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The Creal Statesman Ea Buried In|
Citadel Square-A
c.h*r!*?to? ls no? ?a!jr a city bf
memories but a city of monuments ai
well. Old Fort Sumter and Fort
Mouitdle are monuments to-the valor
or Carolinians, and tho steeples ot*
St. Michale's and St. Phillips'br* toe
Moultrie are monuments to the valor
of these valient people;
Hts*, there are other monumental
here, and thea? seek to band down
to Ute future generations tbs 1 harnea
of {nen who.have made the history of
the'siatc .more glorious. Where there
are ft? man? illustrious dead, lt ts
pro)-? to tel| of two Or throe typical
nionomen|s here, Just to show that tn
honoring the memory of Wade Hamp
ton lb? people of the aisle wore but
conforming to precedent.
( alhoon-s (Qravt.
One of the first things to attract the
attention of. the visitor to Charleston
ls the monument on Marlon square,
erected by the' people of the state In
memory of John C. Calhoun, It waa
recalled by the press at that tune of
Cien. Hampton's funeral Until John C.
calhoun was burled in Charleston.
JIls tiody is not Interred under the
imposing shaft, hut lies under a sim
ple alone ld the beautiful old church
yard Of St. Phillipa. . r ? . - ,
the grave. 1* in the enclosure across
the street fro? the church and lt ls
amell?)c ' t(.c most .perfect mag?
i l ii tree in tho churchyard. It ls
?cooimon occurtfebco for a church |
to erect m on u men t ?bot nth e stope']
- h marks the grave of Caifionn a?a,L
huiit ly the ?tate of South Carolina. !
fi ls a rectangular mhO?'oIe?rb -Vmh "
mas?lv? capital, Supported at each of
th? four cornera by ? Palmetto trco.
Tho monument on Citadel square ls
of South Carolina granite, la iou'feet j
high, /our feet Wide and ten feet
IciTgtb. While lt la simple In style,
it au." evt-ry^appertrance-of .fpasHlve
N ness and durability, characteristic of I
Calhoun himself.
On tho couta face ls this Inucrip
John O. Calhoun
Born March \S, 1782
Died. March 01, 1B60.S
Thc inscription on
Erected by the J
... South ^carojim
. hs osat and-weet face?
fp??ps tcr?ing-mifjam
his coumiy. Thei Tot ,
1 ' i I"I'?'' 'Bebieesii^tlf^
.riptlon renew
r.T tiio fciito a? ct
monument oh th?.
Marlon square.
acted hy tho state
id and the staple
Izens erected the
citadel ? green ?b
TarnbuH's dravo.
Mear Calhoun's grave ls thu resting
iee of Rabert 7. Turnbull, lb .sip'
iinory a monument has be?n eeected
'th* people of Sooth (Clsrollba. It
BBBHBBHHHIWBcbi g ti eur-?
ffSftpprby an urn orartlatlc fashion.
?. Bach of tho races bf t^J?I?
ntaib? an Inscription which ls dew
riptl ve bf .his yirtuoa. Thr? following
;tj|?t oed feat ton. "Tb the memory of
libert TernbuU, the Intrepid, and sub:
??f?Sa ?RirOflCe* Cte? *??v . -Ti^jhtS -OX* mv
^thor of "Tho C>hl^^*M?
imtm pr 'Bruttig, "JFbe ??d?r^W Of
IB PKtpit
o' o o o o o o e
Chitr^r*~T??eMopoke pu
City of-Monument?'
the convention to the people ot SouthB
Carolina and other able products i ni
sdpport bf oMttftdMotnll WOTty."
r?orn l<th jnouray, 1774."
?^*?Dled lDth Jdhe.'IW?."
"In testimony of their gratification I
for the wiso persevering and beneficial I
exertion of great talents In the ?ervIce I
of his country this monument ls erect-1
by the friends of state rights sod free I
I trade in South Carolina. I
It ls rather singular that these two!
exponents of state rights shoud be bu.I
ried, so near to each other and the!
1 grave of one to be marked.by g monti-1
mi?nt bf the ?tate, and the other by'l
a memorial from the people.
0p?t ?r^efpl stale?.
Nearly every body who bas visited
Charleston "lias seen the mnumont^tb"
thc Kari of Chatham. William Pitt, the
older. lt was erected by the 8?ate
of South Carolina just prior to the
Revolutionary" War on a vote of th?,
common council or legislature Pitt
had used his matcheiess eloquence
tb' prevent England from Imposing
upon her colonbftV The statute waa
injured 'the'revolutionary war, but If?
