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Want Adverti
Twenty-five words or less, One Tl
Six Times UOO.
All advertisement over twenty-five
word. Rates on 1,000 words to
No advertisement tahen for less t
If your name appears In the Me j
your want ad to 321 and a bill willi
prompt payment.
FOR SALE-Seeds that are yet sen
sonable for that winter garden,
Lettuce, beets, onion sets, cabbage,
spinach, kale, mustard, turnips,
salsify, parsnips sweet pea*?. If In
doubt or in a hurry phono 4C4.
Fur ran Smith, Seedsman.
FOR SALE-We have a small tract
ot land formerly part of the Quince
Hamond place, which can be bought
cheap if you act quick. Frank & De
Camps Realty Company. 9-30-tf
FOR SAEE-160 bushels Fu'lgham
oats at $1 per bushel. J. M. Bulley,
. Belton, R 2. Itp
FOR RENT-Office up-atalrs in now
Watson-Van diver building and office
in front of job department down
amirs. Splendid central location.
Apply at Th? Intelligencer Office.
LOST-DuBt Cap from Cadillac auto
mobile, livestock day between An
derson and North Anderson. Reward
will be paid by the undersigned for
return ot same to Chamber of Com
merce. 10-2-3t
"WAJITED-Experienced bookkeeper
wantea position at once, reference
.furnished first letter, now employ
ed, good reason'for change. Ad
dress, L. R. Bookkeeper, care In
telligencer 9-?7-Gtp
WANTED-Ta? publie te know that
we have Just received a large ship
ment nf box files, and can-supply
Tom? wanta In this line. Anderson
. Intelligencer, Job Department. tf
WANTED--A i refined cu I tared woman
fM^k professional line of business.
Address M. J. B. care The Intelli
WANTED- Yoiuto know that we do
high class cleaning and pressing.
--ork'especially. Agest* **?n
Vonda Company, the South's largest
dyers "add dry cleaners. Columbia
Tailoring Co.
IT BEE*? TO BE-A special provi
sion that fruit ls the most desired
and adapted food for warm weather,
f ?nd you'll find it here-California
flints, oranges, grapes, plums, pears
and northern apples-all fresh.
Also Buckle pears, and plenty ot
bananas J. K. Manos.
HAIR DRESSING-Switches made
.frota your own combings. Same can
bo found at 105 E. Church street up
stairs. Mrs. Leona Arnold.
SER. W. A, Todd, the Monument Man.
for anything In the Monumental
Hue. Tombstones ot all kinds. W.
hereby forbid anyone hlr
borlng my son J. P." Rlg
le.rt home .without cause,
bid, about, B feet tall, dark
VOlce. Reward of
i causing bia rc
tgby, Handy Springs,
"Papa, potatoes,
poultry, prut es and
prism ire ail very good
words .lor the lips
^pecLdTy prunes and
Whirl, wheel, whee,
wants are
very ^oc] words for
rants will be
filled sn?e?ily if you use
this l?SSS?B?. Y ou II ap>t
*70U Z
want wnen
mmv?tt n MIMI lui un j
ising Rates
mu 25 cents. Three Times 50 cents,
. words prorata for each additional
be used In a mouth mude ou appli
han 25 cents, cash In advance.
dione directory you can telephone
>s mailed after its insertion for
Delinquent Road Tax Nuilee.
All dlnlonquont road tax collectors
are provided with an official receipt
hook wit!; numbcs. und stub numbcH
attached. Pay no money to collectors;
unless you get tl:,, olllclul receipt asl
above provided or.
tf County Supervisor.
Them will ho a meeting of Post D.
T. P. A. Saturday hight at 8 o'clock.
Oct. 3d, In the hall over tho Traction
Co.'s office. There ure several matters
of Importance to be discussed and will
ask thut every member bo present.
President, Post D.
Wo are doing superior work at our
ginnery. Swap meal and hulls for
seed. Also have five hundred bushels
of Bancroft Prolific Oats (graded
seed) for salo or exchange for cotton
seed. Price $1.25 per bushel or ono
pound oats for four and one-half
pounds cotton seed.
9-26-lrao. GLUCK MILLS.
