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"Th? Progressive Railway of the South."
. -TO- .
Atlantic Citv N I Wdd *>1,ow* & <*i O. F.), Sorer
rtuaullt ^"?ly? *M. ???elgn Ornnd Ledge and Patriarchs
Militant, September -1-26, 1914.
Atlanta. Ga. National Woman's Christian Tem
, Iterance Inion, November ll.ls.
Atlanta. Gai FOURTH Americuu Mood Congress,
' ?*WF; KOT? 9-?4F l?M >
Carterville, Ga. ^Z^T* Tr% ?ctwber *
Birmmgham, Ala^? *"0efc
ji, Liana?, i ex. IN?, sopt 0-24, 1914.
r-, ... . -, Sith annoal meeting Farmer? Ne
rt. Worth. TeX. tlonal Congress, October 14.17,
|\T__._ /~v"i _ _" ? International Association of Fire
l^CW \J>1 team, L.a. Engineers, October 20.?8, 1914.
VI Cl ."sm lonni Division Rifle Matches.
J oukon, r la. oct. 9.22,1914.
\\Tz_]_r* Woodruff North Georgia Fair, Oc
Winder, ba. toner e.10,1914.
For specific rate, schedules or cVjicr information,
call on SEABOARD Agents, or write,
T. P. A., S. A. L. Rwy. Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt. .
Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga.
Horses and Mares
I will be at Davie Bros.,
Stables on Wednesday Sep
tember the 16th, to buy horses
and mares, from 5 to 9 years
old, .weighing from 900 to
1,200 pounds. Will buy all
kinds just so they are sound
and fat.
? - -
ll TU Ru<=fi Tc Ort ll
_'_*_ fi
-? -?
With the cool weather cornea the demand for fresh
meats. We ere prepared to serve yon with the very
finest of Motton. Veal, Pork, Beef, Poultry, etc-, that
? money san boy. Our bromes* in this line as well as in the
Grocery line is increasing.
iW? are not going to let "hard, times" talk cat a
hole in our business. S
Wa herve the good's, thc price, the service, and in re
tan) for your patronage, wc promise yon happiness and
good looks. "N?fScd."
212 S. Main SAM D. HARPER, Mgr,, Phone 132
1 Mini,.
Attention AH Machinery Owners
need a chain block. Wo have then?
Hiv. Sid I you a li.OUO lb. capacity for
..00. : Delivered
?K?? \Ve*t??rvtt
New York Cotton
New York. Sept. 15.-It was report
ed in cotton- trade circles here today
that local houses were being canvass
ed on the proposal to Wrn December
contracts over to a syndicate for liq
uilation at nine cents a pound with
.a view to determining exactly how
much money would be required to
finance the scheme. No official state
ment has yet been issued with refer
ence to these plans, but disaonolnt
inent over the failure pf ihe Liverpool
spot sales to resu't in further strad
dle liquidation under tho old plan,
was probably modified by expectations
that tlie Interest wooli he much more
luiekly closed out by the proposed
Sentiment as to tim more general
Ituation also seemed to be favorably
'inpressed hy reports of continued ad
vances in southern spot markets, and
predictions of an early Improvement
?n international trade conditions. The
weekly weather report Indicated fav
orable crop conditions and generally
Hood progress with picking, but Booth
ill advices claim that very little cot
'on is being offered for sale.
Liverpool Cotton
Liverpool, Sept. in.-Cotton apot in
fair dc maud: sales 3,700 bales, includ
ing 3,000 American, on the baBis of
6 00d ?or middling. Imports 7.950
bale3. including: 1,014 American.
Cotton Seed Oil
New York, Sept. 15.-There was a
strong upturn in cotton seed oil today
from cutVde buying Influenced by the
higher lard market and reports of
..ulva ii ci nt; cotton prices in the south.
In tlie absence of hedge pressure al
so contributed to the advance, which
amounted to il to 8 points. Sales 10,
500 barrelB.
