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o Candidates For o
o County Offices o
o o o o o o ? o o o o o o o
I hereby unnounce .myself a candi
date for County Auditor, subject ito
the ruicu of the democratic primary.
.it. A. Abrains.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for tiie office of Auditor, subject
to the i ules of Hie Democratic pri
macy J. It. C. OIMFFLW
I hereby announce myeelf-a-candi
date for County Supervisor of Ander
son county, subject to the rules of
the Democratic primary.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for comity supervisor, subject lo ;
the Democratic primary.
I hereby auuounce myself u can
didate tor tho office of county super
visor ot Anderson county, subject to
the rules governing the democratic
primary. T. M. VANDlVKIt
I hereby announce myself a candi-'
date for supervisor of Auderaon uouu
tyj subject to the rules of democratic
prima.*y. C. A. MARTIN.
lt. A. ..u...#?n of Fork township ls
hereby announced for commissioner
for Section One, comprising Fork,
Rock Mills, Pendleton and t'enlorvlllo
I hereby announce myself a candi
date tor county commissioner for the
third section, consulting of Oui vin,
Plushy Creek. Wilthirnslo:i and Hope
well township;*, subjec t to tho action
of thc. democratic primary. ,
i hereby announce myself u candi
dato for commissioner for Honea
Putb, Helton, Brondaway and Martin
townships, District .'No. 4, -nubjoot to
tho rules of the-domouratic primary.,
j - , . W. F. TO WNES.
I hereby nnnounco'rhyflolf a candi
date for county treasurer, subject ito
the rules of dhu democratic .pasty. :
-1-mkm.l im. S> jimmi ,
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for. c:ounty Treasurer of An
derson comity alibjoct to tho rules of
thu Democratic party. I
: 1 ? 'i'JA??B O. BOLINOER.
_._M?\i,"?.t m.,,
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for commission or-from District
No. 2, comprising .Pendleton, e Rock
Mills, Fork abd Centervllle townships,
subject to the rulen of the democratic
pi Unary. >/ D, :B. HOBSON.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election 88 'CommlijBionei
for District Nb. 4., comprising Honea
Path, Martin, .Relton .and Broadway
township, subject to tho rules ot the
Democratic primary.
'OlViOi J. M. Dunlap. ?
-1-.--,???"?-.~- ? i , ?
The friendo of R. A. Mulikin here
by announce ?him as a candidate for
county Commissioner from district
composing Hopewell, Brushy Creek,
Garvin and Williamston. Subject to
the rules and government ot the Dem-,
ocrsttc Primary. _._
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for County Treasurer, subject to
the rules of tho Democratic primary.
. . ..... W. A. liLllOD.
W. P. Nicholson ls hereby announc
ed ea a candidate for re-election to
the office of Probate Judge, subject
to the rules pf Hie democratic pri
I hareby announce myself a candi
date for the office of probate Judge of
Anderson'"'cou g ly, subject to the. rules
and to tth' result or the Democratic
1 hereby oihtuvunro myself,a candi
date for Probate Judge of Anderson
County subject to the rules of the
democrtlc primary. ' W. F? COX. 1
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Probate Judge for
Anderson county, subject to the rules;
of the Democratic Primary.
: '_I. T. HOLLAND.
?I lie roby nu noun ce myself a candi
date for the office of judge of pro
bate for Anderson county, subject to
the rules governing the d?mocratie
primary election.
I hereby announce myself ? candi
date for state Senator from Anderson
County, subject to the rules of the De
mocratic primary election.
: 1 I. L. SHERARD.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date 10r the'State Senate, from Ander
son county, subject 'to--rho mles ot the
Democratic primary.
-. - ' ' Clint Summers, Jr.
1 hereby announce myself as a can
didate for House of .Representatives
from Anderson (county, HU bj eat to the
rules-of the democratic ,pnr ty.
? '?? <4 ? r . OSCAR D. GRAY. ;
? I hereby announce myself a cntWI
dato for -the House of repr?sentatives'
from Anderson county subject to the
rules of tho.democratic primary.
. > ." .. . ?mimi .
J hereby nnnoimoe niyseir a candi
date for Cone rosa from tho. Third Con
gressional (District, subject ' to the
Tillea of the democratic party.
.. ^. ,. Aalten, a C. f
At si. Lou lu 6; Philadelphia 2.
At .Dutroil VVuHliltiMtim 2. (IO In
At Cleveland-New York ruin.
Ai Chicago .'!; Boston 2.
