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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
Secretary of War Garrbon h In
clined to Minante Affair for
the Pr?lat
{By Associated Press.) ,
Wen. Crut, May At 11 o'clock
this morning a Mexican force esti
mated at from 300 to SOD man ap
peared a* mile iteyobd the waterworks
elation. Aa Major John H. "Russell,
of the marines h*<k, received orders
not to assume the offensive he and his
men watched the M^xlcans-wlth much
Mexicans Demand. Harrender.
Suddenly a Meaican lieutenant sad
non commissioned officer bearing a
white-flag advanced and presented a
demand for the Americans to surren
der within ten minutes.
. Major RusscIIb reply was:
"Hurry, right back and do not waste
any or uie nxe your conunanumg or
llcer has stipulated."
Major Russell j then made prepara
tions to resist any attack, at the same
time sending a message to headquart
ers in Vera Crux that his outpost was
"*Back at ' headq' irters Brigadier
General Funston anv* hla staff had be^n i
mapping out the details of the uewq
government when the wireless mot
sage from El To jar brcught about a
quick change.
Beady for the Field.
\ Within a few minutes headquarters
had notified Major Russeir that rein
forcements wore on the weyJtd nil
him and in an hour instead of the '210
marines comprising the command of
Lt outpcet".of Kl
Ta.far thore w
port him more
the entire car*
n to sup
en, vvhile
Cruz waa
ouf th - ?u
the men or the infantry regiment en
training for the short run to El Tejr.r
from Ijos Cocos, the first station on t'.tc
tiatiway, The ' bait&iums'
were commanded by Slajor ChsHea .'C
French and Major Wolf.
From Major Russell'? lihe only one
shot was fired.
The water works atatioh at Kl Tejar
forms the most advanced post in the
American Unes? an<*, *SS piac?d there
beoasse the author! tlas regarded It as
essential l? p?uteoi the ciiy'i wu?c"
M??s xot Expected.
General t>ra?rs had been gfvon for
the American troops not to assume tbh
offensiveati? set is SrA st.
tacked, it
at all proli
ig. to rcta'x
r.lng his lO]
city, appart
Detective Agency Head Says
Hi* Phagan Report H?d Noth
ing To Do WJth Fee
o (By Associated Press.) o
Atlanta, May 2.?^Representatives of
a national detective agency which re
necently Investigated the murder of
Mary Phagan were questioned In su
perior court, here today at a hearing
on a motion for a new trial for Leo
??raiik. under death sentence for
the crom?.
The witnesses were summoned at
the Instance of Solicitor Hugh. M.
Doraey, who questioned them in re
gard to their connection with the'case.
The head of the ageucy. who re
ceiitlv submitted a report exonerating
.Frank, was f.rst called to the stand.
In' reply to too solicitor's questions
he anid he had been employed to in
vestigate the murder by two attorncya,
who have - been connected with the
Frank defense since his arrest more
than a year ago. HttM
The witness said ht? r?mun?ration
for such services would not be, un
der his contract, in any vf?y affected
by the nature of hi* report.
AS T??^
Colonel Formally T?anks Br&z?
Shown KSro I
(By Associated Preaa.)
?9 Jane-iVO, TOiy ?.-~"fhevdtn-i3
Roosevelt has sent a dispatch from
Manaos to Dr. Lauro Muller. the" Bra
zilian minister of foreign affairs,
thanking him and thr Brazilian gov
ernment for its solicitation during his
etay in South America. Mr Roose
velt reached Manaos Aprii 30 at the
end of an extended trip through the
unexplored interior of Brazil and bo
left Manaos yesterday on the steamer
Dustau on bis way down the Ajumoh
Mr. Roosevelt in his telegram to the
foreign minister, aayn:
"Our Journey was one of hardship
nnd.i>t tim?s dangerous, but it. Was
very>aucc?S8ful. For thtrtv five days
We followed the course of the river]
for.over 900 miles."
Mr. Roosevelt will go down.to Para,
at the moutb of the Amazon, On the
thrt steamer P?ncrans for BsrbartfyeV.
He will go directly from there to the
United States.
