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MKS. W. A. HUDGENS, Editor, Fbone 37.
In Honor of Mrs. Henning. sn)....} course. .Those invited to meet A. Brock.
A pretty compliment to Mrs. J. H. MK. Henning were: Mesdames K. P. -
Henning of La Orange, Ga., who has Pr?vost, W. W. Morrison, Louis Hor- Miss Viola Felke!, who has been
been the guest of M TB.' W. W. Morrl- ton, G. B. Greene, J. L. Sherard, W. ?pending several months with her
: ira tor lin- ptitsi wu days, was inc **? ?*C?J???, mtaovo uci ina vjaouu, jct?- in omer, our. r rou reiset, leit yester
delightful little card party' given on 8,e Browne, Ella Mae Cummings, Car- day for her home at Elloree to spend
Monday afternoon by Mra. T. L. Cety ollne Vance of Columbia, Lalla Mae the holidays.
at her attractive home on Calhoun D'?* of Laurens. -
street. There were three tablee of - M*88 olle Adams, who teaches in
bridge and after several interesUng Mrs. Roscoe Moseley haa gone to tne achoola at Honea Path, waa here
games the flrat prize, a beautiful Greenville to spend Christmas with yesterday on her way to her home at
embroidered apron waa won by Mrs. relatives. Pendleton to spend Christmas.
Morrison while the. guest prize, a - _ ,., " -
lovely bououeL-of flowers, was pre- Misses Julia and Mary Barber of Mrs. Sanders Entertains*
seated to the rronor gue,?., Mrs. Hen- New York are the guests of Mrs. . Mrs. J. Levis Sanders waa tho at
ning. Mra. Cely then se; red an elegant Clarence Brock at the home of Mr. J. tractive hostess On Wednesday after
. . noon''When she entertained in honor
L ' " of Mrs* J. H. Henning of La Grange,
9WM" , --?.." - .'iJi,- tr^'i .i -TT.".^'"- .??r-^ii^5Sa Ga., U?fd Miss Caroline Vane of Co
ll lumbla. The pretty parlor and hall
W?e *r"% . Tfe,;(H \ ? j were blight with the Christmas dec-.
?iVerV BOX ?? Ire&SUr? fl orations of wreaths, holly and "neils,
fT<"'V*jF ***w'*m>. **Y w ? and the "merry Christmas" sjirlt
M-.x g. -^ ? m H aeemed- to fill the room. Three ta
t h??f f%r a^AnnnAOC i b,es "?f aact|on bridge were arranged
- * V^llvOi w? VlUUUliCwO I and the games were unusually, merry
fl abd interesting. After cards were put
, o .g, ? ]?| asido a dainty course menu wa? serv
sW ed by the' hostess; assisted by Mrs.
^^^r ^^^^? i-t ^ds> Wad? Sanders. Those invited to meet
^^BL^^TP Mrs. Ifehnlng nnd MIBB Vance on this
_ jnMmB " # tm \ occaslt>n were: Mesdames W. W. Mor
j^^BX^JmW ?B #^,8 A M3 rlson, Keith Pr?vost, Louis Horton,
#?T jMr\m M> JS JJ Jri^ JftmT G- B- Greene. T. L. rely. Marleston
^fae^ MW TBSLdFMrJvJRjM J&TSM W Barton, J. J. Fretwell, Jr., Horace
ywftttyy^jjf ?V(j# McGee, J. J. Baldwin, W. D. McLean.
^^^^^^^^M M ^?^""?^^^?"^^ yix&: Tom Anen entertained the
M. ^ Priaclll? Club in a mo8t charming
manner on Friday afternoon at her
ll sewing party., cohgeni?l and-informal
B and fully enjoyed by each one prea
Leave orders early for Christmas, we will make delivery at j|| ent.
the proper time. -j Mesar?? Arthur and Pinckney Lig?n
<. ii of Spartanburg are here to spend the
t ? I t ?? we?k-hnd with Mrs. R. S. Ligon. -
I Tri o ' u%a. vt ? ?
f ?%A fl^n. gH -gjasy-nri fa. jfllKT ? Mrs'.-Will Carlisle and- Mra. Julian
1 HoYeins irn?Tiiiacy | ;"rot s",r" "prM r**t,,"dw in
I Three jlgS ?a??? ? ssJLS^ ?f^P^'P
.aSr?S-as-UMf?SS-^^ if?e, "B?n Happ?ldt of . Pendleton
???? '?>?? BIWWP
bas been spending several days with
her sister Mrs. Charit? Pr?vost.
Mrs. Fast Inproving.
Mrs. K. P. Smith's' many friends
will be glad to hear tim? her mother.
Mrs. Walter Pant ls doing nicely and
the attending physicians are very
much, gratified over her condition.
She waa operated on in the Fort
Worth hospital last Tuesday. Mr.
Font is an older brother of Mr. Ru
fus Fan* of this city. |
A Dellghtfal Musicale.
An entertainment prettily planned
a>.d carried out waa the recital and
Christmas tree given by Mrs.-G. W.
