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Republicans Willing to Quit Fili
buster if Appropriation Bills
Ar? Taken Up
(By AMOCUUM) Frat?.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 17.-The
amended government ship bill, ru nh ed
through the house early today, failed
to gain any ground when lt roached
the senate and administration leaders
tonight were uncertain as to Its fate.
Bary In the day lt was discovered
that the amended bill had fulled to ?mt -
Iflfy recalcitrant Democrats or pro
gressive Republicans. Without sup
port of either ot tbese facUons Uie
bill could not be passed. Democratic
leaders realised nothing could be done
unlesB the measure could bc chang
ed In conference, but efforts to send it
to conference failed. Another attempt
will be made tomorrow, lt was said.
Tonight lt was reported that a pend
ing motion to take up the bill tomor
row might prevail, but Republican
leaders, lt was declared, would Insist
upon an understanding that other leg
islation should be considered beforo
they would cease opposition.
Chief Interest centered today in the
special senate committee's Inquiry In
to charges of outside Influences on the
ship purchase measure. Bernard N.
Baker, a Baltimore steamship mana
ger, told the committee ho had In
formed Secretary McAdoo that 60 per
cent, of foreign ships tied up in United
States' ports as a result of the war
were available for purchase because
unsuited for commercial purposes.
Mr. Baker also stated W. J. Sickel,
a Hamburg-American Line official,
had told him ho received! orders from
the German government not to sell
-any German vessels to the United
States. The committee summoned Mr.
SickeU who willi1 appear tomorrow.
Wallace Downey, a New York ship
builder, also waa summoned. ,
Aa to the ship purchase bill Itself,
Republican. leaders, InslsUng it is
dead, express willingness to quit the.'r
filibuster lt the senate will take up
.t?^Be??*h-? bMhi. A-isinistraiios
Democrats were aald^to he willing,to
Comes to Him
Who opens a Barings
account and addi to- lt
He la ta a position to
tame advantage ul cpi
portnniUes whew pre.
Bank of Anderson
Ike Strongest Baak ta
the Canty.
Ata! Ft Taree flinn Mrs. Vb.
eta* Was Ua&Me to Attecd to
Any of Ber Hoamrork.
Pleasent HO, N. C.-"! ?u?tred for
fers* Manners," write? Mrs. Walter
Vtaceat, or thia town, "and the third and
test tfano, ?to arr worst.
1 had circadfu! nervous headaches tad
prostration, and was scarcely able to
walk about. Could not do any ot my
1 also bad dreadful pata? Ia my back
ted akita and when on? of those weak,
staking spelts wooM esta* oa me, 1
?tadd hara ta gfr* np and Qt dows,
to&tt ft woro on*.
1 waa certainty bs ? dresdiu! state of
ba?h, ?bea 1 Heany decided to try
Qtf?st tt# woman's tonic, tad 1 firmly
ilo (lils ir the shipping bill fiig^iWI
be Bent H) conference, Xeg^^Vms
for ?in understanding were ul*Hsw:>>
tonight and may culmin?t.' vSa'tlic
senate meets tomorrow. ^|
Senators Norris, Kenyon and I^arol
lette, progressive Hepubllcuns, who
favored the senate hill, would not sup
port tho .Veeks-Oore measure cs lt
passed tue house becauB? they beliv
ed It to be too temporary in character.
Insurgent Democrats ? opposed the
measure because they thought its
character too permanent. Senator
Harwick sought to amend the motion
to send the bill to 'conference with
the instruction that it be mada, termi
nable two yeurs after the war. This
was defeated with progressive Repub
lican votes.
Despite the uncertainty of the sit
uation, senate and house leuders felt
confident there will be no extra ses
sion of congress and that the ship
purchano bill, if not sent \o confer
ence, would be displaced in tho s?n
ats by appropriation bills. The re
port persists that as many of the sup
ply measures that as can be passed
before March 4 will bo disposed of
and that joint resolutions continuing
existing appropriations for other de
partments will be adopted wherever
necessary. ,
Administration leaders held a long
conference late in the day and con
sidered several proposals to the Re
publicans for ending the filibuster by
sending the bill to conference. No
agreement was reached, however, and
the Democratic leaders Bought to hold
tho senato in seuslon for the night,
thinking this might bring about some
compromise. They wero unable to get
progressive Republicans to stand with
them and a motiaon to adjourn car
Mauy Cannon and Machine Guns
Captured by Germans in East
fBy AwoeUtMt Fraa.l
BERLIN. Via London, Feb. 17.
