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o Candidates For o
o County Offices o
o o o ooooooooooo
I hereby announce myself u candi
dato for County Auditor, subject to ?
the rules of the democratic primary.
H. A. Abruma.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Auditor, subject
tu ?he mles of tho Democratic pri
mary J. lt. C. 0 KOPPIN.
I hereby announce myself a candi
dato for county supervisor, subject to
tho Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the office of county super
visor of Anderson county, subject to !
tho mien governing the democratic)
y imary. _T. M. VANDIVEK.
I hereby announce myself a candi- |
dato for supervisor of Anderson coun
ty, subject to tho rules of democratic
primary. C. F. MARTIN.
lt. A. Sullivan of Fork township is |
hereby announced for commissioner
for Section One, comprising Fork,
Kock Mills, Pendleton and Centervllle |
1 li? 11 i.. ^iiuouuce myself a candi
date lor county commissioner for the
third section, consisting of earvin.
IlruHby Creek, Wllliamstou and Hope
well townships, subject to the action
of tho democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi- !
dato for commissioner for, I Ionen j
.Putb, Helton, Drsudaway and Martin
townships. District No. 4, subject to
the rides of the democratic primary.
< W. F. TOWNI?S.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Commissioner from District
No. 2. comprising Pendleton, Rock
Mills, Fork and Centervllle town
ships. Subject to the rules of the
democratic primary.
I hereby, announce my candidacy
for county commissioner from Section
4, cotnprined of Helton, Murtln, Hon ca
Path and Broaduway townships. Sub
ject lo tlie rules of thc democratic
party. R. D. SMITH,
Better known ns "Dick" Smith.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for commissioner from District
No. 2, comprising Pendleton, Rock
Mills, Fork and Centervllle townships,
subject to tho rules of the democratic
primary. l>. S. HOI ?SON.
I hereby announce myself a candi-I
date for county treasurer, subject to|
the rul?s of thu democratic party.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for county treasurer, subject to
the rule? and regulutloiiB of the.
democratic primary.
Dr. W. A. Tripp.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for County Treasurer, subject to
the rules or the Democratic primary. I
W. A. 101,HOD.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for County Treasurer of An
derson county subject to the rules of
the Democratic party.
W. P. Nicholson ls hereby announc
ed as a candidate for re-eiuction to
the ofllce of Probate Judge, subject1
to the rules of tho democratic pri
mary. _"_
I hereby announce, myself a candi
date for tho office of probate judge of
Anderson county, subject to the ruten
and to the result of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Probate Judge of Anderson
County subject to the rules of the
democrtlc primary. W. P. COX.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the ofllce of Probate Judge for
Anderson county, subject to tho rules
of the Democratic Primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office .of Judge ot, pro
bate for Anderson county, subject to
the rules governing the- democratic
primary election. " . )
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for State Senator from Anderson
County, H object to the epics ot tho De
mocratic primary election.
I hereby announce niyaelf a candi
date for the State Senate, from Ander
son county, subjeqt to the rules of the
Democratic prindary.
! Clint Summers, Jr.
I hereby announce myself as ia can
didato for House .of' Representatives
fronv Anderson county, subject "to tho
rules of tho dduiocratje porty, j
)r OSCAR li. GRAY.
I hereby announce .myseir a .candi
date for tho Doune of Representative*
from Anderson county ^subject to the
rules ot the democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Congress from the Third Con
gressional District, subject to the
rules of the democratic party.
Ai Washington 4; I'liilutU Iphla ?.
Kirai Kamt-.
At Washington 2; Philadelphia 1.
Second game.
Al New York 0; Uoslpn 3. First
At New York 3; Boston 2. Second
Al St l.oiiir. r.; ('loveland 4. First
Al Cleveland I; st. Lou lu ll Second
At t .'li I (ago .*?; Detroit 2.
New York, June 24 -New York
and Huston broke even on their double
header here today, the visitors win
ning the first game :; to 0, willie New
York turned the tables in Hie second
Kaine, :! to 2. The.second gutuo was a
nip and tuck affair which Hart zeil
won in the niiitli willi a home run.
Score- I'M rsl Danie
Hostou.ooo 030 ooo-? r. o
New York .. . .000 000. OOO-0 4 2
Leonard anti Carrigan; M.dlalc.