To Start a Gas Fire,
You Strike a Match and
Turn a Handle
There is no time lost In waiting
for the fire to burn freely so that
you can begin cooking with gas.
The? fire is ready the very second
you are, and it can be put ont just
as quickly.
Gas only burns when needed,
you control it lust as easily as thc
water from the spigot in your kit
chen sink.
It's very Economical
i m lui .wiiiwi'i.
To and from the
No. 6 .7.30 n. ta.
No. 22.2.50 p. m. I
Arrives t
No. 21 .11.35 a m.
No. 3 .3.10 p. m. I
Information, schedules, rates, etc.,
promptly given.
Augusta, Oa.
T. B. Curtis, O. A.
Anderson. S. C.
Above figures effective'Sundav, Sept]
J7th. 1914.
Dlssy Head, Fluttering Heart, Floating j
These are signs ot kidney and bled
ilcr trouble. You'll have headaches,
too,-backaches and be tired all over.
Don't watt lour er, hut begin taking
foley Kidney Pills at once. It wont
be long before your miserable sick
feeling will be gone. You will sleep
well, cat well and grow strong and
let Ivo again. They arc a tonic and.
pour entire system as well as you*
kidneys and bHtddejr.will be bepcflttoil
by their use. 1 ry them. Evans' Phar
macy, agents. "
Users say lt ls the Ideal, perfect
iiriak. M. J. Perkins, Gre?n j
Bay, Wis., says " I have used pills.?
>lls, salts, etc.. but were all disagree-j
Ode and J unsatisfactory. In Cltrolax'
[ have fou?d tho ideal laxative drink."
For sick headache, nour Stomach, laxy
liver, congested bowels-lt is tho per-}
feet laxative. and gives a thorough
flush. Sensitive, delicate people, in
randa and children find it easy to
?eke and pleasant in action. Results
fh?r?ughly satisfactory. Evans'
Pharmacy, ag*3t" ?
Special Services Will Be Held For
Children Tomorrow Morning
at 10 O'Clock.
Last night'' meeting at St. John's
Methodist church was one ot peculiar
inspiration ?tn u great body of men
thu hone and tlnew of our town, sat
in a body singing praise unto (Jud and
?giving ear to the messages brought
unto them. After Bong? hy Mr. Dan
ner, the Kong "Ninety and Nine" was
?ung out by the body of men.
Mr. Dick Ligon, the teacher of the
Hen's Bible Class, vac asked to bring
n messnge to thin body of men. T'ie
keynote of his talk was "Hender unto
God the tilings that ure God's."
Nothing la KO great us u man wac
curves God. In serving God not only
doc? au individual, hut also a nation
la led to prosper, to have peace and Joy
-The great men are men serving God
and giving unto God thut which be
longs to Him. Mr. I.?gov has done a
great work and bia presence was an
Mr. Speake, then in plain, honcgi
words brought hiv. message. "No man
liveth unto himself." In the home the
child i.< led according to the atmos
phere of his elders. Wo are tho mak
ers of nioralH for the child and 1
.should be led up by a pure, temperate,
holiest, clean, father-"to flag for thc
2nd Section on which rise our boys,
our girls, our home, our encouragln.
society to stund In our places or re
sponsibility, for the protection of the
morals and physical life of our chil
dren. Our personal liberty, well, we
huvc no personal liberty for we are
interder ndent upon each other in our
resposibillty not only in leoding pure,
clean lives for our children, but fe/
the children of our neighbors'
For tho sako of these children we
love, he pleaded, for honest, pure,
clean charactera on thc part ot the
fathers aa examples for that which
we want our children to be in purity
bf speech, in rlghteousncsa.
."With the need of our children, this
2ntli'sectlon of our community before
us, we were aroused to our responsi
bility as parents and leaders. Hia
message tims carno in its bearing up
on man's destiny to God himself, to
his family and to society. Cod's word
calls upon man for a reckoning of his
standard before God as relate? to
man's permnal character,. ' Am I a
clean man? We go to'Church from
Sunday to Sunday but if we know the
blessedness ot going to the house of
God we shall *?.CTO? care for, nor lead
others into any places where there is
temptation, to partake of ?uiat which
ruins .-plrit. soul ui'.d body. .
