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VOLUME 1, NUMBER 342. rTeeUy, E.tabUshed i860; D?fljr, Janis, ?1?. ANDERSON, S. C, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 1, 1914. $5.00 PER ANNUM PRICE FIVE CENTS
According to Official St
Germans Have Beer
Cross the Right Ba
Poland and Fighting
Developing-With tl
trenched the Allies'
Belgium and France
lily .\.->.Hut.-<l rw?.)
LONDON. Dec. 19.-It ls believed
TJorlln's cold ration of a. great German
victory in Toland* possibly waa prema
turo. All thnt German headquarters
saya nf tho butt lo there In today's re
port la That the pursuit of the enemy
Tho Hussion official report tonight
sayu engagement* on tho left bank o?
tho Vistula hav.j been nothing more
than -outpost affaira. In these the Rus
sians would seem to have been engag
ed in holding the Germans while the
Russian rodin force waa forming along
the Bzura river, where a battle ia be
ginning to develop, apd the German
attack la aald to havo been repulsed.
AB waa expected thc Germana at
tempted to cross the Vistula in an en
deavor to outflank the Russians, but
this was fraust rated by thc- Russian
urtillery and by the seizure of the pon
toon bridges.
Despite the desperate work facing
them in North Poland, tho Russians
continue, operations in East Prussia
and against Cracow, while in western
Galicia they are ta'.ng positions
along tho Dounaetz river in an at
tempt to atop the advance of the Aus
tro-German forces.
Part of the Przemyal garrison had
made a sortie In force in an attempt
to open the railway to the sou th west,
and ls giving battle to the Russian
besieging army.
With the German5; strongly en
trenched and the ground lu had con
dition, the Allies'.offensive movement
in Helglum and Franco is making
slow progress. At several points.- how
ever, tho French official records tho
CARRIES $15,000
Appropriation Bill Carrier Fund
For U. S. Military Observer
in Europe.
(Dy Auriieiat?d Pifrv.i
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10.-The array
appropriation bill, aggregdtlng $101,
0GO.000. agreed upon today by the
house military committee, carried a
special Tund of $ir?,000 for I'nlted
States military observers in Europe.
Thc bill closely follows the wai
department's estimate "We gave
them practically all they asked for,'
said' Chairman Hay, referring to. ap
propri?tiona for ammunition nnd oth
er materials for defense.
Increase of 2~? regiments in thc
regular army waa proposed by a bil!
introduced by Representative An
thony. It would'authorize tho organ
ization of five additional regiments oi
urtillery. five of cavalry and ir? of In
fantry and Would repool the la?
1 Hutting tho array to 100.000 mon.
Appropriations of $400.000 for avia
tion and $.">0,0000 fdr armored auto
mobiles in view of the uso of the lat
ter In the European war are included
In the bill. -".
Villa Forces Go
Over to Carranza
(g? Ascrvchted Prc?) '
LAREDO. Texas, Dec 19.--General
Pablo Gonzalos hag reached the Pan
uco oil field district, with 10,00c
troops, prepared for an . offensiv?
campaign against Villa forcea al
Tampico, according to a dispatch re
ceived here today.
The sarme message asserted Carran
aa troops had captured Parras, ?
small town near Torre?n, and con
firmed reports that Villa forces at Sat
Luis Potosi had gone over to Carran
sa* v
Amendment to Except
Proposed Literacy Tesl
ft*?- A?*vtnf<*j Press ) -
amendaient to the Immigration bill
to except from the proposed literacy
test for tho next five years Belgian*
r.eeklng a home in the United State*
was introduced today by Senator Wil
liams. No action was taken.
Senator Stone had spoken for raak
lng an exception 16 favor of those per
scented for race as well aa for re
ligious persecution showed possession
ot a high moral fibre, while the sank
could not bo said of one "?tersecutet
for race. Senator William', d?clar?e
Senator Stone'fi proposal would ad
mit a flood..of ignorance.
atement From Petrograd
i Repulsed in Attempt to
uk of Vistula River in
in Bzura River District
ie Germans Strongly En?
