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Fer Hale.-One yoke of aleen. They I
will weigh. about 2309 pounds andi
will do the work of a pair of mules."
Telephone 127, or 159 -. 4-5-Ct
?fSR ?,4~K-Chesp; on? brand ne wi
Ivers &l*o.\d plano; one brand now I
? >3H#eV>*n4 harne?.<-j one mule and 1
4 f ?jMo?af: Sea nia. fit r once. Radier*s
garage. 4-9 41.
WHTKD-The ladles to know?,that
Drug Store or Garvin Barber Shop.
Pri?e 11.00 per bottle. D. C. Garvin
WANTED-Typewriter purchasers.
We bavo ?vcr 200 new rebuilt and
ascend hand typewriters for quick
sale, cheap. AU makes. Price
sheet on request. J. E. Crayton &
Co., Charlotte, N. C.
m '???'.??? ?!' ? i II i ii
SALE- Asplandld Tennessee!
horse, young, sound andi
afso a. rubber tire Colum
.htigET?n?l^frfkge, both
lealry good ?s ?ew.h Anply to|
C. B. Earle. ' 8-8-7td
WARTED-Two salesladies for house
to .house canvassing. GIRLS need
not apply. Light, easy, pleasant
work. Apply to J. A. Mullina*. 22a
W. Benson street.' city. 4-? 8t
'Waatelt-Two salesladies for hohsc.
to house canvassing. GIRLS need
Hot apply. Light, easy, pleasant
work. Apply to J. A. MuUlnax.
. 4tk-3t.
FOUND-Sum of money in Audcrson.
March 27, 1914. With pVopor iden
tification lt may be redeemed by con
sults* W. C. JVnor, b. 0., and
paying for this advertisement.
Bring your remnants of seed cotton
to thc Kxcolslon Oil Mill and get the
?>..'. i.'.--V--'< ,,.-'
.jRON*** TO LOAN-On . Anderson
*? County Heal Estate-Quattlebaum
, ,*, Cochran. Aftys., at Law. ; 4-9/ lt
NOTl??? I
? fiiflW4l?'jr<^ny|H" ll'?IHMM I|| I | M,l , n il HHL?. f
Tho time for paying' c?mmutatlda
toad tax has been extended1 hy tho
Board until May 1st, after which time
the booka will bo turned over to the
?e^^^jf^d^ihe usual penalty will
.The public ls warned ene more
thne against filling up the drains of
public, roads with sassafras sprouts
and briars Also against plowing
gttsi'tke .roads. I am spending tba
County's money and why do you per
slst In. ever d*!**: i- this careless
meaner what we spend your money
to Heep up. Some day patience wSi
cease to be a virtue. Than there ls law
uguiust ?he practico. Pleese stop.
J. Mack King, County Supervisor.
There will be ka election in Leban
on School District at Lebanon school
house on Sa'-rday l&th day of April,
h? hic nsed 'f?r the *?Y?>b^o^^
a-wheelhouse tr. i?Md district. Elect
ora must live ih said ?'.strict und ex
hibit tax receipt and registration cer
tificate, or they will not be allowed
to vote, Polls open 1 a. tn. close *
y ?.* t?t nsw
C. M. Robbins,
T M. Welbore,
t .- Trustees. -1
^^?feMceJ?,hereby ?ivan that the next
regular tca?hera* examination will bo
hdd on Friday. Kay 1 at the court
homo ni Anderson. All teacher?
whoso certificates expire thia year
on certificates from ot?er counties
?T requested to he present and:mM
?22! examination. The examuawk
^Tbo hasod on subjects ordinarily
tor teachers' examination mir?
promptly at 9 o'clock.
' '' J.4B. FsTLTON.
. t. Education for Anderson Co.
* ? * ? . ? .> t>i> eh ft ? . * a * rn * *
MUA. j
JO Eye^ Ear, Nose .
? a.exMt ' (iVw? FKlod *
\ tggp t ?
- *
Wmf*j&&yk jMcchiey Betiding *
?leaiasr iry^B^hitate(?( .
. A?ft?BS?Wt S. C. *
["Will Tell of th\
in Rosenthal
(Hy Asioeytcd Press)
New y0rlf,'< April ir.^Tbere .'wert
persistent rumors today to las effect
that ut least one of the four gunmet
who aro to die at Sing Sing MondajH
morning for the part they played ii]
the murder of Hermon Rosenthal, Mu
gambler, would ?tpnfees. The rumort
could not be traced to their source.