Cole, Warhop and Nuuaiuaker.
Score-Second Game -
Boston .. ..'..0001 000 100-2 ? 0
New York .... 010 OOO 101 - 7 I
Foster. Bedient and Thomas; Keat
ing, Caldwell and Sweeney.
Washington, June 24.-Washington
today celebrated Walter Johnson's
wedding day und the home coming
from a disastrous western tour by
defeating Philadelphia lu both games
of a double- bouder before the largest
crowd of the acus?n. The scores were
4 to and 2 to 1. Johnson und Boeb
ung were In top form, the Athletics'
totalling only seven hits lu the two
Score - First tl ame
Philadelphia.. 1 .'001 200 GOO-1 4 0
Washington .. ..000 300 Olx- 4 ll 2
Sha whey. Bush und Schaag; Boeb
ung and Henry.
Score-Second Game
Philadelphia .. . .000 00 100-1 4 0
Washington .. . .002 000 00x-2v G 0
WyckolT, tlrowii and Lupe.; Johnson
and Ainsmith.
Chicago, June 24.--Chicago broko
Covnleskle's record of rimless inning:),
today und Incidentally defeated De-!
troll fi to 2, In the first gume of the
cerleB here, Covalenkie had pitched
32'2-3 Innings "without? a run being
charged against him,., but after one
out In Chicago's third inning, Cicotto
?cored tho first run. stopping Co
valeskio at his 35th inning Cobb did
not accompany the Detroit team.
Detroit.000 110 000-2 5 4
Chicago.002 100 02x-9 2
Co va lea kl?>. Hall and McKee; Ci
colte and Mayer.
St. Louis. Juno 24.-St. I-ouls won
two gomea from Cclevlaud today, Ti
to 4, and 3 to 1.
Score-- First Game
Cleveland .. .. 011 000 110-4 7 1
St. lAiulr .. ..'..010 003 001-5 ll 8
Howman, Steen, Morton and O'Neill;
Taylor, Uuumgurduer, Wellman aud !
Score-Second Game- '?
Cleveland.oio ooo ooo-1 '7 1
St. Louis.000 021 OOx- 3 6 I
Janies and ('arisch; Wellman. Ham
ilton and Croasin, Agnew.
Where The
Gamea Today
Anderson at Gaffney. n
Hpnrtunhurg at Greenville n
- o
o rirttt serle? on the home o
o ?rounds witta Greenville, next o
o Monday, Tuesday and Widnes- o
? day. o ]
O ....**...:..-.. ? . i . -> O
With Auderson Ipaylng in Gaffney
and Spartanburg in Greenville ? the
Piedmont Baseball league will'"get'
away" today. While, tho prpsnects
for the* league are Tar from roseate
still the association can complete a
successful season If the fans of all the
cities will get behind th? game. ' An
derson will play?*?!? ftambston tho lo
cal grounds and 34 away from hom?
and lt is fairly and" squarely tp toi
Anderson to support the homo club)
when lt appears hore. The [first
games to be played here will he next
Monday. Tuesday and Weano<day.
when Tommie Slouch bringa ' his
Greenville aggregation here. Tlioso
three days should nee tremendous "at
tendances. The following ls?.- tho
complete schedule for tho 06 gamea:1
Spartanburg at Anderson.
June ?S.V. '.'7 . 9.
Spartanburg at Ci oem (Ile. ..
Anderson at Gaffney.
June ??-30. July 1.
Greenville at Anderdon.
Gaffney at Spartr.nburg.
July 2.1. ?. ?5
Anderson at Greonvdlo.
Two games July lt ii. af Greenville
iri roc-ning; Anderson it: nliornojrn
? p:.r.i?orurg nt af tao) two
.>?UI?M July 4th, at (?A . <?. v m ?pu-.i'
'.?-? Sua: tsnburg in nit : ? niau. .
July (l-7-S. jjj'.
G ?iii? at Spa rt a o I. ur s
I Gaffney at Anderson. |j
; Spartanbur/S^Ga??e^.'
At Pittsburgh it; St. Louis 3.
At Pblluilelpbbi -; Urboklyn 0. ist
At Philadelphia K; Brooklyn 1. 2nd
At Heston 7; New York :!. First
At Boston 0; New York 4. Second
At Cincinnati S; t'bieugo ll.
i'hlludt Ijtliia, June 24.-Philadelphia
won both game!) of II double header
from Brooklyn keru today, 2 to 0 and ti
ta I.
