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The Anderson daily intelligencer. (Anderson, S.C.) 1914-1915, May 13, 1914, Image 7

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I Love f?ffke?fyf
A Wa*
? - *
ii Ul 1 III li-H 11-1H > ??il tT
finir a century baa paused slue* *r? j
pusdied out ?rotu thc Kappahannuck
and ma little VHtafce ot rrvdtwk*sberg
and started up the Incline, with wnrec
Iy a b(inye mr a tree un lt reward the
ridge. Its bette Hued with Confederates
waiting fur us. Hui. lu picture |* tut
sharply dvtlw * oe ?by bruin os a
wa? theo nu my yeti ag eyes. What: '
Go over {bat tijr** i?*Ut Bait ?ta
won? freu, the Co??<d*?t* cottsusndcr (
would be ywvr* ttllh n hrtlatonu of i
leed and itnut lt *?? awful tu think
bf HMM. wad ?sete? * ?ig*t aluce ta wy
dream* fr* tovo there. nfrto.
There was a deeibly ?tWnefca. broken '
only by our monotonous tramp, before j
they opened on us. .Hi? Edmond* was !
marcbieg Uv? to ene. and. turnia?,'. 1 j
saw t but ?et look hts face which j
wen wear wbWi going luto hattie. J nw
. wu? na tuii?.? ?????? *r^?ii;tj; ?c. ???
execution. Aa I turtled to tu?s at hts?
ie feted fe*, i cn? usvar forget
"I'm notfomiiag out of ta*.'- be s?td. ;
I hhd nd reilly to moke, and if lund,
had there wonh) net hnve been Hine to
Wke lt. tor afc that ?tao*** lae slag
ing nod tlie ?K^eechte*. ^Ot^e?.Wfth
the ???na and th?; roar? began. We!
can robed .oto."her* **? there" ? man
dropping lit his tVai'Wyip?pLSti?; HMM1
ire drew to ibu Cobfoderofes tbe more
frequent the drope. Ohr regiment got
as uenr to the jirny death line ns any.,
but tho repina ot nt inst broke like the
tVitts, mu?. trna. ?a?od JIPUL ?rf.
morch up that open Inclined ptain, so
admirably titted for Wholesale daugh
ter, ts oue of the sonny unaccountable
lUj?fa*W?w tk?. 'rr'nx.
Jim rdl shortly after we broke. We
were et the time. I think, about mid
wny bet ween the river and the ridge..
Be held one n hand to me. on which ?
was a ring, tie h*v& lost the power of
speech, hat I fctoew what be wished:
ate to da 1 was to-tnke the ring o?;
his maser ?nd put it on my own. la- '
stead of df?nft ?a then and there. I1
took bim no a ?id cawted. ?hita to the
rear. When i vwt him down he *a?J
I rom* #t '"aaek a W Sim jbod left !
a sweetheart ut home. Se bad often '
t?tt$d about b*rto ate. We were as
near to each other aa youngsters can
be. ?nd thht ls pretty near. We were,
very different, and i believe that help-1"
ed to draw us together. Jim waa cen?j
liding, and 1 woe reticent.. Bte fiseei
wa? a mirror for bl? feelings; I had
perfect command over my Jen tares. .
'Be would talk tov the hy the boor j
about bis sweethearts ? *nd left one
of my own at home, but I never toen-1
tioned ber to nnv one. 1 couldn't. ? !
x>?= coa*'u?otUde in me to accept my i
f Heurt s i \tt&??actm and not giro my I
; rtbeloss t permitted aim so
pour tNern into my Tear ^without a re
t?, m.
Oue night shortly before the battle
in which Jim was killed, wlten he was
talking aliout *to betrothed by ?sea Mis
fire, he said fo me: "Too know bow
arsorbed I am in Kdltb. Well. I've
often thought that ;t ia eelR?h on *ny>>
part. I want her to make me happy.