?tanda today In Washington sqbat*.
under the lower tower of St Wfchaiee:
Massachusetts also erected a monu
ment to Pitt. The Charleston statue
represented Pitt In tho attitude ot an
Impassioned appeal/" v
And -there ls tho monument to Cah
&?t?fPt the Citadel sqUarp cr ec tod
i'uada raised by tho women . oj
? South Carolina.. The splendid figure
la . gor.rountyd by a bronze Wt?^M
towering column rests la tbb V*c%^?* I
cia for tour copper plates, atnl ob ?eb I
corner of the bronze hase 1? a 'bronze I
One of these copper plates lt? a bas?;
relief ghowiftg Calhoun hr the sena!o I
iWe shows Calhoun in tho capld?t
j^ambeV. while his associates ari
shown In an attitude of enrapture:! I
interest Tho plate on the Opposite
?. The plate on the south side reads: . I
Truth, Justice, and
rt?n lonspiiHion
?.? ?wO>?p(me on i?n m>f??i nrur- rcvi?c-?;
?bat .thin , monument''WUB. erected by
tho women of South Carollua hi 180?
lo John Caldwell Calhoun Jp b?mr?u ))!
?ratipn o? hie eminent slate!-?.,.h?,
iii?ring r fj$e many?.j*m'?tft irttr'mrbJiK;
Uf?.' 'It' replace? ode *tornmrly erected
ab th? sam? spot, but was qu?? un
?r^HK^sbiptlon also ' stacee: : that
Ete^?te ??t^^bj^diil?^il>>e?mon ?
utee?if: were rat??d' before th? V?
ajtd Were kept through lhat trying pb
rH*H by Mr?. M. A .Snowden, tho
treasurer of the association. She wno
?r?rofugee in Colombia in 1805 and
Kn Ah? memorably oVght when Shbr
bu med Columbian 1s related that
iho had the funds for th? monument
ditched to hoi''petticoat and in thia
vay the betiding bf the monument waa
nade possible, and It ts indesd a mon.
mient to h>? own patriotism abd t?r
ttude, It is io}i bf Mrs. Snowden that
? l??O sho said to Jefferaon ??vlB
Hus$ there ur-ottM bo*a Bdi?th?rn cbn
'edbraoy and that Mr. .Elmore would
? president of tba southern states.
PhlW; y?wa#k: Waa ni??? ol', the Uv..:
hgt Mr.'Talmore, and Mr. Davis, theb
knited states senators, had: comt?^
?harleaton to''attend the f?n?fal ?ar*
ricea at tbs ij^te;of Caiboun. Mr.
ai more; Calhoun's successor, lived but
i .'?'**** Mn4 'TUtr* Ti^v?? *f* -v-. -
' *yw U?*/*>, MuW ... .? * '. i , .ii rw? iwit.
fcfcl^tgar'k' wak addressed became tho
* ?s?tefi^ of the southern states.
dabon,^ W.?te?|^:.*tr?e(.
Miss Nell Smith's frelnd* are glad
o aoo her back in.town. Two Wi??
igo Miss Smith W?B'called to h?r homo
B Atlanta on account -<4,tm''wHM}1
?laeaa^f^?r raoftie^.'Wbo rs now ^very
?itoh improved.
A number r?v our people went to
Jacksonville for the reunion.
Mr. Mulligan ls away thia wei>k. He
aft ;f^rJacksOnvUile Monday.
.^?fefSav- Margaret Welcbfo Vho baa
icen very 111. and who had an opera
ierV performed for app?h'dicu.
Prof. r|. C. Petrie, whoso a?hool
Wm Petter cMed: last friday; 'de
rided not to ?oImmed?it??y "to hfa
tons* tnvspartanbwrsv %?hV fhstebo, iro f
viii be ber? for aometlme *ilnW??ia?k J
intsniBg work to the new school au-j
'isiie? her qau_
sst Th?vsdis?:1
lille eon: s tip
s^y Tb the booie Of ?
jg^do*? n
'Messrs. 43?
0 town nd
The Claimant!
J (te Had Recfwrce to ? Brut?
There I? tn man u faculty for devel
opment that the lon er animals ido not
potpies*. "
Ali illusttiitlon of (bis diversity be
tareen .men awl nulmuls occurred dur
ing fhe eighteenth century lu the case'
of a youiii'. Irfidttnuti who emigrated /
to America arid later returned to h??
native country. Arthur Donovan -..us u
'younger iou of \\?> Bari of ?trougferd.