Seorc- Klrst Clunie
Brooklyn .. .. ?00 000 000-0 7 0
Philadelphia .. .ooo 110 OOx-2 4 0
Itugnii, Allen and Flshcher; ?Mayer
?iud Bool ll.
Score S< cont! (linne
Brooklyn .. .. 100 000 000-1 7 0
Philadelphia .. :?no ooo 12x-6 10 1
Brown. Allen and Erwin and Mc
I'arty; Alexander and Killlfer.
Boston, June 24.-Now York und
Boston divided a double bouder today,
the home team winning thc first 7
to 3 und Hie ch amnion s taking the
second 4 to 0. Captain Hoyle of New
York, was spiked in a collision with
.Munn ut seconO base In the fifth in
ning of the first game and will be dis
abled several days.
Score-First (Junie
New York .. ..010 002 000-3 il L!
Boston .Oil 031 lOx-7 14 1
Denialee. Fromm? and Meyers au.
McLean: Rudolph and Whaling.
Score Second (Jame
New York .. ..000 030 001-4 H 0
Posion ... ..a ..000 000 000-0 4 0
Marquant und Meyer?; Perduo,
ertlicher, Cocci ham and Whaling,.
Cincinnati, June 24.-Chicago batted
six hits in the-fifth Inning tiday which
coupled with the four buses on balls
and an error gave them nine mun,
the rinni ?.core being ll to 5.
Score -
Chicago .. . .ooo' oao 020-11 12:1
Cincinnati.ooo \i)0 200-5 ti 1
Cheney, Pierce and Needham; Ylng
llng, Schneider, Koeuter and Clark aud
Pittsburgh, June 24.-William Doak,
whose home is in Pittsburgh, held the
benin team lo four widely scattered
Itt tn today and shut them out, 3 tn
0. Mugee of the St. Louis club wau
put off the field In the third inning
for disputing u decision.
St. Louis.010 110 000 -3 10 1
Plttflbnrgh .. . .000 000 000-0 4 0
Doak and Snyder; Adams, McQuil
lan and (Hbnon, Colemnu.
At Noriolk 8; Newport News 0. 1st
;;a:iie. -
At Norfolk. 3; Newport News 3. li
innings, darkness. 2nd game.
At Klchnicnd 4; Portsmouth 2.
At Bounoke 2; Petersburg 5.
North Carolina League
At Asheville /0; Winston-Salcui
(.'ailed end (Uh to catch train. -
At Charlotte 1; Uulnigh 10.
At Greensboro 8; Durham ll.
y WW Play
Anderson at Greenville.
July 13-11-IT?.
Oaffney at Spartan) urg.
Greenville at Ander on.
Joly 1 ? 17-IS.
S part un burg at A:> orson.
Gaffney at Greer. .UP.
July : -21.22.
Anderson at Spi tanburg.
Greenville at C .'fney.
J Iv 23-21.25.
Spart a n hu TR rt greenville.
Gaffney at A orson.
.Buy 27-28-29.
Greenville ri .-?purtanburg.
Anderson a' Gaffney.
Ja'y 80.31. Ang. 1.
Gaffney at creen vi ile.
Spartanbv.- g at Auderson.
Aug. 3-1-.".
Anderson at Spartanburg.
Greenvillo at Gaffney.
Aug. 10.11.12.
Greenville at Anderson.
Spartanburg at Gaffney.
* Aug. 18.14.15.
j Greenville at Spartanburg.
Gaffney at Anderson.
Aug. 17.18.19.
Spartanburg nt Greenville.
Anderson at Gaffney.
Ang. 34.25.28.
Anderson at Spartanburg.
Gaffney ot Greenville.
Aug. SI. Sept 1-2.
Gaffney at Spartanburg.
Anderson at Greenville.
Sept. S-4-5.
Gaffney nt Anderson.
Spartanburg at Greenville.
Sept. 7, Labor Day.
Morning games:
Gaffney at Sar tanburg.
Anderson ot Greenville.
Afternoon games:
Spartanbnirg at Gaffney.
Greenyille at Anderson.
At Home Awa?
