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The Land
of Broken
A Stirring
Story of the
1 By
J%%4tw ./ "Tb* nrbrlnl Fool." "Hidden
Waeen." "Thc Temlctn." Ste
IHuifratienjfyDOlt J. LAVIN
-11 WWI i
?torrija 1914? by Frank A. MooMjM
There are doubtless. many philan
thropists In the Back Bay regjona of 1
Boston who would consider the wiiTp- >
sawing of Cruz.jendes a very repro
henslblo net. And' oho hundred dob
lars Mex was certainly a very small
rewsrd for the service that ho was to
But Bud and Phil wore not traveling
for any particular.uplift society, and
one hundred pesos wea a lot of money
to Cms Mond o E. . Afore than that, if
they had offered him a thousand del
laro for the same, service he would
hove pol avaricious and demanded ten
thousand. ..
He came to the hotel very early the
next morning and lingered around, an
hour or BO, walting for the American
gentleman to arise and tell him his
fate. A hundred dallara would : buy
everything that he could think of, In
cluding a quantity of mescal. His
throat.dried at the thought of it.
Then the gentlemen appeared and
aakod him many ..questions-whether
he was married according to law,
whether his wife would Blgn tho pa
pers with him, and lt he bellt ved in
a hereafter for-those who played false
with Americana. Having ansv-ued all
these In the affirmative, he v.a taken
to the. agente mineral; and, atur sign
lng, his name-Lia one feat ta penman
ship-to several Imposing documenta,
he wan given the precious permit.
Thon there waa another trip to the
grounds with a surveyor, to make re
port that'tba claim waa actually ya
oast* and Mendez went" back to his
normal duties a? a packer.
In return for thia service as a dum
my locator, and to keep him under
their $ye, thv> Americas engaged -Si
Tuerto, the one-eyed, to pack cut a
few tools and supplies for them;.and
then, to keep him busy, they employed
bim further to build, a stone bouse.
Alt theia activities were, bf course,
not lost on pon. Cipriano Aragon y
Tr?s Palacios, since, by ?, crafty ar
rangement of fences, he had made lt
impossible for. anyone to reach the
lower country without passing through
the crooked Btroot of, PJd Fortuna.
During the brat and the .second trip
of the strange Americans he - kept
within bio dignity, boping perhaps
that they would stop at, bis .atora?
where they could bo engaged in con
versation; but upon their return from
? third trip, after Crus Meade? batt
gobe through with their supplies, ho
cast bis proud 8panlsh-reserve to the
winds and waylaid them on the street.
"Buenas tarde?. aenprea," he salut
ed, as they rode poet hts store, ?ud
then, seeing <cfiat tbey, did. not break
their galt, ha held up bis hand for
them.tflstnpj^^^?.. - y
"EscuBe rn?, ?entfernend he said,
'speaking genially but wilban affected
SpaniBh lisp, fMflftlj aeon, you ride
past several tWlM? fjrtt working
for tho big company un at Now For
tunar ' "jK .
airteously. "we are working for our
yes.- l^&?i :- ."' r
"Good!" responded Aragon with fa
therly .approval; "lt 1? bettor ta And
are you looking at mines!"
"Yeo." said De Lancey non-commit
tally; "wo are looking at mines." .
. ???ttll|! J^is?^'.i^
gan; "and I wlab you .well, but since
you aro strangers to this country bud
if^pi Jft.iwt knof the people M
"J as some, I deelro t? warb , you
that one-eyed man, Crus Men
jhi^bbrA.I have, gean you: rid,
\H?;|i'A>%io^le? follow-a vor?
?'o Mexican, one,wtooiia?,noihlng
I .'yet ho ! ls_. always ewking to - lm
e upon strangers by selling them
mmes- whlcjb.ftave no value. . ?" "
L^JJmve njJeiite to apeak in bf my
hors, t bujtsince ho has moved
tho brush houso up. the ri vor
lost .?*v?rtMua^tt!e >ljl*#in
ye. as I know, was icm
.You cant help palavering 'ena, can
you, Phil*" he said. "No matter what
you think about 'em, you got .to be
polite, haven't you? Well, that's the
way you get drawn in-next time yan
go by.now the old man win rump you
dry-you see. No, air,, the only way
to get along with thea? Mexicans ls
not' to have -a thing to do with 'em.
