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The Anderson daily intelligencer. (Anderson, S.C.) 1914-1915, May 10, 1914, Image 9

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JOB BALE- Ht?Urc furniture, bureau
Md, tabica? chairs ano icniiivr in*!.
Alto International oiio-iulnute pout
Xand tui type machino and ?up?
brand hew. All very cheap.
Apply 828 Ella St. G-10-Up
foll BALE-Trio of white indian
Bunner Ducks foi- $3. Phone 396.
foi RALE-Tv o milch cowa. H. M.
denison, Sandy Springs. 5-10-12
j# Aile-White Indian Runner ?tick
bags at fl.fco per thirteen. Patten
Htraln. Wunara at Madison ?quare
uardcu .
Oak Qrovo Kami.
Pori man Uuad,
f>3l 't Anderson, B. C.
fW day old chicks 12
1-2 to 10 cents each} coming of!
Ttiesday and Saturday; Buff and
?torrad Plyraouib Bocka; Buff and
Brown Leghorns; natches Off every
week., D,, C./Holland, Phone Coon
tie opWor3303,
WAK TED-r-Bablca at the chamber J
commerce room, Friday afternoon,
llgy 16th, ol B o'clock. Seo n?w?
eecond hand typewriters for quick
ante, cheap. AU makes. Price
sheet ob reqneat J. Kt. Crayton %
Ca:, Charlotte. N. f '.r-fc-tf
WA??EB-To do tho tile and cement
work.in your homes. Gunter Cement.
Tile ' Co., Oppo?ito ! Townsend Lum
ber V.o. S*S9t
_^_ .
CAl^' at W>,?ellablo ?bon" No. Ill
\ ?Karen street and hare your ma
J enfoery and autos repaired and
painted by experienced mechanics. ?
?MMtgy.y "f. ??. , ,
Tko MMa^Trla! %M~4 yean old.
The fastest horse you ever bad tt* I
enanco to breed to will bc tha.e&L
.^a^^rto.Bff^,,Stable. mm-m?? M
, H willi n wwi ??I?IWMW?^^
Under tbU??a?d Will hi Y II II LBSUII?I
announcements O? candidates. The!
rates for tbMjt-ar? aa follows; Fcc
munt* ?MUMI? Aa hAlh dally RUd
Bcsal-wetkly. tijl, election $7.50; In
either alone;; Ib.oo, cask in advance
etrictly. ?ter; -city oWCes: in daily
vuly: Mayor, $?.00? *;4^*-53?vw?
I hmm?r announce myself a candi
da^-tpr ^yof - ?? Aade0""???, ?njbjact
ta^tJm. rules of tho Democratic pri
.1 ? .'. ^J11M|/?*VU1 !"' ?.'-"
;:;?L;-% Rlmorc is be?|l|?^(i??MWunced ?
aa candidate for mayor, subject to|
tb? rules of 4bo city v democratic MU
roary election.
Dr. W.Asbniore ls hereby an
nounced' BB a : candidate tor mayor, j
subject t.. i tl ?-1 ilea of tho city domo- j
craUc prlmary ulectlon.
l hereby announce myself , a candi- j
dato for county commiBatoner for tho i
Tbitm ? Section,. constating of Garvin.
Brtj^,(h-eek^ryUltaAi&t&o and Hope- j
Well townships, subject to thc action J
OtAtB^, ISSMiliJ ?MiL-gfrnii^
,?mnm? OMI
ikable groper-1
aeran A? M.. and
AB, vot?is must
ration cerUdcat* and
ord*r Coon
aiton or Anderson
upt. ot Education.
.amended.by tko'
jkftae.qrhfcah ttaaa.'
1 ?' ? " .
