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rasade* mt
. North Maia SCreed
W. W ?MOAK . Buatneae Manager
' ??tared According to Act ot Con
8#MM aa second Clea? Mall Matter at
the Foetoffice at Anderson, 8. C.
jpahllshed ?terr Morning Except
Essal-Weekly Edition on Tuesday aad
Friday Mfrrslaga y
Semi-Weekly Edition-fl 60 per Tear.
Msathan.ot' fha * MO mated Psaaa aad I
Receiving Complete Dally Telegraphic !
A 'targe circulation than any other
rewspaper In thia Congressional D??
R?tortel . ."""T" - . - 8171
Baalneas Ottos.til
aloa Printing ..... -at8
! Local '.lew? -. 1?
' P0**** N*we ' " ' " m
Tao Intelligencer Ja delivered hy
carriers in thsjdty. fit yon San to
aa.. Opposite yonr, name aa . lal
?I your paper ta printed date ta which'
year psp<sr is .paid. < Ali .ense?a and
drafts should be drawn to The Ander
son ^toliiKBooer.
'?'i' -4-41 i-i* ui-J-Lu_a
The Weather,
Sun's attain' higher in de sky above
mab head? \
Watah milly un time am comln':
fiats mah blood af iah fer to dream o'
rn lily una ?
Watah miltyun time am comln".
Abm- Good Morning? Is everybody
happy? i
if Clmfleeton stays wet would
Fort Sumter Barle has met a Wat
erloo. lt appears.
Gee. newspaper business In Colum
bia must be profitable when suits of
.that stiffness ara entered, ^ ? .U
is declared to be only a rumour*I
that report that Senator Bristow of
Kansas had declared war ina O^ssXl
.Britain. } :; j!;..
fl^ehnlrmsn of this'Ualoti T^aciac
lu-Tlsfer rfu g
graduates Jana
_ srisa/'tay-'* >.'' ? ' " ~%)
A party of explorera is going to the
Antarctic to study the habits of
Whales. One of known babita is ar-t?
lng without Fletcherlxlog. . J
The rheumatic legion of Anderson
county would be willing to suffer a
few twinges to hear the raia coming
dowd on the old roo ft ree.
At. the hour of going to press Obs J
ernor, Colouitt,, lt waa underataid, wael
atilt dbbs^dffbeiher Texas would
whip all Mexico on Its own hook.
rephrtjtha? tinerta ls,
moat Bf she*tabe, would set a
ter, if he didnt act with the finesse
ot a Philsdelphin lawyer *\\ ^y^u
Spain had Wo.Offl men In Cub?, and
tbej|wer| not tra heme soil. - Took ua
sta: mourns io whip :mn. Bar. Wilson
Ja right in going slow against the
M?steans. '? >? -1
Personally we should like to heat
John Temple Grains roll 'em
s??s \\n mXii ?T?> art
patriot to turn dowe
leraoh wr.uld be still
S. however, If that pretty bevy
ie Weat girls would lust comt
college and al!, and make them
_^t,Wi.i?i-.- ??-?-.- ?Mm?t??t
? . -ammwmt -IKIVWU LUMOUIWO n.i.u w..
. ?hst the prohibition bil
?bh^*'*,%:h1d. eleonora^ stimulants foi
sbeol&d. abd church purposes and a!
r?adr.^^<iJ?md*se<*^'tl - are on tfet
sics list _ ,
thar earth pri?e up so th at th*
- va ol? the ?nit of Mexico ?tot) ove?
IHBaMF : r^ne
and Kermit (rndciug home with ?hcti
?ress et the me
Anderson on Son
w -wm
A member of the grand Jury calls
our attention to the number of true
bills found with reference to the blind
tigers in this county. While of course
he could give no details as coming
from the grand jury room, yet we ere
informed that 100 cases could have
been worked up by detectives aa easi
ly as lf>. There are no open brothels
of dens of inquity, but it is the help
pocket flask which ls being flourished.
