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Want Advert
Twenty-five words or less, One T
Biz Times f LOO.
All advertisement over twenty-fiv
word. Rates on 1,000 words to
" Hon.
No advertisement taken for less
If your name appears in the tolo
Toar want ad to 321 and s bill will
prompt payment.
FOR SALE-Wow Ivers and Pond
plano, for $300-cost $425 00. Ap
ply to P- W. Major, treasurer Ham
mond School- Anderson, H I.
FOR SALE-Wo have a small tract
..of land formerly part of the Quince
Hamond place, which can be bought
cheap If you act quick. Frank & De
. Camps Realty Company. 9-30-tf
FOR SALE-Sweet peas, Burbanks
, t'ljjd Burpee's superb Spencer collec
tions in packages. We also carry
bulk stock ot prize Spencer mixture
i and fine mixed at moderate prices.
Forman Smith, Seedman.
FOR SALE- Nice oak bedroom suit,
ar- ?temare, two rugs and dining
tallo, gas stove, 6 chairs, 2 rockers;
also two roomd for rent, suitable
for light house-keeping. Reason for
selling* leaving town. Terms cash.
Apply io 223 Society street
FOR SALE-Registered Ai r?dalo Tor
Riers. One msle and ono female. Six
months old, well marked, sound and
straight. Best ut ii ty dog bred. Es
pecially good as Child's compan
ion. Oak Grove Farm, Anderson,
S, C., Boje 257.
FOR SALE-One ?914 model touring
car $450.00, payable $100.00 in cash
and , balance In cotton at 10c; ono
. l$ifr model touring -a v I3.V0.?0 par
able, $100.00 in cash and balance in
cotton at 10c; ode 1911 model tour
ing car, .,$175.00, $50.00 cash and
balance in cotton at j.0cv' Write or
Wiro S. M. McAdams, Iva, 8. C.
WAFTED-tarrier noy. Apply at The
Intelligencer office. 10-8-tf
wfim-m pnblje ?? know that
if? have Jost received a large ship
ment of beg files, and can supply
your war is tn this line. Anderson
&?9*3!2?icer, Job Department. t?
WANTED- You to know that we do
high class cleaning and presslu^.
Ladles work especially. Agents Ben
Vo?de Company, the South's largest
; 'dyers and dry cleaners. Columbia
Tailoring Co.
<aar1 ?a?ti_^.i_n_. _.?_
l)Ot< ?m^-viwu wuiiuu noso. nuuui -
won intelligencer, Job Department.
1*Ji!tT?B^*ro rent a small store
room in Anderson, Belton or Mc
...Cormlek, also a small farm for
?i-nt:?iiH?. ss. 3nui2, Pave, Oz*.
?*T SE SSS TO BE--A sp?cial provi
sion that fruit ls the most desired
and adapted food for warm weather,
and you'll find it here-California
friuta, oranges, grapes, plums, pears
and northern . apples-all frosh,
?no Sickle Paars, and plenty of
bananas. J. K. Manoa.
PLEASE-Don't believe the follow
ing statement, but come, see for
yourself whether it ia true ot not
We claim that we give Just a little
better shave,?? liuie better haircut
a. little better service in every way
than ls offered elsewhere in the city.
The Bugle Barbor Shop.
lingham, who recently occupied the
Robinson Boarding House, 807 O'
Neal, street Palton. a C., will serve
uiener. for 35 cents to tho visitors
oLthp fair Wednclay, October 21st
D?fcy in Caring for
Poor Eyes
Is Expensive Economy
' jHfc*** flMijV tba timo when yon I
em reaftrsvthat- your vision'ts be
comhig faulty..h. the tht?e ycu should
come to uft tor fight aid
.hy imagining.lhat your eye?' wm g*t!
better wi mont ? grftri ?bk?- tr wont
W?kj**** nitnro-win rel:tva' ?ml
j?-fcUy tht".Agw^ ?t-?-iin" and wator
ire yon th? twet|
ln .gl?shftet,at prlcos you will
he -gtad to it?&fcr
^^^^'.^S?*ff ?h this 'ottViii
****** bee* J^^rrTKHN MONTHS
ma in this ,ft?4ea months we have
B US A*TRY. You will never I
rsfret St- ,:;.-.?.?.
fte &-Fi? ?ptict? C?,
l?r. T. fe Isroelson; ?fouagitr.
