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Remember thc prie
Get 'em at Tb
6 Save the 1
Had Numerous Cases to Pass
Upon Yesterday in Police
"7>7n rr
Tho following casos were disposed
of yesterday Iii Iths)recorder's court:
J. p. GambrlJJh drunk %'>.
Emma Brown?4>|t# larceny, charges
withdrawn. O \Z ? *
? Charlie Brlssoy. W. C. Pruitt, A. F.
Smith and D A- Turner, gambling on
dion. lt. A. Turner acquitted, others
lined $2? osch.
J. T. Gamardi, drunk, foi ""ued
bond of $10. <
J. T. Gumbrell, dangerous andj
recklers driving, bond of $10 forfeit-'
T. B. Wright, drunk, $5.
Tom Campboll, Earl Daniel and
Thursday, Feb. i8,0i
?H *|
? hto. Kiri . ? ? JrsV
lu audition to our regular
erdashery, etc.,, we are. offering i
.etc., et&V? Special* attention is
Thursday^ollar Day.
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herewith) we are making a Sj
for th is OrN ? DAY/ Thursday,
an overcoat
... > .r?i 'iii
Kid Gloves and Automobl
Att^eSr' ?nd Negligee Shii
5 pairs of 2Sc LisleJJose,
$7.50 Merj^ Suits, Clean-up at
$10.00 Men's'Suits, Clean-up at
$12.50 Men's Suits, Clean-up at
$15.00 Mei'jsLsuHs, Clean-up at
$16.50 Men's Suits, Clean-up at
$18.00 Men's Suits, Clean-up at
$20.00 Meyj*i^uits, Clean-up at
$22.50 MenjgrWits, Clean-up at
$25.00 Men's Suits, Clean-up at
'$2.00 Boys* Suits, Clean-up at .
$3.or "oys* Suits} C?ean-up at .
$3.50 Boys' Suits, Clean-up at .
$4.00 Boys* Suits, Clean-up at .
$5.00 Boys* Suits, Clean-up at ,
? 1 Drt,..' Ci.itc ria?n .m nt V
g. r . v. ?0\xy m iMiiimiiy wimn-wj' tu .
$10.00 Boys* Suits. Clean-up at
H?GK jHp?S M LO\
$S.0? "FrSgal' Shoes to Clean-t
$4.50 '<R$g?2=Sho?s.to- Clean-t
$4.00 '.'Regal" Shoes to aean-i
$3.50 Gsade of Shoes, to. Clean-)
$3.00* Grade or bfcoes tb'Clean-i
$2.50 Grade; ?f'Shoes to Clean-i
52.00 Gr?de of Shoes to Clsan-i
$1.50 Shirts, Clean-up at ..
$1.00 Shirts, Ofcart-up at ...
50c Shirts- Clean-up at . ..
47 prs. Men's $4.00
hoes for Thursday
nly at.$1.00
48 pairs Misses' and
:hildren's $2.00 Shoes
hurs'day's sale.$1.00
73 pr. Ladies' $2.00
nd $2.50 Shoes,
hursday . . .$1.00
es are reduced on all
ompson's and
Paul Gary, fighting, loud swearing and
disorderly conduct. Paul Gary fined
$10, others dismissed.
- Olar Gaillard and Robert Hender
son, disorderly conduct. $5 each.
Charley Broadwell, J. S. Gatos and
Gertrude Morrison,, disorderly con
duct. Esch fined S5. Fine of Ger
trude Morrison suspended provided
she left town within 24 hours.
Wilton Aiken, drunk $5. ,
Emma Meeking and Eddie Johnson,
fighting and disorderly conduct.
Charges against latter dismissed, for
mer fined $r>.
Boscy Smith, drunk, $5.
>. _
When costive or troubled with con
stipation take Chamberlain's Tablets.
They are easy to take and most agree
able in effect. Obtainable everywhere.
Dollar Day Thursday
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iers Special Bargains !
