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Has recently saved two, houses from fire. One
on Franklin Street, where Mr. Geisberg lives. One
on McCully Street owned by N. C. Burriss. This
is well worth considering when you build a new
house or need a new roof. Insurance is less where
you use Burris's Shingles. We make a Barn Roof
th?t never leaks. No nails exposed to the sun. See
us before roofing your houses or phone us and we
will come to see you.
IThree-Qnarters of a Century of Consistent Ideals sn B
Athe .Tramm? of Young Men and Young Women H
" * JA. time-seasoned institution offering superior advantage* for the baining H
of the intellect and the. development of character under sound Christian fgjj
influences. Situated in a quiet college town, educational and religious in. BM
life and atmosphere; influences highly favorable to- study. Health condi- j?
tiona unexcelled. Bj
J Buildings equipped and arranged to afford the maximum of efficiency HS
HB* in college work and administration. College Home accommodates seventy BJ
J jj! young men. The Wylie Home, a handsome new build? jHBBb> EH
Bi "lg f?r young women, provides every modern dormitory ?B9J9BI ) B&J
m equipment and convenience. Twenty-acre campus; out-door fflqMBp BSB
Bi sports and exercises. MwB&SsP * ffifl
BJ. Literary and science courtes of collepiate standard; ^Bj BT? BB
I 8, A. and M A. degrees. Library of 1^0,800 volumes; SHU WU * BK
Bl I^.bor?tor?e?"Observatory, FittinV'SchooK ' *{" ' . :jj4SJ?Hj HBJ^^JBJ
EjsJ Government based upon an appeal to honor ann " tBwj^KHjBwSBBt
B self-respect. Free tuition to young ladies in Wylie ^I^HBSBSHBSBSBBSI
BJ Home. Expenses for year about $200 . dBfiBi
H For Catalogue Address . |5j[|i
H 'James Strong Mortat*, D. Dn . ?B?^^^S^HB
. ? ' FrtsUat .? ?|
, B: Dc? We?t, South Ceraliaa ' lg
- ' j?sji?t^ I
WANTED-Young mon and womba to prepare for good p?aMonn. Jjtar
records show-Umi?young-men arid women
: ed positions titroplgh Jibia schooL -?nd aro now making three times -more v
mousy than ^
h '--Bd^tt?^^miO?gVV Shorthand JJ^Wtpgv. -penmanship, and
thoir allied branches, qualify you to to bold the befit positions avaBable.
, ? CMTtt- AVBim : 34V?
/ ahd novr ls the tim? lo make your arrangements, to enter this school; . If
you cannot crime now/ mako your plans, fhr. this fall and winter. Our "
school is in clo?a touch with thc business; Interests of this sccU?n? ; and
i' ; iyfa have inor? calis for graduates thari wo can supply. Catalogue ffee.;
; . Address CECILS' B?SINBS^'SOH?OL.
RECEIVERS NAMED sentlng the majority; bondhplde?^pl
___. , ^ew'Tera^^
Chtcago, Peoria * SU, Louis Railroad ?aclv?lad'bp^ WjfylW:
Is Insolvent. *tt u* w>8w? t0?th.eje?e?;fbr; recs m
"(By ?woclatcd Prono.) ershlb therosid. o4ml^:Insolvency. <
.ix*eetR--ilil%'^ulv.:,8l.J;The Chicago; s - ^?-^W-y--r-tv ?>
P4K>?fa"l&S? Louis rall mad waa placed HINt?PS?? SCHOO! V \
uv.the hands;ot icc^lvera .today. .: ' ? ' ; !:<
-The .aetlo^.>^j,.:v;br<iugbt. ?vby^.^o Commencing, Monday,.^A?iraW'Bjp
Banker* tftusfcC^mp^ win tieaeb aW da^
^?ysp^?s?^ '?n?a
' . - .^
T%ff -Gr?witig
Yfeld Of 13,
Estimate Made By the United St
These Exciting In?tl
Washington, July 31.-The depart
ment of agriculture's bureau pf crop
estimates .announced today that the
condition ot th? rotten crop on July
25; reported .70.4 per cent; of normal,
forecast a yield of about 13,850,000
bales of 500 pounds grosB weight.
