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"The Million Dollar MyBtery" will
run for twenty-two consecutivo wooka
In this paper. Hy an arruugenient
with the Thauhouser Film company it
has be?n marie poonthie not only to
read tho story In thiu paper hut also
to see it each week in the various
moving picture theatres. For tue so
lution of this mystery story $10,000
will be given.
Conditions Governing the Contest
Tho prizo of JlO.uoo will bc won by
the man, woman or eli'! I who writes
the most acceptable uolutton of the
mystery, from which tho last two
reids of the million picture drama will
be made and thc last two cnapters ol
the ntory written by Harold Mac
Solutions may be sent to tho Than
heuser Film corporation, either at
Chicago or .Ww York, any lim ? up to
midnight, Dec. 14. They must bear
postofilce .murks not later than thai
tate. This allows' four weeks after
the first uppearanee of the last film
.-eleases aud three weeks after the
laut chapter ls published in the paper
!n which to submit the solutions.
A board of three judges will deter
mine which of tho many solutions re
ceived "Is the most ecceptable. Tho
judgment of thin board will be abso
lute and final. Nothing of a literary
nature wilt ho considered In the de.
elston, nor given any preference In
the selection of thc winner bf tho $10,
000 prize. Tlie last two reels, which
will give the most acceptable solution
to the mystery, will be presented in
the theatres having this feature os
soon as lt la possible to produce the
same. The story coresponding to
these motion pictures will appear In
the newspapers coincidentally, or aa
soon after the appearance ot tho pic
tures as practicable. With the lost
two reels will be shown the picture
of the winner, his or lier home, and
other Interesting features. It ls un
derstood that the newspapers, sa far
as practicable, tn printing the last two
chapters of tho story by Harold Mac
Grath, will also show a picture of the
successful cont CB tant.
Solutions to the mystery must not
be more than 100 words long. Here
are some intentions to be kept in mind
hi connection with the myutery aa an
aid to a eolutlon:
No. 1-What becomes of the mil
lionaire? v
. Nb. 2-What bocomes bf the $1,000,
000 T
No. 8-Whom does Florence marry?
No. 4-What does becomes of the
Russian countess?
Nobody connected either directly or
indirectly ~?ih "The Million ?rol?sr
Mystery" wilt bo cousidercd ss a con
Synopsis sf Previous Chapters*
Stanley Hargreave, mlllonatre. after
a miraculous escape from the den of
the gang of brilliant thieves known os
the Black Hundred, lives tim life af a
recluoe for elghtoen years. Hargreave
one night enter* a Broadway restau
rent-and there ?>tn?s. ieee to feco with
the saeg'a leader, Ursine.
After the meeting, during which
neither mon apparently recognises the
other, Hargreave bunios to his mag
nificent Riverdale homo and lays
piano for waking his ssesps from Ihn
country. He writes a letter to the
cirio' school, tn New Jersey where 18
years before he had .mysteriously lef^
on the doorstep lils ibaby daughter,
Florence Gray. Ile also pays a visit
to the hangar ot a daredevil aviator..
Brains and members of his hand
surround Hargreaves home at night,
but an they enter tho house the watch?
era outside . ROO a balloon leave the
roof. The safe ls found empty-tho
million which Hargreave was known
to have drawn that day waa gone. Then
some one announced tho balloon had
boen punctured and dropped into the
Florence arrives ?rom the' girls'
sehool. Princess Gigs, Bralne's com-,
panton, visits her and claims to be a
relative. 'Two bogus detectives call,
but their plot Is foiled by Norton, a
'newspaper man.
By bribing tho captain of the Orient
Norton lays a trap tor Bralno and bis
gang. Princess Q!?s s'sc vjrtt* th?
Orient'il contain and Rho easily fulls
Into tho reporter's snare. The plan
prcv?s abortive through Bralne's good
luck and only hirelings fall into the
hands of the police.
Later- ?f arene* ls fared from borne
by the hana, bat succeeds la freeing
herself treat thal* elatejM*. The next
day janes remette a asx fro? il* i?M
las piae* ead? pur??ed hy Bralne's
atea, rushes te the water front. A
rare In atetar heats inanes. Jones
drops the hex into the sea aad wUh
hi? automatic sets fire to the pursuing
Flereaee gee.? horseback rldlag aad
In captured by ene af Bralne's men
along tba res (Mao. Nortea reeeaee
her. They are pttrsaed, however, and
th? pair make their complete escape
only after Norton hes exploded a tire
ea tba fast approaching maChlae with
a h%lhu
After failing in their first attempt.
tb? Black Hundred trap Florence.
