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Want Advert
Twenty-five words or less. One T
Six Times $1 00.
All advertisement over twenty-fiv
word. Rates on 1,00(1 words to
No advertisement taken for less
If you*- name appear* in the tole
your want ad to 321 and a bill will
prompt payment.
FOR ty A LE-Onion sci* White Pearl
White Bermuda. Yellow Bermuda,
Silver Skin. Yellow Danvers, also
complete assortment onion seed.
Furman Smitli, Seedsman, Antler
son, S. C., Phone 4t?4.
fOR SALE-250 farms So. Ga., West
Oreen and Denton, Ga., $10.50 round
trip. If you are interested write
or see me at once. C. IO. Key, County
Clerk's Office, Anderson. S. C. tf
FOR SALE-Pulleys and shafting and
counter shafts, displaced by indi
vidual motors, --.pply T. K. Roper.
Mgr., Anderson Intelligencer Job
Dept. tf
FOR SALE-Inoculation for Alfalfa.
Vetch and Crimson (Hover. Mu?-1
ford's Nitre (?erm. Funmtu Smith.I
Seedsman, Phone 4H4.
OR SALE-My Tarni of 111 acres.-5
miles of Anderson. In high stato
of cultivation, good water and pas
ture. Midway cl:arch and school
house 14 julie distant. Also any
one that want A some nice Berk sh Tro
pigs to meet me on the square Sat
? urday p. m. Sept 19. W. R. Pruitt.
Anderson, 8. C. Ruote 1. 9-16-3t
WANTER-Teachers with certificates
wanted' Immediately for following'
positions in graded or rural
schools: 8 at $60; 6 at $50; 8 at
??5; li at ?40; 7 at SSE. Dirsdt f.ci-?1
school offilclals. Special enrollment.'
Act quickly. W. H. Jones, Mgr.,'
Columbia, S. C.
WANTED- You to try the cooking
at Tho Luncheonette, next door to
Nsw Bridge; Short Orders Quickly
WlNTBD^?rne V?Wc to knew that
we u?^?c j??t received a i urge ship* J
1 ment of box files, and can supply,
your wants in this line. Anderson'
Intelligencer, Job Department. tf ?
WANTED-You to know that we malte
the best Evaporators. Hither Cop
per or Galvanized Steel, Metal
Shingles, Tin Roofing. Guttering,
Smoke Stacks, Oin Suction Pipe,
etc. Dlvver Roofing Co. The Shop
With u Reputation.
WANTE?- Geed, ?ve solicitor 'u? j*dn
crew. Money making possibilities
unlimited for right man. Apply W.
Y. Ingram care Anderson Fur. Co.
Anderson 8. C. 9.l5-6tp
WANTER-Position by October 1st
Experienced bookkeeper anti sales
man on road or In houae. A-l ref
erences. Ago 83 years. Married.
Write J. ?B. Wright. Seneca. S. C.
We have the following good farms
for lease 3. to 5 years as whole or in
small farma:
360 aores at Modoc, C. ft W. C. R.' R.
650 acres at Clark's Hill, O. ft W. ?.
R. R.
AU having good Savannah River
bottoms. Augusta Real Estate Co..
Augusta. Cn.
MOTFL-Some one to operate six
tee? room hotel. Baths und lights.
Reasonable renti li us I noss onprv
. tunity. Ar ply a? 0UC# to'
W. O. COBB. Supt.
Ware Shoals, S. C.
LOS't'-B. tv.v ,\ ::orth Anderson and
public Lt ; a: \ T?-?eaduy morning,
gold ?ie?: \ < . : MU prize given by
Newberry ( ? liege in 1906, Has
tmine J. ?3. i a. Boil engraved on pin
bar. Return to Hubbard Building
abd receive reward. 9-16-3t
LOSlJ : Tan colored automobile top
cover. Qr hood Sunday /afternoon on
wtjiianxstc:. r ?rt tvTtweon Arder
?n-a .MjijSblU.mi^ .^--V. I lU... I
I rewe>d.^':RetBrft to C. G. Sayre lt
"The Trey O'Hearts"
Th??aay, Sept. 17
Nigkt >. . 3 an4 IQs
I Columns
ising Rates
Ime 25 cents, Three Times 50 cents,
e words prorata for each additional
he u-<<l In a mouth made on appll
than 26 cents, cash In advance.
phono directory you can telephone
he malled after Its tusertlou for
* *|
* DH. H. A. ALM'OOD. .