The merket closed Arni. Spot 580a
19C; September 588a589; October 592a
"'94; November 593a594; December
51;5a5flC.; January 606a607; February
6110615; Marci. 625a626; April 626a
Chicago Grain
Chicago, Se? t. 15- Wheat prices
ruade giant swinge with each report
today of what seemed any important
turn in the fortunes of war. After
covering a range of nearly 5 eent3 the
market closed strong 2 'I? to 2 7-8
;bovc last night. Corn finished 1 1-8
tc 1 5-8 up; oats with a gain of 1 7-8
tu 2 1-4 and providions at an advance
of,5 to 47_l-2._
' ..'.<.-'? ?,' . -
Dry Goods
New York, Sept. 15.-Cotton goods
markets were rteadier today, yarns
were in better demand. Men's wear
lines were finn and. in light demand.
?Gilles were easier.
Money on Caji
New York, Sept. 15..-Closing: Mer
cantile paper 7.
Sterling exchange steady; cables
b9S.7.5; for demand 498.
Bar silver 52 5-S.
Stocks and Bonds
New York, Sept. 15.-Dumors ol
peaco negotiations were revived ip thc
financial district today, presumably as
a result of the further reported suc
esses of the allies. They were scooted
in influential circles where the hellet
prevailed that none of the contending
forces would consider such proposals
pending a decisive battle.
The exchange market, which was
more diversified in its operations than
at any ' time since the Europel*"**t
break, continued to- show- lmprove
Tentative applications for loans or
short term note tunes by various
municipalities whose obligations are
about to mature were received by
Vho call ot the comptroller o> the
currency for a statement of the condi
tion of the national banks ms of Sep
tember 12. 1? of more than ordinary
Interest because it wiif show the ex
act standing of many institutions
which have not published detailed
. stHicrnentw since th? drat week ot
August. In view of the large, deficit
reported by local clearing house
banks, it is a fair assumption that
more than a few national hanks In
thia r.ection are much below ?heir le
gal reserves!
"Passing of the Republic Iren sad
Steel company's preferred dividend
for the current quarter because of thc
financial ^situation growing out of thc
[ war called renewed attention to the
sedera! state of that industry ead thc
dividend statu? - of .other companies
engaged in the same Une of manufac
r lure. According to conservativo esti
mates, milla . st leading centers are
now operating st CO per cent of capac
An echo-of the Mexican situation
was iieard In the confirmation of the
.report that the government now in
power there had Uke^ over tho man
ngsraent and operation of th? National
!railway?. 're?ardles?. or the wishes ol
the oondholderK'.
. * ;? ? " " * ?
Part Fighting, Part Dunning
PariB. Sept. 15.-The- Western aud
Centr?t 'armies of the German forces
continued their resistance today to
tb? north of the river Alene and to
the north ot Thelma and Chalons,
while tho, Eastern army is retreating.
This 1? thc substance of tho French
*?ueiaL communication given out thu
Personal f
LA jiA|,JiJ,iiftA?li1iJiiiAJiAAAAAil .Iii! ^
,~ . ~ i TTTTVTTl ? TtTTf 1 ?) "I FTTTV
Mr?. W. I. O'Brien returned yester
day lu ?1er home in Savannah, Ca., af
ter a eho;-: visit to her eon,' Dr W. W
Chisholm, on Marshall avenue.
Miss Julia Campbell has returned]
/rom Greenville, where sue has seen]
the guest of relatives for a week.
Mrs1. W. A .Speer and children re
turned yesterday froto Russells where |
they have been spondiug several
J. M. Hubbard, of the well known j
Jewelry firm of that name, returnis.
to. Anderson yesterday from New
York. Wliile in tho markets Mr
Hubbard bought a large stock ol
goodB for his splendid store in this]
ff, H. G winn of Greenville is spend
lug a few days in the city on business
A. IA Allison of Pclzer was anion?;
the visitors to spend yesterday iu the I
Wade Rorkin of High Point, N. C.,
waa in the city yesterday, a guest at
tue Chiquola hotel.
