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Christmas Candies
We have Auerbach & Son? celebrated candies at popular prices.
Cry-Malizcd (.'ream Goods, per IK .10c
Cocoanut and Fig Candies, per In.10c
Kisses, Buttel Cups. Jelly l<? ?Hs. etc., per 'In.10c
Chocolate Creams and Bon Hons, per lb.20c
Lemon, Orange, Peppermint Drops, etc., in ,^lass jars for
S;mta Clan-- . .10c
5 pound Fruit (Jakes.$1.50
1 and 2 pound Fruit (Jakes, per lb.30c
it you wahi iiie verj "'cs? Ingredients for making your } mit
(Jake \\ e have it.
Let us hook your order now as wc have a limit d supply.
is what }>'U mi: . buy il you w ant the vers best for cake baking.
Nuts, Figs, Raisins, Dates. Grapes, Grape Fruit, etc.. are
very fine.
Our market will he brim full with the very choicest native
and Western meats, Fish, Oysters and Poultry.
We can lake care of your every need if you will send in
your order before Christmas eve.
We are headquarters for
Wholesale and retail.
W. A. Power
Phone 132: ..... , 2 l ? S. Main.
. $5.75 buys a barrel of good' Flour-$5.75
Your Time is About
If you want your home
brightened tin with paint
or wall p?rer
Do It Now
Make your home
Ask Dugan Why?
Anderson Paint & Color
Watson Vandiver Bldg*
. Phone 647.
Committee Meets In Charleston an
Arrange* for Administration of
Ucnics LOHN of WarslH-j*.
LONDON, J>oc. .19.-(12:16 a. m.)
The admiralty hus issued a statement
denying that any BrltlBh warships
were lom during tho recent raid by a
(Irru?an s'iumlron on the east coast of
F.ngland. .
CHARLESTON. Doc. 17.-A ful
meeting nf the cotton loan commil
tee. for South Carolina was held thl
morning in tho office of Rt O. fthet
prerldent of the People's Nations
bank, and chairman of the State com
mittee. Thoae preaent were: IL C
Rhett, chairman; C. O. ito whim
Sumter; John M. Kiaard. Newbery
Henry Schachte. Charleaton, abd ?
II. Pringle, Jr.. Charleaton.
Detalla of the plan, whereby $135,
000,000 heroines available for loana t
realdenta of the cotton States, wer
discussed at today's meeting, an
nominations for the local committee
of the State of South Carolina wer
?Bted. The proposed membership c
every county committee In the Stat
was completed, and requests to aerv
were addressed to each of the men's
named. All citizens so approache
have been asked at the same time t
signify their acceptance or inabi-Ut
to accept by return mail, that th
completion of the county committee
may bo achieved aa aoon aa in poasl
The membership of the count
committees of the State will be mad
public OB soon aa the nominations r
the State committee have been ac
cepted. Committees for the countie
will vary in number of members))!
in accordance with the needs of th
different counties. Aa soon as th
lists have been confirmed. South Cai
olino will be In a position to help or
crate the cotton loan plan._
Nothing More Appropriate Than a Piano for.
Willis & Spearman Music (ouse
Bleckley Building.
. ...'Y's. ,' -s . . . 'viv* ?v ,
Southern C
to Be
I* Official Organ of the Soutl
Carolina Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Chuch
Hy uuuniuiotiK vote of the hoard a
managers, the contract for the pul)
lishing of the Southern C'hristiui
Advocate, tin? official organ of th
South Carolina Conference of th
Methodist Episcopal Church. South
lia? been awarded to The Audcrsoi
Daily Intelligencer. This action wa
taken by the managers at a conferenc
held yesterday in Columbia for th
purpose of awarding the contract fo
the printing of thin publication.
F.ditor to Move Here.
The Rev. William (Marke Kirkland
recently elected editor o? the Advo
cate, will move to Anderson withii
Hie next few days, in order that IK
may glvo his personal attention to th<
publishing of the paper. The Rev
Mr. Kirkland and his family wil
prove a very welcome addition to tin
religious life of the city, and that An
dnrson is to be the "home" of tin
official organ of the Methodist Con
ference In this State will prove i
source of gratification to the member;
of this and other denominations ii
this city and county.
At Greenville >'ow.
As generally known, the Southeri
Christian Advocate has been publish
ad In Creenvllle for the past threi
years or more. Prior to that time th'
paper was published In Spa.tanburg
At the recent conference, which wa
held in Sumter, the Rev. Mr. Kirk
land was chosen editor of the publi
cation, to succeed the Rev. S. A
The New F.ditor.