* Physician ?
? _ .* I
Watson.Vandivcr Building
* _ * I
* HourH s> to leic a to I: :i to :?. ?
At CIcTclitnd riiarmacy: *
* H lo ? a. m.: <;.:!i> to 7.80 p. m. .
* lteslurnce Phone S'-'OJ Oflice 688 .
* *
_ .
* Bleekley Bldg. Anderson, 8. C .
* Cititens National Bank Bldg. *
* Raliegh, N. C. J
o e
Anderson, 8. C.
Brown Office Building
second Floor. Phone 369
* T. Frank Walline SanVi L. hi...
. ; - t
Attorneys as? CosnseHcr-stLsw *
1st Floor Blockier Bldg, .
Anderson, S. C. *
. DH. L. H. SNIDER .
. _ a
. Fretwell Co. Stable .
s 0
. Phono 54. Anderson, S. C. *
* Veterinary Surgeon *
* Davis Bros. Stable *
t> 816-Phones-133 *
* Anderson, So. Car *
Phone 671 Phone 97
Bleckley & Heard
Answers nil nils day or nijrteL
Phone 26S.
Good Cream
:: Ice Cream ::
\ Eat More Of lt.
ls lt year eyes or glasses ta
' questlea! Airiest thea dont
i seek farther, Jast s ea. ?e. I >
specialise ca these tron?les and
cnn give you that finish ea
work that IMUS satisfaction.
, rrices 68.00 te $540 ap. Re.
pairs 10c up.
;DR. emmi
112 W. fVhitTierSt.
Orear? floor-telephone
Almost Every Section of County
Was Represented at Meeting
Held Here Yesterday
The meeting ol thc Anderson nnin
ty formen,' union, lield in this elly
yesterday, .vas .,.?-' of the botvi this
city lia over had ?. pleasure of ? n-1
tcrtainlng. The .i.eolian convened
with muir ni ?Ibers in attendance!
ilian had over been present al a pre:
vt??s Mooting und additional mem
bers <a:i?e in after ?i:1 meeting began.I
Kvory one i rc i?nl seemed lu be keen
ly Interested in the Inpi s an for dis
ent; ion and took pari in thc consid
eration or tho questions.
The meeline, WHS called io order by
the prcaident nf the local union ;?t ll
o'clock yeKerdny morning, the meet
ing being held in the city hail on ac
count or court being hi session in the
corri house,
rho folle, .vin" resolution was unan
imously adopti d :
I", aol vet! : Timi Hie Anderson
Count? Farmers' i nion, in passion in
thc city of \nderron. does heartily en
dorse the "buy a-bai ." movement and
moreover wc urge every one to nar
tlcipate in this movement and to lend
their liest assistance."
Following the adoption of the res
olution, a general discussion was1 en.
gaged in relative to the merits of this
plan, and a committee was appointed,
headed by s. A. Burns, president of
the Anderson County Livestock As
sociation. to co-operate with tlie An
Jerson chamber of commerce In fur
thering the "buy-a-bale" movement,
The oilier members' of this committee
are: J. Helton \\ Ison. T T. Wake.
Reid, H. .'. Slimmer:; and W. A. Wat
Members of the union said yester
day after the meeting hud adjourned
that they were well pleased with
what wu? accomplished at the session
ind fei i that tue farmers', union would
r?s*> in this emergency und do tts duty
Baptist Congregation Told Their
Pastor of How Glad They Wer-;
To See Him Return Home
At the First Baptist church last
night therj wat- an immense outpour
log of friends to give a "welcome
home" to Dr. and Mrs. .1. F. Vines af
Cieir return from a visit of several
weeks to health and pleasure resorts
pud other places of lnt?reM, This
is one of'the largest? Baptist congre
gations in th* southend it seem:-, that
....Umist the entire membership and a
number of othe- friends were pres
The spirit of the occasion was most
cordial. Tlie addresses of welcome
were full of fun and at the same time
touched a deep note of kindly feeling
ind fine sentiment. Tho response by
Dr. Vines was also full ot feeling.