Detroit, Mich . .lune ia.- In (lie louth
1 ii 111 UK of luiliiy'ti game witli thc score
tied, one mil and Hindi on third luise,
Hrichling purposely passed Cool? mid
Cruwford. V'each-caine throii?h wll li
u ?sharp Kingle ?nd -Bunli ncored the
run that gave Detroit Itr, -second
i-tratglit victory, ovei* Washington, ?
tn 2. i .?..?...,. ii . ...j !
Washington.2 !i
Detroit. :t io
Booh I fut* and Henry; Da UH?. Main,!
? 'ovalii-iHie and Staiia,-*- and Ha*er. ;
Chicago, .tune Itt.-"- Glilocjio evened'
up with Boston today by wdnntng>lrh--i
uecoud Kaine .ol tho aeries.-fl to 2. The j
win+ns run wiw made-in the seventh I
Woott .r uni Di- <i Weaver's grounder and!
Blackburn sncMfie.ed. SHIK-U-K hv >.!..
Colline uitil Cham? score? ".Waver.
Boston. 100 BIO m n 2 :> 1,
Chicago. Itjo lin IO.?- -3 l-l l
U. Collins. BciMont in..i Carrigan I
Tilomas; Benz und Kel.nil:.
flt. Louis. Jun? I'.!. Aiter Philadel
phia scored two nina in the operiirig
session today. Kt. Lou:? BUIIKI hack
and, nv bunching' nvo hit?; two ?if
them for extra bases, with .errors and
base oh halls, scored live runs and
was never headed, the home team ..Vin
ning, tl to 2. miikinc lt two straight
from the champions.
Philadelphia.2G0 OOO 00(1-2 G fi
Et. Ixmls..'tnt oui mix -t; ?i 1
Wyukoff, Biessler and Sehung;
Wellman lund- Agnew.
Noi lh Carolina -League
At Asheville 2; Raleigh I. <! rat
gante.-} uy- ni? . . .??.?*>.?
At ABhevllle 5; Raleigh 4. tseeond
KU me.) .
At Durham T.; Greensboro I. (first
garnet)-... ' ... i.??><
Durham I); Greensboro. 2.( second
Kaine:) it -,i ,
At Winston Salem ?; Charlotte?.".
-i ?> ll'.'IIM t !'.. -"
J.'iril iM?i?f^?_t-?L4."Kl I >
Will Face "l?nhe "AdamH. the College
Wonder,' .Tiffs Afternoon.
Greenwood Journal.
Anderson's/team- happened to ho
passingtldtTOiUgh Greenwood yesterday
eu route :ihomo irom ?Blhojton, where
they played '-tw? -garnes, /and decld&d
to stay over for a .game frriilay and
Saturday. Tho Anderson bunch won
their -second.garoo.-with Elberton by
the score of 3 t- 2 and lost thc first
1 to. 0. . They report that Elberton hus
a i-trcriig team this year. "My Town'j"
hoye are said to be a for ni id ?hie orowd
themselves and Gleenwood will there
fore have-its .first-chance, today -to go
up against a-real league team. The
visitera have three lejt-hunded pitch
'Milium will work in the first game
and Adams -will pitch on" Saturday.
The faus have seen what the team
can do, they know that the weak
place on short has been strengthened,
and this means that the two games
with the Plddmont league team will
be witnessed by a large crowd.
Spartan burg comes Monday for a
series of three games.
* '. ... .,. .. ' *
*)f? ?if. Sf? Sf* 9f* Jp* C?i 9f? 3f* 9f* if* Sf* *j"?
Washington, June 19.-Day in con
gress. ?
Senate: Met at noon.
Authorized an investigation nt char'
ges that the senate's letter paper was
? misused in a. gold mine promotion.
Telegrams from. Now York bankers'
denying chargea mV.de by Senator
Smith, of Michigan. In connection :
with Nicaraguan bond issues, were
read af'the request of Seuutur O'Gor
. Bankiug committee called on the
treasury department for all informa
tion in connection' with President
Wilson's nominations to the Federal
reserve hoard. .
Amendments to the naval bill were
disagreed to and the measure went
back again to -conference with the
Considered without action right ot
Mississippi Choctaw Indiuns to share
tribal funds of Oklahoma Choctaws
and Chickasaws.
Adjourned at 5:3f> p. m. to noon Sat
House: Met ot ll a. m. -
Debate .was i csu in ed on the Dy err
Gill election contest In the' twelfth
Missouri district. .*..--.
Panned resolutions unseating I?. Cl
Dyer. Re] ililfcan. and declaring
Michael J. Olli,?Democrat, legally .elec
ted as repr?sentative from tho 12th
Missouri district.
-Representative Gill took the oath of
office. -
Adjourned at 45. ?MI to poon, Saturday.
