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" ' ?t -V *.' ' % \ . . %Ph ? '?*
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V .
I Long Smoldering Hatred Put
Germany and Russia at
Daggers' Points.
? NOT 12 rc It chapter, porhnps u
bloody one. moy be added to I
JpiL the tempestuous history of
southeastern Eurone OD the |
result of th? demands' af Austria, KO
forcibly 'innJ peremptorily expressed lu
the ullin;.liam submitted Ly thc
Austrian.'represen tn tl ve lu Belgrade.
The present si tun t lon ls'not the out
growth of recent complico Hons, al
though, recent events, particularly tho
minder of 'Archduke Frunc?s Ferdi
nand, ibo Austrian heir to the throne,
brought matters to n crisis. Tbe real
cause of tbe trouble Iles deeper arid
dates back' to the time when Servia
became an' Independent principality,
When the Servians began to dream of
a. great national future ana of thc
establishment of u great Slav realm
in southeastern Europe.
And yet those who have.studied the
history nf the oriental question fully
jrenllzc-ltiitt^f^hitid "ll tuo countless
conflicts und intrigues tbe efforts to
arou.su roolfl) arid religious' ttri fe
?tnong tho.countruT? of the Balkan pen
insula ami tho ceaseless agitations and
conspiracies which tna'do tko Balkan
peninsula the hotbed of trouble lu Eu?
rope primarily were due.to tho influ
enc? of Russlii.
.Dcmanu? Amazed Germany
The hhprecedented demunds of Ans
tr?a - and the'nhurpnesa of the note ad
dressed to Belgrade ?truck Berlin as o
thunderclap and caused the greatest
fl .
> BEuviAU aoboxan.
Amazement. A high government official
declared t-?t war or peace rested eh
tircly with Ser.ln. ?be attitude of the
Belgrade government waa believed to
depend, entirely upon; the approval or
disapproval of Russin. Officials de*
dared- the gravest situation would bc
presented ?h ou ld Fra uco and Russia
attempt to interfere.
In buba'eVenVit wab deducd, the
conflict would ' be shifted overnight
from war between . A nutria and Servia
elhlatlon menacing tho peace of
HU Europe, nit hough Austria demanded
only a cassation of afati-Austrian agi
tation und punishment of -the arch
duke VriuVd?r*?.- '?'
It WaV pointed ou^ thntt fehouid Bus
slktafe? part: agalhat'Austria. Gor
?any wa%?'fnlty'prep.tred to draw tho
Vaivprd, ??h t?nfalf of uefchUy, in accord
ance w|th.the terms of,the triple nlll
once betweini Germany, Austria and
i' Italy?: :%t*.it?& *?.W*. ;%o>^P>eaentad
tlie poBslb?!^ of nnother "battle of tho
i^?nja^.iaeh. OB that th 1813, wnlch
accomplished the virtual overthrow of
[$s^>.Offlocts ' Ordered \o Posta.
I Itky find, Germany have approved of
; the Austrian program. - Ail - German
- k>?B?ei? ou lenof absence were' noti
ced to bo prepdred to return to their
posta at a moment's notic'-.
'r 'Vba attitude of the Gevman govern
pient was outlined in a statement from
]{Vtft ; .war fal. decisred,". it< Wea atnted.
"Germany Will do everything poaalble
to localiza the'conflict ?nd keep lt ?on.
Itttwd to Austria end Berrie. Germany
?will keep banda off. but should another
^1^1- Beets to interfere Germany will
promptly fblflll Ita duty asan ally, tho
notion nf Ab?trla In delivering tho ulU
nini;u.m wan token independently. Gcr
Tt??hyv tvtvlng Huotbmg to dd with the
?fztiap; ot the not?."