Kvoryone in Anderson was glad to
see Br. Vines back in town, but that
they should express their pleasure
over lils return In such a manner
must indeed have been a pleasant oc
casion for the pastor of tlie Baptist
When tho services were concluded
everyone of those in. nttendnnce said
that they had deriven as much pleas
ure from tho occasion as either Dr.
or Mrs. Vine's, but it hardly seems that
this was possible since Dr Vines said
that he had never e*TOriene?d a more
pleasant evening in his life.
That Dr. ond Mrs. Vines are appre
ciated by Andedson's public was at
tested to in no uncertain mander laat
night and if this If an example of
what local folks will, do every time
that this lovable.couple should chance
lo leave Anderson, it would nay them
:o be ab?ent nari of the time. The
tiresentation gift tc. nr. Vines- wn.a a
bound volume containing the name?
of ult the members- f the Sunday
school and ot the en arch organiza
tion?. Mrs. Vine?? was presented with
n hnndsome floral piece, a lovely cre
Report Has It That Well Known
Company Will Reduce Force
and ame Out All Its Stock
A report iras heard on the atreetfc
r?i t hr ?.u.v yesterday ie iht- effect that
some radical changes will take place
" 7 . c. A Reed Plano ft Organ house
1er 1. The rerort ssys that
. 1 1::-?WT! frm will reduce Ita
ale? force on that date, call Its
traveling men off the road and disposa
of the stock on hand as rapidly as
While it was not possible to secure
any statement yesterday In regard to
the matter, lt ia understood thp/'ohly
& fe vf men will be left with the force
and they will have- io charge the re
duction ot sock. It ls presumed that
Hie mawk house, which ts probably
tho iargest !u the state?, plans to ??<-.
ant ot business st ne distant dat?.
People in Other States Say They
Have Solved Problem of Get
ting Pupils to Work at Home
Wittie ike. school children may not
like tlie ;d-in ro well af first, it is
safe to say that every parent of a
ichool child in Anderson county will
bo enthusiastic when they hear of the
new "homo credit" plan which has re.
gently been Inaugurated in : onie ot
tho piddle schools ni the conni ry.
This matter has been <;illed to the at
tention of J. B. Felton, county super,
intendent of education, and to the at
tentioti of thc county hoard. The ed
ucators now have the matter under
a lieut let) and in ail probability they
may try Hie scheme ont in the schools
of Anderson county. ;
Willie the system i:. pi rfectly sim
ple, it rotiulres foin - time to explain
lt. However, it provides that every
pupil will be given a -eilain number
cf credit*, for performing simple tasks'
.it borne, such as ten i 'edits for milk
ing the cow, ten credit?, for entitling
wood, ten credits f> .:. washing the
teeth, 20 credits for bilildibg u chicken
coop, ten vredits, for currying the
horse, and so rn, Including practical
ly every task which a boy or girl may
perfoim around the house. lt has
been tried and IISB proved to he a
..Treat success1 In other states and lt Is
now being Inaugurated in some of the
Bchcols of this, state.
Ab Iowa newspaper tells of what
Has been accomplished lhere:
"Harry B. .McVtcker, county auner
iutrndent of Keokuk county, has solv
el the problem of inducing youngsters
to work cheerfully at home-or at
least he has gone a long way toward
that result. He bas' Introduced In con
nection with the schools In Keokuk
county a system of giving credit for
work done at bony.
"The wav it works is something like
ibis: Whenever little Johnnie feeds
the nigs, or carries In an arm load of
wood, or curries a horte, or studios
din lesBon at home, or does something
else to make himself useful he gets a
credit at the 'school he attends," J??r4
that blt of home work.
"Whenever Lulu get-, a meal to help
lier mother, rets thc '.able, sleeps with
'ter window open, or perfcrms sonic
>ther of the fifty scheduled taskp. slic
;ets a credit.