? ? ' ? * ? '-.si^r^y
Bl?flcst Rubber Tree of All.
Whuf ia believed to be the largest.,
rubber tree In-the world ??tanda in tho '
Urajiilian territory of Acre.' on the
-frontier of Holiva Ito stem ls ?7 feet.
2 7-10 iti?hca In circumference at tbs
base* For 120 days every y??<ir t?l?
.co loa au a, el ves 22 pounds, ot tubber a
day.. At present prices rthi? bi-inga In
i #2.160 ? year, or-a fair interest -on
about $60,000, to Its ow nora, a faintly
?-of seven Serlnguelws.
At i ?OMI i m 7; St. I XIII i H r?.
At Brooklyn-Pittsburgh rain.
At New Vork 0; Cincinnati ti.
At Philadelphia 7; Chicago X. (IO
New Vork, Juno ll). -Churlos Her
zog, former third baseman ol' thc
New York (cu?n, made his Hr st appear
ance today oji the I'olo ('rounds us
iiiiioager nf the Cincinnati leam and
received a great ovulion. Ilia leam
was shut ?nil easily hy the champion.:,
i. lo O'. Kain ?il through Ibo .game..
Sv'ore- .
Cincinnati.MC OOP tlOb-0 .", 7
New Volk.Ol? 020 02x-G il 0
A mea, Koestner and Clarke; Mar
qua rd and Meyers. . :
Philadelphia, June li?. -A poorly
played gaum here today wau won hy.
Chicago in the tenth inning, S to 7.]
liecker .nade another home run, hi/
I I hird in three uucccBtdve ganitj.
Chicago . ... 0C? Mit Onu 2- ti lt :<
I'l.ladelphla . . .??.0 'to:: iou i- -7 7 3-j
.Zabel, Lavender, Cheney and :?>'. ed
bani; Jscobtit Itlxey, .Vuver and Burns,
t.i;d I LU lift r.
?ortou.. J inc III. I.'o'ilon won from
St. Louis today. 7 lo '>, in a gani" that
iimti.tl Uvo.ho.it.; unit forty seven min
ules, a record for the ueuson. here.
Manager liiiitgimi, of St. Louis, and
Kvers, o? lio .ten, were pul off rae Hold j
for dispiitiug dcci?ioiia.
. Sun it--- ' /
Louis.non MHO u;u fi i:! I.
Boston.Ooo mo -<x: . J''- -
1 Uningor. Sal loo and Snyder; Kudotph
James .and .Cowdv.
At Petersburg -'; Norfolk .">. (lirai
gumc.) .
?t?Portsmouth 4; Newport News ii. .
At .Petersburg .(.; Norfolk I?, (sec
und game.)
international League
At Baltimore ?I; Montr?al .
At Providence 4*. -Rochester L
At Nowftrk-Toronto-rain. ..
At Jersey City-Buffulo ra?n.
"- ' I
Sccrclnry Houston Will Bar Watered
dulce 'By New Killing. > ???
tBy Associated-'Press.)
Washington, June W.-Secretary
Houston today- decided "what is wine"
and made a .pure food ?R?ting of tar.
reaching importance to all domestic
wine makers.
It prohibits thc use of thc name of
"wine" on -prml nets -in ade .by tho ad
dition of water to tho Juice, pemaee or
pulp of grapes, a.rl'deflneB wine to be
?tho product of ike normal alcoholic
fermentation of the juico of the fresh.
Bound, ripe grapee, with tho usual
cellar treatment."
Tho new decision provides that
where any water is added to the po
mace of grapes it is nat permissible
to dabei the product "otherwise than
imitation -wine," and affects aU winos
made after June 12,1914. This action
has been taken in the language of the
decision, because, "the department of
agriculture has concluded that gross
d?ceptions have been practiced under
food inspection decision 120."
t , \ i(t'JgarmakerH Differ,
"washington, June l?^Plorlda and
New York cigarraakers appeared be
fore Assistant Secretary Mulbura at
the treasury departr\*nt today to dla-,
cups the stamps usci on ctgara made
in band. Senator Flntchor nod Rep
resentativo Sparymau accompanied the
Florida manufacturera, who opposed
the request of .the New Yorkers.for a
change tn the stamp -. At present the
stamps show the n. hod employed in
manufacture, whlh ::?e New York men
contend .the cigar:'- should he labelled
in auch a manne'' .iiht only the quali
ty of Ute muter':.i -used Would bo in
dicated. Raider! ion was rendered.
