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Continuing the Early Autumn Showing of
?Beautiful Suits
~^*?/V>.% npHK many well-dressed women
%?^J&?K ' * who have paid a visit of inspection
rQwffil t() s'--^ the new Fall suits have confirmed
Jr^&iJ^-^7 our opinion that styles were never quite
r "??rn ^ so beautiful and fabrics hardly AS
-'^mY^ y HANDSOME as they are this season.
,Jk*H There is much gratification over the
^/JWL opportunity to secure such handsome
f in 1 ( *// >tf??^\ coat suits during these early days, when
j ?A M j^^rr:^^ women are so anxious to change from
fcJl \ y ft\*t if^SBW? their summer garments to the beautiful
Ml iWSr vJ^fA If' *v new apparel of autumn.
IJI ro^.^g ^WM^J {m The nre ?f suits now on hand express
j y?> eft^ 4r>~".. v?v .j? absolute correctness in style, with the
..^?-.-ii??^" ' . . ^iW highest character of tailoring and finish
known to women's ready-to-weargarments.
Priced From $10.00 to $50.00
We are very proud of these garments, and whether you contem
plate purchasing or not we will be delighted to show them to you.
By Special Resuest We Are Repeating
Monday's Bill
"Delmon?G?'s Upside-Down"
With an Excellent Chorus.
Be sure to enjoy Miss Dean's Songs--the feature of
the performance
Thc Devil's Signature* (2 j?ar!s)_i ...... . YEtfsanay
Featurfng Richard Travers &nd J^yosly IJayne.
Tajeen By Storm.. ..> a.Vitagraph
Special feature j^g$$<$y^$ BUmbal? Young.
Hearst Selig News Pictorial, No. 44.
Coming Satur*y-"Broiv-ho BOly Buts In."
j rctrn;
O O O O O O O O O O O O ? O O O O O O O
How sad tbs death of Hon. Julius B.
! He passed away at the Ander
don Hospital 'ast Thursday morning.
wmonl?Df the brttfhtcst lawyers in ,
Mfc* Pwlmoat sectioa>or the at?te and
t?was- perhaps ono of tho bent known
I ?nen ianthe State. He - vas known as
?tho silver-tongued orator- So Rifted
ne as u speaker and lecturer, his
Laorviccg wore sought On all occasions.
He waa greatly beloved over thc Stat'?
[jand the UOWB of his death b'OOght
Mffreat sorrow- He wss n hrllllnnt
?writer and contributed many articles'
lao the newspapers and magasines.
En?or many years' he wan editor of the
Picken? Sentinel. Ills last articles,
which appeared in tho Piedmont Mag.
n:'.ino. were among his host produc
;- tiona- Mr. no giru was solicitor of the |
Tenth Judicial Circuit for eight years
He was very successful as a prosecut-l
lng attorney, business man, writer
' sd lecturer. Ha had a groat mind
? a cwt bear?, lie waa one of
ekens county's most Illustrious sona|
d rose to prominence by sheer abil
ity sud hard work. Thc passing away |
/ fit ?neb men as Mr. BoggB is a distinct
^HHfto the State and more especially
community tn which he ?lvca,
ac* to his memory-Tuga'oo Tri
It ls hard for us to feallde that
Julius E- Boggn ls dead. For tbs' past
40 vears w? bave known and admire?
many noble traits os^cparacter.
have watched his caro?r, In his
aa well os his public life,
he waa a human bein* with
faults itfnd doubtles? mnde mis
_JH&Hs vlf vues outweighed his
^^HMK- possessed a kind ?nd
,1 disposition, aud a he*rt f?ll
milk of miman kindness, n m^n
e than ordinary ?.lent, with
Iteiitid ? Miirsry cdrtc^t'O's, and
attained by plec^m-jais in tho
schools of tho county, yet by
and observation he acquired
edge and attainments that
i to the front In the bat
life, and be filled every trust
credit to himself sod honor to
B?flft? was probably one oi
tnown m?o tn the upper ps?t
tte. For a-number of year?
lawyer at Picken? and then
rme editor o? the PicVens
lalor for eicht years PO
cult- He met and was thrown i i$ con
tact with a great many people, his
reputation niuo as an orator gave him
an opportunity to meet and .ningle
with the ladles and chUdrea. with
who ni he was very popu'ar. It was
our good fortune' to he iutlnmtoly ;w.
