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Regardless of Cost or Value
As announced some weeks since we are closing out, regardless of cost or value, our entire stock. Our
lines, Somewhat broken, of course, still afford the careful shopper a great opportunity to SAVE in buy
ing Dry Goods. Shoes, Rugs, Art Squares, Trunks, Suit Cases, etc. Also, we would emphasize the fact
that the reductions we make are genuine and that the values are true values honestly reduced. :
Underwear Notions] Rugs Table Linens
Blankets Dress Goods Art Squares Sheets
Sweaters Silks Carpets Pillow Cases
Rain Coats Domestics Matting Towels
Shoes Curtain Goods Trunks Laces, etc.
. Embroideries. Ladies9 Cloaks Furs, etc.
mmk^wmkm%Wmmmmmkm%K?mmm^ WMWW????^?^?*^?BM????MWBD?M??M^????M??*???B?? cram?-m II II III.J III .? MHMI I I.M- . i ???? n >?pj|Wi w-Wim $_m JMUBJIUIJUI
Come and see the Goods and we are confident that we can do business, as we know that you will recognize the difference in
Closing Out and Regular Retail Prices.
Osborne & Pearson
.( . .. v UV ?:; ?
MACON, Ga., Oct. 21-The Mercer
University football team this after
noon defeated here the King's College
eleven of Bristol, Tenn., by a score
of 27 to 7.
Tho visitors' touchdown and goal
came in the fourth quarter as a ro- |
suit of two forward nasses, one of
wIi 1 Ou wa? handled by several play- ^
era, with King goink for 35 yarda j
again. Mercer fumbled a gi* ?at deal in j
the first quarter but scored in, each
period. ,
In the Hst of managers for the
General Election for State and co : re
published a day or two ago the Wal
kor-McElmoyle polling place was
omitted. The managers for tfiis dis
trict are N. S. Reeves, Ed. Johnson
and W. C. Barnett
Guaranteed Core
When you firat notice your
poultry ^\Qfhffi~:$f$&&*
place, lay?is down at intervals
and acting aa if they were et- .
imott do^^d, ^vit?x t?a^si* ho&t?3 _
.woolen slightly ?nef having the ?
appearance of having gotten (
the wore* of il in chicleen fight j
you had better send AT ONCE i
for a bottle of thisWonderful j
remedy, for "Sore Head" is |
fatal in nine cases pot- of ten j
unless given an effective rc- j
Wa know what "Sore Head" J
CHM will Aa. tKerefiar? evie 1
cheerfully and willingly GUAR
ANTEE vt to cure any and all
casas? of "Sore Head."
Yow money hack if you're
not aatbSecf.
Phone 636
* _
* Items of Interest ?nd Person
Wireless on the S
Kr. Felton WM
More to Tone,
j J. E. Fs?tcn, county superintendent
I of education, is making arrangements
' to move tc Anderson and at an early
j date will bring hia family. Into the
?city. Mr. Felton has not yet decided
where he will Ure but it ia probable
that he will locate in North Ander
son. In discussing the matter yester
day Mr. Felton said that he waw mov
ing from hia farm in the Flat .lock
section because ot his children. He in
tends placing them in the Andersen
No Typhoid Feve?^""
Here Last Month.
According to the report of the Routh
Carolina Board of Health for - the
month of September, made public yes
terday, there was not a single case
of -typhoid fever reported from An*
doreen county during that month, All
told, 297 cases of diptberia were re
ported from all parts of vthe "tate dur
in g be pt em nar and -of tnis number %i
cases were in thia county. There
are always more cases of diptberia
in this State during the months ol
September and October than at auj
other time of the year and the num
ber for this, county ls not alarming
by any moans.
'O''' ?
Willis tunton Maa
iiougfhl New (Der.
E. W. Gregory of Williamston came
ta Anderson yesterday on tasines:
and-while here registered a now au
tomobile, a' five-passenger Franklin
touring car. Mr. Gregory says thai
his new machine is a beauty and thai
he fa well pleased with IL His num
ber uringa Anderson county's total ut
?t MI.
ftpfeedU Idea
For the School*.
