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And be sun
re are specially equip
id to give you the best
id quickest service in
[i? duplicated in our
>wn shops within a few
.ours* time.
Lit Work supervised and
Registered Optometrist.
Office 112 W. Whitner St
Ground- Floor.
Telephone Connection.
Op?ra Cloaks Dry
Cleaned and Pressed
Opera cloaks and wraps of
dainty silk? or> heavier -materi
?I1L cnn be dry cleaned and
- pressed and kept in,perfect con
dition for wear by-'bur serv.ee.
We olean ,t4iq garments with
out spotting or T?ddlng' the coi*
ors, and without impoverishing
-or otherwise.injuring the
fabric, jv? , ,'.. .
We press'the doak HO ski!-'
tully that1 it looks - as fresh as
'when. new and. it fits na,> it did
when first worn..'
Our enlarges* are reasonat?e^J
Try usi /?
'i'1''' ' '
Give S
1 to get 'em a
AL*. Pat Fredericks, of tbc Friend
ship Bebsjon of this county, died and
waa buried io the Friendship church
yard on last Thursday. Mr. Freder
icks was about 60 years old and un
I married. He has a large' connection
? around Friendship church- and was
honorably esteemed.
Mr. Jas. A. Craig of Anderson, as
sistant bank inspector, wat, .lu Sene
ca last Thursday for a willie. '
Mr. W. B. Hill of .Washington, D. |
C.. was registered at the Keowee Inn
last.Thursday. Mr. Hilf is in the edu
cational branch of the .government
* ur. Jas. F. Rast and f.- ti. Sall? of
Anderson were in Seneca Thursday.
Mr. J. S. King of South Georgia
passed through S?neca last Thursday
on bis way to spend .the Christmas
holidays with relatives in Anderson
Mr. O. O. Martin, ? popular travel
ling man out of Greenville' was call
ing on the trade in Seneca- Thursday.
Mrs. J. ?. Darby of Walhalla was
shopping in Seneca one day this week.
Miss Carry .Hunter spent several
days In Anderson this week visiting
and shopping.
Miss Viola Miller has gone to Greer
to spend the holidays with her aunt
Mr?. Ty. B. Hayes. ' i%
Mra. W. F. Reid left this week for
Beaufort to spend the holidays with
her daughter, Mrs. D. Wiley.
The Once r>. Week Club wes enter
tained this \#ek by Mrs. Nell Nickels
Strlbbllng. The Subject for discus
sion was "Home Economics-The
Kitchen." A very interesting and
practical paper was . presented by
Mrs, S. K. Dendy and an interesting
dla cuss ion followed. This . organiza
tion ia ebdea\tjrlng to arouse inter
est .< in the now defunct library asso
ciation " and the neglected public li
brary. A meeting is to be called soon
.to* endeavor to reorganizo tho n?~o
ciatlon and to make so'?e; M-'-mv.i
mcnt about tho caf- nf ... . boo'???.
Mrs." Rebecca. Nich"-?i*,-i ..f ".^
Wbitrntro a?ctlon Of tho epi??Uy did
asst Thursday and the body was laid
io rest , in the Whitmire Methodist
church yard after appropriate ser
vices by her pastor, Rev. H. A. Whit
ten. . - . :
Mri C'. F. Adams., proprietor bf the
Seneca Marble Yards, has purchased
the .Dr.neon house on the corner of
Pirat ^or??."and. Faip Play streets.
Later on Mr. Adams will make some
jdeclded. improvements ort this proper
jpg ..
1T\!D you ever; dunk how mu
JL/ tho telephone right-of-way
.^rTiia^a^M? " ?aa?wa^Ha^LaaaM^B^ta ?n^k?^aMMt
L IOU? ' *^a*eerQOuOZlC aWUlttalvllM
cMerent part?, ?5 only the entra
of the vast equipment necessary
Your lin^ ia connected with tl
reaching ewery ?tate in the union
, wfre, cross: arms and insulators ii
ground conduits, manholes, cable
You-have the use of Switchh
of $100,000,000. You enjoy th?
vendons -which make^possible ?
Your t-jfvice is safeguarded 1
building, testing and repairing ii
ali times the prompt a?fflation ol
Kow can such a costly servie
co low dutt aH can afford it?
" Daly by its use upon a share*
millions of subscribers, ariel by th
tn construction and operation?
opportunity-for ruinous extra*
.economy is as essential io its
. operative u*e of the iadlities pr<
* That the Bell System^ comb
'>ataefulness andetonomy is pren
. no other land and under no e
the telephone become suco a se
hoes This Y
ty and expects to make it one of the
most attractive corners in town.
