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i2 i-2c Bleached Mus
lin, yard wide, no better
12 1-2C Muslin made.
Limited-None sent C. '
O. a
Standard Quality Apron
Ginghams, sold by oth
ers at l oe yard. Our
regular price 8 i-3c.
10 yards for ,.
Limited-none se^t C.
O. D. "
.-?-- 11 ? .?" ???
12 1-2C Cotton Fabrics,
many weaves plain and
fancy, ali colors, larr*
assortments. May Sale
per yard ..ftA
12 t-2c Ribbed Vests,
Women's extrasize,
Ribbed Vesti-v low iteck
ana arin holes, all si*es,
12 i?2c value. Special
each .
12 1-2C Coiton Ho
tiery, Men's and Wo
men's fast black, full
seamless, double sole,
neel and toe. Her pair, .?.^^i
Men's lari ' 5c
Handkerchiefs ..
.Standard huck- Towels
each ............
Men's Ri.So and 52,00
Men's Soc Work Shirts.
wash j
to 75c. ?
Special, at
lay Sale
.SS? i
C ti tri
S - - '
.... II
Anderson Boys Got Revenge Yes
terday for Defeats They Have
Experienced On Trip
They do say that "It's a long lane
ttiih no turning" and the Anderson
High school baseball (earn ls convinc
ed that sncb I;; the case. Stinging
v. iii two defeats from the Beihellte
team of Spurt an burg and the Cen
tral High school of Greenville, the An
; riaraon boy? fell upon Furman Fitting
school . yesterday and "umpi. ."J up*'
with tb? Baptists b->ys. The local
team , won by a ?cory of 6 to 2. Tho
Anderson boys had tho opposing pitch.
, cf. es their mercy add they succeeded
in teaching bim for 14 hits during che
progress of. the nine innings. From the
.* tart And >r ?on had ever vt hing their
own woy and-. Furman was lant?n
j after the first'three innings of the
Kamo, Hu a tor pitched line hali for
Andersen,- letting Furman down with
four bits. The poor fielding of tin;
Furman hoya also contributed to their
d/.feat while the fielding game of the
? Anderson team was splendid, only one
j '.rroi being chalked up against them.
Th-5 following summary tetlB how
i gsmc went.
Anderson.?li i
Furman.2 4 4
Ilatterte*; Furman. Burts '.?nd
TJieckston. Anderson. Hunter and
Burris:?. . .
::<Vvl Man Went FrUntfe In the Al
tunta Polle? enan.
A'.lr.ata, M-i'y IC-w, J. Myers, a
I local druggist, went crazy,'apparently
form the effects of Cocaine, in the
polio court yesterday, and, struggled
madly with. three br four officers, in
I on af fort. |o gat possession of a sma'1
bott lc* of cocaine which wag off-red lo'
Myers waa arrested on the charg>
ot vagrancy, a technical one. lodgel
??order that he might be imprlsonoc
onrl an effort mcdo to eura bim ct.
the habit
After icmaiuing in a coll for a rte/,
"hpn bb was taken into-thc courti-oo? ?
the alflit of the bottle of coca?sm
seemed to drive him frantic. He
struggled Unit, and after he' hau been
overpowered, he ' eggd and pleaded
"I've gd io haye lt Please give it
'ft mo." ???llo.l tn.lltr. n*.llnam?.. tJ~
fought th*..off]?ers the way from'
tb* court ?vetn to ats fol).
Aflu?lu ,1M mat ?l^pi?Vlie ll?-. >'ot
Atlanta, ny i'> .--?T^ty^llentnfyfour
i uni In I.CWH eoluror.? tocay pr?.?-?.is
j ?hiii ivt. clive wlipan . Burn* .*?'?
his lieutenant, Dun- Lotion, will b
acquitted of the charge of con temp-'
which has been lodged naginst them
in connection with their activities in
Ht o-Frank- car,'
Tho answer, of ..Bums and , beb?n'
Includes a statement that they were
advised by Attorneys Bosser end Ar
nols, defenders of Frank, that there
waB no impropriety or illegality in
tholr conduct in sending tho wUnsisritfi
Annie Maud Cftrfar out of thorcity anti
uni of -the jurisdiction of. Hie court.
Thin in -tn? net thal .WUK the aUngcd
contempt. :.- U:
Tito .loufna.l aays .that the aodw.?;-.
tbfty have flied, apparently under tho
l;iw woolil '-^rve to purea ?bMP ..ol
ll In Church ai; to ??verrem
1 Atlanta,->Hay 16.-TI?e Prs5by?r>ri?a
j ebr?t?b, -sis*pdt the han of exec-mn?"
j Icatlon upon a former Georgia minis
ter, tho Rey. Lloyd . B. Flold, u Vie
} result of a charge that the mlnlatc.
