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Coming ]
AVc wish that c\
'derson might se<
North Anderson
much has been
orte year.
Norm Anderson
everyone this, op]
This Week
Tomato Plants
10c P?r Dozen
m Marshall Avsam.
' Paaae 2?2JU %
Members af Florists Tefegraph
. * ? ? * * * * * * st * *
* Bleekley Bldg. Anderson, S. C. *
# Cit??ens National Bank Bldg. *
* Raleigh, N. C *
ta> Feterita, Egypt
Beam anil Rape.
Next Tu
rst Instalin
erybody in An
how beautiful
is?and how
accomplished in
Day will give
!? Relived that' He Will New Get
H>? Liberty.
Atlanta, May l.-r-In tue confesslc
of Rev. C. B. Kagsdale that fcho 'Ak
fenders of Leo M. Frank bribed him
swear he heard Cable? confess th
murder of Mary Phagan. Is believed b;
Many ivK>ple to bo the beginning o
the end in this famous case,
i At the time when Detective Willlan
j 3. Burns waa employed in tne Franl
I case there Was decided and m an If es
reversion of nubile oolnton in At
lanta;' public doubt of Frank's gulf
reached a high pitch and ekpressioni
that be o'ight to have a new trial, no
only in Jvstice to him, but that in or
RfctrJtoat the good. name of Geprgtt
might a? kept stainless, ranie fTT?a
men oi such high standing that the!
motives could not be doubted. Thii
news service at tliat time faUhf ell;
i endeavored to report the facts in at
unbiased way.
Today sentiment Is swinging bad
in the other direction. Many or tin
I men who have expressed doubt In tin
'guilt of Frank or bellows in his Inno
cence. are silenced by the facts the
have come out In connection v.-Ith
exploding of the story of Conlcy'a
I aginary confession.
Friends of Frank and detectives '
terestcd In the Frank and cf the cas
are today endeavoring to shtft the
r Apt edibility of Where and before what
I'Rugsdale made the false affidavits, hu
no effort whatever ' is being nisde h
combat the potent fact that the ;ajjj
davit waa false.
Strand?* New Oper? Which (rente
A Hew In New York*
Atlanta, May 1.?Ey a strange jfefjg^
?? ?aU-, the, new Sirauns v^cra IjtWP
enkavalier" which -colled down *h
denunciations ' of Sending New Yor
critics on its p
a monta or two s so. was received, wil
.'.:;r:; arms by the Atlanta audlenc
and wss one of the bis triumphs o
"Rosenkavalier" was condemned I
New York because the music was_?1
to be freakish and of a futurist thigt
and even Immoral In some of th > high
ly colored spots of orchestration, van
Ucularly In the overture. Wbeu Ih
Metropolltain left New York for AI
lanta, the general Impression was thu
it would not remain on th? repotolr
permanently. But in the fuce or thi
r?ception given It hen?, those plan
may change, and Atlanta may g
down In history as the first AnYerl
can city to show appreciation <>>'
seori written by the sweetest
Composer of this generation.
Tho reception given Kosenkavglic
was diametrically opposite that whir
thfc new opera by. DarorosehvtSfis
rano** received last year. Jt recoSvb
of the people i*aymg the Kbits0
the second act The' estimate a&uh
Southern audience w?A fully cnufirm
ooeratie Junk bcai
9 of Mrs. and '.
fork Township
TMs ?
the best
?sday, "L
ent of the B
y sf, if, if, tf, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if,,
# tri cr-TDir? e^iTPi
* Items of Interest end Persons
* Wireless on the St
****** * ******
An Ac der son Ifsn
To Pr?tait* Church.
Hev. j. m. Garrison, psator of the ]
Associate Deformed Preabyterlsa
i'hurch of Anderson will leave today]
for Bessemer City, N. C, where he will,
dedicate the handsome new a. R. P.
church next Sunday. This Is one of|
the prettiest churches in the North
?Carolina town and it has been erected
at considerable cost. Following the I
formal opening of the church Mr.
