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Telephone Connexttotv
Citv Attorney
?Comes to t
1 have read the "interview" obtain
ed from Ex-Alderman Elmore, pub
lished in last Sunday's Intelligencer
and would have gladly given The In
telligencer's readers the benefit of my
recollection of our conversation on
this subject on the same day the in
terview appeared if I had been in- j
formed of the interview and given the I
opportunity to do so by The Intelli
I claim no infallibility of recollec
tion but I do remember the text and
substance of my personal discussions
of the White Way proposal with Mr.
Elmore because v>! his peculiar slrc
atlon as a member of the council com
mittee appointed to decide upon it.
Me war* the only one of tho three
composing that committee who bad
fonght the franchise throughout and
for that reason was naturally some
what concerned about his consistency
if he favored the White Way after
fighting the franchise. This was what
wo chiefly talked about and I told I
him that my opinion waa that there I
would be nothir.-; inconsistent In his I
favoring the white way as an adver- I
tisement and ornament for the city I
merely because he had opposed thc
franchise before. I also said thal he
I doubtless could truthfully say that If'I
(he Hoot hem Pabilo Utilities Co was I
I to have a franchise he was in favor of I
I a white way. ' The "legality" of the
I White Way "contract" was certainly ll
? not in my thoughts, and I am sorry I
I Mr. Elmore thinks ho was misled by I
I any Statement of mino in discussing I
the subject with him.
I have never thought and do not
I now think that Mr. Elmore was in
consistent In favoring the White Way
I after tho franchise had been 'pasaed"
I over his vtgortros objections. There- I
foro I. have always defended his I
course against those wiro disapproved I
of it and even Mr. Elmore's falluro
to extend to his old comrade-in- arms I
the courtesy and consideration ot I
comparing ft rr mutual recollections I
of our conversations before permit- I
I ting The Intelligencer to publish his. I
I own Interpretation under flating head I
lines (without opportunity offered or
given me to reply simultaneously and
with equal publicity) does not change
I my view that Ex-Aldereoan Elmore
was sincere in his recent manful fight
against the "franchise" and was not
inconsistent, th afterwards favoring
the White Way..
On Thanksgiving day, according to
the editor of The Intelligencer, "an
other broadside''.' was fired at me
through the guns (columns) of a
neutral (t) port - (The Intelligencer)
by that trained captain of word ar
tillery and artfut inventor .of new
forms of word ammunition-^, Captain
H. Ii. W?tk???, ? TODurnan gent toman
and soldier woll known In the city
where he has been In training for his
present work of defending and invent
ing new methods of warf?-e for pub
lic service corporations for many
It the Captain's Thanksgiving
..brosdaide" or InslcuSUon; Innuendo
and cunningly devised offensiveness,
was intended to destroy the eatable,
nasa ot my Thanksgiving turkey try
poisoning the turkey thebroadside fail
ed to accomplish' tts purpose for none
of the shells used by the captain
struck, the turkey or burst" close
'enough to him to spoil his excellent
meat with their fumes.
The turkey saved, naturally. I, too,
had something to be thankful for dur
ing tb,?\t day of general thanksgiving
in sotte of the fact that gentlemen
m the city and suburbs are busily
try? hs to make ni? disregard Kipling's
injunction to "keep your head when
al', about you ar? losing theirs and
hi arning it on you."
ie Front Again
doughty editor of The Intelligencer,
Bteps out- loses his "head" by en
tangling it in inpertinent questions
and seeks to -.scape by blaming It on
ase? Next- wah studied simultaneous
ness- a tried and experienced colo
nel and a skilled captain of strategy
step out upon the-firing line to fight
to retain their official "heads" en
dangered by their own blundering by
-blaming lt on me.
Then steps out- nu. the board of
strategy skillfully pushes out- my
erstwhile fighting friend and comrade
in-arms, Ex-Alderman Elmore, who
cautiously seeks to retrieve his lost
"head" fey Mat?lag it OH a*S
With these gentlemen constantly
complaining that I wickedly caused
them to "lose" their precious "heads,"
is it any wonder tact I occasionally
seek to steady my nerves and clari
ty my perceptions by looking at the
humorous side of the spectacle of
grown tuen (an editor, a colonel, a
captain and an ex-franchise ..buster)
one by ono or by twos, passing in re
view before the Judgment bar of pub
lic opinion and defending themselves
by the. childish method of-blaming it
on me.
