the super
vlEor John O. Darby.
Tlie township boards were urgel to
have all dogs returned for taxation,
The board decided to construct a
bridge across Susie Bole creek on ll.
P. l>. 2,1 LowryvUle, it win have a 40
to 44 Coot span, and will be about five
feet from the water.
Thc board accepted the proposition
of EV M. Reeves to furnish the county
a sacriftecer to treat macadam roads.
Chester, March 4.-There was no
little interest created at thc police
headquarters when a negro boy, Ar
thur Stroud,, claimed that hi was held
up at the point of a revolver In Je
Lersville. a negro suburb of this city,
by two white men. One of the men
ivas of low stature, while the other
was tall. The interest over the af
fair was centered in the fact that the
nen answered to the description of
:wo men that attacked and robbed A.
Pat Wilson, the Seaboard Air Line
railway ticket agent. The negro was
robbed of 50 cents.
An investigation ww male, but
ige search was futile.!
denten Lecture^aj^^tce Church^
The .second lecture in tho series
?Ach are Jgjgfc ht . Grac
. hurch during Lent on Thursday ev
enings will be -delivered this after
noon at the service. The subject ls
:he*church and the Bible and all aro
nvlfed. to attend* The hour of the
service, la eight o'clock.
Condemned C^ngstet ia Sing
Smg Prison Makes Con
(By Associated Press)
New York, March 4.-Pietro Rebaccl,
n the death house at Sing Sing prison,
i waiting to be electrocuted 1B said to
tave made a confession today reveal
ng secrets of a "black hand society"
vltlch has been responsibly for many
carders in this country. Rebaccl con
essed to the murder of Tony-Marro
it White Plains, for which crime he
s to be executed .and also gave facts
o show he bad been tho hired/assas
in of blackhand agents.
He declared Marro had been the
dctlrn of a vendetta add that if he
md. not Joined the society and killed
durr o he would have met death. It ls
laid that the loader or the gang con*
lueted the hold-up of foreign employes
m the estate of John D. Rockefeller
vas revealed and a number ot arrests
nay follow. .
Rebaccl's alleged confession solved
he murder of a man whose body was
ound In a pond with seventeen -knife
vounds In his back last December.
Guard Against Thieves
New York, Msrch H.-Though the
itrlctest secrecy had enveloped tho
neasures taken.lt became known to
lay that usual precaution ls beljjg ex
.reined by the Metropolitan Museum
>f Art to guard against thieves and
ire the $50,000,000 Morgan collection
uiw on. view In that iostltutlon.
Wilson Gr?** \pproytfj ^ ? j!
Washington. Marc? ?.-President
Wilson today gave hts approval tooths
proposal *o give irrl t.itors o'! govern
ment projects twenty vram Instead ot
ten to repay the government tor their
waa r rights; craboolsd-m bills now |
pending ia sda?ross.
Trial Briefs Belayed. ' ? '
Concord. N. H., March 4.-Final
?rlefs for the state of New York on
hfl Extradition of Harry Thaw were
o have been filed here today .but lt
hus announced that William T. Je
-ome, representing the New York at
orney-general, had twen granted five
i?uiuonai days. . Tne dooumont will
probably he flied next Monday. Cou;
iel for Thaw will thea have fifteen
lays in which to ?reply.
The Interstate--commerce commis
don has begun an Investigation of pri
mate car xates with.-railroads.
Not In HOI th). N
Prof. J. G. Clinks? ab s denier the re
tort In circulation In some sections to
lie effect that lils health is broken
ind he says that be ?ill certainly be
n the race for governor. If all the
joys In South Carolina who have bask
.d In the sunshine of his countenance
md drank from his fountain of wis
loiu vote for him he *'HI certainly bV
e,ry .much in the running, if-all the'
nen who are In favor of iducatk'i , so
briety, -christianity and unadulterated
itatesmanshlp vote for him he will be
sleeted by the lar^-st majority ever
;lvop a candidate Tor uovernor in'this
kate. We have hear l sonic,Uieb Sfty
hat he did not ataml the ghost of a
ihow, but we have yet to hear any one
lay he is unworthy.
-Gaffney Ledger.
-x- ,.,
The Same Here .
The fact that the York News ls en
ured at the postofllci' as second class |
natter does not mean that it is a sec
uid class paper. It js just to get a|
ower ra*e of postage.-York News.
An Erer Cresent Fear.
The fear of manv members of the I
trniy of the unemployed is that they j
viii l?c drafted into the army ot t
employed.-Atlanta Journal.
And Still The> (erne
Wi io ls the logical candidate - for
governor to succeed Hlease and con
inuc his plans and policy. Sims is
innounced out of the ring and J. L.
McLaurin cannot be depended on to
ie a worthy successor to Hlease. We
lave the man here in Spartanburg
'ounty, "who would sweep the field
f be would permit Iiis name to be ?s
?l.-Spartanburg Journal.