This is th?-first time that the gov
ernment has announced a forecast
pf, thc cotton crop before - December,
' Condition by states was given - as
! . July June -
25 25 Ten-year
? c. 1914 1914 Average
"Virginia . . ;. 89 8G 82 |
N. Carolina. 86 82 80 .
8, Corollna i. 79. 81 ' 79 .
Georgia . 82 t>" 80
Florida .:.. 86 80
Alabama 81 88 79
Mississippi J. 79 81 77
Louisiana . 76 81 77
Texas. 71, 74 81
Arkansas . 72 80 81
Arkansas . 72 80 81
STennessee i. 73 79 83
is so uri... 75 93 84
kiahoma . 75 79 82
tUfoxnia . 100 100 -
8.. 71.4 79.6 80.0
?-The fourth condition report of the
Season, giving the condition of the
crop of August 25, will be issued at
Hoon. Monday. August 31.
The official ?talement of the bureau]
announcing thc forecast of produc
tion said:,
"The condition of the cotton crop
TC.4 per cent of normal, forecasts a
yield of about 179 pounds per acre, !
which on 'the average reported July
1, viz./' .W.OGO.OOO, w.-uld produce
about . G.G? CO00,000 pounds of lint,
which would make about .13.850,000 !
bales, of 660 pounds gross weight.
If an allowance of 1 per cent be made I
for abandonment the present forecast
would bo about 13,725 bales, which
compared with the 14,156,000 last year
and ?3,7O3V00O two years ago and 15,
093,000 thVefe years ago and 11.609,000
four yeartt ago. r
In a" supplemental statement the bu
reau reviewed conditions in the va
rious states as follows:,
"North Carolina-There has been
considerable Improvement;
"South Carolina-In come parts
of tho state the crop has improved
considerably, in any other parts there
has been little if any Improvement.
The lute cotton (?aid to be upwards
of 25 per cont of the crop) ls small
Financial and
? New Oceans Cotton
i>; . . --
: New ..Orleans, July SI.-The'cotton!
market was brought to an abrupt end
In the middle of the morning session
today by tho. action of tho board ot
directors who considered the gravity
ot the "?European situation warranna,
the suspense ?if .business. . . V
Du rln fei'th?' bo ur. and a half which
the market was Open prices dropped
in- a spectacular manner under the
'furious onslaught of sellers. At the
lowest ttnr trading months 10G to 135
points under,last.night's prices. The
close was ? at a net loss of 60 to 90
pointai V-jj-i . .. v-} .
' j Heavy.buying by tho crop takers on
the shor^, side tat one time, resulted
In r. violent upheaval which put tho
market 7 to 10 pointa over yesterday's
close. From, thia there'.was an equal
ly .vlo?qcit,drop, based on the news of |
the failure, bf northern cotton arms
and tho wildest scenes the market bas
witnessed in several-, years.: . Tb ?.'. cx
ereme range of prices tor the dey was ,
120 to -M^^tolnts.
_ B?ford. the'-opening, lt waa known
that' It'woumi be ra session.vof groat
activity as there had been a great acr
iS'At ?? *. ftoT\Sfcn^rrS< r^j"jvv^-T'
o-, o -o ;o-i\o o ;o /o *o *o *p 'o'/o
0 ,.:,,:v-;.- v ., . . . ,. o
0. 0. o. o. o. o. o. o. e. o. O, o .o.
ii tva, dpi*. ?;-^Dr. Witherspoon1
M*?0!?to^?ord ??$mp V?w.i?
.Wednesday on' professional business.
1 . Mr. Joe Anderson of An tro ville wa?
? visitor'ifffreV Wednesday:- - -
^ Mr. Ru?us/H?ll of Elberton, Ga., 1B
?pending tabweek with his-: sister,-;
mt?.\A?M. Chapman;?? . A - ?.iri ?
? Misa Ma?gie Watt andlittle ? niece
Willio Hicks, are spending the week
in Walhalla-with relatives.
} ; Misa ^ddlo.ltfauldln of/Mart- Texas,
|sdd?k^^ Bhort;while tnls week with.
J-MrsT. j;,^.. M. Jonas>fjqt . Hollands
4ture.iaspending ihei week wlU\ her
'do^Mf?-i-^iioMs.':: . ? ;;?; H- ?V-?-V.