Bark i ..ned at Sea. '
Gulfpdrt; M vi Juno 187-Total loss
at ?ea.of thc Norwegian bark Ingeb
Jorg, which - ulled* tom this .port for
? ?? osarlo, Ai?-. Mit ina, uhout sixty duys
URO, lias bc a .reported lie re. Accord
ing to the report, the vessel wan set
on fire af: ir Captain Hansen and the
crew ha?; been taken off by tho Brit
ish - rtoamar UaVvkhead,' westbound
tor SaitFianclsca. The cargo consist
ed principally of lumber and waa valu
ed at $20.000.
He?ii gees From Teplc.
. Un Hoard .11. S. 8..California, Mazat
lan,. June 18.--By wireless tot San
.Diego, Cal., June 19.--Refugees arrrir
ed here today by the Pacific Mall Lin
er City of fara, report-that conditions
dn the besieged city of Topic are de
pl om bio. but the censorship ls so
strict Uhat .no details are'obtainable.
?Forty American refugees left J for San
Francisco today'on the Para. ' The
long strain ot tho sei ge and the short
age ot Tood are driving out even those
foreigners who "have ' hitherto been
most obstinate in the defuse of their
business interests. ? ;'
Miss Blank waa n*i?young whenan?
was --married, wherefore tho innocent
question ci -a littlo nelghbor? preved
allying.; "Why, how nico -of you -to
bring mo flo wo re, ^J tm mle! "-was -tba
way. tho troublo Btarted. "And ?fach a
eurprlse, too; I don't think 1 evor'hau
suth a nico ?urpvtae before In all my
Urti." "Not ?vdn whim you got 'roar
risd?" asked the wide-eyed child.
At Kansas City .*>; Bultimorc 4.
At St. IJOUIS . ; Brooklyn X.
At IndiauupollK-Luriah, rain.
Kan Kat* City, June Hl- Kansas City I
mad? lt three out ot four by winning i
today's ?jomo froru liultlmorc, 5 to 4. I
?Hlraorc?c double- with Ghadbpiirnc on
KHOoiid non-ci thc winning" run'In the
ninth. ? . : i .
Bultimorc , .. 103 OOO ICO-1 13vi .1
K.iiiuus City.Hil liOi? IH>1-f? .I'S 1
?Si:KISS, Smith und Jucklltach; E. -Pack
II ci. Stu:.c and Easterly.
St. Li.t.h:, June lil.- Brooklyn took ;
it.'-, third victory trom Hil. Louis in?the
lani Kaine'l?lrftiii: sories iodo v. 8 to 'ti,
Evans' bom?' ?run with the -bases if til) -,
gave tho -?cltcr.? s load i.i .he XMv3
iuuiug< . .{
Brook)-i..t.oi i io . aa sr! 3 |
St Un .(?il lr.M OGfl--6 J) ?
Marlon and Owen;-; Davenport, Her
bert and -inion. :
American Association
At Milwaukee ft; iii?* r-va* oils 'i.
At St. : mil 1 Cl? v. land li
At Mi.iiH.H;plli 4; < i, lu rn) u<; 2
At Kansai: City :,; Loul n l?e 'J.
sou: : IO?J? i EAG?E
' - "j i ? , ; /i. ; v _ . ,i fyi > ..J i .
At Atiento 4; Chattanooga 1
At. Mlihtlo 2; .Mmtr.ouiuiiv 2.
A!. ?ew.iWrli.ai!.?? s? kirm Inclu? m 5.?
i>o otlioi'fi.y.'?iitduled.
South Atlantic
At ChirrrrrSlVjjr2; Aii? istn* r?:
At Savannah 2; Columbia
At ColumbuH ii; Jackt-onvillc 0.
(first Kaine.)
At ColumbusJacksonville I. ?acc
ond game.)
At Macon 1; Albany 2, (first .game.)
At Macon 3; Albany 7. (second
Klunding Cuse Continued.
Chicago,-June lib-The Federal
League's suit to enjoin Pitcher Bland
ing, of the Cleveland Ameri-'uns,
winch was to havfct-been completed to
day, waa continued to July 13:
Au A Homey 8nys Chicago Bunk -Fall
? ure=-Go u ld ?? lins;, lr Be -Worse? .
??? (TiyAiisooiated Press.)'
Chicago. June 19.-Maclay H.oyr.0,
states' utlorney, announced tonight he
would begin an iipmedlate investii-a- j
tion. of Hie affair?-, pf the La Balle ,
Street Tcaat anq Savings-Qank to de-I
tr omino ?if criminal -charges .would be
brought' agafhst Ita officers. .
The bank's affairs, now are^ in the
hands of W. C. N*tb?acJt.'?Sdce president
?if tue Chlcage T?ii?? -and Trust Com
pany, appointed receiver today. . Hts
bond was fixed at?4)2.600.000.