;:. G. and A. G. Raskin of Iva spent
yesterday in the city oa business.
Ree A. Wharton, deputy insurance
commissioner for South Carolina, was
In the city yesterday on omciai ousl
. Vance Cooley1, ^urayoF; ot WHliams
ton, spent yesterday/In the city.
W. J. Johnson of White Plains spent
few hours In Anderson yesterday.
P. L. Tollison of Williamston wai
among the visitors to spend yesterday
In the cty.
T. C. Jackson and famly of Iva
were shopping in th?-eitv-arikterday.
? - >^
Miss Edith Goeset^ of. ^yiiamston
ls in the city the guest Of ber brother,
B. B. Gossett, in North Auderson. She
will leave within a few. days for Spar
tanburg. where ?he wilj enter Con
verse College.
S. L. Eskew of Pendleton wa;,
among the' visitors to sp?ad yesterday
in the city*}i' t**&:**tifffi\ "
? W. Lu McCown of the Mountain
..'rock section waa in Anderson ycsler
.Jay on business. '.
: rn*. . , ,? ? .
T. P. Hobson"of Sandf- Spring,
^pent part, of ycaterday.to'^e city.
J. P. Lodbetter of Town wie' wa3 in
\ndereon yesterday, for ,a wort stay.
Or. Eddie ^larctui.v^^gWrV'known
druggist # of Belton, was " Ul" the city
P. A. Jones, who has been visiting
liiB son, M. W. Jones, at Westminster,
came to Anderson yesterday to visit
bia nieces, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Lewb
lilli Ile r;iecied bj ?ii? .Si-rk??f-???frs
it Meeting In October
Capt. Jno. Ri. Anderson, superin
tendent of the Rlue Ridge railway,
yesterday received the following- di >
natch from H W. Miller, assistant to
the president of the Southern Rail
"The next annual m deling of thc
stockholders of the Southern Railway
to be held at tho principal office of the
felknpany in the Times Dispatch build
ing In Richmond on October. 13th, at
lo a- m.. will marie a new era in the
history of the company, a&' U will be
the first meeting at which the 12.000
stockholders have had the opportunity
to vote directly, the voting trust In ex
istence since the organization In 18'J4.
now being lo process of dissolution.
"An effort will be made to make of
ibiw meeting mora than tbe conven
tional routine which current cfiticiEm
finds to be characteristic ot the meet
ings' of the rtoekholder? ot Amsrtosn
railway eomnanleV. aa ya President
Kn? rta \ H ??Tir?n*m a ietter<.A^?ress
ed toall stockholders, 'and the co op
eration of the stockholders Is noces1
s?-ry to thaV<end '
"The principal officers will be In
attendance to answer questions di
rected to the policy of tba manage
ment or to any detail of ita business
and the report of the operation dur
ing the-'nast year will be before the
-.tockltolders for discussion.
"Tho principal business- to be trans
acted viii be tbe election of five di
rectors, four to fill vacancies dne to
the expiration of terms of directors ol
tin- 1914 class, among them Mesara
Finley and Fahnstock, who have died
during the past year, and one to fill
a vacancy in the 1916 CUMS due to re
"It is expected that this meeting
will ot- largely attended and that the
epthering< efrt*?4?tockrioMerr of
Southern* Railway rtbmpanp will be
come nn annnal event of great tm
partance in Richmond,"
Rastdan? Defeated
; Berlin.. Sept. I?.-It1 was Officially
announced In Berlin today that Gen
eral ron Hindenburg had telegraphed
F.u.peror William that tba RitsaUn ar
my of Vllna, composed of the second;
?blvd. rjbrtr*yTfcd -twentieth ajrmv
coma, ra-ernp dlviajifet and five
diTirtartsiotsm?^.^fcasy^^n\ >m
otetely defeated by the Germana. Tho
Ra*?Isa casualties were beaty,"
Letter From Illinois Asking For)
Information Relative To Man
Born In Pendleton District
A mania seems to have seized peo-j
pie In other states for writing to An
derson and inquiring about "family
trees." Within tho last few weeks a
number of these communications have
been received in Anderson, The lat
est to arrive came in yesterday from
Springfield* 111., and was written by
A. lt. Drennan, chief deputy of tho I
assessor's office of that coiinty. The |
letter was? addressed to the county
clerk here and reads:
"Dear Sir: I find a record of Wil
liam Drennan being born in Pendleton
district. South Carolina, April 9. 17G8.