Ko. #16 3* Main Stre-fc
Atderaon, S> C- ?.
! Columns
ising Rates
Imo 25 cents, Three Times 50 cents,
e words prorata for each additional
be used In a month made on appli
than 25 cents, cash In cdvance.
phone directory you can telephone
bs malled after its insertion for
SEE W. A, Todd, tho Monument Man.
for anything in thc Monumental
line. Tombstones of all kinds. W.
A. Todd, 1909 South Main street,
Andersen, S. C.
HAIB DRESSING-Swltche? madel
from your own combings. Same can |
be found at 105 E. Church street up
stairs. Mrs. Leona Arnold.
WHILE EATING is necessary to life;
Why not eat whore you can enjoy
it? Our service is tho best in the
city, and our prices are right.
Everything In season, and lt tastes I
JuBt right, too. The Luncheonette, tf
I LOST-A cameo and pearl bar pin,
between Court House and Calhoun
/ street, return to W. H. Lyon, the
Cash Jeweler.
We aro doing superior work at our
ginnery. Swap? meal and hulls for
seed. Also have fIvo hundred bushels
of Bancroft Prolific Oats (graded
seed) for sale pr exchange for cotton
seed. Price SI,25 per bushel or one
pound outs for tour and one-half
pounds cotton seed.
9-20-lmo. GLUCK MILLS.
the Day in Congress
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17.- |
{Senate: Met at ll a. m.
Senator Thomas read letter pro
testing against forcible search of
?American steamer Metapan by
French cruiser, and Senator Stone
spoke warning foreign nations to
j respect American neutrality.,
Passed war revenue -tax meas
ure, cotton relief amendment be
ing defeated.
House; Not in session; meets?
noon Monday.
* Senate: Adjourned at 9.10
m., until noon Tuesday.
f w??n A I
Delinquent Road
All dinlonquent road tax collectors
are provided with an official receipt
book with numbes. and stub n um bes
attached. Pay ro money to collectors
unless you get th? official receipt as
above provided or.
! tf ^ ? ... County Supervisor.
S, C
W.40.Atlanta, Ga.
And return account of Christian
Temperance Union. Tickets on sale
Nov. 7 to 12 Inclusive, with return
limit Nov. ISrd.
tMJO7.*.. *. Youkoa, Fla.
and return account of Rifle Matches.
Tickets on sale Oct fith to lg inclun
sivc, with return limit Oct 21st
92&?e . New Orleans, La.
and return account ot Funeral Direc
tors Association. Tickets on sale Oct
24, 25, and 26th, with return limit
Nov. 15th.
N.40.Columbia, & C.
and return account of State Fair.
Tickets on sale Dct 23rd to 29tb, with
return limit Nov. 2nd.
ftfc&S. New Orleans, La.
and rs^a. account,?* tot. Asst pf,
Fire Engineers. Tickets on sale Oct
1?, and 18th with return limit opt
Silo . Atlanta, Chu
return account of Brotherhood of St
Andrews. Tickets on sale Oct 12, 18
and 14th with return limit Oct 24th.
fife?*.Richmond, Va.
and return account ot Bankers Asso
etk*n. Tickets on sate Oct IQ, ll,
ni 12th With return limit Oct 20th.
UM .. Savannah* Ga.
return account ot Daughters of
fcsosTecy. Tickets on sale Nor. 7
10th inclusive, with return limit
iov. 20th.
. Fort Werth, taxas.
return .account of Farmers' Natt
A congress. Tickets on sale Oct 10.
and 12th. with return limit Oct
r complote Information, tickets
id etc call pa ticket agent or write:
i 3, H. Anderson, Supt.
Anderson, S, C,
W. R. Taber, T, P. A,
Greenville, 8. C,
W. EL McGee, A, G. P. A.
Columbia, 8. C.
