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59,507 FORDS
sold in 3 months
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 30- During
the first 3 months of the buyers' pro
fit-sharing plan of the Ford Motor Co.,
which started August 1, 1914, a total
of ?9,507 Ford cars were sold, or an
average of 19,835 cars per month.
The buyers' profit-sharing plant call
ing for a return or refund of $40 or
$60? according to the car bought, pro
vided that between August 1, 1914?
and August 1, 1915- a total of 300.000
cars are sold and delivered, the 59,507
cars are sold to October 31 represent
a refund of at least $2,380,280 on the
basis ?of a rebate of only $40 per car.
By taking the average of $50 as the
return to each buyer, the amount to be
returned by the Ford company would
be $2,975,350 for the first 3 months'
^business on the new plan. If the 300,
OOO cars are sold and delivered then
the r?turn to buyers will amount to be
tween $12,000,000 and $15,000,000.
Lower Price!
Buyers to
Effective August 1st, 1914 to Augi
during that time. AU cars fully equipp?
Town Cs
# i
All retail buyers of new FORD car
share in the profits of the Company to
they buy provided 300,000 Ford care a
Phone 226 ANDER
Road Smoothers
Set of Four
New Price
s On Ford Cars!
Share in Profits
?st 1st, 1915, and guaranteed against any reductions
ed f. o. b. Detroit.
lt -
Car -
a from August 1st, 1914 to August 1st, 1915, will
the extent of $40.00 to $60.00 per car on each car
re sold and delivered during that period.
Motor Vibrators
We carry the above
goods in stock? also
Firestone Tires
--all sizes
SON, S. C. W.
Tho. Horror? of Christmas-As They
Appear to a Cynic.
In the December American Maga
zine James Montgomery Flagg, the
famous wit and artiBt, doon a Christ
mag piece in words and pictures in
which he describes in part as fol
lows the cynical view of Christmas
that a perfectly decent man had In a
dream :
"To continue the horrors, there ls
thja',family reunion! What can he
more doleful than a whole dey gives
up to squatting in th ? perfervid circle
of your immediate t ood relations? In
ones or twos lt la not necessarily un
bearable, but to be pinioned for 12
hours In the lap of osculatory con
sanguinity la flattening to tbe soul!
Your family while they treat you with
the brutal affection and disrespectful
familiarity nf old friends, know, you
Blight ly! They are always presumpt
uous! Never does human intercourse
descend so near to the Ufo In a tly
tray as on Christmas. Everyone walka
and crawls about all over every other
one's head ! You have to git and beam
and "ShmerrychrlB'muB' and 'No, I
aald lt first!' And a bunch of obscuro
cousins and aunts crowd in on the al
ready perspiring mass and have to be
kissed through veils-veils don't help
much-perhaps a little!
"Then comes that fiendishly pouder
oufj Christmas dinner, with resurrec
tion al intervals of tribal jests drag
ged out of the family mausoleum for
The Cost of AL .
j^p|i^ Telephone Call.
,^^^\ \ Lt'"' I W, ?~*\ID you ever think Kow much it costs to give you
?J^p^rter1* , JL*/ the telephone right-of-way anywhere, at all times?
^s^ss?v?W ? ' f ? ^r?ur telephone instrument, which consists of 130
^4J^HBT|jjr / "different parts, is only the entrance *vay to your share
B||^^T^\jw/ of the vast equipment necessary in making a call.
? J^y?njj?! j? Your line is connected v-ith the great Bell highways,
I y JsNfflT' M ?fcf^ching every state in the union-with its poles, copper
I rsrLv lia vA*l wire, cross arms and insulators in the country; its under
ly' P3Fltf^ ground conduits, manholes, cable vaults and cableo in the
^SfiH R1 ^'OU nave t^ie U8e ?* switchboards costing upwards
of $100.000.000. You enjoy the benefits of countless in
y^j^^Tl^*w ven tiona which make possible universal telephone talk.
r|Wh|j^^^^??^. Your service is safeguarded by large forces of men
fll?ft iffitlH building, testing and repairing lines. You command at
(4MB ilssssK?Kvlft *^ times the prompt attention of one or more operators.
GRSBo^U^ How can such a costly service be provided at rates
feSa> ILA-S low that all can afford it?