Pitty thousand prisoners and many
cannon and machine guns were cap
tured by the Germans when the Rus
sian tenth army waa* defeated in
Masurian Lake district, East Prussia,
according to a general headquarters
today. Its text follows:
In a nine days battle In the Masur
ian Lako district, tho Russian tenth
army, consisting of at least ll infan
try and several cavalry divisions not
only was driven out of strongly en
trenched positions east ct the Masur
ian Lakes plateau, but WM forced
back , across the frontier.
Utterly defeated at almost every
point, only the reniants of the army
managed to reach the woods east of
Suwalkl and Augustowo, where they
ure being pursued. Tho number of
prisoners taken has not been ascer- i
tatned, but certainly? exceeded 50.000.
More than 50 canno and 60 machine
guns besides an unknown quantity of ?
war material were captured.
Emperor William was present dur- (
lng the decisive fighting in the cen- ;
t3T of ou? liso. The victory waa won ?
by ventaran East Prussian troops as
sisted by other troops who were
young for such work, but proved .their
The achievements of these troops
under fearful weather conditions,
marching by day and night and fight
ing against such a stubborn enemy,
ire beyond all praise.
- Field Marshal von ?Hindenburg di
rected the operations with masterly
skill and he waa brilliantly assisted
.y General von Elchhorn von Bulow.
Begla Hearing on Ownership.
SAVANNAH, Qa., Feb. 17.-Inter
state Commerce Commissioner B. H.
Meyer today began hearing testimony
>n the petition of the Central of Geor
gia Railway and the Atlantic Coast
Line Railroad to continue ownership
>f the Ocean Steamship Company and
he Peninsula and Occidental Steam
ship Company, respectively. Under
the provisions of the Panama Canal
ict unless the interstate commerce
commission'sanctions auch ownership,
the railroads must dispose ot the
ilvamship lines.
Dollar Day TODAY in
\nder*on. Be here!
euere I would have died ll 1 hadn't
Alter I besan taking Cardui. 1 waa
really helped, and ail three bottles re
ieved me entirely.
i ?a?cHcd up, and grew so much
traeger ia three months, I felt like aa?
ther person altogether."
Cardui ia purely vegetable and gentle
cttog. Ita ingredients have a mild, tonic
licet, oo the, womanly constitution.
Cardal makes for Increased strength,
inproves fha appetite, tones up the nets
?us system, sad helps io make pale,
allow cheeks, fresh and rosy.
Cardui has helped more than a mink?
seak women, during thc past SO years*
t will surely do for you, what lt has
lone for them. Try Cardui today.
WWI* te Chatumca Mtgdt* Co* U4f?* Af
rtforyDo*-. Ch?(Unoe??. T*??.. ter t?tstcinl lrv
ie MWMI o? yoof CSM SSS S4-B<SS BVMfc, lt>jsM
fwawwn tm w****." tm ta tJmtm saatsw. *?
* _
* Items off Interest ?nd Person.
* Wireless on the Si
************* *:
Night School Han
Larg?. AI tendance.
The Glenn street night school has
opened up with u larjse attendance,
the enrollment on thc opening night
being something like 76, lt is expect
ed that the number uf attendants will
roach 125 before the school hus been
In session many days longer. The
classes arc in charge of MrB. Lottie
EstoB. principal of tbs Glenn street
school, who has some three or four
assistants. The night school is con
ducted for the benefit of employees
of the cotton mills who work during
the duy und do not have un opportun
ity jf attending the duy school.
JUN. N. Pearroun Was
Stricke 1 ut Office.
Clerk of Court James N. Pearman
became quite 111 at his oflice in the
court house at 11:45 o'clock yesterday
morning, ile lias been suffering for
some days with a rather severe case
of tonsilitis, aud Tuesday he com
plained of pains about his uppendix.
he having suffered previously several
attucks of appendices. Yesterday
morning, tho'ugh feeling very badly,
he returned pa bia desk, hut was un
able to discharge his usual duties. He
was sitting by the fire when he was
seized with a fainting attack. Assis
tant? in the office hastily summoned
medical assistance, and in a few min
utes ho had been revived. Mr. Pear
man was later removed to his home,
and from last reports he was resting
tiwi Drug Stur,.