Chambers on Tuesday afternoon at
her home on River street. Bach pu
pil with an invited guest gathered in
Mrs. Chambers' large ' living room
and bera a beautiful program, con
sisting of duets and rolos, in both
piano and violin were given by ten
of Mrs. Chambers' pupils. Each one
;:!;:;.::! ;r..;,; anil im* wura
was done with an ability and ak'.ll
that reflected great credit rn them
selves and their teacher. After the
program Mrs. chamber; invited her
guests Into the music room where
was arranged a beautiful Christ mas
tree brilliant in its light and decora
tions and bearing a gift for each one.
I This was a source of great pleas
ure to each one, and the whole occa
sion was a very banpy CAC tor all
present. The program for the musi
cale was as follows:
March for piano and violin by an
American composer-Louise Turner
and Mrs. Chambers.
American composition for plano
made to order, So new patterns to
select from, expert . workmanship.
.'. .. >s t?? : .' , .
Give us a trial order. Wc can
[please you and save you money.
's Art
?j *
On Tile Square.
(a) Lullabye, (b> Child's Waltz, ci
Tag March. (d> First Rose Walts
Elisabeth Dlvt*?r.
American composition for plano
(a) Dance on the Green (b) Now, My
Fingers (c) Just a Bunch of Flowers
-Mildred Hatcher.
American composition for piano
(a) Dan'"., (b) Old English Meloday,
(c) CUCKOO, (d) Drum and Trumpet
Lu Hillhouse.
?March for violin and piano-Ralph
Pruitt and Mrs. Chambers.*
Polish composition-Dance Rom
antlgue-Marie Edmunds.
Parlor GameB Waltz-Hemke Geer.
March for plano and violin-Tresa
McCants and Mrs. Chambers.
Two. French compositions-(a)
Scarf Dance, <h) Air de Ballet
Louise Smethers.
Two German compositions-(a)
Spinning Song, (b) Novellette-Helen
Little. .
A pretty little card party for the
week was given by Mr. and Mrs.
Wade Sanders. Bright and appro
priate Christmas decorations added
to the attractiveness of thi*l home and
lt was'a very congenial and Informal
party who were guests on this occa
sion. Besides enjoying cards th'.'
music by Miss Charlotte Perks and
Prof. Parks added much to the pleas
ure of the evening. A dainty fruit,
course was served later in the even
ing and ended this delightful little af
fair. Among those present were: Dr.
ind Mr?-. Levis Sanders, MIBBOB Char
lotte Parks, oralee Bailes, Gertrude
Sanders, Tda Brownlee, Margaret Ar
cher. Messrs. T. P. Cartwright. G. H.
Ballee, Mac Sanders. Ned Provost,
Prof. Parks, and Dr. Wade Thompson.
Ladles Day at Elks Club.
Ladies day at the Elks Club on
Fr ir ii.;' afternoon was as usual a
charming success, thone present
horoughly enjoyed the delightful In
formality of the occasion. Cards,
matting and dancing were the forum
)f entertainment and there is always
i charming and congenial party of
adtes present among whom were:
vlesdamea M. L Bonham, C. F. Ross,
Bond Anderson, F.'hett Parker, Har
rington Godfrey, Alice SykeB, Phillip
Sasseen, S. N. Gilmer, T. E. Howard,
Ft. J. Ramer, J. J. Baldwin, Misses
karoline Vance and Jessie Browne.
In Honor of Bliss Yance.
A pretty little affair for the week
was the charming little party given
an Thursday evening by Miss Sara
Hayes in honor of Miss Caroline
Vance, the attractive guest of Miss
Jessie Browne./ Miss Vance waa.one
of Anderson's most popular young
women during her residence here
and'Uer many friends are giving her
a very ' cordial welcome back and
many .charming little affairs have
been given in her honor. Miss Hayes
bnd&Just a few friends in for the
BvaSfng fn a delightful Informal way
thafLwaa , thoroughly, enjoyed hy thone
BO fo.'t?nate as to be her guests,
j ^^^^^^^^ ^ ll
Your son has a new ?SI
watch standard
Take note of your boy'? Ideals when you choose
a watch for him. Things he is proud to own are ???$m\
li???li those he known ?re nnfo??^ ?- "right" ?>> usu UL
jijpl ? discrimination.
He no more wants a watch of yesterday than
he would an old-style motor car. And he knows
that today of tho Gruen Verlthin Watch is the time
piece that it ls a mark of distinction to own.
Come In and ree it. Let us explain how a new,
mechanically correet arrangement of wheels makes I jjjjijjii
it only half as thick as the ordinary watch, yet rc- J Wjffl
tains full Bise and strength of parts and highest C^jj^j
?jj ^^fc?^s-& Babb ^ ll
among whom, besides the honor
guest; were: Misses Lalla Mae Dis)
of Laurens, Jessie Browne, Messrs.
Robert' and Archie Cathcart, Willett
Sloan and Paul -Browne.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hunt of Salis
bury were tn the city ytsterdny
J. W. Johnson of Honen Path spent
yesterday in the city on business.