Cotton Report
NEW YORK, Oct. 17.-There will bo
meeting or New York cotton ex
hange members on Monday to consld
r the proposed amendments to- the
by-laws which are expected to be gen
Tally approved and finally adopted by
ballot early In the week. Meanwhile
tho plans for taking over old contracts
by a syndicate are reported to be mak
ing favorable progress and the talk
of reopening the exchange carly In
November ls still heard generally
around the Jioor. Itcports from spin
ning circles indicate that tho mills
ure buying raw material only In small
iots ou a scale down, and local spot
dealers said ' that their officers from
Texas were a ?hade lower again to
day And back to nearly the low point
of the week. Weather advices were
more favorable, generally clear con
ditions and higher temperatures be
ing reported from the South but very
little crop news of any kind is com
ing in and factors which usually ex
ert a considerable influence on senti
ment aro naturally ineffective in the
absence of open markets.
Cotton Seed Oil
NEW YORK, Oct. 17.-The pressure
of crude oil at lower prices was again
a factor In promoting hedge sales and
consequent further weakness in fut
ures today. The continued buying of
Western interests- was not in suffi
cient volume to chock thc decline and
closing prices were unchanged at 7
points not lower. Sales 7,500 barrels.
Primo crudo [email protected] 4.00; prime sum
mer yellow spot and October 5.15; No
vember 5.14; December 5.19; January
5,28; February 5.40; March 5.50; April
5.07; May, -?.80; prime yellow and sum
mer white 5.25tS>0.25.
Chicago Grain
CHICAGO, Oct. 17.-Sensational
crop loss reports from Australia were
largely responsible today for a con
tinued advance in the price of wheat.
The market closed nervous at 7-8 to 1
3-8c above last sight. Corn finished
3-4 to 7-8 up, oats with a gain of %c
and provisions strung out from 10c de
cline to a rise of 20c.
(Jraln and provisions closed.
Wheat, December 1.14 1-4;* May 1.20
Corn, December 07%; May 70*4.
Oats, December 49%; May, 52%.
Liverpooh Cotton
LIVERPOOL..Oct. 17.-Cotton, spot
quiet; sales 3,700 bales. Including 2,
900 American on the basis of 6.05 for
middling. Imports 3,391 bales, Includ
ing 1,936 American.
Dry Goods
NEW YORK, Oct 17.-The dry goods
jobbing trade was reasonably quiet
today. Cotton goods and yarns were
Irregular and unsteady. Burlaps were
dull and weak. Linens were steady.*
Underwear was In belter demand for
home and foreign use.
New York Cotton
NEW YORK. Oct 17.-Cotton goods
marketa are generally quiet and weak.
The prico readjustment to a basis of
seven-cent cotton from 14 cent cot
ton ls going' on slowly in all trade
marked goods as Jobbers are not yet
ready to operate for aprlng on staple
goods, and soiling agents do not see
that marked concessions In price will
stimulate distribution at this time.
Collections In Ch ? trade are poor and
the Inability to market raw cotton con
tinues to Impede trade in many ways.
Colored goods ?re not being revised to
any extent. A revision of only %c ai
yard was made on some lines of
branded bleached cottons sold , to the
jobbing trade. A much sharper revis
ion is looked for when the time comes
to make prices tor spring, which is
expected to be some , time in the lat
ter part of next month Prints snd per
cales are selling very slowly and
large printers are curtailing their
output drastically. Brown sheetings
aro low and very irregular. Repeat
orders on fine and fancy cottons are
coming In unusually slow for spring.
Wide aheetlnge rule firm and cotton
blankets are very Arm. This ls explain
ed! by the steady demand for goods of
this class for export tb countries at
war. Regular export trade ls slowly
Improvii g whenever financial affairs
are bent g readjusted abroad. There
continues to be an Increasing demand
for cotton goods to be shipped to Lon
don and other parts, presumably to
supply armies and to take tho place
of goods shut out from Other coun
tr't-a. Army duck is Arm but commer
cial duck ts easy. Prices are nomin
ally quoted aa follows:
Print cloth?. 28-Inch 64xC4s. 8c; 64s
60s, 2%c; 88 1-8 Inch 6*x04s, 8%;
brown sheetings, Southern standards,
7%c and 7%a donia, ? os.. n%c;
tickings. 8 oz., 13c; standard prints.