I hatton* abBojjta nuMO. ano??!: *?S hr p
pinoeav tim*** *.n*r*?ta?. <K*e?*?;
euffev'tbe Same aa V wonld if I ?honhi
r.^r & tier ec-tir. ici^?inking
abets? thin and how ber. life would be
smiled. Shs wouldst ?fi ve her heart J
to any one ***e. 7or abe .weuT?l thtoVj
that si -aotajt ?o ?bu txt&ti t* anferafe:
?o ate- l'vo formed a plan In eas? ?
am lilied to prevent her firing the
tone^sf flin of an -oHI iftaflp.' Mbagtfs j
butane man whoso I to think ?
of. sigher ho*ban&M
. "rou. And, whare more, te<*ena
don't ?get back botne T wiatt ttftrtt $
if= her RD<? tell bar so."
Near wa? the time. If eas
! wa? a bent ro overcome at
1 ra^?encs tvbep lt eccurrwt I
tne thstiApib e^a-y ?w#i^irae?<?
my bti^[?tk>m^^y?t%r *^f?^
bull?* as Jv?. ?Csy-^t?tfss^ aaeu?
reataa lt wan? Ail g rn* -mm-.
?4 np ?hnt feclloa ?rbkb, os t bare saht
a**a?*a (o'have haas tvheeiahr rca
strueted for roo trio? ?own auyrbftoa
thai happened to he ?p ft.
Be*i?i*mro* Jiro* bo?y ta Af
ground I tank tu? rta? Wa Mfr*
ana IHM ? oh mr a**. I te****** p?f
on tvtth ft a *tuRH?ar cOtrdHltm. H Was
aa if two sirt* **r*> wattir* for. btedis
comb haeh ta ifcem. My tiMh fend been
pled?<*J to an*, aafl t fWt I? W ^hriitkife
bo?ud~ turmoil my Towt fr?*n?~Xu ?t???
?tbvr. j Bot na it wa* not roy imbi* m
eettlrd holhlii||JpB;?b*i to wWi
? ?*i Sh the ureipta?. imiw-d. U J
appfttr*} to mr that Ju** plan fen- row j
?ad his swiMhvsirt WO* bbrt a faa-.) !
a? bia which hat! dh-d ?its..W
-Tte war biteUal two yva* ?T*r 4?fa
t?a? kilted ?ml broo?Ut ?rwat i4m?*v?.
8 *tm Woonded st th? fertile af Win-,
cheaper and amt tee h*e>4tej. trbt-ra if
remained Sota? attona, A tauber at
[, yoeiiK women in those days en ts
do?r? to tfettote %toNro<t4r*? ia mir* t
eetdJers. etui h tar bateen** rta* % . i
?antler the ?ff i. >.?>*?? w?*o*& who
ministered 40 he?. | ?At ip ?Tte ?ore
that lt wes* ihm>> brr ntteultoa taut
a ?egsVewai f rent roy Wmnid.
!TW? ?H^IKK env?s I for bj: na Sifrol vc
anonwb an?? a dahMrrtty? vHtplWi^r
a tann to br j>tach4 tn er*? aro? already
two nrpoBfti rn whom he roleht tn? ?e*W
h?i he' tn n me**nra bop*!. I bvHne
fchore ?re more . nrofrbtgd* f&oHt iag
Irv? ?neu helas iHtrsed by wtxaett dar
tog ??okue?* rb?b rhrcarsh hw ?ther
*huacs t nm atroataed tv'xttphm
r?y betrothed and 4itav? betrothed birth
faded netore air ?tv? ipr RU?.jiiro?ni
td ht^roirae.
Andi her Wen* SIM'Tn I** aitrtaWOb
for tvrtS that, hot hhvies rov P?
^i,vhysh^,atrenj?th. ? %*td f?t bava
tt^ pli rooral ?renstn. f id-raved ?
?fwoaetr^v* syntphthy trwa roy
?ai^ hndeiM>a-ed^tt?tt erpre?i?. at
' Brat ' 1 sot -owly ? aa btfateem onfses
riftffttte hy tittle the bnrrtero
?^jM4?arn between in. and Ve
became lover*.