'No savvy'-i hat's my motto!"
. '.'??Veil, 'muchas,gracias' ls mina," ab
oorvod Do Lancey. "It doesn't, coat
anything, and it .buys a whole lot."
"Sure," agreed Bud; "but we ain't
buying nothing from him-he's the
cpo particular . hombro wo want to
steer clear of, and keep him guessing
aa long sa wa can. That's my view
of it, pardner."
"Oh. that's all right." laughed De
Lancey, "he won't get anything out
of me^-that ls, nothing hut a bunch
of hot air. Say, ne'e a shrowd-iooking
old guinea,. Isn't be? Did you notice
that game eye? He kept it kind of
drooped, almost shut, until he came
to the point-and then ho opened it
up real fierce. Reminds mn of a bbs
fighting owl - waking up in the day
time. ' But you just watch rae handle
bim, and if I don't fool the old boy
at every turn it'll bo because I run
out of bull."
"Well, you can band him the bull
if you want to." grumbled Bud, "but
the first time you Sive anything away
I'm going to pick auch a row .with
the old cuss that we'll have to m a ko a
new trail ' to get by- So. iooye 'Im
alona, If you ever expect to seo that
girl!" ...
A close association with _Phll pp
Lancey had loft II ud not.uno-war o of
hin special weaknesses, ap/i I'hll wau
undoubtedly.romantic... Given a b?rred
and alient boase, phut. off from tho
Btr?ejr by whitened , waihi and a Ufr
rando, serened witfe jfcwa^^'ud. tfca
Questing ?yea of f,U. Po. Lancey would
turned to those barred windowo as cer
tainly as the ?" 'die seeks the pole.
Op every ti,., .omlng and going, he
had .conned the Aragon house from the
vine-covered corredor in front to the
walled-ln summer garden behind, bop
ing to surprise a view of the beautiful
daughter of the house. And unless ru
mor and Don Juan were at fault, she,
waa indeed worthy of bis solicitude
a gay and sprightly creature, brown
eyed like her mother and with the
same glorious chestnut hair. .
. Already those dark, mjBc.hte.vQua
eyes had been busy end, at the last
big dance at Fortuna, sh o bad set
nwpy heads awhirl. T,wlce within two
yeera ber father, In a cagey bad. sent
her away to school lo order to break
off some ill-considered love affair;, and
now a battle royal, waa' bod UK waged
between Manuel del Rey, the dashing
captain of the rurales stationed at
Fortune* and Pe li?. Lu na, son of p. rixb
haclendado down in tho hot country,
for. the honor of her. hand., ?jj* .
What more romantic, then, than that
a handsome American, atepplng grace
fully into tho breach, should keep thc
haughty lovers fi-om sicing .each
other hy boaxl ng off tho. nt izo h inwiei f 1
So reasoned Philip De Nancey, au?
Inf upon the ease with which ho could
act,,the part; but toy prudential pur
poses .he.said nothing of his vaunting
ambitions, knowing full well that they
would .receive an activa veto from Bud
For, while De Lancey did most pl
the talking, and a great deal or tue
thinking for the partnership. Hookei
i ; '. '?.i-.y: .-. ?. : .' ?; H .vi?' . U .' ?' ! : ...
was not lacking in poidliro opinions
pod upon swjBoJtot ?.ocasi?n, ha. wpu*
expresa, faimaolf. .tiunigh often wit
moro force than 4e4icaey. Therefor^
upon this miexpected.ealiy ab^uMh
piri. PhU chanard tho e*h$ect abrupt!
pnd ?aid. co' ?aj?ro M ArafwTorTii
! hopea within his heart- .
It ;*ae not to easy) W^er. to avoi
Ai?toa,tor tSafseniurtt^ ai4 m?i^
looked tock, he wa? left standing in
the middle of the street.