Offensive Movement in
is. Making Slow Progress,
capture of G< u ian trenches. The of
fensive ls being pushed with consider
able force in Flanders and from Hie
liclgiaj larder.south to the River,
Oise, where thc line turns eastward.
The Germans keep up violent coun
ter attacks, and by these and the use
ol' mines, in some cunen have prevoirt
ed the Allies from following up their
ud vant age.
Similar tactics are being adopted by
both sidon ulong the reBt of the front
with gains and louses In fractions of
miles. The Allies have brought up an
i enormous weight ot artillery which
they are u?lng to clear the way for
the infantry.
I A message from Antwerp to tho
' Amsterdam Telegraaf assert* that the
Germuns, preparing for a possible .re
tirement, are constructing u line of
defense across Belgium from the
Scheldt along the Dendre River to |
j Maubeuge on the French frontier. '
'This, if true, might be r* 'ered only
a .measure of precauth" I
The German cruisers ". raided
the east coast of Englunu ved a
large mine held. In addltiou o the I
three steamers previously reported aa '
having boen destroyed, a mine sweep
I er, clearing the seas, was blown up
I today, and it in reported two other ves
at'a met a like fate. This occurred
while the funerals of the victims of
the bombardment ut Scarborough and
the Hartlepools were being held.
While the motor section of the
South African defense force ls gath
ering in the remainder of the scat
tered rebels, the main army is form
ing on the German So ut ii African J
frontier where the advance guards are
in touch. j
i ; Appears at Washington Church
i in "Jeans" Suit Tailored in
I Abbeville.
I The intelligencer Bureau...
Tho?. H. Daniel, Mgr.
j WASHINGTON. Dec. 19.-Repre
sentative Wyatt Aiken of Abbeville.
1 j who makes it a point to buy every
I j thing that he needs from South Caro
I lina merchants, as far as possible,
'ilma j gone a step further in the patron
iji/.ing of home products. He appeared
' ; st Mount Vernon Place church Sun
, day morning, wearing an all-wool
"jeans" suit of clothes, tailored by an
, Abbeville concorn, from cloth woven
> by members of the well-known Nich
II olson family, residing on White
. ? creek, in Oconee. on ono of the now
; practically extinct -"hand loemis" that
were common a good many years be
? fore Mr. Aiken was born.
This jeans suit had the appearance
of a 'swell" gray suit, ?nd Mr. Aiken
- declares that, until within the past
' few days'when the thermometer in
- Washington bas been flirting with the
1 10-degrce mark, ho has fou??* lt
necessary to get out of doors to ketn
cool while wearing ih? "all wool and
a yard wide" goods spun from Oconee
wool and woven by Ocglice ladles. .
Former r. 8. Treasurer Dead.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 19.-Lee
McClung, former treasurer of the
I United States, died lstc today in a
' ' hospital in London, after a three
> months* /lines of typhoid fever. Rel-!
> olives hero received Information of'
t. hie death from his brother, C. M. Mc
. 1 Clung.
Crowd Cheers King?.
i 'LQNDON, Dec. 20,-(3:05 a. ra.)
- ? Reuter dispatch from Malino. Swed
I en, describes an enthusiastic demon
? stratton in honor of the kings of Nor
way and Sweden, who have been con
ferring there. A huge crowd cheered
the kings on their departure.
: $150,000 Bequeathed
.'^ Harvard University
I NEW YORK, Doc. 19.-Public be
r questa of nearly a half million dollars
<?- were made In the will of the late
. Anna Palmer Draper, widow of Prof.
? Henry Draper, of Harvard University,
made public today. The will disposes
. of an catat? estimated at more than
- SI,000.000. Hnrvard University ls left
? ?150.000. .
i Tho New York public library ls left
? 150.000 In trust for the benefit of 11
I briary employes; and John S. Billings,
I former ty a director of the library, ls
- left ?200.000, In trust for the purchase
of books for the' library.