Greenville. 34 3:
Spartanburg.35 '3
Gaffney.31 SI
Anderson .32 3
Total.. ;........6
At Indianapolis 2; Kansas City 4.
At St. Louis 1; Chicago G.
Only two scheduled
St. Louis, Juni: 24 - Chicago took
thu first game of its series with St.
Louis today, r, to i. Wilson hit a homo
run for the visitors; initial tully. .. ?
Chicago.Ol') (KO 100-5 C 1
St. L?hln .. ..100 000 000-1 C 1
Lage and Wilson; Willett and Si-!
Indianapolis. June 24.- -Heavy hit
ling In the first and second innings of
today's game with Kansas City gave
Indianapolis four runs, enough to win
their fifteenth straight game, 5 to 2.
Kansai- city .. ..100 000 010-2 9 2
indianapolis . ..220 100 OOx-5 ll 2
cn Hop. Stone and Kastcrly. Enzen
roth; Kulscrli'ng and Rarldjen.
At Atlanta 5; Memphis 3.
Al Birmingham l : Mubile 13.
At Chattanooga 7; Nashville 3.
At Montgomery 1 ; New Orleans 4. .
International League
At Ba! li wore ._.; Toronto 4. ll In
nings, first game.
At Baltimore ?; Toronto 2, Called
? ml 7th by agreement, second game.
Al Jersey City r.-10; Rochester 4-0.
At Newark 6-1; Montreal 2-3.
At Providence 7; Buffalo 4.
South Atlantic
At Columbia F>; Augusta ii.
At Savannah 1; ('liarleaton 2.
At'Albany 2; Jacksonville 1.
Al Columbus JJ; Macon 0.
American Association
= \ i ? :r .? ? M .
At Kansas City 7 ; Indianapolis 6.
At St'. Paul 3; columbus 3.
At Minneapolis 3-7; Cleveluad l-l.
At Milwaukee 2-1; Louisville 1-6.
D. L. Pct
Columbus ..'.fi 1 .833
Albany .. .-..5 1 .833
Columbia ...........4 2 .607
Savannah ..3 3 .500
Charleston.3 3 :500
Augustu.2 4 .333
Jacksonville.1 5 .167
Macon .1 5 .167
W, L. Pct
Philadelphia....35 24 .593
Detroit.36 28 .563
St. lillis.34 27 ,557
Washington .. .1.33 27 550
Chicago .'.>?<.. .32 28 .533
Borton.30 30 .500
New York .. '.. ..22 33 .400
Cleveland.21 38 .35?
W. L. Pct
New York...34 20 .030
Cincinnati .. ..31 27 .534
St. Louis ...31 29 ,.517,
Pittsburgh.26 28 .4SI
Chicago .. .. .29 30 ,492
Philadelphia ...... ..26 27 .491
j Brooklyn.23 30 .434
T3oston .. ;. .,.23 32 .418
W. h. Pct
Indianapolis.34 21 .618
Balttmore .. .....32 23 .582
Chicago. .. 33 26 .559
Kansas City .. ,.31 31 .500
Brooklyn. 24, 28 .462
Pittsburgh.25 30 .455
Buffalo.28 25 .444
St. Louis.26 37 .413
W.. ti. Pct
New Orleans .. .. .. ..39 31 .557
Mobile. .38 31 .561
Birmingham. 37 31 .544
Atlanta .,.35 30 .538
Chattanooga .... .37 32 .530
Nashville.36 34 .507
Memphis....29 38 .433
Montgomery ..........24 36 .400
r W. L. Pct
Charlotte.33 20 .623
Durham.31 21 .696
Win a ton.29. 22 ' .569
Raleigh..24 28 ,462
Asheville.21 32 .396
Greensboro .. .. ..... .. 18 33 .356
O rik in I Motors' Misused.
Washington. June 24.-Thc annual
protest against the use of govern
ment automobiles for personal pur
poses by public officials, was made to
day in the boure and as a result the
sundry civil appropriation bill* was
amended so ns to provide that two el
ectric automobiles assigned tho- pub
lic'printer sholl not bs used\tor pas
sengers. Representative Howard, ol
Georgia, led the fight.
"If you vere to hill off all Washing
ton by automobiles." he said, "nine
ty per cent, probably would bo klllec
by government officials."