"When a. youngster has <>arncd 200
^redits In thl? way he gets a certifi
cate of reward from the county stiper
ntendent and when lie haf earned Bi?
00 credits he gets a diploma of hon
>r. But what ls more Important-for '<
sv-ry 200 credits .o-raed by home
(vork the scholar receives ah ndill
ional i per cent io his Puai' average
rrade. except in the eighth grade nnd
here the pupil must have ROO 'credits
or each additional per cent on his
"\ list nf fifiv important tasks u
?oungster can perform about home or
.tiles of health that ho can observo ?
ma been formulated and th"-schedule j
if credits arranged as a rewnrd for i
lolng those things. Not more than 50 i
ier cent on the grades pen he earned, i
n a pupil cannot carn Iiis way i
brough school hv home work alon??.
"The Interest in this unique system i
mr become Intense in the conutv. ac
vordlng to Superintendent M.-Vitknr. t
V'oitngi-'iers. who formerly could be <
.nully dragged to work have mani- l
ested - feverish apuitlte for perform ?
ng home tasks. One of the .school *
latrnns told the superintendent that .
tis boy? wera for i urryii\g.,the horser' i
ix or sey*?n times a day that they ?
nlaht earn tiie nuire credits. ? - ]
"School patrons aro .enthusiastic in
heir approval of Hie plan. They arc ?
imilug their offspring iinhuvu with o ?
lew and Intense- craving for emoloy- i
pent end the rent Intent ls making a ?
lit with thc parents.
"We are Undina that lt gives the \
hlldr'-n v. }c-? In their wofk nnd d<?- ?
r.tion t?liome effort." Superintendent <
ifcVIrker said In discussing the fe.
nit" he lind obtained. "I hovo re- ,
elved hundreds- actually hundreds
?f letter?? a?i>rovinc the pl..n and ten
ue of the good work1 lt ls doing. It
viii hrldge the chamn between'tho
tomb and the school, hrln* the oar
nts Into close ,n" b wl*b tb* school, 1
,nd make the ffchnol an important fne
or In the home life nf tba- pupils."
"RnoeriHtsndent McVk-k*r is ? serv
UH Mir ililli? .r> .....i.i* .^.i,,..;.
endent in Keokuk county. Th* work
ii is doing both in connection with
be home work Idea and other edura
lonal development tn attracting con- '
Ulerable attention." t
{ f'OR?fimON l\ T !
In yesterday's inteiiigenret- . ?h?ra i
vas a typographical error In tue ad- c
rertlsement of T. L. Caly Co.. whtch
nade lt appear as"- If . thar. .. were j
?liing the. famous Stetson bats for <
bro*] dollai?: whereas almost every I
tody knows that no Stetson .bab.te :
wer sold at less than three dollars
md a bale I
The Intelligencer regret? this error *
teVnly and takes this means of cor- i
coting the mistake, also of running
heir ad ip, this Issue, with the price i
tated correctly.
There ts no doubt but that if Messrs. >
3aly Company were selling Stetson ?.
lats at three dollar?., they wouldispon 1
ut nf ti?! t*vH?- full hfi?? before tnt end ir
ti the we**, ii
Pupils EnroUedl Yesterday. In
structors Took Charge of the
Classes-Work Begins Today
Tlie Frazer Fitting School opened
'ty doors for the third session of its
work Tuesday morning at !? o'clock
Quite a number of interested persons
were present und the occasion was
one for congratulation in every re
spect. Tlie devotional exercises were
conducted by tlie Rev. D. Witherspoon
Dodge, pastor of the t'entrai Presby
terian church. The entire city coun
cil, including the mayor, was present
and each one responded with words of
greeting and well Wishing. Mayor
Godfrey and Councilman Barton made
adtf-osses in which they endorsed
moFt heartily the work that hy being
done and pledged themselves to the
support ,of tlie institution. They were
followed by Messrs. F. M. nurnett.
Porter A. Whaley. J. B, Townsend nml
f. M. Garrison, who f poke of tlie ne
cessity of such work as is being done
by Frazer Behool. After announce
ments by Dr: Frazer, the headmaster.