Garrison will assist in a meeting which
Is to be conducted there. Rev. R. M.
Stevenson Is to supply the pulpit of
the locsl church Sunday.
Wider Street
.Hurh Appreciated.
Anderson people made a number of
favorable comments yesterday oh' the |
widening of Granit? Xinw ~~ Ccu. :
square. They said that the extra'
apace for traffic', m^ant more to the
people driving automobiles and bug
gies than the City fathers could ap
preciate. The merchants doing busi
ness In that part of the city were also 1
well pleased. All told the street is
now ten feet wider and it is hoped
that about five feet mere may be ad
ded. The work was -finished yoster-|
day morning and traffic turned into
that street.
From City Hall
To l-nbrrslty HIIL
The driver of the National Biscuit
Company's wagon left the horse un
hitched when hr- entered *ft*. A. Pow
er's establishment on Main street yes
terday and the horse concluded that
thla M'as ni insult, to hia dignity. He
started off at a lively tro . and when
the wagon ran up on his heels he hit
dp a little, faster pace-. Some of the
......... C i-1-**-'?? *-* ?-* *? a
-....... -I?. tfWV ?, S ? D * 1.^7.1 .Clt VII HIC I
ground and this noise lent a little]
morn speed to the animal's already
rapid gait. Every, package was thrown!
from the wagon and the negroes of ]
thn city had a big time in collecting,
the remal?B of the cakes and biscuits.!
The wagon was not damaged when the
horso finally came to a stop op Uni-'.
fctlftrsity hill and the animal suffered
I j no injury.
t ! -o
. . Badges Bought
31 For The Reunion.
-. 1 The committee in charge of the rtf
t fairs of the Confederate reunion yes
f terday purchased from Langloy ?V Co.,
trf Columbia 1,000 handsome flag pins
i ' and badges, to be. used in connection
c with the coming of the reunion to'
t Anderson. The pins are very hand
. some and excited much favorable com.
t n>.nt. The committee in charge of
s Vi-* decorations for tbo EJlks 'State coni
t vont Ion also placed an order with the
. same. company yesterday for 5C0
i handsome badges which are to be used
i when the "Htdlo Bills" enm? here !o
r June. The Elks pins are the prettiest
& 'evor brought to Anderson and will
r make quite on impression* spo'n tho
i "visitors; ' .. V
! ?o?I
? Are Assis*
a For Clemency.
- Friends or J. H. Vernon are now
- circulating a petition praying tbjt fc-3
t be-pardoned by Governor Blouse. Ver-;
o non was tried at the last term of the
- : Court of General Sessions for Andcr
[ son county and was convicted of lui -
- cony. The petitions being circulated
>,1 iu the city yesterday were generally I
- ! signed and it is understood that the
a man who proseoited the ca? when It
t ' was til 3d Is willing to lend his asMst
a ance in the matter of ?e.' jr'na a par
Bid Building
Wax Well Made.
1X>> old Imperial Hotel, for years a
land mark on Main street, was splen
didly put together. One significant
fact noted yesterday by The curldr?s
wbUe the bu'ldlng Vtes being icru
down la tint the pot-s used rVr raftcrr
and thro'ishout In the <5o instruction of
tue huiioiiia were ro.md instead of
square or cornered. Thoue pole* are
still Just as good as they were when
placed In tb* bulld'-i.t; ai>d It Is or
tlmated ita+jhc building mu3t have
1 'con erected well over .'?O y are ago.
Progress Made
O? *ew Bridge.
Remarkable progress has been made
on the work of building the new
bridge across th.-? railroad tracks, on
)ttaln street and the other half of the
8 building of the bridge Is now' practl;
8 tally finished. If the new Blue Ridge
? station, to. cost $100,000, oio not have
;" to be built it would be poaaible to open
m.? the entire bridge ftr traffic w?lu-4
K ,'th,a next week, but-because of the fact
/that the h?'ge derrick employed by
? the construction forces must *zs moved
" out on the last half of the hridsto, some
^sNw* Rbew -vi" >. . c'.', ? -.
