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Today! Today! ;; AT THE BIJOU THEATRE :: Today! Today!
BEAUTIFULLY COSTUMED AND GORGEOUSLY GOWNED. SPECIAL SCENERY AND ELECTRICAL EFFECTS- A play fer alL Replete with Clean, Wholesome comedy situations and witty dialogue. PRICES FOR THIS
PLAY SHALL REMAIN T iE SAME-AFTERNOON 5 cents TO ALL-NIGHT SHOWS 5 and 10 cents TO ALL. A SPECIAL PRIZE WILL BE GIVEN at the Matinee, also at the night shows. Beautiful SILVER SETS, GOLD
WATCHES, CLOCKS, ETC. :-: SPECIAL NOTICE-On account of the opening episode of the great picture serial "THE TREY O' HEARTS" being shown here on Thursday, the doors will open on that day at 11.30 a. m.
t:< give every one an opportunity of witnessing the opening scries of this masterpiece of film makers' art ,in action to the episode of the "MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY" and the ST. CLAIR STOCK CO- Prices the same.
riiiiirrr"ii-".III mii\ i ii nwt ?rurn T-ani?iiii)Bi?ili^mfrir~fTrffii
Featuring the Clam Peddler
2 Reel Special
The Trey CTHearts
Louis Joseph Vance
The photo-drama corresponding to within night of tho eovca of a cliff- over a hlg mahogany desk: a little]
tho Installments of ?The Trey O' and precisely then the hillside seemed man of big affuirs. sole steward of
IleartM** may now be seen at the lead- to slip from under him.' ?one of America's most formidable for
far moving picture theaters. By this He wa8 instantaneously aware of tu"es- , ,
unique arrangement with the Uniter. tlie a niult, n b"u wheeling madlv in Precisely at eleven minutes pa?t
sal Film Mfg:. Ce. ? ls therefore not the' BUp of tho turuuoue sky. Then noon (?ur ?* tho identical Instant
only possible to rend ?The Trey O' dark wa(ers cl0Bed ovt,r "ira chosen by Alan Law to catapult over
Hearts" In this paper, but also to seo " WaterS , CU "Ntr , , the edge of a cliff in northern Maine)
each iDHtnllmeut of lt nt the moving i e came up struggling and gasping tho Illulod B|gna, o? the ,?ule mun-8
Picture theatres. B struck out for something dark desk telephone clicked and. eagerlv
1 _ ! that rode the waters near at hand-, utting receiver to ear. he nodded with
1. .', . .. something vuguely resembling a ca-ja smile and said In accepts of some
The Dhoto.dramn corresponding to noo . relief: "Ask her to come in at once, I
?Th? Thev O'HearU*? may now ho Withln " strokc ^ an outstrcached ! please."
w>cn at the lending monng ?Ictun" pau,uPi na tUxnK up a hand ami went Jumping up.h e placed a chair In
n..nt i e*. liv this online urrangemeut down again. Intimate Juxtaposition with his own;
with the I'ulvemal Film Mfg. Co. lt instantly one occupant o? the cn- and tho door opened, and a young wo
I* therefore not only possible to read noe, a young and very beautiful wo- utan entered.
?The Thev OWearts* '? I h I? paper,! m?n in a man's hunttcng clothes. The mouse-brown man bowed,
hat also to nee each installment of It spoke a sharp word of command and. "Miss ?cse Trine?" he murmured
at Ihn moving picture .theater*. as her guido steadied the vessel with with u crt-'Rt deal of deference
SYNCi'SIS-The 3 ?>' H-srts is thc his paddle, rose tn her place so surely , The >???K worn:-.:, returned his
?den*!! ?!?rsn UBed by Seneca Trine lo that she scarcely disturbed the nice ??w With a show of perplexity: "Mr.
th?? nrlvatc war of vengeance which, balance of the little craft, and curved ,?:?v" , . .
