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The Anderson daily intelligencer. [volume] (Anderson, S.C.) 1914-1915, December 18, 1914, Christmas Number, Image 16

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Every Day from Now "till Chrisl
Stuffed Animals
The largest variety ever shown in Anderson.
Elephants, Camels. Giraffes, Dogs nf all kinds,
Lambs, etc., etc.
Hi?l Climbing Toys
N<> springs, propelled by momentum of
weights. Hire Engines, Locomotives Battle
ships, .'tc.
Dressed Dolls
The very li nest array of exquisitely dressed
little Misses you ever saw. Be sure to brinu
the children to see them, whether you contem
plate buying or not.
Good qualit) only. The Drum with the
real drum-drum. These drums will delight
any real hoy.
Kid Dolls
Complete assortment, all sizes of Kid Dolls
shapely bodies, pretty faces, lovely hair.
Horns? Slide Trombones
Just received our shipment of Slide Trom
bones. They have been a long time coming
over-on account of the War-but they final
ly got here.
Doll Houses
Bungalow style-all made of wood--or
fibre, with Lont porch, and steps all complete.
No other sto
entire Piedmon
Ours are the gi
Most of them c
where thev kne
We have everyt
line. The fin
shown here or ?
of the very lar
Toys Galore, j
Stuffed Animal
Games, everytl
signed to mak
Christmas. Tl
buying days,
tion grows less
passes. Don't
regret that yoi
von wanted,
may be out of i
John A
tmas at Santa Claus Headquarters
re in Anderson, or the
t has as many Tovs.
snuine imported Tovs.
ame from Germany
)w how to make them,
hing imaginable in this
est line of dolls ever
inv other place outside
gest cities. Mechanical
Automobiles, Engines,
is, Doll Houses, Blocks,
ling known which is de
:e the child happv at
1?re are only six more
Opportunity for selec
inviting as each dav
wait too long and then
i did not get just what
We have it now. We
t if vou wait too long.
Mechanical Toys
Full and complete line. We imported these
toys before this War started. Monkeys that
climb the rope. Mules, Autos, Airships, Sand)
Andy, etc., etc. Everything to amuse the chil
dren at different prices.
Trains and Tracks
Long running engines, with extra fine
springs, all styles.
Doll Furniture
Parlor, Bed Room and Dining Room Sets,
Several different styles of Children's Desks,
well made.
some with chairs to match, Oak and Mission
L. Austin
the Square
Doll Trunks
The best doll trunk made; elegantly finished
Kewpie Dolls
Celluloid and Bisques, several sizes. Thc
Doll that Rose O'Neil made famous.
Character Dolls
The dolls that are fashioned to look like
Human beings, instead of like some blank fac
ed image.
And THOUSANDS of other Toys of every,
description, so come to Toyland and see what
Santa Claus has prepared for the Kiddies.
File Petition For a
Writ of Habes Corpus
Petition Presented in United States Supremo Court Alleges That
Leo. M. Frank's Constitutional Rights Were Violated and
He Waa Convicted Without Due Process of Law.
du AsocUUu Tua./ 1 guilty was returned, lt was further
ATLANTA, Qa. Dec. 17 -Attorneys alleged that Frank did not havo a fair
for Leo M. Prank, under sentence to and impartial trial and that tho State
die January 22 for the murder here in courte, by the alleged denial of his
April, 1913, of Marv Phagan, late to-1 constitutional righta, loat jurimlictlon
day filed with the clerk of the United ' in hie case prior to the rendering of
States diatrict court a petition for a : the verdict and the passing of sen
writ of habeas corpus^asking the re- tence.
lease of Prank from custody. I Frank's attorneys appeared before
The petition all?gea that Frank's {Federal Judge W. T. Newman to pre
constltutlonal rights were violated sent the petition. Because Solicitor
and that he waa convicted without due General Hugh M. Dorsey rna unable
proceag of law, in that he waa not to be present, Judge Njwman would
present in court when the verdict of take no action on ino matter but said
Nothing More Appropriate Than a Piano for
Willis & Spearman Music House
Bleckley Building.
he would hear the petition next Sat
urday morning.
Frank's attorneys claim that if
Judge Newman should deny thc writ
Frank could appeal to the TaVed
States supreme court and* that the
State would havo si;.Ular recourse if
the writ were granted. The petition
recites that n '.boisterous crowd" sur
rounded the court hoiiBe during
Frank's trial and that whenever the
"State scored a point the crowd out
side 'checrod and shouted, while those
in tho court room applauded in a man.
ner audible both to the eourt and the
"The excitement within and with
out the court room on August 23,
1913," the petition adds, "was so ap
parent as to cauce apprehension in
the mind of the court as to whether
tho trial could be fa fol y continued
that day. and before deciding upon an
adjournment the presiding judge, li S.