>J?'*%A''l.tt??ut J. if
The Senior PhlUthea Class of the i
First Presbyterian church received at
ihn ?mir..- of Mr*. T, A. Archer on
North Main street. Thursday afternoon
between the hours of four-thirty and
six o'clock in honor ot thc Junior Phil;
at boas. V?MY
-. The. reception was one of tbe1 most
delightful of the season. Quantities
of sweet peas were banked on mantels
and tables and the ladies receiving,
held a shower bouquet of tba chosen
At tho door. Miss Margaret Ar
cher, Nan Forney and Ewbank Tay
lor welcomed the guests and Invited
them tnto the living room where the
officers of tho senior class. Mrs. An
drew Speer, Mrs. Qua Hudgene, Mri.
T. E. Howard. Mrs. McCully and
Miss Myrtle Crumloy received arith ibo
following Juniors, Mrs. Bett Town
ntffcttrir Raymond Fretwell, Misses
Kathleen Nbrryce-, Wesse tijlmcty, An*
nib Anderson. E. H. Templeton, Flor
ide and Gene Harri?, Lola Bell Ram
sey, Evie Harrison, Minnie Russell,
Rosa Simpson, Jeiisju Browuo ima
Caroline Vance.
Mrs. Jesa Blrib)lig aod> Mfa. Titeo.
Watson asked, tho callers into th- din
ing room. In the center of the table
cn a lovely cluny lac* piece waa a
idSte basket filled with pink sweet
? peas. Pink shaded caadlas added to
I lae'beauty of the room. Here Mm.
S. It. Byron. Mm. P^n Dowling and
Mrs. Neely e?>rve? a delicious. naiad
The marriage of Miss Alma Lucile
? j|iUi.t.?oia. asd JSdssfd Lee Hutchins
was a pretty" event taking place on
Ta.?oday muming at the home of the
bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mm.
/?twtrr? irr. ?vax un vjiureij wrt'ci.
. Sweet peas and ferns decorated the
bouse. To tba stratas of MeodeltsohnV
wedding march played hy Miss ttejsial
Imrrts". - Miss Cllakscnla* and Mr?
Hutchins entered' th?' living coonil
Tl- I..!... L\ *n.*t..m..*,^A
". "~- . .<?. . T*-*--?'.TT -;?.-w '- "'-7,
thc ceremony:
The bride wau lovely In bar trrvol
ing suit of tan. lier hat was a smart
spring model to match and abe ear*
ried * abower bouquet of. whitey weet
Immediately alter the ceremony tho
?fAjpet Were invited into the dining
rrx>tn^wher#; a tempting sale i ?lurse
Washington, .i?ow YerJt and lather
4' aWouaeeehthe .marriage of Iber 4
Lena May
Thursday moralag. May the eeronth.
Richmond, Va
-Tl?s above ?n?<iiiiifi?iMBni iv ill be in.
tereatlng to a number of . friends who
Miss Spindle when sho visited
here aa the guest of her aunt, Mrs. G.
r. Ero^rt.
Mrs. Franklin Pierce Brock, ?* La
fayette, Ala, announces the engage
ment ot her daughter. Marie, ito Wii?
?WM. de Roy McLean, pf Aadsrton, 9.
???4ho marriage to take place June
at bama'; .
Thc following lon clipping from tho
Charleston Poet; The bride la a sister
er T, B; Curtis:
Saturday worulng at li'AO, o'clock,
tlvs wedding of Jifas Catharine Harles,
tin* Curtis, daughter Of Mr. Thomas
odo o 0000 ooo o ? oe
O Fromthe Soulhern Teatile Bu
o o o 0 0 O O O O C O O o oe
A. B. tthoppard l??f reigned ?.*?
loon, fixer st.me Eon Mill Mtg. Ce.
H. ?. Taylor baa returned to hit
tajtttloii aa loom-llxcr at the'Auder KOO
Mill:'-. .
il. W. Hersey has resigned ?vi o>?r
se?jf' of'??p|ilulhE at the Marlon Mig.
\jamK band l?* cardiaWjUi^^Ark
.%?jfd-V IBlIs, tb, btj come overseer ot
psigHftg^t, tbe'Oowpin? ? ?
&m^fy?s Canttbb has .been trana
tarred tnmrtik btaee' or the Caaaon
Mills. CoocbrdV^. C., "to i?i? ??P of
the. company" ?ir?*kvil|e.
