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We Can Raise
Your Salary!
That is--by making y oar
money go farther in tba pur
chase of good meats. We cot
meet ?ad we we also catting
tfie prices; read these prices. i
Lom Steak, per pound 20c
Beet Roast, per pound 15c
Pork, per pound 15c and 20c
All others m proportion? end
16 ounces to the pound.
Phone 755.
.We are specially equip-1
ped to give you the best
and quickest service in
aro duplicated in ~t>ui
own shops within a few
hours' time.
All work supervised and
guaranteed. '
M. R. Campbell!
Registered Optometrist.
Office 112 W. Wbitear Sc.
Ground Floor.
Telephone Connection.
Change In Location
I arn ?ow located over W.
A. Power's grocery store at
212 i-2 S. Main'Street ?
thank my friends' for their
past patronage and ask con
. tinuance of same. .
I make plates at $6.80
I niake gold crowns at$4.00
S?ver rulings, 50c and up.
Gold fillings $1.00 end op
Painless EUractmg 40k;.
I make a specialty of
treating: Pyorrhea, Alveo
laris of the gums and all
crown and bridge work and
regulating mal formed teeth.
AH work guaranteed first
r- ?__
Fares via Son
Blue mdgi
Tickets lo paints Bast ot
Weat ot OWo and Potomac BJ
Itth to 25th inc.. and SI an?
January Stn. lilt.
Tickets to Arkansas, Oki
sale Dee, 20, U and aa, wit
leta, 1315.
TickeU tn points tn mino
Nebraska, add Wisconsin, wi
to 14th ina and 23, SO and 81
18th. 1918. -
For tickets, through Putin
information ?a?i on ticket a
W. B. TA?HR, T. P. A., W.
Greenville, 8. C.
Anderson SC'
Dear Santa
We are two more Lltle twins ten years
of age end want you to visit us and
bring me a pretty sleeping doll 'a doll
bed some pretty tea sets dont forget
to bring me some pretty storry, books
I would like to hare some smell dol
lies if you have them to spalr I
Dear Santa
I am a boy ten years obi I want you
to bring me a air gun some shot a
cap pictold some caps a crate of or
anges and a box of Raesine Candy and
nuts Harris and Hattie Edwards I
Dear Santa
Wo are two little twin Sisters wo I
want you to come to us like a dear old
man with your heart In your hand a ,
gavo to ?B all you can we want too j
pretty "dolls some tea sets a little
stove. We would'like some nice fruit
- Your loving Little Friends
- Louise and Lucile Edwards
" Anderson S C
.'PS please dont forget our doll car
Anderson S C
Dear Santa
Am a little boy 5 years of age I want
you tobe sure and come to see me
I and -bring me a little gun a pistol
some fire works A pretty Hied wagon
a horn a big Rubber ball a fire wagon !
with two big horses to it bring me
.some fruit and candys and nuts youri
loving-Friend .Dobie Edwards
Willianston S C
Dec 14 1914
Dear Santa Claus
I am a little Girl 10 years old and
in the Forth reader, and .like to come
to school. We naife two teachers, they
are fine teachers.' I have been com
ing everslnce I was 7 years old and
i these are the best teachers I ever
been to yoi. We have '. a une school
?We close at three in the afternoon
?and begins st nine In the morning
Santa Claus I want ou to bring me a
locket and chain and ring, socio ap
? pies oranges raisons Bannan candy
Your friend
:* .' May Rhoades
Williamston, S. C.
Dec 14,1914.
Dear Santa Olau?e:
I am a Utile boy IQ year old and in
?the fourth grade. Santa Clause I am
! going to write you and tell you what
11 want I want you to 'bring me a
j goat wagon, bridie and harness,
bring me some oranges, apples', ba-i
nanas candy too.
l Your little friend .
Fayette Rogers.
Williamston S. C.
Dec 14. 1914.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want saome apples, firecracker.
Fruit oranges bananas a Falce face,
batons some negro toes goat and goat
wagoh Harness bridle and whip 1
want you to urang roe some Raison
for a want to have a dice time Christ
Mississippi Rives, South and
ver. will he on sale December
S Jan. 1st, v?ftft~ return limit
ahorna, and Texas w|U ha Ob
h final return limit January
Is, lows, Minnesota, Missouri,
ll be'on sale December 19th
st, with return '?mit January
.: . ' '?''
ian reservation abd completa
geht,' or write,
B. MCGEE, A. o. p. A.,
Columbia, s. c.
mas Well Sante. Clans I want yon tc*
orang me blyclcle to Ride In Christ
mas Well I WtU close for thia time
Your friend Rufus Witera
WllUamston 8. C.