. Just as Mr. Speake was concluding
hjs message, many gathered around
the altar to get before God, to get i
better knowledge of their own unwor
thiness and a better conception of
God's power In the winning of souls,
in the winning of strong men to
Christ and His service. Many gath
erer, there In prayer for members of
their families, friends, and relatives.
When Mr. Danner led in prayer there
were men gathered in and around the
altar Becking for a more completo
r.urrendor of their lives to God. It
wu a striking and happy sight.
Announcement has been made that
While the revival services are In pro
gress with St- John's Methodist
church, there will be special services
tor t he children from time to time and
the first of theso services wili be held
tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock.
The young people of the city are
much interested and it ia. believed that
te .attendance at these special meet
ings will be large.
Hush the Kidneys at Once When
Buck Harts or Bladder
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally,
says a well-known authority. Meat
forms uric acid which clogs the kid
ney pores so they sluggishly filter or
strain only part of the waste and pol
aops, from-the blood, then you get sick.
Nearly ' all rheumatism, headaches,
liver trouble, nervousness, constipa
tion, dizziness, sleeplessness, bladder
disorders come from sluggish kid
The moment you feel a dull ache In
the kidneys or your back hurts, or if
the urina ls cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment, irregular of passage or at
?ended by a sensation of scalding, get
about four ounces ot Jad Balts from
any reliable pharmacy and take a ta
blespoonful I? a glass of water b^ior*
breakfast for a few days and your kid
neys will then act fine. This famous
salts is made from the acid of grape/,
and lemon juice, combined with Ht hia
sod has beeb used for gen?rateos to
fiusn clogged xnrueys and siimulate
them to activity, also to neutralise the
achU In urine so it no longer causes
Irritation, ?thus ending Madder dis
Jad Salts is inexpensive and can
no tn jar?; makes a delightful effev
eroscencc llthta-water drink which all
regular meat esters should take now
and then to keep the kidneys clean
and the blood pure, thereby avoiding
serious kidney complications.
For sale by Evans* Pharmacy,
X.-The Greater
Cowr*#M. 1911. by DouMetfty. Pat t Ge.
?EXT Sunday." Bald Dennis
j^k! Curntibnn, "I'll IH? after go
lng down to seo tuc new Co
ney Island that's risen ike
a phoenix bini from the ashes of the
old resort I'm "...'in? with N-.rab
Flynn, mid we'll fall victims to ?ill the,
dry goods deceptions, from the redi
flannel eruption of Mount Vesuvius to
the pink silk ribbons on the,race sui
cide problem* in thc- Incubator kiosk.
"Was \ there before? 1 w.-is. I was
there Inst Tuesday. Did I see thc
sights? I did not.
"Last Monday 1 amalgamated myself
with the Bricklayers' union, and. In.
accordance with the rules. I was order
Ugu -.
"Tis e story teller ya ara, Norah,"
says I.
ed to quit work the same day on ac
count of a sympathy strike with the
Lady Salmon Canners' lodge" No. 2 of
Tacoma, Wash.
" 'Twas disturbed I was in mind nod
proclivities by, losing me job, bein'- al
ready harassed in me soul on account
of bavin' quarreled with Norah Flynn
a week before by reason of bord words
spoken at the Dairymen and Street
Sprinkler Drivers' semiannual ball,
caused by jealousy and prickly beat
and that divli, Andy Coghilll
"7, I says, it will be Coney for
Tuesday, and if the chutes and the
short chango und the green corn Bilk
between the teeth don't create diver
sions and get me feeling better, then
I don't know at all.
"Ye will have beard that Coney hss
received moral reconstruction. Tbeold
Bowery, where they used to take your
tintype by force and give ye knockout
drops before having yo or palm reed,
is now called the Wall street ot the
island. The; Wienerwurst stands are
required by law to keep-a news ticker
in 'cm, and tho doughnuts are exam
ined every four years by a retired
steamboat inspector1. The nigger man's
head that waa used by the Old petrona
to throw baseballa at is now illegal,
and, by order of the?, police commis
sioner, tho image of. a man drivln' an
automobile has \ been substituted. 1
hear that tbeold Immoral amusements
nave been suppressed. People who
used to go down from'Kew York to
sit in the sand and dabble in the surf
now give up their quarters to squecxe
through turnstiles and see imitations
of city fires and floods painted on can
vas. Tho reprehensible and degradln'
resorts that disgraced old Coney are
said to be wiped out The wlpin* ont
process consists of raisin' the price
from 10 cents' tn 2B cents and birhV a
blond named Maudie to sell tickets In-'
stead of Micky, the Bowery Bite?'