Roan, while upon the benoit and in the
presence of the Jury, conferred with
the chief of police of Atlanta and the
colonel of the Fifth Georgia regi
On the last day of the trial the pe
tition charges, the trial Judgo confer
red with two of Frank's lawyers and
referred to the probable danger of vio
lence that Frank and his attorneys
would incur If they were present when
a Verdict was rendered, should it be
for acquittal or a disagreement.
"The judge then requested Frank's
counsel to agree that Frank need not
he present when the verdict waa ren
dered and the jury polled," the peti
tion recites.
? t I? claimed that Frank knew noth
ing of this agreement: that he did
not consent to being absent and did
not waive bis right to be present
when the verdict was announced.
During the polling nf tbe jury, the
jetltlon alleges, the demonstrations by
the crowd within and without the
eourt room were so loud that the re
sponses of the jurors were heard
with difficulty ten feet away.
Arrested for Violating
J[ Contract Labor Law
j|W|i M?T Tenn., Dec. 17.--Charg
eouSpl violating the federal contract
laja? law by importing v Greek boya
to^mrk in shoe shining parlors. John
and "Alex Manetas, owners of several
establishments in Memphis, were ar
rested here today. They were taken
before United States Commissioner
George II. Poole and later released
nader heavy bond.
Special immigration officers from
Washington are working on this par
ticular line of Investigation In the
South at the preacnt tuna ,
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Darby i of
Walhalla were in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Irvin Brownlee leaves today
for Charlotte where she will spend
the holidays with relatives. \
Six Lions Bou:
From T
Hundreds of Persons in
Screaming, to the Exil
And Many Sat Transfi
Policeman Was F^tal
Battle Between Man a
(Uv Auociatod Pms.) I
NEW YOF'K, Dec. 17-Six trained
liona cecaped from their cage on thc ?
stage of an Ka st Eighty Sixth street (
theatre todav and bounding into t,lie ,
audience, constating principally of wo- .
men and children, created a panic.
One lioness, Alice, largest of the .
pack, escaped into a crowded street.
Policemen pursued her into the hall- ! '
way of an apartment house and in '
shooting at her, probably fatally
wounded Sergeant Daniel Glenn. Two j
other offlcera were allghtly wounded
by the clawa of the beast in a battle
at close range.
At sight of the Ilona, hundreds 'of
persons in the theatre fled, screaming, i1
to the exits. Scores fainted and many '
sat transfixed in their seats.
None of the beasts' except Alice dis-1
played great ferocity. .A few persona 1
who got tn their paths were scratched, ;1
but none was seriously hurt. |1
Five of tbe an?mala wei? still at <
large in the theatre when the last of 1
the audience escaped. In their rush |
to safety, spectatora left behind all i
aorta of personal belongings. Mean- ,
time the beaata roamed over the house '
from gallery to basement. An hour af- :
ter the laat spectators left, they were i
rounded up in the lobby and driven :
into their shipping box, all' of them I
Three arrests were made in charges
of criminal negligence. Those In
custody are LaBellc Andree, the lions'
trainer; C. A. Turnv ulst. their keep
er, and George ll. Ha.Mlton, manager
of the attraction. The llvns were own- j
ed by Francis Fer ari, a showman. j
The animal act had been finished '
and a song and danoo quartette held
the stage in front the first drop when
the .Ilona about to -be transferred ,
from the steel exhibition cage to their
shipping box, eacsped. Andree scream?
ed and Turnqulst. cracking a whip,
loudly shouted at his charges. Fright
ened actors, actresses and theatre at'
taches began climbing stairways. Sud
denly one of the Ilona walked Into tho
wings and pee- od at the quartette. The
singing ceased abruptly.
As tee singers started to retreat De
tective Peter Cahill, ?ho waa la the
audience, saw the lion and shouted to
the entertainers to go on. One singer j
returned and began a solo. ' Soddenly
a Hon carno Into full stow and all con
trol of the audience was lost
The first lion ambled upon the stage;
'heatre Stage i
the Play House Fled,
ts, While Scores Fainted
xed in Their Seats--One
ly Injured in the Fierce
nd Beast. .
then came a second, und in a minute
moro six were clambering into stage
boxes and out into the audience. Tho
3rchestra kept playing until the lions
?ame down into the pit. Then thc
musicians tied under the stage.
Almos: everybody in the audience
liad a different version of what the
animals did after they got among the
crowd, bot nearly all accounts agree
that they did not live up to the dan
gerous name of the "king of beasts."
One caught up with Mark McDermott
while he was hurrying down ap aisle,
so he lay down. The animal clawed
him on the head and his wouu?' ap
peared to be the most dangerous that
my ot the beasts Inflicted He. was
taken to a hospital.
