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W Um Tm" Stab Yew Uwi
Bitter Thu bleed ui Yes Dui
UM a OIJ'S Werl
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Green's Art Strop
On The Square.
sing, the English reconnalsance. at I
Cuxhaven, declares lt would, be ex-|
tr cm ely difficult in winter tq land
troopB on tho Holstein or North. Han
over coast, bat say? that even if Ul
were done the invaders would get a]
warm welcome. ..... .
"The French military administra
tion has decided, to remove the Mo
roccan spahls from the front as un
lit for trench warfare..
"Tne German government will pef-M
mit private traffic on the Belgian |
Balway from January.
''A pastoral letter from ? all thal
German Catholic archbishops and
bishops calla the world war a divine
judgment for human wickedness. Th?
letter mya emphasis jpn the statement
that Germany wa? not to blame for
tko outbreak ot the vrar."
Papers Agitate Affairs.
LONDON, Dec .30.-(1:30 a. m.)
The morning newspapers comment at
length op the American government's
note to Great Britain concerning
treatment accorded American com
merce by tho British fleet, abd agree
that the American protest should be
met by the British government la the
spirit of friendly good Will showu by
tne note. Generally, however, tba
newspapers are inclined to await the
actual text of the note before indulg
ing in detailed discussion.
In the meantime they point out how
Inevitably serious difficulties . arise
whenever questions of neutrality are.
Involved, Moreover they dispute the
theory that Great Britain alono ia re
sponsible fdr, tbs dislocation of the
world's trade, arguing that, oven had
sha remained neutral, the fact that a
number ot old nations were involved
must have had. a detrimental effect on
the. world's .commer?a. In any case,
they say. Great Britain was n*t re
sponsible Io? the war. The Times
.'The noto -ia dated D. ember 24
and, although the idea may seem fan?
clful, we can not help imagining" that
it waa by ho accideht thal the, eve of
the great festival of peace and good
will wac chosan tor. the despatch of
thiJ friendly communication from
one of the great branches ot the Eng
lish-speaking communities to tho oth
"If anything , in the telegraphic
s non ra seem peremptory we .issi as
sured that this appearance is en
tirely duo to the necessities of com-1
V? v??r?u ?LOU Will TWn?in w?i?? thS
'text of the document la before us. We
fully realise the Ineonvsntenco and
the loss the conduct of tho war must
occasion to America and other neu
trals. We also are confident thu
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now. Your druggist will tell you tba?,
the j?ale( of Calomel i? almost stopped
entirely li ero.
when the note Is published we shall
find that President Wilson and his
colleagues are not Insensible to the
imrvcrious ,requirement-/ of ..our mili
tary situation. ..*
"We do not suppose this ia a dis
pute ot our right as belligerents to]
practice auch interference with com
merce between neutrals aa ia mani-,
festly necessary for the protection of
our national safety. What they do
question, as we gather It, is whether
the action of our ships does not in
some cases exceed that manifest ne
Declaring there ere many peculiar
I conditions arising from the' war which
Justify, the editorial continues:
'"The note deals throughout with
unshaken faith In pur sense of justice.
That trust we shall assuredly do our
beat to- preserve. It ls quite incon
ceivable that two sensible peoples on
the fried I test of terns with each oth
er should not succeed ta devising a
modus vivendi in accordance with the
general principle? of International
haw which will st thc same time meet
the peculiar facts and circumstances!
of this -unprecedented war."
^publican Leader Mann Makes ,
Sirona; Address on
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.-Endorse
ment of the protests to Great Britain I
against seizure of American neutral)
vessels, and criticisms of the admin
istration policy In Mexico were coupl
ed in an address In the house today]
by Republican Leader Mann.
'Oar rights on Gie high ?eas." said I
IMr. joann, discussing tho protest i?|
England, "must be upheld with ' dig
nity and firmness."
Senator Walsh introduced a resolu
Ition calling upon Uta president, if not
incompatible with public interest, to
submit to the ?cnato copies of all cor
Bpondence with representatives of
Ireign nations relating tb seizure by
European belligerents of shipments'ot
American copper consigned to neutral
"I commend the adm mist ration for
Gm position it has taken." said Mr.