Before the last Ingeniously contri
ved attack upon roe by Captain Wat
kips appeared in The Intelligencer on
Thanksgiving morning, members of
the present city council and others,
who have a right to be considered and
whose views, and wishes I respect, re
quested me to ignore the fulminations
of the gentleman from the suburbs
and others unless in my Judgment
they were such as to demand reply in
defense of my professional and per
sonal honor. For this reason and, be
cause, I too,' recognize the futility ot
consuming time and thought in dis
cussing theso questions with paid of
ficials of Southern Public Utilities Co.
and other members of the general
board.'o? strategy ot the company
paid and unpaid, salaried and unsal
aried, regulars and volunteers- 1
shall decline to be drawn into addi
tional ^Mended discussions of' mat
ters and pointa connected with the
franchise and the White Way already
sufficieut'y presented by me for th?
I consideration of thoughtful and fair
? minded citizens. Hut there are certain
I veiled charges in Captain Watkins
I Thanksgiving offering-utterly for
? elga to the "franchise" or the "A*hiU
I Way. to which I ahali direct at? cation
I because of their In tend eu effect upon
the confidenc? of my peoplo in mj
rectitude of purpose, ability and ac
complishment in the performance ol
my duties as one of the city's attor
I ney* during the , four years ot Mr
Sherard's administration, tho tw<
I years of that of Mr. Hoi lem an and foi
I about three months as sole city trna?
j ney under Mayor'' Godfrey and thc
I present city council.
1 quote verbatim one of the Cap
tain's pussy-footed, sllp-up-be-hlnd
you allusions to my record as a pub
lie prosecutor to refresh the memor
les of ai oso who may navet redd 1
hastily and thereby missed some o
the "piten" concealed with such et
quislte artfulness wtthin lt.
Iteally v?r preteustrely - fprobabl;
the latter) provoked by nothing'mor
offensive or serious than my good-na
tured referenco to bis not being i
resident-Of the etty, the captain sud
denly discords hi* doak of dlgnlflc
and moderato statement . (seeming!
worn by-him only as a part c
his strategy) and writes about me a
follows, except italics:
,"lf I were to follow hie ex
ample in thia discussion, I might
suggest that X regret that tho pub
lic waa se leaf deprived of the
splendid* work which he finally
accomplished and that an earlier
clean-up at the hands v>f so oin
I clent a prosecutor had' not saved'
tho city the disgrace and aim0
Tillich rna riot so long."
I shall not attempt to compete with
the suburban gentleman in thc inven?
tion and uso of subtiles cf speech 1
and accusation but shall make a plain
and direct reply which he and all-who
read it will understand without ef
fort or quibble as to my meaning.
It is this: Whoever says, ?riles,
insinuates, suggests or hy cunningly
prepared phrases and sentences at
tempts to create the impression that ?
by indifference, neglect or in any oth
er way. I was responsible for "tba
disgrace and crime which ran riot so
long" in the city of Anderson-wheth
er he be a man of the professional
and social standing ot Captain H. H.
Watkins or a man lower in the scale
of human estimate of standing and
lesponsiblllty- is either a falsifier, tut
ignoramus, a resentful partisan de
signedly seeking tu injure or a dunce.
The Captain skilfully resorts to "I "
am informed" to wouvo into hlB' arti
cle suggestions and accusations not
Within his personal knowledge, which '
obviously opens tho door of our dis
cussion interminably us may be il
lustrated by Just a few Of tho many
[ "I-am-lnformcds" within my posses
sion about himji'.at now.
I I am informed that the captain":
recollection about the White
i Way contract la not onlv defac
tivc but that his mcnv)ry is equally
defective about his connection with
?ho franchise. It has been stated te
me that there in a letter or letters In
?he files of the Southern Public Utili
ty c om p..:: y from President Taylor
to Manager Orr, .mowing conclnusivc
ly that : tho captain was consulted
about the franchise and that this lut
ter or letters aro still in existence
unless destroyed since the present
controversy began a short while ago.
I am also informed that Mannger
Orr, President Taylor and perhaps
others-directly or indirectly intmjr
[ested- consulted tho captain . ?th.mt
I the franchise more than once toward
I the close of negotinttms- last winter.
I I am further informed that tho cap
tain actually prepared at least one if
not more of tf.e many sections ot tho
?"franchlse-contraC." at the request of
President Taylor br Mr. Orr or chang
ed and corrected to his own view one
section or more submitted to bim by
?one of them or another Ot the Com
pany's numerous officials.'
I When we step into the field of "I
am informed" tho possibilities are
limitless for both sides and prcfltlean
to either.