ThlB paper hag taken a stand
against bringing the dispensary back
into Anderson county, not for busiess
rca. on against lt so much as beca?? ?
ve realized that it would be Injurious
lo tho interests' .of th? farmers ~i
Anderson ct|unty. We are doing* all
that we can to encourage, assist and
urge the development of the rural Mfa
of fhfs'country and we believe moist
sincerely that to re-establish the dt?-'
pea sar y would bet to cause sorrow
throughout our ttfWidistricts, where
there would be drunkenness and curs
ing and probably homicides on the
But let us be fair. One of the ar
guments used to gt.: the people to
sign this petition that was circulated
around waa this, so we are told : "The
rich man can get his liquor, fix it HO
that the poor man can get his." So
far as we are personally aware the
"rich" men of Anderson county are,
teetotalers-we will not. be offensive'
in the uso of names- jana tne man
who* seems to be able fojitfet all that
he want*'and more' ?h?4 its good for
h i m tia tim fellow that < wl^ stop you
?ri the street and ash ypuiior a qua**
min%$y< j Kl . ?
But all of that aalt$e,:; The plea
has been made that some: ?people resin
get liquor more readily i$an others.
Men of Anderp.on, now ls j (he time to
disprove, that. Now la thi tj^jo to snow
tha? we mean to ke?2> (liquor out of
Anderson county, or to keep lt to the
lowest minimum. The sheriffs of
fice and the police are handicapped
because their every move is noted by
the boot loggers. Bnt why cannot the
citizens themselves get together and
organise a law and order league and
-t sp the 3?oTey -io e?si>b** mon tc
assist the sheriff in his difficult workl
This baa been done with success in
other counties why not try it here? .
Three hundred men of purpose and
courage from all part? ot tho county,
banded Into a law and order league,
can jk?ep this county almost dry ol
the sale of liquor by the boot leggers
and blind tigers who carry their atufi
around with them in. bottle.. It would
be the same way, so far as their con
duct, if the dispensary were hera, onl>
it would not: be noticeable with thc
county soiling liquor to bllndttgers
who would' make it into more iiquoi
HHmry telli
harm Ss 'not alon?
lin the nell lng of the liquor, h?t tn tb.?
[subsequent and attendant evils. Thi
I men drunken on mean liquor will gel
into a game of "akin" and will com'
I mit all sorts, of crimes and misdeem
ore. Among the other things that hav<
I been known to happen ls the Bettine
afire of valuable bodies of wooded
hinds; the killing cf half a dosen pi
more negroes lu the last year. Thest
things are demorallbting to farm laboi
cf the country and are distasteful ts
the law abiding citizens of the county
We call upen the men in the count:
who are moat fleeply interested in thi
j proposition to take lt up and organic
for ihelr^ own protac^njajid for thi
lion will hot be held. By the time th?
Hst is pruaed of names placed then
improperly, lt raa^be^ found Insuffl
tent in itself, and we believe reall;
that lt ls. We, believe that there wll
be no election, and even if ther
should be it will not result lo the dis
pessary being put back upon th'
[people ot the county.
lt la therefore ?siuarely np to th
; opixttients of the dispensary to di
?something to show that they maw
business and that they mean to* kee]
Anderson county aa dry as possible.
And If those One Westers came ev
ery day th?.7 would soon have moa
of- Anderson'? young * aoi. studyin
the nsalmody.
;i m nm WA?
K l KnUst for Wfe, Pass ?he Won
3 I Temorrew.
?0** (Makea Seraph?
We bave deplored the r le of col
l?ge athletic societies wnlch bara
'from participation in Intercollegiate
gamea men who have accepted money
for services rendered aa professionals
during the holidays. It seems that
the bringing in of "ringers" could be
?avoided tn some other manner. We
{deplore as much as any one else a ten
dency to make college athletics more
than a pastime, but why should a ca
pable athlete who IA at, the same time
a close and ' honest etndeht ne de
barred from college gamea because he
lhaa, played a little baaeball in tho sam?
mer and In t*his% way 'b?lped io earn
the money to pay bis college expon
eos? ' We consider him decidedly more
honorable than the than who receives
pay la.mwwy>.Qr..oiher. form, of value
ifntmm cottage* io* playing set* eol*
jiggft.mea athen about.aU *th* .aeAlage
work he does Ja to figure to beat a bunt
to first'base.
The college baseball, man once waa
a Jest among the old time professionals
bot today the major leagues are being
lilied with college men. If not of pro
fessional speed at the outset, their col
lege training makes them easily adapt
ed to atar work. For be it known
that the most miserable thing in base- i
hall ia a "bonehead" and thia the col-1
lege, man ls not, as ? rufe.