. > Miss Kioto ; Hutchinson of Lowhdea
ivllle. ls -spending.tho week with her
"'jMJsd^feto^Hardin ls the guest of
I Mls? Carrie Schrlmp of Starr ls tbo
gaea? ot her sister. Mrs. S. H. Finley,'
:1 Mlbi :'M?be? F>3?d has'- for her1 gu estai
'this Vre?kiiMUt?^-^ -fi.'-add WK*
Jackson'of Storevillo, Mlase? Mary and
Genevieve Auderson of ? Antreville/
Misa .Cornella Tennent of . Lowndes-?
vija and'Misses Marilla and Lucia
^^'lii^^i^^^l^ilt a few. ho?rs.
Pruitt of Starr 'wa<?/a
hus'inesfl viBitor nerd Thursday;,:
1 T/ a. Jackaen, V/v P,f?bbk,
loft ?tatfcay tor, a buskiexs fWp to
Atlanta, tbay J made the - trip'i in AMr.
f?<??0Ull4WhV^. ? . ' ?-. -. i ?? : v
. Mr. J. ii.' ?berard ot Anderson waa
in townes few ;hours. Woddesdl^j-'^
^^^ms^^T^'ot^urfi-m,:.' '.the
guest df friends here this week.1
" Misses Lucy and Lola McPhall of
LAurebB arw viB?Uug at the home: of!
their Amele; Mr. S. C. Levered .
Crop SHows
850,000 Ba?cs
?tes Government Is Iitferc s ting In
li? Old World.
and is not likely to yield much unless
iiost .'s delayed considerably beyond
its usual advent.
"Tennessee-Portions o? Tennessee
have had no rains of consequence
feince early in May.
?.. "Georgia-Taking..the stale as a
whole, the cotton cr'Cp looks very fa
"Alabama-A large area of Alabama
has had no rain duce early ?n May,
and In such districts, 'shedding and
wilt ls noticeable. Taking thc staie
as a whole the crop has lost several
points during July but. is still above
, Drouth Tersns Boll Weevil.
"Mississippi-Much ot the state has
suffered from extremely dry, hot
weather during tho month. Th lr, ls
the boll weevil section, has had a ten
dency to check the ravages of this
pest and the farmers .are very hope
ful of making a full crop. Cotton it;
generally well'fruited and in part3 of
the state a bumper crop will be mude.
Portions of the Della have prospects
of another very large yield.
"Louisiana-Drouth sud high tem
peratures In Louisiana, while retard
ing thc growth of the plaat, have held
tho boll weevils In check and tho far
mers, even in the Worst infected areas
are hcpfeul of a fair crop. In some
sections rain is already budly need
"Tt::as-There are three ages of
cotton in Texas. About 50 per cent of
the crop was planted ut tho normal
date; 20 per cent during May and thc
remainder after the rains had ceased.
The early planted cotton has stood
the two months, drouth remarkably
well: However, most of it has reach
ed the limit of endurance without de
terioration by the 85th instant. The
late planted cotton, in order to sur
vivo, spent its energies during tho en
tire month In root .growing in an ef
fort to .reach moisture ut tue expense
of the stalk.. Stands aro now BO bad
that it will undoubtedly show up in
the flual yield per acre. Tho mouih
bas been extremely dry mid bot.
"Oklahoma-the past month bas al
so been extremely hot and dry all over
tbs i realer portion ot Oklahoma. The
crop bas hald^ up: remarkably well,
but Jins begun ba wllt>ar.d shed Its
fruit, in acme; places.:?{Thc young cot
ton, amounting toi'/l?, to. 20 per <x*nt
Of the total, needs.iralh,.to Jnsuro any
thing like decent crops..
I Commercial
. cunl?latloh"bvernight'ni of selling,or
[ ders in brokers' hands. -rt>he filling . <>X:
j these order" CRuro:i- w(drop of 55 to
' 43 points-on tho first call. .
I .1 ?J .. ,'.?';. i _ /.. .
Cotton Goods
New 'Yorki July 81.-^Cotton goods
market 'was weak following the close
of the cotton exchange,.today and sales
of -.print cloth yr/ia nvexb. made at
lower prices. About V 50,000 pieces
? were disposed of in tho IQCUI market.
I Wool was easier in some, markets, but
i carpet. wools. were temporarily with*
' drawn rrom sale. - Silk" was easier
but yarns were lower....