Dec. 14. 1914
I Dear Santa Clause:
I am going to write you a letter and
tell you What I want you to bring me.
A Are wagon some oranges, apples,
banannas and some candy and raisons
and bring me some other kinds of
Your slncerly
David Alamer.
Williamston, 8. C.
Dec. 14. 1914.
I Dear Santa Clause
I sun a little girls ten year old. I
am gonlng to school and study the
forth grade. I and gonlng to rite you
a letter and tell you What I want. X
want a doll, and a doll carriage, lock
et, tea aeat, and bring meany kind of
fruits, And Candy, two.
Your freind
Ida Hammond.
Williamston, S. C.
Dec, 14. 1914.
I Dear Santa Clause:
I wish I could be with you to help
dz up the Presents for the little girls
and boys, but I cant fie there. I want
you to bring me a Bracelet, and ring,
and lot of other toys. Air klod of
fruits two and please dont for-get my
little Slater's and brother's.
Y our little friend.
J'ill a. Rogers.
. WUliamston S C Dec! 13 1914
Dear santa claus I am a little girl
Iflvo year? did and I want you to bring
me a doll and some fruit and candy
from your little friend Ruth Waters
Williamson S C Dec 13 1914
I am a HUT* girl three years old and I
want you to hiing me a little doll and
some fruit and some candy I have a
little brother and he wanta you to
bring him some, fruit and some candy
to. Your little' friends Danie May
Waters Maning Waters
Dec. 13. 1914.
Willlamston, S. c.
Dear santa daua I am a little girl
seven years old and I want you to
briner ?i? ? bia doli and a teaset- and
some fruit and nuts, candy to your
little friend Nooami?o Waters.
WUliamston S C Dec 13. 1914.
I Dear santa clans I am a little girl
Inlne years ot age and I want you to
?bring me a doll and. some fruit and
|candy from your little friend Mary
fan Watera.
Anderson 8 C Dec 14 1914
IDear old santa' claws ylll Rite you a
note asking you to Pleas Bring ano a
ip Pistol an some Candy an some
|Fruit off all kind an a BUdgo Hennery I
istain -
anderson s c F st No 9
ir good old santa ylll you come
ncr to see me an Bring me a Lot on
rood candis an some Fruit an a new
ip an a Lot off other good thing an
will give you a Pekoe Off cake good
santa, Ada Chaatain
F st No 9
santa I am a Little girl 6 yeats
ld an I want yon tu Bring ms a Doll j
tn a Tea set an some Fruit I all Redy I
mve a cardyl you Brout me Last Chrl
Pleas come to see me Gertrude
P St No 9
Iva, 8. C.
Dec 14-14.
Santa Claus,
t am a little girl of Seyen years old.
yent you to bring me a Doll and a !
ige. A teaset some apples candy
inges and nuts
Your friend.
Lllllam Lewie.
Iva, 8. C.
Dec, 14-14.
?r Santa Claus.
J am a Utile girl of nine years old.
I want yea to bring me a doll a little
?ve aaa a fcsaset.
Your friend
Bertha Lewis.
. * Iva. 8. 6,
USO. 14-14.
Banu Claus.
1 am a boy of elevan reara old. I
you to bring me a trycycle. Soasa
ita candy oragae* and apples.
. Your friend.
Arthur Lewis.
Iva. 8, O
Dab. 14 1914 '
Dear Santa daua
I am a Utile girl 5 years old 1 ga
> achool 1 4eajty love my teacher
Please bring nie a doU crunk a dolt
mo candy aome fruit I hove nearly
.evy thing ?lae that a doll need
Dear Santy I am writing myself aaa
Mitt Marion Cleveland, Second Daughter of
Dead President, at HerDebut in Princeton.
Hiss Marion devland, second
I daughter of the dead^president, nao
Just made her debut In her home
at Princeton. This photograph or ner
was taken by Commodore Frank 0.
Hastings, her guardian, who is one or
the executors of her father's estate.
it ls a big task so I will for you an elegant salad course was served ;
Your little friend. - hy the following ladies: Mrs. Fred -,
Sybil Yeargin Bolt, Mrs. Bonham O'Neal, Mrs. Ayer ?