throuah bi? daughter. Judith, a wo- ber little body over thc bow. head- an; k,ml ,? como "? response
man of vioiont and criminal temper foremost into thc pool. ^n^^^^o^
and IncstionnbtQ sanltv. he wages - _ . . fl"wrii"
against Alan Law, whose father (now .. II-THE HAUNTING WOMAN sL Sd "Thank you" gravely and
dead) Trine held responsible for the He experiencedItjtttt. ?vergilt- tooPtffeha^
norident which made him a helpless tie delirium, then blank slumbers o! ^ wlth an Bdmtrat|on ho ma(le
erlerle. Law loves Rose, but miner exhaustion . Ino eifort to conceal, examined thc
nratnatic circumstances saves the life "? awoke n dark of night, wholly, , d candldly to
of Judith, her twin sister, and unwil- unaware tliat thlrly.slx hours had ^/
lingly gains her love also. P**?*?1 ^f*". Thia ,ast; Jl'H "lt Is quito comprehensible." ho
I-THE HUNTED MAN. ?ver, and oven s that had gone before. ^ uirndcntly _.if you wtn permJt
(Copyright, 1914. by Louis Jaseph ho, "failed With tolerable clearness- me to ro..Ilow thut one 8(H,S you;
Vance.) ellowta? for the sluggishness Of ? Mi?s Trine, it ls quite comprehensible
That day waa hot and windless with ,lroWHy n>ind. Other memories, morely cmployer-ah-feels toward
an unclouded sky-a day of brass and V7"" ?' 7""? S?"!?J?^ ??????lyou ?3 ho doc2"
burning hv turns an angel s. a flower sj Tin; girl flushed. "Mr. Law has told
Long beiorc any sound audible to* f^i's and a dear, womaa aJyour
human ears disturbed the noonday Rubied him ^1? "I have the honor to be his nearest
hush a bobc-it sunning on a loe in Hea He WttS ?lr*,udy SUU! e,u,uKh to friend, this side the water, as well as
a ilad?tO^wW oUow ,,e had probahly h??n a h',t ?.Ut W* Tn of business."
raia? os8 ?nM^s^lSSJS^ ? T TtZ* and" carea^for h. , "? BK1 j*1 nn emba,rra8Sed
a snarl and-of a sodden was no more haA beeQ havcd anA tn. , . ' ture- So 1 ,mvc ventured to request
a.snarl and-of a sudden was no more found nQ roason tf) <|Uarrel WUn pre8. thi8_ah_.BurreptuloU8 appointment
VLV?i??o ",."",". ,"?"- . J,,? ent circumstances. in order to-oh-take the further lib
Perhops two minutes later a sue- stl" h(> wou|d ,,ave been Brat,.f"i t f , , wUethcr vou have re
cession of remote cravings began to for smue PxplttIlnUon of certBln phe- cJily sent A1nn a message?"
be heard, a cumul?t vo volume of llomonona wWcn .till haunted him- Her look of surprise was answer
Round made by some- heavy body fore- HUch ^ a fa|nli (?hisive scent ot roses enough, but she confirmed it with
lng by main strength through thc un- witn I VRCm, but importunate sense vigorous denial: "I have net comnvu
derhrush. and ceased ?inly when a of a woman's presence In that dark- nicated with Mr. Law in more than a
man broke into tho loaring, pulled up. ?.ned room-things manifestly absurd, year!"
stood for an Instant swaying, then with some difficulty, from n dry "Precisely as I thought," Mr. Digby
reeled to a seat on tho log. pillowing throat, he apoke, or rather whisper- nodded. "None the lesB, Mr. Law not
his head on arms folded across his od: "Water!" long since received what purported
kneen and shuddering uncontrollably in response he heard someone mOVo to bo & message from you; in fact-a
In all his Umba. over a creaking floor. A sulphur rose." And as M??Q THn?? sat forward
nut even as he strove to calm him- match spluttered infamously. A can- th a start of dismay, he added?" "I
self and rest, the feeling that some- die fire, silhouetting -illusion, of have the Infoi -muon over Mr. Law's
thing was peering at him from behind course!-thef iguro of a woman in signature-a letter received ten days
a mask of undergrowth grew lntolera- hunting shirt and skirt. Water splash- ago-from Quebec."