Mr. W. J. Duncan having sold his
house and lot to Mr. C F. Adams, is
planning to move his family tom our
city. Mr. Duncan has been a citizen
hers for man* years and his many
friends will rgret bis departure.
: On ? last Tuesday evening, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Moody, at
Salem, their niece, Miss Alice Whit?
mire, was married to Mr. Fred Whit
mire of Jocassee.'
Frieds and Mrs. J. B. Stone, who
has been quite sick at the home of
her mother,. Mrs. J. A. Saaders. in
East Seneca, will be glad to know
that her condition Ls improving.
Miss Sallie Nicholls and Mr. Garde
Lush of the Tomassee section were
married on last Sunday by Notary
Public Jas. A. Hunnicut.
< Mr. Lang Anderson of Liberty was
a business visitor in Seneca Thurs
day. .
Mr. W. L Harbin has returned from
a visit of several days to him son,
Joe. in Atlanta.
Miss Eleanor Norma of Anderson is
spending a-few days with her father's
family, Mr. J. V. Norma, proprietor
of the Keowee Inn.
Mrs.. Boyce Hopkins ls visiting her
parents,' Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Falls of
Mr. Chas. Gignillat was a business
visitor to Greenville Thursday. -
Friends of Mr. "Laws" Thompson
will be sorry to. learn tbst he ls quite
sick with "grip." <
Mrs. J. H. Martin of Greenville vis
ited ber sister, Mrs. D. P. Thomson,
here Friday.
At a special communication of the
M' ri on ic lodge' of Seneca tho following
officers were elected for the ensuing
year: J. E. Hookina, W. -M.; Tom
Whitworth. 8. W.;- John Myers, sec
retary ; R. H. Newmans, treasurer.
? W. O. W. Meeting.
The Mountain Springs Camp NO.
610 w. o. W. met on December 16 in
their halV aid held their annual elco
tion. Th? following officers were
elected for the year 1915:' . Consul
commander, H. B. Hendrix; advisor
lieutenant, FX Reid: banker, J. M.
Bea wright; clerk. W, W. Fleming;
escort, Jenn B. Williams; watchman,
W. G. Long; sentry. O.. K. Jeanes;
three years manager, J. A. Hall; as
sistant escort, 'E. T. Jeanes i camp
physicians, Dra. N. T. Richardson, W.
A. Tripp and J. G. Mock. The above
named officers will bc- installed .ola
january 13, 1915 and. will- take their
offices at once.- The camp is to . bc
congratulated upon having so efficient
a set of officers for another year.
-j- sj , i M
ch it costs to nive you
anywhere, at all times?
which consiste of $39
poe way to your anare
" in makin g a cali,
be great Bell highways*
-with its pole*
i thc country? its
antrim crnhne ?5WftKS5
benefits ol countless in
miversal telephone talk.
yy large torces of men
P You comrnand at
F ene or more operators.
? be provided at ?ates
?most careful ecoFiomy
A[ plant ao vast gives
ragance; and. judicious
wes the maximum dr
red hy the fact that fe
ither rnanagement has
rvant of the mawe?.
AND mmurnt?
l?ssevsol ^sre?s?
I Shoes
Members Busy
The 1915 Session of South Cwro?
nary 12-The First Important
tte* of Richard I. M
Special to Tim Iutelligcccer.
COLUMBIA. S. C., Dec. 19.-M?m
bers elect of the South Carolina leg
islature are busy Just now framing a
programme of legislation for consider
ation at the next session. The 1915
session will begin January 12 and will
continue for 40 days or more.
The first important event ot the
session will be the inauguration of
Richard I. Manning, as governor. The
Inaugural ceremonies will be held be
fore the joint assembly 'in the hall of
the house of representatives at the
state house on January 20. Governor
Manning will read his first inaugu
ral address. .The last annual message
will be received shortly after the ses
sion convenes from the present gov
ernor. This will be the last official
tttteradce of the Governor.
Next week advocates of child labor
laws and compulsory education will
meet In Columbia to discuss measures
to be introduced at the forthcoming
session. Jos. A. McCullough of the
Greenville delegation will head the
Marketing will be one of the Im
portant questions to.come before this
?esslon. It will be one of the main
features of the annual report from the
State department of agriculture.
