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croo Doi oto
Is Made in the Appearance of the
Streets After Removal of
The tavk of cuffing: down some ICO
poles which supported wires and
?erial cables of the Southern Bell
Telephone and Tel?grafo company
before the installation of the under
ground cable system was begun yes
terday morning under the direction of
Foreman Yarborough of the telephone
company. The first of the tall poles
taken down was that which stood in
iront of the office of the Western
tinton Telegraph Company. The rath
er Interesting operation was viewed
by a large crowd ot onlookers.
- The force engaged in the work
Make use of a gin pole which ls sup
ported on the rear end of a wagon.
?lopes are fastened about the pole that
s to be taken down and by means
nf the block and tackle of the gin
pole the larger pole ls lowered to the
ground when lt has been cut through
kt the base with an axe. Several polee
mere removed during the day and in
auch instance the work was accom
plished without mishap. A Vast Im
provement ia made In the general ap
pearance of the streets on which the
bid telephone poles have been taken
' For the past several days the tele
phone forces have been engaged In
taking down the old cables and mes
senger wires. The last messenger
jwlre, between Morris and Greenville
streets, was removed Friday. ' When
''.the work of cutting down tho poles,
fwhich wss started yesterday, ls com
?leted the last part of the old aerisl
System wilt bave been wiped out.
' The equipment ot the telephone
Company In the old Webb building bas
peen dismantled and packed up for
shipment Just where lt will be sent
liss not yet been determined. The
company's lesses on the quarters In
Che Webb building will expire in the
near future.
decently the telephone company
moved into its handsome new home on
fest Whltner street, and next Tues
afternoon end evening a recep
will be given at the new quar
for the general public. Invtta
lous have been extended the pat
is of the company to attend the
Bptlon. Several of the higher of
ils of the company will be on band
Nj the function. The plant will he
for general inapectlon and many
tings of Interest will be shown.
Army Machine
Powerful F
United States Military Academy E
In Their Annual Football Ga
(By AMovinted Pren.)
United State? Military Academy de
feated the Naval Academy 20 to 0 in
their annual football game here today.
Tbe superiority of the cadets waa aa
marked aa the score ind?cate?. Once
the powerful Army machine started its
work for the Initial touchdown the
ultimate outcome rever WSB in doubt.
The Midshipmen were outplayed and
outclassed in every department and
but for their splendid fighting spirit
in the face of certain defeat the score
would have been even Urger.
Although the game lacked the close
ness and thrill that has featured
Army-Navy battles of other years, it
furnished the splendid scenic picture
which distinguished it from all oth
er games of the season.
The University of Pennsylvania ath
letic amphitheatre was thronged with '
33,000 spectators. Every available
foot of space in both permanent and
temporary stands waa occupied. The
color? of the competing academies !
were everywhere, and as supporters of
both the Army and Navy followed
every cue given by the cheering
squads of sailors and soldiers the
long oval shaped stand surrounding
the field was constantly a ripple with
the hues of either West Point or An
The touch of militarism given by
the uniformed and marching wards of '
Uncle Sam, before and after the game,
set the hearts of thousands ufutter.
Even the weather man entered into (
the spirit of the occasion, providing,
a perfect afternoon.
The ball scarcely had been put in i
play when it became evident the Mid* |
dies could not ?top the smashing at
tack of their rivals. Each .earn in
turn tried out the opponent's defense,,
but at first there waa no continuity in
the play of either eleven. As a re
sult punting was resorted to and the
Army's first score came aa a result ]
of these exchsnges. Coffin kicked from |
the Cadet's 40-yard Une and the ball |
rolled to the Navy's five-yard Une '
where ntodgett fell- on lt His st-!
tempt' to punt from behind his own |
gool line was blocked and he tell on
the ball for a safety.
The second period upened with the
ball In possession of the Middles.
They could make little progress
through or around tho Army line. The
Cadets gained on every exchange ot
punts, and when Blodgett fumbled one
of Coffin's kicks Merrilat fell on tho
ball on the Navy 15-yard line. .. The
Army secured its first touchdown
when Prichard made a perfect tor
ward pass to Merrilat, who ran across
fte line without opposition. The try
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Proves Too
or Midshipmen
Icieats Navy Aggregation 20 to 0
me-Army-Navy Series Now
a Tie.
I for goal failed.
I The second touchdown was made on
! a repetition of these plays. The Navy
kicked off and the Army returned the
punt. Blodgett again fumbled and
again an alert Cadet player fell on the
I ball on the Middies' 36-yard mark.
I Line plunges tailing to gain. Prichard
i shut the ball overhead to Merrilat.
j who was downed on the Navy's one
yard line. Hodgson plunged over for
, a touchdown. McEwan failed to kick
The Middies fought desperately In
the third period and although they
never threatened the Army goal, they
kept their own reasonably safe.
In the final quarter a punting duel |
quickly developed, working the ball
within striking distance of the Mid
dles' goal. The soldiers uncovered an
Told fashioned attack which proved ir
resistible. By short line plunges and
end runs the ball was carried a few
yards at a time. Then Quarterback
Prichard switched his tactics and
made a forward pass to Merrilat, who
crossed the last five-yard line before
he was downed. Prom here Benedict
carried the ball over In two plunges.
Again the Army failed at goal.
As a result of todsy's victory the
Army-Navy series which began in
1890 stands a tie. Bach academy baa
won nine games of the 19 played. The
1905 contest ended with the score 6
to 6.
