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for Baby ChicHve^^
Is a readv prepared food that supplies.
the rfeht cfcri-.cnts f? proper nourfth-1
rncnt-ana-vi2ir. I:a uec
Makes Chicks Sturdy
Prepare- ard strc.~"lbcnr. thcrn lot reg.
Ular ration. Savcitrouble hnd worry
Lessens Leg Weakness
Guaranteed to ratisly or money back.
25 lbs. $1.65. 50 lbs. S3. UK) lbs. 55.75.
Small sizes 10c, 25c. 50c and Si.
Conkey's Liice Pov'der
Dusted on iUiinR hens nduV-crn c? lice
sod keeps cnickslree from these diiease
breeding pests. IC. ,25c. 50c, and $1 pk??.
Three Stores
With a Lester Player Pi
ano in Your; Home? a
child* can produce all the |
results of an experienced
Musician. . Come in at
your earliest con-'eni-i
ence and let us show yo
WHY; you should, Duy a
aujsjc house
?fiteckley Building
... >-S* -Cm
It's Jam Like This
Whoa you need glasses you natur
ally want the beat and at a living
prloe. Right here Is where you get
both, as well as the services of a
graduato Optometrist with twenty
two yemOL^ejiOTleaAe,, JBsK'.-inatlon
entirely free.
Five Doilar? Reward
. m?UKTFOOT^EuHtls Lake
Interesting and'Forceful Paper Re
Union of 'Anderson?
Paper prepared by Rev. W. T. Bel
Yin and read before tbe Ministerial
Aftso* Motion of Anderson, S. C. March
8. 11)14.
Gentlemen and Brethren of this as
sociation; Since the topic I? so large j
add t he audience no' learned and far |
reaching, and the writer so small. a?|
well as the company so learned, 1 feel
Ilka n bantam hen on a nest ot goose
eggs in the middle of an ostrich farm. I
However, realizing "the peculiar ef-j
feet of the modern-fiction ou our peo
ple of today, 1 will do. the beut I can.
There was si time when the . term
"fiction meant the greut classics,
such as Shakespeare, Dickens. Homer
or those great writers who wrote for
author to see the pleasant, sight of
I no purpose of making tbe world bet
ter; instead of simply to enable the
great rolls of greenbacks or to enable
a mercenary writer to tickle his ears
with the Jingle of good American coin.
Just as the great motive that should!
un'd does invariably prompt every1
truly great surgeon, is first of all "The
great bencftt'to humanity." even so!
should the one impelling motive
prompting every person aspiring to
write the literature of the day, be the
enlarging of the human .mind and the
improvement of his or her moral stat
Sad to say. this br not always the
[/case. Our country is flooded with stuff
like the Irishman's "razors; Just made
tu sell." There is Kttie'or no thought
given to the possible good-or hafflt
'hey may or may not do. And Just
ah Pat replied* to the complaint that
the razors would not even clip a hair
I unless you took the trouble to hold
bdth ends of it at the same tfrhe. "Sir
It was never Intended that that razor
Should be used for shaving.' And when
Ute customer, in exasperation, asked
"Well what were they made for?" re
plied laconically, "To sell.'
* Sb th^se 'Writers'and ?etinrin of the
?"?t majority of modern fiction, when
asked to explain wiry th? Influence of
their bocks fail to exert an uplifting
force on society, reply, "They were
?eVer made for the purpose at nil.**
Va ntstz' ever made auch u cl
Whkt were they made?" We receive
fdr them. Then when we get through
gasping foY breath, and ask "For
that same laconic reply "To sell!'
While wo love a frCo press and a free
people, we must acknowledge th?t this
is a day of progress along almost ev
ery lino. Men Set on commdh sense j
principled Instead of standing oh pre- ]
c?dent that has outlived its usefulness.
-Laws and customs have changed and
are still changing; We hav? changed
ocr viewpoint 1h' regard to moat other
things. Why net curb the'press when,
it sends out bitter water fronva aup
tjo^odty'Sweet fountain. We'ho long
or travel long distances on horseback
or by the slow and antiquated stage
coach. Instead we go on the 'great
express train's. Or -even better than
this we nicnd dur words oh the light
ning. Stocks and bonds are bought
and sold by wire. Some times by
You cau order any of the domestic |
ldxhrleB from' a dear wife to"a'Worth
less pet dog by'telegraph. We arc I
??ttlng bur ttotd by the cyn?dlhg pt?