If the captain is sine pre in hilt be
lief that the action of thc present city
Council was a "repudiation" of a
morally binding obligation and, that
"his people" agree with bim in this
view. lask him to obtain the consent
of his "client" to agree to submit to
the qualified voters of the city the
question of authorising and ratifying
lbs "franchiee" and White Way "con
tract'' witboat any. litigation whatso
ever. He knows lt la only sideatep
picg thc issue to my the City Coun
cil alone has the pawer to order the
election upon a petition of freeholders
because his client is claiming that?
no'election ls necessary to make the
instruments valid. It his, client
is sincere, then his evident intention
is, lo test the right of the people to
vote in the courts and thus dem ive
them of the right to vote if in his
power to prevent by law or .to pre
vent it aa long as possible by litiga
tion and delay. Therefore, I say to
tho captain, if you aro tincere In your
belief that tho people agroe with your
"repudiation" view, why not advise
your, client ts? givo the people the op^
portunity to vote now without litl
gattea or delay and thus decide
whether or not they consider the acr
(ion of the present city Council a re
pudiation of an obligation of the city
If you decline to so advise,-you sro
convicted of insincerity or yon pre
fer the litigation and delay.
I conreas that I am not well train
ed for defense against the pussy-foot
ed-slip-up-behind-you methods of at
tack being employed by the. Captain
and others in their efforts to save
themselves from tho censure of Mr.
Duke (their real employer) .by blam
ing their blunders on me.
It is necessary of course that oftl
cials of a public service corporation,
members of a city council and city at
torneys, should employ a reasonable
degree of Becrccy in the formulation
of plans and policies in order that
they may not be made Ineffective or
bo weakened by premature publicity.
Tho greatest democrat In America
-President Wilson, has ' recognised
this and approved the principle by
applying lt to important affairs of our
So I havo no quarrel with the
Southern Public Utilities Company,
city councils or myself for refusing
.to divulge policies and plans until
their judgments dictate that the time
for divulgence is opportune and such
divulg?nos necessary and wise.
What I am devlins; with no? ?re the
secretly contrived and artistically
veiled attacks upon my official and
personal conduct, as city attorney and
as a citizen of Anderson interested
in tho permanent prosperity and fun
damental happiness of my people. It
is obviously unreasonable to expect
me to devote a gri deal of time and
thought to answering every Tom,
Dich and Harry- big or little, who
h?hn np In an unfriendly newspaper- -
(loudly proclaiming its neutrality, aa
Turkey did while German officers di
rected her ships) and whining
through it to the public: j
- Either this: "I didn't do it."
Or this: "If I did do it the city at-j
torney told me to do IL"
And this: "I did and I didn't, but, I
anyway, the city attorney didn't tell.
me not to do it." 'J
For this and other reasons I de- !
cline to be humiliated further by the
necessity of being forced (by news
paper rule of ethics requiring replies
to be published in the same news
paper in which articles replied to ap
pear) to make additional answer to
the whiners through tho Anderson In*
telligeneer I know-to be unfair and
unfriendly to mo in this fight, because
among other grounds for this belief,.
I know this paper has already par-i
posely violated a custom or mle of]
newspaper " the highest rank and
cha rac to i its seal to place me at
a disadvantage in presenting "my
olde" of a personal issuo relating to I
this controversy, and I will prove it ?
to tho satisfaction of fair-minded men
and readers.
Op account of thc newspaper rule
that I must. answer publications
through the paper in which, they ap
pear, unless refused permissliu to do
so, I went to Tho Intelligencer office
about 6:30 p. m. on last Saturday a
wwk ago, with my first reply to Capt,
Watkins. BoU the editor end the re
porter were In end the former prompt
ly accepted my reply for publication.
As 1 turned to go the editor himself
began a conversation in regard to tho
rroposcd citizens btw and order
league very pleasantly, l responded
cot ' tcously. We chatted for several
minutes and I asked for permission to
return later and read tho "prot?" o*
my reply to Captain Watkins. Thi'j
was freely granted with Instructions,
to return about 8 p. m. for that pur
pose. About 8 o'clock I returned and
read the'proof and was in the office
15 minutes or more. Tho editor was
not then , in but the reporters wero
all there and during my first visit
Mr. M. M. Matttson, president of the
Intelligencer Company, came in and
saw me there.
I know ' how. but did not know'
upon either visit, that the Elmore In
terview had teen obtained by The tn?
telligeneer before either of my visits
te The Intelligencer effie* and yet
neither the president of the Company,
the editor or any of the reporters
as'-ed me for a statement of "my aide"
of ibo matter or offered me the oppor
tunity ot being "interviewed".In or
der-that the publie might get both
aides at the same time and with equal
Company buying and sending out hun
dreds of coplea of The Intelligencer
at tts own expense ar.d with occur-j
ronces like the above, is it strango
that even Btrong frier.ds of The In- t
telligencer -who wish lt well and
want to be convinced of lu mlrnecs j
and disinterestedness- are at last
convinced that The Intelligencer is
hopelessly partisan in Its defense of
thc Utilities Company and its contro
versies and hopelessly unfair to U??*e
who differ from it on thcte questions.