[> The new editor of the Advopate 1
well known to members of the Methc
A dist and other denominations of thi
city, but for the information of thos
who may not be so well acquainte
with hinv the following persons
ll sketch is published:
t- Today there ls not among the youn
s men of South Carolina Conference
t, better equipped and more promisin
il voting pree.eher. than William C
. Kirkland. Strong In physical mac
;. hood; striking In appearance; largel
\\ andowed by nature with lntellectus
.' power?; his mind trained in the bes
>' Institutions of our Methodism an
richly stored with tr -usures of know]
edge; coming of sterling Methodic
'" stock and from a home of Chrlstia
nurture; his heart filled and fired wit
'.' all his powers In full touch with th
infinite, he stands eouipped 'for skill
9 ed service for the Master,
f He ls the fifth son of B. C. Kirk
land. Sr.. M. D., and Mrs. Jenni
M. Kirkland. His early educatio
was under the training of goo
? teachers In the Philadelphia Academ
a of his home community. He was fut
0 ther prepared for college by a tw
years' course at Wofford College
e graduating with the degree of A. B
8 in 1893, and taking the A. M. degre
'* thc following year.
He joined Mispah Methodist claire
y undor the ministry of Rev. T. E
e Morris. May 9, 1886. and was liceni
,f ed to preach by the Juarterly Confer
!* ence of Bamberg and Buford's Bridg
8 charge, held In Trinity church, Barn
P berg, S. C.. July 4, 18?*; Rev. J
o Walter Dickson. P. E.
o After his graduation from Woffor
'- College. In order to flt himself mor
- fully for thc great, work ot his higl
calling as a minister of the gloriou
* gospel committed to his trust, he at
' tended the Biblical Department ot th
Vanderbilt University. While tn at
tendance there he was ordained dea
con in/Tulip Street church, Nashville
Tenn., by Bishop O. P. Fitzgerald
November 3, 1895. He graduated fros
the Vanderbilt with the degree of B
D. in 1896, and was immediately call
ed to fill the vacancy bi the pastor at i
of tne Washington Street church, li
Columbia, S. C., caused by the el ec
tl on ot Dr. John A. Rice from tba
charge to the presidency bf the Co
lumbla Female College.
He was admitted on trial into th
South Car- Una Conference in 1S9G
and has regularly passed all examina
tlons and waa ordained elder by Bis
hop R. K. Hargrove at the session o
thc Conference at Chester. In th
charges served by him he has beei
earnest and faithful.
October 9, 1900, he waa married ii
Bethel church, Charleston to Mist
Lall? Capers Stokes. Theirs is ai
ideal union for the work of the Meth
odlst Itenarcy. Life for them is re
sente with promise of richest bless
in* and vast usefulness. The host o
friends of Dr. William C. Kirkland
watching his career with interest wii
not be disappointed.
Bidden From Here.
There were two bidder* from An
deraon for the publishing of the Ad
vocate, the Oulla Printing and Bind
lng company and The Anderson Dall;
Intelligencer. The bids were final 1:
narrowed down by the board ot man
agers to those of these two econ panic
and the Dillon' Herald. From thea
three the final selection waa made
Tho Anderson Dally Intelligence
waa represented at th? meeting b;
Mr. W. W. Smoak. editor and mana
gar. The Oulla Panting and Blndlni
company,was represented, by th
owner. Mr. J. Homer Oulla.
? Ni .-rv*-1
i o o
o o
000 0*0 00000000000
ATLANTA. Ga.. Dec. 18.- Tin? At
lanta grand jury is again in the midst
of a sensational investigation of the
?city's fashionable clubs, to determine
whether or not their sale of bever
idges to members violates the prohi
bition laws. The jury has found itself
jhamlicanncd by having nearly ?-vory
'juryman a member of at least one
j such c lub, aud has got around this
{disqualification question hy using al
?t?rnate jurymen.
A Juryman who la a member of the
Capital City Club will retire while
that club is uuder consideration. He
will come hack, however, t > paHa on
the Piedmont Driving Club or any
other of which he is not a member.
The cour: takea the ingenias posi
tion that a member of one club will
have no sympathy for another.
Jurymen whose relatives arc club
members are barred, and this brought
from one member a protest.
"How about you fellows whose
daughters attend every club dance?"
he asked. "That's as close us being kin
to u club member."
It waa expected that little will come
1 of t>'c investigation, which has been
undertaken several times before.
Forrest Adair, for many years po
tentate of the Yaarab Temple of Shrl
!ners. has been re-elected for another
year, after a good natured race in
j which he defeated Walter P. Andrews,
almost as popular In Atlanta as Mr.
Adair himself. Clans for sending a big
I delegation to the Seattle convention
next summer are being put under way.
The Shrluera won a point in a? law
suit this week, when Judge H. L. *>at
teraou of the Blue Ridge circuit, is
sued a temporary injunction prohib
iting the negro order which calla it
self the "Ancient Egyptian "Order of
Noblea of the Mystic Shrine" from
using the . word "Shrine" in its title.