Being Improved.
The Owl Drug Co.. A. Glenn Evaim
manager, is having its quarters, at
the corner of North Main and Earle
streets. Improved by painting the in
terior of the building. The painting
1B being done by thc C. M. Guest Paint
company. When completed, tho store
will be ohc of thc most attractive in
thc city. A number of business bouses
about the city are being improved just
now by means of the painter's brush,
and, to say the least, they are attrac
tive In their new spring dresses.
No Session Of
Recorder's Court,
For the first time In several days,
there was no session of the recorder's
court yesterday. Monday the docket
showed quite a lengthy string of
cases. Tuesday there were but two
cases, but they were of such nature
that they netted' the city substantial
fines. . Indications up to a late hour
last night were there would be a
dearth of cases again today in re
corder's court.
W. D. Sf?Lesa Leases
McConnell Bangalow.
Mr. W. D. McLean, ot the Realty
Trust company, has leased tho hand
some bungalow of Mr. George Mc
Connell, on West Franklin street, and
be and Mrs. McLean will take posses
sion of lt March 1. Mr. and Mrs.
C. Frank Reed, who have boen oc
cupying the- bungalow, will take a
souse on Sast Orr street
Touring Car vr?s
Damaged Ly Fire.
The 7-passengor touring car ct Mr.
lohn Tate waa badly damaged by fire
In the yard of bis home on West TThlt
ner street yesterday afternoon about
t o'clock. Mr. Tate had rolled the
sar out of the garage and waa In the
ict of craklng lt when lt "hack fired."
\lmost instantly the car was wrapped
In li?mes, from the front seat hack.
\t first Mr. Tate attempted -to ex
tinguish the fire with a garden hose,
mt, seeing that this waa of little ser
rice telephoned for the automobile
ire hose wagon, which responded to
tho scene and quickly checked the
lames. The car waa valued at about
12,000. and was Insured with the Citi
zens Insurance agency,
nias Oarllogtea's '
Program This Week.
Miss Maggie M. Carlington, super
visor of rural schools tor this county,'
visited the school at the Honea Path
nill yesterday. Today she will visit
ho school at. Pendleton, and from
hero will go into the country, visit
ng the Fairview school on Friday.
hi Saturday ahe will be in her office
id joining the quarters o? the county
superintendent of education, In the
,'ounty court house.
o- ' ?
! Heh way Commission
WAI Meet Today.
The Anderson County highway
?ommlsslon will meet this mroning at
ll o'clock In the office of Chairman
I. S. Fowler. The other members ot
he commission are: P. R. Barle,
le n ry Ccly, J. M. Broyles, C. E. Har
rcr and J. Mack King. Aa generally
mown, thia ls the commission which
a to have charge oT the proposed bond
sane of $7f>0,000 for improving the
ilghways ot Andorra County, iae
flection cn the bond issue wHI he
told on March 30.' ,
ditton Ramslas
At Eight Cents.
There was no change yesterday In
he price of coll oh on the local m?r
tet; the staple remaining at 8 cents.
There were few balea offered for sale
m the streets and buyers were not
usbed at any time during the day.
Those who have the staple seem to be
inwitUog to turn lt loose at present
-o- /
ira. Amanda Ailee
Ia Very UL
Mrs. Amanda Allen, one of the old;
tat residents ot the commun Ii/, Is
lotte Ul at the r?sidence of Mr. Ban
Mien, some two miles below tho city,
dre. Allen is tue oldest sister sf Capt.
t*. K. McCully, Sr.. of this. city, aa
veil as nts only living sister, fine
isa numerous .relatives la the eily
sad county, who are very anxious
iver her condition. Mrs. Allen is over
10 years of age.
V* ^ *1F V & V ^r* V IF ^ v ^ I
_, *
? Mention Caught Over tim *
?reeta of Anderson *
Anderson To
Be Adertised.
