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VOLUME 1, NUMBER 342. rTeeUy, E.tabUshed i860; D?fljr, Janis, ?1?. ANDERSON, S. C, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 1, 1914. $5.00 PER ANNUM PRICE FIVE CENTS
-- ;
feierest m the Sufcrnarme War
fare tn British Waters is
S?I1 tense
Mle til? vast arteles, of Germany
g||u'ss1? er? resting or , lighting |
. io hold what they .have Jip
lned In Poland, and atong the Hast
frontier, prepara',
general offensive operations,
iles In the West have not wen
'The latest official statement is
by the French war office ?es
un Important aueceas. for .Rite!
in tho neigbhorhOii of Les:
;os, where two German .;
Jheir p?sitioh?lost
sir itreng?'. or
?rman dead were ioi?Tw^lWMti. by
section of the line o
thc French.
The statement also speaks of spirit
ed artillery engagements from the
Ly? to the Aisne which the French
claim have been all In their favor.
The naval blockade by French .nnd
British warships of Gorman East.
Africa is enounced to begin Feb
ruary 28. t
A German newspaper 'estimates that
Qermany und Austria now have 1.035.
000 War prisoners, about 75 per cent
of whom are held by Gormany.*
(By Araoriaterl I'rrra.)
LONDON, Feb. 24.--The German
cubmarine blockade ot the Uritiah
Isles has been in effect one week.
The result, so fur as .ts: known, is
that t\v.? Norwegtun, one French and
live Uritiah steamers have hr*? eunk
or torpedoed hy submarines, with tho]
?i?i?risinc!y small ?ees of four>itvcs.
Two of tho steamers re?ohed .port.
On the other-ride o? the* account !
two Gorman submarines ure reported
missing und a third hit and possibly
Hunk by a French destroyer.
Beatdea the vessels which foll vic
tims to the submarines, two Ameri
can and one Norwegian steamers have
been sunk by minos nenr..t][lfivGer'man
coast and the Swedish steamer Spccia
and one or two British .steamers are
overdue and it is fenred they' have
been lost.
Nearly all the steamers torpedoed
by submarines were small and slow
VC38O1B and at least three were caught
while at anchor or while barely un
der way. Thia fact, with the failure
ot a submarine to hit a fast cross-:
channel steamer at which it fired a
torpedo, apparently proves lo the sat
isfaction of British naval writers that I
steamers with moderate speed, which j
observe obvious precautions, can es
cape .the under-water craft, and such
vessels ar ? continuing to cross the
The blockade, however, has incr?as- I
cd insurance rates and some neutral
owners are keeping their snips in
neutral waters.
With such conditions obtaining the
public In England and In neutral!
countries aro curious as to the latest
proposal of the Arrarlcan government
to Great Britain and Germany con
cerning thc blockade and also as to
what reprisait, the allies will make to]
tho blockade.
In addition to tho loss of the mer
-.. -~^,^~^-^-^r*.-^
(By AamieUd ?im)
\Y,VHINQTON, Feb. 21.-Praise for
tho "simple E?r?igB????w?r3*? pw??f*a
of the Southern mountains, nnd cri
ticism ot the "airs that high society
given itself" were vol? e l by l>rcsident
Wilson here tonight nt a meeting held
In tho Interest ot Bore* Collegs. Ken
tucky, founded to educate the moun
taineers. The president 'declared ?he
college wa? "going straight to the
heart of one of tho most If-.teresting
problems of American lifo," nnd pdded
that "the only thins that is worth
while tn human Intercourse U to wake
roroebody up."
JuBtioi-Hug hes, ut tho supreme
court, presided nt th<? meeting, and
ot?cr npeakers .jrero President Frost,
Of : Borea , College; F. G. * Bouser. of
Columbi;* I'niveMlty, and Hamilton Y.
Mabie, of tho Outlook magsxiue. They
all said thal there wsro throe million
people ta tho mountains of th*> South
who neort only education to mak<
them of.iinmep.se beiv?;;t..\n the nation
Speaking ot the f*>Bege; the pres!