SSUflktba deidre of RiiR*ir> to gain n
j^^W-^? ?loditerranehn which
'precipitated ' nmncrous. .wars (between
wm WAR
Comprehensive Survey of Sit- | -
uation of Gravest World- |
wide Alarm. |
tho powers of southeastern Europe. lt j
wna thia natue ambition of tho great
Slav nation of the north which prompt
ed the Russian government to subsi
dise tho government? o? nearly it!l the
so called Danube i?rinclp:i: liles and by
secret emissaries to koop i:p un effec
tive pun-SlQvlstie agitation In these
countries. It'was the ulm of Russia
to win tho friendship of tho Slavic ?co
pies of thc Bnlknn-countries, willi the
ultimate hone of gaining their support
for Husain's pinna -of LU r, ri time expan
Balked by Powers.
Once or twice during tho ptiBt 300
years Russia, carno near reullzlug its
hope of .obtaining an outlet to tbo
EMPE?on PUAN cia J os ni'II os AUBTBIA. ,
Mediterranean, but'In every instance
the western powers^ particularly Aus
tria and Germany,, interfered and
crushed tho nmbil4p,t}s,schemes of the
northern power. I *?ttxo i .western powers
clearly understood-f that Bassin . mqst
rsmnlff'*nm?n?* in* to prevent it from
expanding and f rora1 gaining control
ov?r Europe," a danger called serious
to the political independence of all Eu
ro pern notions nnd - to European clv
illsaUco itself. ,
S Tho present imbroglio, serious enough
as ita apparent . causea may be, ls
merely another incident tn the long
chain of '?vents:, studious? prepared by
Russian influences to w?aen the breach
..bereen', tbo Teutonic nat lo is ot the
west nnd 'the Slavs of tho eist abd to
preparo Uie ground for th*.?rand coop
by which Russia hopes to gam its end.
Terms'" of Triple Alliance.
According to the tripla alliance tren*
ty .Germany is not bound to assist Ans* !
tria if Austria strikes the first blow,
but In caso the first shot 1? fired by a
Servian soldier Germany is obliged, ac
cording to tho treaty, to eldo with her
?Hy. %in ?kat case Rnssia as ? Slay
notion would naslst Servia, sod the
real issue would no tonger be between
Anslrin nnd Servia, but between Ger
vinny and Rassln.
it la common belief that the Servian
Crotan Prince- Alexandbr, now neting
regent duriUg tue kl?ys'iilness, ls un?
der tbs influent of the - war party, fcfcg
\ ^i?jown^?ce Alexnoderof Servia to
the'second son of King Peter, but be
?came heir tb tho throne when bli.
brother George renounced bbs birth- '
right owing to nu unbalanced condi
tion of the mind.
tlc was born In Cettnje In 1888 nnd .
was educated lu Kassia. lie bas been j
popular with tho Servian people nnd j
ls gene ..Hy regarded ns n cupable and ?
serious minded young mnn.
Tho midden accession of the prince
to power caused quito n sensation lui
I-Jaropean political circles. Ills broth- j
er George's numerous escapades luid I
long brnndcHl bim unfit to rule oy?r the
country, und lt wns nt tho* Uh.g'u ro
. itiest that he renounced his pot.'.ti?ti.
Ile is one of the hnndsoiucst men In
the courts of Kuropo ^| nd bas bad
many rtimorc.1 lovo afluir?. At differ- j
_i.n ....... %~.* - .i ,........i..... ?.? '
tut mun MW ...... ..(.um va ....... i 11 J %nr
a Kassian princess, the crown princess :
pf Greece and tbo Princess Scbadis.
oldest daughter of former Sultan Ab
dul Humid of Turkey.
During tho Turkish war Prince Alos
ondor bore the brunt of most of -tile
DglUiug.uloug thc Macedonian frontier ,
?lld W?S especially active Ot the blitzes <
nf Ku turnio vu and Moniteur. .
Crown Prince Alesander was rescued
from' dontli In tho Alpine SIIOWH lust
winter while training himself for Berr
ico Wltli tile nrmy In tho field.
The monks of the St. Honiara mon
astery. Genera, and tito dt?g? were on
watch In-the St. Ben in rd pn SJ?, OP
usual on bhd nights, when ono of Ibo
ilogs rtlwovorod two mon overcome tn
the snow and half burled by tho drift
ing ila hes. The men were token to the
mouasrery hud restored ta conscious
ness, when they told the mooka they
were Prluco Alexander und bis adju
tant, a Soniau captulii.