Boys Called to Join the German Arr
Tho Gorman Government ha? JUBI i mr Information of that kind ia no
collod out the claas o? 1915 to Join ! longer given ou: in Germany. But boya
,_ ,_"_ mi.AV "."_" "...,.",,. K. in the south of Germany-: the des
in the war. They were requiredI to h. nmklng ^ announpement
report to the army headquarter*! Doo. | ,.omc.a from p^rne Ly way. of Italy
15. How many of these ia not known. I were notified. This photograph shows
Arrest Seven Young
Men in* Early Morning Raid
One Said to Have Escaped After Standing Officer
Off With Gun-Others Put Up Bond.
At '? o'clock Sunday morning a
oorpu of patrolmen surprised and ar
reitett seven well-known young white
mun of the city on charges, of gamb
ling. Six of thu crowd were .carried j
to the police station, where each gave j
bond In the .sum-of %ZU for lils? ap
pearance in recorder's court Monday
at'noon. ? Tb* soventh party placed
under arrest made his escape, it. is
said, by'a ruse which he worked on
Patrolman Marcus M. Pujyic.
Stood Oificer Off.
According to the patrolman, tills
party objected to being marched up
the street to the police station and re
quested that he bc allowed to glvt*
cash bond on thc spot. 1 hiving
known the young mun since childhood
dara,-the officer said, bc assented to
his request and repaired to thc Hine
Ride ' PJttllroad bridge on Peonies
street, where the two paused for the
bond to be given over. Instead of thc
party under arreat handing over thc
I cash, the patrolman states, he drew
a pistol and.thrust it into thc officer's
? face, during him to move n muscl?.
The party tin-ii backed off, keeping the
officer covered with tho pistol in thc
meanwhile, until he had reached . a
distance where he could furn and flee.
Places Ban on
Liquor Drinking
When tho party turned, thc pitrolninn
staten, he drew his own pistol and
C:-ed fiyo shots at the fleeting form.
The officer was not certain whether
any of the bullets look effect in thc,
man's body. The firing ?if the shots
was heard distinctly np town and
aroused considerable Interest.
Arrest lng Officer!*.
The earps ?r policemen making the
arrest consisted of PrVfhtes niscill.
Clamp. Sanders. Payne. Stewart.
Whitten. Foster and Freeinnn. The of
ficers had suspected that gambling
was going ol? hi a building on West
Karie street ?ned hy thc Palmetto
Rifles as an armory. Early till.?
morning the Offlcejhf took a ladder
frort) the tire department hemlqua t
crn and carried it to the building, for
thc purpose of mounting to the win
dow? and obtaining evidence ns to
what (hey believed was going on in
side. This particular ladder did not
mool the requirement* of tho occasion.
BO the officers teemed another from
a nearby place and ascended to the
Here, it is ulleged. they obtained a
view of thc young men "ahootiug
craps." The raid on the hall follow
ed Immediately, with tbr? results al
ready noted.
Federal Reserve Board
an Independent Body
(By A M ori (Irrt PIM? )
ANN ARBOFr, Mich., Dec. 19..-By
affirming conviction of Lawrence
Damm, an Ann Abor saloonkeeper
found- guilty of selling liquor to Uni
versity of Michigan students, the
State supreme court today placed the
ban on under graduate liquor drink
ing. T .
I "Tho Pta tutu forbids sale of liquor
to any student In attendance at any
public or private institution of learn
lng,* said Justice Ostrander.
Tufen Soldiers Hone.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19.-Senator
I Works, 'Of California, introduced a bill
today proposing that the home for
Union soldiers' at Johnson City. Tenn,,
be converted Into"'an institution for
Confederate- veterans; that a branch
be established in Washington. D. C.,
and that $900,000 be appropriated an
nually to assist existing Confederate
home?. "* '
German Position!? Heavily Shelled.