The state's- attorney . said he had
been drawn into the bank -investiga-1
tion by a complaint Of criminality i
brought by a depositor. |
"J. know the t-ituattnn, now," he ad-j
ded, "and I don't see how it could bo
worse." ,
Photographers Fleeted.'
Atlanta, Ga.; June Hi.--indianapolis j
today was selected as tho convention '
city for 1915 by Ibo '.?Photographers
Association of A'nariel ?rt -the closing
sas-riou i,f BH sent?s! <-orvon?ion?hcrv
Otbcers elected wert * AV.. H. flOWNJJ,
Washington, D. C., president; .L. A.
Do2ler. Buoy ru?, Ohio; fi. 'W. Phillips,
Philadelphia. Pa ,'Vice presidents, and
R.W. HolBinger, CharlottesylUe, Va .
treasurer. . ' : '
?led ni His Key.
Columbia dune' liH-rjHwward..Horace.
Beard for :??J yvor* \ii tho. service bf
the Western Union-telegraph- Company |
dled-suddonly thjs -morning nt; hi*?.
Key at Gibbes Machmery-'Co., a -sub
station of -the Cnlumbla* office' Of the
Western Union; ' HO>- wa* a stative
OT'York county. ?V.-j? ' ..
Danville. Va., June 19.^-Two pull-J
man ?cars on ?Southern nor Cit o ind.
No. .UV fast niall were derailed at Grot -
na, 2r> miles > northward at 4. this
afternoon, j nut -aa dbe -train was pass
ing the Southbound -fast mull on a
dirallie track. Thc pullman s.-sldes wi p.'
od the whole length m.thc other train,
but steel coaches saved it from sor ions
injury. Tiaket Collecter 'Charles A.
Douglas, -of-train No.. 2?>, Buffered a
severe cut on the face and 1H In a hos
pital hero. No one oise waa-injured
mentionable. A broken brake-rigging .
caused- the wreck.-1 ? .
Tobacco Oflieers.
lexington, Kyf/;June l9.T-^]?;?i?..yn.ited
States Tobacco tAssociation: totjay 'el-j
.??cted the following ; officers' Presi
dent, T. M. Carrigan of 'Richmond,
?Va.; first vico prc aident. W. li. Petty/;
Lexington, Ky.; second vice 'president,
.-H. P. Walann, Watson, -N. C.;.,tOilrd
vice president, li P. Egg le ton. Drakes
H ranch, Va.; secretary <. treasurer. C.
J3. Webb, Wlnstom-Salem, N, C.
-!--jSrv'?^.> --'-'i.; J*
Announceraent -Belayed.
. v wt'&Sft " ' " -
Washington, .}uni>. 19. -The decision
of tho Interstate (Jormnoirco Commis
sion in the Easter), freight rate ?nse ]
.will not be nnno?ncod-tpmoffow.' pa
bad been expeottm in some quarters.
Indications bod*i?--were -tu?t it would
not be m ado .public for several-days,
nt least, nnd ,sbmo persons rwell-in-"
formed as to t\jto cominlsaion'S proce
dure predlc .J5.it would -not be. an
nounced for VT j weeks. . 1
? M. Hartwell, (.'ii. ?tr " -
'1? .VT. doyston, (?a. j"*,'
" tj8 S. Commerce, ??H.
4K M. Je?Yoi son, (?a.
61) M. Windor, Un,
^ M. COFI, Ma.
?1? M. >\ nbtiin.-tJii.
W) ?. Lantern evllle, (in.
yo. ii. DU tu th, un.
115-M. Atantn, ita.
" Crossing " ar'TM'TI^y
Cet your Gasiilinb and y
Koto Agent for Flreston
A tree camping holme li
See Hie Hudson - Kl MK.S
a>a??a^i**'asaj?i lif
Mgigjiieg ?Mg .eitr agaageg ?tase*
narnia) and
a??iir * sfc^fcO! .A <BfcJwS?fa
$ew Yorjc Cotton
.Ww York, .Iniic ;i;. There was a
bhiup hi eak iu .th? cottoii ami hel to
rn.'/ v.MMi pi ice;, malting new low
low ground for Hie movement undic
.turu " IM li-?n K<ii?oral selling, whlr.h
wa: evidently Inspired hy continued
good wouthiu in 'Un- -SontM. (Mosing
ipi nfc-, wen?1 car.v ::;.('. luoni hi tonflS
point not dower. v
. Lfcvai?poul -wau uuiiatdutalily Jowar
limn du? aojii.Ui- luca) .market opened
l.a:iol'. si- a.iy al a do lines ot ."? pointe
nail-?,4o 10 points on tater months.
