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v"v'-sfjsis o? cel? C1rfi?!n<?ati Al?r.a??r
TS? Aad?raoa Daily" Intelligencer.
Anderson, & C. 8-14?
nkwmv?y ?insi ??i ??.^.'.??;-S. C.
Brown Leghorn^; ?. O, W???ti Lr>g
horns: Barred;. PlyinoqUi Rocks,
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Uecatifts There is No Eruption b
No Sign The Caldron
Doesn't Boil
Washington, March 21.-In hla heart
to heart trtlk with the newspaper men
Friday night President Wilson gave
the following statement ns to his feel
lng witta reference tb the Presidency:
"I was just thinking of my aenae of
confusion of identity, sometimes, when
I read articles about myself. I nev
er have read an article about myself
In which I recognised myself. and Ii
have come to have the impression that
must be some kind of fraud, because
I think a great many of these articles
are written in absolutely good faith.
1 tremble to think of th*, variety and
falseness tn the impressions 1 make
and lt ts being borne tn one me BO
that lt may change my very disposi
tion-that t ora a cold and removed
person who has a thinking machine In
side which be adjusts to the circum
stances, which he does not sllow to.be
t\\\) vru ,,j? ?uy HIHM3 O. ?.?Cr;. ?C?Tl
emotion of anv Und; but turns like ?J
cold searchlight on anything that is
presented to his attention and makes!
i lt work. I am not aware of havingj
* any detachablo apparatus tnalde of me.;
jOn thc contrary if 1 were 4-,-jJnterpretj
I myself, 1 would say that tay constant]
embarrassment ls to restrain the emor
Itiona that are inside of me.
"Yon aasy.not believe it. but 1 aomeT
times feelitike s Mr from extinct vol
jcano and ii tao iwva ?yw n?i> tv
j spill over, iv ia because vou are not
i high enough to see into the, baal? and
J see the esidron boll. Be?imse truly
,geeupincr. in ?ho ,"?<"?un ?H- T
I occupy, there ts ??, feeling whic"
I not .know how to expresa than i < i;
j A passionate sense of being connected
i "?iii Vii? f?llv vi MI^TII lu a [iCcul ?ar reis?
tiocsh lp of responsibility. Not mere
ly the responsibility ot office, hui Oed
? knows there are enough things Inthis
[.searld that need to be correctod.
I "I hsve mixed, first and lt?t. with
all sorts and conditions of men-there
\ are mighty few kinds ot mee that he vf
to be described to me. and these gre
might* few.kinda of experiences ; ?ai
have to V -ftjscrlbcd to mo-and when
II think ut tho number of men who er*
looking to me a? the representative ef{
a p??*?i ^'}th the hope for all varieties
ot *p*v?ik?n ? io in tim ?iing? ?hey are
struggling in the midst or. it manes
me tremble.' It makes mc tremble-not
on".y with a secst of my own inade
quacy and woaknoss. but aa if I were
shaken by the very mir ja ihat are
shaking them; and if I deara circum
spect, it is bocauae I am so diligently!
trying not to make any colossal binn-j
dors. If you just calcualted tho num
ber of blunders a fellow can make In'
24 hours if he ia not careful, and if he*
does not listen moro than ho talks, you !
wool aee something of the feeling that.
I have.
"I waa amused the other day at a re-J
mark that Senator Newlands made. I
I had read him tho trust message I j
was to. dollver to congress some ton ?
days before I delivered it, and I never
stop 'doctoring .things ot that kind un
til the day 1 have to deliver them.
When he heard it road to congress he
said 'I think, it waa better than when
you read it to me." I said "Senator,
there is. one thing which I do not think .
j you understand. I not only use all the
i brains I have bat alli can borrow.'
and I have borrowed a lot ?ince I read
it to you first." That I dare say. ls
what gives the Impression of drouin-;
stances. ! am listening; I am trying
! diligently to collect all the brains that
?ate borrowable that I may not make!
Imore blunders thea lt ls !oevit?M* that?
a man should make who has great lim- j
Illations of knowledge and capacity.,
?And the emotion of the thing ls so
great that I Rupposo I must be some'
king of a mask to conceal it. 1 reel-,
iv feel sometimes aa if I were maa-;
querading when I catch a picture of.
myself In some printed description. In
between thrass that I have to do as a1
public officer. I never think of myself
ns the President of tito United States,'
bee.tuen I never had an sense of being
Identified with that-o?Bcc. 1 feel like
a person appointed for a certain',
i ii_*sftitai vi tum- **? '??u?tMi?trr *??**t. \
'fice and I feet Just as much outside of
it .it this moment aa I did before 1 was!
elected io U.. I feel just aa m nob- ont -,
side ot lt as 1 stilt feel outside of tba
?government, of the United states. I
"No,mas could Imagine himself the
! government of the United States; but
?ho could understand thftt *>mo *>arl
of hts fellow cltlxens had told him to
?go and nm a certain part ot it thej
[heal he knew how. That ?ould not
;ikjMtfnuagOT?rr.r,:?5t.itself cr'th?i
ithtna Itself. It would Just make him*
Irespoosihle for running' lt the best he
knew bow. The machine in so much,
' i ?realer than himself the office ls
i much greater- than be can ever be,'
a l the most he can do ls tn look
gr.-.re enough and se!f-po***?sed.
enough to seem to dil lt. I can hard
ly refrain every now and again from
'tipping the public the wink, as much
las tn.aav 'it ls only me,' that is Inside
this thing. I know perfectly well that
I will have to get out presFutly. l
know that then 1 will look just my own
?roper s'ie.'and that for the time being
BBBWPfrrtloB* *re somewhat refract.