Mann. "I do not believe that we
ought to resign alt outfights ob the
seas to foreign countries. England
has continually and persistently seized
neutral vessels Tarrying neutral car
goes to neutral ports.
"We wish to keep ont of this Euro
pean war, hut we do net- Intend, itt
Order to keep out, to say to the war
ring nations, You may do what you
please wlthodt regard to our Hghte.
?h?re is no danger of Our being In
volved in Gita war by protecting oar
rights. England can not afford to go
tb war wuk us. Neither can Gery
- Referring to the Mexican situattor
the Republican loader said:
"Wo have not the moral right to say
Gmt anarchy must continue in ir
cb. ,1t.Utera wis a proper eonoei
of our duties wa could easily "
order out of chaos in Mexico api
Without war. I favor the Monroe doc-:
trine, but I am not In favor ot turn
ing Mexico over either to anarchy tn I
Mexico or control In Europe."
IDO**! like dearness of Italians In
Town of Avlona. ?.
VENICE, via London, Dec. 30 -
(8:41 a.ml-italy's expedition in
Avlona, which she occupied several!
QW-J?t???K?*** to. tava^ produOWl
cbnsid?rftblo Irrlta?on at Vienna, ac- 1
cording to advices from th* Austrian I
fciiu'.*? ** ?? ?hmi?fe> **>~r? ?h.!-. -Mi!- !
- -+ax>:ir~Jcn
oepnsss o ?ne /.causa mora mar ??.TO
disturbed plana attributed to Prince
iron Buelow'ej taUMtfoh at Rome, whick I
said to have Includud ah offer ot
lern Alba-. a to Italy on har j
ig to certain conditions.
ired for first '.w?el'
re your se"! for aa independ
>rnpeten.t help 4aan we can
rite or cai! toddy.
fiai ^erWmbarg, ft. C.
?vSMEIifc aekr rtjfliiri?iWaii
(Jfew Corney WAI Ba Formed of
Portion? Edgefield, Abbe
?nie, Greenwood.
Voting yesterday on the question ot
forming a nev county out of perilous
of Greenwood, Abbeville and Edgefleld
Counties, wits McCormick a"D ilT seat,
residents of the sections affected de
cided by. an overwhelming majority tn
kars the nsw county, the name of
which will be McCormick. R?duits of
the election were received in this city
early in the afternoon.
Tho number of votes cast In favor
of the proposition were GIO, while
only 97 people voted against the for
mation of the county. It could not be
learned last night how the vote stood
on the question of a name for the new
division, but the election went tn favor
of McCormick aa a name tor the baby
county of'the State.
The vote on the proposition of form
ing a new county stood ss follows In
the three counties which will give a
portion of their territory toward the
formation cf tbs new one: Edgefleld,
193 for and 23 against; Abbeville, 375
for and 61 against; Greenwood, 51 for
and 13 against.
There wero two voting precincts in
Edgefleld County, one being at Plum
Branch and tho other at Modoc. In
Abbeville thora were voting precincts
at the folio? Jig places: McCormick,
Bordeaux, Wllllngton, Mount Carmel,
Ma*,t Weather, Cross Roads and
Youngs Behool house. In Greenwood
there was but one voting precinct, this
being at Lyons.
. Tho namesi. proposed for the new
county were: McDuffle, Gary, McCor
mick and Bordeaux.
On the question of McCormick be
lng cbosen> the county seat ot the new
county, there were 179 votes for the
selection, of. this place and one against
the proposition.
The now county hss an area of
40,"> 1-2 square miles.
This Is regarded as a glorious' vic
tory after walting ten years since the
first'election, when ?Iso by an over
whelming vote the election for the
new county was carried but losj;. on
account.of a very .si??ht error in the
rbatter of territory duo to a slight ki
_j rotfracy In the surrey. The.terrltory
this time hss been most accurately
surveyed and the people of this terri
tory now look confidently, tu the gen
eral assembly for. tba formation for
their much needed and cherished, ns?
county. The fight bas been large,
hard, and tedious, but everybody feels
fully repaid for the. part that he con
!tributed towards this overwhelming
vlctorvand the ultimate attainment of
the iom at ion of this new county.'
Supr?me Court Rales That Alimony
Is Not an Income. As far as Taxa?
? ailsa la Concerned.
