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Saturday, Jan. 16th-(ipeoing Day Sale
For one hour from 9 to IO a. m.
we will sell best 10c grade of L.
L. yard-wide Sheeting
5 ySr8 19c
Extra Special
Saturday, Jan. I6tfa--0pening Day Sale
For one hour from Ila. m. to
12 noon, we will sell best 25c
grade 5-4 Table Oil Cloth
Saturday, Jan. 16th?0pemng Day Sale
For one hour from 2 to 3 p. m.
we will sell genuine Marseilles
Bed Spreads, $3 to $3.50 values
(some slight imperfections)
for Fifteen Days
Entire Fall and Winter St^ck Must be Cleaned Out Jan. 30th.
Sweeping Clearance
of Staple Dry Goods
Extra Good
Quality. Straw Tick
In* Sale Price
Unbleached Cotton
Flannel, bett iou
grade, Sa'3 Price
Seat 10c heavy Outing in
white and colora, elfin ance
7c yd.
Standard (mallty
Apror Otmrhnms,
all also Check?.
Salo. Price
About 2000 Yarde
of C?cod Cotton
Checke to go in this
salo at
35c Outing
. Ko rn per a
Large Bizi;
10c Huck
Women '*
$1.00 House
Women's .
25c Knit
We are going to take the Mediane like good
fellows without being coaxed
Everything marked to the lowest regardless of cost or loss
to us. This is one time in tho year when our entire time
b devoted to but ona purpose, and that ie to reduce stock as
much as possible. With us sit .die present, is not a ques
tion of how much profit we should make, ito. no, profits or
even cost is our least consideration, the main and moat im
portant question on our hands now is
How much goods can we sell to clear
ourselves of surplus stock?
So remember thal on SATURDAY, JAN.
16th ?tarts the biggest Money-Saving
Clearance Sale ever attempted by
the Leader.
5ct Phper
of Best
Safety Pips
Men's 10c
Black -'Sox
. 4fc
"c Colgate
$1.75 values
Sweeping Clearance
of Dress Goods
50c Wool Dress
Goods in all Shades,
Sale Price
19c yd.
25c Heatherbloom
Linings tn all
Colors, Sale Price
Sale Price
9c yd.
One lot of Dress Goods,
Galatea Suitings, etc.,
actual 15c to 20c values,
Clearance Price.
8?c yd.
25c New Plaids and
Fancy Suitings in all
Desirable Colorings,
Clearance Price
15c yd.
$1.00 Wool Dress
Goods, in Serges and
Fancy Worsteds,
Clearance Price
37c yd.
Follow The Crowds To The LEADER That Leads Them All
Sweeping Clearance of Men's
and Young Men's Clothes
Buys any Man's or
Young Man's Salt or
Overcoat that, for?
morly sold for up to
Buys any Man's or
Young Man's Suit ot*
Overcoat that for
merly sold for up to'
Buys any1 Man's or
Young lian's Suit or
Overcoat that for
merly aoW for up to
Buys any Man's or
Young Man's Suit or
Overcoat that for
merly sold for up to
Sale of Boy's Suits and Overcoats
Ono Lot of Boys'
Snits, sises S to 7,
$1.50 Values at
Boya' Suit? and
Overcoats, all the
latest stylos, $5.00
values. Clearance
Boys* Snits and
Overcoats sll sises
up to 17. $3.00
values at
-? ?? ? ? ? ? ' ?.
Boys' Extra Fine
Tailored Suits In
the nearest Bul
garian *: models,
$3.60 values/
Clearance Price
Clearance of Ladies9 and Misses1
Coats and Coat Suits
Children's Cloth Coats,
$200 values, Clearance
Prie?.. .. .
Children's Long Coats
sises np to 14, .$3.00
vulues. Clearance Price
Children's and Misses'
Long Coats', all sises.
$4 values. Clearance
Price. ..
$6.00 Serge
, Dresses
Sale Price
Ladles' and Juniors' Long Black and ring* ja ?r%
Novelty Material Coat?. $5.00 to $6.00 3%j?.
values. Clearance Pr'ce., .f *"*
?' 1 1 ' 1 ? ? i i i i
Ladles' sad Juniors' Coats in thd lat
est models. Black and all colors,
$10.00? to $12.50 values, Clearance
$3.50 Tan
Rain Coats
Salo Price
Ladles' Coat Suittf.
M0.00 to $12.50 values
. Clearance Price
Ladies' Coat Bults.
k9Lfc&#l*.GO values.
Ladles' Coat Suits.