Far Abbeville,
Frank Unger and W. EL Stevenson,
both of Anderson, said . yesterday that
vhey are planning to Open * motion
picture show la Abbeville sometime
within the very near roture. They
piae to have one off the most up-to
date places of its Mad in the state
and aay thai their new Tt.wtuve M/1U
bo a success if supplying trie public
with zhe heat obt&laablo if sufficient
to make h w>. Thsy . have alraady
K>*dA. HI! pr?lbnlaary arrangements
and preparations and little remains
g Serial St
t* * * * # * * * v* * v
J Mentiorf Caught Over the *
rests of Anderson *
?#**** ? ******
Klint Dollar
Ho Ever 8aw.
Anlnt?resting rtory was related yes- '
terday by an Anderson merchant con
cerning on? > the Ben Greet players,1
here Thursday with the Chautauqua.
Th? actor made a purchase and
I banded the merchant a 15 bill for,
which he was to receive change.. The
Shakespearean player had just landed
in this country from England and bad
never seen-any sliver money* When1
handed a silver dollar tbe actor in
quired of tbe merchant tf that was,
any good snd asked what it was worth.
It was the first time that he had ever |
porrnnsed any silver rioncy although
he did say that saw one of the
same articles New York a week
ago. ' ;
In Hherlff* Office.
C. K. -Wright, who baa been toach
Iny with much msc cess at Carswell |
Institute-for the last r-?sslon, has ac
cepted a position as bookkeeper for
Sheriff -loo M. II. Ashley. Mr. Wright
will-bo connected with the office dur
ing the summer months, resuming his
school duties with the coming of fall.,
tic is a yqung man of ability and the
nhorlff is well pleased with the capa
blo assistant.
Will Speak Today
. At Long Branch.
Several Anderson people ore plan-1
nlng to go to the Long Branch school j
;o atteiid the closing exere?cas i
cf the -institution and a number of
Anderson mm, will deliver addresses.
Among those to speak at the exercises
today, will be J. Mack King, county
I supervisor, J. B. Felton, countv Bup- '
I erlntepdeht of (Education and Citizen
r?7**ic/t -_ij?v?'o? uwi uiv??ot: unu ucf;u tax?
vited to attend and deliver an address
hut waa*unable U> accept. The pro
gram for: today is very interesting and
[ all those was unable to accept. Tin
prcgramff/?r today Is very interesting
and all.those making th?, trip will en
joy every hour.of the day.
l?ivlted To the
W. O. McKinhey, now living in An
I derson, bdt for 20 years president of ;
the 'Hart' County Singing Convention ]
I r>f Hart County, Georgia,. has asked j
LthaCalV tfce s'ngters of Anderson ' ccun-]
?DBidoT that they-are Invited to
I title year's convection.. Tho event Is
to take place at the'Prospect church 1
|ahoht reven miles ont of Hartwell.
|Ga.', and will be held on Mav 8 and 0. <
I Mr: MeKinney says thai ail the people,
from'this county will receive a Warm j
welcome in tho event that they at--l
tend and ho Ip expecting' that qu'te
a number,wili take advantage of the]
Fire Lad*??
Go To Florence.
Chief jacks?n of the Anderson fire
department yesterday received a
hearty invitation, to be present' at the
state meeting of the firemen which is
to bo held In June of this year at
Florence. The dates nre set for 23
25 of that month- and it is said that
Florence ?taaa made eyery arrange
ment for taking care of the visitors.
While nothing definite has been ar
ranged for the local department It la
presumed that revoral representa
tives or Anderson's dandy brigade will
make the trip! \ .
|f J?r. Fra*er M&d
Splendid Grattons.