DOVER,' via London, Dec $0.-Ger
?mau positions between Nieuport and
Middelkerke were heavily shelled by
Itrltish warships carly Saturday. It ts
said tee Germans replied at .-one point
with 12-Inch naval guns.. ,
Capture Low lex.
l'0S8>j, German army \Hoadquar
tera In - the East, December 20.-Field
Marana* von Hindenburg's army took
LoWics todi),- after heavy fighting for
several 'days and compelled the farth
er retirement ot the Russian lines.
(By A.?*>ciat>! Prcii.1
WASHINGTON. Dec. 19.-The fed
eral reserve board la an Independent
government body and not under Juris
diction of tho treasury or an/ other
department, according to an' opinion
announced tonight br Attorney Gen
oral Gregor?* The ruling settles a
question much discussed in official
circles. The hoard will have such a
status as the Interstate commerce
commission and will be regarded aa.a
coordinate part of the government.
Owns (Twa Training Camps.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19.-The New
York National League club today be
came the 'first baseball club to own
its own training camp when it receiv
ed a deed from the city of Marlin,
Texas, giving full title to Emerson
Pars there, where the Clan ts have
done their spring work since 1908.
? 000000000000000000
. ? o
o Warning to Joh Huniers. o
o-. SACRAMENTO. Cai. Dec. 19. o
o -"If you are looking for a Job, o
o don't come to California." q
o Thia warning was issued hero o
o today by the California commis- o
o sion on immigration and housing, o
o which aftci an investigation has o
o fouud there are in California o
o thousands more men than Jobs, o
a Plana have been completed for ?o
? registration of unemployed and o
o und it is announced that Califor- o
o nlans will be given preference, o
. * o
eeeoooon ? oooooooooc*"'
thc youth of some ut those who must
prepare to fight. While the class is
i;uppoHed to he made up of tbo?e
twenty years of a KO, the picture indi*
cutes that some 01 them aie coustue.r
ibly younger.
With Mexican Factions Predicted
by American Consular Agent
(Hy A-wwntwl Pre*-)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1?.- Peaceful
solution of dlfflc'ilticH with Mcxlcian
faction? across the border ' from
Naco, Arie., was predicted by Ameri
can t'oiiRulur Agent Carcthers in a
message to the State department to
day after a conference with the May
torcna leaders.
It was learned today that General
Bliss, commanding the American I
bolder patrol, has recommeuded to
Secretary Garrison a plan for settle
ment of the situation. Thc plan wus
not made public. General Scott, chief
of staff, who was sent 'to the border
to take "bargo of the situation, was
expected to reach Naco tonight. He
will confer with General Ulla? and
lt ls thought probuble Secretary Gar
rison will make no recommendations
to the president until he learned th?'
results of that conference and has re
ceived General Scott's report.
Frank Denied Writ
of Habeas Corpus
(liv Atto&uted Pro* 1
ATLANTA. Gu.. Dec. 19.-Up M.
Frank, condemned tn be hanged Jan
uary 22 next for the murder here in
April, 19 Bl, of Mary Phagan, today
was refused a writ of habeas corpus
by Fedora! Judge W. T. Newman here
today. A motion was Immediately
made by Frank's attorneys, requesting
an appeal from today's decision to the
United States supreme court and
Judgo Nowmau announced he would
glv^ a decision on this motton Mon
Arrange Meetings to
Commemorate Hanging
(Ry Associated Trete.)
CILA8SO, Switzerland. Dec. 19.
(via Paris, 3:?r>5 p. m.)-More than
f>00 meetings throughout Italy have
been arranged for tomorrow to cotn
mer lorate the anlversay of the hang
ing of the soldier Overdank, who paid
the death penalty on December 20,
1SS2, for attempting to assassinate
Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria.
The Italian government is taking ex
traordinary measures to suppress an
ti- Ausrtian demonstrations.K
( leary Acquitted.
NEW .CITY. N. Y., Der. 19.-Wil
liam V. Cleary, town clerk of Haver
straw and Democratic leader in Rock
land county, was acquitted by a Jury
in supreme court here tonight of the
rhargo of murder in the first degree
on which he was tried for kiflrng
Bilgen* M. Newman, his son-in-law.
Gntrrnuienf Loan Arranged.