They ask her for money, but,, she es
capes again follng them'- . .
Countess Olga, acbemlag te break
the engagemeat a?w er'stiag between
Flerer.ee Hargreave sad Norton, tn
vites them beth to her ap rt ernst aa?
pretends te nit* fa the reporter's
arana. Florene* appear? ta the deer.
?ny Just ni the planned moment, AH
ss a ??snlt ?vee Kurten bark bis ring
.Accnmpth** al Braute saeetsi in
kidnaping Flereaee while she ls shep
. . - -- --a i-._'_~tJ J,. V^r?^Mt.
mw mn ?w? w,^,*w T? -?'? - - ?. - - -
rceefee* hw tatt*** Mter toforattag
hita tts*- tl? ??l had ?eaaed late tb*
saut been dmeofxL
ion Dollat
rescued by a ship un which Norton lia
beru shanghaied.
Nortea and Florence, safely ushur
and with no longer any misunderstand
lug between them, luke the train f<i
home. The train Ix wrecked an
wuitlng oenberK of the Risck Ut;,
dred nirry the Injured Florence to
dt-itei-ied hat. Norton* who trien t
rescu* her; I? fled to the milrea
truckK. Florence Haven hin and thrall
Joues remes te the rescue of beth.
The Illach Hundred recover the bo
Jones dropped lu the ocean. By
Clever ruse Norton and Jone? regal
Owing to the falling off of contri
I butions to the parent organis?t foi
fa Russia, and ageat arrives am
I assumes the leadership of tin
American branch of the Blach Hun
dred. Through the connivance o
the countess, the head ls thoreagh
ly humiliated. . UraIne<^pare:t]>H bli
own plans pending restoration ti
(Copyright, 1914; By Harold Mac
Perhaps tho most amusing phase
ot tho secret agent's dscomfltun
was the fact that neither Jones nor
Florence had the least Idea what
had happened Florence regretted a
hundred times during the evening
that she had not gone out to tin
summer house. It might really have
been her forbar Her regret grew
oo deep In ber that just before going
to lsd shu ?cnVessed i.? Jones.
"You received a letter of that BOH
and did., not show it to me?" Said
Jones, astonished.
' "You wained me never to pay any
attention to them."
"No; I warned you never to acl
Upon thora without first consulting
inc. And we might have mado a
capturo! My child, always show me
these things. 1 will advise you
whether to tear them up or not.'
"Jones, I believe you are going a
little too' fur," said Florence haught
ily. "It might. have been from my
\"Nevcr In this wide world. Miss
Worence SHH, I beg your pardon
Tor raising my voice. What I do and
tiavo done ic only for yonr own anke.
There are two things I wish to im
press upon your, mind before I go.
Phis can be made a comedy or a
terrible tragedy. You have already
nul a taste of the latter; and each
imo you escaped because God was
rood to us. But HS ls rarely kind
?a- thoughtless people. They have to
look ont for themselves ' r ara acting
Linder orders; alwajaa jfomember
:hat." \
"Forgive me; I acted Wrongly. But
I'm so weary; and tired of this ctern
it-suspicion of everybody and every
hing. Can't I go somewhere, some
jinee where I can have restt{
"If I thought for a single moment
t was posslblb to take yon tbou
landj of miles from this spot, it
vould be done this very night. But
bia ls our fortreaa. So far lt bas
>een impregnable The police are
patching it; and that provents a
roner?l assault by tile scoundrels,
f we tried to leave wa would be fol
owed; and they play that game ex
eedtngly well Now, good-night.
Ve'll have you out ot all thia doubt I
nd suaptclon one of these * days.
Chere will not be any past; that will
te lopped off as you'd lop a limb |
rom a tree.".
'.Please let lt bo oufak. I want j
o' see my father.'"
Jones's eyes .sparkled. . "And. you j
avo my word that he wanta to see ]
ou. But more I dare not ten you."
