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Hopes Her Statement, Made Public,
will Help Other Women.
Hines. Ala.- "! must confess", says
Mrs. Eula Mae Reid, of this place, "that
Cardui, the woman's tonic, has done mo
agr?ai deal of good.
Before 1 commenced using Cardui. I
would spit up everything I ste. 1 had .
tired, sleepy feeling all the time, and wat
irregular. I could hardly drag around,
and would have severe headaches con
Since taking Cardui, 1 have entirely
quit spitting up what I eat. Everything
seems to digest all right, and 1 have
gained 10 pounds in weight."
lt you are a victim of any of the numer
ous ills so common to your sex, it is
Wrong to suiter.
For half a cetrtry, Cardui has been re
lieving just sucn ills, as is proven by the I
thousands of letters, similar to the above,
which pour into our office, year by year.
Cardui is successful because it is com
posed of ingredients which act specifically
on the womanly constitution, and helps
build the weakened organs back lo health
and strength.
Cardui has helped others, and will help
you, too. Oct a bottle today. You
won't regret it. Your druggist sells it. '
Write, to : Chattanooga Mt?klne Co.. Ladles' Ad
rltoty Dept-. Chattanooga. Tenn., for Special In
$truetUm$ on your eas? and Ot-iv??? book. 'Homo
Tmain fer Woanrn." ??nt In plain wrapper. NC 120
f To bepome a un*~ \\\
' versai favori te,\
Chero-Cola had to beV
th? per^c^toriKv that V
it iti. Take^ursSromV
the or ig rail bottle!
through a .straw. You 1
[ will enjoy Its* iiaifcpij
V flavor and the ortaintyj
Vol its deanlines^
tjhero'Co!al /
Most poor, complexions, are duo to
J|?|*gitjb . torpid' livcre. constipation
and. ot>,?r; ?ye^ ills. A dose ot
Le T's
;akoi. just before retiring will tone
op the liver, carry off thc excess ot bile
and cause un easy and natural move
ment of tho bowels. It will, not only
hoalth-make yea '. LOOK weJl'f.M?
?0 cents and 1.00 per bottle ai
your dragglsin.
^'^Manufactured and rjuarauteed by
?van's Pharmacy
HS Three Stores.
i ru with us end keep the money
ate.' Every dollar of our collec
d^esHed in Anders?? county
i and helping to Improve 1|H|
county condtttons.
per SUsOp en ?? welting.
Bf Slr?*? on Other Property
L^realdent and Treasurer.
Vender.Vice Presiden
Majar. . .Secretan
te j' W. W, 'Xe&ts*?, :.
M. Knox.
3. MaJO
H< Ora
MB8. W. 1. BUDQENS, Ei??
Phone 87.
Engagement Announced.
The Greenville Newa of Sunday
carried the following announcement
which will be of great inter*. . to the
many friends of the young couple
"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harrison 11112
of Highlands. N .C., announced the
engagement of their daughter, Hasel
Frost Hill, to Mr. Willett Prevo.it
Sloan of Anderson. S. C."
Miss Hill hos visited here os the
guest of Miss Kathleen Nor-is and al
so o fher sister, Mrs. J. J. Norris,
now of Greenville, but wlio lived here
for several years. Mr. Sloan is one
of Anderson's most prominent and
popular young business men. The
marriage will take placo on March 10
an dthey will come to Anderson and
go to housekeeping right away.
Dixie Chapter.
The Dljr'e chapter, C. D. C.. will
meei this \tternoon at 3:30 with Miss
May 1 'jssoH snd Miss Mary Acker at
the home of the former on South Mc
Duffie Btreet.
A Peiigbtf.il Party.
Miss Eunice Campbell entertained
about 20 of her friends at a delight
ful party yesterday afternoon at ber
home in North Anderson. .
The occasion was the 1.1th birthday
of the attractive young hostess, and
all entered very heartily ILU .~cving
lt a very happy occasion. Map y mer- i
ry torres were played and later do- :
lightful re* reshmenta were served.
Urs. Sher.ird Entertains 1?. Ai K.