"Mid-Winter C?ean-Up ?aie" price
special values in quite a few items,
directed to our Dollar Reduction i
which we are now selling at groa
sedal Cut of ONE DOLLAR beta
, Dollar Day.. Take advantage of
le Gauntletts, regular $1.50 value:
rts, white and colors, regular $1.5
all colors for.
. ..$5.00
. . .$7.50
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. $11.00
. .$12.00
i .-$14.00
. .$18.00
. .$16.50
. .$17.00
ip al
H> at
ip at
ap at
jp at
jp at
. 85c
. 40c
$10.00 reguh
. Clean-up at
$12.5? regula
Clean-up at
$16\5o regula
Clean-up at
$ 5.00 Men's (
One lot Men's
close out at
One l?te Men's
$4.00 to $6.
Boys' O
Boys' C
Boys' O
Unn'c JJ
Men's Pa
Men's Pa
Men's Pa
Men's Pa
$3.50 John Bt
stock) Clean-uj
$3.00 Hats, C
$2.50 Hats, Cit
$2.00 Hats, Cit
25c Grade of I
Soc Grade of 1
$1.00 Grade ol
Bill Provide? Commissioners Shall
Each Give Bond in the Som
Ten Thousand Dollars
Judge J. 8. Fowler, who hag In tho
bill providing for the holding of an
election on the question of truing
$750,000 of bonds for the building ot
permanent roads in Anderson county
has hoon named chairman of the com
mission which will bave charge of
tho expending of the funds, yesterday
issued a call to the various comralt
I icemen to meet in his office on Thurs
day, February 18, at ll o'clock a. m.
The proposed members of the commis
sion are, besides Judge Fowler: P. R.
Earle, Henry Cely. J. M. Broyies. C.
E. Harper and J. Mack King.
The bill, which ls printed elsewhere
In The Intelligencer this morning,
provides that these commissioners
shall bold office for Ave years each;
that the chairman shall receive com
pensation in the amount of $1,000 a
year and that the other members of
the board shall receive $5 per day for
their services but for not moro than
100 days in any one year. The com
missioners shall each give bond In tho
t um of $10,000 for the faithful perfor
ms nccfof their duties.
Other proVlrlons of the measure aro
equally interesting, and a perusal of
I the entire bill will prove time well
spent for every voter in. the county.
Tn Bummer the work of eliminating
poisons and acids from the blood ls
helped by perspiration. In cold weath
er, with little out door work or exer
cise to csuse sweating, the kidneys
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ney Pills help overworked, weak and
diseased kidneys to filter and cast out
of tho blood thc waste matter that
?causes pains in sides or back, rheu
matism, lumbago, stiffness of Joints,
sore muscle? and other Ills resulting
from impr '.per. elimination.
Evans Pharmacy.
tor Thrifty Shoppers
s on Clothing, Shoes, and Hab
such as Gloves, Shirts, Hosiery,
on all Men's Overcoats for
! 1 J
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ft die prices names herewith
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5, at.$1.00
9 values at.$1.00
ir line of Overcoats,
r line of Overcoats,
... .$9.00
r line of Overcoats,
. ...$11.00
Overcoats, Clean-up at. . 3.00
$10.00 Overcoats, to
....... .$5.00
Overcoats, worth from
5o to close out at .... $2.50
vercoats, Clean-up at . .$3.00
.cercoats, Clean-up at . $2.50
vercoats, Clean-up at.. .$1.50
nts, Clean-up at.$3.00
nts, Clean-up at' ..$2.75
nts, Clean-up at .". . .$2.50
hts, Clean-up at..$2.00
Stetson stiff hats (new
i at..$2.75
lean-up at . . .$2.50
?an-up at.$2.00
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lerwear, Clean-up at .. .20c
tderwear, Clean-up at . . .40c
Underwear, Clean-up at. .65c
Thousands Will be in Attendance
Upon Fourth Bi-Annual Pres
byterian Session ?
aInt Ivo to tbs great gathering of
byterian lavmeu In Charlotte to
day, Dr. W. H; Fraser, pastor of the j
First Presbyterian church, has, at tho
roqucrt of Thc Intelligencer, propar- j
A the following article:
The great convention of P.*.?by- I
terian laymen which convenes today
at ll o'clock in Charlotte ls the ob
ject towards which thousands are
moving. The fourth bi-annual meet
ing of the Lavmen's Missionary Move
inent Convention ls attracting tho
greatest attention of any in the his
tory of thc movement. This ls one of
twin gatherings. All that portion of
tho Southern Presbyterian church east
of tho Mississippi river ls expected to'
be represented at thc Charlotte gath
ering this week. Next week In the
city of Dallas, Texas, a similar con
vention will be held for the trans-Mis
slsslppl portion of the church.