That's what they say-I don't know.
"But to Coney I goes a-Tueaday. I:
gets off the '1/ and starts for the gilt
torin' show. Twas a fine sight The
Babylonian . towers. ' and the Hindu
roof gardens was blazln' with thou
sands ot electric lights, and the streets
waa thick with people. Tis a true
thing, they say. that Coney - levels all
rank. X seo millionaires entln' pop
corn and tra m pin' along with' the
crown. s?nd it see eicM doner ?s week
clothing atore clerks Sn red automo
biles flghtin' ene-another for who'd
squecxe tho horn when they come to
* *I made a ml*??**,? i ??y? tn my.
self. Twas not Coney 1 needed. When
a man's sad 'Us not scenes or hilarity
be wants. Twonld be" far better for
him to meditate lu a graveyard or to
attend services at the Paradise roof
gardens, Tis no consolation Then a
man's lost his sweetheart to order hot
corn and lmve the walter bring bim
the powdered sugar cruet instead of
salt und then cereal himself, or to
hare Zooxookum, the gypsy pianist, tell
bia (lint ho bas three children ?nd to
look out for another serious calamity;
.prk? -? ccu m.
!.>"! walked far away dowu ou the
b?ri? . to tho ruins of au o?d pavilion
m ni- one corner ?? tliifc new private
park- Lim Purk. A year ago that old
pavilion w as standin' up straight, and
the Ohl style walters was slumuiln' u
week's supply of clam chowder down
lu front of you fur u nickel ninl catlin'
you 'colly' friendly, and vice was rutn
pant, und you sot hack to New York
with ono,mil change to take u car at
the bridge. Now they tell rn? that they
?serve Welsh rabbits on Surf avenue,
and yon get the right change buck in
tho tuovln' picture Joints.
"I sst ?lown at one side of the old
pavilion and looked at the surf spread
In* itself on the old beach and though)
about tbe time me and Norah Flynn
sot on that spot. 'Twas before reform
struck tba Island, and we was happy
We had tintypes aud chowder In tbt
ribald dives and the Egyptian Sor
ceress of the Nile told Norah out ol
ber hand, while 1 was ?altin' in HM
door, that 'twould be the luck of bei
to murry a redheaded gossoon witt
two crooked legs, and I was overrun
nln* with loy on account ot the a'le
sion. Ajur.^twas there that Noi .1
Flynn put her two bauds lu mine 1
year before, and we talked of flats nm
the thing*, shu could cook aud the luv
business that goes with such episodes
Mid that was Coney us wo loved 1
j ind as the band er satan was upon it
niendly and uuisy and your money'
worth? With no fence around ^the ocea:
and not too many electric lights t
show the sleeve of a black serge con
against U'jtVhitc shirt wnist.
.1 sat with my hack to the park
u Ii-it? i hey ?md the moon nod th
dreams a fill the steeples corralled an
lon-ed for., the. old Coney; Ther
wasn't UJnfty people on the beac!
UiLs of diem wa? fiedln' i>ennleH tnt
the slot machines to see tho Mulei rup
ed Courtship,' In'tho movla* picture
and a good ninny was tukin' the sc
air in the Canato of Venice, aud som
was brent btu* tho smoke of the sc
battle hy actual warships iu a tan
tilled whli real water. A few WT
down on the sands eujoylu' the moot
light and the water. And the heart <
me was heavy for the new morals <
the old Isis nd; while the bands hehir,
me played and t.be-sea pounded 00 ti
bass drum lu front.
"And directly I got up und walk?
ulong the old pavilion, and there 1
the other side of lt, half in the dur
was a slip of a girl ervin' hy herse
there, all alone.
Ms it trouble you are in now. miss
says I. 'And what's to be done abo
"''Tis none of your business nt a
Denny Cnruahan.* says she. sit tin' 1
Straight' And it was the voice of 1
other .Utan Norah .Fly un.