Young Douovuu was tieroted to bunt
ing, und. ?Ine? there Vus a ?hfe pack of
boanda on the estate, he occupied bim
sel' largely w||b. the sport. Neither of
bp? two* Older 'brothers cared for lt. so
that the dogs came to look upon Arthur
as their master, sod he never went
among them that they ("ld, not ?bow
the greatest BffeV?ob for hliu.
Arthur wax not only beloved by bis
dogs, but l>y)ever.v urie w'jhokuew, bim.
Ile was a tine/ ntaaly'fritow. while bis'
end. estates ^penf inobt ot bis time in
Loudou. while the seoOjul ,wus tin .om-,
c?fr'ih Oli? o'f'tile aristocratic fcugllsb
regluieubv Arthur, .having only,'tbe re
, molest chance to? Inherit th? title, be
came restive a (sd TlJd^wbal a grertt
many younger sons dr Brltlnb noble1
meit did in those dttys-be emigrated
by America.
Arthur Donovan was but eighteen
ye?rs' Old wtu?n be left irelobd/ Wt'
America. The lost gooobr be ?petfe
was to tre dog?. Going out to the ken
nels.'be ir?t'I led' to them. ?ind they Kalb
eren iioout pim. burking tbe|r joy. apb.
IWSIDB irini W ' were gaiug foV- -a
hunt. , There was one'ibni.. Hector, of
v. lilil? Arthur, hud paule uri especial
pet Ile wim very yoifrig.. but Artbjir
hn<| fuupil bim capable of l>elhg~train
.-?''-'.r'"^ ii::?::' ??~ '-?U". S^Uri.
Ifoctor lovel bis ttiasii'r. ? nd'his muster- *
loved Hector. Witch lt crime to' bid- s
ding i?re'Vf!! ia ilxl- 'Jog AitbMr'B e^Br? *
becOm?"wet. ?ml. breaknigvnwfty'frbm '
hts pet and Waving adieu to tlie pack,
h? returned to the ht??i>ri\ WljBt|?V*MB|l!
veyarijSe wi? iT wa lt fug' to trike him I
Belfast. rr<nu whi?lt point lie tv? -fb
fud I for Vlr^t?."-''.,','-.,'" . ' <';'
Arthur ;l*nc;|ie4' Amerlpu. botjong
liefpVe the br??klri^on j'&JI$?i$jffp*\
tioii.-try war. fn.olyij atrlfeft the side
yoniup-tcrs .'take ia ||apl?;$o>iM^-|?|.
by ciWHifpstiinres. ' fY-rhap* yonng i
ponovHii was Intitionced by a heredi
tary" antagonism to Eughind. but the
immediate carine ot ola odrbenting ttte
"On reuse was meeting with
JoSb r.nul Jone?, who bootee famous
'^wlljWii'iTttu "wa!-" Irish. i
TJohovab J?Tftt*d the future conqueror of j _
the Serap?s and was with him durthf J
hst famous ba recel ri og a wound ,
II the fJco willoh k-it a sear which
: his expression.
At the end of tba war Donoyan had
bee? i o America ten yea ra.
-;? rtveiHy-eignT ib?re h? ais- j ,
way* a couBJoerabie ennage in o mari's
appearance, but In this ease there wan '
much more tuan I? usoai. ?V1i=? Ar
thur ten. .iciund.his face wtis smooth.
Now lt was covered with a beard, *
vfui?ti lil" Vr'O?r philly io wide' ihe'scwv
bo bridi'received 'lb poule. Tueu ne *
?n M hostilities ceased, with
ima prlita money he bad received he
bought a tobacco ?daniation in Vir
ile, and, settling down rtn it. there
ts'every prospect of bia.living the
of sa American southern planter*,
tybi'n Arthur joiiuM raid Jo ; .
7riifk lt? rntrii?y ini' frelas^totf?Tfe?
a mr his '-fi ?for' or?-red that 'bis*ri*oife
w-jovsp Berl of
frat tbere . was ri
i and tbe iit?e
;uit; io oaaa. tb
& Herbert Dono
TOXI wu #rtt fortified ttcfore Arthur I
be,?ird of the great chance* that bud I
oceorred aluce be left home. The oeeu- ?
edon ot Ute Seflrh'C of it Ht ?ir'?eas that ?