Speaker In Strike T*lk Saya Oil
Magnate Lives Solely To ,
Make x^ Aiey
(By Associated Proaa/l
Scammon, Kansas May 3.?"Our
bc?ya In blue have gone to Mexico io
rado they are tearing the. *g flout of
our hands and shooting men for dar
ing to proclaim what it ?Tands tor,"
John P. White, president of the United'-!
Mine Workers of American, today do- I
clared in an address here. |
"M^rje- men have been killed in :
Colorado iu the-last two- weeks'than I
a Mexico," President "White con tinned I
ty. He has devoted his greet brain j
Each Power !? Asked to Send
To Conf?re With Envoys At
Washington Meetin*
(By Associated Press.) .
Washington. May 2.?The threef
South American envoys who have
umle.-taken the task of pacifying
Mexico by diplomacy today made an
other decisive move in their plan, by
requesting tho United States govern
ment. General -Huerta and General
.Carranxa to appoint representatives
to confer with them In Washington.
Ava; Vor ,Repjr*neata?ve*.
Ambassador Da Gsm? of Brasil and
Minister?. Najkm and Suarxe of Ar
gentine land Chile,, respectively, call
ed on Secretary Bryan, asking him to
designate the American representa
tive*. At the eame time they tele
~rzph. . .;.j ?.i?e neau or
the government in Merieo City, a?
well as the coneiUutlonallat chief.
No announcement-of the subjects to
bo considered by rcprerentatlves of
the three.-turtles to the mediation, or
O? ?iS ?e??jS?S Ci" fSSCtrG?? v? ine TTCW
envoya waa made except for the fol
lowing brief statement issued through
the state department on the authority
of the three diplomats: s
"The mediators have delivered to
this; government and are sending!out
to Ceneral Huerta and General Car
ransa requests that representatives
be appointed to confer wtth the me
Hebels, Hnerta and IV S.
The proposal to bring together, spe
cially designated representatives was
the leeuit of an all. day session of
the South American envoys. The sug
gestion had been made to tbeni from
varions quarters that much time
}Ud the problem of
simplified by. such
their supv-"
ed that reprcsen
probably wi?l cot
. to pass on points
liscussion with
uid sound out
Jtat before formal
proposals are actually made, the me
diators would have an Idea ?f .thotr
probable reception.
EnfirjV Confident.
The envoys felt coufldent tonight
the step they had taken would meet
with favpr by ?? concerned, believing
there cofcid be no objection to a move
calculated to facilitate the progress
of the work.
Thus rar response? from General
Huerta and General Carranza have
not been clear as to whether the dSr
rerenees between the United States
and Mexico arising out of the Tampico
Incident alone would be conBtdered by {
then) <>r whether tbcy-would consenti
tailvei. here, it is pointed out. such
"Id'be bridged over for
1 conference with the
fTth?ng" pertaining to
b* discussed and even
Kitted before the stage
Sbsals Meat reach?d. .
le fore
s? roi
y Mexfce.
known that the
concentrate their
attention oif rs> snbjeci oC pac?
i/in* Me?D^t<??pi?s that difference
ket.w?en tb? Huerta government and
.ited States might become seoca
[ i the solution of the
entire j?robiem. Names of
pensons' who. might, be acceptable to
ill factions in Mft*!co ?for ?fc* position
erovia?^pi'ii ilerttt nendhur "a
?eflt, in av-ir ii:,: v, - i,
:hat ?tage, arf^&iria- suggested to the
> and In the tale-]
& vital points will j
edlators. The in
prove beneficial I
>*.\ a * Pineal Vo
New Storeroom* ?nd New Home?
Are Seen fa AU Parts of the
y. Btvttting City
While Anderson is certainly not in
the midst of a boom or anvthine ao
pionviiiug iiinC, i'uc t?ty is UiakiUK
more rapid progress now than It baa
ever done before according to those
Anderson people who have lived here
for year*. Never .before has there
Bieco so much activity in the sals tit
real estate; never before' has there
been sn?h a demand for houses. Store
rooms in any part of the city are at a
premium end tr. is said that houses for
rent are hard "to find. The city is
bustling .und business conditions here
aro vastly improved ov?t a year ago.
