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FOI MU D Al iii H J 1, 18*0.
12? North Main Street
W. W. SMOAK, Editor and BUB. Mgr
JU IL GLENN.City Kdltor
T. B. OODFREY.Circulation Mgr.
EL ADAMS, Telegraph Editor and
Entered ace 'lng to Act of Con
traes AH Seeon.. Cluan Mall Matter at
Uie Postofflcc at Anderson, S. O
Member of Associated Presa and j
Receiving Complet? Dally Telegraphic
TE Mi I'll ONT S
Editorial and li ming Office.321
Job Printing .C93-L
Six" Months.76
One Year .$5.00
Six Months . 2.50
Three Months .... 1-25
Tho Intelligencer is delivered by
carriers In tho city. Jf you fell to
get your paper regularly please notify
us. Opposite your narnu on thc
label of your paper 1.4 prtuted date to
which our paper is paid. Al1 checks
and drafts should be drawn to The
Anderson Intelligencer.
a> e
* o
* Moro Sboppmg o
. e>
Days ?
a? ?
* Bef e JCmta. %
. o
o .
The Weather.
South Carolina: Fair and somewhat
colder Tuesday; Wednesday fair.
Thought for the Day.
Tho ideal which we arouse In thc
youth of today, win become the actual
ity of tomorrow.
You say lt ls "hard ttmeB." You will
find many to agreo-wlth you. It is un
doubtedly a time railing for genu
ine economy; not a time to waste
money. But do not tc ted into a falso
economy and stint yourself of tiilugs
that are of so much valun to you aa
a really good newspaper. .Such a
paper as The Observer, or others that
could be mentioned, ls worth to any
thinking man Ot woman many times
its cost. To be without a newspaper
in these stirring times of the 20th
century ls to be almost out of the
world- a hermit, a recluse, cut off
from a knowledge of the great eventn
that are inking place ou the earth and
from interest in the marvelous move
ments that are demanding the atten
tion and sympathy and help of all who
love UK ir fellow man.
And, so, not with an altogether
selfish motive, wo would urge every
one to keep up his paper, and thus
keep up with the world In which he
lives.-Newberry Observer.
The girl who is unkind to her mother
isn't worth a tinker's dog-gone. This
isn't written in any part of the Bible,
but it's written In the history of thous
ands ot misfit homes. If one of you
boys ever run across afgirl with hor
face full: of Toses; with .eyes that
would dim the lustre of a Ci dorad o sky
and with a voice thal would muke tho
song v>f an angel seem discordant, and
she suya, oh, oho comes to thu door:
"I can't go for a few minutes. I've
got to help.mother with the dishes,"
dont give her up. Stick to her like
a nurr to a mule's tall. Just sit down
on the door-step and wait. If she Joins
you in two or three minutes, so much
the better; but if you have to stay
there on the doorstep for a half hour,
or an hour, you Just wait for her. If
you don't somebody els? win and In
time you'll be sorry. For you'll rea
lise what you have lost.
Walt for her, boy. She's worth lt.
Gaffney Ledger.
oooo o ooo ooooooo <i o on
. o
o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O O o o o
The True Santa Claas.
"There's never a home so low, no
But f, lu my flight can find it oil,
NOr A hut so hidden but I can see
The ihadow cast by the lone root-tree,
There's never a home so proud and
That I am constrained to pas.?} lt by;
Nor a heart so happy it may not be
Happier still when bless by mel
"What la my name? Ah! *?ho can tall.
Though in every land 'tis a magic
Men call me that, and they call me
Yet the different names are the same,
Gtft-Bearcr to all the world am I.
Joy-Giver. Light-Bringer. wher'er I
But Ute name I bear tn the Courts
?My truest and hr?iest name, is Love."
-Sunday School Times
We staled 'In* other d?iy lhal there
were nome Belgian* noai'or homo than
across tho pond, and thal ?iure would
lie Uri much need of financial assist*
auc?? at horne as abroad. There ls In
Anderson :i widow woman who bau
Ihrec children. Two of them un? lan*
gulshing on beds of fever-typhoid
The third ls u little boy Just (dd enough
or JUMt large enough, to work In the
cotton Hillls. Yesterday the little
fellow went bravely to work, at an
hour which wo call "beastly early."
and after laboring till noon went home
to dinner. "But wlicn lie got there,
the cupboard was hare," and the little
fellow had not a bite to eat. Hu went
back to his work hungry as only lit
tle growing, overworked littlo boys
eau be, and suffered iti silence tlx
long afternoon. Fortunately some of
the neighbors heard of it ami furnish?
ed them with supper.