For example, Uko matters of tht
sort: I will not suv whether it is wiso
or unwise, simple or grave, but cer
tain precedents have ii*tr ?at?bilsrter!
that in certain compa??es the Pres
ident must leave the room first, and
people must givo woy to him. They
must not sit down if ho hi standing up.
It ia - a very um-cmfortable thing to
have to think of all tho other people
everytime 1 get up and sit down. So
that when I get guests m my house and
the publio is shut out, I adjourn being
President and take leavo to bo a gen
tleman If they draw back and insist
upon my doing something first, I firm,
ly decline." Thero are blessed inter
vals when I forgot by one means or an
other that lam President of the United
States. One mentis by which I for
get ls to get a rattling good detective
story, get. af ter some, imaginary of
fender, and chase him; all over--pref
erably any continent but this-^-becauso
the various parts of thia continent are
becoming painfully suggestive to me.
The postoffico and many other things
which "Mr reminiscences have sick
lied thom o'er with ? palo cast ot
thought.' There are posto'fflces to
which' I wouldn't, tarax or mailing a
letter, which I can't think of without
trembling with the knowledge of all
the. heartburnings of the struggle there
was in connection with getting some
body installed as postmaster
"Now. if I were ?c?&t-I would come
not Infrequently up to "these rooms.
You know I was In Washington but a
few times and for a very few hours un
til I came last year, and I never ex
pect to Bee the inside of the public
buildings in Washington until my term
la over. i'he minute 1 turn up any
where, I am personally conducted to
beat the band. The curator, and the
aasiaunt curators and- ?very other
blooming officia! ;:;r::s up. and they
show me so much attention that I
don't seo the building./; I would hive
ta say 'stand aside and let me see
what yon are t.howlng'n?^.' Some day
-4**m k ? lt ?An?). . -wit 1, Mil? nffVo. I
am coming buck^toi^WonhlnRton and
ace it. In thc me mt imo. I am tn ? he
same category as the aNtlonal Mu
seum, the monument, the Smithsonian
Institute, or the congressional libra
ry. Being regarded as a national ex
hibit would bu much simpler than be
log shaken hands with ny tho Whole
United Stater.
"And yet that ls interesting to me,
/.imply because I I ?We human beings.
T> I. m nrotly poor crowd that does OOt
interest you." I think they would haye
to be all membvrs of that class that de.
votes itaeir to expense >.?s?rdiei? o?
p?ca?i??**'. I? ?r?**r ???-*>??'*?U?*hr unin
teresting. These look so much alike
-spend their time trying to look so
much alike, and so relieve themselves
ot alt responsibility ott thought, that
they ore very monotonous Indeed to
look at; whereas, t. crowd T^ked np
off tho Street ls Just a ielly lot. a joh
lot of r"al Iium.tn beings. uulsatlnR
with life, with all kinds of passions
and desires. ii would 'be a great
pleasure if, uno?jiietrve?1 and ?nAt
tended. I could he knoestedjarcund aa
i have been accustoji" ?. -li??
knocked around all ely lifo; .it f- eould
resort to any delightful quarter, to
? ' . <*-4ft^**?l
any place In Washington, . tba*,ll
? choose. I have sometimes thought of
go?ng ta som?? costumer's, Roms :hsa-B
iricai costumers,, and buyhi* un as-1
[sortaient oi beards, rouge, and color
ling a<id all tho known means of dls
1 guising myself,, if it were nat against
tim law. You see I have a scruple aal
President against breaking the law,
1 and .disguising myself and not 'get
caught, I would go out, be a free
I American citizen once mort, . and,
; have a jolly time. I might then m v_>t
some of you,gentlemen and actually!
'tell you what I really thought.."
He ls Mourned bj His 'Friends lg
I Pendleton, March 21.-Wo were , all
sorry to learn of the death of Mr. J.
Norton Hunter.
. He waa burled at the Episcopal
cemetery Tuesday afternoon. A large
number of friends ware present,
among whom were Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Stribllng, Jr., Miss Lila Strlblrag. Dob
Prierson, Prank Mauldln ,T. S. Cray-.
Ito*!, la".-Henry Prierson of Anderson;
IM,: S." Hunter of Charlotte; ^tr. and
Mrs. W.' K. Livingston of Seneui; ...Hr?.
IA. G.-'Holmes,'and Dr. and Mrs. P. H.
E. Sloan of Clemson college.
Mr. Hunter had many friends of
this place, all of whom extend love
and much sympathy to the bereaved*
daughter who ls a*, present with her
aunt Mrs. 'J. C. Striblinsr.
4> * * * * * * * * * * *? *
* * i
* * * # * * * * * * * * *
MARCH 24, ?14,
Senate- M??t at Noon.
Referred to the foreign relations
committee the Jones resolution call*
Inp- on th* prMfrlonf tnr t\i\\ In/nrimo.
tlon, of .prolests against the Panama
tolls exemption.
Effort ? to bring Federal giahVte
spectlon'bill up for debate defeated
by absence of quorum.
Senator O'Gorman announced that
eommUtee considarauop raphal ot tai
nama toll exemption be delayed un
til several absent, members . return
Adjourned at 5:55 P. M. to noon on
Monday. *
Hesse - Mot -at Noon.
Dehme resumed on the rivers and
harbors bill.
Resolution to Impeach Justice Das?
iel T. Wright, ot Supreme Court of
District of Columbia, Introduced by
representative Park of georgia and
referred to judiciary committee.
Secretary Daniels appeared before
labor committee in opposition to th?
Maher bill to ox arbitration rates of
pay to government nuchtnlata In th<a
navy yard.
. Debate on ttirha bill to repeal Fwo
am* canal tolls exemption by the riv
ers and harbors appropriation hill.
Adjourned at 5:30 P. Kr lo noon on
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