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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
v. J
The ques
question for
and no other
For the
!".i ^ "i h
In 0m
$X these price
At the ab
no higher than
Our caret
*n making and s
per cent of what others
?rs can please the man of
?? simply select your fabi
have y Our measure caret
for delivery it must satis
mm , ,i! .'"iiuj?
Fop Sale?I hav-ithe Hyde Cultivators
on hand, and. boys, you know'they
are the heat, Also *u>rn, fodder,
pea vine and- alfalfa hay and stover.
C. L. DW?N,
jG-astp Anderson, Route S.
Fsr Sale?Wh?to Indian Runner puck
etfea at tl.GO per thirteen. Patten <
Strain. Wnnere at Madison Square'
Oak Grove Farm.
Fortraan Road.
3-ai ' t Anderson; a C.
FOR 8AI.K?500 \iay old chicks IS
12 to IS cents each ; comma offl.
Tuesday ana Saturday; Buff and
Barred Plymouth Rocks; Belt and
waok.i 1). C. Holland. Phono Coun
try operator U?.0d.
tfANTEB?Typewriter pawbsaera.
sale; cheap. AH makes. Price,
sheet on regnest J. B. Crayton %1
Ca., Charlotte. N. G. 'I
. hu>tt
Wanted 3lee??Reftned 8cuth*rn
hentleuian desires room in refined
Anderson name. - Address 'Tcrjmv
??q?t7 Care The InteUiiNib?er.
8T^^N'-~Th^rtiday night ftbjfe^lfl
front or Picture Show. One Fordi
Toftrhig Car. now machine. Number]
-'<*. Mctur Number r.6?7?.'
Goodrich T?f?e. Twenty Five hol
^f?R-teWar?. Jtso. f. Ch?phiy Auto
Greenwood, s pi
Taise? fc*~? bJac?t and white ?Botted
heiter, abont one year niA OWBcr
can have same , by proving owner
' ship and paying for this advertise
It. ft. BURGBSS,
G-3-3tp Beltoa R. F. D. 3.
v mi W I
f hereby^annonnow myscV
. the fnlea ?f the l>*?d&
I Foi* IW
>tion eVey man is as
all who want Nifty3
month of May the (
Bult F??ttei?i
on to the regular Hi
is. These are some
ove pr'ces or a wide ran
re?dy-UvWear costs,
liily worked out system
?lHng high grade clotfii
charge, often for inferio
conservative tastes or
ric in our local store, sel
uiiy taken by an expert
sfy you, or you do not
^? Ote W Day ot the Mme
F?st?vci Part of Us? Cbautau
qua Course 'in Anderson
a o o o o o o o o e o e a 9 o e ? ? ?!
o FBOUBAM T0RA? ~~ 'a
0 ?? o
t> The rkaotaoeua Program To. a
s daj W??l ?r Suited To nnn?ay o
* T?ls a?terewi??. brgmstag a? o
?>w**3*i ex-Senator Fran* v?^M1
? mm ??? Wait will expose pe)y.
i? gamy und StoMoan?*?. o
r? Toa?ffht at H *Seta*\t ur.
?' trttl ypeak at the tent, e
? a*il tirer* w?l te sa .?tpri^W?^
B se?ttjiff at ?BS fietMIJst ?Barch u
& whom ?v. Ppr^ue will preach, o
Abs?ltrtety impt salbte. Thero la nu
way *eep BoTtumf? ?tefri here lh
defthttel;. Tho doughty bsad-nsast er
has ueoa oiret*?d tfce'fc?frs to Un
and ?oj >. lott? .tlttft b?ilhat?d- tfe
wa? w??fhg to say "A?dsrson te gy
Town," ; and Ws %s plays* tl.
semble chorus to that Witt? great ?f- j
what n tre?\ It was, thl* n??t of the ]
bcreat ccriiettlat atti VawcII selected
band. Would ihar ww con?d hol.? I
tb?ns, ?ton for & day k>trg*r, and ??e
Whaley did everything hu could
nge for thens to remain , over j
hr.t Mr. Kryl hud an engsse-.
AshftnUe, Ui O Ptid found it 1
rest mi
d otbera. !
?ontfi of 1\4U
king himself now is
, tailored-to-measur
olumbia Tail?Ving (
is At SIS"
ies of fabrics we ar<
of the swellest of t
ge aboye and below the
, our immense business <
ng all result in benefit to
r tailoring.
the man who desires
ect the style in which y
, and we do the rest. Wh
have to accept the goo<
magneUo scepter was compelled to
draw two tuneful encores before th?
audlcnco wouid let him rest. The
xylophone soloist. Mr. Hurt, was the
best,ever heard la this section of tho
country. ,
The band attempted or. ? of tho heavy
Wagnerian airs, "Dos Klieln.cold" fron*
the opera of that name. Fe.v grand
opera orchestras in this country, with J
full complement of strings could hove
"givea it any better effect. For it is
a fact most patent that while tho I
.Chantauqua circuit will not in its
limitations permit more than 90 pieces
to th? hand, yet every man la selected
With the greatest care ko that capa
bility and' opplicaton will count for)
'A discussion of""the complete pro
gram would''be' weartsomc but \\ ?y
j.?m????w?oie to 'aaVEnough of Mr.
*e solo work. He hnd the au
Ip?B^?ic?d, enrapluVed as th :
. note? flowed to easily from
lutiful cornet, a. m?at rplee? of
workmen ?n compilait it to th-3
fact that the bandmaster ls; the great -
eat cornet player m America today.