Bociatcd with him for several years
when he was a* young man attending
school at Plckens. Many . pleasant
hours have, wo spent
now that the grim real
ed him into the garner,, w'o%ul
ho has met 'the reward of tho
ful-Easley Progress.
Some people Just cripple around
most of the days of their life, worth
about half what 'they might, be th
themselves and their families, with*
all energy gone and only duty drag
ging them about their daily tasks.
They dont know what is the matter,
and treat first one symptom abd then
another, without much vesult. The
real trouble ls that the blood ia not]
rJt-?? SSOUBU to supply tho demand of
the system, This lack of tba neces
sary element may manifest itself In
nervousness, in Indigestion, in rheum
atism. In emaciation, in that "all
gone" feeling. Just give yourself a
chance by snaking your biood all right1
and see how quick nature will give
yon poise and energy. Many of your
neighbors have redeemed Uves almost
shipwrecked by the faithful use of
Mrs. Joe Peamin's Ersmedy, which is
a great ?liminant and tonic, lt clears
away the Impurities and then builds
up the system. That, waa the casa
with Mr. Joh . ?. Pettigrew, of Leas
burg. N. C, wno says: "Several years'
ago I waa suffering from Indigestion.
For three months I. had to Uro ts,
milk and bleed. I was inst as weak
and nervana as I could be. leight
bottles ot Mu. Joe Pearson's remedy
cured me, after the doctor's medicine
You caa1 buy this remedy or most
druggis!. If yours doesn't ?eve it for
you send.a dollar to the Remedy Sales
Corporation. Charlotte, K. C., and they
will supply yon.-Adv.
You Are Not Getting Fall
Value Out of Your raper
Unless You Read the
Claims That Chairman of Farm'
era Meeting Erred When He so
Declared Yesterday.
A representative of the Farmers !
Union, steted ic? The Intelligencer ?est
night that Uah" motion placed' bo fd ru
the meeting of the Anderson County
delegation to tho legislature at the
court horns* yesterday, endosing tho
proposition io' bavo the legislature
empower the board ot couuty commis.
F loners of Anderson county to ap .
propnnte part of the expense moqoy
tot 'tho agricultural demons tva; ton
work in Anderson county, carried by
a majority of the votos, but that
Chairman Carey called out that tho
motion had lost. This, according to
the Farmers Union man, was a mis
take, and he would have called for a
, viva voce vol? bad lt not been that
[ lt waa not necessary .- inca there WAS
no doubt but that the motion carried,
however, all the representatives and
SUte Senator Sullivan have stated
they favor the proposition anyhow,
and lt has also been endorsed by tba
Farmers Union at a recent meeting,
and also by the various civic and de
velopment associations and organisa
tlons C4 thia county. The Farmers
Union solidly favors the proposition
as do practically all farmers and "me
lness mea. It ls to be regretted that
there was a mistake tn recording .this
vote. '
The secretary of the meeting, when
ashed last night as to what dtsffti
tian bc mads of tho matter ou < ab?
records, aald that he entered lt oqjthu
minuta? .* having carried, whi?:? lt
did. !~
; - ; . , , -.--,
Farta Violently Bombarded
Washington, Oct. 1-The following
dispatch from the Belgian minister of
foreign affairs made public today at
the Belgian legation:
"Forts sooth and southwest of Ant
. warp have been violently bombarded
since th? 27th by the haartest ar
"Attacks take piree against Forts
Wadham, St. Catharine and Lierre.
O? th* southwest, attach ot Gannan
troops against Wlllsbraeah ates repul
Electric Cit
To Hold JV;icc
Service Munday.