Liverpool Cotton
" Liverpool,. July Sl.T-Cotton .Spot
unsteady, prices irregular; Good
diin1^^!?:^1*'*mIdd,mgwi'*,ow m,d"
Sales 4,00; for speculation and ex
port 200.
Receipts 7,o00. .
-'Future?'Closed'Irregular:and unset
tled. ' ' . y >? -
j Rev. W. H, Stone andjjWli? of,An
derson are guests of Rev. yind Mr:.
Hood. . - : - f?0i .,
ail J iYl mfwy. mr cmiw>.^m?w cm v.
Miss Sophy Jackson of 81 ore viii c
was in town for awhile Wednesday.
, ? Mrs. J. B.. Leveret who bas beer.
t^hor"rf ni?'lb^Lo ^'fan? 'm"u*rn*d
<M$? J,W4??Sad%^AndersW spent
N??fl?TH ^
Effecte Her Delivirance.
with pains In my leftside, and would
Often aimost Emo?Ser to death. i A L:-..
tfMSrjkdnes pitched me tip ?or awhile
but then I would get worse again. Final
ly, mi husband.decldcd he vWedrt?e to
Itdjcl m o mere^goad th sn aUthe medi
I hsve Indiaced'inany"of.my friends to
by Cartful,and they ail MY they have
t>een benefited, by its use. There never
a good mftii^aa,for,all womaaly t/ou
^^^^^ ^ ^ ^s^i^^i i ' I
Frank Galllr.rd.nlght clerk ut the
'hhiuoln hotel, 1B spending hin vaca
tion in the Nort't Carolina mountains.
Dr. S. W. Pago, once a resident of
lila city but now a popular physician
)i Greenwood, spent yesterday lu the
J. 8. Bolt ot Honea Path was ia the
.itv yesterday for a few hours on bus-,
H. Henry, of Greenwood, was among
he guests to spend yesterday at the
mlquola hotel.
Glenn Simpson of Starr was in the
:ity yesterday for a few hours on bus
G. TJ Cellaham of Honea Path spent
>art of yesterday in the city.
M. B. Richardson of the Lebanon
tection was in the city yesterday on
J. L. Jackson of Iva was among the
rfsltors to spend yeBtiVd&y in thc
dty. _
L. O. Harper and J. C. irarper have ?
'eturned to Honea Path after spcnC
ng a few days in the city.
Edgar Bryant, of Pendleton, Route
li spent a few hours in ,the city yester
iay. . _
F. O. Ragadale of Honea Path wah
Ltnong the vlcitors to spend yesterday
n the city.
C. E. Copeland of Cheddar was in
he city vosterday for. a few hours,
Mz-s Crace Routh of Townvllle wan
ihopp.ng In tlie city yesterday.
J. H. Pruitt of Starr spent a part of!
i-cBtcrday In tho city on business.
Tom Smith, one of tho popular/;
dorks at H. O. Evens, hap. returned ?
rom his vacation, which he Bpont at
31ack Mountain, N. C. [
Walter Toidman of Greenville spent
i few hours in the city yesterday.
Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Carey and J wp. J
laughters have returned to their homo
it Calhoun after a visit hero to rola
ivea and friends.
W.. S. Kay of Townvillo was in, tne. \
:lty yesterday r>. fow hours. ,
Mr?: 8. C. Major and daughter. Miss
"ranees, aro spending n week in. At
enta with Joe Major. .
; W. W. 'Fleming,M. M. Merritt, Ellas
Tripp and O. O. Foster of the Brushy
Jreok section were among the well
mown visitors to spend yesterday in
he city.
; W. H. Tucker of the Hopewell roc
ion was In the city, tor a few hours
tn l-uslnoos yesterday.
Miss Fannie Isbell of Walhalla la
pending a few days in the city with
rtends. '.. it
Mre. Charlotte; R. Smith of Green
Hie has been spending a few dr ys In
he city with her sister, Mrs. J. W.
B. B. Gos sett end .family loft Fri
lay in their new Studebaker tor Hen
lersonville, N. C., to be gone for a
reek or ten days.
. Retribution That Was Swift.
Cy Perkins and Jim . Brady were
rom the country, tho deep' country
ind .they were unschooled ta the cmr
y ways of swell cafes, says .The Pop-;
dar MagaxUie. They had*spent the
lay taking In the sights of tho state
air. Just outside the big ,city,- and
hoy bad invaded the district notable
br. electric lights, high prices and
}ont .service.: -?