Rev.. Dr. W.U. FVaaer. pastor of the
First Presbyterian church of Ander
son, wer.vto Greoiivijle last night for
tho purpose of acting as one of the
judges in the oratorical meet between
Purman University of Grpenvlllo and
Mercer College ot Georgia. The con
tret was held for ,the purpose of de
ciding the ci;?ithom chskspiosSnip
and Dr. Eraser had the opportunl'y
of hearing-^Some really brilliant ef
forts. . He spoke in the highest terms
latlv?? of e&cn of the Institutions.
Mother** Day
Observed Here.
Plans are being made by Anderson
mt?n and bovs for observing mothers*
jB?feVishlch - this. y*ar on May
10, that day having been officially de
termined upon by-Uie organioatlon re
cponsible for the- creation of euch a
duy. This day has now become fa
miliar to the men and boys of the en
tire civilised''world and they all Join
hands each year sometime during the
month of May in doing honor to the
fInert ummaa^ln tbe world?their
mnthor H 1i,io fww fanb a. ? Jl?ir?m
wear u ?ametio?? on this day for
mhth?r i W ope if she' be dead
OVE," th|
ry. BIJO
f*. ERTRTJDE M'COY may be known I
\J to you If you have followed the|
Cleek detective series.
The validity of state censorship of
MotMn pictures has just been upb?id
lu s decislou handed down in Cleve
land.. Oi by three Judges sitting in
the United States district conrt for
the northern district of Ohio, eastern
division, in the test case brought by
the Mutual Film corporation against
the Ohio board of.cursors.
The Hnnlon brcdhert*' celebrated ex
tnivagunso, vFanta?mn," which wu?
played in every town in the country
that honst* a theater, has Iwen Aimed,
The fantastic^ effect* und trick scenes
lend themselves to perfect photograph
ic reproduction
"The n ile? of n fi'.ron" tu a tine dm
mft fontuiing Cnriyle Black well. The
photo^riinh.v is clear- and the light ef
fect* ti:t- ??)d., There nrc r few had
? .H..T-? ! ? lb* dim, l?t:t Ihrj uro few and
r -r !. ' ''vi-... . -
Miss Mao Yeargln of, I va was shop-j
viug in the; city yesterday.
ll. Rudolf of Ouarleston. was In the|
cit>- >?sterd?y on; business.
S. Far.I -of Towj
In '.a*-, I
T. C. Speer ly\s returned fron: a
. short (.business trip to Gaffney.
I . C. Garrison of Pendleton spent .
a f?,w hpurB in .the city 'yesterdr.y.
?.lfss Lorena .Kav of Beltntt Spent]
(yesterday in the; city with trlonds.
r _ ?-. - ->!
i - ?j. v. raC->Jyi?(n.eli ui r? uiiauiaum was
! in t'ie city yesterday for a tew hours.
L. I. -Jennings of GreenvlU?'' was
in the city yesterday'for a 2ew* hours.
. L. I. Jcnninga of Freen ville* . ie.
among those spending yesterday in the
I Dr. R. O. Witherspoon of Rtntk Mills
I was in th,3 city yesterday for a short
: stay.
I D. W. ChambVee of Anderson, route
, C, was in the city yesterday on busi
ia ' Rogers of th
I a if> tha C'ltj' y?
N. O. Harris of Iva rout
the city yesterday for a fe
' L. lx>cke of. Grecnvillt
city yesterday, stoyplnfe at
erday on
J. N. Robinson of Hoaea Fat'i was
among the visitors to spend yesterday
among I
In the c
Miss Ger I
-rvllle was
id yesterday
e Girl of
"Seeds of Chaos" ia a twentieth cen
tury photo drama founded ou elrcum
lutiui evidence. Itichurd Morgan,
John Booth's employer, appropriates a
certain amount of.money from the
firm of Morgan Sc. Co., and In order to
escape the penaley phtceu the blanie
Booth, Exciting complications
This production in booked for !
release May 1.
