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Does Your Radiator] jLeak ?
will stop the leak.
We have all sizes Radiator Hdse. Re
place the old Hose, because they may be
closed up inside, causing your motor to
' '?~tV ihn ar-^w T?'*r44.sl
Will fix a punctured Tube or cut in your
e baye found at last a .perfect Port
able Vuieanizer?see th? cut, save your
self much trouble this coming hot weath
er by Vu?ea?f?irig your tubes with
We can still sup p I y y o u w i t h
ttre Willbim LauiftUtf who will
m?V? Info her new home on
Mata street tb?s weok, was the horn
ores Tcw?Sy afternoon when MraH
J. T. Tribole Entertained with a
kitchen shower, A number of Mrs.
Lattghlln'B frl'jnds were invitj^ on
this occasion *nd each brought a use
ful kitchen article.
T?V9 quests were greeted at the door
by Mrs. Frank Johnson and Miss An
na Trlbble Who invited them into the
tiring room where the hostess - and
[honor?e received.
[ In the dining room Mrs. Ernest
I Cochran presided asllstod by Misses I
.Marie Seybt. Zadie Fretweii and Bea-1
Rie Tribble. Here a tempting salad
jws?.served}/ j
-Mrs. feul? Oiillngham
Mrs. It. R. King
At Herne
Thursday, May seventh,
Five te Seven
Mrs. WilUam? Laughin, Towel Shower
i Mrs. William Laughlln
Towel Shower
The Junior ?HWOW r?*?s o! the
First Presbyterifen Church held its
.regular monthly meeting Tuesday ?f
iterncnn With Mtaa Caroline Vfehce on
Church street. After ? short business
sofesion <be hostess served refresh
in -?V.K.
The members of the Class present
won* MUjglWeSBie Browne. Wee*a
Glltner, Kathleen Norrycor Lola OCR
Ramsey. ISve?: : HarfrUbo, Floride and
G?ne Harris;, E. Z. Tembleton, R?sa
Simp3bn and Mrs. Bennett TownBend.
" Tfc"s Wbrdfth'B 'Missionary ' Society of
Rt.K Jbh?*s Methodist church was de
lightfully, enterta^ Tuesday after
i ner nome
on Faut "afreet;
Mrs, Heard Used dog'wood and the
other wild Hover* to decorate hor
rooms;. Assisting the hoste?* m the
hall and living room were Mrs. D. B.
BlecUley. Mrs. Richard Roper, Mrs.
3. H. Evans, Mrs. R. EJ. B?rrias. Ms-a
i.?gon. Mrs. Clara Osborne and
Mrs. R. e. Ugon.
>n the dining room Mrs. 8, I>, 1
Brownlo?, Mra. A. w. AdamjsV'a^ijFj
Mrs. e. e. Edmo're pored tea. They j
were asHlstsd by Mrs. .1. M. EvaifS,
itrs. S. M. Kay, Mrs. Will Broyles,
and Miss Georgia Marcha? and MJss
Louline Bighy who eei-ved delicious i
AboutWtiy ladles called, j
little mm H?'?wens? I
"'Mifca iftttaa H???Vn* w?/ the
charming 'hostess Thursday afternoon
when she gavo the very young set one
of the most delightful parties of the
season.* In the receiving tin* with
51 iss Hungens were ??issea Frances !
LlgWj, Georgia Lee MUldrow, Sara'
Townaeod. Julia Howard and Mary
Sue Speer.
iUAfcer ths CfcHera had been received ._
thSj werp ??riie? out on the lawn.j
where a. number of delightful games
were played. Lcto in the afternoon a
pink nnd white Ice course was served.}
The Cate?cb? Chapter D. A. R. was'
uoiisnimtiy ente#s*ihed Monday after
noon when Mrs. T. ?. Crayton was the
Tho following program w?a enjoy
Vncal Solo?Mrs. Delay Wllkina. j
Vrtt'Bt ?nirw--Mira. WIM Holt. j
lading?Mrs. Frank" Todd. I
Report from *h* Constitutional Cor- I
?reis recently hfeld in Washington?
Mrs: Chester Plant.
Aft?r the 'program had been com- j
pleted Mra, Cr?yton serve4 the guests i
v.'it.. v. tlclicj^w ?aU>M Ounrpe. j
?l?RTHU.ty PaS??? , . j
u\?> MIsb Emily Tribbie ce?ebnuud.J
h?r eth birthday Friday afternoon on !
Thirty five playmatfcH were invited!
>r cf games
'.with'.six tiny
les of pink ro?
?plcted tbta lovely cos
wjiviior. sftss f Uvjag
oloVed twt- bridesmaid*.