J. B. Felton, county superintended
af education, has an excellent idea fbi
the schools of South Carolina, .whlcl
may eventually be worked out an?
put Into operation in thia State. Mr
relton - believes that a mutual insur
mee association can be organised fo
South CaroMna schools by which ever
county school in the state cao .pa:
Ita proportionate ahare when an;
tchool building Is burped. Mr. Feltoi
Has estimated that thia will lover th
.est of Insurance on every buildin
In the State employed for school pur
poses and that ao school will have t
pay more than oae-th! rd az much a
:s now espended for inourance la thl
State. He also anticipates insulin
?very building for Ito total instead t
_J!_ , *
al Mention Caught Over the *
treets of Anderson V
I the two thirds rdanw. He thinks that
the matter could be handled through
the office ot the State Superintendent
lot education and BO far aa"can be seen
I there ia absolutely no reason why the
plan should not be worked out. The
Anderson man is enthusiastic over
the idea and presents some very con
vincing arguments in behalf of his
?*? Negroes Were
Admitted te Ball
Bowman and Maria Roberta, both
bound over to await trial at the next
term of the Court of General Sessions
for Anderson county, following trial
before Magistrate Broadwell, were ad
mitted to Jbail yesterday. Bowman
Roberta waa bound over on two charg
ea and his bond was. therefore plac
ed at f*00, while bia wife will have
to face only one charge and her bond
was accordingly placed at 1200. Bow
man said that- WilUamaton spring
[water would taste mighty good to him
after the quality furnished in Sheriff
Ashley's hotel for the last three or
fner day??. . ?
Wants to Sell.
Theatre Camira, '
J. E. Rellley, representing the
American Seating Cooroy, has ar
rived in the ctiy and will today con
fer with J: 8. Fowler, Porter A. Whal
?y and other--officials of the Anderson
Development Company, owners'Of the
Anderson Theatre, relative to chaira
and seats for the. new building. Mr.
Reilly says that Anderson people, If
they desire to secure seats for the
theatre before December 20. will cer
tainly have to place their order at
once and lt ls extremely doubtful If
the seats can be delivered by that
date, even though the manufacturers
start to work at once on the order.
All plana are being made with an eye
to having the theatre open on Decem
ber 20 .or as' soon thereafter. as may
be possible.
o ? ??
HY. Placket* Probably
Will Deliver Address,
lt is understood that those inter
ested ta the building ot a grain ele
vator IS Anderson are now conferring
with T^Cv Plunkett of the Farm fat*
provement Work of the Southern rail
road, with a view to having Mr. Plun
kett-come here for the next meeting
of the body of mea behind the eleva
tor scheme, and to explain In detail
how greatly Anderson county will
prosper from launching such an un
dertaking. Ur J Plunkett has offices in
Atlanta, and Is a very busy man sad
there ts some doubt about whether or
not he will be able to comb to Auder
son for the meeting but those who arc
endeavoring to secure the elevator
for thia city arc very much in hopet
that he may consent to make the trip
(toing to Columbia
For the State Fair
Having the fact called to mind thal
the State Fair is rapidly approaching
a number jot people spending yest cr
day in Belton at the Fair held by tha
place, signified their intention o
going to Columbia for at least a par
wi iii? Siiiic Fair. The Fair wiii opej
on Monday, October 26 and will con
tinuc through all of next week, com
lng to a close on tho night of Octob
er 31. Every indication is that full;
aa many people will go from Andersoi
this year as on former years and i
18 hardly likely that the war talk 1
going to hqrt the attendance from an;
part of the State to a great degree.
Physician Bought
A New Automobile.
Dr. Burton of Iva came to Andersoi
yesterday und discarded bia old au
tomobile. purchasing a handsome nei
Hupmobile from J. E. Sadler'a Garag<
Dr. Burton says that the Hap come
nearer to jumping ditches and plowin
over fences than any other car h
knows of and thia is what is requit
ed by a "hyslcian. Two automobile
were' eoiu In Anderson yesterday an
several more will be purchased toda j
which seems to Indicate that "har
junes" is a subject long forgotton 1
tnia Immediate vicinity.
Townville Home
Weat Up In Smoke.
The home of William Whitfield ?
Townville-was destroyed by fire Tnei
day afternoon. The building belonge
to James Kay and was partially co>
ered by insurance but Mr. Whittle!
lost all of his furniture, on which h
carried no Insurance. When the. fii
waa first discovered Mr. and Mr
Whitfield 'were in the field and did ni
know of the blaze. Neighbors did a
that they'could to save the dwelliri
but without avail. Following the fir
a small purse wis made up for M
Whitfield. #
i '. f ' -i- *
Perter Whaler Waa
Pleased With Fair.
Among.tho Interested Andersonlai
attending tho Iis'.tor. Pair yesterd?
waa Porter A- Whaley. secretary
the Andenron Chamber of Cottunerc
In talking to A reporter for The Inte
ligencer concerning the Fair, M
Whaley said that he liked evarythii
ho saw ?a Belton end be felt as thom
the Belton people should be commen
ed for what they have been able to a
complisb in the way of.working up
oneway Fair. Mr. Whaley said If i
could make ever* day of the 'Anders*
county fair, to ba held next year,
successful as Belton's one day w
yesterday, that he would ask no moi
Courthouse Yesterday
Waa Almost Desertrd.