Editor Leake Caraway of the South
ern Public Utilities company maga
zine, published In karlotte, was a visi
tor In the city yesterday. Mr. Carra
way was here for tbs purpose of mak
ing arrangements for publishing a
page of data concerning the city of
Anderson in the March issue of the
magazine. The copy is to be prepared
by the chamber of commerce sec
retary, Porter A. Whaley, and will be
free so far as costing anyone here
Fine Weather
Is Enjoyable.
Yesterday's splendid weather was
responsible for more good feeling on
'Ahe part of humanity in general than
.anything that hm come io pass in
many moons, fl cloudless sky and
gust enough cofliess in the atmos
phere to make thc day crisp and dry
did much towo-'.^ banishing the blues
that were brought on by the Inclement
weather of the day before and Mon
day. Some ventured the belief that
Jupiter 'PluviuB was thoughtful
enough to give Anderson a good duck
ing and stir up the mud again on the
day the petitions for the calling of an
election on the bond issue for pav
ing were in circulation.
More Names Being
Added to Petition.
Though a sufficient number of sig
natures of freeholders were placed on
the petitions calling for a bond elec
tion for pavinsTu insure its being or
dered by clty~<ouncIl, committeemen
continued yesterday to add to their
lists of names. While this ls not nec
essary, lt ia desired to give every
property owner in tho city an oppor
tunity of signing the petition and to
make lt as strong as possible when
it is presented to city council.
Dr. narper Goes
For An Operation.
Dr. W. O. Harper, son of Mr. Geo.
M. Harper of this city, who makes hts
homo at Abbeville, has gone to Phil
adelphia, where he will enter a hospi
tal for an operation for gall stones.
Ho wah accompanied by Mrs. Har
per. Dr. Harper has been quite Ul
for several weeks, and recently was]
In tho locaLAho8pital tor treatment
He has numefous friends in Anderson
who wish for him a speedy return to
good health.
Small Wreck
On Blue Bridge.
The derailment of a car box on the
early morning freight coming from
Belton to Anderson yesterday, scon
after if left the former place, did
alight damage to the track. Three
rails were torn loose from the fast
enings and turned over, blocking-the
lino for about 30 minutes. The cause
bf the accident could not bc ascertain
George XeGejtata ,
Will Leave Soon.
Mr. George McConnell .of the pitch
ing staff nt the Chicago Cubs, bas
been instructed to Join hts team for
spring practice at Tampa, Fla., on or
about March 1. Mr. McConnell ex
pect to leave Anderson about Feb
ruary 27.
""0 '?
Put Strychnine
Tablets ta Sugar. . .
Mr. John Harris Burns and Magia
trate Sttton of Pendleton came to
Anderson Tuesday to confer with Pro
bate Judge Nicholson relative to hav
ing a negro boy committeed to the
State reformatory hecstase he had ad
mitted attempting to poison Mr. and
Mrs. Burns by placing strychnine tab
leta in the sugar dish which they use
on their table. While in the act of
putting sugar in his coffee Mr. Burns
discovered the tablets. Mrs. Burns,
who had been a trained nurse, had
the tableta among other medicine
which she kept in the house. Inves
tigating the matter, the negro boy ad
mitted .readily that he had put the
tableta In the auger with the intention
of poisoning Mr. and Mrs. Burns. ' It
ia thought that the servant commit
ted this destardly act in a spirit ot
revenge. Mr. Burns having thrashed
him some days ago for stealing. As
the probate judge-is without power
to commit anyone to the reformatory,
the .gentlemen, conferred with Judgo
Prince, who advised them to flog the
boy and return him to hia mother
It ia understood that Judge Prince's
advice will be foleo wed.
Cant. Ranter
Is Reelected.
Friends of Capt R. J. Ramer will
be pleased to learn that he has been
reelected president of the State Bot
tlers aBSO?$?|ion, which met in Co
lumbia this ?reek in annual session.
SI sterlet Mr..
Means Is Dec?.
Friends of Mr. A. G. Means, still
sympathise with him lu bia bereave
ment over the death of his youngest
aister, Mrs. Bessie HelnUsh, wife of
Dr. Marry Heintieh, of Spartanburg,
which occurred at 7 o'clock Tuesday
night. She became Ul during Tuesday
forenoon and Mr. Means received a
message that her condition was re
garded as serious. He left Anderson
on the 4:45 o'clock interurban car
and arrived at Spartanburg at 7:4P
o'clock. 40 minutes after Mrs. Hain'
tish's death. She is survived by her
husband and two sons, George and
Harry, Jr. She bad often visited in
Andereon. sud was greatly admired
by a wide circle ot friends here.