- Glenn, Mrs. Ira Bolt, Misses Bertha '
Anderson S. C Hail, Susie McGlU and Fannie Homar.
Dec 12-14 The souvenirs in accord with the dec- t
Mr. Santaclaus My dear old Christmas orations, were small sprigs of holly.
Chum I Want you ' To bring me a Besides the many beautiful gifs of cut
Bleeping doll With a hat on and a'glass, china and silver, were a hand- 1
cradle to. rock lt In some bed room suit and a dining room
I am a little girl only 5 year's old I suit .one tko gift Of the bride's family
love doll's and Xmas toy's and the other from the groom's,
yours kindly ft Mrs. O'Neal is a charming an-4 at
Jessie Knox tractive young woman, while Mt.
13. F. 8t Anderson S. C. O'Neal 1B an energetic and prosperous
- -- young fanner, a eon pf the late John
Dec. 16, 1914. A. O'Neal. They left just after the
Dear Santa Claus: Pleaso bring ceremony for a trip to Southern
me a little train and automobile, and points, and on their return will be a
some fruit and candy and don't for- home at the O'Neal home about five
get my b?Kv sister. Bring her a doll miles northwest of town for a.sbdrt
that can <:sr and say mamma, and Whne. Early in the year Mr. O'Neal
bring her - rattle too and candy, and wU1 buUd on nU farm nearby. The
don't forget papa and .mama. Bring coup;? have tho boat wishes o?
?em sometning pretty. a D0Bt of ^"?1.
Yours truly, _
?>?D.ILaB,?RT BI*ATCHER? Miss Carrie Hunter of Seneca was
Honea _ here yesterday the guest of Mrs. O.
B. Townsend.
?tf*?\ sV'yS//^ 4 Mrs. Neill O'Donnell of Sumter and
flL, Mm BB 'MS MB M M Mr?- SarR McHuBh of Hazleton, Penn.,
bas?t? lljJ sf^**^#*?V? who have been hero tho guests of Mrs.
?Bfe^JJ^BMsJ?BSw? t^^Zf Pet O'Donnell, loft this week for their
^.?ss? *- homes.
*** W. A. HUYGENS, Miter ^ ? M RucklTha. returned to
>Phone ?7? Columbia after spending several days
Beautiful Home Wedtmvg Yesterday. here' , -
Yesterday morning at the hand- Mrs. Mack Monroe has gone to
some colonial home of the bride > Greenville to spend tbe Christmas
parents. VT. and Mrs. W. J. McClure/ holidays.
six miles west of town, a beautiful -
redding took place when Miss Beulah Mrg EnR Hudgens of Honea Path
McClure became the bride of John gpent yesterday with relatives here.
Patrick O'Neal. This lonely home had-,-43
been tastefully decorated for the oe- . _
casion. holly being used in profusion I hp jlnsr In |.flf|fff?vC
everywhere with many vases ot nar- IUC I/a J 111 VWilgld?
cissus and red carnations.. In the par
lor. where the ceremony was. perform
ed, an altar of holly was built around {By Awodaud Pw?)
a large mirror with an arch of holly in WASHINGTON, Dec. lo.-SENATE:
front. At each side ot this arch were poreign relations commifcee ordered
raised pedestals, with many candles Nicaraguan treaty reported for retifl
that shed a soft radiance over ibis catloa/
beautiful scene. Promptly at ll o'clock^ ? Tbe administration ship purchase
to Ahe sweet strains of .Mendelssohn s bm Wft# reported favorably from tte
Wedding march, played by Miss tola commerco committee after tte Demo
Smith., the two little ribbon boys iii crats had veted down all amendment?,
pure white came forward with Hearings continued on tte power
wreaths of holly to which were fas- ^ ,aod leftsing bill and the Phlllpr
tened white ribbons and going for- plne independence bill,
ward to tte altar they made an aisle Ratified tondon convention for
ft?-tte bride. They were Ben Aver agfety.at-sea, with' resoluUons re
Glenn, and William James Bolt. Next defying certain rights to tte United
came two dainty little giris, llttlo Mis? gtate<.
Alma McClure, bearing tte ring 00 a Adjourned at 5:15 p. m. to noon
silver tray, and little Miss Bessie Mc- Thursday.