Tho point we wish to make is this:
It is not necessary for us to yearn
for some one to help, they are at our
loor. The spirit ot charity ls lovable
In anyone, hut, in Heaven's nome, let
UK prevent such ?ufTerinK at home, and
If we have anything left send it across
the waters where the devil's work is
belnj; done by the inhuman rulers
Who claim to he chosen of Cod. I.ct
as see how law a purse will he rals
~d for the w idow, whoso children are
111 ut home of typhoid fever, mid
whose only support ls a littlo boy who
ihOUld be where our boys are, in the
tchool room.
The intelligencer will receive con
tributions for this worthy cause, and
Kill be glad to henel the list willi a
contribution o? one dollar. Who. will
Se ono of tho fifty WC hope to have on
his hy Christmas day?
A resolution to submit the (luesllon
if an amendment to the Constitution
irohibltlng "tho sale, manufacturo for
mle, transportatior for sale, exporta
ron for sale, aud Importation for sale,
>f Intoxicating liquors for beverages
n the United States" will be voted on
oday In the national House of Repre
lentatlves. The nation is awaiting with
nuch internst tho result of the vote.
iVhat shall it be? Sections of tho
.ountry have been trying to have pro
ilbltlon, but their efforts have been
hwarted because the federal govern
nent has been opposed to it, or rather
las not prohibited tho manufacture
ind salo of the stuff. This vote will
how how the representatives of thc
ir onic stand.
Tho people of South Carolina will
.wait with interest the vote of the
eprcBcntatlvea from this State. The
ntelilgencer hope? they will linn up
.Uli the great majority of the voters
f tho State on Un., great moral ques
ion, and cast their votes for making
rohibitton really effective.
Represe*?tntlv Lever has been w;ork
lg hard since he has been in Con
reas for the interests of the agricul
iral classes of tho country. Only yes
srday he secured the passage through
io House of Representatives of his
Lever Cotton Warehouse Bill,"
ditch will "result, in the establish
tent ot uniform warehouser, and uni?
inn warehouse receipts for agricul
iral products throughout the coun
.y." We are glad to see that this bill
i so likely at this time to become law.
he United States government ha*
fen spenlng money to help the farm
r ro study his soil and try to produce
lore crops und more economical
-ops. but thlt? measure of stabilizing
ic value, and aiding in the uiarkct
ig, has been lacking. lu our opinion
ils bill ls indeed very timely, and will
?sult in much good to the producing
lasses of tho count ry.
We notice that tho number of blood
minds, after a suspect has been cap
ired usually sends him and several
thors into the woods, but bas the HUS
Dct alone to climb a tree. The dogs
dlow and bay the roan up Ute tree,
any people would have more confi
. nee in the dog? lt several were re
tired to climb trees and tho dogs
ould then select the right -ouo. Wo
> not charge anybody with practlc
ig any trick J, but a man can do tricks
Ith bloodhounds ns well as through
riy other agency. For Instance, the
)g's muster, after having his hand
a a suspect, might Int the dog smell
ls hand tor a clue to the trsll to be
>1 lowed. Detectives are often sus
ncted of tricks which make false evl
snce look plausible. The detective
ay even cause abloodhound to give
ilse evidence.--Pee Deo Advocate.
THE 1915 BOY
"I will be a regular attendant at
unday school." (at Christmas tim*
Sd jw?! trm?Cnv th? ? ii iii Tu ri" cXcUr
on, of course.)
Since Cap'n Hobson got interested
i prohibition not half so many Jepa
rit* spies are caught lurking and
rowling about our* fortifications.
bio State Journal. K
fCoxuNTnn jifo.i PACE ONE.)
illili ?tn extraditable crinia < *;.<r*;
?il and thc only I'urstion before tho
supreme court was the ^< I it >- of thc
extradition of a prisoner so charged.
Ixtgul itutliorlties who ha vu foll? weil
the case predicted loduy a ?vidi* leid
of controversy would Y opened i p
when the New Yorlc courts were
I ??;{> hod
t ails Son on Telephone.
PITTSBl'ttOH. Cu.. UPC. 21.'- 'I ran
not heli< ve lt," exclaimed Mrs Wil
liam Thaw, mother of Harry K. Thaw I
when Informed today of* the deridion I
ol ih<v Trilled Staten supremo cou ri
Mrs. Thaw immediately ?:.!!< I lier son
ni Manchester, N. il., on tho telephone.
She declared the tl^ht had not M l ? 'id
William \. Stone, form*1" :?,\erarr
of Pennsylvania, and on?' ot Thau .
lawyer's, ?aid he had i-vp' i 'f I a dif
ferent decision.
KIM?H io nullius of Mt laut iou.
