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la ?pring Oxfords that are to be seen
on Uie air?ete today, especially the
one? that are admired by ail, we're
you to ask, the satisfied wearer, they
would tell you Oelsberg'? Shoes, of'
Quality and Style combined In ev
ery ?hoe we ?ell
Under Masonic Temple
Ji_!lU--.g"?BWSBL--p-U--1-L.UV-l,.r. ' - ]
NORTH ANDERSON- .. j|l?08' ?
? WWW_ m, it,rP .i lill 'I ' m,Tr\mXl?m\mfm?nXfm
You'll find lota of folk are taking
little pleasure trip? to North Auder
, It's such a pretty section-and so
many new; things to see-Our friends
say tho development ls wonderful.
j 20c per, doz.
3 doz for 50c.
Weabers af Rori tu Telegraph
When Visited By the Officers
Warean Threw Tempting
Drinks lato Flamas
to believe fer sorae time that
the name of Hall was sell*
Yesterday the county de
a ca^rrh ?Tarran* ir?V
rity to seareV the prem
Sueceaa moana takln? advant
age of every opportunity.
COUNTRY" PAINT afford an
opportunity for yon to econo
mically aadpo sltlvcly protect
Anderson Paint ?ft
Color Co.
Sleekly BU* Phtme 647
Clean aa sad Paint na
one of the mill villap.es.
the woman had beard tba
vf the automobile, becaus?
owtsr tried to get io he
4ook losksd although he
sweeping goinfi on inside.
Ined admission and found
aian n*4 tarawa a? the
whisky abe had on the lire when she
heard the officer approaching. Soma
of lt had not burned rapldlv enoush
and had'tricked oat on the floor tn !
front of tho lire place, ahile some of
it had spattered all over the woman's
apron and shoes. There was nothr
lng lett for the officers to do, except
to warn her and beat n retreat. *
??pb? tLmhami Uan?? ??M.
First and Second Grade*-Jlmi.vy
Aiken. Irvie Branyon, Elizabeth Bari?,
Edgar Martin Milton McCrary. Pan
at> ?.'?!? ?>_;...- .~--:?- ?m. ??J?-**
j Daisy Whit?eVd^
j mer. . * T" * ~"
j Third and fourth grades-George
Aiken. OlMe Martin* Grae* Martin,
'Christine McAdams, Evie Whitfield,
t Sixth-Olive Dobbins.
J Seventh-Julia McAdams. Mary Lee
****** * ******
* _
* Item? of Interest and Person i
* Wireless on the Si
****** * ******
Sheriff Ashley
Has Returned.
Sheriff Joe H. ??. Ashley has re
turned from Columbia where he went
several days ago te carry a boy to
the reformatory. ^?he sheriff made
the trip via Florence where the boy
was left. Aged 14, the boy has been
sent to tbe reformatory once befo rt
but succeeded in making good bis es
cape and returned to his home at
Felzer. He wes again apprehended
by the officials.
Hack From Trip
'('. morrow Mgbt.
S. 8. Thomas, Jr., who is connected I
with the Southern Sell Telephone Co. I
in Anderson, returned yesterday from I
I a trip to' Virginian points, to washing- I
I Thomas was giving his friends the I
I ton and to the Northern titles. Mr. I
I "Riad hand" and be said that be cer- I
I talnly did feel good when tho sky- I
I line of "My Town" \wv into vlow.
I Sindhi Event
Toni morrow Night.
A splendid event of tomorrow night
I for Anderson will be thc appearance
I of tho Clemson college Glee Club la
I thc ardltoriutu of Anderson college.
I Tills - attractions comes to Anderson
I under the auspices of the Domestic
I Scienca department of Anderson cot
I legs, and the proceeds realized from
I the!evening's entertainment will go to
that body. This ls one of the best col
I lege glee clubs In the State and lt de
I K Tvos a largo audience ' tomorrow
I night.
I Why Levy Here
I Is Very High.
Sam Martin, who ls now making his
homo lu Georgia and at the same time
I waking ,o success or farming In tho
"Cracker" state is "spending a few
I d*-"e in Anderson county with friends
lani ni.ni ves. sir. marun aavs mat
I fr njuontly South. Carolina people aro
I heard to complain of the fact that
I thc tax levy ls higher In this Stain
I than lt is in Georgia. Ho goes on *o
I say that South Carolina propio loso
I night of the fact that land valuation
lin Georgia !s :r.;;ch higher t?uh lt is
I in this State and says that therein Ilea
th i explanation nf the discrepancy.