. " Then lt's not.' says I, *?j?)d we*
after having a pleasant evening. Mi
Flynn, ila ve ye seeu the sights
this new Coney Island, then?'
, 'M bave,' says she. "Me motlier ai
Uncle Tim they are waiting fcryoi
'Tis un elegant evening I've had 1*
seen all the' attractions that bu.*
** 'Hight ye are.' says l to Norn
and. 1 don't know when I've been til
amused. After disport iu' mcselfnuin
tnc most laughable moral Itnpro'
menta of the revised shell games I to
meself to the shore for the benefit
the Cool air. 'And did ye observe t
Durbar. Miss Flynn?'
"*l did,* says she, rcflcctln*; 'hot.*
not. safe. I'm tblnklu*. to ride do
them sluntin' things into the water
'"How dkl ye fancy tho shout
chutes?'} asks.
" True, then. I'm afraid of gu
says Norah. They maka such n<
In my ears. But Uncle Tir-, be a
them, he did, and won elga t's. Tl
?ne time we bad this day. Mr. Cai
" 'i'm glad you've enjoyed yersell
says. 'I suppose you've bud a ros
fine timo see In' the-sights. And I
did thc incubators and the belter s
ter t pud the midgets suit tho ti
of yer
. "'I-I wasn't hungry." soya. No
faint. 'But mother ute a quantity
nil of 'cm. I'm timi plcised with
Anythings lu the new Coney isla
saya she, 'that it's the happiest
I've seen iu.a long time, at till."
" 'Did you see VcnlcoT says I. j
" 'We did,' says she. 'She wa
beauty. She was ail dressed in
she wa s? with*
"I ?lsteued no moVe to Norah Fl:
3 stopped up and I gathered her lo
- ' Tis a story teller ye are. N<
Flynn,' Says I. 'Ye've seen no xi
of the greater Coney Island tba
bare ineself. Come, now. tell the ti
-ye carno to Bit by the oki pavllhu
the waves wfsero you aft last aun
and made Dennis Careaban n In
man. Speak up abd te'. tbe ,
"Norah stuck be?1 a we against
*T despise it, Denny,' idle says,
cryln'. 'Mother and Uncle Tin*, i
to see the she vs, but I came'd
bera'to think of yon/ I couldn't
the ?Rhts and the crowd. Are
forglvtovrne, Denny, for the word)
I m r * - ? '* *
" ' Twas asa fault,' say? 1. M <
bore for tba ?ame nason meself. ]
at. tba lights, Norah.' 1 atsjrs. tut
'my back to tba sea, 'Ato* tb? pw
" Thc* - 7- Norah, With
eyes tWttn'; *ari"fl do ya tn?ar
bandar p?aylh't Ob. Denny. l\l
? like to ace lt all.' \
"Thc old Coney ls gone. dartf)
saya to bar, 'Everything ?noves.'V
a man's glad lt's not acema of
adm ba wants. Tis ft greater C
wo have here, but we couldn't s
Hil we got in tba bumer .'.
Sattday? ts ona h. dsrltn*. well sa?
s^w p*ace f r?m end to fr d' "
The only house "that is suited for
poultry ls ono wit li a dry Interior. No
one cnn suc< ced in keeping beus that
produce ogga if they nre kept in houses
that have d imp floors and therefore
dump interiors or in houses that are
not clean and thus more or less Infect
ed with insect vermin, says the West
ern Poultr>* Journal. Whenever there
is dampness within a houso tho hens
will suffer from cold, the floors will be
filthy, the Interior of the house will be
unfit for tho hens to live lu, und Insect
vermin will grow quickly under such
Sunlight, frosh air. and perfect dry
ness nre essential for success in i>oul
try keeping. They are the surest reme
dies against disease. The hens that
are kept uader such conditions arc apt
to bo profitable, whereas those that
are kept under adverse conditions sro
Tho double decked back yard hen
coop here reproduced from Country
Gentleman ls four feet wldo by
eight feet lons, six feet in front
and live feet In the rear. The nests
are under the droppings boards on
tho upper floor, and eggs are gath
ered through tho door In the rear.