?he benediction was pronounced lind
the boys repaired to the study hali
where assignments of lesions, an
nouncement of duties, rules and regu
lations were had. The work of tlie
evening study hail, the ruling con
cerning leafing on the ?vlreets at night,
the work of the literary eocitles which
nrc to be organized and tlie introduc
ion cf a eourse in penmanship which
is compulsory for every student, were
some of tlie features of the announce
ments' tihat -.were very encouraging
"nd which should have tlie hearty en
dcr-oment not only of thc parents and
matrons but of the entire city of An
derson as well. An entirely new'at
mosphere ls to characterize the
grounds of Frazer school this year.
The true idea of hoy training has beer.
Pt least reached and will be followed
verv closely during tho entire session.
The faculty of the Institution is as
follow:,*: Rev. Dr. W H. Frazer, head
master and profespor of Bible: Prof.
B. Manly Parks, principal and Instruc
tor in science and history; Prof, S. M.
Harden. Instructor in Rngllsh, Ger
man and Greek; Prof. A. R. Banks.
Instructor in Latin and mathematics.
Bctwe?n f?rty and fifty bright.^ear
nest boys were enrolled yesterday and
quite ? delegation 13 expected later on
In the week.
Taken altogether it was a very en
couraging opening and the work bids
fair to be the best in the history of
the Institution.
Automobile Drivera of Belton To
Make a Second Trip In Interest
s, Of Coming Event
So well pleased were they with' the
success bf the first "booster, excurs
ion" run: in Relton autcuobiles for
Hie purpose of advertising the Belton
Tair. thai people? of that enterprisln?
town have decided to conduct a fvec
.:nd excursion of the same kind, ex
cept that :. different route will be fol
lowed on the second expedition..
The boosting party ls to leave Bel
on for. the su<.?;~.? .trip at 8x30 o'clock
in th?'?u?rolng of'Thu.^ay, Septem
ber 17. and.it ip said that between "125
md 150, people will compose the party.
They will go to Abbeville by. woy of
Ant'.wilie and from Abbe ville they
svill gb to Greenwood, then to Hodges.
Slhoalc' Junction. Donalds. Due West,
llonea Path and hark to Belton.
The Belton brasa band, which ls
.asily on..' of tho best bands in the
tate, will nccompnny the party, rid
ing in the Belton Coca-Cola plant's
automobile truck. . ?
The fair is to take ?lace on Wcd
feaday, October 21, and everyhtlng
*?.?r.?s to the day befog A ?rand fsde
??ss. .
Public Pleased VVith New Services
On P. & N. Lines Which Began
Yesterday Afternoon
_ )
The. new parlor cara on. the Pied
mont & N'orthern line railroad made
heir appearance yesterday and lt
tardly expresses the pressure of tho
public to say that the traveling pub
ic are "tickled tb death " The tlrst
mc of the cars to be seen tn Ander
en was the - saluda" which went out
if thia city yestSTday afternoon at
I:?0, ior Spartanbnrg. Tho cars are
tbswlntely*, Insurious. The oheorva
iou cars with the brass trimmings,
'olding chairs and other conveniences
tro very attractive tn appearance.
Tlie cars aro fitted np with the most
uxuriant leather chairs Iniaginible.
md aldo boast of folding card tables,
vrltlng tables, etc.
Considerable speculation hhs been
ie.!rd about the extra fare lo bo
charged on these cars but that fact
va? not established until yesterday
vhen it was learned that an eura
"aro of 2li coats would be charged for
i|?y dlntaoc* Mn<|?r "0 miles a?,
hat the fara ?rf!t be cents.
Officers of Surrounding Counties!
Have Been Asked To Round-up
All Suspects Seen In Cities
Word has ma.'hed Am-crton that
the police of .-'cn.*ca 'A'oUid like the
local officer? to keep th;jir e>es open
In an effort to '-atch the cure-crackers
wanted ;'or tabing [.art i t an attempt
to crack the anio .if the f-mcca Cot
ton Oil mill. A : nulla? pTUeat haj
been se:w tn atl oilier cit'es and coun
ties near Se-ica and 't is believed
that the ?r.ig nel nay refait in seme
one being n?-prebend jd 'or Ute crime.