I --
Expresses Wish That a
Way May be'Found to Pas? Bul
Before Adjournment
tTHr A unod at wi fmn)
??^PBKrrON. Feb. .24.-Senate
Deniocrafi? leader? conceded tonight .
that theits^was little hope tor any ,
legislation except ' the big supply
mi ai uros Wiora adjournment of con-. ,
grease weah from tomorrow, and that- ?
there was no prospect of passing the \
rivers and harbors bili in its present
form. It 'la&iow generally expected i
that there tiffi} be substituted for this
bill a Join i .ion appropriating
a^r^,rot^^^?u^*000d?coi;,tmue i
fp^luW^ev^alofthe effort to pass i
the ship purchase bill, now in con- r
terence. The president reiterated to d
the senators his oft-expreBsed wish
tbat a way might he found to pass thc (
measure before adjournment. Tbe .
senators said they were anxious that f
a report could be agreed upon, but t
made lt plain that they doubted that t
Republican opposition could be over
come. Republican leaders insisted t
that they never would permit the t
measure to come to a vots In my
form. r
The senate today passed th* post- 1
office apnropriatit.il bill virtually as
lt .pasaed thc house, carrying a total C
of approximately $:?2:i.000,0')0. A re- t
commeudntlon of Ute senate commit^ <
tee that the house provision fixing 7
the salary of rural mall' carriers on
standard routes at'si.SO? a year ht?
r.trlcken out was overruled In the j?n
ate by a vote of G2 to to, adding $2,
700,000 to the hill as reported from i
the committee. i
Increases in the house diplomn vic -,
and consular bill recommended by thc \
senate committee Include thc addi- i
lion of $50,000 to p?y the expee^j of t
tho forthcoming conferonce of South I
and Central American financial om- <
dals with those of the United States. {
Provision 1s made for a $10.000 ap- i
p vopr lotion for the International Med
ical Conference in San Francisco, and i
the house provision of $25,000 for tho J
city of Panama exposition ls increas
ed to $75,000.
Tho senate - committee also inserted
a provision authorizing the president
to take necessary steps to secure from
the Cuban government roiniburscment
of $6,600.000 expended for the army of
pacification in 1907-'0?.
Until a late; hour tonight the senate
kept at work on" the agricultura!
bil?, several disputed items went
over for discussion tomorrow, includ
ing an appropriation ot $400.000 for
distribution Jot seed,' cllmlnr.ted by the
senate committee. '
German Steamer Captured.
MONTEVIDEO, Feb, 24.-The Ger
man steamer Ootha, loaded with pro
visions for the German auxiliary
cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm, haB been
captured by a British cruiser and tak
en to the Falkland Islands, accord
ing to reliable advices,
ni iumi i?imir"'-w^*~,'^'"s *-"
'eople of
ti Mountains
basis not of birth, hu*, of mein"
"What America has vindicated
ahnvn nil thlnra else," Haid tho'presl
dent. "|s that native ability han uoth
lng tb do with social ortg'n. It is
amusing sometime.! to soe tho airi
that high socloty gives Itself. The
world could dispense with high so
ciety and never miss it. High sock ty
t.* for those who have stopped wora
Hig and no longer have anything Im
portant to do.
"Those who can open up the great
I origina of power are those who feed
? 11r? nation;-and when one thinks of
[that bid stock in storage there lu thc
mountain* for more than n hundred
I-yeera until tapped,.n^mo of the origi
nal stpff of the nation, val tina to be
n?" to-bid godapowl to
these me? wh?h are going th*r* fend
using thia old capital that has not
even been put ont at Interest, that
has been, as it wera, kept In a chim
ney-piece until, we ?hall go to it and
use it and find that- usury fr/.m lt
Was that sr.tne usury of freedom and
of power and of capacity which baa
been so characteristic of Amer!
from the first 1
..I do not see ho? anybody c
think of Borea and
ig fire," .
Wreckage Supposed dto be Por
tion? of Ship Has Been
(Dy AxMdsted PrcM.*,
LONDON. Feb. 24,-(5:25 p. ni.)
The cfflciul Information bureau an
nounced this atterooon that the
Dian .MacNaughton. an armed mer
chant cruiser, ie. missing. Tue vessel
was. last heard from February 3 and
t ia feared sb? has been,loot.
The text of the bureau's announce
nent follows ; .
'"Tho secretary of the admiralty re
treta to announce that H. M. S
uacNaughton, on armed
srulser. Commander arJal,
oi lias been lost.
"An unsuccessful search has been
nade and wreckage supposed to be
>crtlons ot this -hip has since be?n
"The last signal received from the
/lan MacXaughton was made in the
arly morning of Februury 3 and it is
eared that she was lost during the
?ad weather wh!ch prevailed at that
Two hundred and eighty men lost
heir lives when the Clan MacNaugh
on went down.