"1 >n you think he would object to I
Ir Norton?" she - aaked, | studying ]
Ira rug.
."In what capacity?" ho 'countered. |
irclnn her hand.
"As- as a husband?" bravely.
Jones'in his turn F turtled the pat
ons In the rug. "lt is only natural
>r a father to look high for his
aughtor's husband. But, after all,
n honest man is worth as much aa
nything I tnow of. And Norton ls
ernest and loyal and brave."
"Thank you/ Jones. I intend to |
tarry him wnep me time comes; soi
su may as weil prepare father for]
its eventuality."
"There n an old adage-"
But she Interrupted him "If yon
ive a new adage. Jones, I .shouldn't
ind hearing it. But I'm only juet
it of school, where old adages are
.rved from soup to pudding. Good
Add Jones went to the rear of the j
?use? chuckling.
In-the pasing lt might rall be oh
.rved that tah' Hargreave house had
remarkable aviate. There waa a
irdener, a cook, and a maid; and
e three of them reported to Jones i
ich night before going to bed. They j
ere all three .detectives : from one
' the greatest organisations In]
m erica.
Finding themselves unable to lure i
oren?o away from tho environs off
0 H arg rea ve hume, the Black hvu
set.scene new machins"? in mo-]
>n. They proposed rid the bonne
avery one th it by a perfectly teg
ul device. But the first step in
la new move was going to be >nc
pmoiy delicate ?nd risky. Yt waa!
1 ?malt adventure to enter the Har- ]
eave I sud yjt thia nus? ne
ne 80 fta&Hy "Spider" Bagge was]
lotted for tho work. The maa
TM t teal ly walk over crockery
a sound; he could I
by the window ledges;
ba cOiild hi?a hui .breath tike ]
ie ; profeasictial tank swimmers. 1
Three 6r fear iigfcts afar thc Pe
~" fiasco. Jones started the round?, I
us. He toft ?be]
as laat,
On Hie other hand, "Spider" Beggs
never approached a house till un
hour utter the lights went out Per
fons were likely to move about for
some minuter, later; they might
want something to eat, a drink of
water. So ile remained hidden be
hind the summer house till long af
ter uidnight. When ut lust be fe't
assured (hat nil in the Hargreave
house were asleep, he moved out !
cautiously. Doth his future and his
pocketbook depended upon ths suc
cess of this venture. It took him
ten minutes to crawl from the sum
mer house to the veranda, nnd to
have detected this approacli Jones,
had lie been wutehing, would have
needed a searchlight Beggs hugged
the lattice work for another ten
minutes and then drew himself up
and to one of the windows. Here
was an operation that needed all his
art and skill: to lift this window
without sound. Hut he was an old
hand nnd windows with ordinary
locks were playthings under his deft
touch. lie raise-! the window, step
ped over the sill into the library,
and crouched down. He did not
close. the window; house thijeves
never do. They leave windows and
loors open, because Booner or later
: hey have got to make their escape
that way.
Presently he stood up. flashed his
torch, found the library shelves, and
tiptoed toward them. He then se
lected three or four volumes, opened
? hem nt random a id laid neat pack
ni's . .' money between 'ne leaves *t
-vas not real money, but only a bnnk
derk could have told you that. This
lone, he moved toward the window
?gain. ,
"Stop!" said Jones quietly.
"Spider" Beggs gasped, it was so
unexpected; but at the same tln>>
Umost Instinctively he plunged ;
leadlong through thc window, and
the bullet which followed suipned
i lock of lils hair He threw himself
iii' the veranda and scurried across
thc lawn, zigzag fashion. . But no .
nore bullets followed.
Jones turned,on the lights and in- i
ventigated tile 'room, but he could
not fud anything disturbed, and na- ,
turally ?.ame to the ronclusion that ,
thc intruder had been interrupted be- <
'ore be had "begun his work He ,
turned off the lights and sat up tho
major portion of the night. Noth- A
lng more happened. Florence came '
down, but he sent her back to bed, J
explaining that some one had nt- '
tempted to enter the house and he J
had taken a shot at him,
"Spider" Beggs had a' lette? to
write. He vas lu high feathers. He t
had tackled a difficult job and\ had t
come away without a scratch Put
JO had the misfortune to write his ?
letter to tba Beeret service officials
tn a hotel often frequented by Nor-. ?