?Kw* A. OrkMs Gturtt, CpaJtaerefpl
t\Kmi r.'J lh-i,-lieparlm?rir'4t'^'Cbm
. : : . j.
Waites->clark. Bi ??tel?k. M. <
a second foreign tour, on whi^h he
[mum -abacial lav<*ti?*k?aA Into the
ceudittba* ot the coUcft gooda trade.
?i. If. }*-?4e-h^s be?*>S?-om^teo to
second hand tn No. I: apia mag et ta?
Felton Beg and Cotton Mille. Asienta,
J?. A. Jolly er Lancaster, baa ac
cepted the pcattkm rt orara** of
weavtag at th? Lanett Cotton Kilts.
Waat Point, ^
W. Mt Rc^^ mrmtrly el Hamer,
a. .C.. has aeaspta* ta*- posit*** of
ovar?*** et ?t4ejrta? l? th? Wir'?
Mid. Ce. . . - ?
. A. Bffc?Botcbaa resignad ac v. -
tuttis, at Uga SW.?i 55*3. Co.,
Cotaumoe* Ga?> toaeeepi s> aStb?&v po
slt?oo at tts iwaook* i&Ue O??V Roa
noke Rapids, . '
A... P-. WOu?ii how bas a position In
the flalshlng aspar tawst at tb? Bvog
Milla. And?raoo.
nount?e? through error tn nur issue of
rr rrr-Jt ... , ^ ; ri
B Curtie. 8r" to Mr. Francia Wblle
ford Cooper took place in the Church
I ?f the Holy Communion, the Rev. Pre J
I Aurrttm de fl?sset, rector of the
I chdrch officiating. ID spite ot the earl)
I hour, ou** a-concourse of Wie friends
I Of the bude ?nd groom assembled to
I witness Ihc soleron cerOlnoBy. The
I only, Intendants were Miss Ell? Cur
tis, ft sister of the bride, as maid of
I honor, and Mr. Sumter lawton, tbe
I best man. Thc bride wore a beautiful
I traveling suit of Alica blue; and the
liisld of licuor waa attired in a.cream
colored walking suit. The wedding mo
llie Vse exquisitely rendered by Mist
lithely Webb, church organist. Mr.
I tutd Mrs? Cooper left immediately af
ter . tito ebromony for a wedding trip
after which iliuy wm bc at home to
? their friends at No. 96 Brose street.
BtiiTHbAY vxim
friday urtcrnoon Warren Thompson
looHwated hlii ninth birthday and
invited forty of hts friends tu ?uh?*
?tao afternoon with him. Misse*..Plos
slc Hu ward*, ( tara Durdluc and Ed
?ah TahWheon assisted lb entertaining
tile g???U and many delightful gamea
?tHk Eula UMloghem .and Mrs. ,R.
?noon W't.i a lowel shower in honor of
?Mrs.^ W1?!^? J^WW^^?j^ d
whore I i?e hostrvi and honoree? re
i.'lvoi. After all had arrived. Mrs..
IQMA,' J{o,t|b n a ba.! ? ii? **?ieSia in*<* ihr. 1
laundry room to dry tho towels with
?hot air. . Uer?? on a U?e were numer
QU8 beautiful towels for Mrs. Laugh.
I Mrs? Jack Sadler and Mrs. Jun Sul
?llvsn served a tempting salad coure.
I : Tuenduy. afternoon Vvg lovely .reeep^ "
Ity'and Mr?. i. Al. Evan? e?te'rt?tnc'd
?tba members, and a few friands of the '
?Wesley Phllathea Class of St John's
?Methodist church. !
? .Mrs. . Evana' hobie waa a bower of.
?loveliness; bowls and 3ardebelr* be
?lag, filled with roses and sweet ness J
?^kasMlpg ? enter^^b^^^^^ j
?sin?d" with ^lutlpa^at Ptoso ^Ktti J
Sweet peas? ead rose* wecelased to J
give the club fa mere honiejtk? ?ap- ]
psarasco ss?- sis; ?sb?ss ofpliers.
enjoyed the . afternoon. At the con- j
elusion of the\ game, the prises, two ]
beautiful pot plants ware awarded to {
iqSra, io. ai. Ox* niiu ?xiH5. ?^>'??:v i;r. .