Jftrt* tb a beautiful Nile
a crop? de chine, en trahi. The
lovitness of - thp bodice of Lierre lace
and chiffon was enhancedt by crystal
trimmings and the bouquet which she
cam?d-of pinlf rose birds and maV
den hair feres.
fcitt!? Beulah Cunningham was es
peeially loweiy in a hand-made lingerie
dfrssai- fp? carried a single largo
rose in the cejiter of which was the
tV?e Wjft?.entered with her father..
Mr; A. G.'HBoozer, and they were met!
l-UklSJ^?0* room *>y Mr- Cennlcg
MftOI? beet man; Mr. Arten B*
af?? Dir. Mack L. Carlisle performed
the impressive marriage ceremony.
Miss Cunningham's bridal gown of
ivory cbawHeose draped In princess,
lace was nartieuiarir suited to berl
d?ihty, glrli-?; beauty. Th? veil ar*
ranged in- Juliet cap effect with a
wreath of orange blossoms fell to the
end of tb* court train. Her shower
bououet vas of bride'e roses and val
ley imifeg.
Immediately after the ceremony an
Infor**! r?ception was held, the famv
ily and Intimai friends being pre*^
ont The guests were invited into the
dining roc? br Mrs. George Henrv,
This room ws* lovely in a'color
scheme of pink, the polished table was
covered with r'uny idee : and su im
mense basket of n'.nk roses enrtwipw
*d by crystal and silver candle, sticks
i>lnk shaded it^H com
plete* the aril?tlc appointment*..
Streams of nink tulle from the-f mir
corners of the room were carried to
thf chandelier. 4
Mrs. BtlhV Bedell end Mrs. W. H.
Coodlet*. \ut the nink and white block
?ve?3 ^a?,^tk the bride's ca|rt? ami
nink anrt whfte mints wdn-nerved by
Misses ?arrto Dufgess. IbkV
: --Vm?npnnm an? Klsle -Flre
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cunningham left lm
"ftfcT tho ceremonv for* a
northern trip, . .- J V
: Sffa- J? ?se H??i
Mr#._ James Evans
Tgttepavld Beaty
IKdR--.-. BoaeTtill Club "
ToiM&t, my firth, >
?* ivc O'clock.
Wesley i Cltt83 It S.jV. P.
Bltll>?4KL|??T HONORS?
Oae of t?? mo?t delfghful affairs of
the week was the linen shower giv^n
Friday afnOrutffcrt by Miss LuHte Buk
Hs^- in..honorer Mi.ss> Alma plink
The gucstg .were welcomed by Mr?.
Jim Sullivan and invited into, the par
tor, where the hostess aud gneat of
honor received, assisted by Miss Al
thale BpWjtey, M?. OoSeid? Mrsi JeSi?
Sullivan and Mrs. Jtaaf Keith;Misa
Helen Bnrriss tavit?d Um? callers into
the livinp; room and fa a few momenta
fairies aaived with c boaatlful May
for the bride-oV
Mra -Tom Allen sang an appropriate
Hong gad theh the guests were invited
Initx. t ht>j4i*i*>x rz^P^r' 22r~n? *eatS#.
of the table was a vase of exquisite
pink-' roses and: around thee?'i>'~*??
comports oiled with. niak and v.-?v-tr
mmtR. Pl^k Hhuded r?ndle? .?dde?
to the favored color, > Her* Miss Wal*
'ace ami ?iiss KsUiieen- Horrtta served
a dcliciotta a?lad and ice- cowrn*
pM^Maddox troua Ocala. Fla4> Who1
lias been the gueut of her sister. Mrs.
v/uher?po?? Dodge, ; was too honoreni
ra?aday morning *feea Mr*.> rujrmrind\
?*aty entertained-atthe Hotel ChK
irnols with a sewlngi party. ' Afier ah j
xmoaiug sewlnn contest; Misa Pu&kin]
?& was the jud#fe. av/srd?fll
an excjirtsRe hunch of j
5 own. S??^j??ri?.- Mra.i
riven a pair of Ambroid- j
as a son venir of thel
A tempting salad course w&i
two doaen congenial friends,
?rVlft?t ?'HH ATHIJA?^
ijomjU at the ?elifvue bon ? ?.r ? few
[?Mb*. :
Frank Dickson of TowtiVllle was a
(kainass vfcft?tov to th? *fty ??#er4iy>
?S?ss ?allf? Thompson of Irhtaoii
?s shopping lb the city yesterday.
Miss Oaf r le Ho welt of Lebanon was
seaong the- shopper* in ths chy yetrter
IJ. S. Land of Columbia, vas in <he
city yesterday far afryVnoure o?t b*h
IflettS; 1 I
awaife- ??