ton And so Jim, on finishing nial'
own letter, blotted lt and casually :
glanced at the blotter. A single word *
caught tis eye. Being an . alert J
newspaper man, always on the hunt
for atoriee, he camined the blotter V
wi tn care. It was an easy matter 11
for him to read wrting backward, *
having; fooled away many an hour o
in the composing rooms. The word a
which 'had awakened the reportorial b
sense In him was "counterfeit." He p
held the hlotter toward the mirror u
and rend enough to satisfy himself i
that the Black Hundred had become T
active once more. And this was onie' tl
of tho heat Ideas they had yet con- n
celved. tl
Hargreave hsd always been some- %
thing of a mystery to his neighbors, ?l
Where be bad lived in other days ?"|
was unknown; neither had any ona gi
the remotest idea from what source r
his richea had been obtained. And
nothing was known of Jones or the <>]
daughter. It was a very shrewd
method of clearing every one out of ?
the house and leaving it to be ex- .
amlned at leisure. And be had fall- iv
en upon this thing; he, Norton, all
because hi8 tailor had written him
a sharp note shout his bill and he *
bad bed? provoked to reply in kind!
Counterfeit money. There was quite Tr
a (lurry these days over cortain is-- ".
sues of spurious paper, lt was so.;.,'
good that only experts could detect
it, iheaa wars two plates, one for ?
tan a nil On rv 11, ur fn> Im?)? SV. _ ?.
while he waa? pulled between duty Hh
and love. Well, it would only addi?
snot her atory when he published lt. "
He marted out to Riverdale to ab- -4.
quaint Junes with the discovery. 11
"Humph!" said Jones; "not a bau *'
Idea this. So that's what the s noak :
was dob? -ere last night I'vo been 010
wondering and wondering. Let's **
have a lank." ho
He wont through the books and at '
length ?me teros the three vol
umes fliese held a thousand In ex- t?
collent counterfeit. , . a
"Mighty good work that. What are
rou goinsr to dor' asked tho report- NY
Jones rnbbe his chin reflectively, ke
'How loi? may a counterfeiter be *$1
tent upf*
"Anywhere fror, ten to twenty
fears." ly
"That will serve. My hoy, this.typ'
lua, welt: su anu take Mr. BlasS Kl
lundred -fight in his cubby hole."
"You know where it ls?"
"Kvery ..nook and corner of it Now Bit
fou go af once to the chief of the 1?
sal branch of the secret service und bli
mt the aaa tier to him frankly
florence. ?Susan, and tho rast of as, fri"
nust be arrested. The wretches nj! Bi
lellsve that the houso ta empty ThflB Mt
ll rove o>?ut fraltla&sly and will ;
urn to their den to report the ?ni
isas ??f the coup. All thu win
5d ?Oin? ?fie?iivea wi?i bo tn '!>'
UK upstairs, 'hctugraph and all that, [fid
Vfcrji the ilmo come? you wilt followJ&V
"hts will not reach tho heads, M^K?
?r? but ttt will demorsiU the oi
;antratlod in snob a way
i kelpiei* .. i Kevfi Dwatba ?ol i
i ?siday Morning, Sept. 29, 1814
r the Girls
For the Boys
That Stand
Alone Without
"A Parallel
In All Anderson.
THEY a^^ftrfiers, e:vcn \o ourselves. They are designed along lines
tha****HshiBure foot comfort as welles to delight the hearts of those
who want style and service. Nothing too extreme, but practical
and neat. Let us hope that you will visit ou store during these opening
school days, familiarizing yourself with our prices, which you will find
, characteristically moderate. *. ? * a ,x .
Y -v -Y- '
25, $1.50,1.75, $2.00, $2.25, $2.50 and $3.00
School Shoes
That Will Delight
the Children and
Please the Mothers
Who Want the
The One-Price Shoe Store
We Sell For Cash Only
"Yrs, Mr. Hargrcave had lt built
BOV(ml years ago. I don't know what
hts iden was; possibly he anticipated
Itt event like this. You and your men
will find entrance by thin method. It
L'.th be done without exciting thc au
iplfions of the watchers."