In practically every church in An
derson "peace Service?" will be held
next Sunday morning when the pas
tor of the church and thc congrega
tion will pray that peace may soon
he restored in the foreign countries
und that the warring nations may lay
anido their swords* and guns- An of
ficial proclamation was Issued some
days ago hy President Wilson, muk- '
ing thlB Sunday the day for che peace ,
r.ervlces to be held- In all perts or thc
I'nited Staten similar services will be
held on this day. White no Ander-1
son church has announced any of-j
tidal program to be folie wed, lt isl
understood that ever?- minister in tho
city will discuss the subject 0* peace
either at the morning or evening rer
Oettlrr- Rc U
t->r l-""r?*t (.'ame
The members of the two football
crows of the Anderson high school
will clash this afternoon at Deuna
Vi.-.la Park- Practice games havo
heen going on for some days, but to
day a regular game will be staged
between the "serubB" and varsity
teams, and the people of Anderson de
siring to witness the game will be
admitted free. Play will' begin at 4
o'clock- The first game scheduled by
the A. H. S. is with the freshman
team of Clemson college, which affair
Is to bd pulled off on Saturday, Oc
tober 10. The local boys say that
they will be able to take the fresh
man into camp if the team continues
to improve for thc next few doys as
lt has in the last fortnight. .. ?
Keeping T'b on
The Parcel Post.
Beginning with October 1, post
masters all over the United States
began keeping records of parcel post
packages received from the respec
tive sones and of shipping to other
zones. The reason the order was not
given in the instructions sent to the
local pc **?'"e. but lt is believed by
those wi nave been watching the
tremenous growth of thc system and
also because of the recent reductions
in the first and second zone3, that
some further reduction in other zones
may now bo under consideration and
that th'c'postofftee officials may desire
to ascertain the average distance of
tho hapls and the number of pack
ages going out and being received.
. , -o
1'anght After
Ho . Had Escaped.
Will Lewis, a negro, was arraigned
befq**e Magistrate Broad well yester
day morning on a charge of gambling.
He waa convicted and was sentenced
to pay ia fine of $30 or to eerve .->ri the
public works, tor 30 days and in lieu
of . the coin ne went to tho gang
l,?Mvis,j?:as R.mszcbsr of c party o?
negroes, flushed tn North Anderson
I ru: t January while gambling. The
other seven members of the party
wore ajrrosted and sen* to thc chain
gang, but Lewis managed to r-iake a
?et-a-way and since that time he has
b^cii nm Georgia. Yesterday he re
turned'to Anderpon and was at once
'tabbed by the officials
-o- .
Teachers Like
Ne;v Best Room?
S?veral Andersen eonntv ?r'..-,?!
teachers were in the city yesterday
and they were all enthusln-ti- over
the new rest room which is being tu
ted np by Miss Maggie Garlington for
the convenience of iii* teachers. Miss
Garliugton had this idea in mind all
last winter hut was not nb!e to com
plete her plana before the last ses
sion ramo to an end. Immediately
upon her return to the city last
month she webt to work on the prop
osition and as n result the resr room
is now practically completa and is '*
beauty- It ls ?n the . ot rt house, ad
Joining the office of T. B Pelton, coun
ty superintendent of education
8*IR gelira*
Small farms.
The-V Anderson Real Batato and In
vestment Company states that-the de
mand ' for small farms enema to be
about as strong as ever, in thc faco
of tho low pr!?3 of cotton and the
scarcity of money, 'moy have iold
quite a number this fall, the latest
one being a trv* of ?sixty ?cres In
Pickeaa county, near Olency church,
to air. Oscar rtehe-fn? th'? d?al having
been closed yesterday.
ooo o o?ooo o o ? oe o o o o o o
o O
ooo o o ooooooooooooooo
To Re Married.
Anderson people yesterday received
invitations to the marriage of Miss
Meta Allan abd Mr. William Bush
Turner,, whlo'i is to be celebrated on
October li?. Tb? Invitations read:
Mr. and Mrs, BasiliBerrlen Allen
request the honor,.'of your p^eseneo
at the marriage of .their daughter
T . . tO
. Mr. WllUam Bush Turnor
on Thursday afternoon, October 15,1
at fot??* ?s"e"oo>.
First Baptist Church, Auderson. S. C.
Cards read:
. At home after November 1.
Ellenton, s C.
Mr. Major McCown and Miss Eunice
Jones were married . by Rev. J. R.