Mrs. J? L. Sherard was the charm
ing'hostess t*: Catoecbee chapter. D
A. R., yesterday ainrnoon at her
home on North McDuffio ?treet.
Besides the members there WAS
quite a number of visitors" present
aiid the meeting wes a delightfully
pleasant one. Tba regent. Mra. J. It.
Vandtver, presided and after all bus
iness was disposed of the following
tntercsttrg program . was given: A
sketch of Edgefield, written by Mra.
Slmklna and read by Miss Rhoda Van
diver. A paper on.thc North Amer
ican Indian, written'by Mrs. J. L.
Sherard and read by Mra. A. P, John
stone. Recitation. ' A Japanese
maiden, by Misa Carrie Pretwell.
Reading, a- poem, "Hagar." by Mrs.
Prank Todd, recitation; a selection
from "The Crista," by Mrsv -T. L. Cely.
The guests were then giveh pebcjbi
and papers and asked to 0?mAttlfy8f?*\
gent salad course with coffee, and"
stiffed date,._;
iv Entertain.
Mrs. ?. B. cdSB?frsr^'fiftttfO^
the Murray-Ret?l bridal party this
evening at her jpsctty now homo In
North AuderBQjT j
Rose" lilli Hub.
Card afternooh at the Rose Hill
Club has been^poitponed from today
until p**? --jHeed&y afternoon and atv
tables that had been made up to j
play* will be carried, over until next
Jrs. J. JU Atti! has gone to New
berry to visit relatives for "ew days.
Mr. and Mrs. M. I.. Benham have
returned from a week's . visit to
friends in Columbia.
"The Country Mouse," a comedy
written and produced by Hoberi Bos
worth, will bc shown today at the
Paramount Theatre, beginning at 3:30
p. m.
The Country Mouse of the title is
the dowdy little wife ot a fermer, who j
accompanies her husband to thc capi
tal of the State on MB election to tho
legislature, and linda herself lost amid
the brilliant surroundings of the BO*
?dal life into which they are whirl
ad. How site finally realises that her I
husband la drifting away from her'
md the meaba (dxo takes to bring him
to his senses make', a comedy of great
brilliancy abd interest, and one that is
ailed with simple, natural everyday
life that always appeals so strongly.
Hiss Adele Parri; -top and Mr. Boa
worth play tho T ?, and are sup
ported by, Wyr 8 ted man. Rhea
ialne* end Marshall 8 ted ni an. George
IV. Hill contributes some of bia char
acteristically flue photography.
Brief Description.
Although chiefly a brilliant comedy
if political and social life. "The
kountry Mouse," produced by Hobart
Bosworth, contains so much that ls
tweet add human, and has so many
sympathetic touches, that it makes
a strong appeal to the heart aa weil as
the risibles; and 1? > charming story,
ttl SR Adele Farrington piara "The
^cvntry Mouse," t*ie dowdy little wife
>f a country i??*aTatcr, wttn rare
:harm and veres. "Addle Batderson"
iccompa des her husband to the State
Capitol wtjen he ki elected to the It-g
alalure. quickly ouUtrlps her In
adapting himself to the social life ?n-i
? which he ls whirled, and ihe little '
iountry mouse ls very unhappy till
ike realizes she mnat meet the man
ted wemen of the city on Pasir pw?
rjttnfcjt Jfehe does this so effectively
well as "SaJjfcst
Off its feet.;and
as it wab?bcs
of the "dowdy j
tump" Into a charming woman of the i
vorld. !
Sk* Twa year* with Indigestion.
"Two yost? ago T. was greatly beoe
Ued through using two or three hot-1
les of Chamberlain's Tablets."
vrites Mrs. S. A. Keller, Ellon, Ohio, j
taking, thean 1 was, ?lek for i
Mid-Winter Clean-Up Sale
In Full Blast
* * j
The peopie are responding quickly and in crowds to our advertisement, telling them
of the great values to be had here on Winter Clothing, Shoes, Hats, and Gents Furnish
ings. Winter has hardly begun yet; there are at least two more months yet of cold
Weather in store for us.