NEW YORK, Dec. 29. -Alimony ls
not Income in. the sense of tho fed
oral income tax law, according to a
decision today by Supreme Court Jus
tice Hendricks denying Howard
Gould's application to have vacates
a Judgment obtained against him re
cently by Mrs. Katherine? C. Gould
for the amount deducted' by him from
payments of alimony to make up her
share ot the Could Income tax.
Justice Hendricks held that alimony
[was a form of payment prescribed by
the court to support a wife from whom
ia matt-ls legally separated and that
tho person who receives lt is not sub
ject to tax. <
A Small Crsw?^gja^^ Aged Negra'
SHREVEPORT; ?a, Dec. ?fc-Not
more than 15 pensons took an active"
sari In th? lynching of Watklna Lew
is, the aged negro who wab~ /|Mm?
fram the parish Jail herb i>ec*mb*r it
by a mob and burned to death, ac
cording to wltnessei today before th?
public; .Inquiry being conducted by At
torney. General Pleasant G?rerai
iibrevepottjppttfife mon admitted to
day thai they witnessed the lynching,
but testified that they were
spectators and declared that they aid
bot recognise.any of OM man who
had the negro ia charge.
The attorney general i& Urfeett?$?
ling several fcjo??t lyachlttga ia Cadda
i imnm ma -itu IIIIIIIWIMI mr nnwn?rii
?week af FlffhOag SaM te be Fhele
sale Biaagnter.
IiOND?K, Dep. S0v~(3:fi9 & m V
?The mam ?aaiiire of the past two
tecka4 fifine ia. Poland, aeOording
llb a Petrograd dispatch to the Po*t,
has been Germany's appaling l?saea.
I "Por a fortnight," says the dispatch,
"there hag boen no rest, fee tatara!
sion, hat one hideous ' ntgktmaro
whole??le ?laughter, which has
ad tho nerves of the most "*"
troops; The German wave t
ou the rock, aid Russian d?fense in .*
Massless tfeqa?ar9e.: of attacha. TS?
rock ?UH stands, althougbt aa einrieb,
of tba toUi German force bas perish'
"The condition of tbs Austrian* ia
still mare hopeless sud jfwfai?f?fr
neat 2rora the passes ls acquiring the
character ot a hasty sal disordered
Crop of 1914 Up to December 13,
in Execs? of That of
11 ?
. Wm. J.. Harris, director of the cen
sus, department of commerce, an
cotton ginned i hy counties in South
Carolina for the crops of 1914 and
1913. Tho report waa made public for
the State st 10 a. m. on Monday, De
cember 21. The amounts tor th? dif
ferent counties for' the crops of 1914
?nd 1911 are. furnished for publica
tion in the local papers.
(Quantities are in running bales,
counting rounds aa half bales, Linters
are trot included.)
County 1914 1913
lota! . 1&ZJM> 1,376,428
abbeville.30,424 30.833
aiken. 45,045 44.622
Anderson. 51,961 66,452
Kmeera;. 25,94b 25,776
m well.56,791 53,506
Beaufort. 7,763 6.946
Berkeley.15,086 12.815
Calhoun... 28,526 24.840
Marleston. .. 14?136 13,637
Cherokee.15,064 16,636
Chester . 31,791 29,864
Chesterfield. 30,749 27.025
Clarendon . 45,857 38,781
Colleton .... . 21,168 18,108
Darlington - ... 40,184 34,325
Kilon. 35,187 32.891
irehester.16.861 15,9X1
Bdgefleld .... ...... 29.948 80,810
fairfield. 32.116 23.600
Florence .42,662 41,084
Seorgetown . 4,684 3,462
greenville . 41,140 38.717
Greenwood . 28,867 28,855
Hampton ..204161 18.097
Korry .10,882 9,042
Jasper. 6,098 5,999
Kershaw . 28.290 24,858
Lancaster. 21,907 21.915
Laurens.. . 25.366 40,213
Lice .... J. 38,985 34,368
Lexington ..'. 25.144 24.32?