Magistrate C. P. Key of Betton, was
a nusiness visitor to the city yester
day. '
IJ. Louts Gray haa been spending
^*>ast week tn Columbia on 4**4 >
Stewart Land of Columbia is spend
ing a few days in the eft* ?m busi
L.?>H. Mchey of the pair Play see-,
tloa spent a few tw?rs In* rte ctty yes
?. P. Rogers of iyt, ?bpta 4, spent
*?s1nfts8?ttr* ,n C-ly" ya*t*rdMr 0,1
Miss Mae Pant of the liefiafton see
frtsniT^1 ?lw-.cltr. frUa'
* ?^^tt />* tethfreibhv ft.
i-. ..in ?
Thad E. i.'orton of Greenville, was
l&Tthe elty yesterday, a guest
ChKfuota botet.
. W. c. Klag and ?...H. Prince or
TownvIHe fa the city yesfcerdav
for a few hours.
Mrs. Ella Jones and'daughtcr. Miss
Ay. of the Pork.Bsetlofc. wsre ih the
p. Ellodg? of La?reua rv,
of *thft visitors io apehd part ot !
day 4n Anderson. ?r
-, L. M. PeHon af Bnetta VlBla. Ga.. ts
PttBding sonietinv* In Anderson mn&
fri?hds and rel?ttves.
. ) ..
Henry Farmer of the Foi
A bnaineaa visitor to .tin
for a few hours.'
kena a. Matilsch of A*dersoot
.oute l, was among the visitors to
spend yesterday in the.city.
and/: Mr?,. Warren McAllister of
tSeptus are spending a rew'?ays la
tho -city with frieima rmd retatH^tt.',,
Mr*. Maddos has returned to'her
home in Ocalo. Pia., after-ft visit to
her sister. iMm. I), Witberspooa
I lodge.
;.' V-V ' "W " ' t.
, J? P. "Drake of Porkville was In An*
o*fa<Vn yesterday, en rOUtr> to Jack
sonville where he ?oes to-visit friends
satt relativ*?.
O ? O o o o o o t> o O O 0 ?*? o o o o
Ahdef&jn College, May 2.?Thla hg?
been a. fut! ana busy week at Ander
sen College. The young ladles have
let^oyeti tbe prK?e^* -s?t??dfe? the
Chnutauqua and also have kept up;
their regular ^ duties aad class work.
Miiwss Strenatban, Wakefietd,, Mar-,
rayj. Knight have, been in Atlanta this
week attending the Grand Oper*.
Miss Mprtfe MoClwkv of Abbeville
in risitfeg her friends Misa WHUaias.
roHege {Hrfa tobe'**? members pf her ;
Sttaday School class. The young le-;
dies; ?r? very fond of Mrs. Citnkscales
?nd highly appreciated tlils.opportun
most enjoyable afternoon in.t
Only two weeks until ezaialjis^toni
and commencement, and tbm ittw toh?
looked for esNT^rnuch ^l^l^pKMmK
rte? will be be7e.
t tu?r^ft? vrta, ********* iuUttn.
Chfcagd, May it. Mjf&mijir. t&t life
inprfMaateat for ths-'SKarder or Mrs.
Emma Kraft. ?.Cincinnati widpv
rmpocc^VoQ John ?. tteoKei
imposed, on Join ii. Koetters today.
h* ?tfdgo MdK>nai? m Otc
foiiTt. ^p4t??*!?, known as
some Jaxte,"" atmest coll aner
sentence was pronounced.
' Koettehe waa fciind gru?ltv
tng Mrs. Kraft v ,
flfi Wsrse li?t<\ p
<MdS ' > tMepiif^h/).: : . ,'<d
(her haa a hard time, n
a gray, he U old. it o
g msh, be ftrwc and
if his. wife ?tags
; Your S wli?WSrl??v iriade or m?rred m W
Jane, It you /jet il started off growing:- nicely
*<m preparation you'stand a very much bett
good crop and your cup will stfcn* adverse t
and Ausist. '
tt a pig: ?T?ls stunted in its early youth, it is almos
make m f^^rfr?ghog out of It l?f?r. If your.C?
if it gets*** shin or any of* the other ailments to i
We, it has to recover from this befor?ii can-take on
|f and it ney?f does as well as it would If ft tad not
Mes. ?dedta?ng, by-supplying Want food, ttf?
jrt? aud fteaWiy and strong and ft ?rows off from i
break ym*p arm and sel an* get R properly set and n
together, it is never as* shrong a*-befqre it was broken,
? broken wing never soars so high--Again."