ROME. Dec. 19.-A, government Joan
of J200,000,000 at 5 1-2 per cent has
been arranged for. Tho loan, will bc
ISSUM) Jr.r.uary 1. i?t?, and will ex
tend over a period of 25 yeera
Bitter Debate End? in ]
The House-Statemen
That Railroad Inflw
Shift Democratic Vot
pressman Heflin as Fi
sentative Ragsdale, o
Repudiates Charge.
WASHINGTON, life, ll?.-After two
days of hot words which culminated
today in exchange of Invitations 'o
pomonal combat between Heprei mta
tives Hellln, of Alabama, and Moon, ol
Tennessee, tho bouse adopted a special
rule to consider legislation for re
forms demanded by the postofllce de
partment in connection with Ute an
nual postal appropriation bill.
A defection of Detnocruts from the
lenders yesterday defeated a similar
rule, which provided for consideration
of amendments decreasing postmast
ers' salaries, elimination of assistant
postmasters, experimental substitu
tion of contract service for the rural
delivery service, increased salaries
for rural carriers, changes in the
comiKMisatlon paid railroads for car
rying the mailn and other reorganiza
tion plans of the department.
Tho rule was passed late today
with the provisions for cutting post
masters' salaries, abolishing assist
ant postmasters and the rural service
substitution scheme eliminated.
" A speech bv Representative Moon
after defeat of tba original rule, tn
which he intimated that some "rail
road influence" had operated to shift
Democratic votes, caused a bitter de
bate today. Representative Hellln
denounced Mr. Moon'? statement UH
"false nnd untrue." Mr. Moon chal
lenged bim to make the sume com
ment off the floor of the house and
Mr. Hellin expressed his willingness
to do so. Tho two represei tatlves
were advancing threateningly toward
Substantial Bequeaths
to Baptist Institutions
in?- Awvtflat+d I'tr-*.)
?SCOTLAND NECK. N. C.. Dee. 19.
-One hundred and thirty-five thous
and dollars was bequeathed to various
Daptist institutions in North Caro
lina by thc will of Noah DlggH, a prom
inent business man of this place, who
died here on Monday. The will,
which was probated yesterday, dis
posed of au estate valued at $250.000.
The sums bequeathed to the clpir-h
organizations arc to be used for aid
ing in church work und festering edu
cation, according to the will. The be
quests follow:
-Thomasvllle Baptist orphanage.
$95.000; Meredith College. Raleigh.
$20,000; Wake Korest College. Wake
Forest. N. C.. $5,000 and Baptist State
convention, $15.000.
Russian LOK* Knormous.
LONDON, Dec. 20-12:49 a. m.-A
Berlin wireless says advice? from Vi
enna to main headquarters declare
that in thc battle of Llmsnowa tho
Austrian troops routed the Russians,
of whom western Galicia IB now clear.
Tho Austro-Ilungarian army made
20.000 prisoners, it ls claimed
"The Ruusltn loss was enormous,"
the dispatches add. "and the pursuit
is everywhere being followed up."
Petition for InjuncMon.
CLEVELAND, Dec. 19.-John D.
Rockefeller, through counsel today
flied In federal court a petition for an
Injunction to restrain County Treas
urer O'Brien from collecting taxes on
$311,046.337 assessment placed on
Rockefeller's holdings by the Cuya
hoga County tax commission. Mr.
Rockefeller declaras he ls a resident
of New York State, that he maintains
a residence there and performs* all
the functions of a citizen of that Sti^e.
SaVOOO Russians Captured.
THE HAGUE, via London, Dec.
20.-(12:20 a. m.)-The total num
ber of Russians captured by Austro
H?ngarians In Gallcia in the last few
day:, is reported In Vienna dispatches
at 33.000. After tho fighting at
Llmanowa 26,000 Russians were cap
lt is asserted that tho number ot
Russians killed is larger, 1,200 dead
being found at Llmanowa alone.
Cotton Mills to Run
24 Hours a Day
(Hy AModstwl Prr?!?.)