: nate j Hva eitzen <?*. a wiro
1 Hom her husband, an Atlanta man,
I and .aXvrwnrd 5/nahded tho woman.
rote after she had obtained a dt
I vat*.* whtoh tho Presbyterian church
appeal't?*? action of the church (o tho'
Arknna&s Presbytery.
Atlanta, May Mi.*--Following., hard
ujion. the conclusion of tba wtyrjucr
convention, the biggest in th a imif?if
ui th world, cornea thc announcement
that Atjanta ls HOlug to make an effort
lo get the 1916 oaiionkf eo^vep;uw^w
sfove." Bi
perry Broke ?od Threw Machipef
Into Swirling Waters of the
Savannah River
WJiilc croseing thc Savannah rivar
rom the Goorgia to the South Carolina
ilde restareerv P. M. Oleckley of Ad?
liston. Ably and R. E. Leigh of Raleigh
i. C., came very near loaihg their lives/
Nie'ferry had tnndS tho trip across the
iver and landed.. against the ban'x,
|md as the machine waa midway fr om J
BO ferry'to book, the ferry chain
|>rokc and the r-iar of the machine was
reclpltsted into the river. The axles
if ur car' ware badly beat and num
rous ot!i T repairs will be necessary/
Won aeon laet night and asked for
statement of the affair, Mr. Clcckly
aid that tie knew the chain waa
breaking and J?ffc bid presence of
pind enough, when he realized that
act, to give h ht engine all tJve gaseo
len it would take. This causad the
ar to jump two feet at least ,upd thia
brobably ?ayjed the -two .occupants of
he machine' from being drowned. The
ron*, ond of the. car .lodged pn jij?
bank while ibo. rest sank .beneath Ibo
wilily running water. Asi?tanco .was
kumjponee. and the car gotten ont,
lad-Mr. Cleekly i.uecceded In running
Tinto this city. ,
lt was placed in a local garage hist
light and ls nov/ being repaired at tho
ixpense of the fefcjy people.
The accident occurred al Brown's|
Terry, owned and operated ty- A. N.
Tho tourists wo to ?en ; roule from
Athens, Ga., to Raleigh,. N\ C., a?d
Sf|- the Georgia city at 2 : ir? ycster-l
tay. The accident occurred about 4:S0.|
In the afternoon.
A mose delightful social affair ten
dered Mri; William Laughlin waa the|
general utility shower" which M ra.
). L. Martin entertained with Wed
iciday morning at her home oil Gresn
rllio street* The guests were received
in the oort porch and were invited ln
0 the living room where everything
vna beautifully decorated with sweet
>eas and rosea. Here In a mont an
iroprlato way Mxa. J. Li Paii???? ?r?
;ent?d thc honoree with the numero-ur?
jifia from the guests. Among, those
iroscnt was a cat. the gift cf Hr::. Al
tor* Means. Sbo fools thai no homo
t> cojupjteta without this ornament.
^sal8?ng*Mra. Ajarlm In :mtertatning
liC Brunel., wara Utum All?...!
Are"'sT^'^Mte; Mrs'.* "Krnnk
.'raytoi>, 'JArn,. Fred Trthblo, Mes.
tlchchd Laughlin. Mr?.,\.R*ymo.nd
?'rctwcll and Mir?a louise-Ligon.
A tempting two^fcoii
/aa ucrvr.d, the gnspta^.t*
;f Hf ra.; Marlin's fr;;:
lctt|htf-.i! party.
?iy|k t^vtWi^
|.Jt?>. Eugene Watkins wan ho?tf
o tho members of ?',e IMie Chapter
V'-dnesdny afternoon at her home
loath Main street.
.Mr. Julius Bogga made twits an -
masting talk and the following mm
psi:numbers were eu Joyed:
Solo-Mart*: Cnaa.-'Greene.
. L?uet-rfa'r.s. C. B. Earl > and Mrs.
ilia?. Spearman.
Soto- Miss Stttinutnan.
1 Sm0^^** ' *"raivk ittHBl
Mr?, watkins , acrved nor gMc-.ts a
l?xi?lou-a sweet course.
Tues'iay wan card afternoon at Rose
lill .club and roue tables'of player*
; i:r.!.'?v of ,'ntorcaling run
lets. Lighi i'eiv-i?Shra?ntK v..:
Little Miss Sar '.. Townsend entnr
a'pftd a dozen bf .rteR^ i')riyjmal3? c
rafsdajf afternoon nt her, home ?