Under professional coaching the
Standard of play in college baaeball
has risen rapidly during the nest few
(Vean. Veteran big leaguers hnj#
aided the natural player hy advice and
inntructlon. ' Little hints <
trat; take tho ball for a quick throw
and other pointa of technique?tt?fhqi
game quickly bring players witftfaatrt
ni qualifications' within the rtfajfa j?t
major league possibilities. Allstate
connected, with the professional'j^nta,
today realize that the coll?ge bas?-;
ball team offers ene of tho best re
cruiting grounds at the disposal of the
big league magnates. Billy Evans, the
American League umpire, a college
a????B?? ttu? close obser\er of every
angle of baseball, said recently In dis
cussing this phase of the game:
"The college hall player has become
a big factor in the major leagues. Ten
years ago ? collegian was s rarity ic
a big league line-up. A fow yeera ago
major league scents, In ' search of
promising material, gave the college,
gamea very little /*onsideratlcn. At a
big game' last e ? ?aar between 'two
fctroug ?friega teams, exactly - twelve
major league scouts were la attend-'
ance. Quite a testimonial to the raina,
placed on the, college player by the
mea whose duty *H l* te pipk -up AK
lure big league atara '' ''<?
"Connie Mack ht the pioneer in the
exploiting' of the (MteMe^lay?r. The
resourceful. leader cit fa;'v6im
Charaplonn saw? the wor-A of the col
lege player, lang.before any other ma
jor league manager looked on the
"varsity athlete seriously. ,1 once
jwke^. Mac^. why he was always so
a?^r^sa to l^k-sTcr-the ^x?Htiitij?B col
lege ' players. - His reply was brie2,
but' CR?r?ei*ri'*l.ie of ??? fMSsCUs lead
er of the Athtatlcs.-' *I like'' j^mta,
who caa *b?nk. Four yaara of' atudr
certainly ought to improve a fellow's
intelligence. If lt hasn't lt doesn't
take me very long to discover the tact.
Another reason why I favor the colle
gian ls because he comes te me free
from any other style of play. It ls
much easter to get players accus
tomed to your way of thinking, who
have never been drilled in say other
syntcro. Another point In favor ot
the collegian is that he known pretty
jweU the best rules for keeping in
J condition. I have no use tor players
9.;??ho fail to keep tn condition.. He al
so has been taught the real value of
discipline by his prof easer in thb class
roam ead pla coach, on tho hall
' Defenders of the 'HalngO" In Conti
nental Europe ajre inucb disturbed be
canse of the. edle!* against it ' from
the Roman Catholic church and pro
pose to Invent a new dance based on
the tango movemeaS Tko* to
elim?nalo whatever rnVibt be* constd
?[ered objectable and to inaugurate a
dance "to which no exception could
possibly be taken anu te call it the
"True Tango."
However, it seems that something
other than art will correct the evils
t'oi the ugo. "Self preservation is
g'the firs? taw of natura," and Cor this
-mn um.
I ON rovKfmr.
. Amara
1 AlongYea
?ok af these hot ase!
7 wvmiKu?
The Intelligenc
Daily Sfiort St
! Poring tlie transition of ttie govern
ment of Mexico f&n Madero to Huer
ta e young American, wk? lu tue cap
ital of that country to see what was to
ba syep. Pepi ?taufora. waa greelthy
sad had not settled eWn^ttfaaV busi
ness or profession. He spent bis time
wherever ?there, waa any excitement
Dtfrlhg that lou? period when tfie Bal
kan states were preparing to resist
their masters, the Turks, Stanford was
there watching the preliminary move
ment und joined In une of the exped?
And now mMwkWk^nWm t?r
man ha wa** dWuw'tlui 'iwwfdiuplf
among the various factions. One day
while dlnlug'nf'a restaurant "he ? made
the acquaintance of a Mexican who
sat' at the same table with him! Senor
'Jose Sandoval offered to show, the
American Uie sights of the capital and
piloted bim from one curiosity- to an
other, thoa acquiring bis fervent friend
ship. Then Sandoval offered tb Intro
duce bia new acquaintance to some of
tap Mexican ladles. Stanford assented
and was taken to call upon Senorita
Marla Mulina.