Allowins four square feet a bird,
this will accommodate sixteen birds.
Tn cold weather tho doors on the
left are covered with muslin, and in
severe cold a burlap roost aurtaln
ls used at night.
sure to provo a disappointment and a
failure so far aa egg production 1B con.
The style, shape or size of the build
ing ls of least importance, no matter
of what kind or character tho houso In
which hens may be kept They will
not be n success unless tko sun can
shine Into the Interior of the house
clear to the remote corners during the
coldest days pf winter, .?nd ip addition
there must 'u> proper ventilation. Prop
er ventilation menus that there shall
bb sufficient air and sun to keep tho I
Interior of thc- house perfectly dry
and .free from poisonous odors and
from drafts, for, while the hens canl
live and prosper in the most extreme
type of open' front house,'-they cannot
do so in tho most medium typo of j
open front house where dampness and
ftlth prevail.
-!-!-- . .
Diarrhoen Remedy.
"I advised the 'boys' when the, en
listed for the Spanish war to take
Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy with them, and
have received many thanks for the ad
vice given," writes J. H. Houghland,
Eldon, Iowa "No person whether
traveling or at home should bo with
out thu great remedy." For sale hy|
all dealers.
Cost Kept Down-Quality Kept Us.
No better medicine could be made
for coughs, colds, croup, hoarseness,
c.kllng throat, bronchitis, etc., than
oley's Honey and Tar Compound,
bat's why they can't improve ' the
uallly and war or no war, the pried'
mains the. same. E. J. Sargent. Dal
, Tex., says: "I believe Foley's
ney and Tar, has no equal for it
^fcyiej^y^ellev^^S^'^f all synip
.haa ,snW?W^Sswppeared." ^LJ^??
Icept any substitutes for Foley's tsmney
and Tar ls tho best Evans' Pharmacy
lere's Grandmother's Recipe is
Darken and Beautify
Faded Hair.
That beautiful, even shade of dr
gi easy hat r can only be had by bi
lng a mixture of Sage Tea and
phar. Your hair.Ia your chares,
makes or mars the face. Vhen
tadeo, turp gray, streaked ann Jopas
?fMsrtS^y and scraggly, just aa ap
plication or .two or 8age and Sulphur
enhmces Its appearance a hundreds
fold. 6
Donh't bothvr. io prepare the-tonic ;
you eas get from any drug store a 50
cent bottle of .'Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Compon od," ready to use. This
"??fc?*?ways be dspended upon to
bring hack the natural coter, thick
ness sad lastre ot your hair tad rs.
move dandruff, stop scalp itching and
failing, hair.
Everybody u?ea "Wyeth's" Sage and
Sulphur because lt darkens SO n?te
rally and evenly ?bat nobody can t?ll
that It hus been applied. Yoe simply
dampen a sponge or soft brush with
U and draw thin through the hair, tak
ing on* small strand at a time; by
morning the.'s^S;'/ hair haa disappear-,
'407 Sod after a&cther appliestlon lt
becomes lustrons and abundant.
For eal? by Evans' Pharmacy. ,i
o Office: New Watson-VanSIrer IR
. '1
a Hasc? JIM f^S p. wu
o T?l?phone 458 or 62?. o
. . ...... v j n *
Veterinary Surgeon .
Dar!? Bros. Sta?ile *
816-Phones-138 *
Anderson, So, Car.
? .. ''" ... ?I-.. .:
? DB. FOREST fi. 8?GG8
. Dentist .
* Offices 113.415 Bleckley Bldg. *
I* AsHocIated 3Tith *
* Dr. W. W. Ylilsolm *
* Phone 83C-J Anderson, S. C. *
Acdersoa, 8. 47. '
Brown Office Building
Second Floor. Phone 88?
* T. Frank Watkins Sural L. Prince *
* Attorneys ?ad CouaseEor-atLaw *
1st Floor Bierkley Bldg, *
Andersoc, S. C. J
*.*.?.?. **..?.??.... a
? \ '?
. _____ fa
FretweU Go. Stable
* Phone ii.
Anderson, 8. C. .
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Osteopathie Physicians
818 Bleekley Bldg,
Phone 671
Phone 87
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Answers all calls day or night
Phone 80S.
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