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Change In Location
I am now located over W.
A. Power's grocery store at
212 1-2 S. Main Street. I
thank my friends tor their
past patronage and ask con
tinuance of same'
I make plate? nt $6.50
I make gold crowns at$4.00
Silver fillings, 50c and op.
Gold fillings $1.00 and cn
Painless Extracting 4Ck\
I make a specialty of
treating Pyorrhea, Alveo
litis of the gums and all
crown and bridge work and
regulating mal formed teeth.
All work guaranteed first
______ N
"TIZ" make? sore, buming, tired feet
fairly d?nee with delight. Away go the
.ches and pains, the corne, callouses,
blisters ?ad bunions.
" TIZ " drawa
out the acida and
poisons that puff
up your feet. No
matter how hard
?ou work, how
ong you dance,
how far you
walk, or how long
you remain on
your feet, "TIZ"
bringa restful
foot comfort.
"TIZ" is won
derful for tired,
aching, swollen, smarting feet Your teat
just tingle for joy; shoes never hurt or
seem tight.
Ort a 25 cent box of "TIZ" now from
any druggist, or department store. End
font torture forever-wear smaller shoes,
vour fest fresh, sweet and bann^
Tickets to points East ot
West ot Ohio And Potomac RI
16th to 25th Inc,, and 81 ah
January 6th, 1215.
Tickets to Arkansas, OM
ssl? Dee, 20, 21 and ?, wit
18th. 1615.
Tickets to points tn lllinc
Nebraska, and Wisconsin, wi
to 24th inc and 20, 30 and SI
18th, 1115.
Por tickets, through Polin
information. call on Ucket a
W. R. TABER, T. P. A., W.
Greenville, 8.-C.
Commerica? a
(By Aiaceiatod Pr??.)
NEW YORK. Dec. 9.-- The broadei
inquiry (or Investment issues which
followed the recent announcement
that the stock exchange will reopen
next Saturday for dealings in stocka,
lost rons of ita scone today. Prices as
a whole were fully maintained ana
in one Important instance-* the New
York city 3 per cent three-year notes
-a new record of 104 1-2 was attain
ed. Honda were inclined to react in
the later dealings, the underlying is
sues of some southern roads showing
marked declines
Ssocks moved irregularly according1 ! '
to lists submitted by the exchange, ,
and the number of issued)showed some-?
contraction. About the only important !
stock that sold above yesterday's best i.
was Reading.
Exchange on Berlin and Hamburg,
while less active than recently, over
shadowed all other features in the
market for foreign remittances. Ca
bles oh Berlin touched 93, the high?
eat quotation of the. present move
PoBlp^iamen?. c: regular quarterly
dividends by the New York dural
and Hud BO-i F.vi-r Railroad sui tho
Lake 8h>ra and Michigan So Uh fr rt
Railway ojfv'cd considerable discus
sion In the financial district, Until .ty
was learned the two companies which
sie to be co:\;*rVfdated at the ban
ning of the coming year, probably Ju
tend to deem *e a oint dividend on tho
increased cap-.?*ligation.'
Proposals for, the shipment of a
large noiou'it ?1 ?te ,1 tlea to Europe
suggested a renewal ot foreign bay
ing of this character and the domes
tic situ-Uion- was improved by the
placing of some !??l*ge orders lat
freight ?ara. General tuying of m'r
cellaneous order was in excess of io
cent weak*, acordiag to trade author
ities, hilt far beiow ihe normal.
New York Cotton
NEW YORK, Dec 9.-Reports of in
crease southern spot offerings and
New Orleans selling orders gave the
cotton market rather an unsettled
tone today, and the close wad steady
at a net decline ot 2 to 9 points.
The market opened steady at a de
cline of 1 to 2 points in sympathy with
easier Liverpool cables. Trading was
very quiet during the morning but
offerings increased shortly after mid
day and there seemed to be very lit
tle buying power around the ring. De
cember was relatively steady while
March and the later months closed
about 8 to 9 points net lower.
Details ot the proposed cotton loan
plans, as published before the open
ing created rather abeartsh impres
sion on sentiment. The main factor on
the afternoon decline, however, appear,
ed to be the increased southern offer
ings, ana reports of ah easier turn in
the spot situation.