Shi ilford^ ^J^^^^^^^^^^^^
Banu- time very.' nnstitlsf^Sm^r
"Unsatisfactory ^W&ttjftii^?' mean
"I can't make her out I don't know
whether she ls fooling tue for a pur
pose* or whether aha has given me a
bit of her heart"
Sandoval looked at the American j
??ruuuu?ugiy. ' TiXiduin,'" ha said. I
' There ls something, about her that
makes me distrust her.'? replied Stan
.. "Well, then, why do you not take
pains to learn something about ber?"
nu w tuu z. do ?u?t <
"Observe when she. goes out; then go
-Into ber r ouse *atnf^welt,< look; about
* "spy on Wreaked Stanfordeieraly.
ail It xffj^s?v o? are in
love with her. Belnfcinjwve
I presume you wishtb* marry her? Are
you ao squeamish that you would mar
ry a woman who-may-tte an adven
Stanford *lIntoned, ant did not; reply.
Sandoval continued: 1
tic ' dancearaWy,'if?<jai #iBo tba dis
cus w^rdiufc to ?ifee following dis
patch from London :
"The afternoon tango fad, is becom
ing weaiisom. ?OUUK unmar-.
ried diplomat!^. The dowagofs ot so
ciety were reactant to take up the
SOW dance, twit the -cfaSv u?? -how
become general among old ladjds who
do < not iniendjjo forego .r/u^y th?
new lease which it has gi von,them on
youth. Hence the woe ot the ?young
diplomats, for the dowagers are giv
ing countless '.afternoon dances to
which they all are invited. '". }'
"If. would be fatal to the, social ca
. ? --
..(continu* - Yesterday.)
There are vfeai factora . tn every
sale. There a*8V always .flour*' There
caa be no mora and thor? caa 'be no
lew. " ,
, yFinsi, thtiroji? w?f ?P'Pyt*'?*'? th?' vr?S
who sells thereto
?The secondais Cha cuetomer.
, The third iippt il? tiler product
which you .w&tetSe* t&f sale,:.
The fourth?tm.edle itaeif,,
The ilrst throe factors in every sale
can be seen, the fourib cannot You
may see the res?lt of realise the BEN
EFIT FROM tho sale,: but! you can
Aa rciencc is orgaafeed^knowTodge,
the science of aalesmanahlp is organ
ised knowledge, clustered around these
four things, the salesmanship, the
customer, the product and the sale.
Organized kno*i?dge moon this
subject, organised ead classified in
such a way thai we can meeter, and
thi_- knovledae to our respect
ive floes of bnalnea* means increased
earning power to every one engaged
th Belting ad^lhiag. "
We realise that a man. ia worth
about a $1.03'of'11.60 from bia ears
that price ? ^daV*ib^roicd1 ?boWiil?
?i??alrTa?!'.'?;?he 'bt?h? <f Of ali
thought; tho ability to ?et Impression?
la tba mind throagh ?a? sense. These
senses are the road to the mind. Non.
psreaptl-m ie the nogattTO, $ercepthm
^s the positive, the ability to compare,
one thing with aaOthef S* a positive.
InludJdouetn ; the killing nega
have your potaf? weil tn your mina,
and thea tl: to reason them
ont logically to the miad* df -he eua
tomers. aa ?? attora?;
point to the jnd|?;,^l^y?*7 'i*'' "
Bj Martita V. Moaroe
prevent 70a from makins a mliilD
anea. Either do what I -XQCgat qr
drop Se?orita Molina .'at oaee ead nar.
er aee her again." ''J,
Stanford acted upon neither of these
alternatives at once Indeed, be never
?o?oa?daj' ?et?af??^Ra%^c3St
reen during her absence from boma.
But he could not stoop to apy opon the
woman be loved. Having bean told
that Senorita Molina would pot be long
gone, ha sat down in a corner to walt
r her. He fell Into a doze, from
? bajnspeeafag 1atobiah.
yon at the riak.af my,.lJjfe^ Tb* gen
eral aaye that you hare done ao roeeh
for the Constitutional cause that/he
hopea yon will not refuse to do this
one-thing more. The presider must
Here the man's voice dropped1 so low
that Stanford failed to hear hun. There
waa a reply, also tn a low voice-Se
norita Molina's-and then a man's foot
steps were beard leaving, the bouse,
followed by a woman's going upstairs.
Stanford did not like the Idea or the
lady's knowing that ba bad Her secret.