bly siento. ed noisily. Alan l>ecame aware of "Alan in America!" tho girl cried
At length he jumped up, glared SOrateon? wno stood at his Bide, ono fn ori?sisru'se;! distress,
wildly ot the spot where that som-- hand offering a glass to hts lips, the "He came in response to-ah-the
thing no ionger was; flung hlmse.f other gcntlly raising his head that he message of the rose."
frantically through the brush In pur- might drink with ease. "But I did not ?end it!"
suit pf lt, and-found nothing. Draining the glass, he breathed hts "1 felt sure of that, because," said
With a great effort he pulled him- thanks and sank. back, retaining his Mr. Digby, watching her narrowly
seit together, clamped hts teeth uoon grasp on the wrist of that unreal "because of something that accompa
the promise not nenin to give way to nanu- It suffered him without resist- nied the hose, a svmbol of another
hallucinations, and turned back to tho Tth? ?>"?o" even went so significance altogether-a playing
dearin? far as to say. in a woman'? soft ac- card, a Trey of Hearts."
ThPr? anon the los on whlh he had ceota: Her eyes were blank. He pursued
re2^e^*!J2t n?t??Sc<o bS "You are better. Alan?" with openly sincere reluctance. "I
Kl h. JSlXavtn- ard a Trev Ho 9,ghe<1 ?ncredulously: "Rose!" must tell you. I see. thst a Trey of
?rHe?rt-TeT^D tn the ?un-alare Tnev olce "Yes-" Then Hearts invariably foreslgnaled an at
' ? P i wLT?? tne Perfume of roses grew still more tompt by your father on the life of
With a gesture of horror. Alan Law fltrong geeralnR to fon hl8 cheek ,lke M^.B t??^T ? .
w,J.le ?Jace- . . .... ..... ._" a woman's breath. And a miracle ' With a stricken cry the girl crouch
While ;the sounds of bis flight were to oagg. for Mf ^ who M|. ^ ," ^ cna|j. ftnd covered her
still loud, a jgrlnning half-breed guide ,xcd poignantly that RU thia waa taco with her hands.
?tole like a shadow to the log. laughed 8heer> downright nonsense, distinctly "That ls why I sent for you," Mr.
derisively after the fugitive, picked felt npg Mke velvot caro8B h!B fore. Digby pursued hastily, as ir In hope
up and pocketed tho card, snd set out head. of getting quickly over a .most un?
In tireless, cat-tooted pursuit. He closed his oyes, tightened his happy business. "Alana lotter, writ
An hour tater, topping a Huge of grasp on that hand of phantasy, and ten and posted on the steamer, reach
rising ground, Alan caught from tho muttered rather inarticulately. ed me within twenty-four hours of his
hollow on Its farther side the music Thev otee asked: "What ia lt, arrival in Quebec, and detailed his
of clashing waters. Tortured by thirst, doar?" schema to enter the Untied States so
ho began at once to descend lu reek. He responded: "Delirium . . . But cretly-as be puts lt, 'by the back
less haste. I like it. . . . Let me rave!" door,' by way of northern Maine-and
The shelving moss-beds afforded | Then again he slept, promised advice by telegraph as soon
treacherous footing: Alan was glad - an be reached Mooseheed Lake. He
now and then of the support of . a( III-DISCLOSURES. should have wired me ere tbis. I am
cr ?ar, but. these grew ever smaller. ' In a little corner office, soberly fur- told by those who know the coventry
rad more widely spaced and were not nlshed, on the topmost floor ot one ot j he was to cross. Frankly, I am anx
always convenient to his hand. He lower Manhattan's loftiest off tec-tow- tous shout the boy!"
cam0 abruptly and at headlong paeo ers, a HUI? mouse-brown man sat I "And I-" the girl exclaimed plti
fully. "To thin!- that ho should be'
brought Into? u< h peril through me!"
"You can tell me nothing?"
"Nothing-as vet. 1 <Ud not drca ?
of thia-much I' that tue niessage
of the roso wa. !:nowu to any bet
Alan and my.. I i ? anno: under
"Then I may tell yon this much
more, that your father niftintainB a
very etf.clent corlis of oe rxet agents."