'efee #Swa -l?b??* our mine* to prO^
mice a dollar at half Its rortner coV
Our nation is he^omWg-'notedf for its
great highways; Tires we are dally
belag'morV closely'Woven together in
to n homogeneous -mass.' Our Stirpe
sail ?n every sea and we ar?r fart" be
coming one' of the'gVedt?st "World''
powers. ' Our national pure food laws,
based oh the assertion that if a lion
eat* u lamb, it all becomes iion too;
but if the lamb was spoiled the com
bination will be a sick lion, are so
very strict that it is well nigh Impos
sible to defile the physical -man by
the food'that he eats.'.
It d?es not matter how hard the
good farmer ?de labored to raise that
290-pounder, nor How anxious the cus
tomer is to'taut) of htiin or gravy, If
the'meat is rousd to be so'diseased in
any way that It 'wftl not permanently
rncr^as?'thb'idr?ngtn of the container
it Is dumped thto the soap factory Or
some other cor/veolent-plece where re
ftfeol* cared tot. TP* nation Is wak
ing vp to the ?uct "That our men sim
ply 'must be'kept strong." The tasks
are'so great that done save the strong
dries can run th? schedule. Hence
these strict and proper laws for the
protection br the physical man. AU
of th^se'rife as they1 should be. Per
haps' th?yshbultf be t?ore rigid. Thoy
should hever be molr* hrx.
Imr there rs a fcreatbr inenac* tivilu
omiihood and the womanhood ot today
than" cither or the evtl? enumerated
Tia?teyUhtaltm;irjghy.ta;the taco or
bi?th ?r?vwKMvt tau'' |rau|#iv. ' fet)t '6V60.'
tries to effect a wounded pride when
one of Cod's holy men refe*?'-tt?fe
a curse. '
The evil to which ? ref?r Is tbe tu?d
actiott tttat t? tomgM?te our homes as
"The newest things out" and the many
other attractive termn.
&dMA'-s?i a p>reoa^i?ad* weak br
bt>: things being-equal In
dM>rUon^*OW <fu-al1ty ?s well as
quantity of food that is taken Into
body, even so jb the mind made
lk or strong by the quality as well
i. the ouantltr of the food it absorbs}.,
iiowctttjr, ? difference Se>;
effects on the body as cont
iat' on ' the mr?d by the food
n .the catliuij; Of %
ch him take tflSu
niaar.' Stilt after the
f&Sm ieaeh the
.ae.smi has
with Go*
* h card a man say a few'days
is coming some day and In
BE so if matters little Where or
Mut when a person's mind be
comes poisoned by anything, he never
imjpei alarmed at all, You never
.KlitwHrTinMIlVi? U^Jyy?.'>
a??ns m.
id Monday Before Ministerial
?ooks Made to Sell
nsoest shrd shrd Ah s Mhrdshrdlf
fee hlnr sendtag: for a teacher or a
preacher and sitting for hours at Iii?
feet 1n order to he treated for inn aw
ful malady.
Instead or erring ont for the doctor I
and the necessary remedies lie even I
resents the very suggestion that he In
afflicted at all. If as In rare ?^sesl
sometime i happens, a relative happens I
to hecome alarmed and secure treat-1
ment, th? remedy is most difficult toi
apply. I had rather treat an elephant I
tor the toothache than try to relieve
the dtstrc'ss'?f such loved ones. TheyL
themicl v":, neve get uneasy, for one H
of theie tlction fed young bucks, norp
docs cither as for that matter.
Then If the disease Is so subtle and
the case is so dlfllcult to treat as well|
as so awful in Us results, often mean
ing eternal death from effects ot sin,|
what must we do?
I c v quarantine. Ves a thousand|
ftuicu. do I oay quarantine against de
cayed or'putrid brain food. We ought I
to have a law that would dump every|
putrid booh Into the lire.
Them ure ulways some folks In ev
ery town who are fond of llmburgcr
clieei'- -I mean both varieties. It
is ah acknowledged fact, that we are
or will won become of the same warp
and tfoof a?i our associates. There are
few exceptions to thlB rule. Few people
are u?lclently strong to withstand the
effect frirgood or 111 of their compan
ions. - tf your boy continually keeps
bud i cm pan y with a drunkard you
need u t be surprised and send for the
paste-, rector or priest when he too
utaggcrs Into your home with curses
on his 11 in*. Most folkB succum soon
er or later.