Dr. Campbell Is
Enlarging Bt?tae**t
It was announced yesterday that
Dr. M. ft Campbell, optlmetrist. had
purchased the planta and business
Dr. w, a. Barbare and the w
Standard Remedy
For Many Homes
Indigestion and constipation are
two conditions closely related and
tile cause ot much physical suffer
ing. s
The tendency to indulge one's
appetite is general, so that most
people Buffer at some time or
another from rebellion of the
overtaxed organs of digestion and
eliminaton. A simple, pleasantly
effective remedy that will quickly
relic 'e the congestion of poisonous
waste and restore regularity, is
the combination of simple laxative
herbs with pepsin, sold In drug
stores under the name of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Tnis is
a mild, pleasant laxativo-tonic
and digestant, absolutely free from
opiates or narcotic drugs and has
been the standard household re
medy in countless homes for
many years. A free trial bottle
can be obtained by writing to Dr.
W. B. Caldwell. 452 Washington
St., Monticello, Ills._
Optical company, at Greenwood, and
will establish an up-to-date optical
parlor, which will be in charge of
Dr. Joel P. Burnett of Greenwood.
School Improvement Association.
The school improvement associa
tion of White Plains school is to give
an entertainment of music, dialogues,
etc., February 19, Friday night-.
The public is cordially invited.
Admission feo for children 15c,
adults 20c.
We desire through your eclnmns to
express our sincere thanks to our
many friends and- neighbor? for the
assistance and many kindnesses
rhown us during the recent illness
and death of our dear mother, and
beautiful flora I offerings.
In behalf of all her children.
Give ''Candy Cathartic" for a bad
cold, sour stomach,
Get a 10-ccnt box now.
Most of the ills of childhood are
caused by a sour, disordered stomach,
sluggish liver and. constipated bowels.
They catch cold easily, become cross,
listless, irritable, feverish, restless,
tongue coated, don't eat or sleep well
and need a gentle cleansing of the
bowels-but don't try to force a naus
eating dose of oil into the little one's
alrendy "Sick stomach- -ft is cruel,
needless and old-fashioned.
Any child will gladly take Cascarete
Candy Cathartic which net gently
never gripe o!r produce tho slightest
uneasiness-though cleanse tho little
one's system, sweeten the stomach
md put tho liver and bowels in a pure,
healthy condition. '
Full directions for children * and
grown-ups in each package.
Mothers can fest easy after giving
this gentle, thorough laxative which
:osts only iO cents a box at any drug
?Vhen costive or .troubled with con
stipation take Chamberlain's Tablets,
moy.are easy to take and most agree
able in effect. Obtalnablo everywhere.
Building Will be Open at And
After 9 O'Clock-AH Are
~ Welcome
This evening after 9 o'clock The In
tellgencer will bo "at home" to the
general public, and each and every
one is cordially invited to visit this
paper's new home and make an in
spection of the plant and learn some
thing of ihe manner In which a dally
newspaper is produced.
The Joint reception of the directors
of the Anderson Development Com
pany and the Bleich Amusement Com
pany, owners and lessees, respective
ly, of "The Anderson" theatre will be
held this evening also, and those visit
ing tho new playhouse will find it
convenient to call on Tho Intelligen
cer after the exercises at the theatre
have been concluded.
Visitors to ?lie home of Anderson's
morning paper will find much that
will Interest and instruct them. Some
cno will ho or hand to show the guests
through the plant and explain to thom
the workings of the various depart
ments. Those visiting the building
this evening will have an opportunity
of observing the press in operation, a
sight which they could not behold at
any other time, unless they were here
at the usual press hour, which is
along about time the cocks begin to
crow for day.
Among the things of interest which
visitors will observe is the manner in
which The Intelligencer receives Its
Associated Press news. 1 Being the
only paper in the county that receives
the full leased wire service . of this
greatest of all news gathering organi
zations, this feature will be distinc
tive. Visitors will also see the won
derful type setting machine, without
which n modern daily newspaper
would be all but an impossibility.