Contractor*! of the city say .that they
have more work than they can do and
that they cannot find the carpenters
(h? hrick.mason's and other artisans
for the werk, 'fhey have doseus of
contracts under way in various por
tions of the c'ty and more work is
Wanted, ?neu dav.. . .
At present there nre 15 store rooms
in Anderaon. either, in course of con
ctruction or to be begun, within the
next fortnight and' it would be impos
sible tor'any man to estimate the num
ber cf d~c5 ; ? goiraB
A. man came to Anderson yesterday
on a visit'for-the first time s?neo h
left here sis years ago abd he coul
hardly believe, that this was t^he town
that he once knew.- According to his
story. College View was One hunting
ground when ho llrat left and North
Anderson was entirely out In the
country. Whr-n hp saw^tho beautiful
home? in College Vifsr ??i? the- hand
lome residences in North Anderson.and
Anderson'* other beautirul uurbut
homes ho was astounded. He
heard that Anderson was uinklnc
derful progress but he was not oret
cd for any such sight as greeted him
wh - V ne- iir.<> > i ? y ' yesterday.
Many t?jament:
Splendid work b( i; 1
Tho-white way venluru has oroved'to
be one of the most popular ideas An
derson has known in a lbn*r while and
the people of ail the city are more
than anxious to see'the lights turned
r.n fnr ilia f ri.?ii _ 1 la Gillian
air will then be lent the city'which
she has never possessed before and
Anderson will be even orctticr. by
night; than she is pv cav. it such a
thing be possible.
The new nave?? : :, . ?n various
parts of the city come in for universal
admiration or:.the part of the orooertv
owners and the city official* nre hiarhlv
praised for what thev are dolos: in,this
nt " made bv
the railroada eoroine into the ctlv ex
rite the Montent of every visitor stoa
" ' vi- 'i<i ; will be'one
ot Anderson's best advertisements. The
?tranger naturally understands that
the railroads would not soend their
money here If they did not believe that
the work being done by th* Blue
?ivon the people of the city cannot ap -
preciate kbat. this rueana Until all the
debris is rcmov?sl from the street and
then they will'bo astonished by the
rcmarkhbte < :
Acderren'??.'?njr.y:::;; :r.cr'e prosper
ity nou/, than she has over known be
fore and her people e;
hey have never been before. With
!:?>, '?Ir-??Rh?fnf:rrrjrnaip. and
business conditions such as to make
living easy, Anderson in rabidly reacti
ng the point where it will he recca
tised-as the beat of all th; smaller
>bert !
Representative In Congress Says
Magnate la To Blame For
Bloodshed In Wart
(By Associated Press),
'ludiiuglcn. May a.-? Messages tejl
futUc efforts tb?s f
on to bring about a settlement of
Colorado cool mine strike
eluding tx telegram from John 1). Rock
efeller, Jr., saying mining company
officials la Colorado.-"were the only
ones competent to deal with the ques,
Uon," were made public tonight.
Representative Foster, chairman of
thr> house, mines committee, who gave
out the telegraphic correspondence
bad been attempting to get Mr. Rock'
fjfellcr, operators and officials , of the
mines which the rockefellers partly
control, ahd the striking operatives to
getber. following a White House con
ference. ^BBHIHP11
Rockefeller la Flayed.
"In my conference with Mr. Hoc
f feller Jat. his New York office.'1
Fosrtef announced, "I urged_ on b
tm importance or sun:
strike difficulties to' a neutral boa
of arbitration, believing the trouble
Could be peacefully bettled."
"I spent February in Colorado as
chairman of the committee on mines
and miring, investigating conditions.
Mr. Rockefeller had not been; the.-: in
ten years. I. have (been over in
property and have examined tuen ou I
both sides of the controversy. Then1;
is nothing In the differences which
nnot be settled by arbitration.
Union Not Prime Pcatasje.