Judge Patterson was called upon by
thc local temple for the reaaon that
every' local judge la a ahriner and
therefore disqualified. Mr. Adair led
the movement to stop the African or
der from using the Shriners' name
and insignia.
Seven bishops of the northcru and
southern branches of the Methodist
e j church are in session thia week at a
d I local hotel' in an effort to reunite the
tl j two branches, which separated over
he slavery question in 1844.
The movement ia gaining Interest in
a I Atlanta church circles particularly at
R i this time because the Egleston Memor
1 lal. a "Northern Methodist" church
long established here-, IB planning a
more pretentious edifice near Druid
Hills, and it la believed that if the
lt junction of the two branches is put
. through the new building will be of
i benefit to many more members than
j would otherwise be the case.
?j J. N. Doherty, an Atlanta Elk, is suf
fering from a rather 8eTere cold con
traded by yelling at 2 o'clock in tbe
morning In the chilly 12 degree wea
ther. It happened because ho slum
bered in a bath room in the new Elks
club until long after the building was
u closed and l>e servante disappeared,
d When Mr. tJohcrty.awoke he found
y j his way to the malu floor and located
Ithc front door. To hia delight it open
ed easily and when he clsed it behind
him it locked. Then to hlB dismay he
found that a handsome steel grilled
door still barred his "path to the side
walk. He was then between two doora,
both of which were firmly locked, ann
I with the morning wind whistling past.
Doherty yelled until ho awonc me
neigh! ors, who called the police. The
cops broke off thc look with their
clubs and Doherty hurried to the ho
tel where the steam radiators were
in full blaat.
Another, and perhaps the Anal, ef
j fort to save the life of Leo M. Frank
waa made by hia attorn ry? yeaterday
afternoon before Judge W. T. Newman
of .the United Statea dlatrict court.
Judge Newman haa thc mattter under
advisement and an early decision Is
I* The lawyera flied a petition for a
1 writ of habeas corpus', which waa baa
ed on tbe ground that when Frank
waa abseht from the courtroom aa the
? verdict was read his oonatitctlonal
rights were violated, and when thia
waa Cona the state courts lest Juris
! diction in the case.
Lt the event Judge Newman issues
? such an order the State will have ita
I first opportunity or reason tor an ap
I' peal. It can appeal from Judge New
'. man to the United Statea aupreme
" court. Should he deny the writ, Frank
' can appeal, BO lt nov* appeara that
1 the condemned man has many months
B of life before him no matter which
1 turn the case may take.
Should Judge Newman grant the
1 writ, and should he be sustained by
B the high tribunal, Fran.'-, would be
1 discharged from custody, a free man.
His lawyers are making this move
- in the hope of getting tho case before
- the United Statea supreme court on
t. Ita merita.
I, ' ?'
1 Atlanta will have two big Sunday
motion picture ahowa all next Sunday
Afternoon and evening, though no ad
mission fee can be charged. Voluntary
" contributions will be taken for the
Atlanta poor.
" Joke Wella and Hugh Oardoca, rnan
' agers, donated the nae of the Forsyth
r and Grand theatres, and the local film
* houses give the use erf the filma and
8 machinery. Vaudeville artista will Con
D tribute their aerviceeralso.
r Georgiana have learned with inter
' est of the memorial nervlces -held tn
" the United States Senate thia week to
* honor the late Senator AKFuatue O.
* Bacon, who died last year after lone
tervtce in the upper Iwaae.
, Senator Hoke Smith delivered an
I, eloquent eulogy, upon the former sea
r J lor senator from Gt orgia, dwelling up
n Anderson
TA Anrr\v%\jm^r ajirir*riTU/^
a v-^ *-? a m t^iTii M iti aaa* VJ *
Unofficially Reported by Pastors |
of Various City
Owing to the non-attendance of sev- j
eral members of tho commi'.ee. and
I believing that a more satisfactory ?
statement of results obtained could
be had after the approaching Sun- |
day. the local committee in charge
of the canvass fer donations to the
Belgian Relief Fund decided upon
meeting at the ('bamber of Commerce
I last night that an adjourned meet
ing of the committee would bo held
J Monday afternoon at 8 o'clock at the
same place.