"Tlmt'n the way to handle 'Im," ob
served Hooker, as they trotted briskly
down .the.lane. "Leave 'im to mei"
"It'll only make bim mad," objected
De Dansey grossly. "What do you
want^ Ja^?bA? for.?" .
"lie's jnad. already." answered Bud),
"I want, to quarrt! .with bim, so be
can't ask us. any questions. Get bim
so.mad ho won't talk-then mi be a
fair fiant and none of this snake-hvtbe
srnaa business."
. "Yes, but don'(. put It en him," pro
tested bo Dar. rey. "i^t him be
friendly fpr ? while,, if be vant? tb,"
"Can't be friendo," fata ?Bud lacon*
1 cally; "we jumped his claim." .
"Maybe be dooon't want it," sug
gested PhD hopefully. He's dropped
a lot of m??f\y cn, lt," ,
"tost bet, , he wanta it," returned
Hooker, with conv)ctlpn. "J/m going
to . camp out, there-the old boy is
liable to jump us."
"Aw, you'reerasy, Bud!" cried Phil;
but Hjgbker. only .smiled.
"You know what happened to Kro
ger," be answered. "I'll tell you. what,
we got to keep our eye open around
' They..rode on to the, mine, which
w?s/onjy aboct Aye .miles frorn For
tuna, without discussing the matter
further; for,?while Phil bad generally
been the leader, in.Ulis particular case
Kruger bsd put Bud in charge, and
he seemed determined to have b?
way so far as Aragon was concerned.
lu tho ordering of, supplies and the
Isling, put of development work ho
de/e^ced.to Phil ip ^verytjting,-b?Jt tor
t?ctica ho preferred bis own judgment.
, it .was by Instinct rather .than rea
son that, be (too b? i\ght, ?nd. people
wlip,|eitosjr,,tn^ are hard to
change, ?p, tfcey {tut I? l&e toy ip
making careful mea|urom?mi*. ac
cording to the memoranda that Kru
ger had given them; having satisfied
themselves as to the approximate
locality, pf the lost velor they turned
back again toward town with their
heat s full of Cunning schemes.
81nco it was the pleasure of the
Senor Aragon to make war on all
'"who entered his preserves, they check
mated any attempt on his part to
locate the lead by driving stakes to
the north pf their ledge; and,, still fur
ther to throw bim off, they decided to
mark time for a while by doing dead
work on a cut. Such an approach
would bo needed to reach the mouth
of their tunnel.
At the same time lt would give
Steady, employment to Mendez and
keep him under their ey a, and as soon
as Aragon ehpwed his hand they could
make ont thejr final papers.?la peace
and s edd them to ibo City ot Mexico.
. And not nota those .final. papers
weiro recorded and the transfer duty
made, would they BO much a? stick
a pick Into- the hillside or show a
fid ,,U->'-"
But for a Spanish gentleman, sup
posed ta bb all sappi* ourve? and sinu
ous advise. I?>* .Oip?d??O. lura?d cut
somewhat of a eur pris e. for when they
rode,, back thro ugh., bis narre- straei,
again. he met them squarely tn the
road and called them to a halt.
? "By. what right, gentlemen-:" be de
manded In a voice tremulous with
rage "-by what right do you. take
possession of my mine, upon which I
have paid the taxes ail these years,,
and conspire with bhkt rogue,. Crus
Mendez, to cheat me. out of lt? It
ls mine,.I tell.you? no matter what tba
agente mineral may say, and-"
< "Your mine, nothing!" broke In
Hboker ?cornfully, Bpcaking in the
ungrammatical border-Mexican, of *he
cowboys, ."We meet o?e. Mexican
he she we us tba m tn?-that ls all. Jho
expert ot the mining Ment, says lt ia
vacant-we take lt. ?tawano!"
He waved the matter nfelde with
masterful indifference- and Aragon
burst into k torrent of excited Span
ish.-. ',.
.?:"Very likely, very, likely," comment
ed Bud dJrvly. without listening to &
word?^?pjsi jr?pienso!' , . . .