H FVfc?tSS?!( hy *te use uP?n ft share-and-share-*like basis by
'"+f???nP^r?? miliion3 ?f subscribers, and by the most careful economy
I ' -TP^J^- VW* ? construction and operation. A plant so vast gives
ii ^ ~ v^rvv opporJturiity for ruinous extrtr?atfnnce; and judicious
^Mv^^&^N^Q-. orxaTiomy is as essential to its success as is die cc
^snv? im operative use ot the facilities provided.'
^SK^imS^\^|B] That the Bell System combines the maximum of
^K?'A1'{IMB???/ usefulness and economy is proved by the fact that nt
jfijSy?j^lvJft. no other land and under no other management has
W&r*lBHb/M&ffl) the telephone become such a servant of the masses.
Every Call x?e^ a Psir of VJt^'X^&?mJ?o to Si?m^^r^^A
masy CaDs msy bc made or hemcvar far ggmrt SubsKyiber^ rusry be^j
their annual gibbering, end the co
quettlshness of brother*' wives, a>..d |
the parading of tho dyspepsia of old
Aunt'Clara, and thc dinky table fav
ors, mostly receptacles for broken
glass Christmas -andy, c inninply dis
guished a3 snowballs. Santa Clauses
and drums and young ducks, over
which you are expected to giggle and
squal, and eventually collect find take
home with you and line up on the
mantlepiece, where they stay for days
until yon suddenly sweep them Into
the Bcrap basket! There are 18 kinds
of dessert you must sampta and wash
down with cider, and get an y.wful
"Then you fatuously take turns at
opening bundles, as you did when you
were children. You have to pretend
you have never seen your present be
fore, when In real?ty it was shown to
you weeks ago. But you Unwrap it
with a beautiful aasumption ot inno
cence, and a widening grin that almost
makes your ears meet on top of your
head when your enchanted gaze final
ly rests on the novel you reid last
summer! 'Just what I waiata''"
o o
o - c
o Get sil the fan yon can ont ot o
o Christmas. Plunge Into the ?t- o
o mosphere right away. Smuggle o
o packages np and dawn stairs
o and hide them in the **old fash? o
o lonee''* hiding places, b
o And remember everybody, nul o
o with the snbstsatinl prevents o
o roa have thonght lt Imperative o
o to gfvfe hat with a Jar of Jelly, o
o a pleee of frnlt cake or hook or o
o magasine cover made from hits o
o of linen your scrap hag has for- o
o nlshed. a dainty sachet made o
o fron? silk scraps or any one of e o
o hundred other simple things yon o
o can work on at edd times. These o
o are the sort of presents which o
o wfil restore the' old time thrills o
o thst hnre been well nigh lost fa o
o tie loveless gift giving of recent o
O years. o
0 Teach yonr children that o
e ChrMmast time U * srhrlnr tfme o
o es well as a fretting time. Teach o
o them part len In rly to think af e
o children whose nests ere less o
o dem than their e?n. Terrs srs s
a ss ms wv s neb. And there ls o
o more treffe thin? la e child's life o
o than to he forgotten on Christmas o
a day. fa there any pict ?re on earth o
a se aaiteatlne- a? to see a child et .
a a shop wfndov with only a win. o
o dowpaae between his pinched o
o nos? nnd pointlas; finger and a o
o hlrh piled w?rld of dells ead e
o drams ead skates sad pichare o
o-hooks t Can yo? Imae-lne n hean* a
s ar na nr. a more sorrowful thine, o
. tfcna the nnnaswered prarer of a o
e little child et Christmastide I o
o o
Stop Worrying About
That Christmas Present
Decide on Something the Whole Family
Will Enjoy Throughout The Year! !
Develop Your Children's Musical Appreciation With The
New EDISON Diamond Disc Phonograph!
PUT all the world's best music where they can
hear it every day. A long program at a concert
tires a youngster, but they all love to hear a little
music at frequent intervals. Thus a real appreci
ation is unconsciously acquired.
No needles to change.-A permanent diamond is the reproducing
point. The records are indestructible. Prices Range trom $60 to
We will continue our cut prices on Pianos, Player-pianos and
Organs until January 1st, 1915. These are genuine Removal Sale
reductions on the highest quality instruments and you will never
get another chance to buy a Piano or Player-Piano as cheap as you
can now. \
C. A. Reed Piano & Organ Co.
115*117 N. Main Street, Anderson, S. C.
1 After Jan. 1st. 1915, S14 S. Morn St =--^

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