A Splendid Successor
iJVfr. W- L. Brlssey, who is being men
oned in connection with the mayor
ulty of Anderson of Anderson, ls one
>f*tho Electric City's most progressive
ind public spirited men. He would
nake a splendid successor to Mayor
l<ee Hollsman should thc latter not
leek re-election-Greenville Pled
nont. .
Bitterest Animosity Shown Party
That Espoused Their .
.w - j_ .
A^Assoctt?d Press.)
melon/;- Merch Ht-MUJ?ant suffra
gettes tonftht gavMurtfer proof that
heuK bltt#c?t at?ositfttfs reserved i
orMhe labor parWithe OhJy political
)arH?thatS|u|^jdJoused their cause.
Vs-^sebn as^Pr*rTamsay JueDonald.1
chairman ot the labor HaiSy. began1
?peaking at a labor party rally in
Memorial Hall. Suffragettes, aided by
mile supporters, started to howl him
Women ushers had been engaged to
leal with the women interrupters of,
he meeting and men to attend to thc,
nascultne dMAN-fers, but the women
proved failures iud the men bad to I
ake ov"r thejj.qmies. For nearly an
lour MOTQrjjratruggle raged In tho i
ia!!. There were frqunt free fights
o?tween men, while women grabbed |
JUC another by the hair, scratched)
ace- and tore clothing. ' Windows |
wire smashed and chairs oroken.
Eventually the police were called
md Mr. MacDonald finished his talk,
.'oncluding he said, that if the vote
"ould b*> gained for toe women- by
.urning out the government, tho labor
,iarty would assist them. The worst
inemies to th? women's causo, he de
clared were the militant suffragettes, I
)f whose methods the poeple In the j
nail had just had a-striking Illustra
;lon- t_JL_
'. c ' i
lade on Prof. A. W. Ayers at Antre-1
Tille eu Friday.
Abbeville? Medium. '
At a meeting of the patrons of the
Antreviiln high scflol on Monday tho
following resolutions were passed, tn
reference to the attack made upon
Prof/Ayere by J. G. and Chester Flem
Whereas our community has been
dsiturbed and reflected upon by the
audacious cowardly attack upon Prof.
A W. Ayers upon the public btghway]
m Rrlday, Feruary the 20th. 1914.
We the patrons and friends of the An
trevllle school district, do hereby put
ourselves on record: First-We be
lieve in the uprighteousness and per
ice i ipnocence or Prot .A. W. Ayers
and w/ pledge him our support, en
dorsement .and protection. Second
We condemn the cowardly act on the]
part of J. G. and Chester Fleming.
Third-That we ask, the court to Justi
fy us in our leiief, that ?h? Honorable
juege and soMelt/?r ?ring the parties
to trial this week. Fourth--Thut we
suggest the members present sigh
these resolutions. Fifth-That these
resolutions be published In the Couu
trpapers and sent to the judge and so
licitor. . 7 As
Signed-B. A Keaton, J. A. Ander
son. C. A. Suber. J. J?\ Prince,, M. Ol
Ik-nurd, J. B. HarkMMT, W. W. Kay,
T. c. Mitford. fL.icfmijaan;:Ji*?
Blac>- J. H. Ferguson, J.-B, Buttier-*
land, ?. L. Bell. John M. Harkness. Xl
R. Gable. C. H. Jones. Jr., G. W. Cal
rert, B. N. Mrf arter, G. C. .McCarterfl
B. MH. rbobertso<J|.f A. TUna. J. P.
Bowen, Misses Kate Eichelberger.
Helen Ragedale, Made L. Sharpe.
Mayma Bowen. Mrs, ferrie Caldwell.
Mrs. A. M. Erwin add JlrsrB. W. Bur
Dor n in Texas last benson they con
sidered Daniel Bocae every blt aa
good a shortstop aa Art Fletcher when
the latter operated a Texas teague.
But Boone win have to travel some
todo as well tn the ?caj?n? Ve Fletcher
Even Noa li Webster Hardin '
It seems like the Columbia corres
pondents are trying to get nearly ev
erybody in South Carolina in the race
for some office or other this summer.
-Greenville Piedmont.
A Good Htep.
At a meeting of the Greenville city
council last Tuesday nlgllf an ordl
nanee -y^as .passed requiring the reg
istration of washwomen\ in Geen
villc and providing for the inspec
tion of their premises, washing apa
ratas, houses, ' washtubs, <^c. This
is'a commendable action and .sh&uld
ne an cxamnle for many other, towns.
--Aiken Journal & Eeview^
The Henson Why.
W:e 'dodn't see why the cock fight
ers should hold their fight in Flor
ence and run the risk ot being pinch
ed when Charleston is bul a shor1
distance away.-Greenville "Pielmoi
Shot to Pieces.