The prince auld that he, being a
soldier anti ervsoetlng early service In
Ibo .Held, desired to barden his body
by exposure under difficult circum
stances.'mid bad therefore undertaken
climbing excursions In the Alps.
Ctsrling Point of War.
Bom'lii. wiicre tho fleet of monitors
aB?cnitilrd, Iles on thc west bank bf
tboI Danube'Jnst above the point whore
tho :f ?ive joins lt. In the Intersection
ut the two'rivers rloes tbo lofty butte
which fd tho coro of tho city of Bel
grade, tho Servian capital, which thus
Uts out Into Hungarian territory. Sem*
lu ls only two or three mil?.1? away
iud hr* easily commanded by guua
glaced on tho height? ol'. Belgrade, ns
lie land lying In the neighborhood ls
rery low.-. Atjho intersection of the
;wo rlverSrls'War Island, a maraby ?x-.
iauso formed by the flit brought down
\v the Snvo.- Around ihln tbo Austrian
rnhsports arc compelled to go to taite
.roops down, tho river, but Ute guns
)f warships nt Scmlln could easily
?ambnrd thc- city of Belgrade Itself.
? Scmlln bas n population of about 17.
ytO. bur Is n town of no special 1 rn- 1
wita nee. except ns s customs , station
ind the- starling point of uiiutary
spt-rations below the Danube. ' It,is
llmost. surrounded by low lying
iwnmpy ground, through which the
ullroad goes on to tho southeast and
crosses, the Siive into Belgrado nt a
xii nt about three or four kilometers
. .- ?> '? y >-.>!
'TemesvnrMs an; Important railroad
ejiter and gniTtaan to?floi?boiik^
m Inhabitant^ nt?ut flrty; miles east
?f?.tbe : Danube ni. lt n^^'so?th
brough thh> plain. of;VHungn'ry\ 1 ?nd
teven ty-f?7e, miles 'northeast \#(& Bst*
rrade. v-.PromVlji;:dir?r??: seve'raT-nr??
'oa? . ilnss^; which conid.-' ear^/t?o^s
lown tcV the ' Danube' so ns' to'com
n en co nn invasion all along* the north
>rn frontier of Servis. .
One ot these linc?, striking off to
be'Southeast, reaches the'river, just
f ter crossing tho Bou manion frontier,
it Verc?orovav Another lends to the
outhwest end ends at Pancsova, cr
oo Danube, only ? few* inileS below
letgradev A third, running southward.
Orks at V?rteos.'about twenty miles
rom the frontier. One branch runs
o PoncsoVn. on.the southwest, another
ast to Basins, on the Danube, about j
orty miles below Belgrade, and the j
bird to Kubin, midway between Bel-;
nd* and Bastas.
Opposite Kubin ls tho Servian town '
if Semer.dria. formerly a fortress bf
rroat strength. It ls still a town bf
onsldernbte importances and." os tho;;
nd of n branch line of mlhOftd, could ??
io used as the ?tnrtlntj point ot bia- li
.envers to eil t_ off Belgrad? from. the
est of Servia."" '
Political Ant
I hereby announce myself a candi
dato for county supervisor, subject to
tho DemocruUc primary.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for tho office of county super
visor of Anderson county, subject to
the rules governing the democratic
primary. T. M. VANDIVKR.
I hereby announce myself a candl
date for supervisor of Anderson coun
ty, Bubjcci to the ruies o? democratic i
primary. CF. MARTIN. |
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for county supervisor, subject
to tho rules ot tho d?mocratie pri
Pelzer, 8. C., R. F. D. 1.
I horoby announce myself a candi
date for County Supervisor of Ander
son cc un ly,, subject to the rules of
the Democratic primary.
I horcby announce myself as a can
didato for House of Representativos
from Anderson county, BUbJcct to the
rules of the democratic party.
I hereby announce myself a canin
.date for the Houso of Representatives
from Anderson county subject to the
rules of the democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for tho logislaturo subject to tho
rules and regulations of tho democra
tic party. GEO. M. REID.
