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The Anderson daily intelligencer. (Anderson, S.C.) 1914-1915, September 17, 1914, Supplement, Image 9

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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VOLUME 1, NUMBER 90?. " ."""^^ " ~- - *? ? '? ' ._
?J.--ul-_ . ANDERSON, 8. THURSDAY MORNING* SEPTE MBER 17, ?M. ~~~~-~
First Installment '.at_t^
M( V tr* ? A? * #^ ? !? - ? Stead. There 1? no wood In lt wvo
Sister on Hts Account? Ua.ll IOU i4 Hld the ?TS?-H
????????????? ?"-?- ?????-? nunnuil? III.?. ^MBT^^e?? A A ^e** %($L A> AA M A A^?# tepidly wb? desired. There is a
M?^-?^^^^^^-- ._ _ small circular slr shaft In tbs cen
?HHsHBtasMnl SDHBH AKtfiBB fUBBBHs^B of tbo cr>b m'Mxlt three and one?
. half feet In diameter and made of
- A. ^ _ _ - _ the same squaro til?n? of which tba
Try as you win, $50.000 Photoffranhs 7
you won t and can t yuvtvvv a iivwgi . T^^T-^-J^^
strike the right answer ????*??*- ? gf?--J
to<4.1fc?a. A# * 'th* WtU ?tnowi? fact that fresh greeu
tilclt QU6SI10?1 U?1?6SS -w's- . ? ? . ~ - eras, auu curr?te Increase the yellow
you read "The Trev C? Here's how thirty feet of celluloid cost $50,000. S?JmSSS
?_ I ?- , . J! ??????.. on in. itbw bud. . um
Hearts, Jby Louis Joseph When the moving picture action for Louis Joseph Vance's
ZT^I" newspaper or see new and sensational novel, "The Trey O'Hearty" was brina Sr?^E??
the pictures at the "movies;- outlined something happened. 8 8?%*^,
? j consequence tbe yellowness of the milk
*TM^?-%?f>_ .?^ 1 m, - doeB ?"t diminish au rapidly as lt
inereS an Unusual The producer pointed out seven places in the novel that he ^^..itfflZS
Situation-a human claimed could not be portrayed in pictures. g^?^ ??-?-..*?
2-^A.?^ i . . Urveu grass ls probably ridler ta
interest element--A euri- "Rut tvi^r TX?**** CAROTITI THAN NN* ?TNER dair7 feed.
? . V^U-l a X3U\ tney WerC Cows fed on lt will, therefore, produce
ous unexpected, twist ?nd tbe ******* ??v**
? .TrT - - ^ VV T?L WIIV* T?. i A i . .? . - - -%? ... ' ' ^ corn, in which xautbopbylls constituts
thrill to every line of the lt on*y took thirty feet of film to do it, but it cost $50,000 tc 2? s"'ry*?***- *M ?
. . - TL '7?T\~ . . - . . ? . ' . T ? nlghly colored product. On the other
story and every foot of thc Bet the negatives I ????nof bleached dover nay
. *~ -?v ? - o and yellow corn ls practically devoid
PiCtUreS. ot rellow pigments, and tho nulk from
S?? tf y?u can find these situations in the story ?ad the S^???J??
There have been other pictures. # -: ?'S'S.-Wfi-?r?
*' W?,v.W s * ration and there will be a correspond
strong novels. They are just one of the many tWngs worm looktog for in- S?^^'0,",,F,,- ,,,UK
In cows of the Jersey and Guernsey
Thete have been other good > I such a deep yellow color that some
mrwritytr nlrinrAo butcbers and consumers look with dls
iiJUVUib pit^tUICS, fliWillilllltifli! ^BBmSi - ,avor upoD b?1 fr?>m tbese breeds.
s $ f Fw! jffi svH^B1 Jt^^^^ % W lBT For thU P^udice there ts absolutely
H'S H - km m LS * m ? no Justification. The yellowness of the
But this -well, let's have ^ I l??X%J 1 1 H?OV?ff? ZZ^JttXrJS
vour opinion. A Aie | I ? Y V 1 ICUTIO ~?ZttZ2ttZX r
??S^-S fjsjti M w _ fcssBsWTBBi '?VPBLsBKHBIBHBHlHnHMl^BP R??i^y Fer EoMmi In C?rti.
Is?, A a _a ar la A cow met uss ?CMTOJX iK?ou?u aux
ne l rey u Hearts W?S???-,
of hyposulphite of sods giren ?wice
W <p w V <W v ' da,Iy 10 feed* Bathe tba affected parts
, tt By Louis Joseph Vance .
Atrthw of "The Fei^j^ T^irff^
?-Sv ? . ' J ?Ikea ast? too expensive potatoes
sTMTefle?^l \>??lw- %?4r<^?*?? . ?ay >? fed fe> cows in Umlted qosntl,
?vsaa int story in ^s?^.dtecb^pedor^iced
m^msmm . ?/ sad fW rsw. twenty pounds;bens?
t1-^-^ .? ?am^ .? 3S3BgL ?Wie* aa targa a dsily sUowsaea as a
I he Anderson Daily Intelligencer ji^^l^
S?C tSl? PlCtlilTCft Sit In dnia?n?^sarh!ea^^
m^ _ hara Boor the oas of a steel trowel
^ JT ' sT,*?"Sfi ? ?ass. ? _ should be avoided except in getter sud
I our favorite Picture Theatre-The Bijou WIMM
& bold for stock.

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