4 Every effort will be made this year
tp hold down appropriations. The
State is in a bad war financially and
if possible the State tax levy will not
be increased. However, no matter boa
bard ' pressed the State may be, there I
will be many requests tor funds, lt j
has been suggested that the State in
stitutions declare a rhollday for . one
year in the matter ot appropriations
for new buildings.1 Prac t leal ly every
instit Uton in the State will ?sk tor
some kind of an appropriation. These
buildings are needed, yet the heads
should consider the financial condi
tion of tho people as n whole. *
There is much work of a construc
tive nature before the next general
Mews Letter
From Belton
BELTON, Dec. 19.-Mrs. J. T. West
will send the box of Christmas toys
to the Connie Maxwell orphanage : on
Tuesday. Any one wishing to con-1
tribute to this cause will please leave
gifts with Mrs. West or at the Jour
nal office before that lime.
' Mrs. Goa Brock, and Mrs. Babb of
Hones Path passed through Belton
Mrs. Will Pepper and daughter,
Miss Mattie, spent. Tuesday in Andar-.
son.* . ?
Mrs. W. H. Trammell spent Thurs
day, in Anderson.
MUM Elva Hayn ic waa a business
visitor to Anderson Tuesday.
County Superintendent of Educa
tion visited tba Belton public school
Tuesday. . Mr. Felton waa much im
pressed with the work being done
here dad said he. considered Belton
the banner school of the county.
Miss Marguerite Adams - leCt Friday
afternoon for her homo in Charleston
to spend th? Christmas holidays.
Messrs. Roy and C. R. Caa? of Sp?r
tanburg anent part of this week ral
Mrs. W. C. Bowen spent Tuesday In
-liss Sara Latlmcr and Mr. and
Mrs. Jas. H.- Patten arrived in Belton
to spend the holidays with Mrs. A. C.
" Mr. and Mrs. L M. Heard and three
r'^udrvo came to Belton -Thursday
end Mr and Mrs. W. Carroll Lalraier
and their three children abd Dr. aad
Mrs. 8. Cuthbert and little Alice
Brown, who hare been spending a
month in Summerville and Charles
ton, will arrivw Taeaday. They will
ult be with Mrs. Latimer daring the
'Mfa. Roy Porter Whitlock and lit
tle son. Foy Porter. Jr.. arrived in
Belton Monday. They will be Joined
by Mr. Wntttock a few days Utter
and will spend the holiday vacation
with Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Geer.
The young Jad?es composing the
Young WxaSeSV Auxiliary of the
First Baptist church here ?ave ar
beautiful party- here on Tuesday even
ing kt ts* home o'fairs. Jemie B. Lew
is on Ri?er street. The house waa
decorated with hotly ?nd pot plants
.Sd a -Christmas tree with A mase ot
cords leading from it afforded ??eat
asi stem en r The couples shirted at
this tree, following their chosen cord
through those mases ?o (Ind what was
at the and of it Cate girts were found
for each and then games were, played
and delicious candy made by the
young ladles themselves was passed.
)) Be Appra
ive Programme
ita Legislature Will Convene Jaa
Evcnt Will Be the Inaugura
anning ns Governor.
assembly. The asylum needs attention.
The entire government of the Institu
tion should be changed In the opin
ion of many members and an effort
along thia line is expected.
Commissions for investigating var
ious conditions during the past four
years have been suggested in some
quarters and it 1B practically certain
that auch a commission will be ap
pointed. .
The prohibition movement will
cause much talk and little action at
the session. Those who are against
the sale of whiskey seem to be divided.
The prohibition party, strictly speak
ing want the right to vote on a state
wide law in September ot 1916. The
Anti-Saloon Leaguers may ask a fight
for a Stale-wide prohibition bill. Eith
er of the measures will .cali for much
discussion and will serve to block pro
gressive legislation. However the pro*
hibltlonlst8 declare that they do not
want to block measures of a construc
tive nature. They desire that the mat
ter be settled at the'earliest possible
date 4. '
Governor-elect Richard I. Manning
has not announced the questions with
which he will deal In his inaugural
address. He favors \onstructive legis
lation and his address ls awaited with
Interest by the people of the State.
Among the elections will be, an as
sociate justice, superintendent of the
State penitentiary, judge of the fifth
circuit, seargent-at-arms, speaker of
the house, clerk ot the house an?
other places. Every place is being
sought by many candidates? except
that of speaker. James A. Hoyt is
without opposition for the speaker
ship. /
Thcro in no doubt at present con
cerning the passage of a measure for
the compulsory attendance of school
children. Tho fight for this bi ii has
already been won. The terms of the
l ill arc yet to be decieded upon.