Singleton at the homo of the bride
Wednesday afternoon, September SO,
et batt past three o'clock. The wed
ding was a very quiet affair and the
happy couple taft immediately arto?
Ui?o* ?viII board the train for Savannnh
fro ?a which place the>&.<ltyfe:J?*f bv
j Vater io Jacksonville, Fla., and <
y Sparklets
Tell? l'omit lou
Of United State*.
Postmaster Cochran has received
a circular from Postmaster General
Burleson printed in (ive languages
with the legend, "You are directed to
place this placard in thc lobby of your
The placard haa beea posted. In
five columns representing dvo staple
American languages it sets forth the
statement of President Wilson, denn
ing American neutrality during (he
existence of conditions o? lita present
In the following lingual ordor (he
proclamation Is posted: Enalinh. Uer
man, Italian, Polish and French.
Msrrest, Snadav' .
On October 23.
Members of the New Hope church
and people living in (he vicinity of
that church are much inior*?*tcd In
the service? which "will be held there
on Sunday, October 25. Te dav Is tn
be known as "Harvest Stindsv," and
annroprlate exercises are to take
place. Rev. W. S. Myers is pastor of
this church and he ha?? issued a cor
dial invitation for thc public to at
County Board
Meets Tuesday.
Tho regular monthly nieetinr: of the
Anderson County Commissioners will
be held in tho office of J. Mack Kipp,
county supervisor, at thc court house
So far as IB known the business to be
transacted- at this mooting will be of
are the nature1 and nothing of any
especial importance or significance is
to come up for disposition.
Woodmen Will
tn veil Mena ment.
The Woodmen of the World will
unveil a monument at Asbury Meth
odist church on Sunday, October ll.
to the memory of Sovereign Russell,
who died in July- The W. O W- un
veiling ceremonies are very interest
ing and impressive and lt 1B probable
that there will be people present from
all parts of tbe county to. witness
the unveiling.
Carroll Brown Has
Gone to Greenville.
Carroll Brown, who has.heen ticket
agent at the Anderson office of the
Piedmont & Northern line railway,
left yesterday for Greenville, where
be goes to assume a similar position
with the same company at the Green
ville office. Mr. Brown has been sue-,
ceeded at the local office by A- O- P.
Hendricks,' of Newberry, abd the new
apenthas already arrived in the city
ano is nt work on his new dulles
Sseelnl Committee
Will Meet Monday.
It wnn announced yesterday that
the special committee appointed Wed
nesday for the purpose, of examining
into the grath elevator scheme " for
Anderson, with a view, to building an
elevator here, ls to hold e. meeting
Monday morning at 10 o'clock at the
Chamber of Commerce. It is believed
that this committee will decide to un
dertake the proposition and that the
elevator will be built. -
Xesro Hied To
"Land of Flower**
Walker Beal, who was convicted at
tho May term of eourl on a charge of
larceny from tho person, will be
brought back to Anderson and sen
tenced neal , was out on bond when
ho was tried "and sonvtit^d and be
tween tho timo that h? wart convicted
and tho nassi?ir of s-uitan-ie. the
negro mado good tils- esnaps. He waa
caught bv thc police of St. Augustine.
Fla- and Sheriff Ashley will go tb
"that city and secure the prisoner. }
Belton Experts
A Large Crowd,
Boss Mitchell, mayor of Belton, was
In Anderson yesterday, coming o y or to
attend to matters rfclsMve to the Bel
ton1 Fair- Mr- Mit?holl says' ihat thia
fair ls going to bo a far more impor
tant event "than Bomo Anderson necet1:
plo believe hud ho says that they wilt }
open their eyes when they see what
a pretentious ''how Belto? is going
to stage. People from all parts of tho
county have entered, the various con
tests and sense "ftes stock, cattle as=
poultry will be shown, while th? ??m
usement side of the day will by no
means be neglected.