"Ix)oks as if ray yarn wasn't go
ng to he delayed So long after all.
tpn% you ought to have been, in the
writ service yourself." admiring1/,
jones smiled and shrugged ; "I au;
paneetly satisfied with luy '??t- or
Kudd be If tho Black Hundred could
lb wiped out of existence."
' "I'll see the secret : a?rtico people
it niue. I Btand io weii with them
W" I
"And good luck to you. We'll need
BOod luck."
Norton was welcomed cordially by
he <chief. The secret. service men
rusted him and.told him lots of tales
hat never ssw light On the printed
.go. The reporter went directly to
he point of his story, without elab
fatloh, and the chief\ smiled and
landed him the original lotter.
. "Norton, I've been after this gang'
t counterfeiters ?'or months and they
re clever beyond words. I've never
hen able to get anywhere pear tholr
issues. Abd for n moment I thought
iiis note was from a squealer, i've
l- dozen men scoutthg tl??country.
?ey find the bogus notes, but never,
le men Who pass them YOU see, lt's
Cw stuff. I know what all th? old
inerg are at; but none of them has
ad a hand in this Issuel Some for
(gners, I take.it. under the leade.'
hip of a man IV very much like to
pow. Now, "wh?fs your scheme?"
?.Mm outlined it briefly.
"lt all depends." Bald the Chief,
i'pon the fact that they will* be ira
fctient If they have the ability to
alt. we ?ose. .But we can afford to
sk the chance. The man, who wrote
Us letter is not a counterfeiter. Hc"s
i old yeggman. We haven't heard
jything or him lately. W? tried to
>rnerhlm on a postotftce ob, but he
ipped by. He may be a stool. Any
>w, I'll draw him in some how."
"There'll be some excitement."
"We're used to tkfet; you too. All
e've got to do it io locate ihls man,
fRRs. Thero are signs of spite in
is letter V?^y weil plsyed, if yon
ant my opinion. What's this Black
"I'm not at liberty to tell Just yet
's a pretty strong. o~ganlr.atlon. But
they're back of UJ? counterfoil
"Tell him ho shall have Immunity
i the word of the chief. But also
k that he must come to see me tn
mon.? i
"All right, sir.?'
"I don't believe It would be wise
r Begg? tb see me bore. I gave him
good-sen<Vf*o-Sting-Siog- fvo
hrs ago. He may recollect," s^ld
u-ton. .
'Suit yourself Abobt that Only,
pp Into communication with me by
ephone abd'I'll tip yo>: off as to
ien the raid shall toko place. I .nek j
ii came in. I ehmrtd have honeat
gone there and eJrr??ted Innocent
jple, ottd thoy wV.uld hfcve a devil
a time explaining. It would han
ten th?m at least a week to cleat
??salves. That would leave th<
use empty all that time."
borton did out ! he put thc
tter anny carefully. There was n<
?lng away from the fact, hut th<
I of luck waa* with
Ho you know what's bftck or ll
I cant tell you any moro than 1
fe." said Norton
Then I pass. I know you ?el
>ugh. If ynn'wf ^ade ap yon
ad not to talk ;?/man couldn't ge
rthtag ev :-opeo
-And th ? trust y
Don't io:
tho house tomorrow and then for a I
few days we'll roam abotit os wo baily
please. I'm hanged If I don't have ev
v .-y plank torn up and till the walis
pulled down. More and moro i'm
convinced that the money ia in that
"Don't be too confident."* warnod
Olga. "So many timos have we been
tripped up when everything seemed in
our hands. Thc house should be
guarded, but not entered, io.- .a.-day-?CV,
tw?. ar'T?ast^fi?? till after the raTd J
cold. I'm beginning to see traps" ev
"Nonsense? "Leave it to me. We |
shan't stick our heads inside Mto II?r- fl
gr ea ve liousetillwc are dead certain 1
that it is absolutely ' empty. Qlga, 1
you're a gem I didn't think Russia 1
will bother us for awhile.. Eh, Tar- ?
oy will not dare tell bow he was him
Rammend. The least ne can do to save'
his own skin ls to say that we are ful
ly capable of taking care of ' our- .
-Olga laughed. "To think of his writ,
ing a note like that! Florence wouiu i
have rec?ghr?ed-and t?o doubt 'did
x palpable attempt to play an old
?ame twice."
"How does she act toward you?"