O'Hjnn on Board.
Washington,-June 24>-Goneral John
Pi.F. O'Ryan o? the NOW York National.
-. Guard, was appointed by Secretary ol
1 ' War Garrison today a member of ike
5 national militia board. He succeeds
i Brigadier G?n?ral Thomas J. Stewart
- of the Pont? y I vania militia, whose
6 term lias bit Ired.- "
WILL opa
Team Will Probably Platy Under
Direction of P. A. Whaley Un
til Manager Is Chosen
Tia? Anderson baseball team, under
the direction of Porter A. Whaley,
Pres.. o? the Anderson club'will leave
the city tint morning at fi: 30, for
Gaffney, wher the opening game of the
Piedmont league will be played this
uttei noon.
A meeting of the baseball fans took
place in the rooms ol the chamber of
commerce yesterday and when lt
was found that no satisfactory ar
range -ment could be entered into. Mr.
Garvin, the latter retired as mana
ger of the Anderfon team and it was
determined that the club would be
put In the hands of P. M. Burnett un
til a new manager can he signed. It
ls quite possible that McCall, already
a member of the Anderson team, may
apply to the association for the po-1
sitiou of manager. McCall has already
had experience in managing league
baseball teams and he ls an all
round good man.
Yesterday'." meeting was called to
order by Porter A. Whaley and Capt.
R. J. Rainer was unanimously se
lected as temporary . uairnian. Fol
lowing that, Mr. Whuloy was elected
president of the Aude son club and the
following weie selected directors:
Capt. William Laughlin, Captain Ralph
J. Rumei, William Banks and F. M.
But nett. Mr. Whaley will muke the
filth mein ber of the directorate.
Th? directors relented yesterday as
the new officials of the club are de
(ermined (hut Anderson shall have a
ut- good a team as any other town
in the league may boast of and with
the material already in band, and
seveial mon; good prospects, the Indi
cations ure that Anderson will de
velop a winning streak during the
early part of the sen: on.
Following Hie ilrsl three gamea with
Gaffney, the team will come back
Munday and will pluy ?eie Monday,
Tuesday und Wednesday with Green
ville. The new officers of the Ander
son team are planning u number of
features for the hist three days at
Tb?* club goes on the road this
morning with a good aggregation of
bull playerr und there ls every ictison
to believe thut the Anderson team
will take at least ' o out of three
from Manager Sta thouso's Gaffney
team. The following la the person
nel bf the team to leave the city
this mot tiing:
WatkinB, rs.
Graydon, if.
Ripley. Ubi
Fisher, 2b-c.
McColl, lb. " v
Toliison cr
-Robinson, p,
Wat:.on, p,
Speneel. p,
Milwaud, c,
StuCkhouae lr. the famous Woiford
pitchei bf about four season's ago.
.Y- -Y- ffi -Y- -Y- -Y- -Y* * Sf, Sf. ff,
* . .. *
i * * * -Y- ff- ffi X ff. ff. ff. ff. ff. tf.
Washington, June 24.-Bay in con
Senate: Met at noon.
Debate continued on Indian appro
priation bill.
Virginia tobacco grower? asked
joint congressional commission to de
vise some means to relieve them of
I* low prices.
Senator Works introduced bills to
.abolish tipping on,Interstate carriers
and to make a "dry" District of tho
National Capital,
i' Passed Indian bill carrying about
1 $12,000,000.
Adjourned at 5:45 p. m. to noon
House: Met at noon.
Corrupt campaign practices act de
Sundry civil appropriation bill
Adjourned at 7:38 p. m.; until noon
j Agreed upon recesH over July 4.
! agreed to in committee of the whole
for final vote tomorrow.
Is Taking a Hand In Polities In "Jaw
Atlanta. Ga., June 24.-7-A blt of gin
ger ban ben injected Into the guberna
torial campaign by the active support
-Judge Nat E. Harris, of Macon, by
Thomas E. Watson, In bis Jefferson
ian. Judge Harris's letter to Mr. Wat
?8on commending bini for previous
' preise ic given prominent place in-tho
" Jeffersonian.
1 In reply to this Wi)Uam J. Harris,
also candidate for the ^Gubernatorial
. chair, has written an* , open letter
? which ls In'part ax folows: m ?