The result today also rounded out
'a triumphant season for the Army,
which now takes fts place as one of
the very few eastern institutions to
complete the 1914 campaign without
being either defeated or tied.
Captain Overesch; Quarterback
Miles and Halfbacks Craig and Hurl
hurt all figured prominently for the
Captain Prichard and Merrilat, be
cause of thler perfect work on forward
passes, were the Army stars. Every
touchdown made by the Cadets was
due to this method of advance. Mc
Ewan at center was a tower of defense
for the line. Hodgson was the best of
the secondary line in this respect.
Members of the president's cabi
net, admirals, generals, members of
congress and other notables, togeth
er, with society leaders and other pro
minent personages from throughout
the eastern part of the country watch
ed the game.
Official Washington was there in
force. The secretaries of war, navy,
interior, commerce and labor, the
postmaster general and the attorney
general ?ach headed a party which
came on a special train. Admiral
Dewey, General Leonard Wood, and
Major General Hugh L. Si ott were
among the members of the two
branches of the services whose pres
ence was hailed with applause. A
Hst ot rear admirals and brigadier
generals present would furnish an al
most complete registry of these
gradea. Governor Tener, of Pennsyl
vania, and Governor Goldsborough, of
Maryland, were among the chlew State
executives present.
Champ Clark, speaser ot tne nation
al house of representlves, was a
guest of Assistant Secretary of War
Colonel Clarence P. Townley, sup
erintendent ot the West Point Mili
tary Academy, and Captain William
F. Fullam, ot the Naval Academy, oc
cupied boxea on opposite sides ot the
Ties Up Championship.
RICHMOND, Va.. Nov. 28.-Rich
mond College, by defeating Randolph
Macon IS to 0 here today, tied up the
football championship of the Eastern
Virginia Intercollegiate Association
with Hampden-Sldney. One of Hamp
den-Sldney'a games, however, waa won
on a forfait from Richmond College,
and- the former's representative on
the athletic board announced today
that he would have to have the for
feit rescinded t.hus > giving the title
to. the local school. Today's game
was herd .fought sad a brilliant exhi
bition ot straight sod open football.
Only three forward passes were Work
ed successfully, two being to the cre
dit of Richmond. Two touchdowns
were scored, one on a wide end run,
the other on a straight Une plunge.
Several times Randolph-Macon threat
ened to score bot was held by the
strong Richmond Une. _ . .
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teresting and profitable for men to know about.
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The One Price Clothiers
Substantial Increase Drer Regalar
Dividends Credited la 1914
Is Made tar 191.?
In 101S Company Declared $867,906
Special Dlrldeed-Remarkable
Series of Achievements.
. Another Increase In dividends by
the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance
Company is announced in the follow
ing letter to agents, signed by Presi
dent Frellnghuysea:
"The regular dividends to. be cre
dited to premium paying policies
(except five yeer term policies) upon
their anniversaries in 1915 will show
a substantial Increase over the regular
dividends credited In 1914 Such in
crease resalta from the fact that it
has become unnecessary for the Com
pany to retain for expehses and con
tingencies as large a portion of that
part of the stipulated premiums pro
vided therefor aa has heretofore been
retained for auch purpose. The in
crease, therefore, fl del not affect paid
up policies, upon which premiums are
not being paid."
IO connection with the announce
ment that dividends for 1915 on pre
mium paying life and endowment poli
cies will be increased substantially
over those payable on similar policies
in 1914 -it is worth while to call at
tention to the following record of the
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Com
pany covering the past seven years.
In 1907 the Mutual Benefit still fur
ther liberalised for both old and nsw
policies, Its non-forfetlture system
adopt*- in 1879 and modified in 1896
and 1900.
In 1908 the Company established a
suspended mortality fund, which re
lieves lt ot the necessity of changing
its dividend scale to meet fluctuations
. ? ? ? 1-" ' 1
in death losses from year to year.
In 1910 the Company established a
real estate depreciation fund. In 1911
it established a security filiation
fund and made a further increase In
Ita dividend scale for 1912. lia 1912
the Company established higher re
serves for; policies issued prior to
1900, and provided that thereafter the
loan and surrender values of, such
policies should be based upon such
higher reserves.'
Special Dividends.
ir. 1913 the Company declared a
special dividend of $867,000. In 1914
lt paid a special dividend of $801,000,
and adopted an increased dividend
scale for the year 1915.
It ?rill be noticed that the several
increases In the Mutual Benefit divi
dend scale and the declaration of
special dividends . have followed the
establishment of contingency r?serve?
computed noon a mathematical basis,
ead which Benefit against those con
tingencies to In the light of past ex
perience are which all life insurance
companies are amply sufficient to pro
teci tho Mutual life.-The Eastern Un
derwriter. ,
A Tiro Reel Kslem-?Drama. <
. H.ii ,1 ? ., . i . A. M. PlNJ?STUly, Uwner and Manager u - |
A Musical Comedy Aggregation ol Beauty? Frivolity? and Mirth consisting mostly of Girls, with REAL Comedians.
' ? : ' ? ?. -- MOVIES FOR MONDAY
l-jvo Reel Kuletn Pnunev, VrbagYaph-Comedy..
Mr, Pinkston says:-"! personally Guarantee the Show coming this week to be the : Best yet shown in Anderson."

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