. r-?-wvr*&P*n,nr*?* over the 3pan>
lard's, face s*4hu? ?lbs and be turned
suddenly to pe Lancey. ..
, "Senor," he said, "you seem ,to bo a
gpnUeman. P*rr^ps.yoo ylU liston tc
nie. Thu mine upon welch you aro
.vearay :mm$ efe^?^??^ ^feBi
^.^^^^^^ *5??^
?^uJrc(? '?feout* ir^s*rm^e' ?n?At, ha^
<*>uld take' it WhHe wo were p?o? j
tonb5p?ro it. f So ?a#?ro?iolog to'dlg
1, "But. senor! f burst opt Aragon-and
he voiced bis rabid protesta .?gain;
while sudden <??ea topeared in tho
tr^^^^W^ ?UL
. For a minute Doo Cipriano stood
"Very well," he said ai laut, "I per
ceive that you are. a gentleman and
have acted in good faith-it is only
that that fellow Mendea has deceived
you. Let lt pass, than-I will not
Quarrel with you, my friend-lt la the
fortune of war. But stop at my store
When you go by and come and. see me.
It ia Indeed lonely here at times, and
perhaps I can pass a pleasant hour
with you. My name, senor, le Don
Cipriano Aragon y Tres Palacios-and
He held out bis hand with a little
'Phillp pe Lancey," replied Phil,
clasping the proffered hand; and with
rosny expressions of good win and
esteem, with a touch! r.g of hats and a
Wiggling of fingers from Uie din tn nco.
they parted, in spite of Bud, the bert
of friends.
There are some people in this world
vetih whom it seems Impossible to quar
rel, notably the parents of attractive
Perhaps, if Gracia Aragon had not
been watching bim from the window
Phillp De Lan?ey would not have beep
quita so. cordial with ber father-at
Isast, that was what Hooker thought,
and he was so badly peeved at tho
way things had gone that he said it,
Thed, ot course, they quarreled, and.
OTTO thing lending to another, Phil told
Hud he bad a very low way of speak
log. hud replied that, Whatever his
deficiencies of speech might be, be
was not fool enough to be drawn In
by a skirt, and Phil rebuked him tt?ain.
Then, with a eco rn ful grunt, Bud
Hooker rode op in silence and they
said no moro about it.
it waa a gay lifo tait they tod at
night for the Fortuna bbb*' was filled
with mon of their Wnd. since n)l tho
staid married tttf? had either moved
across tho lino .with \hc\r forailleo qr
were under enders to come straight
In the daytime the hotel was nearly
deserted, for every man in town waa
working for the company; but !n the
evening, whoa they gathered around
the massive stove, it was a merry com
pany indeed.
There were college men, full of good
s tori CB and stories not ao good, world
wander ors and adventurers with such
tales of th ? East,and Weet aa never
have, been writ tcp in books. But not a
collage bpy could match otorles wita
Phil De Lan'cey, and.few wanderers
there were -who could tell him any
thing hew about Mexico. Also, when
it came to popular songs, be knew
both tho words and tho tune. So ho
waa mach in d?mand, and Don J--mn
paused many drinks acroBo tee bat be
cause of hica. \ {\ .
. X? a^,?j*c]i feirUiifte's &Mwp bj?rd.
nersv. stayed ^ogfther} Pud, with . a
broadindulgent JorlnV, listening to th/j .
end, im^l^W^m^ PP8*1 *"h
liquor and good cheer, talking and j
laughing far into iho.uisut.
- Outside tho winter, winds wore still
cold and the Mexicans xveut . wrapped
to the eyebrows ; iut within the. merry
company was,alow to quit, and Phil,
making up for, fha lo' ely months
whop he 03d entirely l^ked an audi
ence, eat long in the seat of honor and
waa always the last to go. ?
But on tho evehing after their spat
Bud sat off to one sldfe, and even Phil's
sprightly, and y.eht*U?4u#Uc ,pon.ver?a
tio? with the-1lttIe-gtri4)eh!nd-tho-door
called forth only & fleeting smile.