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for the House of Representative
from Anderson county subject to tho
rules ot the democratic primary.
1 announce myself a candidate for
the legislature from Anderson Coan-1
ty subject to the rules ot the derna- i
eratic party. T. P. DICKSON. I
I am a candidate for .the House of
Representatives from Anderson comi
ty. I will abide tho rules of the
primary. S.-IM WOLFE.
-^. , , ? --?
I horcby announce myself as a can
didate for tho house of representatives
from Anderson county subject to tho
rules of the Democratic primary.
W. P. Nichol Bon ia hereby announc
ed us a candidate for re-election td
tho office of . Probate Judge, subject
to the rules of . th? democratic pri
-r--? a jj '??? v-yy ?
.-? J hereby, announce myself a candi
dato for the office pf probate Judge of
Anderson county, subject to the ruies
and to - the result of the'' Dsmccratic
I hereby nnnour.ee myself a candi
date for Probate Judge of Anderson
County subject to tito rules bf the
democrtlc primary, W. F. COX.
/1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for tho office of Probate'Judge for
Anderson county, subject to the rules
of tho Democratic Pr Unary.
I hereby-announce my s elf a candi
dato for tho office of Judge of pro
bate for Anderson- county, subject to
tho rules governing the democratic
primary election.
. W. H. FRIER80N
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for County Auditor, subject to
the rules ot the democratic primary.
R. A, Abrams.
I hereby announco myself t? candi
date for the ofDeo of -Auditor of An
derson County subject to the rules ot
the Democratic party.'
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office ot Auditor, subject
to tho rule? of the Democratic pri
mary i T. il. C. OIldFFW.
I hereby announce thyself a candi-;
date for re-election tc tue o frico ot
County Superintendent'of Education,
BUbject to tho Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a canal
date for Stato Senator from Anderson
County; BUbject to tho rules of thu Dc- ]
mooralla primary election.
-,_' ?y -, ' , ?" ?"? ; Sss :
1 ksreby announce myself a candi
dato for the State Senate, from Ander-.
ton county, subject to the rules of the
D?mocratie primary.
Clint Summers, Jr
R. A. Sullivan .bf Fork township IB
hereby announced for commissioner
Collision of Steamer With Barge
Cause of Fatalities.
(By Associated Press) *
New. York, July -29.--At least one
drowned and It la feared other casual
t?os resulted today when: the river
steamer Majestic of New*rk, returning
homo with about 1,000 excursionists 1
on board from n day's, outing nt Col. <
leg? Point, L. I., collided in tho East '
river with a stone laden barge, cap- I
sizing tho freight craft.
Tho rt earner wa? not '"damaged but
In d paule after the ?rash tho Maj**-,
He's passehgers rushed to, the deck
for Suction Two; comprising Fork ,
Hock Mills, Pendleton and Center ville
townships. ['? *
- <_*; ,i 'iii ;., : i i ;
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for county c&ifrnf?slon?r for tho i
third suction; consisting of- Carrin,
Brushy Creek, Wllllamston and Hope
well townships, subject lo tho nation i ?
of the democratic primary,
j_Jj. A. FOSTER.
I horcby announco myself a candi- r
I date for commissioner for linnea .'
?'ath. Helten, Breakaway and Martin
townjMps. District' No. 4, subject to
the rules of the democratic primary. I
I horoby announce myself a candi- t
date for Commissioner, f.om District jj
No. 2, comprising Pendleton, Hock
Mills, Fork and Centefvllle town
ships. Subject to tho rulea of .the
democratic primary. ; ? ' 1 '
- ' ? rcn ?.
I hoi.'by anuuuiicu my cuiididacy
for county com mission er. from Section jj
4, comprised of Helton, Martin. I lonou ?
Path und lironda way, townships. Sub-*
lect to tho rules' of tho' d?mocratie
part?; H. D. SMITH, :
Detter known as ':Dick'! Smith. ?