Better Come in and Look These Car gain s Over.
All Boys' and Children's Shoes
All Boys' and Children's
Shoes to close out at and be
low cost, as we are going to
discontinue handling these
two lines.
?7.5o Men's Suits, Clean-up at.
$ 10.00 Men's Suits, Clean-up at m.
$12.50 Men's Suits,'Clean-up at.
> 15.00 Men's Suits, Cleanup at,
$l?.5q Men's Suits, Clean-up at.
s 18.00 Men's Suits, Clean-up aU
?20.00 Men's Suits, Clean-up at.
S22.50 Men's Suits, Clean-up at.
S25 oo Men's Suits, Clean-up. ..
. .$5.00
. .$0.50
$12 00
$2.00 Boys' Suits, Clean-up at.
$3.00,Hoys' Slfits, Clean-up at.
$3.50 Boys' Suits, Clean-up at.
$4.00 Boys SuUs, Clean-up at. . . .
$5.oo Boys' Suit?, Clean-up at.
$7.5o Boys' Suits, Cjean'up at.
$io.oo Boys' Suit:. Clean-up at . ,. .;
,. "?D0P?NTS
$5.00 Men's pants, Clean-up at.
$4.00 Mens pants, Clean-up at. ..
$3.50 Men'5 pants, C??a?-up at. . . .
. $3.00 Men's pants, Clean-up at.
JSJ2-50_Mjen/js^ pants, dlea^up -at. .
. .$150
. . .52 .50
. .$2.75
. .$5.25.
. $5,00
$5.00 Soys'' Overcoats, Clean-up at .
$3.50 Boys' Overcoats, C?ean-up at. .
$2.oo Boys Overcoats, Clean-up at.
One lot of Men's All Wool
Suits (Small Size) $10.00
and $12.50 values, to
Clean-up at
$10.00 Regular line of Overcoats, Clean-up at .. .$7.00
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One lot Mert'si$10.00 Overcoats, to close out at $5.00
$5.00 Men's Overcoats, Clean-up at . . . . . .$3.00
One lot Men's Overcoats, worth from $4.00 to $6.50 to
close out at. ... t . .... .$2.50
HIGH :5*WE&T 1
$5#oo "Regal" Sitoes to clean-up at..' . m . .$3.75
*4k'io MRegal" Shoes to Clean-up at. .. . .. . . .$3*50
$4.?0 "Regal" Shoes to Clean-iip at. .. ... .. .$3.2T
$3.50 Grade of Shoes to Clean-up at. ..,.t/SJIZ
$2.5o Grade of Shoes to Clean-up at.. ? . . . . .$2/K>
$2.00 Grade of Shoes tG Clean-up at. .$1.75
~~ SHIRTS ~~ ~~
$ 1.5o? Shirts, Cldan-up. ftt. , .. .. ... .
$1;00 Shirts, Clean rup at... . ... ...
$ .50 Shirts, Clean-up at.
. ..40c
$3.50 John B. S??lson stiff hats (new: stock)
.??.. ? ..
$3.oo Hats, Clean-up at.
$2.50 Hats, Clem-up at.
$2.uu riais, Clean ?ip at.
~" ~UNDERV^?iAR"
$ .25 Grade of Underwear. Clean-up at.
s .5o Grade of Underwear, Clean-up at.
$1.00 Grade of Underwear. Clean-up at
. . $2.00
. $1.75
i. sai
Up-To-Date Clothier
No Goods Charged
Several Weavers in Equinox Mili
Morning When Re?ucti
. Notice having been posted a week in
idvacce by the management ' of the
2q.tin.jx Mill that effective fcftmday
norning. January 25, the wages o? the
weavers would be reduced, a number
)f thc employ?es of that department
failed to report for work when the
nill started yesterday, morning. I.,
n th? dey,'lt was reported, sevrai
if the "striking" operators returned
o work.