2a*t benson street. -? -
Many ' delightful rames were playei
.ftyi- \rnLdi .the "?p;..ty" wes ssrved.
IIBJ?rE^??eLji?S- .
! The following iii .Stetson has been re.
r-elved in Ana<f- m. Mies Brock 1?
t?t.'in^?^v^t?rn cfrrt
To kaep within tho anul true kr
odie ot .lue mil
And etralgli?Fay t.flT pursue it for
,?o.o ?ai>rtn?ift!i fUviiim i,? .T.l?w
by Prfteldeni Wilson in au exeenibr|
Copyright. ICU. by AasKN i?t< 'I Ut'
ti rn rfc iTtk?.
Mr. OMishayr ?honNf ipi ve tn icon tue
. 0 -eWurk sulturfef ti train to hU sea
'.boa? i-mtsusif- but V missed' lt He
should Inri* t.lkon flu- train ut hour
later.,, but iiliJw?Mt*i in ut ter detained
him. The hud Unlit dotyn wa* nt ?
O'clock, JJe wa* wnftliiK for lt when
be en.eountcred a neighbor, who said:
"If i \\nr*t iou I'd run up XIII) tate
u look tlxrou^d tbe lieus*. Three et
thom o'i our block have boen rubbed
within n week."
Mr. i;ici?yli;;w dei-ided to go. He
would see that tho house wi/s nil right
and thc? ju* lo u betet for the night.
He. VCiifJusl up titt' steps ns carelessly
as !f. ?b?? hijuae Had. b?'wi oi*n. un
locked thc door mid lighted the bull
gas, aud tba drat thing be saw was un
open window. The nest wna-?--tpM
Wim M/uixl ?Li r'aprtMM o?Ntod? beside
the writing desk tvlth u revolver in bis
hand. He was nut a bad or rouga
lookiim in::n. He had lately been deua
shaved, ??ml ;t f;:*hln'.r.ihle hat hein?*!
him tts look ?Ike a .jeutiemnn. If ne
hud been tn ken by surprise he didn't
.betray Un? fitch iF?terV wita a belt
guille mi lils face ie? In- looked steadily
?t Mr. <?leiiKh:m-. nml his ?voltt?. ??iua
?soft and pious?nt ng ho tii'niiJy Kokj<
'*'ttM't* -sit down, fittvse. W.?K-w4l?
have t-> < o:i> u^ |i yiNkcry ,afld I hope
to tim! you a r^ftiMiiftil?. M iislhle mun.
i tiui egptn? tu lay ttiis \ws|H)u aside
andicAft villi yen os? i.v.-n terms. You
.l'iii'i.i'"'. ??k?.n mail who'd do il ny*
think l-Hillsli."
.Look lieiv. now,"' begun Mr tllen
shatv. with ri nut? ?r ittijter lu bis
volte; 'M don't tjullo uuderstiunl tl?'d
thing. Hou nie MS t-?sd ns 1? yon wi re
really a robber, or is ff Miine Joke put
up.by. some nf the fellows nt thoclubr**
"I nm cool," rtfHiieil the tua?, "be
cnust; nerve \-j u parr af my proUfsidpn.
t um by profession,* Uur^lnr.. AK to
tho Joke-no. Mr. Oicushnw, this la
straight gomls." . .
'"You-you know my namer*
"*Yhy not? Let me ask you about
that 3? fe. . Wa* lt arar mn bid ?lucf^3g?
"So:- ,
"That'x better The combina lion wns
set oU two numbers. I Intel it open lu
ten mluutes it is ufcediess u> ?nhl Dint
I was ?lls:i;i?Mi|iitetl In the eoiilclit*."
"I-I I;IH'I jua kc out this
business." n-piicd Mr. dtenshaw, with
il troubled bio!: oij hts fa ec. "You ure
ting herc, tulkiug ly yon I might to bc
huutlu? tu; II miU?fOiuii. i?o you SU{>
pose I'm guiug to iu?utly Kubmlt iq
be foundered?. "AYhy. Iinug lt. I ouaht
to go for. ..'un i.laiiilriiigr ' '
"There ls .1 ullpiu'biii here." replied
the. ??:i>-!;ir. ., v?t i? one for "urgiubept
tjjjlan JJ j <orcfe . bhf wining K.
yal bi.;; tii\v. sinl you eu. ?du : ;;V.k
anything fairer flinn that I hnve a
lot of plumier ?xick?d up' when yJu
.walk li) on mi;.' lt ?H-orna to me that
?ni boiVotti.We compromise is the beti
iwgy^fij^tf lt for both of na."