"1 understood from the statement of
iIlium Creep, aecretary-treasuref of.
the International Mine Workers l'Aton,
the demand that the union he reoog
nlgcd 5g sot the iaaue. The .graut n
IrWc^lsY "^i?l^?%ii^^^w?tO^
thp .'matter to ^adjustment by arbitra
tion? Mr. Rockefeller cannot evade
his responsibility."
atrv\Foster telegraphed Mr. tlcckr.
aylng Wil
jtjreen, secretary -treasurer of the
iM/natlonal Mine-Workers Union, had'
>a. He
- -win*
Jgmglc a atatement ti
of the union or unionizing ci
ttked l??.:'-Kov'Aft7c!;^; !,* he
ipg to entto? liegoUatiourf i
ment of the on that hi
Mr. *.pek<
forwarding the telcgruni to the of*
l?cers of tho Colorado 'Fuel and from
Company In Denver, Whtf'wUj? the of
ficial- of the other mining companies
lji Colorado, be said, were the only
ones competent- to deal : with that
Sharp Report t<> John jf?
Mr. Foswr replied to xlv.a Thursday
with a sharp message to Mr. F.ockefeL
1er, which the latter up to tonight b*e.
not acknowledged. Mr. Foster tele
"Your telegram somewhat a dlsap?
poin.tmeat, we were in hopes that you
would deem the situation sc grave
and serious that you would give vom
personal effort* to prevent Urn further
k$Ulng of men, women and children
ajid we renew tlie hope that you will
reconsider and. resolve to use
personal influence and author!
this humane end."
Kenan's Son to lfa|*tv
ttom> May 2.?Announcement of
godent of Juntas Spencer Mbf
son of J. Pierpont Morgan of
IMg^jTork; to,; Misa Ironise Conversa,
an tighter of Frederick Shepperd Con
verse, of this city, wee mane today by
thr? young woman's parents. The an
nouncement was not unexpected, al
though a few Jays ago Mrs. Converge
said that a report of the engagement
was unauthorized. Mr. Morgan is a
I senior at Harvard.
Chances Are That Docket Cannot
Be Cleared In the Usual
Two Weeks
Heretofore there haa been only one
week of crliniusl court at the, May I
term of the court of.general session*
or Anderson county, and this has I
never been sufficient, but since the
old circuit hss been divided it Is prob
able that three weeks of court w'Hl
take place this mouth Instead of one I
as heretofore. The dark of couii baa
already drawn two juries for the' first
and second week respectively and 111
is commonly believed that still a third
week Will bo necessary. All told there
are between 125 and IRQ case* on the
docket tor this term. 10 or more of
these'cases being murder trials. So
licitor Smith said yesterday, however,
that many of these are continued
cases and that in some instances it
will bo -necessary to nol proa the
Mr. Smith Is of the opinion that not
only th? two weeks but all ot the
three weeks will be necessary for
court at this time ir the docket is to
be cleared up.
[.Story Says. That Negro. Dropped
?_. . _m
* wet vwn wa wwf
To An Automobile
.....i ? it..)?
tereat was created in Andersoc yester
day by a story going the rounds con
cerning a negro dropping dead., Tw
tale wfcbt thai, the negro recently pur
chafed an automobil? from ? lot
dealer, a second hand machine, an
that he ran the engine for two daj
without any oil. finally the engin
could stand the strain no longer one
Uio whole thing dropped out of tho
machine. The negro then went to the
dealer from. whom he had purchased
the machine and asked as to how
much the repairs would cost. The
dealer thought over the situation for
? few minutes and then toid the negro
that he could manage to fix it up for
$2&?.' That was more money than the
darkey, had ever heard of and to* lUlia^
hute^tat.dcalcr proaopneed the figura
he ke?k-<i .... :;c.nrett to deathHr as
' ' The original story said ?hat tho
negro actually died of fright but it.
I was later related that he merely
;ed and now it is said that he has
o Is ssld
to be excusable, bedsose he bad pal "
lull the money he had for the purchat
only il cents when he had auch a nar
row escape.
for congress
Well Known Citizen of Grcen
i wood -asd Native of Anderson
fe% .Being Urged to Run
riMAakWA?A 2. Pr?e??s here
land in other sections of the Third,
srenslonal district have been urg
[ log V. C. Fcatherstone. the last few,
days to make the. race for Congress
! this summer. Mr Peatherstone is one.
of (he ablest men in public life In this
part of the State, eminent aa a law-;
yer and a cttizea of the highest qua!- !
itty.f He has enjoyed a.splendid prac-j
tlce at the bar since moving to Green-'
'wood and has thoroughly identified
h1? soir with the town and country.
lSj?fc"winntv and has friends and ad-,
p?jjP**3 in every section of district
. ?. Elraore Has Made Formal!