After such treatment of me person*
ally I feel compelled to hereafter ig
nore any further attacks through its
partisan ' columns and I believe all
fair-minded readers will agree with
me-without rcard to their views
for or again?* the Southern Public
Utilities Cjmpany-. that my course
is reasonable and proper.
I submit for the earnest considera- !
tion of thoughtful, fair-minded. peo
= :lhoat regard to tbsir ?evra for
or against the Southern Public Util
ities Company in this controversy,
that lt is Just as important for the
general welfare, if not -more so, that
they be fully informed of thc policy
and attitude ot their newspapers in
the gathering and distribution of
nowa aa it is that they be Informed
of the official and personal policy
and attitude of their city attorney in
his investigation and treatment of
public questions, lt is, I frankly con
cede, the clear duty of a newspaper
of high rank and'character to give to
the public important, pertinent and
?BD?uiiai information, relating to the
city attorney's official policy or ac
tions on any public question, hut lt is
equally such paper's duty1 to the pub
lic and its readers, to obtain, pre
pare and publish this information
with scrnpluoua fairness in order, that
the public and its readers may get lt
all without advantage or favoritism
in the distribution of any particular
portion of lt. In the present contro
versy snd in the* weary fight last som
mer and winter, I respected the ob
ligations of friendship and regard for
another by refraining from attacking
his methods (except once very mild
ly) even in self-defense snd even
when I know he was deliberately us
ing The Intelligencer In s persistent*
ly partisan way to compass the "pas- !
sage" of tho "franchise."
But I con no longer permit thoso
obligations to fetter my freedom of
speech when I have patiently waited
and havo become convinced that no
obligation ot friendship Ve regard for'
me is uelng or will be considered sut?
dolent to afford me even the protec
tion of fairness In the Intelligencer's
warfare upon me.
Disgusted with the superficial f ne
cessity of striking at a brilliant young
reporter, who, like a good soldier,
merejy obeyed instructions skilful
ly and well, I have decided to strike
the really responsible man-tho presi
dent of the Anderson Intelligencer
Company, Mr. M. M. Mallison, who
h?s been eermiits? ts direct ?ie ?iu?
icy of his -pHi-tr Z*A to the franchise
and has ?irec'?d lt with deliberate
partisans!lp trota the beginning until
it ls no Justification. for partisan
unfairness'that the financial burdens
ot the paper rest heavy on his shoul
It vms no Justification for deliber
ate suppression of the "other aide" of
thia question last summer and win
ter, that the directing mind believed
the passage of the franchise a splen
did accomplishment for Anderson.
It ie no Justification for unfair War
fare upon the city attorney that the
man directing tha policy of the paper
In this fight wishes him well in other
battles not interfering with bis own
plans and ambitions for . himself and
the city.
It ls no unforgivable offenso to
direct a partisan policy for a news*
paper without protegee of neutral
ity, but to persistently try .to ?aka
the people believe that* a ' partisan
policy Is In fact perfectly fair and
neutral is a sor lout Offenau against
the community.
It is of more far-reaching Impor
tance than the record ot the city at
torney now being examined tor parti
san purposes.
There aro hundreds of thoughtful
people in the city and outside of it
who believe, as I believe, that the -An*
der son In telliz ".r under Mr. Mat?
tlson's direcf i.g i sponsibllfty. could
not be more < ' - dly utilized for tho
benefit of '.' u v?n: Public Utili
ties Company ?_ . ... Z. V. Taylor him
self was sole ovner, di tor and re- .,
The tactics no v be&g employed are
almost ah exact replica of the tactics
used last summer and winter to put
'through" the franchise. They remind
one of the. tactics of tho Germans in
the European war.
They began the present hattie with
the present eity council with a troop
cf editorial^ deployed s?d IS=2;.UV?V-'
ed by. the Intelligencer as a sort of
advance cavalry to "feel out" tho
enemy's positions, andi aa a "screen"
to hide the long-ranged guns brought
into action later by a skilled colonel
and captain of artillery. Thc revelry
movement, not being very , successful,,
the guns were forced to fire without'
accurate ' rang?" and did very little
Now In desperation tho board of
strategy decides that a nanhmg move- -
ment may save tho day and It appeals
to Mr. Elmore to serve them with al*
leged Information obtained by hint'
while fighting for a long time under
another flag.
If methods ot publie, service . war
fare like this prove successful -and
they may for all I - now know
and as a result great material pros
perity and material expansion come
to our city-- may God save our pjs?*J -
pie who are asked to enjoy material
properity and expansion gained by
such a sacrifice ot their soif-respect
and independence!
'.'hey demand 'peace," while, like):
the Kaiser, they rattle their swords.
They fight hy the Prussian code and
the cynical standard that a "good
war" needs no Justification but ita
own strength and power to conquer
and desti\>>.
Nov 28, 1914.
. !
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