Exaggerated and conflicting repoiu
vere Incireutatfon on the streets wita
efereece to the matter, some of the
eports having it that alt employees of
he mill had walked oct and tis plant ,
md reen shut down. Other reporta had
t that the entire force In the weave
mop had gone out and this department
if tb? mill was 'at Ki' standstill. In
?der that both sides to the. contr>
rensy might have the privilege-of stat; '
ng their side of the ?ar-*, statements
?ere gotten from. i*-*h ??* stanage-' .
neut of the mill r.nd a ad tho vperetors
?ho had dedin.d ?o return to their
Mr.' Robert E. Ligou. general maa? '
iger of the Equinox and Gluck mills,
luted that ? week ago notley -waa
josted that effective Monday. January
!5th, tho wages of the weavers would
?a reduced. *v?? simply had to cut
vages, sa? Mr, Lig?n, **t? the polet
?here they would be consistent with
hose paid by other mills and to the
KSnt wkera we could nteet cora pea
ton. The wage? paid the weavers were !
isorMiant and way above those paid
ry other mills. About so o? the weavv
we, ot w hem tnere aita ?bout SO, did
lot resort for work thia morning. Our
?rices for shis work are posted and
t thoa* operators who arc om wish
o work for tfsa* they can do *o> MrJ<
Afton declared that taatraMMUe&t ?.n*i
lightest iii feel?Mg between tho un->\
Did Not Go Work Yesterday
ion Becaune Effective.
thorltles and the employees who had*
not returned to work snd everything
that done was done with the best of
feeling;. V
Residents of tho Equinox mill Til
lage who were conversant with tho
facta of the case stated that th?s?
were about 104 weavers in the mill and
that ul/out 80 of these had not return-'
ed to work after notice of the reduc
tion in wages went into effect. These
104 persons operated 880 looms, and -
lt was stated, not more than US ot
the**! machines were m operation yes-*
terdsy. It wa? also reported that the .
cut ?n wages will average a reduction
of about $2 per week in the pay of an
operative. t>?i?W_.
Hoed rYftsa?a sf Starr leave* large
Family te.Vesrn Her Death.
Mrs. C. H. Jones, of Ivs, died at 5
o'clock cn the morning of January zi,
MeW'SB ipeis of a f?>v weeks. She
was the daughter of Mr. ami Mrs.
Thomas Han of I Va.
Mrs. Jone* is survived hy her hus- '
band. ?even tittle ehild-rn, her father,
her iovadid mother and ?oe sister, Mrs.
Arthur Crawford of Due West besides
a wide circle ->f friends and restive*, t
Th? funeral services were held the
following day, after wnicn interment
was ?nade at - Starr. The funeral ser
vices were conducted by *h? Rev. J.
L. Singleton. ?
Larpe Atiestan Contract. j
Seattle, Wash., jan, 22. _ Russian
Consul Dosjortttienahy announced td-1
day that bia government, had award-}
rd a fontrart for 15.000 railroad ears
te a jfeattJe firm. H# seid the order
Many people suffer rrom Indigestion
and constipation nod do not know lt.
A reeling ot dullneais and languid
neas, bitter Uste In the mouth, head
ache.' bilious fever-most ot those
conditions when you "are not sick,
but don't feet right"-can be tr.cetl
to aluggtah bowels and torpid livor.
Foley Cathartic Tablets cleanse tho
eyfetem, arouse the liver, banish ' in
digestion and make you "foci good all
over"-light, energetic and ambitieux.
Sold by Eva*? Pharmacy.
. BtecMey Bldg. Andersen, H. V.
. t'ltlsen* Nnttoaat Bsa* Hld?.
. BaUegb* N. C.
. ? . > . ? * . . v e . ... . * .
$6.75 $6,75
Hus floor h widely known and spe&kes for itself.
All 1 Dav? to say is that I am offering it for thc next 20
days for 50c per barrel less than what the mill wonts for it
I have 20 bsurreia that got thc least bit wet in supping,
which 1 of er at #30.26. Thia ls the biggest value in Andar
son. Mv store fe chock foll of other brands of ?oed floor
at the right price. It will pay you lo eeo me before boy?
mg. . ''W' .
Seven poonda of Good Parched Coffee for $1.00.
We pay cash for ?ny kind of peas.
W. A. Power
212 S. Main

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