When one notices the many bills
passed by the general assembly pro
viding for constitutional amendments
most of which are postponed to meet
local demands and when the number
of amendments which have been made
is taken into consideration he must
realize that it will not be long until
there will be a demand for another
constitutional convention. The consti
tution will be BO perfbrtated with
amendments before long that even its
fermera will not be able to recognize
lt. lt Is absurd that it shoul 1 bu
necessary, every time atown"wants to
"assess abutting property owners," to
have to amend the constitution.,
Newberry Herald & News.
Without Exception.
The Governor always omits that in
junction to "love your enemies" when
he quotes from the Bible.-Greenwood
Journal. v
Sprint; Activity..
There will be now life in the old
land in five weeks. Farmers will be
planting corn and the baseball team
will be getting in motion tb take the
field.-Spartanburg Journal. . .
Stood Operation Well, bot Ul
timate Soeces? Ia Un
(By Associated Press)
Paris, Mar. 4.-Madaleine-Susanne,
the French "Siamese twfns"''were sep
arated today by ? surgical 'operation*
of extreme , delicacy. The operation
was performed with especially con
structed instruments by -Dr. Gustave
Le Falliatre, Dr. Bleacher apdTSrY Vic
tor De Launay and Dis wife,.who'also
ia a Surgeon.; Numerous surgeons
were present.
Madaleinc-SUsanne were Joined to
gether in the region bf the stomach
and it waa found that a portion pf the
intestines of Madaleine were * within
Susanne's stomach. This had to be de
tached from the wall of the fibreuse
cartilaginous bridge connecting tho
two children. Aloca! anaesthetic was'
used and the bablGa cried a little dur
ing the operation which lasted fifteen
Both children appeared to stand the
operation well, but the surgeons could
not give a definite opinion as to the
ultimate success of their work.
Immigrant Bles of Feyer
New York, March 4.-The death of j
a Bteerangg passenger from typhoid;
fever caused the health offieera to
hold the Cunard line steamship Pan
nonia for observation when*she ar
rived lata today from Mediterranean
ports. More than 200 other steerage
passengers were transferred to Hoff
man Island and the, ship will be dis
infected before, abe ls- permitted to
Greensboro. N. C., March r4,-!-8ld
Finger, a negro arrested. In P.owan
county, North Carolina, this afternoon
charged with the murder* of'Preston '
Dyer ly at Barber Junction, On {hef
evening uf February 24, When ?'store
In which Lyerly clerked was burned
How Savings Grow. '
From Chicago Inter-Ocean.
A saving bank in Evanston bas ad
vertised that lt will place H to the
credit of every baby born In that city,
and lt advises the parent ot. the chil
dren to deposit on each.-birthday of
child .aw many dollars as the young-j
ster la years old, then to let the money,
remain in the bank drawing Interest,
unttl the child reaches gi.
lt ta a clever advertisement and ex
cellent advice. If parents -did that
the total sum deposited to the credit
of the child upon Ita . 21st birthday ,
would ihbw a much large.' arno, $234.-,
69, la fact computed et Ute saving?
(hanft-'hate of Interest, S per cent
That is. the sum of $63.69 will have'
been paid ht ? tpWegt; eem?ea?ded. !
Te*, amount ' which would sorra* at'
simple Interest. w~t?* -?e Utl?,***
more than twice the amount-deposited
on the 21st year, while Ute actual in
terest received, would he - two and s'
half times the last deposita?? .*&w?m
Besides, the Interest c?rlate rest
that is. Ute excess produced by.com
. pounding would be about $L&9, or
more than ono-third of Ute, ami and
largest deposit, and would be about 89
per cent, of the average yearly deposit
of $11. thus lt la well shewn how
money breeds from Itself, and there
is little doubt that parente able to
make I such deposita would afford to
Utelr children a remarkable illustra
tion ot the value nt thrift -sad ita ic-?
floenee In life, besides giving t each
youngster a substantial sum with Ct
tts hardship jo the depositor.
"Modern progress can accomplish
most things, but it never will be abie
to substitute an elevator for the lad
der pf tame."-Price.
We're Way Up on Style.
We survey the whole
field. If you want the
newest in suits, the latest
in early oxfords, thedou*
ble royal insignia of style
in headgear, this store is
the station where you get
off. .
In cravatting color rag
es, only the man in
mourning avoids rain
bow effects. Our? new
spring assortment can
give points to the color
In collars the ptorrit is to
wear long points.
Send UH your mail orders. We pre*
pay all charges when rash, check or
money order, accompanies order. Tour
money back If you want it.
The Store With n Conscience'*
, V
New Vehicles of every description
keep coming iii every ?lay? ^
Our stock of Harness. Whips abd
Robes, is the finest ever. We also
have some Extra Good Mules and
Horses on hand, come and see them/
Gives prompt and careful atten
tion to all kinds of Insurance,
including FIRE? TORNADO,
. Y, '. V ?k ?M ; -'-SI
Let our Bolicitor, beat the Fire Engine to
your property.
C. EUGENE TRIBUTE; Mgr. & Treas.
Second floor of Brown Building N. Matu Str*
Our Motto!?

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