"Judge ti. E. Harris Is writing love
I letters to Tom Watson the enemy ot
the Democratic party, while I salo to
- Watson that I would not have his sup
. port, to be governor ,of Georgia*/ "Wot-;
?I son ls denounclug th?' '* d?mocratie
Ipre:.blent,, the democrat lc cabinet, the
democratic senators from . Georgia,
the democratic congres man from - his
district, the '?democratic executive com
mittee mendie f s from his district, In
' j fact be is ' denouncing everything
t S democratic, but singing tbe praises of
IN. E. Harris. Many good men have
. beeb defeated because of Tom Wnt
' ron's support and Judge Harris lt
J Welcome to lt'' . -
The Usual Tide of Bills To Save j
The Country Has Been j
Atlant.i. (ia.. June 24.-Thc Georgia !
legi! latin e declared Mself open and
ready for business Ihlr morning and
got down lo work. The house was j
?ailed to order by Speaker Harwell, a
prayer war recite?! by Bbdiop Wurran
Candler; John T. Bolfelulc ? ailed the
roll and the cession was on Hr way.
In the renate the unions got down to
business willi but slight formality.
The ??alendara of the two houses
were cultured already with bills si?le
ti ached last summer, hui. that didn't ?
hinder the members from pouring In a |
ntreum of new ones, all designed lo i
rave thc state from impending ?Usas- j
ter. i i
Bibb county lawmaker.1- have a bill
to legalize the sale of real beer under
the laws now applying to the well ,
known "nigh beer" which has helped
to make Georgia famous. ' "They're j
selling the real stuff, anyway, so why i
not let's have lt done legally?" they !
Tlie veteran of all hills, one which
has hobbed up at every sersion since
the li?gislature - met on Marietta
Btrect, ia stn waiting action. Il pro
vides for creating the olllce of li?*u
tcnant-govei nor. Nobody ha* any
real objection to having a lieutenant
governor but somehow they. Just can't
get a chance to vote on that bill,
lvgr- dslckb-E-todltl . nifwyp mw
The suffragists of the rtate threaten
to turn Atlanta into a miniature Lon
don and use real militant methods if
they don't get action on the'bill giving
hem the vote. The organization has
many workers in the Held lind several
of them arc pretty enough to make
single members- and maybe a mar
ried oue ??r So-do anythingydesircd.
There are nix new members in tho
boure this year, five taking oflice
.through the death of previous mem
bers and ono taking tho place of a
member resigned. They areli. A.P-t?-.
cock, of Dougherty; A. P. Deadwvlor,
of Klbert; Blon Willama of . Meri
wether. T. B. Carroll of Catoosa, G. 'i
Glenn ot Whitfield mid John D. Clatk
of McIntosh. The lart named v. JD
elected only yesterday to succeed the
lute Representative Atwood. He had
uo opposition.
Gov. Slaton's meei age will be read
The house, r.o far, is without a real
leads. Just who will make hlmcelf the
Napoleon of the representatives ls yet
to be discovered, but it is probable
that out ol' thc rank and file some gen
eral will nrls'.e- before the cession is
well under way.
. The equalization hill ls likely to
bring on the big fight of the year. It
paBt'-ed last session by a bare one vote
and its opponents ate confident of re
pealing lt this xcar. The bl.ll.proh^b
Blitg thc shipment of liquor Into dry
territory ls apt to bring on a general
prohibtion anti-battle before lt ls set-*
tied. The bill was hurled lu commu
t?e last year after a bitter fight but ls
sure to leach a fina! vote this Kennion.
The school book question, Represen
tative McCrory's bill to have the state
publish school books, ls also still on
the calendar and to Judge from the
newspaper controversy of; the past
winter is likely to be debated with
considerable acrimony.
The leasing of thi? Wertem and At
lantic intimad properties ls also to
come up and with it the Atlanta plan
to erect a great concrete plaza over
the tracks of several railroads with
in thc heart of Atlanta. The city ls
heartily back of thc plaza plan and the
leaders ray the state would profit as
much ar the olty by co-operating in
putting the plaza across.
The salary versus tho fee system
j ariser, again in Representative Mc
Michael's bill to put Solicitor-general
on a straight salary. While it would
materially reduce the income of soli
citor? in the larger cites, it might be
of advantages'^ quiet counties where
cases arc few and fees far betwen.