Bud'was thinking, and when en*
gaged In that arduous occupation eveu
the eau cy ,U tue girl behind th? door
could rot beg?Up kim.
But, after ho had studied it all ont
nd come to. a <(wt|?9Mpwn,M
did, not. dolljfer ad ultfjaj^nv T^a^pld.
d-iUatured smile simply <m?ne back
to bis ru'ggod fa- e; .he roiled ts cigar
ette; and (then for.the roet.of the error
njng he lay back and enjoyed tho
show. Only In the morning,. when
tb?y wentput.tp;)die corral ?jet their
horses, ho carried kia war-bag with
him.and..ai)tar throww.^i^d,^ a&
' CopBer,Bott.?^, be did the same for
y<^J, ^ SW*
Bud? ' inbred PhJL and Bsd slapped
his canyaacovered nod for aa answer.
countered Bud. "
loso that ?<ox ?ow. we lose tar mina"
7*?fij*& ^^JS $S?|?S,"& ?an
nothing--except what I say. If TOO
want to palaver around with Aragon,
go to lt I'll round up Mendez and hie,
family and keep 'em right there at tho
mlne until we get thom papera signed
-after that I don't caro what hay
pena." %
"Oh, all light," murmured De Lan*
coy. io a subdued tono; but if bia con
science smote him for the moment it
did not lead to the making of any sen
timental New Tear's . r?solutions, for
he stopped when he cama to the store
and exchanged salutations with Ara
gon, who was lounging expectantly be
fore hlB door.
,"Due?os dian. Don Cipriano!" he
hailed. "How are you this morning?"
"Ah,.good morning, Don Felipe," re- !
sppnded Aragon,, stepping forth from
Ute shadow of the door. "I am very
woll, thank you-and you?"
"The same I" answered "hil, es if lt i
were a great piece of new . "It is fine
"Yes, but a little dry!" <aid Aragon,
and so they passed lt back and forth
Iii the accepted Spanish manner, while |
lind hooked one leg over tho hom of
his saddle and regarded the hacienda ;
with languid eyes.
But as bis gaze swept tho length or
the vino covered corredor it halted for
a moment and a Blow smile come over
his face.. In the green depths of a i
passion-flower vine he bad detoctod
a quick, birdlike motion; and then
suddenly, like a transformation ree ne,
he beheld a merry fare, framed and
lt Waa ? Merry Company, Indeed.
V ...... ; c: t. .. i . . .. I
Illuminated by soft, ?solden locks, peer
ing out at him from among th? bios-j
aomB. Except for that brief s m Ho ho
made no pign that.ho gav/ her? end
?' hen ba.Ignited up again the face had]
. Don Cipriano chowed them about bia j
mescal plant, .where bia men kept a
continual stream of liquid gre.tunning
froin the copper worm, tmd ?ave caph
a raw drink ; but though De. Ljanpey,
gazed admiringly at tho houp--, mid ;
praised the orange, trees that hung
over the garden wall, Spanloh hospi
tality contd go no farther, and the visit j
ended in a series o' ad loses and much
aa g^aclaseB. :. > ..'.?
'Quick work ! " commented Pbjl, AS {
tiivj rode toward the mine; "the old
mn* has got over bis grouch."
"Um" m.UAed Bad, with a. onie*,,j
blooding smile; and the next time he
nude into town ho lo.okcd for .the
masked face among the -flowera and ]
emited again. That waa the way Gra
cia Aragon affected them all.
He did not point Out tho place to
P?;'l, nor I stray her by any sign. A}1
Jin di5 waa to glance at har .once and
then ride on hhs way, hut somehow his
heart str.od still When ho met her
eyes, and hie dayB became filled with
a pensive, brooding melancholy. -
. "?-hat. the ?pnh,'&d?r .raided/
Phli, after ha had fc-lled him f?i- a
we?k; "you're ga? hi g roishty quiet
lately. Got another hunch-like thnt
one you bad upai Agaa Negra?"