Spot cotton quiet; middling uplands
7.60; Gulf 7.76. No eales.
Cotton futures closed steady.
Open high low close
January .. ..7.19 - - 7.14
March. ..7.88 7.39 7.32 7.SS
May. ..7.66 7.58 7.61 7.61
July..?..7. i S 7.74 7.67 7.?7
October.8.00 8.00 7.92 7.92
New Orleans Cotton
NEW ORLEANS, Dec 9.--Cotton fell
away under the pressure of hedge
selling today, preserving a. good tone
until late in the session but closing
easy at the lowest of tho day, a net
loss of 8 to 12 points. Some invest
ment baying-was noted in the morn
ing, but in the afternoon the market
had little support.
The loss of one-alxteenth tn local
spot prices and of one-eighth at Dal
las, where middling was quoted, ft
6 3-4 and sales ot 14,149 bales were re
ported, created rather an unfavorable
lmpreasloh. In shipping circles it waa
said exporters were biding three dol
lars, a hundred pound for cotton room,
from Gulf ports to. Bremen. Local
ly?: two of the largest steamship Unes
entering this port withdrew freight
rates to English ports. This wss tak
en to mean by some that their ships
Mississippi River, South and
iver will be on salo December
d.Jan. 1st, with return limit
ahorna, and Texas will be on
h final return limit January
ils, Iowa, Minnesota. Missouri,
ill be on sale december lath
lat, with return limit January
ian respiration and complete
gtnLy.ofc1 write,'
:i.-Mc0*t^ A. A..'
Columbia, S. C.
aid Financial " 1
tad already booked f?ll cargoes but
>y others was thought to mesa 4uat a
laval battle might be impending.
Foreign exports for the day totalled
(4,9(6 bales, bringing exports for the
tesson up to 1,060,237 bales. Spot cot
on quiet; sales on the spot 300; to
irrire 1,000.
Cotton futures closing t
January 7.04; March' 7.18; May
f.37; Jnly 7.57; October 7.82.
O ??
Liverpool Cotton
LIVERPOOL^ Doc. 9.-Cotton, spot
inlet; prices steady; American mid
liing fair 6.26; good middling 4.62;
nlddllng 4.30; low middling 3.90;
food ordinary .3.26; ordinary 2.80.
ialea 3,000 bales, including 5.300
American and 500 for speculation and
sxport Receipts 20,293 bales, includ
ng 18343 American.
Futures closed quiet May-Juno 4.10;
ruly-Aug?st 4.10; October-November
1.26 1-2; January-February 4.31 1-2
Cotton Seed Oil
NBW YORK, Dec. 9.-Cotton seed
til was higher early on the firmness.
>f crude holders but prices turned j ;
tasy later under selling by the west
md an attempt on the part of refiners
0 liquidate. some of their holdings.
nomi prices were unchanged ot 2
mints net higher for leading months.
Sales 14,700 b?rrela.
The market closed steady. Spot
?.85(3)6.00; December 6.8606.88;
Tanuary 6.9606.98; January 0.070
I.ll; March 6.1706.18; April 6.260
1.29; May 6.3706.38; June 6.470
5.49; July 6.56?g.58,
Dry Goods
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.-An order for
>00,000 yards of wool khaki for army
overcoatings and suitings for foreign
shipment was placed here today.
Worsted yarns were firm. Wool shoddy
md coarse wool were active and ad
vancing. Cotton yarns, were dulfc A
general revision in bleached cotton
waa expected.
Money Market
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.-Call money
iteady; high 4; low 3 1-2; ruling rate
1 1-2; last loan 4; closing bid 3 1-2 ;
last offered 4.
Closing; Mercantile paper 4 1-40
I 1-2. Sterling exchange heavy; 60
lay bills 4.8475; for cables 4.8725. Bar
diver 49 3-4.
Chicago Grain
CHICAGO, Deo, 9.-The Illness ot
:he German emperor and possibilities
?f its becoming a factor for peace had
ouch to do today with a decided
lownturn In wheat. The i.arket clos
;d heavy, 7-801 to 11-8 under last
light Corn finished a sixteenth to
L-8 off, oats down 1-103-8 to 1-2 and
provisions varying from 5c decline to
h rise of ? 1-?.