Allow your daughter to make chums
of the women of the street and you
can only expect her to wound your
pride. She is sure to break your
henrt If you have such an apparatus
wrapped up in that careless hide of
We' raise the yellow bag of quaran
tine against measles, mumps and I
whooping cough as well as tho severer]
troubles' of this body of ours.
1 will paraphrase the holy word of
cur t-nrd and say "The people of this
wcrld are wiser in things that con
cern their bodies than they are con*
earning the things that effect th:
minds and very souls of themselves |
['Sud their offsprings:
1 say to you that the parent super
vises, it may be a poor grade of sup- j
ervlsion, the associations of the small '
boys and girls. Mother's watchful
eye is ever on Mary and her chum.
Mother's ear is open to the slightest j
word that is improper for her daugh
ter to hear or even to apeak. One'the
B?IghtesV Intimation of wicked lor de
fective associates Mary is put to work
ovory Urne ih? undesirable ones come]
aroubd.' Ii m the same with the Boye.
tfWuh bii this care, sill th? sad story
Of a grqsrmany blighted lives reveals
the add' fact that evil companions- g?fc
in the'deadly influence right Under
mother's ^ys' and stiatch tb*? brtgbt
Jewel aS'itfwete'Wmt between her lln
|gera and wreck a life. Yet, I see
theie same intelligent, exclusive and'
devoted parents allow their children,
ortender years-; to pore over a dime
nov'at til? the wee'small hours of the
"morning, without a efngle tremor.
They fail to realize that there is not
in many cases a. ragamuffin In alt the
own or community, that would so in
niience their t^hlld for wrong. This
dtuiger is made greater b?cause of
J parental negligence along this line.
Even the dread' python, boa con-|
Btrictor or rattlesnake bav? teamed of |
their habits and the haunts they fre
quent. W e go on the watch when In I
the vicinity of these places and are
-never tempted to make a forward step
till we are sure the dreaded enemy ls|
not In reach.
The mother whose daughter la read
ing on dangerous ground In the mat
ter, of choosing Improper associates Is
over vigilant. She, stands ready to
sound the alar - tbs* approach of
Teal danger. .
riot so with the mother whose child J
ta being led as a lamb to the slaugh
ter by tho modern "Wild West'or whall
is perhaps* worse, a quiet east love
stoi<: Too many parents fall to real
ize that wo really associate with ev
ery character fn-the stories wo read:
wtry'Ts that mother so silly Sa to]
! trip of ^vbral days with's'-aun^wKosei
^rep^l?IfW.nKe^ Yet'ehe.]
nd her son of 1$ summers eff on
goes ho far as to place In bis-bands ai
book wftbortt knowing its cbntettts. !
1 wits''giveh 'somb ' cuW&ge on1
thts u.fk?iown plan. A little later W
.fouhtr. much to fay dlttcomftture. that
( 1 had' eabboge, bacon an danotk?r kthd i
of meat. This meat was fattened1 on
tUd 'same CgftiattB^t?iat -niur.t now sus
tain me. All 1 nay to euch parents]
!v\i fall to examine the books their chil
dren read Is "Heware of'the Worm in
the, cabbage."
It is too)late to'cry and wring your
hands after your i;on ha* been, adorn. .
od with u chain 'not made-oTj^s^lW
I a Ip-neelet wrn on the ?jfcjfla fiwsanj
I of the wrlsl.- , You might s> well nedd j
your boy into ; a hcine where Asiat U.
cholera ?prevalent, and lovingly sa*y
"Son, be careful -sad don't catch the
dl lease" *s to focV lila mind on cheap
iWw/.IWMi n*d -??'fceet *>1m '
icapo net-simn,
; ir-j luigtvt as ?TeH .sttaiiacJe sy|lstrj
[the English, channel without getting
['wet. tsrone people am afraid to go
church and rffi In the seme .pew
a ? wnrran whone husband' Is a
drunkard and a gambler, rich ones ex
tr-.elr boys and girls to roam ai win
bad they wUl quite often over bill and
,dale with '.be very husband himself.
tftta?a as black as-eejif-j**
[self rnh make I
Von fti??w your ?xi'r to-sew ih
\ lain steal, deceive, ptltagc
I "find evtou comrmTtW nnsamkbie crime
and'excuse yeurseir by ssyt?g "He
must >**ad in order in secure an edu
cation.' He goes with this villain on
his courting expeditions. There he
vH the baser passion* Always domi-j
liant He sees virtues trampled un- j
der foot and learns to smile at vice
and call license liberty.