The last of the audience to leave the
theatre were several women who,
cooped up in a second floor dressing .
room, signalled firemen from a nearby
engine house and were carried down
A throng had gathered outside the ,
theatre when Alice emerged, trotted to
% street corner and calmly sat down.
T*he crowd began to shout and ten po- ?
licemen with revolvere drawn came
rushing across the street toward her. ,
She turned and fled Into an apartment
Abraham Glaser, a photographer,
waa working on the Asst floor of the
building. He opened the door to In
vestigate the noise outside and stared
Into the face of the lioness. Slamming
the door he shouted for help.
The beast turned to a stairway and
bounded up a flight. There two wo
men peered from a doorway, aaw the
animal, shrieked and slammed the
door. Alice fled to the third floor,
where the police found her seeking
egress to the roof.
For moro than ten minutes there
waged in the narrow hallway a fierce
battle between man abd beast. Thirty
shots were 'fired into the now enraged
lioness. Up and down tho stairway abo
raced, snarling and striking at her as
sailants. Finally the leaden hall from
the policemen's pistols ended the bat
It wa? while the firing was nt its
height that Glenn waa shot through
the back. It was thought tonight he j
would die. , Edward K. Keaveoy and J
James M. Craig, patrolmen, were J
clawed hy the lion. Koareny was
takon to a hospital.
Creates Panic
Bu? lo Piohibit Export of Muni
tions of War and War Supplies
to Belligerent Cou???r?e?.
(By Auoriate<l IVess.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17.-The state
department aasured the British gov
ernment that the bill Introduced by
Senator Hitchcock to prohibit the ex
port of munitions of war supplies to
belligerent countries waa not father
ed by the administration.
Ambassador Spring-Rice inquired
about the propoaed legislation and
waa told that it was not introduced at
the suggestion of the executive branch
of the government. Ambassador Page
In London, waa cabled to aak about
the measure, also waa advised that
Sent.or Hitchcock did not represent
the administration.
Secretary Bryan declined today to
comment on the merits of the meas
ure which no other official of the ad
ministration had discussed,
j It waa stated that the state depart
ment atm has under consideration
representations made by the German
ambassador, Count Bernatorff, accom
panied by exhibits, that American
made dum-dum bullets were being
ahipped to the allied powers.
On the general subject ot the use of
dum-durna Mr. Bryan said today he
had nothing to add to ?.he statement
President Wildon made in answer to
Emperor William's protest and that
from the Belgian committee.'This Isst
complaint, he explained, however,
touched another matter perhaps and
Ute department waa considering
whether the manufacture and export
of weapons forbidden by the Hsgue
con /entions waa illegal, and if so
whether it should address Itself to the
alleged manufacturers on the subject.
Repeal Agricultural Census Law.
WASHINGTON, Dec 17.-The house
today voted to repeal th? law passed
in . 1909 providing fore a five-year ag
ricultural census, and struck from ?ha
legislative, executive and Judicial ap
propriation bill the $2,286,000 asked
for to conduct it. Chairman Fitzger
ald, ot the appropriations committee,
and Republican Leader Mano led the
fight for repeal, declaring the census
could well be dispensed with lo the
interests ot economy.
Mr. and Mrs. Bord Anderson, Jr.,
have returned from a visit to relatives
ia Washington.
CLEAR sight is necessary to both
your health and success.
DIM vision can generally be reliev
ed by correctly focused and fitted
DONT be blind to your own Inter
est. Exercise Bound wisdom and in
telligence by having US examine your
eyes. It will be a thorough, pain
staking, expert examination that will
put you on the right track of sight.
YOU can count on us for truthful
information and right glasses.
Prices $2.50 to $9.00.
We duplicate broken glesses hy
mail-Bend them to us.
810 8. JIaIn St. Anderson, 8. C.
Three Doors Below Kress' Ten feat
For every ache and pain Is a relia
ble remedy. You can cure the diffi
culty if you only act In time and act
with wisdom. A Issy, torpid, sluggish
liver ls, without a doubt, responsible
for more aches adn paine than any
other thing, for to lt wo trace consti
pation, biliousness. Indigestion, head
ache, otc.
Ra Lia Ta
knocks al 1these out hy going right to
the bottom of the difficulty-the liver
-and 'OTTO, there strengthens the en
tire system. A trial 'proves lt
BO cents and $1.00 per botle at your
druggists, ' *
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
Evans' Pharmacy
Three Stares.
When a man has worked 3? minutes
trying tr, get h 1B stalled automobile
engine going again, it please; him be
yond words to have bia better-half aak
from the back seat "Do you think yon
could fix it If you knovt.what wag the
matter with lt, dearf "

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