Grain and provisions closed;
Wheat, December 1.15 5-8; May
L.20 3-8.
.-Corn, December 62 3-8; May 68 1-2.
Oats, December 47; May 51 1-8. '
Cash grain: Wheat, No. 2 red.
L.16 7-801,17 3-4; No. 2 hard, 1.16
L-801.17 1-2. .
Corn, No. 2 yellow old, 63 1-2064;
lew 82 1-2063.
Oats, standard, 47 3-4048 1-4. .
Live Stock
CHICAGO, Dec. 9.-Hogs weak.
Sulk .i. 1007.46; light, 6.9007.65v
nixed 6.9007.66; heavy 6.8507.50;
ough 6.8507; pigs 5.6007.60.
Cattle firm. Christmas show yeari
nga |13; other holiday beeves 10.760
2; native steers 6.70010.70; cows
md heifers 3.2508.50; calves 0.500
Sheep firm- 8hocp 5.2006.25; yeari
nga 51260^85;, 'lambs , 6.4008.60.
i ? ' -L
Resident of Franc? Bettows Highc
ment Unan Myron T. Horri
Services WMle Amk
NEW YOl&i.Dec,9-Th^GrsndCross
if the Legion of Honor is pu, its way
rom the President ot France ta lr
on T. Herrick. In recognition of *ft.
lerrlck's services lo the French pCO
de white ambassador td France. Mr.
lerrlck waa decorated yesterday with
??mbeaa, acting vn wireless or
from the French ambassador at
??htngton, who said ho wss acting
mder instructions Of Piesldent Pom
are. ? ? ? ?*
The decoratiop. was P?ed upon Mr.
lorrlck's coates soon as tbs steamer
?ached the thre? mlle ec* limit Of
LmaricAn sovereignty., Announcement
? the bestowal pf the honan was made
oday when the Rochambeau decked.
Tao Grand Cross of the Legion of
io.ior. is the .highest honor which th*
ae^fcr welcome waa itve? |
ing ambassador and Ina wile
?hen the bessel d~Jked. The pass**
eera, oee?ly *n ?**rtos France.,
tatt the rail and cBeered es Mr. ana i
iTfc flerrlcfc ertJke?f?own the^gen*?1
dank; and the etieerinrwae take? up
tf hartiWof twa* who had goae
o\he pier to e*e*t hl??en. ^belt ot
etty, State; cation and the ?ate ot
? Kerrick declined to.talk for _
tioh upon "nia experiences
Trance. >
Mr. Herrick appeared ; to he aw*
rhea he heard he had been meaxft
Cr tho 191? Republicen presWetv
Patted Upon nt Regalar Monthly
V se tin g-Six Seek Admirion
to County HOOK.
Proposition?, leaking toward the
taking orer of two new roads by the
county, ona le the lower section and
the other _i Pendleton, are under con
iidciatlon hy the board of county
Tommissionera,* the matter haring
boen presented to them at their regu
lar monthly meeting Tuesday morn
One of the. new roads begins at Dr.
W. O. Witherspoon's mail box and ex
tends In the direction of, Brown's Per
ry, across Savannah river. The com
nisaloners agreed to accept the road
provided the gradea are of satisfactory
?aturo. The other .road ,extends from
Pendleton to Fant'a grove, and in this
instance the board decided to accept
the highway provided the gradea are
The commissioners passed on a
[argo number of claims and the p?ti
llons of some six persons who wish
admittance to the county home. The
county home has at present 65 in
mates, which ia about the capacity ot
the. institution. As a rule the home
ass a populatlop of about 40 people.
Hr. K4ng expressed himself as high
ly pleased with the affaira of the coun
ty hospital. The upper porches have
been converted into sun parlors by
enclosing them with glass. The insti
tution as present hes about as many
Inmates as it can conveniently care
for. scccording to the supervisor.
The annual meeting of the board
will be held on Thursday after the
first Monday in january.
Orders Departure of
British Colliers
PANAMA. Dec. 9.-Colonel Goethals
Issued instructions today for the im
mediate departure from Panama of tho
British colliers Kirnwood and Rod
dam. That was done to avoid any ques
tion of the good faith of' tho United
States over the observance of neu
trality, i
The incident arose trota inquiries
made by Slr C. Mallet, tho British
minister resident, as to whether these
colliers would bo permitted to coat
British worships in waters of the
canal zone.