. A delicious salad course was served i
?the. following guests: Mrs. Ernest
?cbearpn/Mrs. C; Pbs*, Mrs; Chas.
?O?vsey, Mrs. B, Wv Taylor. Mrs. H.
?tf^Orr, Mrs. S. G?l^s?. ?rs.
Christie DeCan?. Mr?. H. H: Wai
Was. Mrs. T. E. Howard. Mrs.
?Ralph Hom<HY Mn?. 3. M- Orr. Mrs.
Marshall 1Qrr,. Mr?. J.D. Hammett.
Mrs. JtKikSadler, Mra. S. Vf. Parker,
Mrs. D. A. Ledhetter. Mrh. J. H.
Godfrey, Mi*. ^ A. -S^" Farmer< lira.,
BenaettrValentine. Mr?. J. ?. Ander,
sba..-Mrs. Altee 8y>kes\yMterlfergaret
pvan^.. NB sa Ly din Orr and Misa Graco
I O O 0 )? ? O O O O ? O ? O
Xfi^? ??????:"??:?' p ..
I O p O O O.QOO. p p O P P
ht ' ovencar of ;'cgfja|agj
?r . of. .carding: aJKt
1 ?Umberion. N; C.
bas roHig^aKaj^Mp
af thc Fulton Hay and
lantk. Qa.,' aojt?wpetH
?tlbi?irdenv ? tue Htcnraonw ^ ajatin, ?
Laure) Hllk.8. C. '
A. Ht mWltsan, of the Jennings
Mills, LumaeHcb. Kv Ci., bag accepted <
Ute positln* r?S ?varaeer bf ?atente? !
at the i.umoecton a.:us. or UJ?U p?act-.
^ep?^r^BehhoU p^has^?l^aa4.
auntlav ??sliiHto? at ?ne of tho ?Uta at
toted tho
?f. *. - * *. rt\*. ru? *r: ?. ?-r - * tri
i _ ?j
i Marty Prominent Women From fl
All Parts of th? Nation Take I
Part in Program fl
Washington. M47 '.>.-With banners fl
flying, ton rrjaso; playing* sad tba ?
women singing a ciar cb lng song, 'eev* fl
erat thousand BUffragista from various fl]
Sections of tho country today paraded fl
along Pennsylvania, avenue from ka* ?
fajntte Syuare to tho t?upltol. There fl
ant of them, representing overy stat?; fl
In the union, anfi assigned ono to ?fl
each Senator a?d representa tl vc. pre. { ?
tontea to the nvtubbprs of Congrega.fl
enfrsttchLln^woiben.a * T - (fl
immense crowds vlowod tho procos, ?fl
ama atong the route, Wh*n the Cap- fl
Itol was reached the bands were men*~'fl
cd on the pJsaa}?dfof? tb4 lias* fr?*** M
where they played th? "March of tba fl
Women" composed hy. Dr. Ethel Smyth 9
\riiite. with green Stoles and fillets ed flj
t?r<on on their hoads. il
. Th? itart^/la f f?lIAKC.) J> mom mmllfta HBJ
1? a downtown theater presided over j9
by Mrs. William'Kent, wife of Htepi--{|
fehentatlYo Kent of California,, and at jl
wiiicb ?lirrijig - ?i?rran nViV- iaim? ''' l^Bj
Miss Caroline Lexow, ileld eocretarylfl
of the Woman's Political Union of'fl
Ner Yofk; Mrs:; Donald Hooker, o?:l
Baltimore, and Mian Lucy- Barns;- esAfl
Brooklyn, vic* ckaJr-m*u< of the Ooo- fl
undur tho uusuieea of which the dem-'fl
castration wa* held. Among those t fl
occupying hosea at the mestufe were flj
Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont of New Yorfc J
M^ra^ J
fl Th aro Were many nova) features in j
Un; prado sud - the marching women' -M
? wore choered loudly by the th rofe gs J
that' lined Pennsylvania avena* a? 1
Thirst and foremost was- berne^?oS^lJ
? bannar, twenty feet wide, bearlng'^aP: -J
hu-.crtption: - "Wo demand the..p*sg?^a? M
Then came the first sect?o?, the page-11
? ant' divlRtou.. typtfylbaifiaiisiteiW fl
and Hone, which had^h<*p atl^iVd 4
? andar,tho direction of Mts. Ellphaiet n
Anfi'r?ws,- ? WoM-know? .artist-' Thou?. Pl
nada of. garlando of . flowers were car-k
? rtod by the yo?Bg women and children, (
? thoahades of thc blossoms, haying i>eon- d
: lev?ed with au eye to . harmonising .