And so it is with your cotton, fearlv attention and
Hoir ismorelhan half of the battl?.*Tfcere-^oo a
flWssstng paying. Y00 notice wh?t lop dressing did I
spring; as soon as the top dressing was administered, >
Out of the kinks, andaftyousidml?lster side dressing to?
wil? come out of the Rinks. The preparation for a
unusually line this spring, and where the oreparaii
tng is good and side dressing H bound to pav.
' Sdm?'f?Tffl??rs-IrtV? teuti? side dressing Unprofitable
H was applied tox?late; itBlwuW be applied early, as soon
your cotton t? a ^ad?$8AU?eC?ou do HOt Ca\
that you are going to w out;4md as soon as vou get the
your cotton, because y?? do not care to-Sld -tress gra:
car? of Itself In a crop if let a?one. As soou this Is c
side dressing should l>c applied and you are not going to
much oF it. Up ta a.fe^ years ago" Prance usctf ft
the whole United States OF America and they did not use it
either* The ?^i-ncii (?ri?eH.make've^fy tine ?rop?n
In a few years, people wi}!, wonder why we use so lit
now-in making crops. Joel Key tolditM wittet of a Mr. -
In Rot?hc? County who. side dressed his cotton every
vat?d it*, an(|. wlwn he wound up cultivating \\h
about 1800 pounds of fertllii?f^^ m? acr^?a?? wheu ,.
iathering his crop? he had ga?iered ??o bounds of^nt
Cre j mat seed cOtt?ri~4lnt cotton^ two batet weighin
each to the acre. Now, if this is not profitable, th? 1
better quit fanning.
i Side (dressing your cotton prevents disease to which cottof
because U is stronger and better able to -withstand Ih&e
Is stfong?r because it is letter fed. A well fed pig or i w?w
can resist disease better than a little sttmted ?ch'ld or pjg.
Then, when a man? cotton crop'grows oil wet!- when \?
and greasy and growing, It makes him fee? bett
Ui?J?fitrk. it better and he will ha
fects his oats a little rr)ore with a Cood crop th'
It glvfes hrm better - credit and it ogives. hini
muntty having a . good crop of gri
cotton, than having a little y?lloi
bier bee cotton. . The time Is past whe
ain his respectability and jarow.lmmhlA ha* 4
that they cannot get the*
?ogefS\had 110 trouWe of th;1
,en of irt the -Ciood' Book ; v.
does it. i:. ? ./
If ifou apply all your fertilizer \
" g rains g?t a part of it? the g
out In reducing your crop to .1
iutng crop gets probably not m"<
l^jrow, suppose you use:4oo pr
Yo? will have 138-ounces of amm
by the rains, the grass and cotton
ha Ve about 64 .ty?tices* of ammonia
to fertilize with this 64vo?nces of
little Fertillaer wtH make such a diff?re
th?s &fT?tenc? *y comparing a *?elt! ft
that Is ftot fettHfefcd. ;Y?? wiH come
m?ft 'are givln|r you good goods or pr
. when IWs Is *^oing oh tee strahl Qt) ttje COttORr
j^st-ai^he'-tmiar'^^'.ttt?vstrain is greatest, '
yp'hich is air*ady r?oUced,, is weakening, so j
ll?Tg by thrad?ittomitHFm?t that the sticlk tak
yeif mlpt say; f oV \
the supply is reduced and ?s 4ecrea?nr?rtdl'^0
else cao h do? ; When-your#arm^>v^-?.%e!t
Increase the food and theti they do not ^told t
did "not itJCrease ihehr fo?d; wh*o yos> lnc*??SS
you expect them to shed too?
in every Contest for cori! or cotton thai ha:
years past*, the one who got the prize side #re:
than Onee. i There is no accident abo'ul".thr$;. i
Mgg4foes not s?snt a ghost of a chance <>:
v'shtcst'Wh? ^oc^ rrOi sidedress. v
toi . :ade th? biggest cotton
?hs?ntj either; 4t was'ttnolher^ consequence. ^
give your ninie'enough com and oats Monday ji
Saturday -night, und you have no notion of givh
oats Bt? water in April to4a$t It umitOptobaf, b
wiieft yhu Ifettlfi?re^yottr cotton.in' AOril and exnei
ti? ?t mabireStn October.
??tm?hP- ni? cotton crop is hi; mo
it and be only makes one cotton cr
Jng th? icase, it *irl pay him to Yfurse his t^ftk^
has been estimated that for everyr dp?lar; a man
gets back f 3,60, le'avmg him a clean/ clear &rc
dollarh? Spends for fertilizer; Th^e^r?^J^g?
dressing, because in side dressing tlie crop gets 1
t??n&ievt H pets not over ha>f of that which ? :
to ftide dre
He is.me
a nut
he hari panteth after th
you plant,vc
sts a part;'tl

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