ile was married to May Thomas, who
was born Jan. 13, 1771, the marriage
taking nlace in 1790 and in thc early
1800 moved to Caldwell county. Ky:
"Would like any information rei]
gardin;; these families or if any his
tory of your district ts published, that
would help me."
William Drennan, county detective I
for Anderson county, soys that li?? j
grandfather had the name of WHlium
Drennan and wa? born in Pendleton
district but he does not know whether
there is any connection between the
two families. Any one bel- ? In i?os
sesslon of facts relative to '.i.eso fam
ilies are asked to notify the county
clerk. .......
The Well Known Fun MfVor is Nov,
In The Mountains.
Keowce Courier.
L. A. Brennecke is spending some
time at Highlands, having gone there J
recently for the benefit of his health.
He ls at Dr. Lapham's sanatorium,
and w8 join with Others of his numer
ous friends in the hope that he may
be completely restored to health. By
means of hls'lrrcpressible wit, and his
propensity for rom io drawine, ho is,
we are informed, making "life worth
living" at the "camp/ where he uses I
his gift of drawing to the amusement
of other patents, illustrating current |
event H in a moat striking and. humor
o"? manner. His ls a disposition to
be envied. A constant sufferer for
yearn, and f?r long periods unable tn
move except tn a wheel chair, still
there ls never a time when "Lute"
possessea less of humor and merri
ment than the happiest of his compan
sp_ . .. -
"The Trey O'Heart?"
Thursday, Sept. 17
Night ... 5 and 10c
Tahuks the People of Anderson Conn.
tv for Their Suppoit
To .the People of Anderson County:
.1 realize that I have been elected
county supervisor by a majority of thc
people of the couuty and with thal
knowledge in mind, ! am determined
to be the supervisor of all the people
and of no particular set or faction. I
realize that the office to which I have
been elected, is of great importance,
that it is- tne great disbursing agent
of the couuty and handles the finances
of the county and in this particular
regard I shall always exercise cars
and transact the business of the office
with system.
I desire, to thank each xand every
voter, for his support and'to assure
them that I shall always strive to so
conduct my office that no man nead bc
ashamed of thc fact' that he voted for
Mack King.
Very res**cetfnllvt
- J. Mack King.
lt !s Better to Have an Ad,
In tlie Home Than on the Fence,
ADVERTISE in This Newspaper,
'The Trey O' Heart?"
Thursday, Sept. 17
M?t?nee . _ .... 5?
Raise Truck, Pigs and Cattle
10 ACRES are enough,
but we also have another
of 30 acres. Both within
one mile of the City lim
its, well improved and in
fine condition for truck
ing. . Both within the
Anderson school district
and are just the places
for the farmer who
wishes to quit cotton and
school his children; or
for .the town man wish
ing to supplement his
other business. You can't
beat them. *
Frank & DeCanp Realty
'PHONE 246
Listen for the Bell
Monday, September 14th
Fart's Book Store
i ? j
?Hm " POUTfekfS IvXCL/U-SIVR IflKfo?- 1 iHJfl
Anderson City
Is "My Town"
Anderson County
Is "My County"
What About
Anderson College ?
SS-i ?J-'LUt'J-?.Jl1'.!1!.
:.M."r~: ?'.-?<.. JJ.-..?. r
Palmetto Detective Agency
Criming) and Civil Work
k corp? ol trained Specialltta wfcone services may ko ?ec?red in etrfet
. ly legitim?te work.
A#J&ese P.O. Box 402

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