He sees, success from a worldly*
standpoint, obtained at the cost of
honor as well as Godliness.
It would send cold chills down your,
your back to even suspicion your Su-1
sie or willfully keeping company with j
a person whose character is not above
reproach. Yet s he vis allowed, in the
mod m love story, to spend weeks'
with crooks and fiends Incarnate. (
People live weeks In a single day in
n book. I. e., they have the companion
ship, of weeks in a single day's read
ing. These weeks are often spent with
girls who allow sweethearts to hold
their pretty hands and kiss their cher
ry lips. Many of these heroines faint
under the strain Of proposal of mar
riage and fall into the arms of lucky
suitors. Then after all of this, they
are happily married and life becomes
one long sweet song.
When .In reality if your girl acted.
In that style with her beaux they
would all turn their backs on her.
You would soon have a heart-brok
en child; and it would not be out of
the ordinary if yon had'another rela
tive, younger und not quite bo close
ly related, that would be seriously
embarrassed when questioned too
closely about the paternal ancestor,
or might embarrass you to find a
suitable place for-him on the family
Our Ideals are formed from our en
vironments. A girl used in rtah un
der the old regime would unbluahingly
accept the position of fifth wirn while
the other four were'sound and well.
One raised under the1 Georgia law
would accept a husband whose wife
Itves 'bat*-is divorced. While a true
daughter of the Palmetto state must,
be sure that her suitor has no living;
wife in the wide World. Each of tb
girls would feet wound-d and sorely
shocked If one should iutimate that
ahe were not true blue.
Just so docs a girl absorb her Ideas
from tho herolnoa with whom ahe as
sociates in books.
'"The very atmosph?re tends towards
that kind of growth. A good book -Is
j ennobling just as good food Is aterngth j
|eninc; butas t said above, "let every '
IJill Iii ?CnUIC VI iuC VYIJ1U? ill tili),
cabbage" and coming the books her,
children are reading.
I have absolutely no respect for
the modem desoe with 11 \\ it? d's
tipgulehingly intimate relations be
tween the opposite sexes; but had I
to choose between It and the average
book of fiction, I would say. "give me
the dance for mine."'because it docs
limber up the muscles and make a
certain grace1 of movement which
comes from the: physical "exercise.
While the man &nd vornan 1ovo novel
of today doesn't/even do that,and I ami
quite sure that the- moral 'effect Is,
fully as bad If not worse.
Then there is;another reason which)
even condemn the harmless- kind. I
not obly ask the . professed food
will not -make ma ill, before eating
it. i must alsp .eswiofc itAp 'saake me
etwa?r? ^^T^iW^^'Wi^- he
filled without regard tb nutritive vai
ne. I find water and sawdust -both con
venient and cheap. Thus -. we. see it is
our duty to ask not only 'is there any
harm, but is there any gopd. in the
food on which our minds least. We
should go still further and disk is there
nothing better?-A,nd unless .'the ma
terial In qUestion-Is the best that can.
be had, evon'the reasonably valuable
should be' discarded.
Cirvu?wv?nc?o alter ,-?sgcs ?. ways
any harmless book is better than no
reading at all. My hearers well r?t.
member the story of Greely and bis
men on their polar expedition. When
all more desirable rood had given
out; they ate their raw hide boots.
Ohe of their'number was executed for|
eating more thi -1 his shajSj of the del
icacy and thus threatening the whole |
party with death by starvation.
But when these mon:'- returned to
civilisation, they atralghtways went
out of the-raw hide business. Now,
with the great variety of good litera
ture at hand very cheap - too, there I
Is no excuse for much of the raw hide ]
brain food. There seems to be a tre
mendous demand for what is called I
"light literature."
I like soup, I am very tend of good
soup too. it will never Injure me eith
er, unless I undertake to llvo on that
alone. Then it will promptly'starve
me to death.
I never did fancy the Idea .of drink
ing a whole gallon of water* in order]
to get a cup Of soup either.