.Joseph :A. Shay, counsel for ('hariet
Becker, the fontior police lieutenant
convicted of instigating the murdet
hut saved by higher court ruling, .aaid]
he might go to the prison some time
today and endeavor to gut statement!
from the four men to be used by thc
defense at the second trial of Becker]
In case the condemned men decllnt
to make statements to him, he has
prepared an application to the suJ
prcmo oouijt for an order requiring the
appointment ?f a commission to take
their depositions. In either event I
waa said the execution of the Ben
tence would not be delayed.
' Although Governor (flynn has twlc
refused; torrent' ai reprl >ye. the faml
I les. of Ute gunmen'and their counsel
Charles G. F. Wahie, had not giro'
up all hope today. Every mean
known to the law will be employe
from' now until Monday, Wahle dc
Today bo_ will send a meraorandun
to Governor Glynn on the latter's rc
fusai to grant a reprieve. The?m?m
orundum will take tho form of ni
argument in answer to. the governor'
reasons 'for- his refusal. Wa!)*e bac
at first Intended to go to Albany to
day to make a personal plea to Gov
ernor ?lynn, but when the delegation
of rabbis failed yesterday to move thc
governor to reconsider his decision,
Wahle determined that the Interest!
of his clients would best be served b>
forwarding the memorandum by spe
etat' meHuencrer
- Rumors regarding the expected con
fession had it that thc one gunmar
moat likely to talk wa? "Gyp tin
Blood" Horowitz.
WT JL ntikrvna mn ?
fyi Men |W?? Confer The Hay
makers degree On a Number
of Candidates
Tlie Rod Men of Anderson hnd look>
ed forward with much pleasure to thc
w#iifi^:4i^iMt night ?tvbsn Tugaloo
Tribe No. 38 had planned to confer the
Haymakars degree upon a number ol
candidates, but owing to a change in
, tho plans, made imperativ e at the lail
minute, it was Impossible to hold the
rally, Arrangements have bean mad?
for holding the meeting tonight and it
win bc nh "interesting occasion, es
pecially for Ute-candidate*: taking th'
immediately following the conclu
si?5 o' the ?oig? "-ri??t.ns 'r^ia??t-??
'frym^V?rs bannt??t w!? bc -srv-^d
at which time the members of Tugaloc
. tribe will make merry.
Y Doubtless every mentir of the
; lodge will he present for the very Im
portant meeting to be held tonight.
Bijou today in ?A Woman'* Jlonor.l
Bijou ledny ip ?The Oihi Stealer* ?
Paris," . ...
Sro"? I? OreentHle
Jerome Hock, who won third place
m the Piedmont Oratorlal Contest at
Greenville last. week. Mr. Beck rep
resented tho Anderson High School
and spoke on the subject "Tba D?
tense or John E. Cook." Many of
those who heard the orations thought
that Mr. Beck did fully as well, if not
better, that thc winner of nrst place.
Clerk of Court Has Set May 4
As Date for Hearing On
Rock River Question .
I.' A hearing will be held In thc < nice
of the Clerk of Court of Anderson
on May I at which time the proyer?y
owners of the Rocky Paver section of
thc county will appear before the cl -.-ric
and make application for thc forma
tion of a drainage district. It is 'thc
'desire of these property, owners to
have their land drained, where it is
now swampy, thus reclaiming it for
agricultural purposes. It ia estimated
that tho work will cost about $30,000
but it ls said that It will mean ihous- I
ands or aeiiars to the property own- i
f rs of t! at section.
.Jas. N. Pear man, tho clTk. yesterday
turned over to 1 the agitators of tlte
dn?nagi movement official notice to
Lc served on 12 Of the property own
e?-s that the hearing will toks place.
Tut other men owning property in
the section affected had attached their
a'aiiaturm to the pctttio-i presented
the clerk-and-therefor? it was not
utcesaary for them to ho notified.
WH! Chester Charged With H**-1
lng Stolen ? Suit Case From
Miss May Waihora
Charged with having stolon a suit
case from Miss May: Welbon*, Will
Chest jr, a negro, was arrested by
Sheriff Ashley yesterday afternoon
j and brought from his home .au
I Fr au K ithedy's plantation lo tue An-'
lder<?>n Cfrtmty Jail. ct?n^tor claims
that l<e found* ?he spit case and that
be did not ateui it
On Maroh 21 Miss Welborn. who ia
assistant postmaster at Abbeville, waa
driving from this city back to her
borne, the suit case being ia tho back
o? the buggy. When near Baily Poole's
I plantation Misa Welborn heard thc
.cover snap on the back, of the buggy,
this frightening the horse. When the
trol Miss Welborn and ?her brother
animal was finally gotten under con
discovered the toss of vito ?pit ?