Among tb? crew of the Clan Mac
inughton were 20 men of the New
oundland Royal. Naval Reserve.
Twenty officers and 260 men were
?n board the warship. The cominan -
ler nnd the principal officers bolong
g?tft4Mt BPDI? r*-wUsaM?*ot*or?> ttt\
Tie li oyal Naval roBorve.
Iuvr*tlga1lt?g Bribery Charges.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 24.-?An
nvesligation of charges that s6me|
nembcrs of the Arkansas senate had
iccepted brlbcB to support a bill]
vhloh would permit betting on horse
'aces, under tho parti-mutual . sys-.|
era was ordered today' by the senate.
Senator Toter, who made the charges]
m the Door, of the senate, asserted
hat he had information that several!
lenators had received $10,000 each.
Efforts to Lessen
Insurance Rates!
Forest Prottct* Association Start]
Campaign for Lower Rates
on Frame Structures
(Dy ?Mod?Ud Pre?.)
CHICAGO. Feb. 2.4.-The forest pro
lucts association comprising lumber
men throughout the cduntry started
? campaign here'today to lessen ln
jure' c0 rates on frame structures and
LO increase the uBe of forest products.
A committee reported that lumber
men taco keon competition from man
ufacturers or. fireproof materials for
building, and recommended action
tocking a consthutional amendment
placing insurance of an interstate na
ture 4 ncharge of the federal govern
ment "that fire rates may bo fixed in
telligently and suitably."
A report on fire causes and pre
vention declared that a wooden build
ing with sprinklers was' safer than a
building ot fireproof construction not
so protected, because the bulk or fire
losses IA' America was due to burning
of the contents of the buildings.
Six Men Held in Connection With
Assassination of Banker
Turned Loose
(Ry Alol Tttm.1
LEESKURO, Go., Feb. 24.-The six I
men held In connection with the kill
ing here of A. D. Oliver, a banker,
were .released today. At the some
tinte; Ike Carter, a begro, w?%?r*|
rested on .-...??clon of having boen
implicated In tho ?hooting.
Roy Block, Roy Jones and J. C.
Webb, all of Sumter <*3or.ty, were dis
charged at tho opening ot a prelimi
nary hearing before Superior Judgd
Harper, of Americas. Solicitor Wil
liams told Hie court there was no evi
dence W connect them with Gie case.
t;. W. Chance, hlo ?on. Claude
Chanos, and Minier Kennedy, all of
Smithville, Ga., were released tonight
after an all day hearlnc Witnesses
a ?he men were in Smilh
at tba time ot Ute killing.
Property Owners inj
Forced to P?y
Dollars or Go
TOy Associated
lion of millions of do
tuxes on business ho
erty owners in Mex!
eral .Oh re gnu. the (
mander, was reported
partment today, Dndei
decree, payments mnsf
fore Friday evening o
prisonraent and conn
The tax amounts' to
one per cent, on ail
concerns, stock com. .
holders and individual
th? federal district,
iee ere subject to tho
amount of capital ?nv
Private tax payers m
ditlonal amount Qp th
third their anniuj p
ihal City
of special
and prop- j
Hy by Gen
iza con?
state do
le general's
made he
llo of im
?n of prop
?' -foun li of
, business
graters in
tn cotnpan
t on tbej
in thej
pay an ad
sis of one
Warden of Sing Smrffrison Says
ArjeJknjL?Celb Un
fit for Cows and Pigs
(By Anortatcct Vnmii
ALBANY. N. Y., Febj 24--Sing
Slug prison inmates aro kept in cells
unlit for cows and pigs. Thomas Mott
Osborne, wanlen of the ^institution,
told a Joint committee of'tho legls'.s
t'ire today. Ile appeared to plead for
the abandonment of Sing Bing, except
perhaps as a place of. temporary con
finement, and the erection of a farm'
cottage prison.
''There are now 300 mem doubled up 1
in cells where the dampness can of- ?
ten be scraped off the watts with thc. '
hands," Osborne said. "Ye)u-wouldn't
put a cow, a "pig or any animal where
you are keeping men,". .
F ur (?nt* Fighting Has Been Bene wed
at Severa! Points.
(By Associated Pr??.) %-.\
VENICE, Feb. 24 (via London, 8:15
p. m.).-Dispatches , from Austrian
headquarter, in the Carpathians, pub
lished . In Vienna and* telegraphed
here, state furious fighting has been
renewed at several" points. The Rus
dens made particularly violent at
tacks .near the Uxsok Pass, with a .
considerable measure ot success.