NEW YOB Iv, Der. 21.-The supreme
loon's decision in the cuse o? Harr;.
K. Thaw marks the end '?f lt; months
nf litigation lo net Thaw hark a pris
on"?- in die Matteawan State hospital.
With thc aid oT live conspirators
Thaw ?ot away from the inst it nt ion
in an automobile and mnde tor tho
Canadian holder. Ile was caught two
days later just after he had crossed
into Quebec in a farm Wagon. Ile was
a rested and taken to Coulicook, Que
bec, where he was Kent in Jail pend
ing efforts of thc Ww York Stale au
thorities io have him deported.
Thaw Immediately engaged counsel
who. by various court processes,
blocked efforts of the New York State
rcprosdntnth e.
William T Jerome, who acted ni
deputy State attorney genera!, said
lliai as soon as arrangements could he
perfected. Thaw would be briught to
this county and tried on the conspira
cy indictment he!oro lie was returned
to M at ten wa ii.
Received Anunnmonient Without t om.
MAN*?V rP.STEF.' N- IL, Dec. 21.
Harry K. Thaw received without com
ment today thc announcement ol' the
sunrome court's action, ile tins been
stuying lio.-e for the last three mouths.
Schedule Comprises HO Games'. 1
CAMBRIDOE. .MUSB., Dec. ?21 Pro
visions l'or a three game series with
both Yale and Princeton to he ida ved
out notwitliHtanding the result of the
first two contests is mud? in the 1915 I
schedule of the Harvard baseball
team announced .?oday. Tho schedule I
comprises 30 game* and Includes n
game with Virginia at Cuanbrldgo '.
April 29 and a game with Georgetown
at Georgetown April 23.
Cared For Big City.
TOLEDO. O.. Dec. 21.-Fifteen
thousand men. benda of families, out
of work wi] be rared for by the city.
Council tonight appropriated t'.D.OOO to J
employ the unemployed cleaning snow ]
from the streets.
Army ?f Two .Millie* Men.
LONDON, Dec. 21-England has
more than I wc *nl Ilion men under
arms and before Buring a half million 1
fresh British soldiers will join those
in France and Belgium, according to j
David Lloyd George, who glvios an In
terview to the London repr?sent?t Ive
of the Paris Humanit?. . I
Will Be Brief.
PARIS. Dec. 21.- The ministerial t
declaration on the military situation ]
to be read tomorrow at the reopen- ?
ing of Parliament ia understood to be
unusually brief, sketching the situa
tion only in outline. Many mcmbera
desire to tpjcstion the government in
detail concerning various phaser of
the military operations. It is julto 1
likely a secret session will be demand- I
cd thal confidential information may (
he communicated. I
Some "heavy thoughts" aro In reali
ty too light to be turned over in your
mind-they get away so easily.
Scene from Th
Mayor Godfrey Says Committee
Will Be Called Together Af
ter Christmas.
"Th.' general committee which ha?
been appointed from city council, ihe
various church??? ?>f the city, t';s ri.;, !
Association and tile chamber of com
merce for tlic purpose of devising
ways ami means of relieving suffer
illg among destitut-' ami worthy peo
ple of th?, city ?ni not he called to
gether until after Christmas," said
Mayor Codfrey last ni?*ht. in the
noan time ?morts will lu- made to
procure from other cilles certain in
formation as to how matters of this
kind are handled. '"The committee," I
said the major, "desires to go anon' j
tills matter in a thorough und sys- |
tematie manner and .<?.'( results, and
we are Koine, to gol all the Infor- |
mation possible on the matter before 1
we set ont. We do not want tho com
mittee *.o he imposed upon and at the
same linn wi- uriah to make our effort*
as offensive us possible."
.Members Appointed.
Last Saturday the mayor issued .1
call for tho pastors of the several
churches to appoint representatives
for a general committee which w ould
take in hand the matter of devising
ways and means for relieving the dis
tress which will surely he upon thc
city before tho winter is over.
The following committees were re
ported yesterday to the mayor:
First Presbyterian-E. \V. Drown.
\v. J. Muldrow und w. A. Speer.
Grace Episcopal-U. Cullen Bulli- <
van and P. A. Whaley.
A. K. P.-J. A. Cook and J. I.
First Baptist-G. il. Bailes and Ru
fus Fant.
Bethel Methodist-F. J. White. W. ,
II. Fennell and Amos Heston.
Central Presbyterian-J. L.
Sherard and John K. Hood.