Th? Anderson County court how
waa a very forlorn looking place y<
terday, since practically every one of
the county officials had gone to Bel
ton to attend the Fair! James N. Pear
muu, clerk of court, and Miss Lula
Smith, one ot the clerks in Mr. Pear
man's office, J. S. Acker from the of
pco of the Supervisor, J. Mack King,
county supervisor, J. B. Felton, super
intendent of education. C. D. Griffin,
from the Treasurer's office and Win
ston Smith, county aud. or, were
Ijimong the county officials tc 'cave the
. Hy for the day. Little business was
transacted at the county court house
aii dny iong.
Anderson Team
ls Sure to Win.
The Anderson High School football
team went through a splendid prac
tice yesterday and fortunately but few
members of the team were BO disabled
by roason of the game Monday with
Wofford that they were unablo to play
yesterday. AU Indications tbat the lo
cal boya will i have a fairly easy time
in handling the aggregation from the
Bailey Military school when the two
teams gat together on tho Greenwood
field Saturday afternoon. Another
hard practice will be gone through
with thia afternoon and another Fri
Association to Meet
In Mew York.
A number of Anderson business men
yesterday received invitations to at
tend the Fifth . Annual Convention of
the American Manufacturers Export
Association, which witl be held thia
year in New York City. Deliberations
of the association will be conducted in
the Hotel Biltmorc and the first ses
sion will be held on Thursday, Oct.
27. The idea of the Association ia to
foster foreign trade and addreasea will
be delivered by some of the beet au
thorities In the Uunted States. The
banquet which la to be served on
Thursday evening will be a very elab
orate affair and it la understood that
it will coat *M>ut $10 per plate.
The Death of n Lillie Lad. '
Death is'always ead,' and leaves its
black shadow across the hearts and
elves of those who are left. The aw
ful loneliness of the hours spent by
broken-hearted parents, can only be
felt by those who have experienced
a tike Barron.
Mr. and Mrs.. Ben Hawkins, who
live on Hampton street, know what
lt means to see a dear little life flick
er out like a tiny candle, for the
bright baby eyes of their little three
year-old son, "R, A.." were closed by
the Icy fingers of death Saturday
night, October 17, after only a few
days illness. Everything thai loving
hands could do waa powerless to
keep his little life with us. Now
there la one more angel In heaven,
one more Jewel- In our Master's
crown, for He said. "Suffer attie
children tb come unto nie." and who,
of us, would d*re forbid them to
* A Sympathetic Friend.
o o
o Some Artists, What? o
o o
Since the new traffic lav- have!
gone into effect and the Anderson po- |
lice are forcing people to drive to '
the right there are tome funny things
aeon on the public square Yester
day morning ono driver rame down
the street; on tho wrong aide, was
warned by one official, straightway
gnl- back on the other side and waa
again warned and then he had to be
told the third time, thts warning re
quiring an officer to run seer al
blocks to catch him. -
While all this waa going on. a re
porter for Tho Intelligencer . was
standing on the other aide of the
street sketching;a picture ot Traffic;
Officer Aiken as he DID NOT ap- j
Will Preach Sunday.
-. ni l'. H
According to announcements made
yesterday by Rev|. J. T. Mann, he will
preach at the Beaverdam church tn
the Fair Play section of the county
next Sunday morning at ll o'clock.
A cordial invitttlou is extended the
public to be p'esent and take part
tn the services
It Always Dees the Work.
"I like Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy better thea any other," writes R.
BL Roberts, Homer City, Pa. "I have
taken it oft and on for years and it
has never failed to give the desired
results." For sale by Evan's Phar
macy. All dealers.
Stop thone Early Bronchial Cough?
Thoy hang on all winter if not
chocked, and pavo the way for seri
ous throat and lung diseases, net a
bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pounded, and take lt freely. Stops
coughs snd coldo, heals raw inflamed
throat, loosens tho phlegm and ht
mildly laxative. Chas. T. Miller, Ed.
Enquirer, Cannelton, Ind., had bron
chia! trouble, gui vory hoarse, cough
ed constantly from a tickling throat.
Ho used only Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound. Was entirely reitovedJ
Wants others to know of Foley's
Honey and Tar. *
For sale by Evan'a Pharmacy.
In Watches
We are just in receipt of ?
? thia model, small Gen-. -
tl cm au's Waltham watch,
made in Antique style, which
is just about the "niftiest"
thing in swell timepieces that
has hit the "Electric City" in
many moons.
It's ve:y neat and pretty in jj
appearance; and is undoubt
edly the smallest thin model
Gentleman's watch ever ofV j
fered at the price, of $12.00 ?
It's a serviceable, Guar
anteed Waltham movement,
in a Twenty Year guaran
teed case, and tue price is on
ly twelve dollars. .
. ,,t . .
We will be please^, tps
show it\to you.

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