, hut could soe no one in sight in
I Happily the young lady possessed
?amples of two dresses in the Suit case
. and these were sent, hero to Chief br
Pillee Lee. The chief got ousy and
yesterday discovered the stilt case at
..the home of a .negro woman. Maggie
Walker. The two dresses were still in
the euit cse-), the only thing missing
being a pair of new shoes. -.The wom
an said that Chester had given her
tne ?nu case and : the officers i
i went after him. He will probably be
given a hearing be foi? Magistrate
Broadwell today.
L ! flu Cjkuual . SannM
Manure is s? helpful that 1 am stat
ing the results of years of observa
tion, putting lt In a tiny nutshell.
1. Mtonurn.is plant food, rich and
?... M.1.1 -
2. ?? spreads he?p?ul sell bacteria.
It is .the beater humus.
4. It remains in the soli ipr,ycarj.
D. It ahould be applied at one?-.
do not walt for it tc rot
'6. Spread lt on a growing erta? so
.5 to catch ali the gasea.
T. Do not mix lime, ash?.? of;^ftB?*vi
m?rcf*l fisrti?lser ?ft?t lt, oxccpt
?r?ti tid .?oe?.
ft. Do not plow it under. Ter , this j
will bury it too deep.: ?lat lt ?otk \i.
- ' ?. Cse as .much Utter as possible to
.at?the liquids ?nd-add to the sup
ia ?..ni ?,hn *?*ft*V tm. g-r.
front lio *o s
pending on ?
?ave this ,fey<r|
ll. Covet
each year
. vkins,
.A $50,
aaiug. a
sad, dc
?cr, so t
uoeslblo ]
i heavy I
Washington. Aprtl 5.-.V hi!
propri?t? $500,000 rore^fpv
exhibit building at the San V
?xnosltlon. in accordance wh
dw Wilson's suggest lah.wa*
favorably today to the hons*
American Sager Refining Co.
Bowfbl Out Rive! Refineries
mid Closed Them
Ch cago. . April 9.-'United. .States
fen^tor Albert r? Commins',-cr lowe,
en address lier? tonight, criticized
he democratic administration, defined
la stand on thc tolls bill,, pronounced
he republican party the party of true
brogress and blamed the republican
paiiunai committee for the democratic
Ictory of 1912.
He was tb.) chief speaker at the .Ap
pomattox Dav. celebration ot the. Ham
Hon Club. Democratic defeat af* the
text national election. Senator Cum
ins predicted, would bi effected' by
cpu oilcans and progressives united
|iH the "republic ni part;* and embrac
a platform of progressive doc
Dealing with tho records of the dem
ocratic administration. Senator Cum
ins declared it unnecessary to speak
|if congress. VThc president has. for
he lihv; being, olliterated that ancient
tr.d once powerful depaif.mjat of tho
ovcrnment," he said.
"Whop therefore I sp ia lr of the..
?emocrattc administration, . I mean
Voodrpw Wilson. .Tbo overthrow bf
epubllcau government, does not seem
o excite pjarm. but the day-will come
visen U?6 ?country will understand that
does *dpt*owe lt? Independence to
jxe?p^Jvo ^thorny."'
Eural Schools
Ixjui?ylUe.,Ky., April 0,--Permanent
?rganizajUcn of thc National Confer
nce of'Slite Supervisors and In
jectors of Rtjral Schools waa er
ected today.
Next annual meeting of the confer
ence probably will be hew in Clssii
Bti. inrrreoruary 1915.
Thirty seven states wore represont
id and. the delegates discussed the best
methods for improving the rural
chools of tbc country.'through .stato
upervlslon. Xhe decision of tho con
erence.aa.announced today waa that
:ho most pressing pends In this, work
ry. DeJ^Pftartlou achopls, sUto
nd local supervisors, consolidation of
iutq Btronp ccntnetiaed
improvement of teachers'
rrjtcuitursl an?j .Industrial
upervlapj?s, and conimunity activities.
. - ? M:.', v. ?-.
DOO O O O O O OOO 0,0|
'?ittkii -r.-oiv - . O
?o o o ?;&#'oo OOO p o
E. <'. Cray of Westminister waa In
|tfab city yesterday on business.