The Any 1 tva* disc'iangrd frota the
hospital roarktd the ?*js? ?,*f ITO* taW
tory sm KV. for the *ar toad ?*d??. t :
^.R ?bf?*i- ta aa nroeevlab?e |t?s1thm
? Tfire ?i|isnwi TU sn Trcrrfe ana marry
tny rfanct-c. 4 r^rt 1 ^hfltotirt ^my
aome sftT-ntknt lo t?y ^tiiild friend'*
wiaa?s. onfl ? ffrts tn im?e rrlrh roy
norse, who 'tfbowed a .'wlim
listet? to roy snit. Whatabvn^lt do? j
a^ldaaca a'?? Wad to iee. Tb* ea^
|^?fit#l?NW f?r fhv p*?t?se
? ^tnc. -mwaiered *?it ' ii?r?*iee I
?ftmd n %trer froai thc^rTii to whoni 1,
hrea <?n?i?ge?i. bot aaa lim *wm
fpr foja- yiHtr?. H vas * ten? ?ff?rt^ar
.ir?r?M** faeWtt *ur ?fe-ntttn* Iwr
.SneeKk-irt Vhh roe. ?li? fcaKI ?hattrW
Sve ^t?rt^ whe was Iftt?e roo?* ffttrh it
zhltif. .whlh? n??v jibe "Wah <p y^?t?ti.\
??..Had receirily ot? a trhro hafi;
bp?? very lilno, to ,-bup^ Ktiq had a?i
biitfco her ?ry waKt?rfitilile.j
To re?tiSe t?itt woold. spell m. whole,
ilfe. Tbl? lviw the ?1st ot.the ?rotter.;
^tJQnith 1t "u-iM ipWif? irot -rtt** 'Mpt?eb
^aee?^? lei?er ipnpwr. lt .?ava
nWsh <4?e*fhtoacfl 'r?rto rta WV?T?H. ?Von
ajar tbtin> n -<<f cr for am?r1?t.-."
1 ivlHtwU i?er jd.vfn?y. ?troi?^h In ?
?orn>H-f^ ?no sn inmoritrot
point v? ttr>- ^?nti?frour co??jIfiwt?H???
v .: v. .? <.i!-t.:for-inef?fr?. i <..
would wwii fesif* * 4MI ?ot J
i*Jo -roy r?i rt a? farincthre" ?t^tit ^rhat
*?? *?*?t? -lU^lr?d. t^f?k? ft a ;^at
ter nf feflina mfbt?r thea -dne t/f tronor.
'bht <ta* f in???* Wns ^retjf lite obj, ?
ffuttftrrei',ir if I? luvis ev^.wrfrfot? ??ftr
oa the *itU}q*. <tf he ban twa 1ft ffb
penrvd that lier fuMire hitpfHMwM?
Wife &f>PhaVd on mc I ?-nii??. ,^jot
-ebrt-Tra from uccedlne'tb 3|hi>^?Ylt;
i tried tu ciafep ijp nrv nitr?ti 'to so
S (be
11 'iwi?fe :?*?*y ?f-ywe
.ifr ii* hSJe 1St?fr. 4Wr?fe
of Jrtro%j wish neel
At Roanoke 8; Norfolk 8. <10 In
djnfee pulled darkness.)
At Periaiuouth 1; Newport Nm 7.
At Petersburg 7; Rieb moud 4.
N?rth C&rolLia League!
At Greensboro ?; Asheville 3. '
?t RaWeb ?i Wlua*oin-?*tetn' ?.
At Charlotte ?; Durham 4.
At NRghtte i{ MMiftttb 8,
At Atlanta fr; Birmingham 8.
At Mrj?aa*aa LI j ? ? ; NaafcvUfes
At Ne* Orlcaba ?; Chattanooga 4,
At 'toteste** *; Meena t.
At Ataaar?' ?emane* 4.
At Jachooovflie 1 ; Cbarleslea 8.
At Columbus *S; Ajagusta 0.
At Pittsburgh i ; Boston 1. (io In
nings, called, darkness.)
At St LoialaJCbtaaajo twwtpoued coli.
No othore nek Nal ea.
At Washington 8; CUoaae g.