&%c; staple ginghams, ?Ho; dress
ginghams, 9 % c.
New Orleans Colton .
NEW ORLEANS, Oct 17.-Spot bro
kers and, buyers reported a somewhat
better feeling In the market for act
ual cotton today and the feeling waa
reflected iu the unexpected advance of
one sixteenth to spot prices here, mid
dling being quoted at 6%.
This was all the more surprising in
risw of the reduction ot one-eighth
Itt price In Rallas, where middling was
quoted at 9%c on sales of 7564 balea.
Little liquidation of futures waa
lone, January waa quoted at 7.25 bid
md 7.30 ask'-L Spot cotton quiet;
tales 243; to arrive 70?.
Mercantile Paper
NnTW YORK, Oct. 17.-Mercantile
saper, ?.'to 7. Sterling exchange easy;
tor 60-day bills 494.25; for cables
183.86; for demand 497.85. Bar silver,
Interesting Discussions Marked
Deliberation of Large Church
Body frews Beginning.
Anderson Presbyterians, as well as
Presbyterians ?ii all part? of thc State,
have been much Interested In the
102nd. Beslon of the Synod of South
Carolina ,in session all this week at
Union. Synod has concluded its delib
erations and adjourned yesterday and
today those who attended from this
city will return.' The following from
Union tells of tho last day's proceed
ings of the body:
"At this morning's session of the
Presbyterian synod there was a lively
discussion over tho vote of a special
committee on education, which seeks
to provide for tho Presbyterian Col
lege of South Carolina at Clinton in a
more liberal manner than heretofore
as that Institution is in need of such
assistance at the present time.
"It is thought that synod will com
plete all official business cither this
aftornoon or carly tonight, though on
account of discussions that may arise
this cannot be foretold.
"The synod this morning decided
that the meeting next year will be in
the Oakland Avenue Presbyterian
churcn at Rock Hill. Rev. Alexander
Martin, pastor.
Last Night's Session.
Thc subject of home missions was
ably presented at last night's session
of the Presbyterian synod which ls
in session here by Rev. J. B. Greene,
of Greenwood, and Rev. G. G. Mayes,
ot Greenville, tho synod evangelist...
"Rev. Mr. Greene declared that
America itself was the greatest mis
sion field In the world because of the
many nationalities herc, and the relig
ions they represent, it being stated
that in New York alone there are over
forty languages spoken. In the course
of his address Mr. reene pointed out
that by influencing all immigrants as
soon as they reach America and bring
them into the church of Christ that
hundreds of thousands on returning
to their native homes in a year or so
would thus, the gospel bo carried back
to their people and in turn they would
become real missionaries.
Women In the Church.
"At tho afternoon session there was
a lively discussion as to the part that
women should taVe in religious ser
vices whenever they are mixed as
semblies. Rev. Geo. Blackburn of Co
lumbia advocating that they not be al
lowed to even read verses of Scrip
tures or take any part whatever in
religious meetings, whenever there
was a man present, Rev. E. C. Balley
supporting Dr. Blackburn's position.
"Opposing this movement to have
synod commit Itself against women
taking part econ in such minor part
aa reading vorses of Scripture were
many of the members of the synod
among them Dr. Jas. O. Reavis of
Columbia, who said that however, he
was not in favor of women preaching
or holding official positions in the
church, still from experience which
ho cite?" showed the great value of
women co-operating in tho young
people's societies and other organis
ations of the church work where there
were men and women working togeth
er for the advancement of the church.
"Dr. Reavls caused z. ripple of
laughter to pass over the synod when
ho made tho striking point that aa the
women were in tho majority in all
the church almost without exception,
abd as under the church rule they
were allowed to voto for church-offi
cials, Jt waa really the women that
named the deacons, elders and the
pastors themselves, and he laughingly
added if the church tried to limit
woman'a work so completely there
may be BO preacher. When put to a
ki>te synod by a big majority refused
to indorse Dr. Blackburn's position."