Atter holding a caucus on a street
:orner they decided.to go into cue ot
he high class restaurants and have
linn er. After.'delaying them .fer the
groper length ofttimes a watter ap
? roached them .and > handed them a
nenu. Incidentally, ho piled up In
iront Ot them the. usualimposing ar*
.ey of cut glass and sUven v
"I reckon wc might os well have a
tquare meal/' Said Jim Brady,
Cy Perkins assented and . they or
lered for dinner practically everything
ra the menu from soup ta nuts. At
he conclusion of the meal. Jim Brady
trended a silver dollar; waved: his
land in a lordly manner toward the
writer, end aald: ..4 .. :?
"Take the damage out of this aud
resp ike change." .;. ' [.'."- ? .
The walter came as dear to looking
smbarirassed aa any jelly walter could,
md ventured: to remark that tho bill
was more than a dollar. Ho present
3d it in writing. It amounted to nine
lollara and, sixty; cents. Jim,: arter
.aktng ono angry glare at tho total,
produced the ten dollar not?; ''-V?a
stalked out of thc restaurant ahead of
On the sidewalk. Jim, after lndulg
ng in a profane duel v.i th nobody, ut
ered thia prophecy:
"Cy, some day heaven 'will punish
hose men for that."- "
MJIm," said Cy, reverently, .'Heaven;
ias punished them already. I've got
Hteen dollars' worth .pf sllv?r Bpoons
n my pocket." .
tavdttlons of the H. B. C?s?lla Com.
_ . pany Responsible.
(By Associated'?ress)
>?awJ?ork,^uly ai.~?>irectora of
he United Dry Gooda Company today
We will for the next thirty days seUorfCKitt >?
stock consisting of '150 Screen Doors and 564
Screen Windows at exact cost, for cash.- *
These are all new goods bought in^car
lots. 'Hi Jm'i
' You will yet have many days this summer
during which you will be worried with;.]fj
At these extremely low prices you can twell j
afford to carry the goods over for anott?eftsea* i
. bon. . icjKol.-i :\> j
s _ ? . V .vxnrvi '1
Hardware CcE?
Anderson, S. C.
Belton rf.'Sift?fc'
-?..it ?ill!
Brawl in i
Km 'I'IM'.I
Lilia j m
I [Lt Ii OM I
When you can buy a home and payfo?0fy???t??i
monthly and let that rent help to pffv; JftrJ.
your home. "
We have some more of. those lots on i'f.ita?l??e
?Street that we ?fe offering at. vetff?ulfxp" il
PriCeS- -.>?,,!?? HM
Come to us with your real estate 'tro\!|tjle^
we can adjust tliemforyou. m?:'m-?
t., . ?. , , . , ? ?. . ... , . : '*?>.{ ; ' Y" .?lill
._-? ?"?,' . !,"? 11. : , .-^'!.':!"::';
Is "2v?y Towri" filial
; .tv<>llf"lo
i'-^? ?.. . -.;!r[H<n,:'. IB
' - .fl
Anderson -.G?unt^">r: j
S" <,.?.' "t)?ao^l?i^ fl
'inuit''- ?
".fiorij limi . H
. . r? v" '?->? ?'?iii? ?lo?1 fy?| M
Anderson Co)teg$M j
! ..? --.. . ...u :>Vj.^ V;1Jp m
"? ' y**-^. -''- ". ' ^^^^^^ Jj
\ . ,, , _ ' ? ijini ujiir^-|'
cifiries, Prompt ancj Courteous $^ W A ?
";'.. A tft^l-ftf'frll '.' * [ b^unliiur
? .' ? -Aw-'- ? .:..o~,Trfli,H;''.;.; ;
Hthe assurance that any responsible firm, c?rporat?tfnuflr?<busi
ness man maintaining a satis^ctory^^
depend upon the use of the banX's funds in^ .proborw^J^be ;
Clarice inainta?ii?d ?nd the flh?^ci?>Y?s[Jons?Binty ofithftflor-;
' -rower. -. .:".WIO??V;!; \
Capital ?150,000
The onlv bank-in fhe Coiintv- th?t^has "Uncle San**' for'-a

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