They will be shown how the type is
assembled, after It is Bet by these ma
chined, and prepared for placing on
the press. They will see the press
which takes the raw paper from a
hugo roll several feet long and weigh
ing over a half ton, prints the news
paper, folds lt, cuts it off from the
web, counts it and delivers it to thc
carriers ready for J*amadtat? distribu
Th? Intelligencer office will be open
to the public at and after 9 o'clock,'
and every one will be cordially wel
Also Crop Share Rentals Are In
cluded in Tax Retorna of Inf
come for Year Sold
"WASHINGTON, Fob. 16.-Income
from farm products ar. 1 crop share
rentals must be Included in tax re
turns of income for the year in which
they are sold for money' or a money
equivalent, according to a decision
made public today by Commissions
of Internal Revenue Osborn.
W.'j*n farm products are held for
favorable products. the decision
says, no deduction on account of
shrinkage in weight or physical value
or losses by detleration will be allow
ed. Cost of rtock purchased for re
sale is an . allowable deduction, but
that of stock for ' breeding purposes
is regarded. as capital luvested and
not ah an allowable deduction, ex
cept when such stock dies ot dlseaso
or is destroyed without preparation by
order ef State or federal authorities.
Cost of tools may bo deducted, but
not that of farm machinery.
"'A reasonable allowance for de
preciation," will be allowed on farm
buildings, other than tho owners
dwellicg, on farm machinery and oth
er physical property.
A person cultivating or operating i
a,farm for recreation or .pleasure dn_J
n basis other than the recognized j
principle* of commercial farming, th?
result of which Is a continual'loss
from year to year," the decision adds,
"ls not regarded as a farmer. In such
cases, if the expense occurred in con
nection with the tarni are in exeesa
of the receipts.therefrom, the entlro
receipts from sale or products may be
ignored la rendering a return of in
come; and the expensen incurred be
ing regarded an personal expenses aili
nut tr?iai?iut? allocable ded seders, is
tho return of ia co ina derived from
other sources."
Be a Prince today, and
tomorrow night take
your wife to see "A
Prince of Tonight." Good
seat* $2.50 each.
? ?
Kiss Your Coal Stove
Goodbye !
The gas stove has the
coal stove beaten a mil
lion ways.
tlo wood to chop, no coal to car
ry, no ashes to take up, carry
out, and sift, leaving a trail of
dirt and dust from the stove all
the way out to the ash pjt.
No fire to coax arid cod
dle. No excess heat. No*
Gas is a guarantee of the right
kind of a lire instantly for any
purpose whatever; and it's more
economical, too.
Anderson Gas . Co.
JUD^ for one day (Dollar Day)
Watches left with us will be cleaned
as thoroughly as it you bad paid the
regular price of 1.50 at.t . .$140
Choice of any of the following listed
articles Dollar Day
Tie Clasps
Stick Pins
Bar Pins
Alarm Clocks
Ingersoll Clocks
Cut . G las H Tumblers
Cuff Button!)
* Baby Ringa
Baby Lockets
I am ?the man , to Hz'yod?"teeth
so you nan eat the pie that ? pst;
In the Piedmont Belt.
? make plates at $6.50
I maka gold crowns at$4.00
Silver rulings, 50c and ip.
Gold rulings $1.00 and up
Painless Extracting 40?.
I malte a* specialty of treating
Pyorrhea, Alveblaria of the gums
and all crown an-I brldgo work
and regulating mal form ?Jd teeth.
AU work guaranteed first-class.
S. G. ?: B R U C E
' 1- !
Somethiug For Nothing
it/'tl v. ,
Youngs Island, a C., NOT, S3. Ult,
To gat started with you wa as?**
rou the following offer. Bend cs %lXf
tor 1,000 Frost Proof Cabbage Plants*
rrown In the open air and will stan?
freeling, grown from the Celebrate*
Seed of Bolglna & Bon and ThorbcjB
k Ca, and I wUl send you 1,000 C?b
lage Plants additional FREE, nnd yow
san repeat the order aa many times
is you Ilka. I will give you special
Drices on Potato Seed and Potats)
Plants later. We want tba accounts
?f close buyers, large and small. We
taa supply alt
Atlantic Coas*
Dt>!!^ Dajr- TODAY in
\nderson. Be here!

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