The f?v?iabip showing o? the -early
v.'? athol- nmp mid tho official fore
casts for good weather again today
nuil tomorrow ar well as tho weak
rabies appeared to inspire u good ideal
of. local. selling and active months
sold 10 to 17 points net lower shortly
niter Hie call.
Spot cotton (|uiet; middling . up
landr.-13.25; Gull 13.50; Sales 120.
(kitten iuturon elosed steady. 1
Open "(Mose
Julv .-1283 1277
Augurt . 128-i 1276
October. I?.j0 1250.,
Doccmber . i2?5 1256 |
.lanuaiv . 1248 1 241
March . 1253 1246
Liverpool Cotton
Liverpool, June 10.-Colton spot
easy; good middling 722; low mid
dling 720; Sales 3.000; Bpoculation.and
fexport, 200; receipts lb.OOv. . -
j Futures barely rteady. June 735.
and July .716; July and August 717;
August.and September 702; October^
and November G72 1-2; December and
January 622 1-2; January and Febru
ary 663; March and April ?5.
New Orleans Cotton
New Oileanr, June 19.-Cotton to-,
day felt pressure from selling stim
ulated by what thc' boara called .per
fect weather conditions over the. belt.
Not only war- the weather favorable,'
bute eiop accounts generally were im -
proved in tone. " Tho tlowust ;prlces
were-leached in the afternoon whim
the market waa 17 to 18 pointa under
yesterdays -ftnul figures. The .close
was at^the lowest.
. The forecast indicated iHut little
change swould take, plaoe in Uui ,wea- j
Hier .conditions, .over the bolt': In the.
Immediate .future and this increased
thu ? disposition to sell. **. *
Spot cotton quiet, unchanged.' Mid
dling 13 13-16; sales on the rpot 525;
to arrive 120. ? ,
Weekly Cotton
New York, June 19.-The - cotton
maillot has declined during the week
wUh. October, contracta selling at -2.52
today, OT $2.70 per hale under the-re
cent high record. Kn vocable wea Hier j
.condition!- in the Soul li and. imfuvnr
ablO foreign trade -advhies liave cre
ated a more bearish, or reactionary
neut i meut !n local -circler, but-.short
sellers have -not boon aggrosrdve and'
mpst of tho pressure again: ; tho mar
ket -hur neon (attracted to ivajizing or j
liquidation of long account
Continued nervousness over' the;
(poor rtart of the clop and expecta
tions that the coming official report
w|ll nhow little lacreare, -if .not ant ac
tual dee r ens e -lu acreage ? haye prob- -
ably .lesliloteo,.bear. p,?esfur?, '. while
there .have -also hoe a rumors, -ot a.
moderate trade buying on.declines and.
pi eil lc Ho na of a -broadening -demand
from that sonre?; OR a seale down. .. j
Bullishly .dlrpored .- operators at
tributed their gloomy view of . trade
conditions, ar. expressed --. In loadiug
textile circles OJbtoad to an- effort ito.
influence raw material markets and
the influence of better weather .ad-|
vices has also boon modified to some
extent by tho fact- that./niany. of the
crop reports reaching the trade con
tinue to indicate a very pour outlook
for the ultImute yield, .while ideas as
to the5 ?tpiprbv?ment ' likely ;;t? ' ge
chown by tho july, bureau have also |
been'modihed by tho condition flgurea
Of a local authority indicating deterio
ration of moro than two par.cont in.
the crop.between May 2p mut June. 10. j
jj --?te**, fa
Nftw York. Jun? 10.--M entail tile
paper, ?, 1-2 a -4. . -^t^r^cf* li-.*
Sterling steady; 00 dnys-tiSMn^de
ftmnd 4RT.00.-- ? ? ?.,-"
tj Commercial bills 485
Har silver 55 1-2. - ... r ' ,
Mexican, dollars 43 1-2,'
Government bonds steady; railroad
bonds .'?cgular. '.<
. Call money steady 1 3-4 a 2; ruling
rato 1 3-4; closing l 3-4 a fl..* Bfer? -
( Tim?-loans steady; 60 daye-2 1-2;
90 days 2 -1-2 a 3-4; six months 3 1-4
a 1-2. . , , ? . I
lil 11 ;lifl|?? ' .
and ANDERSON, S. C., 1
- #y Way of
Jgj^g FE
-ll ILIWSdWRllY-- ,,
HOOD LAM)ix; ?i
> ? URI A (IK <?6 CTS. 71
FERRY la luit '?rf?et?<l by low'wat br.