Gill, with a pretty basket of hotly. HOUSE: Col. Rorfevelt declined to
Bliss Vermello O'Neal in a lovely dreas RpPrar hefore naval committee,
or blue crepe meteor and carrying a Legislativo appropriation WU was
cluster of holly entered alone, follow- debated on the floor,
ed by Mr. James Skelton, the grooms- Representative Vinson, Geer (tia. in
man. The pretty bride entered on the jroijUCSd j0int resolution for constttu*
arm ?r ka* sister and mat* oi nonor, tiou*l amendment limiting fader.il Ju
Miss Janie McClure, and meeting the dlcVal resolution for constitutions!
?room and ht. hast man, ur T'methy "ne??jaeut limiting federal Judicial
O'Neal, st tte alUr. tte beautiful and term of office to Six years,
impressive marriage service with the Adjourned st 5:05 p. m. to ll a. m.
ring was performed by Rev. D. W. Thursday.
Mott, The bride wore a charming
tailored suit of blue, witt hat and *.' 1 11
gVovea to match and-eerried a Urge Y ? , .,..,?>..." FC
.hewer bououet of white* carnations t^ir-LSrn "iwmiil
ind fania. Miss McClure, the maid ot laVTN V ?!'
honor, wore a dress of lovely pink Oftlh fOUf ?Pl
ps de chine, with lace trimmings. \J*.J -L_TL! <*r.J
The guests were mat at tho door by f?.'!'!''? 9m A
Mrs, John Finley and Mrs. Fred Trib- J sQHfttbnfiftjS} /j
bl? sud immediately after tte cere- & ? . J?
mony all were entertained at a de- (IvOu?Opu^iK
ilghtful reception. Mrs.George Eagle <jir 'h UjjjL ,
aad^strs. Curran Glean invited tte ?a J- +&R j
guests Into tte dining room and here ^^^^^^^^|^
$Ui0te*0 &aitttt Mm
H DEAR! I with he'd
come," sighed Rosie Per*
"Maybe he be sick," said the broth*
sr, sa he dusted carefully the array
of fruit arranged with such a holiday
air In the narrow window of his shop.
"He come If he not Bick. You walt.
Banty man no forget"
But Rosie In spite of her brother's
sncouraging wcrda became very imps*
dent Finally she started in search of
he kind friend, who was none other
than the Banty of her street Not the
real Santy of Christmas ere, but a man
abo Just pretended he was the ssme
[r- -Mal friend of holly and cheer and
wore a cloak and hat of red. faced with
(ur, and carried inatoad of a long whip
o urge tired reindeer, a sign which
?ld of a wonderful toyshop Just
iround the corner.
A week before Pietro had seen from
Hs little shop windows thia aame San
:y man atagger and fall. Then both he
ind Rosie had helped the stranger into
the fruit shop, where food and sympa
thy had been generously giren. Now,
Lt was the day before Christmas and
he ?tranger who each day had stopped
kt Pietro's little shop had failed to
"Maybe-ho np the t'reet some
wherea," the brother had called to
Roale. "When you seo heem, tell beem,
tomorrow we look tor him to eat with
aa. Yes?"
Rosie nodded and went on down, the
long avenue. There was a gentle snow
railing, jost enough to add to the street
the touch of Christmas. But nowhore
?ould Rosie see the kind Santy man ot
tier street *'ho had told her such won
lerful tales of toys, fairies sud ot the
real country of deep billa and red ann
Suddenly she thought of something,
a something so different that lt made
her heart go thumpty-thump. Sba
would go to the wonderful toyshop,
lust around the corner and see for her
leif, if her friend was there.
But not a tired, hurried clerk of th?
ihop hod time to answer Rosie's ques
tions. Finally she approached a tail
(ray-haired man standing in the center
)f the long aiple. She felt certain he
?vould know something about the San*
y of her ?treaty . . ? I
"Please, do yon know our Santy
"Who?" asked the man,
"The Santy man, who were a red
:oat, csp and carried a sign?"
"No, I don't. What is lt you want to
)uy. little girl?"
"I don't \ ant to buy nothln*. Pm
ust lookin' for the Santy man of my
itreet Ho-" Then Rosie could say
to more. The lumps would stick in
1er throat, no matter how hard she.
Just what might have happened ls
lard to say. If a lady standing near
isdn't heard what Rosie said and
van ted to help her. She knew exactly
vhat to do.