1915 Term Begins Jana 4
A special discount is offered for first week. Make /.
arrangements now, and prepare yourself for an. independ
ent career. More calls for corvv'ent help than we can
supply. Catalogue froe. V i i or call today.
and Spartauburg, S. C.
l For Father ^For Si?er ^For Ba^
63 Alar* ?oeU. ? KnlTe^WI bind. Dimond Bing? Fancy China .; |fl BaToy Spoons
/j?j ASn Rec??V,rs Letter Openers Si . ***** . {NH Bib ?va Jf
/J fe ead Comb Sets J*T** C^eo^^e. ^?d^CIceks / M
?I Bat?an Bowse ' Laving Cup* W^SH^P^ ^ffi%i?heV ?~ En^lT^^^
:? jgafi&i. -pl. Sra?' '85?'fe ? Su*-***
^1 f oliar Battons? Photograph l-Yantes ^jj? ^'"j?lT^Hrjy* -'3^^^>
BW CeaVaH^ BQf Sffi'TtoSl?*' ifeiS?Kna? Rsl ?oW ??ewelr*f
Cuff , Ba Wo a?
Battra- ^-^ f
Iflegf > afl khfts
Scarf Plas ?
Sharing Brashes
Sharias Mirror?
Skae 'Horns'
Stamp Boxen
j%b? SHek FIB*
fhrateralty Jewelry Tie daspa
?*W Jewelry Tefes-e*? ?ars u, .
Mair Braakes Tofttk-plek Maleer?
Hat Brui**? Umbrellas
: ^ Wat?h Cbaltrs
Jewrt raises ' Wat?h Charms *
Beeb Aeesscries
BlaflBOBd Jewelry
Ere-Glass ?
Fountain Peas
DUunop^^BJa?? ; " :Faaey. China Kl Ba?,y Spoons
' ' J^^S"" ' ; ^ojn Purses^
^^^^^^rer ^^^^?etttes ^J?o ad^Jewlery
Llah Beltona Opal Brags TM W
Jewe! Casen Waist Se? - J|
Mantear? Sets Hilk trrabre<lsH Pf? #^jsW<
r ll?^rE^ ^^ForMotiief ?j
Locket Chalas Itt Brush and ?oab gel Signet Bings ' Lf$ Back Combs Balves, all kinds M?
^ fZ^J!1^ SVP??* Kl Bago Lavalli?res Kl
p?re sete |1 |3 *"* ' l\
?e.LBags nm cigar Cas?? Clgar Catt-r*'' ?? Belt Pins Loeket Chains WU.
Mlrro.r8 Wy\ Cigar Caters gold Watehe* PS Beads Manlearo Sets tja?
-Kell inikM / I CIgareti* Cases ftH Breas, Sets Jar? i^,' " ? 3|'" W>
^au ^rushes y^ ^si class Phis Tie ClaaaV * aT > . Mesh Bags f/\
Nail Fil?s Clocks, all klads Military Brushc* W/M Belt Plas Mirrors f f
^plkln Biags M i??,,9?K ;. ?l Black ?welry Mirrors Li
S? SS f?5bS ^ . K?lble? Bfegs JD} Blotters Nail Brushes Rtf
BJ???? all kinds tt?f- Caf Bittons Desk Clocks l^f Roriv|nB v"n wu, f^B
TT ?i B^Aeeasafie* Satchel Tags |\JWl?r* Kl
Sew&r Sets , iSt DIwBO*4 Jewelry Key Biaga fe> Bracelets Fenelia' ?V
sp^Ahiads PJ lo SS. 8ff8?^>-? - '..-.!?: .. D|
Tea?* Sets // 'Sye-Olasses* Match Boxes . If\. Brash and Comb Set Bhot?Th Frames Us?
SSf > (% Jo*. ^.?H* f ? Bracea, au Bj
W^SThlnd ? ??Mr, &???3?S Li' ^ > Puff Boxes I
etches all kinds fij Gold Jewelry @ Card Cases Rings, all hinds
aWft.-. >?J| Hat Brashes fey Chai* \N?| Chala, all hind. ? Scissors VOA
sa 9 l^lsf" 5oa^ShBw3i? ly ChlM sT^Vs9 ?3
3^ *eaefj. ^ Desk Calendars ,60. .MffB,taJS 0ntfit? S**8 ld3
N| Desk Set? Cigar Holders ^fl Desk Accessaries Thimbles^
?,Jr"?^*af^ ^"af** ?A ?s**"V - Oaf ' f*?*t??>? Vases 1 >?V l^J
IC f^ SHt ^p? f>9 t? M. I Hat Pla Holders Veil Pin* /Jj
?v%i 1 JX.idW^/JLJ r<? ?at Plas Watch Chalas ^?S
^ ' ?B Hecvrt? Watch Pms SMl
MO JeiV^JrV St?re TO ********* Watches, au kinds ci
^^"^afl^ ^^^^ j^^^^y^" ***** Wri?t

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