\uto Olia ut Hailey's Drue Store. Hart wt
B Tire?. Try some. W. 1. Hailey, Hu
aa buen erected al Halley's Ferry, for th
before buying. IV.'L HAILI V, At/ent, I
?MM?M? is' IP? fi
Stocks and Bonds
New Yoi'!:. June 19.- Except lo: j
the Hock Inland recur it lea winch were j
uuu?itully uri ive and rOveivd u wid.-i
runge, the stock marlu t today wa i j
little! and Hat. The undertone war. I
linn and tlioru wan a Hebt upward j
tendency. Hpeculatorr w<?re ar, re
luctant us bo.'orc to take a decided '
posit/foil pending the much discussed
licet: ion .in the freight'Tate eauo.
Eat ly in tho rhty .lt wu.-, reported
that the Rock I-Jland'a reotgailikcd
plan would.be annuunco.1 ?diortly and
heavy trudiug lu the ap'curitlqr.'bf the j
company relieved rho dullness dur
ing the early hodrs. The' bond;;, with
the exception of the collaterals, were
bbl up 'strongly. The collateral 4s
dropped 2 :t-8 to 30, the lowest price
Dcmund sterling broke 40 points,
making a decline of about 100 points
lu three days. Despite this movement'
exportation o? gold-continued, ^r.COO,
000 being engaged today. Owing
largely to the-gold movement, prelim
inary e-uimatos of- tomorrow's bank
statement based on kuown-inovr-meiit
of currency suggested u Phrinknge
in cash of about $4,000,000 to $8,000,
Arido from thc Rock Island issues,
tho movement of the bond market
war small. No -definite trend devel
oped. Some isruea which recently
were weak, including St. Louis and
San Francisco lefunding 4s were
higher. Total sates, par value. $2,
7311,000;. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Cotton Seed Oil
New York, June 19.-The cotton
need oil market wat easier today, re
flecting Iii j ii ida timi of July, favorable
weather rqport 4n the cotton-belt,
which led io, tb? tsik of tbs offerings of
new etude and clow- consuming de
mand. Much of thet rade was switch
ing from July to tho later months.
Closing prices were 5 points higher to
5 points net lower, mith sal?s of 9.C00
barrels. '
Grain and Provisions
Chicago, June 10.-Big export bus
iness here and higher pricer, at Liv
erpool kept- tho wheat market today
on the advance. The close was steady,
3-8 to 1-2 above last night. The out
come in- corn waa . 3-dh: off to a six
teenth up abd for oatr 1-8 to 1-8 a'1-4
net gabi. -Provisions finished nil the
way from 10c to a rise of 2 1-2 a Gc:"
o o o o o o o o o o o ? o o o
o >$?g ?
0 o ? o o o o o o o o o o o 6
V-':." J ? ' ~7: !
New York,- june-.'l'9.-Bradstreet's
wiH ?soy.-temor roiv: . ?.:..:
"ExceHentlaH round crop advices
continue to ' ex tend .to .thc .circle 'of
optimtr.m which widens at a greater
rate?.,tban-. actual baying. -However,
evidenced of- improvement in trade
oro accumulating fa the surplus crop
growing sections which ls in sharp
contrast to that noticed lb tho es
sential industry regions. But over
a large urea-distribution ut retail is.
bettor, wholesale trade ia looking Up,
demand for iron und steel is larger,
collect lon !? are comowhat easier, and
trafile-nu the Western railroads ?B
increasing and heavy ruto? of wheat ?
'Ipr export are . reported. A ct! a itv ia
tho keynote of northwestern reports,1
reports from-the winter wheat belts
are assuring, in the mld-wcr.t interior !
dlstri. tutors, ore buying .freely, .and]
trade news -from':the -South,..-though ;
somewhat mixed, 1?.'more encouraging
in the niain because of the f?v?rable
trend of reports. On tho other bund .
trade from tho eaat develops -rathsr
?lowly and a' similar .statement ap
iplis* to. tho Pacific rorthWest. v
1 "Fpr Ute .week; Hank olearings. $3,- ?
130,180,000. a decrease of 4.? per cent
f rora--last year ; wheat exp?rtr. 3,(185,
30U bushels against .fi,328,428 for lust
year; failures 249 agalnrt 23&."
'. ? Cheap F??or Stain.
A very 'tn cs pen si ve- eta in can bo
g.ado from burnt umber and hot wa
ter. Five cenU' woHh of rthe btrttft
gibber will stain "several floors; that ia,
where a rug?is used fdr 'tjra cehteV
Poor the' bot- water over the burnt
cmbef, little at a time, tilt R i* thor
toughly dissolved: ^Use a-Hu'art of toot
water to fivo cents worth of umber;
tbbt makes a pretty darktown'Stnia.
let lt dry. then rub on any good ooor
wax and polish. . :-.r> . ,ir. ..