Harber* Won't Have
The Sanitary Towels.
Ono of tho principal barbers of the
I city told a reporter for The Intelli
I goncer yesterday that he did not have
I any idea of complying with orders
issued by Dr. J. C. Mitchell, city meat
inspector, in regard to the use of ti
sterHas? for towels tn fuel bartx}.*
shops. This barber Raid that In had
had experience with these steril!rora
apd that only about 12 towels were
med all di* JU nisvmn? Sb differ*nt
. 'A,. He sa . tbat in syswar. nuid
Fut compare with the present method
when lt came to cleanliness and that
I h* did not Intend putting in such an
appartus as was recommended.
. ? o
I Pam Maa Saw
Scheel flot.
J. W. Rothroch, farm demonstrator
for Anderson, count/, visited the j
L<:u5?i?n . a?u?Q? yesterday BL j went
over the farm d?monstration plot at
that institution. Mr, Rothrock saya
j,hat the pupils of the Lebanon school
?hsve 5p:cn?id:y ~?t5 ?hs ?ronnd
entrusted to them and that the cover
crops thara will soon be ready for
turning uudir, KU that cotton and r?i n
may be planted. He hopes that it may
be possible to plant the two last
named crops before the school session
comes to an end sc Hu t tb? ; ir?'. * of
the school may see for themselves the
results of their labors.
? O'
Prof. Barges* At
the Denver School.
Ah enjoyable event for the pupils
pt;the Denver school was the splendid
address delivered by rro?. J. hi. Bur
gess of Clemson college last Thurs
day. at>.. Burgess told the pupils of
the dalry cattle work in this State
and explained to them who? clemson
college ls~ trying to do for the farm
ers. He reeelved splendid attention
from tho boys and girls , and they
seemed to Ovj ?anti 'u.--.-.*..?? in what
he waa discussing.
some days agc ?rs. ?aiite Hutchi
son cams to Magistrate Broadwell snd
?orrned him ..at ner hiimn Iud
threatened to kill ber and had In fact
made several attempts in that direc
tion and said tb?t she wak afraid for
him in be at large. She petitioned the
Magistrate to give her a warrant so
that, she might have her husband ar
routed. At the time Mr. ; Broadwell
told her that he was familial with such
cases and that if the maa were arrest
ed aSo- weald be back within a week
to get him out of jail. This tho wom
an denied and accordingly Hutchison
v*as arrested and thrown in. Jail. Tm*
t cid ay Mrs. Hutchison appeared and
satd that sW snpi?oned three days in
Jail would do bar husband as much
good as three weeks and sho therefore
paid lbs costs In the case In ordrr to
get bim releasad.
? Andersen county seems to have
Igone wild Aver tho Ford automobile
and it to hard to look ta either sid?.
ii ff*** "r w?itn?V without bdarin*
or seeing a fford. Yesterday show?d
* *?f JT?rit? ici'i. - * *"*"~
SSTi "MIM?T ?n ??c ??kjr. wr?we Otting to
G. W. Clement,' Charles Heaton and
Stephen Shirley ot Belton. Dr. J. E.
Altood of Liberty and N, T.ICey. Den.
Archie Todd anya thia *hus?Vy damon
strates tho ?act that Anderson county
people know h good thlhg When ?bey
ses lt.
t * * * * * * ******
_ *
J Mention Caught Over tba *
reels of Anderson *
t * * * * * * ******
Andenos People
Buying Motor {'sm.
Anderson people are evidently pre
paring to take charge of every coun
try road in: toe county thia Summer. I
Every day In Anderson witnesses ?er?
eral motor car deals and yesterday
James P. Pearmaa, clerk of court,
..aid that h" b??2 Issued four antonio
mobile licenses before 12 o'clock. In
all probability several more were Is
sued during the day.
lAcqeftted Of
"telang** Charge.
J. L. Bradberry, a well known white
man of tha Fork section bf Anderson
county, waa arraigned in Magistrate
B- ladwell's court yesterday on a
cu. rge of selling liquor. The Magis
trate fully investigated the case but
sf ter hearing all the evidence and ex
amining all v/ltn '-.H's he was forced
Ito discharge the defendant "for want
of evidence.**
Mr. Garrison Has
Come re Anderson.