with the Union's colors- purple, white
end gold. .
in this division-also .marched tho j
? chorus cf ?.OOO led by Mrs. Apgllisc
?Til:-.Blair,;' i.robldent ot the Rubinstein* '
? Muh of this city.
fl, Attractive ae was thia ..part af--tue ?
paric'.o. lt dbl not evoke" any more on
fl tfeusisem. or intoroBt from the onlook- :
? era than .the -Cavalry Beet ion which1 j
carno, next and was commanded by ,
? Mea, Jullot Barrett Rubie?, o? Wash- ?
? ittgtun, waof siso wa? jb*; ?aoujted ?
? grand marshal of, tho procession.
! , fa advance..of- the cavalry coat lu
I gob* ' Warb' eeven- cblorM?ekrbra''/?a *
boracback each, carrying' a purplo. -,
?>rttUe and gold Hag. At their heed
flTpde; Miss Stale Hill, daughter of for.
? ^kt:Dn^iwi,uilv;. uti; cf ?f?2;
? put;. -Anning: - tho . pfosatBOKt ca va jr y- ?
fl^MOcu ' were. Mes. BWOTW-'W Wt?pt?
?.wslf? of ?niMpr^HBKmk - .. Rep-'
rcrtnlat?*??- .?Miga Mary.i,MiK|?'H?? ?'.???
iWwsatttgtOB?? niobe ot. (Clifford Wn- <
clint, ?former elliot- foreidJeb: -
Slit?' Alberta Bli), feSmie>^^. 4aV -|
! the. foot^htarihale bf 4J*
HstokAwpjofe waa s/tft
ilob. Vs*. sttediyided:
t'iibws.- Tb* sictfpas
a meat. ia-taresl wetb
s^wn .writers and th i
rafe* Was - orfiab^eft 'l
: ww* Mrs* Zaps Gale,
; Martin-, Mrs. Adot&lde
: mons, .daughter nf
identTairbenks. and
[bat nnaonn, i
C'niide Derra? Margit
Qarry of Mew York ; A
??re. Mary Maali
graehersr occialworked
B*?, arti**, pbvnle?
iee. lawj-orS, brgsa!
>ty V wiley til Wi
An mtefestfag
dela?atioa of w
(sa stalesu.wher?
see are litowod * to
Walking ?the '
?etti twa? Dr,
Oetttts, Wasbia
J 122 _W?st \
"'*!'' 'I ?I'. ? SS
re??.- hundreds of romen^ ttfldkr^h?
The words of. the sotifcaj BK^tAreM
?jfi?jjHp* walch y^J0^^
I to, tUs*', oal?,' Ami glad, is their
?Hider,and :> longer it ewel!
thunder and freedom,' Ina "Voice of
the Lord.
'Long, lons-we In the past
Cowered tn dread from tpe tights of
Krong, strong-stand we at issi,
'Fearless lp faith and with, fight
) ow-given.
Strength with lia beauty. ??ra; with its
'v dat?t? .
/Hear thu voie*, oh ??sr au'd obey;
t'heee, these-beckon us on;
5pea your eyes to the blas? of day.