31. Hartwell, (jil.
7 Sf. Il A ILK VU F Kit HY.
M. Ht nr. S. C-?
: M. Anderson, M. C.
I 51. Wllllumston. 8. t.'.
M. tireen ville, M. C.
M. (Ureer, S. C.
I M. Hparlunbuig, S. C.
.'I "31. Cafiney, H. Ci
9 M. Cafctonlu, N. V.
0 H. Charlotte, N. C.
rtwell. Cu., Agei<t. L jj
Hartwell, tin. ||
jGvva'ly Itoduced
Passenger Faros
Greenville, Spart?flU?r^1 '& Anderson
. -rt . \>, 7 i- ,
? . .. ..
y ... JO bu? '
Atlanta, Ga..,. '.... v .. '..$4.sr?
Annual convent io.. Photographers
Aerostation of America'! Tickets on
nate June l:i, 14th,' final limit June - .
iMtb, ??14. ' ?" ?< .. ?
Tenth annual convention Associ?t- . "
od Advertising Ol Olfs uf America.
Tickets on sale June 18th, 19th
and 20th; final limit June 30, 1914:
KNOXVILLE^, TENN.....$8.25.;
Summer School o? the South, Uni- V
versity of Tennessee: Tickets- on
sale June 21st,-22nd,' 23rd. 27th
28th. July nth. Otb. ITth and 18th:
final limit fifteen drys unless ex
t'HICAfiO, ILL....,..:'... .$28.20 *
International Sunday School Con
vention. Tickets ton; sale June . ;
20th. 21st, 22nd ; ?nal limit July
5th, 1914.- ?ii -
NASHVILLE, TEN^T,;,. ...$12.70
Peabody Collego Sommer School.
Tickets oh sale June -23rd, 24th,
26th, 20th, 27th, 29th; Jilly lat.
Oth. 14th, final limit 15 days un
less extended. . .... .>
BUFFALO, N. Y.... .$31.00
.-I V.., ,~" J.;.,)J.t. .,.71?
Epworth League.Conventlon.M. E.. i
Church. M.-E. Church S'.wth and. .
M. E. Church of Canada. Tickets .,r
on sale June 27th. 28th, '^9th;.final ?, ,;;
al limit July Ith,',1914. . ... ,
LOUISVILLE, KY:V: .'.. .$10.20 ;
Saengerfest of the North Ameri- -
can Saengerbund.. Tickets on Sale ..
June 22nd. 23rd, 24th;. final limit
July 3rd, 1914. , .
ATLANTA, tia'..... .V. ;1........ .$4.85'
Young Peoples Congress. Tickets . -<
on sale duly 6Ui.-,7tb; final limit
July 15th, 1914. ,
Ask about our ?letiplng car service
to Atlanta. * ! '
- C. S. Allen,
Qen,. Paaa. Agent, Creen ville, S. .C, .
Just Between
1. ii c-c-.i .
i V'Tjsqr*. O?
^iiW T^i^w? ? ?tua
^p?5^ heart iv heart
V^^^,^ talk. It^s meant
/g?5W?PTt?4 ^ftT t'the business
S[Wr^^?? men;of this terri
, ?Mn^'W?^ tory.Vor thoso who
J .flpjSayir j- thosa**,#ho . ought.
Friend.' you ' nfust \nake 'your
customers boy frhm'ybu MEN
TALLY before they ?mrebase in
You must-nrouso"und interest
the mind before "you can reach
the pocketbook. Thought pre
cedes uctlon. ;
after thc' money ? spent mentally
>by;the Orealde. Oct your sell
ing story ready-,tom tho psycho?
logical buying ; moment- 5 'Make
lt !aa effective! na-yon know bow. -,
(Jive lt a PUNCH...Alake every
feature a VITAL?KA,CT. . List,
t he DETAI LS. The people- want
I to know all yoii .baterto .Say,
Tell the WHOLE -.story. ' Hnuv
j ?per your 'persunaion home... The
results then lie between your
competitor nn}l yourself.
itomembcr. this newspaper,
takes you i oto the homes of tho
BUYING chws of jHsople. Yon
can tell your atory where It will
.do the' most goodfr Toll lt tho
WINNING way. We'll help you
put-ZING Into yodt copy if you
w?nt TI? to. ?
?! iijuif-'ifVr-' ? ?. . ~ - - -
, T. -.. -. - - - .

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