"Nope," grinned Bad; "but lu tall
you one thing-lt old Aragon .don't
gested De, Lan?ey.
, "Well, he'a awful happy *bout some
thing," said Bu?., "I.can .eoe ty tho
way be dtpope that-gaine, ,e.ye ofhio
?nd, .smtfei .fha* way-^that ,b? .knows
nm working for hta, V <*?, don'*
get a title .to thia,' mine, eyvjcr?, tap "of
work we db on, i\;4s all io tho gopd
fpr him. that's a cinch. 80 sit down
now and think lt out--whore's itt
Joker?" iv. j ...
v, ."WeU." -snused Shu, .."the -#Wd"?j
hore fe orno where. Ho knows fwe-'ro uri
1?M 4?? be %tto*0 wete
it. after, it, tho way, ,we:r? driving
il cut,In- Our mimj? ?ood-r-ha
ifs a .clp?h ha can't denounce tba
on letting pf do
cJi the .won. and say all tho denejp toa? \
mont fees and then spring comet?.lng
pig Ott-old One-Ey0," propounded Bul
"Beare 'Im up or bay.'tm off, and have
bim transfer the title to him. That s
the way ho worked Ifrugcr."
.. TWail. jsay." nrg.ed.JPhU,,."let's ga
?head with .pur. deppuncemmit before
4a. otnrt?. some^llng. Bool des, tb O
warm weather ie coming on,now,,?nd
if we don't get a ?ova on we're, likely
to gel run out hy .tho revoltOBoW'!
"Nqpe;?. s*<d B>?; "t?*cVt put th?
lato Me***:*, hands untU jji,tt?jjj
\t l Av^rdog^ahaadiiS
ftnnv.- we're In bsd semowhere, tout
hurrying up won't help none.
"Now 1 tell you what we'll do-you
go tp tho mining agent and get copies
of all our papers and send them up to
that. Gadsden lawyer. I'm going to go
down and board with Mendex and see
If 1 can road his heart."
80 they separated, and while Phil
stayed In town to look over the rec
ords Bud ate his beans and tortillas
with tbs Mendes family.
They were a happy little family,
comfortably installed in the stono
house that Mendes had built, and rap
idly getting (at on three full meals a
day. From bis tent farther up the
canyon bud could look down and
wsich the children st play and see the
comely Indian wife as she cooked by
tbs .open fire.
Certainly no one could be more In
nocent and contented than she was,
and.El Tuerto wa? all bows and pro
testations ot gratitude. And yet, you
never can tell.
Bud had moved out of the new house
to furnish quarters for El Tuerto and
bad favored him In every way; but
thia samo consideration might easily
bo rnlnlnterpreted, for the Mexicans
are slow to understand kindness.
80. while on the one band he had
treated them generously, ho hod al
ways kept his distance, lest they be
tempted to presume. But now, with
Phil in town for a few days, he took
his meals with Maria, who was too
awed to say a word, and made friends
with the dogs and the children.
Tbs way to the dog's heart waa easy,
almost direct, and he Anally won the
attention of little Pancho and Josefa
with a well-worn Sunday supplement
Th to gaudy Institution, with Its spicy
otorlea and startling illustrations, had
penetrated even to the wildB of Sonora,
apd every Sunday aa regularly aa the
paper came Bud sat down and bad his
laugh over tho funny page.
. Dut to Pancho; who was six yean
old and curium, thia name highly col
ored sheet was a mystery of mysteries,
and when he saw tho big American
laughing he crept up and looked at lt
'-Mira,' said Bud, laying bia finger
upon the smirking visage of ono of the
cornie characters, "look, and I will tell
you the story."
And so, with laborious care, he
translated the colored fun, while the
little Mendezes squirmed with excite
ment and leaped with joy. Even the
simple souls of El Tuerto and Marla
wer moved by the c?micos, and Men
dez becamo so Interested that he
learned the words by heart, the better
to explain them to others.