Last ni>:i i' was the time
let for the committee and :
other 'interested pertons to. gath- !
er at the chamber of commerce j
and determine the results of the can- !
vass fo the Belgian Relief Fund, and
also discuss the matter of local char- |
Ry, the community Christmas tree !
idea and other matters of a kindred
nature. Only a very few persons,
some of them not members of the
committee, repaired to the chamber
of commerce last night for the meet- I
lng, which had been widely adver- I
i After it was seen that not enough
members of the committee would be
pnd hand to transact any business and
that not enough persons at large were
present to take up the matter of or
ganizing a local relief measure, it
I waa decided to adjourn thc meeting
until Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
I This move was also considered ad
visable for the reason that several
eubscrlption envelopes, which were
distributed last Sunday, had not been
turned In. Dr. Fr'-er of the First
I Presbyterian church 'ported that the
envelopes distribute among his con
gregation had not been collected.
Members of this and other congrega
tions of the city who have received
these contribution envelopes are ear
nestly requested to turn them In Sun
day to their respective churches, with
the words "For Belgian Relief Fund"
plainly written on the envelopes.
I It was unofficially reported last
.night that the collections from thc
.congregation of Episcopal church
amounted to some $35 or $3? dollars,
that the sum of $2150 had been col
lected from thc congregation of the
First Baptist church, that some $50
would be received from the Para
mount theatre and that some $14
would be turned over by The Intelli
gencer, this amount having been col
lected In a campaign started by this
paper before any movement of this
nature was started in thc city
'through any other agency.
on his devotion and his ability.
"To say that hy his death the senate
lost oue of its ablest and most ex
perienced members feebly expresses
thc truth." said Senator Smith. "He
came to thc senate splendidly equip
ped for his work. He gave to thc du
ties of the senate all of his ability and
all of his life. Service as a senator was
the though and Joy of hts life. He
brought to the service a devotion
rarely equalled and never excelled."
Senator Thomas W. Hardwick Join
ed his Georgia colleagues tn eulo?
glzing upon the former statesman, and
seven other scuators from as many
states patd glowing tributes to Senat
or Bacon's memory.
The Atlanta police force, which bas
had its hands full with burglaries and
hold-ups recently, has been Increased
by twenty-three men for the Christ
mas holidays, when atreet traill? ia
heaviest and when ntckpockete Und
burglars are busiest.
A strong effort is being made to find
fundB for a permanent increase of the
police force. Atlanta covers an unusu
ally wide territory .even for her large
population, and it is Impossible for the
pr?tent force adequately to cover lt.
It ls a common remark for a citizen
to make that: "1 haven't seen a police
man in my home atreet In yean. My
children don't know what a policeman,
looks like."
Gardner & Lawsc
A Black fae
Today will ba Wild Weat Dav a
read ot cac rt lng twits on the fro
agement guarantees some of th? I
For Monday Only
36 new suits-just open
ed up-$15.00 to S 18.00
values, in a variety of
cloths, all sizes. They
are all well made-satin
lined throughout and
finely trimmed. The
colors are Russian green,
brown, blues and pretty
mixtures, and our spec
ial price is
Only $7.98 a Suit!
We have offered many Suit values but never
one that was better than this one. At this
price we do not pay for alteration.
Ladies' Hats
A few more of those #3.00 and $3.50
pliish and velour wide brimmed soft crown
sailors to go at $1.50 each. These hats are
right up to the minute in style and one of
our most ready sellers.
G. H. Bailes, Prop.
MBS. TT. A. BUDGEN S, Editor
Phone 37.
Misses Jennie and Lal Cunning
ham, Laura Horton and Susie Ander
son ot Converse College are at home
to spend the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. J. H. Herring, who has been
the guest of Mrs. W. W. Morrison left
yesterdav for her home at La Grange.
Mrs. D. S. Taylor and little Mis?
Ann Taylor left yesterday for Atlanta
to spend the Christmas holidays with
relatives.- Mr. Taylor will go aver
next week.
Miss Lalla Mae Dial, who has been
I visiting Mrs. G. B. Greene and Miss
Jessie Browne, left yesterday for her
home at Laurens.
Mr. and Mrs. George Eagle aro
moving today from their country
home two or three miles weat of
town, to the house of Mrs. H. C. Town
send on West Whltner street. Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Beatty, who have been
making their home at Hotel Chtquola
for several years; will make their
home with them.
Mrs. J. L. Trlbble haa returned
from a visit to relatives at Easley.
Miss Kate Liddell has been called
to Lowndesvtlle by tho death of ber
sister-in-law. Mrs. T. C. Liddell,
which occurred on Wednesday.
Mrs. S. D. Cook ot L?wndesv(lle !
spent yesterday with friends here.
*h thirst is a
great blessing
if you can get
Chero-Cola. Drink
it from the bottle
through a straw.
Always uniform.
Perfectly delicious.,
m's Musical Comedy Co. presents :
e Paree COBS edy with n laugh each niante.
?*X $enU?
t the Palmetto-Scenes that will vividly recall stories you've
Utter. Impossible to give the tidea to tb? pictures baft Tba Man
best yet shown in Anderson.

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