"You think li?' i pie 1 upon inev" the
siri flamed willi indignation.
"I know he did." Mr. Digby permit
ted himself a quiet smile, "lt has '
seemed my business, in *ho serviee of
my employer, to employ agents of my
own. There is no doubt but that voui
father sent you to Europe for thc
sole purpo?:-> of having you meet Alan."
"Oh!" sh?' protested. "But v.'hat
earthly motive?"
"That Alanm ic; h * be won back to
America through sou-and so-"
There was no need to finish out his
sentence. The tiri was silent, pale I
anl staring with wide eyes, visibly
mustering her wits to cope with this
emergency. <
"I may depend on you." Mr. Digby \
suggested, "to advise me if you find
out anything?"
"For even mon-." The girl rose and I
extended a hand whose grasp was
firm and vital on his fingers. A fine 1
spirit of resolve set her countenance
aglow. "You may count on me for ac
tion on my own part, if I find circum
stances warrant it. I promised not to
marry Alan because of the feud be
tween our fathers-but not to stand
by and see him sacrificed. Tell me
how I may communicate secretly with
you-and let mc go as aoon as possi
Within the hour Rose Trine stood
before her father in that somber room
wherein he wore out his crippled days,
in that place of silence and shadows
whose sinister color scheme of crim
son and black wan the true livery of
his monomania'-- hts passion for ven
geance that alone kept- warm the em
bers of life In that wasted and move
less frame.'
An impish malice glimmered In his
sunken eyes ar, he kept her waiting
upon lils pleasure. And when at length
he decided to speak, it was with a
ring of hateful irony in that etrangely
sonorous voice'bf his.
"Rose," he said slowly-"my daugh
ter!-I am told yon have today baen
guilty of an act of disloyalty to me."
She said BO?lly: "You had me spied
"Naturally, with every reason to
question ycur loyalty, I had you
She waited a significant moment,
then dropped an impassive monosyl
lable into the silence: "Well?"
"You have visited the man Digby,
servant and friend of the man I bate
end you love."
She said, without expression: "Yes."
"Repeat what passed between you."
"I shall not, but on one condition."
" "And that is?" '
"Tell me first whether lt was you
who sent the rose to Alan I^w-and
more, where Judith has been.during
the last fortnight?"
''Shall tell you nothing, my child.
Repeat"-the resonant voice rang
with Inflexible purpose-"repeatw hat
the man Digby told you-"
Thejrlrl was silent. He endured her
stare for a long minute, a spark of
rage kindling to flame the evil old
eyes. Then his one living member
that had power to serve bis iron will,
a band like the claw of a bird of prey,
moved toward a row of buttons sunk
in the writing-bed of his desk.
"I warn you I have ways to make
you speak-"
With a quick movement the girl
bent over and prisoned the bony Wrist
In.her strong fingers., With her other
hand, at the .?ame time, she whipped
open an upper drawer of the desk
and too* from it a revolver which she
placed at s safe distance.
"To the contravy," she said quietly,
"you w!!! remember that thc tfes? bas
passed when you could have me pun
ished for disobedience. You will cal!
nobody; I*: interrupted, I shan't hesi
tate to defend myself. And now"-lay
ing hold of the back: of hts chair, she
moved it. some distance from the desk
-"you mav as well h* quiet while !
find for myself what I wish to know.''
Hw* moment he watched In silence
as she bent over the dedie, rummaging
its diawers. Then with sn infuriated
gesture of his loft hand, he began to
curs? her.
She shuddered a little as the black
oatt? b?stered bf* thin old lips, ded
icating her and all abe loved to sin,
Infamy and sorrow; but nothing could
stay ber In her purpose. He was
breathless and exhausted when she
straightened upw Ith an exclamation
of satisfaction, studied intently for a
moment a sheaf of papers, and thrust
them hastily into.her handbag, to
gether with the revolver.