I Gani? Tomorrow Between Boys
and WotTord Wffl Be An In
foresting Affair?
The game of football to be played
tomorrow afternoon at Beuna Vista
park between the Anderson High
School team and the Wpfford Fitting
school will be the first chance that
people in Anderson have bad to ase
the local boys in action aad it will
also be the first game of the season
for Anderson.
The game is to start promptly at
4 o'clock and tho boys of tho local
Athletic Association aro in hopes that
the patronage for thia game may bo
large enough to warrant other garnis
being brought hore. .
The following lethe line-up for the
Anderson team:
Guards-Paget and Yon and Hood4.
Tackler-Watkins and Lawrence.
Rods-L. Smith and Findlay.
Quarter Back- Jones. .. *
Lott Half Back-Bruce.
Right Half Back-R. Smith,
j Full Back-King.
FOB RENT-Office up-etairs in new
Watson-Van di ver building and ornee
tn front of job department down
stairs. Splendid central location.
Apply at The Intelligencer Office.
? "fr 4" 4" 41 "ffff 4"4' 4* 41 H1 .3**5*,Si 4" ^ ^ e-'i ? 4* 'l^'4'H1
C. C. Saylcr of Martin township was
in thc elly yesterday for a few hours.
Janies L. Martin of Lowndesvlllc
spent part of yesterday in the city.
II. II. Norris of the Roberts pet
tion was among the visitors to the
city yesterday.
Mrs. D. B. Md'hall and Miss Nettle
McPhall of the Hopewell section were
shopping ia the city yeitsrday.
W. 0. Maret or Anderson, R. F. D.
was in the city yesterday for a few
R. C. Smith has returned to his
home in Lowndesvllle after spending
a few days in the city.
J. H. Opt of Williamston was among
the visitors to the cl'.f yesterday.
B. B. Brcazeale, a well known An
dersem planter, was lu tho c'tv yes
terday. , ?. .
Miss Annie Shirley of Starr spent a
few hours in thc cit/ yesterday.
John Sncllgrovo of Anderson, R. F.
D., was in the eity vo? inlay nu busi
M. H. Sexton of Starr spent part
of yesterday u the ci:/.
George E. Moore, editor of tho Hon
an Path Chronicle, was in the city
J. H- Brown, a well known Ander
son planter, spent a few hours in thc
2ity yesterday.
Jesse Clinkscalcs oC Starr was ia th?
city yesterday for a short stay.
Walter Chamblec of Anderson? R. F.
D., was among the visitors to spend
yesterday In the city.
J. H. Pruitt of Starr was In the city
yesterday for a short visit.
J. T. Donald of Starr waa7 among
the business /i$it<>r? to the eity yes
Belton Elrod of If end le ton spent
yesterday in tho city ott business.
John Davis of Peudleton was
among the viB'.to.'s to the city yes
terday. _iht?t
Ramie Hughes of Walhalla was
among the vlsotors to spend yester
day In the city. . ... . ".
R. H. HrilbOuno of Anderson, R.F. D.
wat In th* cit/ yesterday for n lew
) _
Mrs. W. A. Clement of Bolton 'v,?a
[shopping in the city yebteriay.
John Major of near Belton was in
?Anderson yesterday for a short stay.
John Woiner of .Pendleton was
?among tbe visivo,-a to thc citv >cs
terday. . ... i
Joe Wardlaw of Belton spent part
of yesterday in 'ha cl'.y.
J. D. Smith and D. Wakefield of tho
I Lebanon section were in the city yes
G. W. Clark, who has been making
[his home in this city,*has moved to
I Seneca. (
A. W. Wingo*of Woodruff spent yes
I tcrday la the city with friends.
F. ?H. Itnkscates bf Clemson carno
[to Anderson yesterday on business.
Mrs. W. H. Bryant Of Pendleton was
I shopping in the etty yesterday.