"The Cabby's Nightmare" Is a come
dy in which u cabby who mistreats his
horse has a nightmare, in which the
norm-mistreats him. When be wakes
up he resolves to bo send to bl? four
rooted friend1 in the future. On the
same real with "Bobby, 'Some' Spirit
of the Honea Path Chronicle, wan Inj
Anderson yrsCTsrtiny .
Mr. and Mrs. Clelgcr have returned
from Manning where they have been
Ispendlng somo days with friends.
Mrs. Walter Dlxon of Townviile is
spending a few days in the city at
the home or Mr. nnd Mrs. J. S. Mc
CJeflan. Mrs. Dixon ia en route to
Spartahburg where1 she will visit
friends. ;
Sews 3iote? froin The llartncil San
of this Week.
' At a recent meeting of the 'ooss?Ldf
education, the following members of
the faculty of the liartweil Public
Schools were rcelectod to serve dur-1
ing the 19J4-16 term:
. ?*TOf. C: C?. I\iVtt;i o, tjOpcrinwitdent. -|
Miss Irene Stevens. Miss 'Cornell*!
Smith and Miss A?r!0 Bonne?-, tsftzh
? ra cr the High School Department
Miss Kittle M. WMson. 7th." grade. ,
MM Mildred Padgetts, Gth prad?3.' j
Mrs. Nettie Oglesby, r>th grade.
MIbs Lois Patton, 4th grade.
Miss Lhtzie .Daniel, third grade.
Mi?8 Zvula Skelton, 2nd grade.
Miijs Harriet R. Crouch, .st grade.
Misa Ai va Bemnett was also reelect
cd &s teacher of musior and voice. She
has capably IHled t'.?o ponition duiing
the term comiug to a close.
A tencher of elocution and art has
not yet been secured.
Nearly all the teachers have ac
cepted the }K>BiUon& tri the faculty for
the next term, to the flight .
|njm^3l] and Hart county patron-;.
Rrfus*. Alice King was also -Uu!
Rff?ejr. or the Hart well Mills school,
which position she has hold and moat
ably filled for the past several years.
The semi-annual Hart County sing
In^ convention will he held on Sst
urtiuy nud Suudav, M?v ",?th and iuth
ut New Prcapoct, four mile* north of
Horfwoli. '/' ' . ' .' : " .
This occasion is air : . . .
enjoyment Tor the oiugers and t\
ala. lovers of Hart county, of _
convention, r
day school a.
and rspreetn
next cor
and whi<
Virginia Pearson has been secured
to wbrk ttx plct?res, the flrst to be.f
Tile Stain." AIlss Pearson appeared
is tb? Vampire with itdberf Milliard
a "a Fool There Was," which had a
long run on the stage.
"Tlie H lin ted Animal" is a/wonderful '
mystery, stor>;.. featuring Maire McJ^err,.^'
mote. The scenes ore laid on the Long \
island sound. ?Tobu Perritan takes tt?a '
f?llt of his fleures'? brother upon hlm? :
telf, und in escaping is forced to dive
n the icy currant- In a bundle he duds
:lothea and directions which lead him
o a f srmbey?e. wh.c::rc ha goes la a
nuts to a Cilnaiuuu\j den, His fate
a not disclosed In the dimming of the
' Apsx* Venture, a thrilling 3 reel
drama* that'w? keop yonr Interest*?*
ing-sl? the time. This is the first
time any of the great' Afrex ^eatorbs
have tieen shown here, and from the
great record they have made<78|5y
where they are thown wfe f?sl baro
Jthio will be a pleading Bururise.
'TO??anc?.' Reel " No.112 la o&o ti> be
th? best one that' has been' released;
so dont mlBS it: ' U' ? '
.Coming Monday '"'THE < HEARTS
^Mt* ^UNIYKB?AT. ' ?KP/WAKm .1
: Coming Tuesday"LUOlLLF. LOTE?
THE GIRL OF J^?f^/jAbe first
the date was changed from Monday to
T?irr<T?y. Don't fail to sec the first
Miller Bros. 101 ?hufch ?s A
'T-H.? A t H I
to?jw& mot

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