But aa for Mexican treachery, Bud
could And none of lt In fact. Anding
them to simple-hearted and good-na
tured, ho became halt ashamed of bia
early suspicions and waited tor tbs
return of Phil to explain Don Clprl
CDO'B'complacency. 1,.
But tho noxt Sunday, aa Bud lay
reading in 'als tont, the mystery solved
itself. Crus Mendes came up frers tba
bouee, bat lu build and nn apologetic
emito on bia face, and after the cus
tomary roundabout remarks ho asked
tko bo BB BB a favor 5 f . -tua would lend
him tba page of c omic pictures.
"Seguro!" assented Bud, rolling o vet
and fumbling for the funny sheet;
then, falling to find l> i nato ntl y. be In
quired: "What do you want U for?"
"Ah, to febow lo my boy!" explained
QI Tuerto, his one-eye lighting up with
pride. ?.
"Ab, no, senor,*'answered Mendel
simply, "my boy in La Fortuna, the
one you have not seen."
Bud stopped fumbling for tho paper
and eat up suddenly; Here was -a- new
light on their faithful servitor, and QQJ
that might easily take away from hie
value aa a dummy locator.
"^b!" be said, and then: "How
' many .children, bare .you. Crust"
Crux smiled deprecatingly, as par
enta will, and turned away.
"By .which woman ?" be .Inquired, ano
Bud became suddenly Very calm, fear
ing the worst. For If Crus was not
legally married to Marin, he could not
tranter the mining.claim.
"By all of theron he aaid quietly".
"Five lu all," returned Cms-"thfst
by .Warkv, na you know,-two by Bl)
first woman-and ene other. I do nol
count him." < . . ,
"Well, you one-eyed old .reprobateJ'
muttered Bud In bis throat, but ht
passed it off and returned smlilrg tx
the charge.
"Where does your boy live now?
hs.asked with flatteriegsolicltude, tin
better to rinks him auk. ''and Ja ht
old enough to understand the plc
"Ah, yes!" beamed Mendez, '-'ho ,ii
twelve, jeara old. He lives with bb
molb(|jp.ow-and my little d?n?pbi?r
too. Their mamma ls the warpan o
qib mayordomo of the Senor, Aragoar
a bad man, very ugly-Bbo ls not mar
ried to him." . '
, "But with you-",suga*st?4tUud, re
garding him with a steely stare.
"Only by tba judge!" exclatmet
Mendea virUmucly. ; "lt, /WAS a .iove
. nmt?h, ajod the, .priest did not cotna
ap wa were married by the judge
I Thea this ?"4d mayordomo stole bei
i #vway fwy; merriba jttrm*4 * *>"
; ned MarU Inaica?. . Marla ta a goo?
woman ^nd i married her before tb?
priest- -but,.I, love mr ?t*a*.*b|i4fM
too,?ron.though,they ?remot lawful."
.'SQ you married your first wlfO be
foro 4ha judge,"; observot?sBud cynical
ly. "and this oaa.bfiPfe ibo pris?t. Bu
how. Cfluld you do that u/ilosa y0U bal
beep,dl?Arc?df*V j', /
j . VA*, seru>r^ pfatoW Mendea, bold
rind tout bis bonds;-*.you,do^r.ot-.under
stand. lt is only the -church that cai
reilly morry-the judge doe? stout]
[tor tho ironey. Maria ia oiy true wifi
r?1^^\{u\tw:jtht?o..9?e0 cbBdretir
bul au I am going; through La Fortuni
I phonic! like to a?ow the picture poper
to my boy."
Hud regarded him ib meditative si
lence, then he rose up and began a de
termined aeurch for tho* fundy sheet.
"All right," he enid, handing lt over,
"and here ia a psnochu of sugar for
your little girl-the one in La Fortuna.
lt Is nothing," he added, as Mendea
began his thanks.
"f?ut ob, you marrying Mexican," he
continued, relapsing into his mother
tongue as 101 Tuerto disappeared; "you
certainly hnve dished us right."
(To be continued.)
Praiseworthy Duty.