W. H. O. Elrod at?noi?nc'ea himself a.
candidato for couriry-commlBsloner
from tho district componed of Wil
UamBton, Garvin, Brushy Creek and
Hopewell, subiect to tho rules of the
democratic kiarty. v^^**'
i-,-ii-? t aajtuamac ._:_it*
I hareby announco my candidacy
for County Connnlssionor- of Anderdon
county from tho th\rd<B#ctlon com
prising 1 lop o veil, : rWllllamn ton,
Brushy Creek and Garvin townships,
subject to the action 'of-tho Demo
cratic party.
' I hereby announce u|iyj??l? a candi
de, te for Commissioner from District M
No. 2, comprising^Pendleton, Kock ,',
Mills, Fork and CenterylUo iown
BhipB, subject to rulos of' Democratic
party._ Jj H.; WRIGHT. .
; I hereby announco myuelf as a can-?
dhlato for CommiBsloner of Anderson
county from Section ND. ?J? composed
of Garland, Brushy Crook, Hopewell
and Willlameton TowhshlpB. subject j
to tho action ot the democratic party. .
j "WrTr Watson. H j
I hereby announce my?elf a ca*adN?
dito for the office of codmisslonnr
from ?action . 2, coinor Ising Fork;?
Rock Mills, P e n d I o t on uh d Cor to rv H1 o fi
townships, subject>f?ifta*fiujes of theta
democratic primary, i-ifWd?vvI-IARRIS.ii
i I horcby announco myiioli.-a candi- .
dato for commissioner of District No.
11, comprising Cornor,--H^ll,-Savannah
and. V?rennos townships, subject to
? tho rules ot thc dc{iiocEij(t^v, primary.
i uerooy announce myself a csnoi
dato for commissioner from District
Not 2, comprising Pendleton, Rock
Mills, Fork and Ceritjervillo townships,
subject to tho rules of tho democratic
primary. D. 8. HOBSON.
. ? hereby announce' myself na a can
didate for County Commissioner of
Anderson county fron? district Np. 1,
com i>riced of Savannah, Corner,1 Va
ren nea und .Hall townships. Subject
tp tlio action of thd Dojnoer?\>ic pri
mary- I % ...T^ftENCB--M[<^BB.-'
2 hereby announce myself a candi
date, for county treasurer, eubjoet to
tho rule? of tho democratfoiwrty
I hereby announce .tn^B?\l > c?odl
dato for county tnajman <f?bJoet (d
tho rules sud regulations, of ' the
democratic primary. {UyiO : ?
Dr. W. A. Tripp.
I he.oby anvounco myself as a can
didate for County Truss orur .- of-; An
derson county subject to the raids of
(he Democratic party.
1 I hereby anno?hj?a 'oiycclf a candi
dato for County Treasurer, subject to
the rules of tho Democratic primary.
-A: ELR?D.
. 1 hereby anho?hty^ySsH ? candi
dato tor Treasurer ?I Anderson coun
ty, subject to the ?hloh bf Hhe demo
cratic primary. J.^JS^^^yMiTH.
"? I horcby ?dno?tj
date fer csssty ti
son county, subject
democratic prima
,1 h?f?by ~?ahr$& i Wfc> *W'
dldato for U'e?eU^l^^^tto?ifl?un
tfi edbj&lvto^^ Dtfmo
I hereby nnnou?^myielf a candi
date for Congress from*tmr<Thlrd Con
gressional District, .'^subject to tba
rule? of the democratic, party.
v ^Bilton. 8. C,
rallinga. fighting^ \nd^^roSsing for
pointa of; vantage as tiwi? ; stearne*,
headed for the nearest pier. 'When
tho Majestic touched, tho, pier, ?uo?
drcds jumped off U&,ftccks. It wad
feared some woro' C?|5?hfcd between:
the steamship's s^e'?uq/.th?'pler.
The captain of tjie oarae,-, hlr wlfe?
a. woman sn-?poseflnlb tie tb-s - bargd?
captain's Wlfe.\ .Sh? d?^d1 without. reK
gaming consciounn?^jy ;
New York will have the wert inter-,
national eugenics wmgrcss In Septem
ber pf ?ext yeni,'

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