Tl u "ol>ow<it? article from the
Greenville N'ewa ot yo.-terdsv tells
of the three attempts made hy the
thieves to g.;t int ) !hj vau t:
"Three c:pi > ? OPO 'Ai re inaf'** be
tween midnight Sunday night and
daylight yest ar. lay morning fy tafe
crackers in an utisaipt t;> eater n safe
vault at tiie S;n.v.-ii cotton rill '?.-.mpa
pany'? office. The burglars made a
complete get-away, but were fr'ghren
ed off before ih*-% bad succeeded Iii
entering the .-afe. No m^i ?>? ur vi?ls
uables were missing frc:?j 'ault.
Nitroglycerine was II?????! by tlu* \?;:r
glars and the authorities at Seneca
believe the atte?ja?t?v.l robbery i? tho
Job of a well known gang Not a clue
of any importance \>?;is left about the
office or the yar-1.
"Sheriff Kc:t and the city ro.iec
were notified yesterday morn ng of
the attempted robbery, and asked to
keep u watch tor the nt'i'.ige ni'
No one in Seneca has been located
who can recall any st rang?; men about
the place the night o? the robbery,
The plan was pretty v.ell formed, it
seems, and but for h.? fa?t that the
?safe proved of stronger fiber than
i':?d ?"cnected. the ro>Jm*rs won.cl have
doubtless made'a >?lg ham
? .- '
Bozeman Ia Now Being Tried For
IKilling of Mr.tthcw Jones At Mt.
Olive Church In July
When criminal court convened yes
terday morning /Judge Memminger
delivered his charge to the Jury In
the ense of Ulysses Davis, charged
with the murder of Jim Emmerson
The Jury retired at 10 o'clock and
?hoitly before ll o'clock a verdict
of guilty of. man?lauafhter was re
turned. The defendant hr not yet
been sentenced.
This killing occured in North An
derson on August 20, following ser
rices at a negro church. A large
party of negroes bad been to preach
ing and as they wore returning home
mme negro struck Jim Emmerson
-i?hind the ear with a rock, fracturing
lils Skull and causing concussion ot
live brain, killing the negro instantly
Davis waa arrested, charged with the
?rime,'but on the stand yesterday
pleaded an alibi. ?
The next case taken up w:<s that
?f Newel' Williams, a young negro
[rpm Pelter charged, with Indecent
>!tpo=nre -J" the person. His trial
lasted but a short time and in this
rase the jury returned a verdict of
guilty. Williams was sentenced .to
is months on the county chain-gang.
[; will be remembered that this case
.xciieci great interest in Pelzer for* a
ime and a lynchlr*? waa narrowly
iveVted. the prison?- ng hurried to
!:;? county jail he afore the mob
ouh\ lay hands on him.
Os Boxeman. charged with shoot
ng and killing Matthew Jones, la
tow being tried. Boseman Waa ar
raigned yesterday^ morning just be
Fore the noon hour and his caTe oc
cupied the attention of the court till
idjournment yesterday evening. . At
.hat tlnin uart ..f ?HQ
ieen completed but additional vtlt
iesses are yet to T>e sworn and the ar
r?mente are yet to be heard. It is
jrobaWe that this case will go
brough a great part of tbe day.
The killing occured at Mt. Oliv?
?burch in Savannah township on Ju
i 2C>. According to the testimony
livered ye>- terday . Botecaan had thc
Sther of Matthew Jones to enter tba
.nnrcn and I 2! bin son that A man
m the outside desired to ase him.
rVhon Matthew Jones came from* the
ntilding he and Bo re m an bad some
?ords, following which' tlV> fatal
bot was fired. The attorneys for
he defendant have made a strong
>lea of ?elf defense. ~~~
Claude Poors, who has been coll
ided of the killing of Joe Kelly at
Vii) bimst on and will be sentenced
or manslaughter, wa' brought be
ore tiie Judge yestt/day morning for
entonce to be passed but Judge
ilsmmtnger announce*!, that he de
I esl red tn give the matter further
onaideratlon -Ifff?^W'^W***
ontence and ^liWarorj?. iT^ferr
in*il Inter ?ry^US?**:
Delinquent Bond Tax Notice.