Won't Leste Philadelphia.
* ' (By Assasrirrt Vrec.?
PHILADELPHIA, rye. o.-w#,vt
leave Philadelphia," said Connie Mack,
bf the Philadelphia Athletics, today
when bis attention was called to a re
port that he might manage the New
york American League baseball team
next year. "I am well satisfied here,"
he added, "and I am laying plana for
tho 1916 season. I may have to build
up a new team, but I have done that
[Thamberlalnw Cough Remedy-The !
Mothers* Favorite.
mt give Chamberlain's Cough Home
ly to my children when they have
?olds or coughs," writes Mrs, Verne
Shaffer, Vandergrift, Pa. It always
?elps them and is tar superior to any
>ther cough medicine I have used. I
idvise anyone In need of such a med
cine to give it a trle?." Por aale hy j
ai dealers.
tt Honor o? tire Frese? Govern-]
ickmRecogtiit??nof H<*
??ontlnr to France.
nomination. (
"I do hot want to talk politics,'* nari
?ali "if shy credit ls due me for th?
(mall part I have played, ? do not
vant to capitalise it"
Mr. Herrick la the only llvjng Am'rt
?n to wear the Grand Cross of the
legion of honor. So fas as Is known,
io other American Was ever ?hus qe
iorated in tho 112 years that have
jAsaed since the order waa created by
Napoleon Bonaparte,
Hr*. McClain's Experience With Creep
"When my boy. Ray. was small he
rad, subject to croup, and I was el
rays alarmed at such time*. Cha?n
tetiahVe Cough Remedy proved far
>etter than any othir for thia trouble,
t always relieved htm< quickly. I
mi never without It in tho house fori
: khow ft Ja a* positive cure for croup." j
Vrtted Mrs. W. H. ftoClain. Blatrs
The presents this year should be articles of real merit and usefulness.
This being essentially a ladies store, catering tQ the wants of women,
renders ? a safe and ideal place to buy gifts.
For this Christmas we have secured some exceptionally fine articles and
dress embellishments, so dear to the heart of women.
They are fine high-grade things and will olease in every instance, and the
scope of our variety is so extensive as to please every fancy and accomo
date every purse.
A Few Suggestions :
Beyond all question-the Pr?t- Ladies' and Gent's Hine A Fine line of Beautiful Furs
tiest Dolls in Anderson. Be Umbrellas. A swell assort- brought on Specially for thc
sure to see them. Dolls of all ^^i^'??^^S Holiday?, Priced from $2.50
sizes and kinds. pretty handles at. moderate .*"\
See Show Window. prices. 10 *00-<">.
Silk Hosiery in Holiday
Silk Waists in Holiday
Initial Handkerchiefs,
in different quality of
linen, and other sheer
Leather Purses, ind
Party Boxes.
Gloves, in a great varie
Scarfs and Cluny
Table Linens in a wide
variety of patterns and
Center Pieces of Hand
Dainty Lunch Clothes.
Cor?age Bouquets.
Hand Embroidered Pil
low Tops.
Genuine Parisian Ivory
in Toilet Sets and a
great variety of odd
Silver Mesh Bags.
Fancy Silver Hair Pins*
and other Hair Orna
? t tv*
.Collar and Cuff Sets;
The great fundamental principal of and answer another; namely: Where A,,_ "?W?t-,_a"* x,v~
all human law ls to command what did God first reveal hie way, his ?upr Rf^e ff!???.%K,t,S
ls right and prohibit what ie wrong, moral way. to ran? How did ho ^,?.fiS ^.rSKK?