Then touching the push-button
which released a secret and little-used
loor, without a backward glance abe
slipped from the room and, closing the
Soor securely, within another minute
had madeb er way unseen from . the
Broad daylight, the top of a morn
lng are rare aa ever broke upon th
north country: Alan Law opening be
wildered eyes to realize the substance
of a dream come true.
Then it proved Itself, at least, in
part. He lay between blankets upon a
couch of balsam fans, in a corner of
somebody's camp-a log structure.
woather?proof, rudely but adequately
furnished. His clothing, dough-dried
but neatly mended, lay upon a chair at
hl3 side.
He rose and dressed in haste, at
once exulting in his sense of complete
rest and renewed well-being, a prey
toh ints of an extraordinary appetite,
and provoked by signs that Boomed to
bear out the weirdest Mights of his
('elirious fuueies.
There was no other living thing in
ilght but a loon that sported far up
the river and ruluted him with a
ihriek of mocking laughter.
The place was a cleft in the hills,
a table o' level laud some few acres
in, area, bounded on one bund, beneath
the cliff from which he had dropped,
by a rushing fiver fat with recent
rains; on the other by a second cliff
af equal height. Upstream the water
curved round the shoulder of a tow
ering bill, downrtrram tho cliffs clos
sd upon it until it roared through a
narrow gorge.
Near the camp, upon a strip of
shelving beach that bordered the river
where it widened Into a deep, dark
pool, two canoes were drawn up, bot
toms to the sun. Denser thickets of
pines, oaks, and balsam hedged in the
He was, it seemed, to be le"', severe
ly to himself, that day; when he had
cooked and made way with an enor
mous breakfast. Alan found nothing
better to do till time for luncheon than
to explore this pocket domain.
He feasted famously again at noon;
whiled away several hours vainl>
whipping the pools with rod ant
tackle fourd in the camp, for trou
that he really didn't hope would rls,
beneath that blazing sun; and towan
three o'clock lounged back to his aro
matte couch fer a nap.
Thowes lorinna un had thrown i
deep, cool shadow across the cov<
when he was awakened by importo
natejiands and a voice of magic.
Rose Trine was kneeling beside him
dutching his shoulders, calling on hin
by name-distracted by an inexpllca
ble anxiety.
He wasted no time dlecriminatlni
between dream and reality, but gath
sred both into his arms. And for i
moment she rested there unresisting
If sobbing quietly.
"What is it? What is lt. dearest?
de questioned, kissing her tears awa>
"To find you all right. ... I wes o
lfraid!" she cried brokenly.
"Of what? Wasn't I allr ight whe
pou left me here this mornlo;;?"
She disengaged with an effort, rosi
ind looked down strangely at him.
"I did not leave you hero this mon
mg, Alan. 1 wasn't here-"
That brought him to bis own fet
in a Jiffy. "You were not!" bc stan
mered. "Then who-?T"
"Judith." she statedw Uh with coi
"Impossible! You don't understand
The g.?*. shook her head. "Yet
'enow: Judith war. here until th
morning. I tell you I know-I.saw hi
>nly a few h du rs ago. She passed i
n a canoe with one of her guide
whll*> we watched in biding CP tl
lanka. Not that alone, but another <
1er guides told mine she was ne)
vi th 'ou. She had sent bim to Soul
Portage for quinine. He stopped the
o get drunk-and, that's how n
jul Je managed to worm 'the inform
:ion from him."
Alan passed a hand across his eye
'I don't understand," be said dull
'lt doesn't seem possible she could
A shot interrupted bim, the repo
)f a rifle from a considerable distan
ipstream, echoed and reechoed by tl
cliffs. And at this,' clutching fran tl
illy at his arm. the girl drew bl
brough thc ?oor and down toward t
"Oh. come, come!" she cried wild:
'There's no time-'1.
Overhead, through a rift in the 1
inge, a sky was visible whose eboi
larkness called to mind a thunda
The heat was nearly Intolerable: t
oice of the fire wan Very Innri. J
Two minutes had passed of the U
lomething waa digging unc?mfortar
nto Alan's right hip . The autom?