East of the Utsnk Pass the Rus- |
Binns aro conducting a most vigorous
defense.- |
The Vienna dispatches s?y that al
though the Russians have brought up
reinforcements, the struggle appenrs
to bo turning In iaVor ot the Aus^ j
Osear W. Underwood ? Bids Farewell
to Hon*e Ways and Means fem
(By AModatAd Pre?.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. . 24.-Repre
sentative Oscar W. Underwood today
bade farewell to the house ways, and
nleans committee, ' of . which he is
chairman, as he wilt v represent Ala
bama as .its Junior eanator efter
March 4. He presided Over the com
mittee at its final session of this
congress today and was presented a
resolution of thanks, and congratula
tion by his colleagues. There were
speeches <by various members.
Speaker Clark later yielded thc
presiding officer's chair to Mr. Under- |
! wood and he presided over the bouse
! ?lurlng*part of its deliberations.
PrePmlnnry Trial af Allen Green,
Charged With Attempted Assault,
Sporisl to Tn? In<f?*J?m"rr.
WALHALLA, Fob. !?l. -Thc pre-'
limlnary trial ot Allen Creen, -colored
charged with attempted assault on
a white woman waa postpon- <\ today.
The alleged victim l?ft town ' arly to
day and could not bd located at time
sector trial.
Offlcer? are searching for her t.nd
when she ia brought back tho prelim
inary will likely be held.
There 1B no. talk of, lynching here.
Court of general sealion will convene
next week, and th.v public ls walting
for the law to take its roars>.
Green is not ?htrg?d with two at
tempts ?luring the past week, as mut
ed in some dispatches today.
Prescient Barrow Mil! Hopeful.
NEW YORK. Fob. 24.-President
Edward Barrow, of the International
, League, today ?DB eut hopeful that
1 the Nsw York National League duh
I would withdraw-its objection to the
I transfer of the Jersey City franchise
j to he Bronx. President Bronx. Presi
dent Barrow nr.'! .lohn K. Tener, bead
of the NattonrU league, discustcd the
tranr.for yesterday, but reached no
definite conclusions.
Bflfhe Reception of Proposais in
?London-Germany Inclin
? ed to Accept
'?'WASHINGTON. Feb. 24.-Great
Britain baa submitted to her allies- .'
France aqd Russia-- p-opoBnls made
by tho United States, designed to end
the mesace to neutral commerce aris
ing from retaliatory measures of tho
European belligerents toward each
Briefly, the American proposals,
(submitted to both Englan-.l and Ger
many wk the elmlnntion by Ger
many of tho recent prescribed war
zpne. with its dangers to neutral ship
ping and thc adoption by all the belli
gerents of a definite policy us to ?hip
ments of foodstuffs to the civilian
population of their enemies.
From such preliminary oLsc-rvattous
ns American diplomatic officials
abroad already have mudo, there IB
said to be some encouragement In
the manner of the reception ?if the
proposals at Loudon. Germany ia in
clined toward an acceptance of the
suggestions, it ia understood, hut on
Great Britain's altitud? depends the
next move.
The strong opposition which other
neutrals have uasumed ??ward thc re
taliatory measures udnpled .ly tho
belligerent* is playing a considerable
part in the situation. Although the
American proposals have not been
communicated to other neutrals, it
may be raid that virtually all the
Kuropcan neutrals nfc in.accortl with
1 tie United States" government.
Officials, while ratloont about what
lina bot ii H:ihl to Germany sod Great
Britain, do /lot deny that the gravi
ty of the whole situation has been
made unmistakably clear. In some
quarters today tho .?ggeatton wa?
made, but without confirmation froid
aourcoa usually well Informed. ?hnt
an embargo oh exports of foodstuffs
from tire United States to both the
Allies and Germany was being con
sidered In the event of an absolute
rejection of the American plan for
ameliorating the situation.
^WJhJje^complaints hove bet o few,
Would Manufacture
; Dyestuffs in U. S.
Capital Ready to Build up Dis
tinctly American Coal-tar. -
. ? . i .
Chemical Industry
(Ti* Awlfiro Prw.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. 24.-Secretary
-Rodfiold Informed thc senate today
that American chemical works and
manufacturers of dyestuffs wero ready
to embark capital and enterprise in
building un a distinctly American
coal-tar chemical Industry, providing
thero is adequate legislativo prohibi
tion against both 'dumping' in Ameri
can' markets or unfair ror.tratnt of
^American trade by thc ar hilary ac
tion of foreign monopoly permitted hy
foreign law and not as yet forbidden
by our own."