All human law, then as based upon di- first reveal to Wm the right aa* :J???clarse. .V*W *9?} J**
vine law and grow? out cf !L It is s .-ros? of th???? Where oin ho first T?
simple and yet a magnificent cbncep- write his moral' law? There Ia but nw ?a*?l *eem 10 c?f*
tlon. Tho great first cause that soma one answer to that question, Hi ._ ?" t , -
scientists talk about, the groat con- wrote lt on th? heart cf man; he 7?e devil hates the church, hgt ha
tlnulng energy that holds creation up, made it upon the heart of inner life "*..? tte work *om* tgh-Vowa do
about which some pbllcrophers talk, by thst mysterious process that still ?n ?*- _
tho great supreme intelligence about small voice with which he communl- . --
which others talk, all mean one thing oates to every human being. .He has Were half the power that Alls the
andi only one, and that thcro ls one always been doing that; he is still | world with terror,
great, supreme, indefinite Spiritual doing lt, and no word of command Were half the wealth bestowed on
personality in tho* universe the' we that was ever spoken by the father of! . camps and courts,
call Qed; that he ts eminent constant- an ancient family, the chief ot a.Given to redeem the human mind
ly arr. consciously in all that he has tribe, the king of a realm, the pope oft froth error. .:,
created, just as you and X in our a church or the sacred book ot a There were no need cf arsenals or
spiritual personalities are eminent church has ever had or ever will forts.
constantly and consciously ia our en- have abiding authority except as the --
Ure national bodies, which ?re build- command or that word baa found re- AtreWie, , V*,"
ed around our spiritual personalities, oponss in the hearts of men, in the Advertising not only strengthen*
That He has a way fdr things to gol. treat heart of mankind, where God the existing confidence back of an ari
there ls only ona right way. lu continually w.-iting his law. Our tide, bu,t lt creates moro confidence.
? "He has a way for the rose to grow, great end and. object then should be The moro advertising .TOfc/.dXiJB?
for the lilly to unfold;,? way tor stare tn see, te lt first of all that our laws more) confidence yon ctas^\^jUf&|k
and moon and sun, and he has a way are right-that ls. that they are right- securing pf confidence ls thesecorRy
for man to go; a way he wanta him eons, thst they square with ethe great ot success. Some af the jHHHDH
to live in his own individual life and law of righteousness written upon ventk.no ot history have exlttod-,do
as that life touches other lives and the bevt ot nnmkhjd, and then to go ekisb-but are uakhown^-thlAg*. tbj?t
the great purpose of the law ls to forth7 to* ase that they are righteously might b&ve pushed elvi Oration far
discover that way, to find this right Interpreted, rigidly enforced and ward by years and years-lojrt apd
way for man and to keep him, in lt. strictly kept. buried through lack ot advertising.
It is thlu and this alone, finally, that -- Advertise.
gives authority to law and through Hats off to Hon. J. K. Hood! Wheo' , L,-r.- ..
law to governments.. The worie has God made men Hs made Col. J .KY ThereV eomethbV to^ba thantrful for.
Men; tn oh? quest for authority. The Hood out of His hast material. &? matter how. things fe.
hurgan heart seems to hunger . fdr The town ot Anderson ia always No ena to *n otu*, blesstngsr er-wo
tMt which can not hp aawiat^ only count'om so. .
an authrtf-tive resting place. Bask heaved andTit wddldrWtpiesse ? few An' even it you/re out of sorb et
tn the primitive daya of mans history WB0 8impiy ?tay there, these few, ?ck, or sad .oeTv??yV..
was vested in the head of the family, would bo better off. it they moved '??t thank the Lord you're Hv?V, et
Ho held the very lives of the iamtly away-so would good old Anderson. joh cant do aattjei
In hi* han**; no one dared to dispute -~- UNCL$ DAV&
or question his authority in anything. Elka Hatte. . ? .-i, r- 1' ?
A littte Utir with /the further devel- we none of us know one another. Many Kitted hy Earthquake,
opment of tl? human race autfeoriiy .-And ?*t Into error we fall; LIMA. Peru. Dec. ?.--An ^eartht
was centered, in the chief ot a tribe Then let us speak weil ot a brother, quake yesterday ?id edbatderaWe
abd still later In the ruler or a na- or not speak about him at all, , damage to the interior towns of Law
tlon. Tho king could db no wrong The faults rf our brothers we writo pa. Colts and Pansa. Porty bodies
vee the .theory, .bat, he? did. do .wrong, . upon i^e ssnds. have been recovered from ?recked
^?J^J; Tfoir virtues upon tab^of;love.ar.d, houses. u | ^ " ~"
?fHsf ^?????^ I^Tr^AftDraiSoW nrnSLLIGEMCER I
j that -' question - OB y
The people gst along because the
majority of them are moved by a de
sire to do the right thing.

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