Declaration Of His Candidacy
For City's Head
The second candidate to announce for j
Mayor or Anderson in tbe columns of j
The Intelligencer fa B. E. Elmore. at!
present a member of tho city council |
arid mayor pro tern of tie city. Or.
|Hh> Ash more and C. E. Tolly are
being prominently mentioned for t>e
ofhi-e. although neither has made say
declaration of his Intentions. W. H.
?, who made the
?.* '
Company Claims That It Haa a
Valid Contract With City and
Not School District
The Southern Public Utilities com
pany Saturday cut off 4hc water from
Ib? city schools,, and unless there-J*
somo arrangement, mado the schools
will probably be closed Monday. Supt.
?3. C. McCants State? yesterday fruit
this was no reason why Um' ^lldrsn (
should not report for school, aa boujo
adjustment of the sittotfftn may .be
reachied by that time, and every child
should he cn hand.
This unfortunate situation is due
to the railure of the trust?e? of the
school to pay the water bills for the
laat three months. The amount is not
lane*,; but the trustees contend (tba>
they are entitled to recelv
fqr the' schools until the nxnlratlan tif
the old contract between the
lhe water company. The water com- >
pan y clainiB to be an '?uoeent by- '
Stander aud that the tragtees should
pay the hill unrt go beck to the jfclty
lor a Tcruna ror u ir the trfisteee real
ty feel that the city should, pay !t
^nd not the trustees.
Some time ago the,bill for water
w?a; held up by the trustees, pending
Inquiry. So far ae is linovn the trus
tees hare never received a legal opin
ion on the matter, bat on succeeding
months have declined to pay the bills.
On account of a certain glariug p?b
Mention tije pre?l?ent of the Sontu
ern Public Utilities eotnpaov, Mr. Z.
V. Taylor, declared that the pros
pective- bondholders of the oom&*ny
would demand a ctoar title and h&
wrote to the trustees a courteous and
1'rank letter warning him that vaeily
more wan involved than th> mere sell
ing ot water to the .schools and thai
j*ior ir.e water wit
'May, unless the hi
Tita Board'* tosiw
The matter was hei?,
took no ao'lon except to s?
believed that the schools were
I titled to Water undsr the old ctH.?
I' which wouid not have expir?e trn't?
one year from September, the South
,ern Public Utilities company tjh* or
dcred the water cut off unless the Dili
is paid by Monday.
' At a meetiug of the board of true
tees at which the matter was diauusa
cd somewhat informally, it was ?nid
that the attorney? tor the t
trustee? and the coin nan y tfitgjylw.
abl9 to untangle the knot,
on this. ('apt. If. H. . Watk'ins, M
n,?y for the Southern !
company talked i
some of the gentle
to form a basis u]
suggested certain thlngi
to act. This was not ai
baa been atated erron?
sense that the company
to compromis? the mat
stated that the company
protection of its right
to submit the entire
fudges of this circuit,
Prince, the father of
in this city.
The suggestions ?_
Waikins ??e?* iset ft^?i a pun
at the meeting of the truste
and the following resohitio
"That in the event that the water
Is cut off from the city schools that
Messrs. J. A. Brock, J. Ml'Paket and
J. r.. Sherard be empowered td take
auch steps aa may seehv -ReceissiV
to protect the Interests oi the sChnfeta.'*
The plan offered by Capt. Wfetgf**
to the mutter settled
Is as follows:
It is suggested, that
settle the question at issue between
the Southern Public Utilities Company
und tU? Atirtpr?nn Rc)itu? r?ie?<
to charges for water sire
franchise was granted, that thtf igs?ii
be submitted to the presiding- jdcf??
>nt. the next term of the cdnrt, agdttan
; agreed Ktatenwot of facts, as folfow*:
t. Set out all franchises aug con
tracts between- ihe*efty of flnjtfrY'Ji
and Anderson Water, Light ahd'Pow-?
er Company.

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