Heading th? popular-VUght Htera
linViff tor help, mental growth, or the
facts that may be gleaned ihereform
nnles; rs Hke trying^tr live on thja
thin soup diet. Such is only fit for
invalids physical or mental as tho
sy be.
tlhie is given us by the groat
ftTfeator of the universe, for the pur'
]JNi?? of improving ourselves for fu
turo usefullnoss or of makiug the
world better by our present useful
ness. It is a crime before o?r God
to waste ono-moment.
Every hour is a golden Jewel set
with ftlxty diamond nubutes. The
I poor,, as well as the rich1 have this
? riceles? wealth at t! disposal,
we frlPer til .ble asiict
y. or us? It to help ?? Climb the
er of success If not of fame? we
e thousands of bH-|1A.'Ireuug men
today .ho are "killing time" as thoy 1
-rling this trashy stuff,
when thojH read at all, and med?tatlnR
on. its disgusting suggestions when]
! tv'e n iew mnmen?a~3urt to tneni-j
Two hours each day ?? enl In'fisj?r
Ing etrd etudylng th.\-;fri
wftHn five years, br less, change
iver boy of nineteen summers in*,
foreman or a rnfll superinten
dent. Tee same time spent on trashy
stuff will leave him R sorry weaver or]
jmofe likely, a vagabond, without
Ott effect of the cr?ai majority of
I these'"novels ts to ?e?d' Ewe e g men to
[trust In bTfiht nick or sttjaple chanco
^kn-d* thus It t^nd* n?twtt> devel
op baser' MtsSSdh&v'%M?tO- ai?ke the
mktmt carWs Turafteraje' novel
'.reader alts fdi> by snd waits for some
ihi?g to torn up.i wbfM^Cbe reader of
biogvkpby, history, and olber facts
gives perfect satisfaction
. hCKt'. r- .11?!? ? ?* ? ? >> >? .
Branch University of Georgia.
Department of Latin.
D?iiioncga, Ga.t March l h 1.9* 14.
C. A: Reed Piano & Organ Co.,
Anderson, S. C. / "f 1
You sold me an Ivers & Pond Piano in October, 1907, which
has not only given entire satisfaction7 every day since it arrived,
but it has received uniform endorsemnet and praise from musicians
and professional tuners a? ranking Jirst in a community of some 1 5
or 20 pianos. Some of the oldest and best known manufacturers
instrumeats are here.
The tone of our piano grows tiner with age. I have had it
tuned only brie.,time. . ''
i still annreciate Mr. Pond's personal selection of our instrument.
**. . ;
Sincerely yours,
E. B. Vickery.
' ' 5";*. ' ' '. ?-."?
Cheapest in the End
c. a. reed piano ? organ co.,
. ? '^1 *jtt- ??. . '
Factory Distributors
gets down with pick a?d shovtd arid
digs sometbtng up.
Modern fiction tends* to lead our;
sweet sixteen* td think lightly of sit-]
ting in cosy corners and allowingij
John or Bill to hold her pretty handj
in his. if not to let his strong arm j
encircle ber delicate waist, while she]
little dreams of the awful price she
must pay. Sue ' IHUe .dreams that it J
means loss o? virtaz, frieads.. hcrneJ
aad ^i'mvufiiis hue *ury. soil.
She may Justly ask in astonishment,
"Did not those girls of whom I bave
so often read, do the very same things
fis I. did and still re?ch the pinacle of
society? Ala3, y??ng people. It 1st
easy to write of strea^.flowtog..u?
Hill, but it nev?r doei^ofianvtry day
life. I *> i |a? -
My advlco to every ono is "read
that which will help you; more your
mind with facts that arc. .worth re
[rarmberlng; know the <vdnld histor
ically, geographically, morally and so
\vnow the- plan or entyation rw as
to live the lire that Christ Would.hsve
you ?lv*5. I* you do all these'things
i-sr.2 m?te a Imag,- a? -tbo rest mass
pf humanity must do, your time will
be pretty well taken up. If you still
have ttme- to spare, you might try re
lieving the town in wbieh,t you live .of
of the curse of trashy reading.
where, to a place that 1 have no desire
.to Bee.
Respectfully submitted,
W. T. BELVIN, Pastor,
And-r-oi3-:.-? 9^??e Church,.
Leaee NegotaOed ea Keel tatate,
?fflce: W?ieoa-Va??lvar Ba?db?-.
VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.

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