I Mr.. redfield pointed out that do
mestic consumption Of artificial dye
stuffs amounted annually to 915,000,
I Taken From JaH by Mob of More
Than 100 Men and Hanged
to Tree '
thy Attodsted Pm?.)
KI SSI M M KK. Fla., Feb. 24.-Will
Reed,'a negro, who waa accused ol
having attacked a whlto woman, wan
. taken from Ute county Jail here to
I day by a mob of more than 100 men
and banged lo a tree near Forest City.
His alleged victim is said to have
identified him.
j A coroner's Jury failed to determine
tho names of shy members of the
mob. The sheriff said the men were
[heavily arme?* and obtained the ker
to the negro's cell bv overpowering
! A*k? Deficiency Appropriation.
j .WASHINGTON, Feb. 24.-Secretary
Bryan asked congress today for a de
ficiency appropriation of $$0.000 tc
meet "any emergene.1 en that may arise
abroad." In connection with the pro
! tee ?ion ot American cit Isens and in
terests In the war-swept countries
daring the period when congress will
, not be in session.
Main Hatches Blown Off, Decks
Splintered and (he Binnacle
Hurled Into Air
(Ry Awociotfd Prm.)
LONDO... Feb. 24.-(2:10 p. m.)
Tho British steamer Oak by, WEB tor
pedoed hy a German submarine oil
Bye yesterday. Her crew waa rescued
by a fishing smack aud landed ai
The Oakby waB bound in ballas!
Ramsgate today.
from London for Cardiff, Wales. She
was Btruck on the port side. Hei
main hatches were blown off, hoi
decks were splintered and the binna
cle was hurled into the air. One life
boat was swamped by the gr?ai
i volume of water thrown up by tho' ex
plosion of the torpedo.
The .fishing smack Cratla. whicr
four miles off. felt the shock of thc
explosion and .hastened to the scene
The fishermen arrived in time to take
off the crew of the Oakby, no membci
of which waa Injured.
The periscope of a submarine war
Been before the explosion by the chlel
engineer of the Oakby. An attempl
was made to tow the Oakby to Dover
but she Bank off Folkeatone thia morn
Tho loss of thc Oakby apparently
was mentioned in a dispatch from
t,ydd. England, last night Thin mes
sage referred to the torpedoing of tvrt
vessels off Hastings. One sank, bul
her crow wp* saved and landed al
Ramsgate. The other was In a sink
lng condition mid a mino sweeper wat
described us endeavoring to tow hci
into Dover.
Tho Oakby wes 27G feet long ant
of l.'jr.i tons. She was built In 1891
'and was owned in Waat Hartlepool.
LONDON", Feb. 24.-M Lloyd's dis
patch from New Haven says th?
steamer Rio Parana of London, lead
en with . coal and bound from th?
Tyne lo Port of Errajo, island of Elba
struck a mine near Beachy Heat
Wednesday afternoon:
The vessel .filled and sank. Th<
crew was rescued -by a torpedo boa
and.landed at New Haven.
Eastbourne is on the English Chan
nc), in which German submarines havi
been particularly active since th
naval war zone was established b;
British Steamer Torpedoed.
NEW HAVEN, via London, Feb. 2.:
-(1:41 a. nv)-The British stearne
l! ur pa lion.' from London for Xe w por
News, without cargo, baa been tor
pedoed off Beachy Head.
. Three of the crew, Chinamen, wer
killed. Two others were severel.
Forty-one members of the crev
were landed here.
ile form Movement Launched.
ATLANTA; Ga., Feb. 24.-An educa
Gonai campaign ' to atop gambling
prjfanlty .and the use of intoxicant
among negroes in the south was de
termlncd upon here today at a meet
log of the officers of tho Souther)
Negro Anti-Saloon Federation.
Doubt As To
(Ry Awoetntad Pm*.)
nnomnuiii?, l'eu. ?->.-wine,a
edy Ices today threw some doubt ot
whether Captain Smith, of the Ameri
can steamer Evelyn, sunk in th
North Sea by a mine, was among th
saved, and whether lt ls not his boa
which ls missing.