;!&d*??jKrre&lo him -tfc4eave b*fore she
-trees nod
4 The da
le, be
lieved that lie kne'tr* what w^sjmeafci'
by tb? unfiiilstie4l sentence. ' He was
horrified that the girl be loved should
be au amass!!). He brooded] over the
matter till tn* felt tb*t he mu^t prevent
ber from staining her fnir hsnda with
blood. Whom could he .trust? No one!
but lils friend Sandoval. He told San
doval that tbe president's life was In I
danger m d asked bim to impart the
warning to the mnn It concerned, 8an
c?o"? did cut a?h hi- *?be?e ?*s h*4
acquired the infonnatjoji.';'!??t two j
boora after the 'tta'tervtew ? Stnnford |
called on Senorita Molina, to learn that
she hud been arrested a nfl taken away.
The next day he recWfefTa farewell
from^ her wriiteA twfore sh? Vas to he
secretly executed. She ertTd she loved
?.?.,. .:..?.<?. ..luwrtomoo
Before leaving Mexico Stanford
.wrns VP* &Mt?J?tfwvw
? s****** 9(< tbf aecre^ Pouc<
bad used the lover to trap the troman
1 Stanford . has,-wvegoieeeiwri^ and
j. paser. wlU recaver^ft^^^fr. '
jreera' bf the1 yojt?jfe;, m?n ' ^q^regard
them-. The diplqma%,?#r?;,^ leMfe
ed victima., oat? only,, beeauaeith MK]
the Warcral'-dancing <>menf . but
cause they have their aftantoons -feaau*
dane?a have Incx^ased sp that
many of the ^diplomats attend one
:??iry.' .Uwtr young; . diptwmai i j v,vf?
pl?ina-that . neither ?ge nor weight,
?an keen the enthuslaatlc' dowagers
off. the floor and he declared If he
in tangoing with a duchess weighing
200 pounds and who in years had
reached, almost the allotted span, ie
not earning his salary he'.would like
to know why not," j ,. .
whom you attempt
It ls very lui portant thavyou poss
ess the Power ot periftfaaiifp ' aa an < ai*
iorney has it iii, pleading a ..case. '.
To .enlighten jftinr ^MBfemer'a : mind
iNgardng the 'article." ?omSslfe/Watog,
ls the first thih'g'tr^^s.t.fce done.
Second; yq?1$^Ccp*iTO
yon have the article tttat jw\Vf fserve
him best for that amount ox money. .
, iili?u, ,/OU mum iter^UXUO tum ??
get it.
You now see the power of reason, of
logic, et being able to make a logical
Another point ls memory; another is
imagination, both of these are posi
tivo; imagination ia a creativo power
of the mind. To he able to have an
image la mind and thea transfer lt
to the mind of your customer. <s of the
highest Importance to you as a ?ales
Tc?? ta the art ? off saying the rlgqf
thin* at the right time. Inexpediency
hi negative; ,?'?-."'
Aa a rule.'we do not ace rtuch ?talfc?k'
me?Bhlp displayed Ja a reta's atbr?;
but I will aire fcerswh*aa InaMAce
lonee wltnekaed??h^^wht?h-*-1JWeTOf
maa" kabw tthi* ?S^^^a?td^BBH
.waa a-?a?eeta*n? and ?tmJtiw
feature too .*.
' A lady waa ?ookift$ ,a* ae>
she waa Weak in decision si
She waa pretty well along
in Tar? aha wael peat the etti
she could be called young. '-1
pian in shewing her apartSo
asked ker the attention c *
saw a .?:
heavy purchase in travel
1 ing bags and suit cases.
So we are ready for you
when you ar? Teady for
that little trip.
; $2;50. .$3.50. $5. $6;
. ?Mrt- Ai rv. ? df A r\' dit A ~> d* A C
w?j ?r-*iU ??i I-.i-'j . _ . . .. ,., .... ? . ."
^We.alsp have that extra! "?t?
, ; ?uit^that will f?t you and
;', ': th?, bag.- .
....... Summer shirts, summer
underwear, neckwear,
and all other fixings.
Order by parcels peat. We prepay I
u: all chan ea. I
jr I
"?? .a?<Wl ''<Tl"t '~ 'f ?! '*.-?*
Uotenior Biease Not a Disgrace To
* Saal* Carolina Says a Correspau
doarjs ?7? ?' , ."