the ?ase bccamo known io a Dublin ut- I
torney, O'Rourke, who knew the Strong- H
/ord*, especialiy Herbert, a nd:'through H
a define for gain, BS well UH U sense I
of justice, concluded, to 0nd Arthur, if I
alive, and notify him 'thar, bis fuller- I
ltoaee wa? about io pass to another. I
He; too. tint aa<ttgent fo Amarte? Ifa I
the matter of tit? Strangford title and I
Arthur was riding eyer the broad. I
acres of UU tobacco. planteU6^%Mah I
a man accosted bim and handed bim a fl
letter from O'Koorke notifying bim of H
the death outils fnl??er und brother I
and aaylu^ bis cousin bad laid claim?tki I
the title sod est?te Arthur at once. I
put his affairs'in Amerien in a post- H
tlon to ?co tn Ircluud and took the next I
vessel. th::t KU bett from Philadelphia, fl
Arriving lu Dublin, bc went straight I
to O'Rourke. whom be bad known be- H
fore leaving home, mid introduced H
himself us Arthur Donovan. He re- I
calved bis tlr.it setback in the tact that fl
the attorney recognized nothing In his fl
appearance itt tbs yontb lie had neeu
tiu.n ti? years before. He naked, j
Arthur what proof lie bud - il? Ideb- J
tlty. and Arthur WKS obligea >ou?e?s,.j
that tl'ie lire he bad led ils ^'Sdljpr
during the A merl nu war bad re8U?b$?
;!i6 destruction of every paj?er bel
bad possessed couueetlnp; him with tb* j
O'Rourke Wan disheartened. Be bsd .
spept some rootiey ld sending on
't?;;Amerteit.'- which lt -?oh? ap'
peered be \v:\r. 'likely to lose. H? wki
very dp,tfbt??j ^ooiit bte vTlaut^^fg'4
the rg^T'A'r^ttr'imiiovai.. Hut Arthur. .
who hm{ iearifed .lu lil* e|neX^lji?,j
with tlte vitl??lsta how io put UR a i
good light. pe;-.-ifv?'t?'(l and .succeeded
by narra tl?};- events which bad hap
pened lu bis family with wibfca .
O'Rourke was conversant In putting'
Bt?fficleot co?tide?c? In the 'attorney^l
to III??TO 'WW to undertake libs case. ?
though Arthur wnsobliged to send to ?
America for means to pay the costs. ??:
'When Herbert Donovan saw the ?
slaimont to th? StrougWd title he felt
^uite comforted. He bad seen bia ?
cousin, fjjfnjtjitatiy lu years ?Ono by ?
tdd now ?aw not the slightest re- |
ambiance between this man iud Ar-!
imig jjwntrr^n^. ?te. nuu tauen posaba V
ii oh of ' the iKtc'Vswy resideacf 'yagi
jaaaackad the house, aeurebbig for doy j
paper* or Ufceue/s that mlebf aid In ?
^tnbrtehldg -?rti?t^ c'i??m. ? He' ba$ '*
^p^^^'?pt?ae letters anq a mlhlq^^^
?troy?! the Erters and kept'the npr
fatt till ha ' ^^dlaE^I^HIHflJ
ivoujd aid hi? ow? case or bis crojw$?'.9
l?^rtSa^#??8?" ba,V hhiyed ham^fl
vlth the'SttHiogToi'd household. J^idy <
toobgroMfiaad) died-before Arthur, left i i
??oh?*.' Moat ot the servant? had gone ! 1
dsewhoro. and of those who remained !
Bah)* pronounced" hita ab impostor, the -i
rest belog lh" doubt', Michael rA4om>-{j
Raj*, .'*ht- beeper of the houttds, wa? -
;tlll there, though but'two or three '
logs were left of the pack,' since no '
nemp?r vf the' family ' had ' bb?$ft'l9
Ince his departure. Michael wli?nhe ?
?w Arthur was ia doubt whether -he. ,
vas the mau be. badfeh?fyn ?^;* :'J
routh or a? imposte?. ?&ki?M Aether > 4
'or.ida ba i. lid? put tba lining ar? to his '
uwtrip? ni<d drew-a Ibdjf bft?tb. iM
...: r=.-?Alma?L ? !
kraertky! I know*you by"thc fine p??*lll
time ot you (.'