Raymond Garrison, a well known
young man of. the Denver section of
the county, bas accepted a position
with the Southern Public Utilities
Company and has mtared upon his
new duties. 'Mr. G.trrlsop is un in
dustrious yonhg mun cud hn will
pru c valuable In tvs now ? opacity.
Mr Keaton Has
Closed tkbool.
Prof. Earl Keaton was among thc
Visitors In Anderson yesterday and 're
marked that the acliobl term, brought
to a closo at his Institution Friday,
waa orno of the best he had ever had.
MT. Keaton said that part of this was
due to tue fact that lila pupils scorned
to. be unusually anxious to learn this
year but that another fact to bc cob- .
sldered was that tho patrons of the
school had taken an interest this vnar
nmi linux urgea the children on. Mr.
Keaton says that if the parents of An
derson county would give a little more
time to thc schools than they do that
the public institutions would bo able
lo accomplish much more.
kT*\ ' - - -*-- *
Here Last Night. fl
With the coming o? the warm Sum
mer days dozens of automobiles are
In-thc city every night from the sur
rounding towna. The people from the
other near-by towns like to see the
"white lights" overy now and then and
numbers of thom are to be found here
every night. One ntwasant automo
bile party hsro last night from Clem
son was composed of Mles Nils Sloan
Miss Jean Sloan, B. Freeman. C. F.
Inman and J. T. Fori: They . were
kUo?ts for.sujiM^at^^ .CbiuuoU ho
Greenwood I'eopl*
Kojeyed HopitalPy.
According to the Greenwood papers',,
published yesterday, thc delegation of
boosters from Greenwood enjoyed tho
ttme that thev spent.in Anderson. The
Greenwood publications spoke in very
kind terms of the hospitality shown
them while they were in "My Town"
and the article went on to Siete that
c'- y maa ui the. party enjoyed the
time spent in Anderson. Had they
been in Anderson for ri stay of more
duration it might nave been possible to
?hew the vlsitnr? "itu nizr? considera
tion than was th?; ease.
BCojnpar.y Goold Not ?ny Goods
Abroad But Fourni Them
Here At Home j
Feaster Tribbis; v?ho 1? connectod
with the Anderson Petoleum Oil Com
pany office said yesterday that he was
now convinced of the truth of the say
ing "It pays to trade at home." For
some time tho Anderson company has
been trying to find ah oil can for their
use that would exactly measure Jive
gallons. They had samples Bent here
from all parts of Gie country, some of
the biggest manufueturors or the Unit
ed States sending samples of cans used
by them, but not a single can would,
exactlv me*?t i&tKWMftilr?menta ?>f th*
tocal company. They etthnr held some
over five gallons or soma under that
amount and these would not do. Fln
Wb/ application waa made to W. 8
Divver ft Son, .j?TAnderson firm ot
established reputation and thia re
I ?:lted In the Petroleum Co., obtaining
Just oxactly what was desired. The
cans made hy the Anderson people
hold to a gill the amount prescribed
by the Cnlted States regulations un
der tho ruling of the Commissioner of
Agriculture. Officials of the local com
pany wera jubilant over gettlug Just
what they warted* and straightway
they ordered. 3& ?t those cana to be
sent to the Gr^pS? ma? St^s?aaharg
offioea of thc censer
All of which goetsto show, that good?
as .good as any ., gooda baa bo pur
chased right here ai how* and j>oaslh
ly at a little better price; N
] Married Si Yeare? Tlrys el 8tew.
. New York., AjWK 1 j .-^Because his}
Wife served beef *q?w for weeks %? a* j
time. Henry C. Dots aned] for a separa-1
tlon. Tho rnuntft H?*?* fe**.-, maw**** **''
years. " ; j
?set siaym sirlttch. OM Couple.
?. Calvin. La., kpVA '
blood boards, are ?enrtdting tae ?cr- ,
rounding country fer tsace ot the rob
bera who murdered Samuel Chandler,
a wealthy farmer, and his wMa near ,
here, and then reaapched. Apel? ho??.
Both were mofe tft&k. & years old,
? ' ?? " . * ?
Ladies of Anderson Will Have
Opportunity to Compete For
Handsome Prise
- The announcement made in .The In
telligencer a few days ago that the
next Trades Day to be held here in
connection with the chamber of com
merce would be known as ."Flower
Day" baa caused the ladies of Ander
son county to toke . a lively interest
in the approaching event and it is
said that there will be many assort
men ts of flowers sent In to compete
for the handsome brass vase,, offered
by the chamber of commerce . as n
prize for the best selection of flowers
to be put on exhibit.