All delinquent road tax collectors
ure provided with nn official receipt
book with numbers, and stub numbers
attached. Pay no money to collectors
unless you get the official receipt
RS above provided for.
tf County Supervisor.
The next teachers' examination
will be held at tho court house on
Friday, October 2, beginning at 9 a.
Co. Supt. Education
All persons liable for income tax
are required^to make their returns
for their income on or before tba 20th
of September which is an extension of
time from Sept. 16th. This notice niUBt
be complied with by above date, un
der penalty of the law. This law was
made by the legislature and if those
affected wish law changtd they may
petition the legislature.
September 14, x9l4. County Auditor.
Pursuant to power granted to me
by virtue of a deed of trust executed
July 31st, 1914, by John R. Smithh.
C. C. Smith and Mattie Smith, as the
sole surviving heirs-at-law of Caroline.
Smith, deceased, I will sell at public
outcry, for cash, between the U3iial
hours of salo on the first Monday in
October, 1914, for the purposes sci
out in the aforementioned trust deed,
the following described real estate
formerly belonging to the said Caro
lin? S?r.ith, deceased: All that tract
containing forty-five acres, more or
leso, situate in Fork township, in the
county of Anderson, in the state of
South Carolina, adpoining lands of
Snow Hill church, J. J. Frctwell and
others: it being the same convoyed to
the said Caroline Smith by deed from
J. A. Coker, dated March 29, 1895, of
record in the office of the clerk ot
court for Anderson county, state
aforesaid in Book LLL, page 214.
Purchaser to pay for deed.
C. F. Harrison, Trustee.
Tues, Sept 1-4 Tues.
. . Augusta. Ga*
COTTON AT 9 CBNTS-Commencing
Saturday. Sept. 19, I will buy good
middling cotton from my fertill&r
customers, paying it cents on a?
ount, or one ce.it above the mark
et price. A. S. Fant, Belton, S. C.
lt sw. 3 t dally. 9-16
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Anderson Cot
ton Mills will be held in the office of
the company at Anderson, S. C., on
Tuesday, October 13tb, 1914 at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, for the elec
tion of a board of directors for the
ensuing year and for the transaction
of any further business that may come
before tfffe stockholders.
Jas. M. Cathcart, Jas. D. Hammett.
Secretary Prest, and Treas
The Day In Congress
Washington, Sept., 15\-Senate met
at li> a. m.
? Tho filibuster spains* the river anij
harbor bill 'was continued.
Republicans decided to oppose wax
tax measure in any form whatever.
Adjourned at 6 p. m. to ll a. m.
House met at poon.
Democrats prepared" to caucus to
' lght on tne war tax bill, ?
Debate cs the Isnd ?easing bil! was
resumed on the Boor.
Motion by Representative Trlbbic.
to pass ?he senate bill for issue ci
currency ?p to seventy-five per cent
limit on Commercial paper waa block
ed by objection.
Representative Lever maflo nnolutr
unsuceeAful attempt to have the
boase cAn?lA*r th? hill tn farltltaio
>ank^cr?dits on warehouse' receipts
Tor cv.ticfc. grain and other staples. >
Resolution to investigate the textile
Industry! at Atlanta.' Oa., introduced
sy ReprAentatlve Greene. Maasachus
Mlnorltt republican and democratic
reports flfcd assailing; the bill for gov
ernment i purchase and ' or oration pf
Adjourned at 5:10 p. tr. until ?ooh
. DVUUM. ratio, caucus at 8 p. m. on
var revt/tlue bill.
Editor The intelligencer:
I wish Mi thank tba voters of An
derson coi nty for the splendid, vote
riven roo n both, primaries, 1 ass tr?
ron I app! ?clate lt rsry much aid I
ill! ondea' or to dy my duty tn ah the
?rc ole. ,r .. .
. H. DICK Sdi t il.
Belton, t-ie ot IE, i0!t.

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