You may sum the duty of your life
lo the giving of praise worthily, and
being yourselves worthy of lt.-Rus
its Diagnosis,, Treatment and Curl
Tbl? ./alaablo medical booh toll* tn plain. ?Impla
K?SS?iSii.I,JE2.??S?w5,M'0,,? "noorina fro?
?hr^r^L ?,'T.0".UrI?; Bronchi"*, Aathma or mow
Urta book trill bfftp yon. KT?ti .lt ?cm tra Ul UM
T^?1*11llii!T c?Jrou..b0w otberi; with tta .ia,
?S?7?U,eSS?,lT0??itor *n ^medica tried had faned!
?od Uar beUored their case bopoloaa.
R^Y^VT* 5**f* *? Vookamoa Co., Otu
Roi? 31., Kal arnot og. Mich,, they will nledV
wnd you lb?, book by return mill FRESES
?iOT^f?^rfeL?1 thVMW TrHlnnl^b!
!2!!8?_.!??? foy they tr?nt yo? to bava thai
SBSfS&rmf?L t*1T ? '. too una. DooV wan!!
.rita toda/, lt may mean tb? SftVtagOl yonrufc
JULY 1 To 19, 1014
And Connections
Mount Pisenb ..
Mn gara Falls,
N hum ra Gorge, ,' ,
Toronto, .,'.' .'
Thousand Islands,,^ ,,' '
Rapids of tbs St. Lhvrrenre
. Onebec,
* Montmorency folW"",u? Vf*
SL Anne de Bcflunrr,'. '' "? '
Hniumlt ML, WaNhirtgtoW; M
Reston and ?mdb*' ......
? i Kew York '' '
? A .(Amp?ete itinerary, it ,n,Mlnlmuui
Cost for eighteen days,'.tL Res.lt Recre
ation, Interesting sud instr uctivo
Travel -, ? <t i : ,, >,?. M \,U
".. Potr?ona31y conducted, .by Mr. C. K.
(/altin and* chaperoned hy Mrs. Gattls.
lUiIclgb, N. C.
?& m^mm*
.Augusta, Gt, v
Micawber Wouldn't
Shine as a Gymnast,
Would He?
By MO S3.
_ V??U remember 1
?^V12J J. * ??r. Mt
^^^^^-^^ ens' ultu*)*, ,*viiR ttl
?v5^^g^-1^ n*H.VM wnltitu: for
raib&*?rr**S sonifthliift tu turn ?
ffSWsjfl1^^ "I* Mnld; ?He to j
IF|SpY/\ l>,,vW Coppwrfleid:
I . . "You- - ?ve. \ no ?
, stranger to tho fact ihat -there 1
lui v c toieeir perbwl? ?rf?my. ..life 'j
When: it . bas- I ?ve? n'onlslle t hn t |
!' sbuuld pinisc until t cftitn ?>S
r**f*d! events* Hbouldi.-lNrn up, \
; When ft^iasMirt'O nw-ewnry that
' h should /ail brtt-k .tapfere- inak- ?
1 Itu: wtrtit 1 .trna* i ?bali xn?t, be ,
m-eujied-of pi eau nipt lon In. term- .
. iny ?|. -?pum:. " Tb r^-.present ia
?.lie of thone momentous stages. ,.
- in the life nf man. You find me -
fallen imck for n spiing. ?nd *
bu ve or my. reason ? A?, \bel love
i hut n vigorouK leap will shortly
lie the muilt.V. >+*.j#- if,
&Vtn*' Mien when* alt*, back In
'similar utter-?Keif rompincency
waiting to leap upon the golden >
niipfirt unities tba t th'-ir n?ore
j alert neighbors really ?K>iinee
j upon lu the advert Ising columns
' of this -|niuer.\ << i ?',
DUN T lie ii M IC A WK KR. Act
. PROMPTLY when you MCC ?Ar
gen?* advensMHl best.; ? Itenlty
LEAP Miwu them. You'll be aUr
I prised itb><?ftd:' bow1 b>bcb; H
' PAY?. vTliO?SANDH <>Jf> 9TU
j DO, . ,

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