Florida points- The bride ia the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jones
of the Roberts section and ts a young
lady of. many lovable traits and thc
groom ls a young business man of the
city; and ls a young man of sterling
Mesara. McKelvwy and Thomas hare
succeeded the flrn. pt Robinson and
Tho aaa tn the flab and oyster bust
nesw. They will continue their' husjf j,
ness xi the same place as former;
and the business will continue une'
the able management of Mr. Hacey
Any one fn heed bf fresh fleh
oysters jw???* no ssUtt*^
ing this popular firm. ,
In Gea. Coaje** Flight
Leaden, Oct . 1.-A Pans tit*patch
to the Dally Telegraph rays:
"A fight ls proceeding on'tfcjS^^^H
tho allies' left resembling 'that of j
Paardeberg, in the Sonia African war.
'Nearly 4,000 Germans are in the same
'plight that G?n?rai Cronje \*ge. They
ara completely ?on^>.sded by F:
troops ta some quarries where thoy are.
cut oft frorn all bop? of rejoining their
Mir inion abd are being shotted."
With each pair of Children's Shoes we
will give away a nice pencil ^?x with Rule,
Pencil, Penstaff and Pen Point.. An ideal
gift for the school children. '
Sings Today
*y ff
Additional Classes For Carpenters
- and Mechanics Will Be Provid
AGA1N CONDUCTED BY LO- ed il Demand is Sufficient
CAL Y. fri C. A. : .. . \
'.: -^ft. Btncb thc anfcciuicement wa8 mado
sstiro larrcbrOT a iel? days aga that- thc Anderson fir.
OF MUCH INTEREST M\ ?. A. Im^g^m have a night
_ school during'w? ^winter months, the
mill workers a?s! tho young men
Popular Undertaking Launched around town who, arc interested in
tortile studies have been much inter-'
By Association Last Year Will os ted' Tho school did a great work
n_ j last winter and a?cpmplli-hod a greui
Be^peated. l??^
???'S? 3?^ures?ng announce,
ast winter by the Young Men's Chris- ?tWRi?yi. ^ regarding
Jan ?**Wioo of Anderson, wi? * ??w "aM. wWck 18 to " ?*augu
lealn ha hold luring th? coming win- T ^ olae8 tor
Throughout tho summer. F* M. Bur- ?*??^A^fiL,T b*. g?"
istt of the Andorron Y. M. C. A. has ?JrJiv^m*? fC*T1 |Q ca8fi 100
>een working on his platts for the win- ^^W.ifrM^1- . J 4W . "
er features and he says that he wtll?/?* ^*"4^meTbe4red M?i Mr.
M able to brtag some ot the most dia-l0???- ^. Pant conducted a splendid
luguished speakers and aome of the 5;'***Jr -g^ffi*****!. *2d ??^cultural
neat eloquent lecturers to Anderson arawang ?i mT, A. last sea
rls year that the people ot South *?n,aad ll, *a "?at several will
karolina ever beard. Mr. Burnett is again ? enou?h to
mthuclastic over his plan* and he says puff.ue along ?- similar Uno.
hst the" entire publlo will also be en- ^Pfoepecttva students aro ft: :
ihusUstic when thd ie?SA^ th? local NH
tor thc winter are outlined. 'Ju 7 '7*-' g?t V^lfw
Those meetings were very popular, |tal"1 of l"? Plan.
ESS.r <?? ?^.THEATRE
&ven mora interest to be manifested
thu year and to bare even largar PAT DF<raW is taking the tontea
srowds. Us stresses the fact that storm with bis clever comedy songai
these meetings wilt be for tbs coup- Bent misa hearing bim every day. .
Lr? people and the beanie from the . ?, ^
mill villages Just as mach as for th? A Mysterious Myrtary.....Victor
people of the city proper and ht ??J- 2 reel ?trama with Florence Lawrence.
ity'?elSed" ^ * ^ ****** Kitty.,..-...^sto*
Mr. Burnett says that he cannot Cwat?^
make any announcement of the com- Testing Bili's Courage iron
plete program as yet, bot he ??neets Comedy
to have Dr. WHliamatoo of St. Louis
io bpeaS here on the opening day and Dop't forget the "Country store*
that other speakers eqoally aa wOl tonight. 2a valuable prises- ?Sm
known will come for later Sundays, away. Coming tomorrow, "Th.-*
Music and other reatares will be intro- erny'* Spy." a reel 101 Bison ::j?
Jisced' i We?. CUtir? ?od Mart? Wajtaufeas.

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