St. John's Methodist-G. II. Geiger <
und B. B. Bleckloy. \
Civic Association-Mrs. Ruf UR ! i
Fant. Mrs. C. S. Sullivan. Mrs. O.' |
lt. Martin and Mis? Minnie Wilson. <
Chamber of ComineVco - J. S. Fow- ]
1er, Archie lt. Todd oed R. J. Rhnm- <
er. I
Offers of 'Help.
Several business 'men , of the city I
liave expressed their willingness to j
assist in this worthy, enterprise, il
Mayor Godfrey stat erl yesterday that j
Mr. Chas. A. Gambrill..prosl-Jent of n
tho Petroleum Oil Company, has said | <
hat ho was considering giving one- j 1
mil" cent on each gallon of gasoline j i
?old ut the Anderson plant during tho ? 1
month of January, u donation which : i
.'.?mild amount to uboitt $100.00. The j i
nayor said that Judge J. S. Fowler <
iad stated that ho wpuld be one to i
;ive a liberal donatjo-i..
Matter Kmhirscd. t
The committee In charge of tho Bel- 1
.lan Christmas Fund movement horp, <
vhlch held its final meeting yesterday *
it the chamber of commerce, heartily *
endorsed the undertaking of the gev t
'ralcommlttee. f
(.'crnuin {'ruiner Reported Sunk.
LONDON*. Dec*?L-(4:43 p. m.)- e
Persistent rumors n:-c current that a
. crinan cruiser has been sunk off the s
.oast of Scotland. n
lt ls also rumored that two British c
lestroyers' arrived at Leith. Scotland, : /
Kully damaged. 11
There is .no official confirmation of j a
hese reports. <
; County Chairman at the Paramow
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ceives it is in what is
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The Christr
fictively participate in the war.
(By /Wocintpil ProiO
LONDON. Dec. 21-In Poland and
Salida battles are being fought be
tween the Russian:- and the German
ind Austrian allies amid deep snow
In bitter enid. In Belgium and north
ern France the Germans and the
Prc; rh, British and Belgian allies are
:ontesting to .the mud fields, foot by
No news of any decisive gain came
'rom either arena today. The Ruiaiann ..
ind Germana are directly contradic
Thc Germans in Poland again arr
making a fierce attack toward the
.apta! and the Russians are opposing
hem on the east bank of the Bzura
^Iver, 30 miles woRt or Warsnw. Grand ?
Duke Nicholas' tinny, here holds a
uitural strategic line HO miles long, j
?unntng, roughly, north and south
?.long the cast banks of thc Bzura and j j
itawka *ive.rs.
The Petrograd official report claims
hat the German force in North Po
and has retreated across the boun
lary Into Kast Prussia in a northwest
erly direction, lt asserts also that tho
Vutrian advance through the Carpa- ? I
hlan passes to the north has been ' '
:hecked and attempts of the Przemy^l
:arrison to break through the lines
lave been repulsed. According to this
eport the Austrians hav? been driven
nto the fort Ideations with heavy
laughter. , s
Thc Austrian communication claims V
uccc-sses in the Carpathians but ad- I s
nits that the Russians again occupy | f
.alicia and South Poland In force, j fa
ipparently, therefore, thc Cracow and
'rzemysl Investments are proceeding ; ((
nd have not been broken. - c
Serious fighting between thu Rus- j a
nt Theatre' Today.
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Five reel? pf Side-splitting Laughter, mtermingled with
a beautiful love story, and the story, of a strong, clean man
in American politics.
Steam Heat, with Perfect Ventilation, and Good Music.
Pictures begin at 3; 4:30; 6; 7:30 and 9.
Admission ALWAYS 5 and 10c.
tans and Turks around Erzeruiu. Tur
;lsh Armenia, has been stopped by a
lx-foot snowfall and intense cold,
rom wh?ch the Arabs are suffering
Berlin publishes what purports
> be an order issued by Oen
ral Joffre, commander-in-chief of tho
Hied forces in the west, dated De
ember 17, exhorting Ute soldiers aud
ailing them the hour has come to
clear the invaders from Franco."
A late Paris official bulletin de
rribes small gains all along the Une.
irticularly in thc center between tho
rgonne and tho Meuse. British ships
join have been bombarding Zee
ruggie and Heyst, a? well as the
coast beyond, whore the Germans have
established many shore batteries.
Political developments in Hungary,
whose people are reported to be deep
ly discontented because Xey think
that Germany and Austria are failing
to give Hungary a fair share of pro
tection, are the subject of much specu
lation and deep interest in England.
Toronto a iiember.
TORONTO , Dec. 21.- President
James Oilmorc, of the Federal League,
paid a hurried visit to Toronto today
and before leaving tonight for Chi
cago made the statement that. Toron
to would bc a member of the Federal
League circuit in 1916.
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