$18.0* to $20.00 values,
Clearance Price
Extra Largo
Size Bed Blankets
In groy, tsn and
White, ?ctual
$1.50 valses ! .
Sale Price
$3.48 89c
Boys' and Girls'
Best 50c
Unloh Suits
Heavy Fleeced,
all sises,
. Sale Price
37 c
Sweeping Clearance of Shoes
for the Whole Family
Ladies' and Men's
Common Sense
Shoes, $1.25 values.
Salo Price
Men's up to $2.00
Dress and Work
Shoes, Sale Price
Mon's $3.00 to $3.50
High Grado Shoos
in all Lea til era.
Sale Price
Children's Shoes for
School or Dress
wear. $l.r>0 values.
Salo Price
One lot ol ' Ladles; ?
Large Girls' and
Largo Boys* up to '
$2.v>0 shoes, during
L ia Sale at
One lot of Ladles'
OP to tZ.OO High
Grade Dress Shoe?,
Sale Price
Sate of Men's and Boys' Pants
BoyB* 65c to 76c j Boys' $125 Extra
Knickerbocker Full Cat Pants
Trimmed Fiats.
$160. $3.00, and
$3.50 val ses,
your cholo; for
Heavy Fleeced
Underwear. 25c to
35c values, for
One Special
Lot Of Short .
Length Dress
Goods worth
up to 10c for
3e yd.
$1.00 Odd Lot
Pants at
39c pair
Men's,-*'" .
Worsted il.00
Pants sit!
? Men's
$3.50 Air Wool
Pants a?,,
$5.00 Tailored
Pants tat''
One HM Pwd Oui $273,000 and
the Other $101,000-Have
Resources Over Million.
It 1? rather an unusual showing that
the Farmers and Merchants Bank and
'the Farmers Loan and Trust Company
make in dividend paying. These two
institutions operate together and un
der .hi' same management.
The Farmers and Merchants Hank
on a capital of $100,000 has paid out
in dividends $273.000, or $273 on every
.$100 of stock. The Farmers Loan
and Trust Company on a capital of
$7?>,ffOo .has paid ont In dividends
$101.000, which is about $135 on ettry
$100 of stock. . t
And tiley still have nearly $100.?00
in capital, surplus and undivided .pro
tits, and their combined resources are
a little the rise of $1,000,000.
--- t
Special tu The Intelliccncer.
SENECA, Jan., 14.-On Tuesday
night at nine o'clock in the Presby
terian church. In the presence of s
host of friends thc marriage of Mr. T.
II. Allen Jones, of Townville, and Miss
Carry Lewis Hunter of tills place was
consumatcd. the Kev. I. E. Wallace,
officiating. This marriage has been
the chief event in the social horizon
of Seneca for several weeks and had
been looked forward to by the many
friends of thin popular young couple
throughout this whole section.
Mrs. Jones is the daughter of Mr.
W. 8. Hunter, one of the most promi
nent and influential merchants in this
part of tho country, and an influential
member of the Presbyterian churchfat
this place. Mrs. Jones waa very
prominent in church circles, having
been for a number of years the most
efficient and faithful organist at the
Presbyterian church.
It was pronounced ono of the pret
tiest affairs ever witnessed in Seneca.
Ana these young people have the best
wishes of many friends for their fu
ture ':r:ppinos9. j
'Mr. W. K. Livingston left Wednes
day for Mississippi for a business trip
of a 'week or more.
Mr. Will Thomas, of near Lockhart,
ls visiting bis brother. Dr. D. P.
Thomason, of near Lockhart, is visit
Ins his brother, Dr. D. P. Thomason,
of this place.
Mr. Thomas Haynes of the New
Hope section ot this county died last
Sunday. Mr. Ilayiiie was about sixty
years old, and the father of a large
family of grown children, and n high
ly respected citizen in his community.
Mrs. 8tiles Barron spent the dsy
with her mother, Mrs. E. O. Burley,
of Walhalla, last Tuesday, it being
tho occasion ot the anniversary of
Mm. Barley's sixtieth birthday.
Mr. W. T. Doyle of the Bethel sec
tion of this county died last week ia
Columbia, where he -had been carried
to the Statt! Hospital for Insane, suf
fering with the dread disease, pella
sna- Mr. Doyle waa a Confederate sold
ier, a member of the Methodist church
sad a good citizen. Ho waa the father
ot two sons, both of whom are minis
ters of thc gospel' ar.d two daughters,
all of whom survive him. Tho sons
li?e the Rev, W? Bruce. Doj??e, a minie
1er- of the Presbyterian church, jaia
now recline; lanPTonan,and the ?ta.
fib eu ll. Coy lo. -of the Methodist
church, now located af ?^At??wffi{Maj
Biete; the ?"..ifih'if'irs are Mrs. J. T.