"istol in his bip pocket, of which Jae
ad neglected to relievo him. Then .
harp, spiteful crackling brought h
uddenly to a sitting position, to fl
hat the Indian . had thoughtfu
ouched a match to the pyre before c
artlng. At Alan'* feet the twigs wc
lacing merrily.
It would have boen easy er ougu a
ng on instinct, to snatch Vs lux
way, but he did not movo more th
s strain his feet as far aa r?ieir bon
ermittod. Conscious of scorching hi
ven, through his hunting boots,
uffered that torture until a tongue
lame licked np. wrapped Itself aron
ks .thick hempen cord and sta
ti rough.
Immediately Alan kicked his f
ree. lifted to a ?heeling position, a
rswled from the py?e.
As for his hands-Alan'* buntti
nlfe was still in Its sheath belted
lie small of bis back. Tearing st
ell with hts hampered fingers,
Several young men are already
very much interested in our new
plan for owning a home in North
Ita a plan that might well in.
tereat any yoong man.
contrived to shift it around until the !
sheath knife stuck at the belt loop
over his left hip. Withdrawing and |
conveying the blade to hlB mouth, he
gripped lt firmly between his teeth,
and sawed the cords around Ina wrist
against the razor sharp blade.
Before Alan could turn and run, he
saw a vanguard of flames bridge fif
ty yards at a bound start a dead pine
blazing like a torch.
And then he was pelting like a mad
man across tho smoke-filled clearing,
and in less than two minutes brokc
from the fore?t to the pebbly shore of
a wide-bosomed lake, and within a few
hundred yards of /a substantial dam,
through whose . spillway a heavy vol-1
ame of water cascaded with a roar, ri- [
valing that of the forest fire itself.
Two quick glances toward Alan
showed two things: that his only way
bf escapo was via the dam ; tutt there
bearing swiftly to the far her shore
was .a solitary cxnoe at mid-lake,
Judith Trine and the Indian-the lat
ter wielding the paddle.
In thc act of turning toward the
dam, he saw Jacob drop tho paddle.
The next Instant a bullet from a Win
hies only a few feet in advance of Al
?los only a few feet inadvance of Al
sn. ,
out his. pistol !
He quickened his pace but the next
huHel felt closer, whilfc the third ac
tually hit the earth beneath his run
nb>x feet as he gained the dam.
Exasperated, he pulled up, whipped
out his pistol and fired without aim.
At the same time he noted that the
distan?a between the das and th; ca
noe had lessened perceptibly, thanks
to the strong current sucking through
the spillway. ?
His shot flew wild, but almost In
stinctively hi* finger closed again up
on the trigger and he saw the paddle
?nan In twain, ita blade fa) lt nar nver.
board. And then the Indian fired
igain, his bullet droning past Alan's
As he fired in response Jacob start
ed, dropping his rifle and,crumpled up
in the bow of the canoe. '
Simultaneously earth and heavens
ocked wi tl) a terrific clap of thunder.
He turned again and 'ran swiftly
?tong the dam* toward two heavy tim
Sers that bridged the t/m*nt of the
Then a glance aside brought bim e?
- ill-, a thrill o?. tcr~**' that such of
he overflow had d'awn the canoe with
n a hunderd yards of the spillway,
fae dead Indian tn its bow, the living
roman helpless in Its stern, it swept
iwfftly towards destruction.
His next few actions were wholly
in premed i ta ted. He was conscious
>nly of her white, staring face, her
itrange likeness to tho woman that he
oved. \
He ran ont upon tho bridge, threw
ilmsclf down upon the innermost ttrn
>er. turned and let his body fail back
ward, arma c?Unded ??? length, Sod
swung, braced by hie feet beneath tho
cuter timber.
With a swiftness that passed con
scious thought; he was aware of the
canoe hurtling onward with the speed
of the wind, Its sharp prow apparently
aimed directly for his head. Then
hands closed around his wrists like
clamps; a tremendous weight tore at
his arms and with an effort, of incon
ceivable difficulty he hogar to lifo, to
drag the woman up out of the foaming
Jaws of death.
_. (To Be Continued.)
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"The Trev O' Hearts"
Thursday, Sept. 17
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