Tho feature of popularity that ls
especially new with the approaching
meeting ls that which lt holds with
the. great educational institutions of
the church. Formerly there has been
somewhat of an aloofness on the part
ot the more conservative institutions.
But in the case of the present con
vention there are to be hundreds of
students present at the urgent request
of the management of the institutions
of learning. For example Davidson
college will be present as a whole.
Union Theological Seminary, which is
the largest and oldest seminary of the
church, with a student body this year
of over one hundred, 1B to close its
doors, charter, a train, load up stu
dents and faculty,and go to Charlotte
for the entire time of the convention.
Columbia Seminary will do practically
the same thing. ' The Presbyterian
College of South Carolina will have
a strong delegation present. *
World conditions, missionary corni- i
ty. preparation for the work on the
part of those who offer themselves for
tho,service, methods of approach to
tho; conditions , which exist, historic
failures and present successes will be
put- directly before the attention of
tbose 'who attend the meeting.
At previous meetings of the con
vention great, stress luus been laid up
on prayer. At .thc Birmingham con
vention, for example,'there waa an un
broken continuity of prayer 1 rom the
time that the gav?l fell, calling the
Convention? to order until it foll for
the dir solution thereof, there being
not a moment night and day in which
there was not an audible appeal go
ing up to God for His Spirit's pres
ence and power. Ono of tbe mottoes
ot the movement is: "The one way
to get a thing dene lg to get Him tc
do it," Tho pr=ycr-caU has sounded
out to the' uttermost bounds of the
church.' "Tho unseen resources" are
being banked- upon aa are no othor,
Doubtlrsr there bas not been a family
altar within the bounds of the South
ern Presbyterian church where this
petition In behalf of the convention
aaa pot boen hoard during the hut
few wee ka. . Tho great hope of the
promoters of the convention ia for a
might:* expansion of Misi?n and the
deponing of spirituality which will be
got greater - missionary Interest . and
The Anderson delegation will leave
tho tinton passenger station this
raornnlng at 10:45 and will arrive in
Charlotte at 5:60 p. m., In. plenty of
time tor the evening program; Dr.
John R. Motto, who, bi the chairman of
tba World's Student Federation, will
hv the| principal ' speaker of the even
luts' in tho subject "The Message of
the Hour."
Thi following ls the list of delegates
who will go from Anderson:
Ft? st Presbyt?rien Church-J. C.
OlUoer."w;: C. Plant. W. J. Muldrow,
nr. J. B. Townsend. Dr. H. H. Harris,
James Ts Anderson, James L. Farmer,
J. J. Coker. J. 8. McFall. A. L. Tedd,
N. B. 8harpe. C. E> Tolly, E W. Brown
and Rev. W. H. F rarer.
Central Presbyterian Church-Rev.
D. W. Dodge. R. A. Mayfield. Dr. B. A.
Henry. T. Frank Watkins. C. E. Trlb
ble. Dr. M. A. Thompson, Henry Law
rence, Mesdames R. Av Mayfield and
Raymond Beaty.
A. R. P. Church-Rev, and Mrs. J.
M. Garrison, H. C. LOY*, and J. Irwin
First Baptist Church-Dr. and Mrs.
J.^F. Vines.
A. R. P. Chsr<*: Iva-Mr. Frank
McGee and W. T. A. Sherard.