Creen and Miss Selma Doyle, both of
this county.
Mr. Ford Wyatt, son Of Mr. G. F,
Wyatt of New Hope section, and Miss
Bessie Brown, daughter ofMr. P. A.
Brown ot Wolfe Stake, were married
at Walhalla by John F. Craig last]
Sehday. ..SSSMSBS
Mrs. John C. Cary, who-has been
/hjiU'ig her sifter.'Mrs. D. PSZhoajr}
ion. for a week, has returned to her
ionic lit Greenville.
Mles Sae Hunter rete aed WcdncB
"*y to Lender College where ene is s
?Mrs* Geo. townsend has return
td her home in Anderson after atte;
lng the Hunter-J0a?S, wedding, ?
Mr. and Mrs. Jan. H.
bavo returned to AtlunU after attend
ing tho Hunter-Jones wedding,
riflers. Hugh Holleman has rejurned
from a visit of a few days to fritad?
in Walhalla.
oe?a o o eone ene oe a o o o
e_? o
e un?GK HEfVo *
o- ..'W'^nR?'- -9
o'eeeeoeoe oe? ooo oe
Mr. S. M. Harton, our it. i
nays- it takes three G's te indu<
Uncle Sam's men to travel over
roads in the ?. jent condition. Gr!
Grace and Greenbacks.
Mr. Jones ?Harris is very ill at bis
home ?ear Whitefield.
Mr: ramptoll df Greenville spent
th* wW*W with his friend, 3thama
Crossen Mes wain, thc jilne year *rid
son a" ?nt. ??tu ?^r?, J. ir. ?nc con neil,
sra* buried ai. Calen QM? |SJ???*?
Rev. s. W. Banner' condot&eit the
funeral ?erviee*.
little ?eSlow di:
duest waa
biought to "Grandpas" and be b
Tte fricada nf tho purent? and
Genere Photos
i ?
of your.cl?ldren mada, at yow
f\??Sw* ?? ' . *. . ri*/j ' ./
??OV?C. a ? '.. f1 ? '.
; * ?' s.
Keep a record of your CMd,
it wiil be a treasure ia old age.
Let us feaow when to cali
Green's Art Shop
On The Square.
Attractive Values ID
Read my list and see if ?
haven't got what you
One 52 acre tract.
One 65 acre tract.
Oite 32 acre tract.
One 30 acre tract*
One 43 acre tract.
And a lot of others that
I haven't mentioned.
Gall on me and let me
explain to you .where
these are and the prices.
H. G. Love,
Rea) Estate
Office Ofar Hubbard's Jf weir j Store.
Something For Nothing
Young* Island, S, C.. Nor. 23. 1914.
To get started with you we make '
you the following offer. Send us $1.50
tor 1,000 Frost Proof Cabbage Plaaut
grown in the.open air sad will stead
freesing, grown . from the Celebrated j
Seed ot Bolgtna tc Bon and Thorbom
& Co., and I will send yon 1.000 Cab
bage Planta additional FREQ, and yon |
can repeat the order as many times
as yon like. I will sire yon spoofs!
prices on Potato Seed and Potato
Plants labjr. We want th? accounts '
of close buyer*, largo and small. We
can supply alL
Atlantic Coast
fetfj ? . r .; >! . . V
adte ( and. found how inconvenient lt
waa to be unable to us? my eyes for
the balance ot the day.
J made a resolve then that I would
make lt possible to replsoe a broken
lena, however complicated tts formula
thc samo day the order was lett with
1 hate succeeded even better than
1 hoped, for nsw we ace able to re
in from' one to three honra, with ?rt
set ouptteate MADS * IN OUH OWN
fcils^iS^ worth anything to you? At
gorremember thia advertisement tito
nett time you break alea*.
Thhr $s nair one- et?pp?e o? tho
t^roayb^wee^sjsd-' atndcw*0*?s -ot my
parents wish to entend their-sympathy
. Miss Eula Belle All?t
l?ntT'Kf. taster
vll?e att-mded ihets
I Monday.
'?-.vi-. ii; :.
ert?n whet: win . H:;-{
Mise B?sele Bafdwfn lota gone to*
visit harsher, Mrs. O^C. Mitftoonett,
asar W/MiT^L1
manager of th? Chics go'NaUou a?* tai
year. ?JrT^ftftlrr ' ^H resaJse hi?-el
position ss National tisane utn pin
bo told friends tAday.

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