He gave fe representation of wh:?t I
might roughly ?>o d?eortbed as playtng j
his own accompaiment while trilling a 1
melody tn trlple-tohgue. h was a dif-j
flcnlt foat, but did hot appear to 'b?}
mt>ro' tires a ' pasti?ie for* this master 1
of[ the instrument.
in' the owning there was a selec-j
?<0r. from stand Op^v uic t>?ntonl
tOoinp?fty. The first act of "Martha"
I was snng. very vejl Indeed.. Follow-]
ling closely upon of thef
j Cathedral Choir ?ud somowhat over
[uaMptag by tup Kry) playera, the sing
gffllw^Vo ?t a real disadvantage, but
held their own weit..
was even morn fetching than that of
the afternoon, for tho tent was close in
tho afternoon, and'Mr. KryS had Jump
ed from a morning eohceit in ?recn
vU?r. His S40??? work.avnight wa? lit
tle short of marvelous..
The cracludtaff mas?ber by the baud
was a "t?irlller" which appealed par
ticularly at this Unv , l:
m\ o? *ar talk and u:
ftr eoag* ohd
following syno
story. *
TatsiMh Tan*
all Is wvitl. Dri ^,
gua. breakfast caj(. - :|^??^h soldiers,
fa? into line, soldi-; v. r.iir?^il^?ir;1
tette. Off for tfc< ;>.!. rut aboard,
goodbyes. Train-.^mnaring in the
march. -Tramp, Tramp7 M?e ftsys?raj
Marching." Memories of the Blue and j
Oray/?*) "lXxle/r tl??iRt^i and
Hhr'?pB SB
iy By I ?
where shall ? bu
> clothes?and aime
Company will offer
... 1 .1.!! " <* ..I . H l' I
3 shewing a big vai
he season's pattern
se prices we can furais!
done in several hundrec
the* buyer, and lie find
122 W. Whitner i
Commencement S??on Begins
Almost At the Same Time Ab
Local Institutions
Coiunuuv.-jmcnt exercise? wltt Ik;
held i? AwuoToun ai almost *a?: Same
time when the closing ""'t'aya of the
year will be celebrated zi Andcrsoa
college and at the Fraser Academy.
The college exercises uro t > bl^ih on
Ma> 22. while the fjtll.tp: anhcol wiU
begin lta exercise? on stay 2?. Bt>?h
the CV5sU win be'larg?ly attended.
Ali is bustle at 'h:> two inailtutlona
? > v. preparing for the clo.-c o* \*hat
hi-1? proved to be the i.?oaj mir- ...
years ever enjoyed by Aiid'?Wn'b Is
stitntlons of ? tearnibf. The papila
have done ra<*? *?d the isstruetc?
are more than pleased over the re
suits of the ypsr's labora.
It waa sah1, at the cellcsre that this
year's commencement bxercisce will
not be bo very elaborate bfttfiflfn
every event on the program was a dis
tinct feature and that a remarkable at
tendance from all parts <tt ih*? tkbA?
la t? be fespect?d. : , " '
Tfco BW -event of the prosrahi.. is
scheduled* for Friday .ntg'.jfc, M?r ?Kt;
at wfci.m' Hme ? musical. concert/'w???
r* MVen by ta* m???fc*t eiaes?s of the
college. Thta wilt bo fallowed by o
Joint ???eting of ;i&e litersr> sdeletfeb
ca asta^iay ?b? on Sn?ds^ cornes the
b&e?Al?nre?le serroohYoh?' of'the do^
cUod events of the commencement
a?as??-. The eoiiece coo s Id* r* iiiii it
y that suit? We e*
tit every mail nowad
some veiyjsped?l
nety of new woolen
s, just from the mill
i you made-tf>W??isiSfe i
1 store connections, and
s it possible to buy fra?t
IWL018 no:
5t> Anderson, S. C.
fitting tfchooj in the State. The exer
cises; at thie school begin " on the
morning of th? 24th, with the bacca
laur?at^ Bermon. It has not been an. -
announced Who wIH. preach the ser
mon but the other plans are already
under way, Tuesday morning the
oratorical contest, one of the features
of the w?ok with the studenta^^HH
take place and- on Tuesday evening
will come- tie presentation of diplo
mas, the literary address, the award
ing of the medals and the formal clos,
lag of the year. The awarding of the
medals ia a matter of Importance to
all the students of the academy and
they are taking a deep interest in
There are three prizes to be deliv
ered "at the comm?beement, the James
D.. Hammett pr|t?. to be given as a
cash prize of izu jiot the best essay
on a . subjeci selected by Mr. H?m
The Beatv Bih?e prise of $5.00 offer-?
Sa\'fr Ms.kaymosd Bssty' for ic.?f
highest profl el'?n?y in I the first y??aT
Tbc- faculty medal offered by tbe
faculty for the best address to be de
livered by d number from' the senior
class. j
NumWs of, Andeffio? JPcopk
rsa? To \fa To Nortis C*\ro
- H&a For Commecceiaeht
in aftsw^r
s, to b?
Nothing at pricey
our many years
us at a saviiig of
is outdoors and plain living but you
need something to take am) help,
td keep ^ur systeA regular itt ail Its
functions. \ ;
' Ra Lira Ta
Will Act on Your
s. Su?3m?- btiower <rii -.the iviUsd
flowers. Spring is just' around the
comer v. ith that .usual "tired feeling"
effect anddt behooves you to take hold
of life with '% Srsa- b*???>. k. 1?, t.
wi|l give you a KObd atarL
60 cents and 1.Od per bottle at your
druggists, .
Manufactured and. Osarantced by
Evmtf Pharmacy
'S ?I? sorts o f
houses iti';. $1 pifU
SU.O?; tlsft elfte-. ' . . :. II
'IS" il

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