It ts possible that one or two of
these will he delayed by providential
reasons. Dr. Vines bss a funeral tor
the morning hour hut will vary prob
ably go On a later train. Altogether
it is to be a seiend ld renreaantatlon.
and one of which Anderson should
feet very proud.^ ^ ^ ._
liss t'sed f hsmherlsta's Conga Be,
ssedy fer $0 Tears.
"Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy has
been nsed ta my household for the
past twenty year*. I began giving lt
to my children when they were small.
As a quick relief for croup, whooping
cough, and ordinary ?olds, lt has no
eqeat. Being free from . opium ead
other harmful drugs, I never felt
afraid to give lt to the children. I
have recommenced lt to a large num
ber ot friends and neighbors, who
have n*ed lt and spesk highly of it."
writes Mrs. Mary Minke. Shortsville,
N, Y. Obtainable everywhere.
Dollar Day Thursday
in Anderson. Be Here!
Was a Gallant Soldier Under Gen.
Wade Hampton Throughout
the Civil War
(Hy D. H. Russell >
"A soldier of tho legion lay dying
In Algiers." A soldier of thc Hamp
ton Legton has lain at his home hore
In this city .dying hy Inches for four
teen months and Monday morning at
5:80 o'clock thc end came and the
spirit of James H. Durdlnc patscd In
to tho great beyond.
James Hamilton Durdlnc was born
in Pickcns County on September IS,
1843 and hence was In his 72nd year. {
His parents died in his carly youth
and he was left to his own rc?ourees
to fight the battle of life and ho
fought !? well. Ho went to WilJaim
ston in h's youth ar.? worked in n
shop with his uncle, the late John Sit
ton where he remained till thc out
break of the war. When Carolina'*
sons were rallying to the call of their
fciother State he was among the first
to respond and onlisted In Co. H..
the Gist Rifle, In tho fan.jus Hamp
ton Legion. This... command was or
dered to Virginia carly in the.sum
mer of 1861 snd reached Manassas
Junction the night before the battle
of the 21st July, 1861, he made a
rapid march for the battlefield and
reached there In timo to play a con
spicuous part tn that battle, first en
countering the enemy at the Henry
house snd here they received their
baptism of fire, lt wss hefe while
busily lading and firing that Gen.
Hampton then the colonel of tho
regiment, stepped up to Mr. Burdlno
and asked to be allowed to fire his
gun and lt was Just after firing tho
gun that Hampton himself was slight
ly wounded in the face. HQ WSS as
brave and gallant a soldier as ever
faced tho enemy und went through
all the campaigns and battles that
tho Legion waa engaged in, always
ready for duty whenever called on,
winding up with tho terrible siege of
Petersburg and tts evacuation and tho
subcoquent march to the fateful fields
ot Appomattox, whore ho laid down
his arms and furled the dearly loved
battle flag of the Confederacy for
ever. Ho then made his way homo
and went to work to make good somo
it hts losses. Soon after reaching
home be was married to Miss Carrin
Wyatt, a daughtor of tho late Col.
Wyatt. She lived only a few years
and died without children. A few
vears later he married Miss Nettle
Hali, a daughter of the late Armistcad
Hall and a sister of Mr. Frank Hall
of this city. Seventeen years ago
ho moved to this city having purchas
ed n. part of the Frank Crayton prop
erty and bas lived hero over since, the
last few years in the old Ernest
Brown property oe 8ou!? Mc Du tac
street. His health began to lah
about two years ago and the dis
ease that had. fastened Itself upon him
became so violent that he waa' carried
to Johns Hopkins hbspltal In Baltl
liore for an operation, which was
r.-ot successful ana ho came homo
to. fight the battle with death, /.nd
he fought lt patiently and uncom
plainingly with th? same undaunted
heroism that he fought thc battles of
hts country. But in this case he
fought lt alone not feeling the touch
of the elbow of a comrade seeing the
steady advance of the enemy and
knowing what tho end would, be.