U I. .Jennings of Greenville wss
?among, tho guests registered at tho
- --??. b04?? " jncsv?ru?y,
S^glatratc W. T. Chn^r-blee of the
?Rock MUI?. unction waa in tb" city
John L. Tato of Martin township
|was among the.business visitors In
he city yesterday.
David ESrod. Jr., of Rock Mills was
In tho city yesterday on business.
J. P. Waters of tho Hopewell sec- \
Hon spent a Tew hours >n tho city \
' poe; Do! the Fork so?tlon f
was among the,t?rraor8 to spend y os- *
W, Ni Bru?,:s ?f OwUuo.^uuiy encnt
i, few' hours lit the city yesterday
W. M Richardson of tho Lebanon
tectloq wan . in the city yesterday on (
business, ijSfc:- '?? ?
Wal red. BallardI of Zion anent a few J
boars In the elty yesterday.
>l I* Snelgrpvc of Seneca spent yes
terday !u >n business.
^Murplty Moore o? Zton was in the/j
.William Wharton of Iva Was ?mtfg 4
^e^busic! ors to spend ,Ves
Air. and Mia. Wilt McCp*n of I
Mountain Oreo* .were shopping lu tho i
?city yr.--.toril?v.
WBBS^^?SB?k- -c' Oreen ville! was l
muong tlioBo^ip?'ndh?? yojiteirday tri ?
Anderson. \?.?.39HK?S?V"" <
I wt. J. u*n4
lng a few .day;
>n soc?lou
ta ts ?pend
ut busia?*3.
Pi' Triangle, is
Mattie Dunlap. !
cf Bollon, was II
Ited Aader*on Ti
Ktalliaratx and little \ <
ef tva are visiting c
i W1K> has bc<
improved, -
Specialist Saya thud of
of the Stomach Ia So
New York, April 9--A statement by
[r. William J. mimYo. that tba. preval
pei of cancer perhaps ls traceable ?p
reseat methods of cooking was to tbo
arada one of. the salient opinions in
I maze<>f technical discussions at tba
Ipenipg today of tho American Surgl
m .Associations* Annual convention,
br. Mayo ia a delegate from Hochesler,
Binn, and president of tho assocliiion
he explained that cane ir of the stom
"ch formed a third of all cancer cases
mong civilized peoples.
Or. Mayo said . that the amount or
peat consumed undoubtedly had some
ting to 'do with tho prevalence of
po o o o o o o o o o ooo
b o o o o O OOO o o o o o
fThe party.which waa to,haye,been
i ven at Mira Marlon' Matttson's this
fternoou for the children or, tho Con
?il Presbyterian church has been
Btponed indefinitely on account of
a unsettled weather.
There will he an Raster Eg? hunt
|t the hpme of Mrs. J. G. Cunningham.
19 Weat Market ittrccU tomorrow
fternoon at 4 o'clock. Au.admission
|oc of ten cents will bo charged.'
Bey Revived; May K*co*cr.
Sandcrviilo, Ga., April P.-Ernest
[rubbs, 9 yoars old, the school boy
.bo waa stabbed hy ???tb^r ycith.
ear his.' own' age while on his way
orno from school at Dayiaboro yosr
orday waa brought to a hospital .here
arly today. Physician tonight ?aid
e bad a fair chanco of recovery. Tito
ad, who waa first reported' to have
su k???^?, waa revived arter several
urs work by physicians.
Washington, April 9.-A peace mon
ument in honor of both the Blue and
Gray, to mark tho place of Lee's
I(irrender at Appomattox, was pro
ost?d : by Major Goneral George B.
?avis, U. 8. A., retired, it wap^i^
ed today, at * meeting of Kit
larson Post, G. A. Tu last night. To-,
ay was tho forty ninth anniversary
if the meeting between Grant f pd Loo
t Appomattox Court House. ?
Wag of Sweden : ?olag WelL.
Stockholm .April 9.-A. bulletin Js
ued at 7 o'clock this evening, ne
pdsidc of the Kinn .Gustav of Kwennn. 1
tho was operated on today for ul- }|
?oration of the stomach, said. "The j
HCina. niepr jsevura* ii o Or? Rna tnen. exw ?
irloiiecu. the Usual discomforts fol- ?
wing ar? operation. His temperature Jj
99.9- and his .condition la aa satle*
?a?tory-pa possible."
Admit SmugeMag Opfern.
New York." April 9.-Hugo Grobe.