At Near York 0; Detroit 4.
At Boston 7; St. Louts <L
At PbiiaeelpW* 44 Cleveland 1?.
At Brooklyn &; Pittsburgh 5. (?J
teaman, called account darkness.)
At .Cfeieago-St. Lo nfc wet ?rounds.
At tadlatagMb-Xaeeas City raia.
At BurTalo-BaXlmore raia.
At Mlneapolls lu: Cleveland 5
At. St. Paul ?^;Jr1?6ta%Ufl 4.
At Haj?rr??* "? , ?joa?sT?ne ?J
At MUwaakcfc-fcadianapoils postpon-^
ed wet greuftde..
At UtotteJo-Ne wark postponed tain.
At BxMtbeeter-fetaey City p**tpe?fe3>
At 3son***a* * ; Providence 6.
At Toronto-Baltimore} poutpaaed^
* % *.i-De- * * * * at * St ?A:
******* * * * * **;
OreenwooO. J?ay, 12.~?4>. Sob? i J
UMpley leaves taday Tor KpanOk*/Vu.,
wharebe gaea te??mpete In a haaeV
cap sjfcoct with mane *r ttts- fcesti
to?bame? af the Betffcar* Stakes. Val-,
Oaele sprites aire vaflfereg- .
will *oe siad t*> ??k^
that Uvli^w?Wn, the hi* tWrSer.. hasj
siaaau *** iirof*>~^ tew- . fa*i
the coh?ag.Season. Livingston has j
played several practice games and wm
be in good condition Whr?a tire season 1
Other players are expe?te* ic j
<*P wrthin the negf?ew .-jfiE?:?i
toads ot ?Cal. 3P. ?. Ii.
cornea<o^tis%?? Tatt pons
improved to^Say.
Mr. Kenneth Badcer left toSay iar-j
columbia io attend Shs meetjteg Or!
th? Grand 'Lodge Ot 084 ??I?WS1
* ch convenes 'Wednesday amrr.ha*.
ara J. w. caatftAaV <B. W. 3>K
vere, W. B. Cattael?, "P. W. TJafcUtfrU:
Bv Clark eui? 3. T. Barn
?Bl ao 'toaight. ?r. Baxter 3s ?tt&?'
A Great Big j^Sf?PO^^s These 3 dol
Beautiful Doll **es
and 2 smaller SSS.
dressed dollies ^8?*.^. sil'' piece of mus
for every boy ^^^V^-^^^ lin all ready to
and giri in ^^X^^^^i^/^. .?**atind
# \ ^vjalL?^v, sniff.They
the oty. M \ // \\ - t r
and get // a * ^ % ^r?*n
yours! ff ML Wli?iM \^T&
a, # ??n^ * ^ v\ \ areyery
w ? ?2^? li '.w \ indeeds
^^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ !
I ?iJ^^g^J? l6m?0IBf.?IBCHEi^ ^r^f^?^r
Bigger * ?J?Y
^ :miiKiiiM' Itiaa? ?alby \ \0m^'Jmm
. 1 "Ui "
L :., .^'?^iis^^ftss.. f , p?y fer * ?roe twa**' s^riP?M>d wi . '
j WiS g??^ ar ai?a you tbs ab?'? be?aMM? 4e?!s acutely free of ??st Troffer is ro^i ti?T
j ?cnewal subMp??!? to Tfce Oa% 1^%^ ?^. ?rt**?** bdow and to,
: *?ed number of these doH? and you must act oroiWpMy.
L*^r-- . - v ^....... ?r..\..,'?.S?'-*^^
Adde%fi$._ , i..
^^^^ Qtlj > -
.i^st?tasst-'??.ti?w??fed**??? t^^Sa?I??IBII9!?^^^^^^'w^^sfe^^^^i^^^r^^^^^^^^ ^
' aa ht> wan known. ?/a* ?*t~i 'Adre it wa? ? t *d?a?cdny the ^tova^-^tnaovaim Iten^y'ft body. * w?fr? ?ddrt-?* tb^ er?w? '?'fcv

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