Marion. 13,307 16.865
Marlboro. 5.420 47,940
?. * Newberry. 30,694 35,708
Qconeo . 17,866 18,892
arageburg . 77.689 73,370
Picken? .18.638 16.418
Richland.22.631 23.691
Sparlanburg .... ..64,988 66,044
Sumter. 48.474 38,423
guion ... 17.52C 10,117
Williamsburg. 32.420 24.148
york-.. .. 36,204 87,160
Qt to any action on tho part of thal
B^-LONDON, beol;'-'l9^-Tho Morning
"The note win'receive from the
?British government tho fullest con
sideration and will be answered in a
Hspirit npt only of justice and equity,
but of good will."
? ' The editorial aaya the examination
?of. suspected cargoes always haa been
e . sore, point with neutrals * during
?wara' and continues:
Yourself In His Place.
"V? ^ shall not attempt to discuss
?the American complaints until the
Wt?A'ot the note is available, but we
?ml ask those Americans who think
?that England was right in taking part
?fa the war to try to put themselves In
?England's position. Without securing
?sommAnd ot the sea England cannot
?help her allies on the continent and
?oanot secure hercelf against invasion.
?How, then, do. our American friends
?suppose command of the sea nhould be [
?used aa a. means or exerting pres
?snra on the enemy? It waa used by
?the United States government aa a
?maana ot,exerting pressure on the
?Conhderacy. The whole coast of the
Confederacy from the Potomac to the
?Mexican border was blockaded and
?every neutral ship trading with Con
federate ports was liab)} to capture.
? - Another View. .
?. "The allfed governments might now
?declare j? blockade ot the North Sea,
?of the Baltic ?nil of the Medite rran
??an aM_owiMrdoubtleaa make lt ef
?fecUve. .That would injure neutral
?stetes, bot lt would make an end of
.ea ..trade, ^tk Germany/;
? conclusion the Morning Post
?argos.; that the whole difficulty lies
?itt Jan vpMSyence of neutral states in
?close. proilmlty to the belligerents
and in the disputed doctrines of neu
trality, and suggests that ; cousldera
tl?ti of. the problem of neutrality may
?throw aome light on th? real nature
? of toe relations between states and
On the truth, about peace and war.
.'We ??r? keenly anxious that Amerl
cac.should suffer the least possible
less irom the war, but war means in
imitable lose tor noutrala aa well as
fit belligerents. lancashire starved
duiiag ttie American civil, war and
frrlrig ta* war^ With Spam tbs Wasn
HWU? ; *uiiMiumat took tn? aasoai
moaauro to prevent the enemy from
receiving sappiies aa O rest Britain
and .Prance are taking now.
".American* are too fair ?nd sports
manlike tb aak or expect us to tie one
trm behind Our hack when wo are
beating a powerful antagonist."
The Dally Graphic Justifies the
American action. It anya if the Ameri
cana made no protest Sheir silence
Rust be con?raed aa an unfriendly
?et - to ward s ; Germany,
?..?ibjf^'.?ejie tko Graphic "the hard
?bip to the American shipper la leas
treat thea he pretends. He can dis
t?* Of all his conda either io Great
Britain or her allies or to ramote neu
tral countries at qslte goad prices."
? .Uteericeas," the Dally Mail con
tinue*, "mu? be aware that the greet
sr the .economic pressure the Allies
Mrs able to bring to bear on Germany
lite sooner will the war. be Over. In
the prosecution of tkls policy we re
rrat ?Ito Inconvenience caused; . to
Ama* lean trade and. any. fitton fifi
Some Time Ago Position of Can
ning Demonstrator Was Of
fered Her Hefe*
Although no official announcement
concerning the metter hss been tiren
out, it hss been learned from aeveral
reliable sources that Hiss Janie Car
lington, who has been canning demon- j
stratton agent for Laurens County |
for some time, baa resigned ?hat posi
tion to accept a similar one In Ander
son County. It is presumed that Miss
Edith L. Psrrott, agent in charge of
tho canning demonstration work in
the State, will make some announce
ment with reference to thia matter in
the near future. Miss Carlington ls
expected to arrive here between.now
and the middle of next month.
It will be recalled that several
weeks ago Miss Carlington was offer
ed the position of canning demonstra
tion agent for this county, For some
time she had been in charge of the
canning demonstration work In Laur
ens County, where ber work has been
of the highest order and most satis
factory. At the time the position was
tendered her she did not state whether
or not ahe could accept it.