?til recently second .officer of a big
forman Unpr. and John ,Eic",nian, a
?tal, proprietor . ot Hpbokcr.-. N.
leaded guilty today to an lidlctmc.it
bating conspiracy to defraud the
pvornment by smuggling, opium, Jnto
e. country. Each, was sentenced, to
crve one year'and a day-In tbp/?'ed
ral prison et. Atlanta. Ga..
I. ,Ags?tj^,;y<?H? ftltfome.
Sport Sandwich Spy'.end 9.-Francis
atmet Amerlcan^Qir champion, and
rtfeUr G. L?c?*$od( foruer amateur
ie Maro?is of Linlithgow and Lord
har.lcs^ "Hope, his brother.
??J1?.4 first ?f the illustrated s
.?r. I-rS?^r IV.IT ?rc RlV^cii .iii ti.G
ctv..e room of tho First Preobyterlsn
burch Friday afternoon begin**!;:; at
I Wbocvaa, J. J. Fretweli, made suit
?o md to graut him Tetteia of adraln
stratlou ef the eatajtie of ant effect*
>.f John Ciinkecate^^M)?a??d.
These aro therefore to cite and ad
nonlsh all aid cfnguair the kindred
?end creditors ot thu s?tld Jet.? Cllnke
Jaie?, deceased; that: they way be aad
iffCpTT ?ref\>T<5 tir?. \n zucf .; VARIVC OX
Probate, to be fe*ld at Alderton, C
Hi., 8. C.. oe the I Sta ?ar ot "'April.
mi, after publication h?r?bf. at ll
?raps* t* |ii?:Tnrehoou to enow cause
if any they have, -why Ute satt admin
istration should stot be granted.
Jadg? of Probate.
I Knee Jfectin* Caged ?ff.
Norfolk, Va., : April. 9.-At-a
.f tho official* of tho Jamestown.
Bkey Club toa lg i ;
ch was to hay? continued uetil
wa&. dolled n't. -
kUguafa - ?M
Meena 2.
.Alben?.-. 4.
i* ? . . -
resh Snap Beans ..... 15c Lb
resh Lettuce. toe Hd
esh Tomatoes.. 12 l-2c Lb.
resh Beets . VI... 3 for 10c
resh Celery ..I5c, 2 for 2 5c
resh Potatoes . ..... 6c Lb.
resh Onions .... 5c Bunch.
resh Cabbage 4c Lb.
ind that makes, red .gravy at
0 a pound.
lenty Fresh Country Eggs
oe Dozen.
Danberry sauce, 2lb tin. .25c
Canned Cranberries to mak?
Sauce. . 15c each
Fundell Asparagus Tips.. 25,
and 30c Gan.
Star Light Peas, Extra Smalt
French Peas.25c Can
Roly Poly Red Titted Cherries,
for Easter Cherry Pie . .. 35c
Fresh Sar^loga Chips . 15c bx
Queen Olives in bulk 35c
Sweet Mixed Pickles, 30c Q..
Send us your orders; we want
your trade and will do bur
best rto please you. 9 o'clock
in the morning, 3 o'clock p. m.
"Sellers of Good Things to Jfrt
'\.. : ? . .. ? r-.i " ..-.- . .
musical instruments
OGRAPH is everywhere recognized by music love
ing people, as'a marvelous musical instrument. It
ranks with the finest; in existence today; and in j .
fa?^sev?ral of the large piano houses have add
ed to their finest stock of high grade musical in
st;uffiijni%.,.1Edisqn spent years in perfecting it j it
will take you but a few minutes to realize how
wonderfully clear, sweet and true to life its
tones are. There is an absence of all mechanical
fiber; you hear the m?sic as it was originally ' ren
dered with al! its myriad overtones, beautifully
blended. If you have an ear for niusic you are
the one who will enjoy it. j
Come hear it; the pleisure to demonstrate it is I
ours,' -aiways; the' pleasure of iisten?ng is yours,
iiiicoii?iuuiial?y. Let us play it for you, ?
iff"'. . ]^f-^ '^i v'^O
;. ... . ?. ... . ry'"*
f Merchant Gets Protection
*'|S tinsThe Spencer National Bari k? This
j, is Goodwm & Company, of Springfield,
Mr. Goodwin talking ? stranger has !
juat offered.*^
iii payment for some goods* Says his name
is John Doe, Has he aa account and is he
go??tf?r that ajnonntrV'
By telephoning to the bank, thc ?joviar*
chant can always protect bims??f from loss
,7 v.."^-wbrthjess checks* '
. fr 'If a wi*

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