"Cordial as ever; arid yet . . ." ??
"Yet what?"
"I thought'her an ordinary school SS
liri, and -yet every once in awhile she ??
hakes what you billia?!, player? call
L professional shot. What matter?
?o long ?s they do hot shut, thc door
n my face. 4 ask nothing more, nut I
lo you want my opinion? .1 feel lt
n my bones that something will go
rr?hg trltfl?rrbw."
"Good lord, are .you losing your
lerve?" cried Brains. impatiently.
Tho secret servico has the warning:
hey will find tho green stuff: ned
ones ft Co, will m og off to thu policio
tatton. And therel? be a week of
ed tape before they are turned loose ?
gain. They/11 dig Into Hargreaves's m
Inances and all that. We'll have all j
he security In the world to find nut ] fe
I the money is in thc house or not. I
Vhy worry?" ^
"It's only the way I feel. Thcro lu 9
clothing v&c&zv.y regularity S
f that girl's Bpod luck."
"Att,:tff^ ^^l^6i oner. n?*r 101,?T
Irita: It'o the whole family.". , B
The aervapt^ too?"
"Everybody,in toe houso will Be n?, -
er *u*p!< ! . ? .'
"And* yon, can trust Beags?** 1
"His Hffiiils. In> the hollow of my
and. Yet? .cnn always trust, a man
hen you hold the ropo that's around
Is neck?? , ,?, .,
Still the ftawawtW not leave Olra'a
row. With all her soul alie tonvc?d
i bo cut of ; #jlairtAngle. It had all
toked sft.easyoit-the start; yet h^ra
tey were, weeks later, no further
irward: than ?at. >the beginning, and
Ided to this ?they -had paid much \,\
jM?band money? Well, if she would
? fool enough to love this man ?ho
ust shied; with, conseoueneai. She D
anted hintart hyi toersoif, rm d?uer- 9
\ in a tari wwi*?*. . Hfa.?IO.t tim S
it abe knr?w I? har heart that vt**., >
aver would.Thjs vva? her on? *r?pt
?von. andy while her mbd* o' ?{vld>
as net as honest st might bf? b.-r
ve w*?i honest rs^u?t? nniwer^ln^,
?urh ta.vwsv9-a?a4 ?rMdsd by the pions*
it fundes .of youth. ? ./.
"Or what sre you thinking?"
?ked when he concluded ihn? the'
ins? had beep long enough.
(To hs OoRtlnued.*
T(kaatfaadgfoV T.tnlratnt.
If yon aw* ev*r tmnhted with Sehe?
('"rt wr soreness of tba'jnadf'ts*-. vr>e
-rwv? .-.*,-*refn-.
iitfh* .V fe*
will buy Eight Shares
of Bank of Anderson.
J. Furman Evans Co.
Evans Building Anderson, S. C.
.Tl1'. . U 1II.?1
Tho war Ia Europe hus stojiptd the culling and shipment .of ali
k^afflf-a, oixalqt
If you have aay sparc money, we eeo offer yon n splendid bargain
fi-om new stork ju*t reeeivo?Jfio?. abroad.
mw ?nijMn-T?ii* I^ATCC ?1
"The Progressive Railway of the South."
k?X^JiiZ^ lh:*-., M f ?Od? Fellows (L 0. ?. F.),. ftover.. J S
AUannC ^ltyf W. J.Ptgn ?rand lK?dKc ami} ratrinreb* ia
Militant, Heptember 21 M6, IOU. IS
Atlanta. Ga. : -3?Btt?^kajS ?Iftj^kamS iniHiitHtin iv??- 8
' Iterance Inion, November !1,IR, U
*914. i
Atlanta, Ga. ^?J^?g*T P*"?*^* I
Carterville. Ga. Fa!r' 0rt**" *JU J
Birmingham/ Ala. ?^?? ^ Fft,r' ^ ^?ct I j
Oallas, lex. rsc, sept, as-sa, itu.
r?s. tar -i *** **** nanaal meeting Far OJ ern Na
ri. Worth, lex. ??toi Congress, October U-?7, 1
1914. H
New Orleans, La. ??S?f&'??.''"
' Youkon,Fla. ?rn" Rm? :il
Winder, Ga. *"* "* ]|
caO aa SEABOARD Ag noa

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