Arlhur at nn?* communicated the. V
act to bis attorney, aa Important proof, i.
int O'linnrke sa?.- in If,
here had been'he said7 lt e ould, t^wRfl
?qpfeed in court. H Michael bad not 1
een Arthur since bis return to IreiaA iil
fcrii^would pick hfm- out by bis per- 11
Bwdal odor among a number of men lt ,1
fl flute\3?jLW%>TritrdVjfehlifihlug ids it
)alm. Was there coy^ e|a?' n
tlnfofiuustely not n person ooit^d b% V\
MM' who had ever defected this 1
boal mlor,. Arthar WO|%eti hard, to get
ihcrevi?ci?e?buT/o^av?E? Wt he got i
? bi* f?---..; .,ire*v^ae^i
gainst idai. fttr ^
?ftt?r btv for trial wit? .
toff aoped 'for' the -bfctt ' -Inlt??K?T??tofe ' ^
ian . made an excorient wltn?i^?H|i.;
?In tlie cn se fur ?lal
Arthur asked Mism|jb>/it any ot thc .
?ogs he left behind, when' ?&M?rj/j$?? y?
Way werestMl UV'.UK. viKsh?et thoaaht wf
while, ttien i?p?led^tb;V?!tt<|l9^^k ooo /
iff, old Hector, but |*> NS^awftlbMpfl.',,.
xfit Arthur it w^r tufted to brtu? ti
lector into court as aifcaf; bbiv-.
kiuoTa? dr?
ra? wit?
mt's aa
siS. ?ts?
m modi
afc to
ire a
lorie 67 i
Mr. Pear4 h
h?has beeq for s<
Scientific iii
most qi
t^blpplpi in this
all details foi eithei
fr*--n ;rT'?.?Hf ? V 'i'?' ? . ii "?fin"' l t
? ? % ?; H *t 9? 5 <? ft t O ? O O ? ? j
? . ?BBEVITJEE ^EWfl ??
f tf 0 0 . * . t ? S ^ * > ;
[jMQgj^MgrtR " %be honieo* ?^ttt? t
Sat meaibor?. T^o b?'tc^so^l&MBHH
in on. Thursday ann Friday of thia
ibis 'w;?ek at'tba nome* ?i^lO**S^l
Pi nr?difly .aadTOiss. , (Calvert '
?" .InyUaWpo? ?^e obVfor a euchre "par*;
?STttiK^^a?t?r?ooii .? S1 ' o'clb?kl
md a Vlctro\a\??riy at, ibo hoW o?
t?isa af amie Lou Smith on- Wednto?dAy, ?
i(ternoon from:.6':SO to 7:?0. Tbe:
reoata are requested .to "ho ou tim?
md bring a "dihie" to, eachof tftoao
mtertainmentsi. ."'.',.
The 'frlonds OX Mrs. Sallie IflcClung.
vii! be sadd??ad tb learn of her death
vhich occured at the home C.
Uughter, ;Mtar:'\*r- D. ' Kerr, on
rhursday afternoon. Sh? waa buried \
iti-Vtm?"morning. I^rs. ?McC?tV?c
vas a very much beloved. ChriatiiaBBI
i ii inlsiarfi I
Mrs. Erbest Veli "o? Te*?f aajui, j
rex?. ls visiting ner^ sister. Mn.
.i. curaiiiii, '.
Mra. T. H. FuwVuin. Mrs. -Lawrence f
Parker ?ad'Mrs. J. c. Ksliu ar/-, ?t I
tome from Atlanta/ where' tlt?y Weal
?"attend thc'grand coora. j
;Mrs. Eugen? Gary hau returned I
rom Wilson,- ?. C, where she hasJ
icen on a".'visit to her daughter," Mrs.
io^^ted; home Ivy' Mrs. Hassell wno. j
'.'JlS^-?&a?:- Bole-ia'-.at the home I
it hor parent H. Judge and Min Eugene
tary. ' "
l^ra. Z. B. Rogers-, who ba^ (/
^yscsoo^ Ga..' are st the" ho '
ir. J. Allen ?mtrh n,: Mn-n
Phone 127
Undertaking Parlors of
las just returne^ from New York where
?inie time, taking ajwaduate course in
palming aitd Piseniectmg.
Q<?W* equ?ipixi^v0f^*>y under faking es- ;
r WHITE O^LpilE?, using-' separate
. 'I
^ndertakinir Parlors
PHONE ;26t&:
sf^t?*^ ^ th?
tatest ?h?pmcnt beinga car of
lightest, strongest arie}
Each Snaih;'& warran!
ters are h'ari?-cut and S
%t Crad*es*on the iriarke
natural crook. AU Fii
not st rauhte
_.-._.;_es y^^s atc'thc best nan
art ground and Miarpene4> ready for t
.COUNTS has beeri making these C
for a Clumber of years. No one knows so
how to make and "set" Cradles to suit th<
ments of our fanners. Anv farmer who fi
COUNTS -CRADLE will have narrfh^r
j ? INucrv ana ui$
HR A ni ree *;;!-'

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