That she is to come to Anderson
and take charge of the canning dem
onstration work for this county will
come ss an announcement of great In
terest to residents of the ?community.
Misa Carlington is a slater of Miss
Maggie M. Carlington, county supervi
sor of rural schools.
Fifty ilea asd Beys Repulse Mob of
Over One Majored.
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Dec. 29.-Fif
ty men and boys tonight defended the
county Jail at Oakville, Texas, against
the attack of a hundred or more
friends of Ysidor Gonzales, a Mexican,
convicted today and sentenced to be
banged tor the murder of Harry Hin
ton, a jailer, according to an Oakville
dispatch. The mob, which had gath
ered with the avowed intention of lib
erating Gomales and Frederico San
ches, who will bo placed on trial to
morrow as an alleged accomplice la
the killing of Hinton, ls said to havp
dispersed when attempts to gain en
trance to the Jail were frustrated. ;;l
. Hinton waa tilled while asleep at
the Jail last Tnursday night Goma
les and Saaeb.-:^ v=-y.~o E-r?sisd Friday
and charged with the killing. Another
Mexican who was captured by a mob,
was lynched. .
?NEW YORK,- Dec 29.-Two records
were broken and a third equalled at
the National Junior Indoor Amateur
Athletic Union championship games
In Brooklyn tonight. E. D. Maurer,
?New York A. C., won (the ?20-yard
dash ia 23 1-5 seconds, clipping 1-5 of
a second from last year's rev ord. WV
IL Taylor. Illinois A. C.. won the
standing broad Jump, distance 10 feet
a lachea, or five? fBabea batter thsa
last year's record, D. S. Tretinoin,
Dartmouth, covered the dO-yard hur
dle In 8 3-5 seconds, the record time*
set last year.
The point championship tonight waa
won by the New York A. C., 43; Irish
American A. C., second, 12; Dart
mouth and Bronx Church House, tied
for third place with eight points each.
Train Reim De wa Enbsnkmeat
Third Maa Is Unidentified.
MEMPHIS. Tenn., Dec. 2?.-Three
men .two ot whom were identified as
W; 4P. Goodman, Nsw Decatur, Ala.,
and J. T. Mahony of Gary, Ind., were
killed here late today when fou.* cars
of a Yasoo and Mississippi Valley
freight train wore derailed and tum
bled over an embankment. The iden
tity of the third man baa not been es
tablished. The accident is attributed
to the breaking of a coupling.
Nurse Wants lift* Par Months Fer
Balance af Life.
PASSAIC, N. jToac 29.-Suit had
been brought ayalnstjhe estate of tho
late itenresentatiro ruo bo ri. u. r> rom
ner, who died ot cancer last spring
at Baltimore, by Miss Theodore Nash,
of Paterson, a trained nun*, who de
mands payment of 9150 a mooth for
the rr*t of her ure. Miss Nash alleges
thia, ?un was promised here by Mr.
Bremner as compensation for services
daring his illness.
Italian Beat Acree** ea nerida
Coast Ia a Gale.
PENSACOLA, Fla.. Dee. 2?.-The
house today during a gaie.- Life sav
^ j rescued the 13 members of ber
Bess were breaking ovhr tba ves
sel tonight but a shift ia the wini led
to the hope that sba might be saved.
The bark ls resting on sand tn a very
WHjtad^aejftlftn. ,,",,. ^"?I-MA
The Giuseppe V?aeava was bound
from ca y eh ne for Pensacola to load
a cargo, e ; ., . . ;.v
Start the 1
Paiint thal House You've
Painting. Do It
-and be SURE to let us
Guest P
Opposite Y
(Phniipme Disorders Were Insig
nificant and Hearings Resum
ed oa 'ones bXSL
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2?.- Neither
President Wilson nor Congressional
leaders consider recent disturbances
in Gie Philippines of sufficient im
portance to influence action on the
pending Jones bill extending the Fil
ipinos a great measure of self govern
ment and hearings on th? measure,
to be resumed tomorrow by the sen
ate Philippine committee, will be has
tened with a view to a favorable re
port by the middle ot January.
The committee will look into last
week's disorders aa far aa official re
ports will permit, but lt is understood I
to be satisfied that the uprising was
ot only minor significance.