' r Ambassador Page at London for
warded this report from tho Ameri
can consul at Bremerhaven:
"American steamer Evelyn ran o;
two mines on the 19th. 4 a. m., nea
lelo Morburn. Bank seven hours latet
Captain Smith, 18 men and Dulci
pilot in one boat; Firat Officer 8wan
i non and 13 roon in another. Firs
i boat1 aald to have been rescued 1
a. m. Saturday, but present where
- simula yet unknown. Later boat pick
ed up by German scout ship Mart
four Saturday af?"moon, and takei
to Helgoland. Ti.irteen men brough
' to Bremerhaven und put Into sailor
home. Spanish utoker Hans Ira!
> frozen and buried at sea. appears t
I pe onlv dead. Other survivors ,01
peeled "tomorrow. Those fr. Bremer
. haven out of danger."
Tho government war risk burea
I which Insured the hulls and cargoe
of the Evelyn.and Carib plans io re
Should be Thankful For Man Wc
Can Trust to Deni With
Difficuch Problem?
1/ AMort?wr
NEW YORK. Feb. 24
ing, counsellor for the State del
nu-ut, in a speech at the annual ban
quet of alumni of Amherst College
here tonight, declared these were cri
tical days for the United States, "how
critical only those who are in Inti
mate touch with affairs can realise."
The European war, he Bald, had raised .
a certes of problems which had never
before been , solved and "the liability
of error, the danger bf unintentional
partiality and the constant complaint
of one or another of the belligerents
makes the path of neutrality rough
and uncertain." I
Mr. Lnnslng expressed disapproval
of the suggestion that diplomatic
officers be pieced under civil service
rules, and defended President WHBOU
and Secretary Bryan against criticism
that they fatted to retain dipl?mela
named by former administrations.
These diplomats could 'not be expect
ed, he said,, to support the foreign
policies of the present administration.
On men who comprehended and were
in sympathy with these policies and,
were enthusiastic in carrying thoth
o u the success of the policies (hp
ponded, he' asserted.
"Successful diplomacy requires to
day intitiatlve and sound Judgment,
as lt always has. It ls. the man cf
force, of originality;?'.'or pv?aW?my?.
who becomes distinguished in the dtp- -
lonmtlc service.
"When U cornea to tho, principal
posts abroad. I am strongly opposed
to tying the hands or the president
in any way. If we had obtained all
our ambassadors and ministers by
promotion we would not have had
such men at London as E. J. Phelps
and Joseph H. Chonte, or men like
Myron T. Herrick and Brand Whit
lock. Sut', men, inexperienced in
diplomatic practice, but equipped
with qualities which command respect
and achieve success, are the ones
who bo\V> brought lustre to American
diplomacy. ,
"Diplomacy today In wrestling with
novel problems, to which it'must ap
ply natural Justice and practical com
mon, sense. Neutral nations have to
meet a series of problems which have
never been solved. The liability Ot
error, the danger of unintentional
partiality, and the constant complaint
of one or another of'the belligerents
make the path of neutrality rough
and uncertain.
"Things have to be done,not studied
these dav.'. The motto 'Do It Now' ta
not a piece of advice in the depart
ment of State; lt ie a command. A
question which ls a weak old is on?
clent history. ?Considering the cus
tomary slow fmd dignified ways of
diplomacy this 'touch and go' method
of dping business was a decided Inno
vation and compelled a radical change
in the machinery to which our foreign
affair J are conducted?
These are critical days for our conn,
try; how critical only those who are
in intimate touch with affair? can
fuiiy realise. ^ It IB a tune for serious
Among Saved
duce somo ot its losses by salvag
ing their cotton cargcci tf possible, "
Secretary McAdoo and. Assistant Sec
retary Peters discussed such a plan
e I today with President Wilson,
el Secretary McAdoo pointed out that
t| cotton was not easily damaged hy
water and salvaging would probably
reveal definitely the cause of the
einking of the vessels.
Secretary McAdoo issued a st?te
u i ment tonight showing' that premiums
r I already earned by the federal war
risk bureau are considerably in excess
of the bureau's liability incurred by
thc loss ot the steamers Carib and
t I Evelyn. These ships were Insured for
o ( $650,103, while premiums actually
earned by tim bureau on policies now
expired amount to 1762.041.
i. Premiums received up to today. Mr.
a McAdoo ssld. totalled S1.6Q&S0*. on
t insurar?ce amounting to $5?,e45,?84.
s The German embassy today. las wed
o this statement in connection with the
o sinking of the Evelyn:
> "In connect JU with tho deplorable
M loss of the Evelyn, all circles inter
ested in shipping to the North Sea
u' and the nearby waters ara again ad
vised to follow the German admiral
ty's instructions." . , ? .

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