The . following is the. official pro
gram for t*ie event as-given out from
tho office-of tho chamber ot commerce.
10: SO-Opening at Palmetto Theatre.
10;3C-Announcements-by Charlmnn.
Jnc. Prank. ?
10:45-Invocation-Rev. D?W; Dodge,
Puhtor, Central ! Fro&bytorian
10:55-Illustrated address with slides,
/ on Civic Derclopemont in Coun
try, by F. M. Burnett, Soe. V. M.;
i:fK? ?i Av
11:30-Address-H or tieultu re-W. Jj
Sheeley, Gen. AgrY Agt.. Sou tb -
. ern Railway; Washington, D. C.
12. -r-Moving Pleturo feel, compli
mentary of Palmetto Theatre,
Subject: ' Floral Parade. Flowers
The chamber of commerce will give
away a sp?cial- prize cf one SSO solid
brasa Egyptian vase to tho lady, any
?ge,; who places on exbxlbtt at thc
rr.r,r...j o, ?. immwri ,u, vvuw,?^^,
o? or before, 12 o'clock the best bou
.luot of flowers, of any kind. -<rhls
contest ls open to any woman in An
dereon county outside the Incorporate
limits of tiie city of Anaerson. or to
any young lady or mina. The prise is
neniaos the handsomest vane of its
kind, over seen In Anderson, and ia of
solid brass.
Judges--The judges of tho flowers
3111 be Mesdames Rufus Fant, W. W.
hlsolm. G. M. Tolly and Mr. Archie
Todd . . I
The exercises are open to men as
well' as women, and all will occur nt
the Palmetto theatre, except tho judg
ing of the flowers, which wll bc held
at 2:S0 p. m.. at thc office of the
chamber of commerce.
Motion nt Honor basted.
Roanoke, ya.,. April ll.->
land'Roberts Evana of Salem* ha? .
appointed matron of honor to the com
mander of thc United Confederate Vet
erans for tho Jacksonville reunion,
according to a communication sho re
ceived today from General Bennett
Young. Mrs. Evans is 'the daughter
af Captain T. A.. Roberts, a Confed
erate veteran.
?Bwr.si.^: ?J rr.vunAin
Reliance. Reel No. 9 la which sho
la shown wearing the new colored
Eclair 2 reel drama of the Canadian
Wilds tilled 'with many thrilling
scenes. Featuring Barbara Tennant
and O. A. C. Lund
Joker comedy
Coming Tuesday ?"THE 8PIDEP
AND HEB WEB" 2 reel Rex with Lt/a
Webber and Phillipa Smalley.
Coming Wednesday ?DIPLOMATIC
PLO" S reel Victor with : Florence
Lawrence. ( ,
A MOJFK?CN rues L?l?P?
American featuring Ed Coxen and
Winnifred Greenwood in a two roel
iram depicting a hard, but success
Cul - struggle In life.
Eclair Gypsy drama.
4th reel to he selected.
4 REELS-10c?
Mutual Movies Make Ta ne Fly.
Esssnay comedy. _.. ?
Siehe. Ac. western drama.
Pahteplay. Comedy.
M5R "WRAtiKR.*ft ?TRI?N?TB
Kasanay. Western drama, v / u
Cwn??a *yvS*ii* SF.?ISIU
AT LA?GE." Spec;
FEATUi?,K: oft?
4 Big ?t?el?-~??i8
Who have teen our anita for
spring ?nd sumner are enthusias
tic in their praise of the splendid
styles and good qualities..
Who have worn them know that
-every garment ts tailored so well
that the style and shape, remains
as long as the garment is worn.
So You
should see the vaines at thb atora
before yon buy-Jbecause the bat
ter man usual satisfaction to be
found at this store is something
you. cannot afford to forget.
Men's Suits $10 to $25.
Boys' Suits $3 to $12.50.
The One-Price Clothiers
Well have an evett dozen
: : pretty : :
Ranging in Price
b$ st you've seen f?t
ih? price?*??!so we are
and best -line of
?f- ? ?TJSV5Lw?S*rr?;-w^r v v *?k?njsuk .'?^?LPa f f|8
H I ' . . ? .? 1 ' ':? ? ? 1 v If |?

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