LOWELL, Mass., Dec. 19.-The ma
chinery of the Tremont and Suffolk
Cotton mills will be run 24 hours a
day beginning Monday, according to
announcement today. Four hundred
extra- employes will be hired. Antici
pated demand for fabrics early in tba
coming yeai' ls given aa the reason
for tbe Increase in production.
Near-Fight on Floor of
X of Representative Moon
mee Had Operated to
es Denounced by Con
cise and Untrue-Repre
>f South Carolina, Also
each other when halt u doten mem
bers stepped In between them.
"I denounce. the statement of the
Kcntlcman ah abaolutely untrue," de
clared Representative Heflin', refer
ring to Mr. Moon's statement that
Ueniocrata who voted against the rule
had "betrayed the Democratic presi
dent, the Democratic poatmanter gen
eral, the Democratic rulea commit -
teo, and the Democratic postoflico
"You don't dare soy that to me ex
cept on this Moor," shouted Mr. Moon,
striding tu wa rd tho Alabama repre- ?
"I nm willing to say anything out
side that I vould say to you here,"
retorted milln, and he started to meet
Chairman Moon.
F.?-presejitntlve Clark, of Florida;
Tr ibbie, of Georgia; Stanley, oi Ken
tucky, and MoKellar, of Tennessee,
stepped between them and order soon
was restored.
Representative Moon said he . had
no apologies to make for his speech
criticising Democrats who opposed
the rule. He said ho did not charge
corruption against anyone
"But the circumstances of that;
vote," he aald, "left the Impression '
that there was some Influence at
work that prevented tho adoption of
this rule, requested by the adminis
trai ion. Waa lt the Influence of'post- .
masters, or rural carriers or of the
Representative Heflin* de*htrWr--**mr
railroad "had Influenced hini?" and de
clared Representative Moon's crlti
( Cont inned on Page Kigfrt)
Two Trainmen Killed ?nd Four
Others With at Number of
Passengers Injured.
(Hy Aitaor'mtcfi Pifa?.)
CARTER3VILLE. Ga.. Dec. 10.
Two trainmen were killed and four
others und a number of passengers
were injured, some seriously, when a
Western Ai Atlantic passenger train
was derailed today near here. The
dead aro Firemen V. H. Entrlonn and
F. W. ?PH. both of Atlanta. Ga.
The locomotive and Ave coaches
left the track and rolled down a 75
foot embankment. Many of the In
jured were brought here on a special
train and ir, of the more seriously
hurt .were sent to hpapltala.
Offlclala ot the road tay the cause
of th? wreck bsa not been establish
Recover a Portion.
of Stolen Money
(Oy AsjocUtied Ftc-?.)
CINCINNATI. Dec. 1?.-Eight
thousand, one hundred and sixty dol
lars of the $12,660 obtained by Frank
G. Hohl, the automobile bandit killed
after h la raid on two banks last
Thursday, was recovered by detec
tives hore late today. The remaining
$ t.r.oo ia believed to have been malled
by Hohl to P. C. Wright, Louisville.
Ky. All efforts to locate thia package
however, have proved fruitless.
Congressmen 111
in Washington
(By A ?nodat?1 V.rm.)
WASHINGTON, Doa 19.-A trio of
congressmen are Ul at Providence
hospital here. Representative , Em
mett Wilson, of Florida, la in a a?r
ions condition from uraemic poison
ing and bia condition became so crit
ical that his two brothers at Pensaco
la hurried here. He improved, slight
ly today.
Representative Brumbaugh of Ohio,
is ill of what is believed to he appen
Representativo Godwin, of North
Carolina, ls suffering from gall atones.
Surrounding Carra asa Troops.
DOUGLAS. Arts.. Dec. 1!?.-VIITgw
troops which defeated a Carrants
force at Fronteras and Oma several
days ago were reported today to Tte
surrounding .Agua Prletn. held by
Carranza troops. Two bridges OD tho
Nacoxari Railroad. HO mlle? south of
here, were burned by the advancing
troops two days ago.

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