Oa-Vd t>'i'/ ?.?f' ""''.'! p
?dltorTke Intelligence*: '
per te re)?y hw *he"correspondent of1
Banning Cal.; who Signs his'natue Ol
E. aawaswafe. ~'- dc- ?t--? kn?-?.
U, and car? ? great deal leas;, bat 1
do wish to let.bira, know through the
caiun^'ci tBiaipapw'ihattbe major
ity ot people of South Carolina' aro
satisfied with their governor. If they
had not been, they would not have sent
bim back the second time and if they
were not better satisfied with bim now
than they evOr had been the good peo
ple of South Carolina would not be
trying so hard tb send hun to the Sen.
ate? where he will most surely gc,
and thon if the brainless person who
says they are trying so hard io devel
op California, can't get what ho wants
there, our Governor Blesse will set
up, ia th? Senate'and help make their
country what they want H'-t? bs
And. he went on to Say that thia
grand old state bad hung ita head a?
low In shamo: and all such Tot, aa "no
brain? ic. our legislature," ?tc. I
want him ita know that the people of
South Carolina, are mighty glad ta
get jidnil i auch hun hes : or Ignor
ance aa *e nndouteeaty Is; he ts not
only without brains, but. fe? i8 a ctfn>
areV any ?ian that will use California
asia ehieiu ta pinwt?an:<ril'u.'tai
item in last Saturday'a ?aper, and bs<i
netter ?tay o?t there or Mexico pr
where .else. If he > tamar,
mtts? of bis nairns oiaie why dost he
get on the tratmend run over some
time and nay what ba has to'say and
take what he will surely get.
He talked of no brains in the ieg
ialatn? j. "I. waa with our delegation
secretary' ot'aevaral committees and
I will eay thia nnch; that there was
aa much brains In the crowd aa I
ever saw la any Gassaway that 1 ever
Now thia spineless cactus ?r the far
west says that he has not missed read
ing an issue of thia paper since he em.
igrttten ts that eonattrft and wha*?i?r j
[if he w^nte tdijneOWiauy morn-aB&ii
o?poooo o ? opo o ooo?
*?..> o
o UKMCO^ o
fisHEr; y.- . . o
O .Sftj^MflM. . "?*??! I?. ' ITUr- - -'-'o-.
o To Use In Canning Fruit o
O auQ
O. O O O O ? O OOO
"washington,. D. C., May ??.-Tha
attention of the Depa rt ment of Agri
culture bsa recently been" cai led" t o
the widespread bao, especially In ru^
ral communities of ealicylic acid tu
putting up preserve* The head of a
largo drug and chemical supply house
states that the people living in South
west Virgiai?, North and South Caro
tins. Kentucky, Tennessee and weet
ern Georgia have been parching; aaa*
cylic acid in quarter pound packages
for a number-of years and tfest th!?
SEB?9 i?? Ifoi?n to an" enormous
?palt This denier states further,
that only a Jew weeks ago he-received
-*i+4*m ff m rt,.. -j??.- -_i__
for Pity gross of u>ea* foods.
.The Department la aware that thia
practice is not confined to salicylic ac
id nader Ita own nama alone, hut that
large,quantities cf-this, a:
boric acid, as well, are sold uoder
ranciful names a* preserving ?powders
of . canning compounds at ??JeoVwhich
ara much in execs* of their7<f*al ve*
uev .
' In the directions, the heaaewify ia
told .ta AU the Jar >i,*,'-.*?*--?? "
vegetables, cover wtth water and add
a teaspoonful cf the powderT it is
true, that these powders may prevent
the decay of the fruit or vegetable,
but they also encourage uncleanly
enrolees work and their obsessive
aeayio* attended wtth *ve>y
feote, upon the health. SayeyUc acid
to s medicin? of the ?reale** #iue in
acute rheumatism and certain other
diseases it ta well known alia oofs
sonous substance^ and unc
us, which accompany its
derangement of th? digestloalt te
themfora piala thati ?axtshWTC use
I? 'toee may ita* 'wif?mmam or o > -
gestion and health.
It is entirely p
bow ftaHa^/vt_
manner tnat they w?i? kee;
?> V7 sicrHwing me proa;'
weans ot heartland the**
for the yenning of any

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