An hour later, after seeing Pietro at
ila little shop. Rosie rode away with
he lady, who was very beautiful, by
he way, in her big automobile, to the
?ospltal, where the poor Santy had
>een taken tho night before.
It was a- wondering, curious little
toslo, who followed her friend down
he long, cool hall to the ward where
he sick Santy man hy. Timidly sha
calked to the man's beside. He saw
ter. He held out his hand. Rose
rrabbed it and held it close and fast
a her own little hands.
"Oh-I'm so glad you're found. Ma
nd Pietro ?ova you se muon. I never
rould have found you If the beautiful
?dy hadn't--"
But Rosie didn't finish the sentence,
sr Santy hadn't heard a word she was
eying. He was staring with Veep;
trange eyes at the lady, who had
rawn nearer the sick man's bed.
"Sis," he whispered
"Bob," she answered.
There Rosie eat with' ihinlng eyes
nd a little heart thumping* and lis
ooed to the .wonderful story of her
anty man and the lady. Santy was
phe other than tbs isdy's brother,
hom she hadn't seen since the day.
ears and years ago, ha ran away to
sa. And the lady? Sha ?as the beau
iful fairy of tho toy shop.
"And did ron knnw ?tl the Wfnt Sha
wned Hf "
"Why didn't yon go ?ad see bert** j
"Because I waa too poor, sick and
Now, of course, like all stories where
lirias and Santy hold forth, every
ody waa glad and lived happy ever
rterward. It waa* wonderful day for!
osie and Pietro.
And up and down Rosie's street too,'
1?re was gladness; for the good nowa'
ad spresd to tba ehilircn, Rosie and
ie sparrows told, that tba Santy maa;
t their street had toned a sister.
Young Children
Know of the
Wonders of
Last Sunday morning the fol
lowing "Want" ad appeared in
the Intelligencer only? and only
once In that paper; and see the
immediate results.
WANTED-On or before
the Hose of business,
Wednesday? the 16th,
the fifty large live rats-will .
pay children fire cents each
and will giro one dollar in
cash to the first child submit*
ting in writing before the
close of bualness Wednesday
the .. ?6th, the best reason in
20 words why we . want SO
big live rats. Furman Smith?
Seedsman, Phone 464.
Little Janie Ruth Stevenson .
Of Anderson*, 8. C., R. P. D. No.
li, was awarded the prise of one
dollar, which waa malled.'to her
last night, aa her answer waa
considered the best one submit*
ted; but In order that the gen
eral public may i?arnj what
these children know of "Rai
Corn" wo reproduce the dif
ferent answers received to the :
above "Want" ad.
. ..;;ir. . ' ia* ...>.< .-..>
Prise Winner.
Anderson, S. C"
Dec 16, 1914.
Mr. Furman Smith,
Dear slr: My reason is aa fol
"To demonstrate the effect of
rat corn upon rats without the
rats smelling qr leaving nn odor
after their death."
Janie Ruth Stevenson,
Anderson, S. C., R. F. D. 2.
P. & I am 12 years of age.
Rata are very destructive lit
tle animals, and. you want to
show how Rai Corn will rid
placea of them.
Lydia Burris?.
Furman Smith, Seedsman.
Slr the best reason thai I can
give why you want 60 live rats
is because they are-rats.
Roy' Hefner,
Cluck Rural Sta.
Mr.. Forman Smith,
The Seedsman. >.
Yon want to shop what, your
rat-corn will ?o "ot those titty
rats that,you advretised for in
the paper.
Luelle Speer,
Anderson, g. C., Deo. 16th.
You want rats to experiment
with. Cat's kill raia slowly, you
will do the work Quickly with
.'rat cora,"
Virginia GUmer.
Anderdon. S. C., Dec, IC, 1914.
Mr. Furman Smith,
Anderson, S. C.,
Dear Sir: '
You want the fifty rats to
show the people that the won
derful rai corn will kill and de
lroy them without any odor.
William F. Tolly, Jr.
"Rai Corn" is sold on s
"Money Back" Guarantee:
meaning that If lt fails to. ex
terminate the rats, ci- there la
any odor remaining froan the
dead rat?-your money ta have
for you.
Furman Smith
Phone No m
If you want your home
3rightene4 up with paint
jr wal} paper
Do IIMow*
Make yc^t Uome
B?S?? i ?vVh
Asie Dugan- Why?
Watson Vandivet Bldg.
Pfcone 647?

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