Not long after he came home from
tho war he Joined, the Baptist church
at Pisgah sad he lived up to his
profession over after. . Ko waa a faith
ful and loyal soldier of the Cross and
a few days before his death when
unable to articulate much In reply to
a question from his pastor as to
his eternal prospects, he said
"bright," and waved his hand heaven
( ward. A good man and Christain
citizen and a splendid old veteran
; has gjne and another inroad baa
been made In tho thin gray Une and
there ar? no recruits to fill up the
He ls survived by his widow and
five children, four girls and ono
son and they have the comforting as
surance that all' ls well with their
precious dead. He bas left to them
the priceless legacy of a good name.
* The funeral services will be held
Tuesday at ll o'clock a. m., at tho
home on South McDuflie street and
will be conducted by hie pastor, Rev.
I. F. Vines and the interment will be
at Sliver Brook cemetery. . The fol
lowing veterans will act . aa pall
bearers: W. T. W. Harrison, John
W. Tfccsscc. A. H. Osborne. W. W.
Russell. D. H."RusselF."jrp.~Reid. R
F. Wilson and Dr. R. F. Dlwer.
?. ? ?
Culeag* Aaterleaa* Bete? se Sullivan.
CHICAGO. FeMv.l5.-William Sul
livan, veteran catcher, was uncondit
ionally released today by tba Chicago
Americans. Manager Rowland said
that with tour other catchers Sal?
li van's services were unnecessary. It
ls understood Sullivan hS3 no position
in vtew.
Sullivan served 14 years as mem
ber of the White Sox. He waa man
ager in 180?.
[How Mr. Davis Got Rid af a Bad
"Some time ago I bad a very bad
cough" writes Lewis T. Davis, Black
water. Del. "Hy brother McCabe
?Davis gave lae a small bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. After
taking this I bought halt a dosen bot
ties of ll but only ?sed one of them as
the cough left me and I have not been
troubled since." Obtainable every
i where.
9 Lion Coila's.
3 Fifty Cent Neckties
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$1.5o and $1.25 Outing Paja
1 dozen Mercerized Handkercli
grade ... ...... . ....
??} -
$l.5o All Wool Underwear pe
$1.50 Caps .
I . BL.? ; C3i
Improvement KeeUag at Iva.
The Iva school improvement ass**
elation will meet next Friday, Febru
ary 19th, ajt ii:3.? o'clock at the school
building. Each teacher and patron ls
urged to be prescht. Prof. Coleman l\
will give'tho association's short talk, f
a high school girl will read a paper,
music will be fumlshcd^ind other in
teresting things will hSJrocn. Do not
misc tho meeting. '?Jp'
i lt you don't want lt today, you may
Just for E
These prices a
ONLY, and f
Feb. 18th only.
14 pousMsa best rice (8 l-3c. value
30 pounds Grits .....
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5 pounds Peaberry Coffee (25c, vsl
3 ona pouad cans White Rose Cot
5 pounds English Walnuts (25c. va
6 pounds Pecans (25c. value) ..
4 five pound Bags Graham Flour (
9 packages Self Rising Buckwheat
10 packages Pan Cake Flour (15c.<
i ll packages Oat Meal (10c. value)
J ; 24 8c. Packages Ferry's Gsrden 8?
t pounds Prunes.(lBc value) ... .
5 pounds Cal. Dry Peaches (15c. M
lt pounds Evaporated Apples (10c.
14 pounds Sun Dried Applies (8 1
10 cans French Lima Beans (i? 1-2
9 cans Early June Peas (12 l-2c. \
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8 cans White Rose Tunney Fish (!
8 cans Wesson Cooking Oil
5 dosen extra fancy Lemons (25c.
y Only
atcst thing in
T?r?.. $1.00
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liefs, 2 for 2 Sc
luola Hotel
next week. Bend this advertisement
?nd 5 cent? to FoH>y & Co., Chicago,
111., wrltng your nemo and addrosa
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Far Compound for coughs, cold?,
c oup and grippe; Foley Kidney
Pills, for week or disordered kldnoyi
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sluggish bowels end torpid liver,
rhese well known standard remedies
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tallar Day
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. ...$140
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?o..value). ... --??.?
?c, value). ... ... . .$1.00
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ue).ai aa
ue) .$140
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>c?ry C/O.

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