The child labor, fight ls already be
ing vigorously launched by its rap
portera and a red hot fight is antici
pated. The strike now on in an At
lanta cotton mill ls expected to play
an important figure in the debate,
j The first harbinger of the legisla
ture today vas John T. Boifelullet,
clerk of the house, who arrived in bis'
usual spotless apparel and hts ^ever
ready smile to preparo the house for
? ? ?
A Mother In Israel lins Gone to Her
1 Reward.
Mrs. Susan Brown died Saturday,
June 13th and ber body was laid to
rest the day following at Cross Ronds
church, beside the grave her hue
ban. George Brown, who preceded her
some 16 'years ago.
Truly may lt be said th et she was
a mother in Israel and the world was
better for her having, lived In lt.
Mrs. Brown waa In her 90th year.
She was greatly loved by a large cir-,
ele of relatives and friends and^ she
is missed by them all. She Is survived
by five children, one son and four:
daughters. Mr. John Brown, pf Barnes;'
Mrs. James Latham of Abbeville; Mrs.
. Lee-Burton of Lincolnton, - Ga.; Mrs.
j Archie McKee, of Iva and -Mrs. S.
McMahon of Iva.' ; '
. 'J The pall bearers were grand sons of
Mrs,' Brown-as follows: Messrs.
i Recite and Walter McMahon ; Charlie,
Jobh and Will Brown and Lester. Mc
Kee and Oliver Latham.
) . --I-.
Col. Joseph English Dead.
Atlanta, Go., June 24.-The body of
Col. Jam et? JW. English, who. died yee-;
! terday In Now York city la expected to
reach Atlanta tom oro w. Colonel
English was a son of Capt. James W.
English, ono of Atlanta's leading finan
ciers and had been on the staff ot scy
11 eral gov<j.nore. Ills magnificent
homo on Voa ch tree \ street was tor
( many years one of the show spots of
_ i u _ _
-~--. ?? ?. 'm T ? ? ??? ???' .
The Bank
of Anderson
The Strongest Bank in the
County solicits your banking
business. It is prepared to
supply your needs in all
phases of Banking. It solicits
jj Savings accounts, Checking
I accounts and borrowers. All
are welcome. Is your name
on its books?
The Strongest Bank in'the
County. .
& ir, bi ?i in ai ^ ai s ai yi ?r, ai \?
t?. H. Weekley 0. M. Heard
Phone 671 Phone 27.
Puder lat era '< >
117 E. Whitner St.
Answers all calls day or night. Phone
?J. Hi LU ?? i? l? ffl ?. Hi ?J? SK !? S? i?
. DB. W. B. WQOD? .
. DISEASES of tlie S y e. Ear, Hoi? *
. and Thrust Glaises Fitted; *
'* Hoars t .
. 9 B e. to ? p. ni. a p. ra. to & p. BJ. *
. Offices: 808.10 Itleekley Building *
. Evenings by Appointment *
. ANDEB80N, 8. C. .
J Bleckley Bldg. Anderson, S. C. *
* Citizens National Bank Bldg. *
Raleigh, M. C. *
* Anderson, S. C. *
* Brown Office. Building. . *
* Second Floor.. Phone 269 *
Delinquent Hoad Tax Notice. ?
All delinquent ' road' lax collectors
are provided with ab official receipt
book with numbers, and stub numbera
attached. Pay no money to collectors
unless you get, the official receipt)
aa above provided for..
tl. . County Supervisor.
DEO it MA E NIM) ft S E D' .1T.
Legislature , Expresses Satisfaction
tu the Presen? Kflt?onnl tio?ernment
Atlanta,^ Ott., Jbhib'24.-The present
National )? ddmocr?tt? administration
today was endorsed by tho Georgia leg
islature which convened for a fifty
dayw .j?'RPlob'. The resolution declares,
that the 'Htfteenjfiofathft of unparallel
ed achievement, of the National ad
ministration, under the leadership of
that brilliant ex-Georgian, Woodrow
Wilson; ls endorsed and approved and
wah pleasure commended to.'iho Dem
ocracy ot. the state and .country.''
. Among the Important bills Introduc
ed was one proposing that tho sale ot
beer In Abe state ol Qeprgta.be legal
ized and licensed.

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