'f'ojurad?s--fju^?BSj?b?vo dared
- -First in Ut? battle t? strive, and Bor
taorned. .spurned-no ?ht have ye
liaising your eyes tv.-a wider mor
, row..
?Tay? thai are v-eacy. days ' that are
? &.V-c. . dreary.
Toil abb vain by faith yo-bare-borne;
lall, bail-vic tore vc stand.
'Weering..the.wreath that the bravo
'Life. stri%- these two ar
Naugbi*^;.raywin but,J
Ja. on-that, ye -have clon
'But for the work of looa
?ir iu la reliance. ; laugh ?
. (Laugh in hopis far ?uro
lurch, ttiafch^-nH?y .as <
^tf?t? HOS
Good Values
The exceptional values o? Colum
bia Suits, will for the next few days be
greatly enhanced, on account of a big lot
of tyill Ends that have just been received
from the Factory, Which means t h e
best values you*y? ever seen, will be of
fered especially in our Suits ranging in
$1630 to $25cOO
j* i'??, ,11 ' MIHI II ' "1
? Look thq^SRejci^ ^a)|ies Over
-You il Like tfeiiL
m 'iii^ii i i ii ii "i itu llii
Vhitner Street fgp?|gp'
.Mumu n\tmmtm?tm?mm*mmmBar '*mmvaB*mn&mw>m? tuuaun MNMMJ
an4!j:tcid ,
1 ;i???S??^i?Lt
Until you have s^eti the c#es;1 'Haye for sa^e; If
.WV*?*?' *T?.?\JtI.
J*, A?*^ v. Ja..* V ff W?OV>im
|N. Mc^uiS? St, ~ Anderson,.
/- j j ^TTIS? GLASSES 18 XOT
"?f tuc work, bc properly di ne. To fa
Y/^???4*?*?2K\ i^*? wiia correct icnaefc, it is ncc
WI ivCyVl ? v esaary to examine each eye aepartcly.
^Jmf<^>r.;L:,^>^i^'. as not one in a million has two ogre*
jilli ?l i ^i^iiiiT'l ? iust Rllk*. Remembering this i
~^^B?Bf?U?j?B^ be evident to xou that over the counter
WSSMS??B^^ ' J Sl&ssczr cannot possibly ?nit bot!
^Wy%rtg;- J??? eyes. > Come herc whore they will bo
K. _tl?ir"; JR "?**""' brices reasonable ?:i.00 lo
? _j??lH^^Bp?aP^^.?.'??I .'; **%w an'l upward. Repairs'on rrrunu?
iSfiBSHl??fe: /jjjBH ' aad parts :0 centi; and upward.
i Dr, Campbell
JsB f.v .-IBE^B^^H ?12 Whiffler H!. <Jr?na<? Flin,.
^-...tliMiMy , s. WV)HWWii' !.>.?. W? "1'bone 4tt\l
?gi. JiLimM^Lg-ay* .1*, n ,n?\ i ? ?' _ _' -^"jj, .'"i i. '". \ .
! 1?3?;M: .W???????k-.i
wayJoward entabl?la* sanitary con- rt0o.-s und wlniowa. Tho extension d?
?: : : .., ....... ?nd aneav ^J?I.^? college w?l Irnich
, Fait screening; ^ = tatr,p Hr;s"
rt*?"iT^Cea^St .. ^lAom ?Kecke P?opl? who
? ii? Tr. t^ra? llit? ott olean nrcmifecH
RR|1? .'veatrouiUBt Files," . whlchl ..... _ . '
^H^Rbaa<pr^ rajjucst. Any county [ For the serons tin?? within ? VB
offers a larger nvob- J tyjtjOlght iniaty to har rt**? r.
^??"0 Vi* t*** "*^u??.iat*aed ii in JJ_
r??-?wS* *U U,c * * * a ? e * ? * i, * 'I
aa^A^ep dewv. mu*<tuHeea and there- * ?, .' ^tT"^ '.?
loee, malaria, which can b^ oauted ? OTQwn Ornee Bu?kl?ae. *
only by the mosviulio J* Second Floor, rhones 2ri<i *

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