The souvenirs'were cards bearing lit
tle candy.hearts In which interesting
sentiments were printed? mounted on
card board. There were about 60
young people present and all had a
thoroughly good time.
Ali of the teachers cf the Belton
schools left Friday for their respec
tivo homes to remain until. January
4 when school opens again. ,
Mrs. M. A. Vandtver has been ill
at ber home on O'Neale street for two
weeks. Her friends are glad to know
that she ls improving and hope she
will soon be quite well again.
MTS. W. W. Collier ot Grcenvile
spent the week-end In Belton with
Mrs. H. M. Geer.
Mr. Garfeln, Gains, who is attend
ing Bailey Military Academy in
Greenwood, is at home fdr the boll
; days.
Mrs. T. E. Link ls spending the
Christmas holidays in Belton with ber
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gaines.
Mrs. Link will leave for Bim berg, her
new home, early in the new year.
Mr. George Cox, who is teaching
school in Ham ptod County, is at
home for the holidays.
Mrs. W. IC Stringer and Master
Kenneth left Thursday for Newman,
Ga., where they will spend the holi
days with Mrs. Stringer's parent?.
Judge and Mrs. Freeman.
Mrs. E. C. Frierson spent Wednes
day Sn Greenville with ber parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jae. Woodside.
Mr. H. M. Poora ur Colombia was
in Belton part' of this week.
Mrs. Jas. A. McDaniel of Greenville
will be in Belton for part of the holi
days. ^
Dr. Jas. L Dean of Greenville will
be the guest ot Mr. W. C. Brown for
WlJIIeS Hot t-hriNtmts.
"Well, Willie." said Uncle Ned, who
sometimes talked slangy. "I suppose
you had a bot time on Christmas.*;
"I sh'd say I did." replied Willie.
"Santy Claus filled my socks so full
that they fell down into th' fireplace
sn' ketcbed on fire, an' I got up V
gether np the scraps that WUK left an'
found paw there^tryln' t* do tb' same
thing, sn' I got rn' hands an' arms
burned so I had t* stay La bed sil day.
an than' paw licked me fer gttttn' np
so early OB. Chrts*mes mornfn'."
A Sorry Time!
E and save the difference!
English Walnuts per lb. . .25c
Almonds, per lt: ..... .26c
Pecans, per lb....25c
Brazil Nuts,. per lb... ... 20c
Filberts, per lb...20c
Black Walnuts, per qt.. . .5c
Shelled Nuts, per lb.65c
Raisins, 2 pounds for. . . .25c
Citron! per lb.25c
Figs, per lb... .. .. ... .20c
Florida Oranges, Box $2.25 or
20c and 25c dos.
Apples, Kings, Baldwins, and
Gills, pk. 40c, 50c and 60c
Grape Fruit 10c or 3 for-25c
Bananas, per doz.20c
Lempns, per do?.. . .. . .25c
Evaporated Fruits and Prunes.
Candy, per lb. . .10c and 15c
Stick Candy, all flavors, the
(2 1-2 lbs. in box.)
Chocolate, per lb. 20c de 40c
Cocoanut and Bon Bons, per
lb. .. .... .20c
Salted Peanuts.
Dates, per pkg... '.10c
Fruit Cakes
"National" Fruit Cake, per
"The Lookout" Fruit - Cake,
per lb.. . .30c
In one, two or five pound cakes,
fresh-just received.
Golden Glow Best O-ffce, 3
lbs. for...$1.00
Good Roasted Coffee from 7
lbs. for $1 to 35c lb.
Cranberries,-a qt.10c
Full Une Campbells Soups. All
Macaroni and Cheese.
Fresh Cocoanuts.
All kinds Gelatin.
Olives, Pickles, Richelieu
Brand Canned Goods.
Lettuce, a head.. .. 10c
Celery l Sc-or "two stalks
for...... .. . .25c
Onions, Light
Rice, Hominy, Irish and Sweet
Malaga Grapes, per lb. ..20c
Mackerel, each...10c
Fire Works
A great assortment of Roman Candles, Salute*:
Sparklers, etc.
And many other good things, too numerous to
mention. Please call in person or phone us your
Xmas wants in the Grocer y ?Line.
Phone 471
1 Christmas signifies the birth of a new and
better spirit in our lives-music typifies it,
hence we feel that the gift most worthy of
Christmas is a piano.
We sell Standard makes ONLY-and our
pnCwS .nc muni. *
For CASH or on TERMS to SUIT
The Patterson Music House
W. N. Patterson, Mgr., No. 130 W. Benson.

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