Manuel Quezon, Gie Philippine resi
dent commissioner. In an address in
the house- today, said the disturbance
could in no sense be considered a
"There ls not the least ptovoca
[Gon for a revolution tn the islands,",
said Mr. Quoson. "and the Filipinos
?rebels at a dance hall.
Mr. Quezon quoted a report say
ing a squad of American soldiers had
need chairs as weapons to rout Filipi
no rebels at a dance hall:
"Now," asked Mr. Quezon, "how ls
lt possible for any man with common
sense to give importance to.thls news
ot revolt ta the Philippines when the
socalled revolutionaries pick out as
a point ot attack a dance hall and aro
routed with chairs by the dancers?
The whole thing is a joke."
Chairman Hitchcock, of Gie senate
Philippine committee, said emphati
cally that Gie disorders would not be
permitted to impodo progress of the
Jones bill. Some amendments may te
mrde to Gie house bill, but these wilt
havb no bearing on recent develop
Ne Troops Were Needed Ia Georgia
ATLANTA. Ga., Dec. 29.-Advices
received here today by State officials
from Hartwell. Ga., where State
troops were requested last night to
prevent possible mob violence. to ne
gro prisoners, indicated that tba sit
uation waa quiet. No troops have
been sent, pending further develop
ments, v -. ,
? Ne Cause Pevad as te Why Canadian
Physician Sheald Ead Life.
LONDON, Dec. 29.-(9:12 p. rn.)
A Verdict of suicide waa returned to
night by s coroner'^ jury that investi
gated the death of a man, said to be
Ralph K. D?u???iu, a medical prac
tltioner of Milwaukee, ard a member
of Gie Canadian contingent.
According o the testimony the man
was found dead tn h> room ta a hotel
with a wound in hie throat which
evidently had been self inflicted. A
?photograph of a woman waa in Gie
man's lap. No evidence itas adduced
Ito show why he committed suicide.
M wer race* <
Buyers to Sh*
Effective August 1st, 19?
and guaranteed against
that time. All cars fuir
Touring Cur. 490
AH retail buyers of new ]
ist, 1914 to August 1st,
profits of the company t<
$60 pef car, oh e?ch ca
ED; we sell dftd deli ve
cars during that period.
..(Ask tor pa
New Year
Been Talking about
it. <:......
do the job. | J
. M. C. A.
Change In Location
l am now- located over W.
A. Power's grocery store at
212 1-2 S. Main Street. I
thank my friends tor their
past patronage and ask con
tinuance of same.
I make platea at $6.50
I make gold crowns et$4.00
Stirer fillings. 80c and vp.
Gold fillings $1.00 and up
Painless Extracting 40k:.
I make a specialty of
treating Pyorrhea, Alveo
laris or the gums and ril
crown and bridge work and
regulating mal formed teeth.
AU work guaranteed first?
Class* _ Jr? <
Something For Nothing
Vi 'ogs Island, 8. C., Nor. 28, 1914.
To get started with you we make
rou the following offer. Send us |1.50
For 1,000 Frost Proof Cabbage Plants,
grown In the open air and will stand
freezing, grown from the Celebrated
Seed of Bolgina ft Son and Thorbom
fe Co., and I will Send yon 1,000 Cab
bage Plants additional FREE, and yon
can repeat the order ss rnssy tirsea
as you like. I will give you special
prieta on Potato Seed and Potato
Planta tatar. We want the accounts
of close buyers, large and small. We
san supply alt
Atlantic Coast
Plant Go.
Nannetta's Prescription.
Try a bottle of Nanzctta o Pre
scription for impure blood, kidney,
liver and stomach. It baa pleas
ed hundreds and thousands, why
Ishouldn't lt please you.. Doctora
and druggists claim lt can not be
Improved upon, for what it ls re
Sold-and guaranteed by all lead
( lng drug stores and. the Nannet
te Medicino Company, 114 Coffee
! St, Greenville, a C. Pone 1316.
mi oratara
ir? in Profits
14 to August 1st, 1915
any reductions during
y equipped f. o. b. De
.... .$440
?Town Car. 690
cord cars from August
1915 will share in the
5 the extent of ?40 to
r they buy, PR?VILV
r 300,000 new Ford

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