V?Wy^s>?- MuppoKe wt? say ?fclfio for the
pluuder'i You: save ut teuwt and
1 nm decently (mit! for ihre? boura'
"1 haven't vet that BUii h ;v .!. "
' t. shouldn't object to tho cash, but
you cnn draw me n check for th*;
a mount .un'*- certi rji I
"Yon me nat nf?iiid i'll . \ ?
tectiVtf nt the h:ink to ?nb y?Hi'' :
Sot ; lu thc least.' Yo?? wouldn't
j arable mun. I see a ciicck book herc
ou the desk, ami per Int pi: we-i&ppfbf
?lose tho ib>l"
I ?Ur. ?ilensbiiw sat down lind Wrote
' '4be> chc/Oi. Thc burglar then wrntf th?
j muna of.."Henry iktundera" UCIVSH UMJ
. bink nf j?, mid Mr. Oienshsw eeriliieu
I to i'0F < orr?M,tui?jw of ibo signature.
I vl?crtit tly safe jind correct." ?tid
I tile ?ur^!:-;- n?? bc l.v.'l.vd atf^w'PS)|k*r,
.' "anii it will be paid on sight, it ls un
i^tenieu:** stain
RS he. rose fro
No? Well. u!l it
re's thc nltv. lb
At New York 2; St. Lou!? ?.
At Boston 3; Detroit 0.
At Washington 2- Cleveland t
At Philadelphia, 4 ( Chicago 3.
At JOalUutor? 1 ; Indianapolis 4.
At Plttsburgh~G; Kausaa City 7.
At Brooklyn.8; St. Lou?s.>?,
At Ifuf/aioy?; Chicago 3.
At Plttahurgh 0; Stew York 2.
At Cincinnati 1; Boston 0.
At St, Louis 1: Pl!iladelphla 0.
At ChtoaMo'l; Brooklyn &
? -fi: -TT^t'l. ?:^'- l\
tAf Augusta 4 ; Albany 3.
U Charleston 4: Manon 3.
S^TSnaah 3; Columbus 1.
At Columbia X: Jstf*?o*viUe I.
. .-. , ? I
? ".-; ?
At Atlanta 4; Montgomery 4. (caHod
end 7th allow Atlanta get train.)
At Khvr Orlean* -JJ;,Memphis .2. (drat
gaur .?.?)- ,;
Second eawe^At-Nej^ Qftfrmt&l
Meucyhjs 3. (ll inning?, darkness.}
,At,MQjWlo;:?v NashviiU- 1.
At .Birmingham :;; Chattanooga ft.
. _? . ? . -,
North Carolina League
At Wlnston-Salem 5; Charlotte 2.
At Asheville 17; Raleigh ?..
At Durham.4; Greensboro 4, (sailed
1Mb inning darkne
At F.?cUmoad ll; Norfolk 0.
At Portsmouth 2;'Petersburg 0.
At N-Aa-nort valjBj^CTbkp^^t.-^. c
American Association
i At .'olurchua G; Karmas City 7. .
Louisville 5: Milwaukee c. tit
? At Cleveland1.4; Mlpneapidfe) I.
j A4 I adiana,-pim ?); $t, Paul C.
International League
er u'; Piloy
Harvard 2.
. At Weatpdlnfer-Ariny 7; Fordham 5.
At .liaston, Pa.-~t.ai Fayette 3;
hell 5. . .
J At Wore?ater,' Mass.-Yale 1; Italy
. C ros;) 0.
i At. Providence-Brown 0; AnV.iarst X
. At New York-Butlers 5; New
: Yftrk Ta>li-y fity. ?.
i-. At Ithaca-Ha?racH^?'.Pn?ncoton 4.
I TY 't'&jm ?*I**i CiOfBHiG
j Lea^d^''SM^-fffitt^^^|Pr<>ut nil
I chicago. May : 16 - VT>" Cobb's
I* steady advance to the, front r.mont;
thq Amalean teague batters ?
?oatuu-/ of tue race for hitting honor:'
j thia. week. The latest'records? pbow
I Bini lu eighth place with . an .g-fawMK
I cf .81fi, an. Increase of eight VPttiLi
an advance of Sse plas#* aslpc.e.
\ week. - Two Vat^? ago b^:rs?ked -28iM
Is to buy where you pref
Foi? Ifoiip Money?
practice economy by buy
ing your
Come down* ami let us
it over;
It -
"f wouldn't sell it for
'ice -its price- if I
couldn't get another.
- That's what hundreds
" of owners have said
about.th.e Ford, ' More
than a half million sold
to c?ate is ? ? FOOT 1 O? . .its
woricKvv-iue ..popularity..

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