G. A. Bell bas returned to Lown
Idesviue after spending a fev days
|ia Anderson.
L. S. Clfn ks eales of Starr was in the
j city yesterday for a. few hours.
Miss Wyatt ot tho Roberta neel lon
I was shopping In tho city yesterday. '
Mr? and Mrs. C. D. Watson ot the
?Starr section were shopping tn the
city yesterday.
Miss Hallte V Weibern of Andcr
? son, R. F. D., was shopping la tho city
? yesterday.
Rufus Bolt of near Roberts spent
part ot yesterday In the city.
Miss Maud Baker ci Calhoun Fails
ls spending tho w?ok-ond at the Bel
vue h?tel.
?ohn. t?elrrison of Sandy Springs
?waa arnon* the visitors to tba city
[yesterday. ,\ .. "? ,#J||y
L J. Richey of Sandy Springs spent
ja few hours In th* dfy yesterday.
F. H. H. Calhoun ot .Clemson college
wa* la the city yesterday on busl
Ed McAllister of Pelter waa among
the Visitors to spend yesterday in the
W. itt. Chamb??e of Start waa In An
[ derson. yesterday for a few hours.
Miss Ida Calhoun of Clemson col
lege was shopping tn the city yester
' ' -_ ..,,.?
Mr. and Mrs. Wilrtsm Acker of An
dersen R. ?. D., were In tho etiy ye?
tcrday. ,v -tfclU?
I Charlea Finley and Jbhn Finley of
i tho Mountain Creek section were In
the city yesterday.
Will be a good day to buy heavy
We've got a splendid stock
of Ladies' and children's
Union Suits, Vests and Pants,
Also, everything for the baby
Blankets and Comforts
Just as goad as you care to use,
at most any price you care to pay
Blankets $1.25 to $12.50
Comforts $1.00 to $10.00
Of course, you'll find here the
best line of
in th? crty4
Moore- Wilson Co.
W. H. Fields, a well known Alder
ton planter, was In the city yostcr
Jack Glenn of Holland's Store spent
jart of yesterday in the. ctiy.
. Magistrate W. P. Bell of tho Cars
well section was in the ctiy ycator
lay. ??
J. W. Rogers of P?lzer spent yes
erday in the city on business.
Dave Mayfield ot Anderson, TL F.
?.. was in tho ctiy yesterday for a
?hort stay. *
C??rehco Pearson," a progressive An
derson county planter, was in the city
Miss Lillian CUnkScales of the Rob
irts Bcction was shopping in the ctiy
. Notice of Meeting.
? The annual meeting of the subscrib
es abd friends of tho Anderson
bounty Hospital will be held in tho
'hamber of Commerce rooms, Tues
lay. Oct 28, 4 p. m. for tho purpose ot
lectlng trustees and such other bust-'
ross as the meeting shall, see flt to
R. S. LIGON, President
t;v,.r. ...^ Becretary^
<u. ? ? ??
Effectif August IC 1911
Anderson, S. &
Arrivals Departures -
No. 31 7.45 a. m.No. 30 6.20 a. m
No. 33 9.40 a. m.No 32 8.20 a. BL
No x35 11.35 a. m.No. 34 10:25 .a ta.
No. 87 1.35 p. m.No. 36 ll 50 e. m.
No. 83 3 80 r m.No. 38 2.10 p. m.
No. 41 4.45 p. m.No 40 3.30 p. ra.
No 43 6.56 p. m.No.x42 4.45 p. .th.
No. 46 7.15 p. m.No. 44 5 45 p. m.
No. 47 ll 15 pJm.No. 46 10.00 p. m.
ix-Limited train.)
General P??w?n ear Aaent^t
HP HE Ford Time? is a magazine
devoted to the automobile
public in general-and to Ford
owners in particular. But some
where between its covers will be
found something of interest to
everyone* . . .>
It is published monthly
' by the Ford Motor Com
pany, and-like th? ford
car-ha? a world-wide dis
tribution, lt will be mail
ed free each month to any?
4 one, anywhere, upon rt

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