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140 West Whitner Street.
W. W. 8M0AK. Editor and Bus. Mgr.
E. ADAMS.Managing Editor
L. M. GLENN.City Editor
PHELPS SASSEEN.Advertising Manager
T. B. GODFREY.Circulation Manager.
Entered as second-class matter April 28, 1914, at
the pont office at Anderson, South Carolina, under
tJieAct of March 1879._
Member of Associate! Press and Receiving Com
plotc Dally Telegraph Service._
Editorial and Business Office. ...321
Job Printing.693-L I
Dany. Semi-weekly.
One Year.$5.00 One year.$1.60
Biz Months.2.50 Eight Months. .. 1.00
Threo Months. .. 1.25 Four Months.BO
The Intelllgf acer is delivered by carriers in the
etty. If you fall to get your paper regularly
ploaso notify us. Opposite your name on the label
Of your paper is printed date to which our paper
ts paid. All checks and drafts should be drawn
to The Anderson Intelligencer.
Sim i h Carolina t Fair Sat urdu y ; Sunday prob*
ably rain.
? e
O o
More Troth Than Poetry.
If ovor you weary of hearing your load
Aa Ufo you go travelling through,
Be sure that the man just behind on tho road
Will ofTer to beor lt for you.
And while you Ito down by the murmuring rill,
'Neath the shady sweet-scented woods;
He'll carry it up to thc top of tho hill <
And collect what ia due on the goods.
If ever you feel that you gladly would shirk
The task that is set for the dsy.
Some fellow will ofter to take on your work
While you go your own chosen wsy.
He'll toll, while you go to the gsme ur the track- |
Unmindful of labor or pelf
And you'll find that your friend, hy the time you |
get back.
Has landed yonr joh for himself
Thero always is someone to help you elong,
On whom you may trustingly lean
Whose footsteps are steady, whose shoulders are)
When the pace seems a little too keen.
He'Hssve you Ole trouble ot making your fight,
And when tbs twelfth hour has struck
He'll calmly encamp on auccess's far height
Wittie you might hare heen. If you'd stuck.
Tho South Carolina Sphinx-Cole. L.
o . ?
Most of this war \newa" la simply wsr views. ?
. lt is not trouble to tell how a hallet dancer]
Let tho good work ot registering for the bond
election go on.
"The American steamer Greenbriar." Something |
sticky about that name. ehT
A ballet dancer is about tho only person ws know |
ot who gets anything by kicking.
These notes psaslng between Uncle Sam and j
John Bull are not wtihont interest.
We seo by the dispatches there is a town In Rus
sian Poland named Pratasnyss. How did yon pro
nounce lt?
Some poet has referred to tho submarino as the
mole of tho sea. It molds the fate ot many dread
naughts of the ses.
Wonder lt the movie producers are on tho firing
line out In Utah where those P?ente Indiana and the |
palefaces are fighting.
"Two days course In domestic Bcience." We he-1
Rove that's the length of tenn some cooks took, j
judging by their cooking.
"Choir ot 1.800 Voices Drives Home Hymns."
Headline. We suppose that choir leader will have]
to he calle? a choir driver.
The United States senate seems to he a delib-1
oratlve body Judging, from the manner lt has de-|
ilberatety prolonged this session.
An exchange completas that Governor Manning
has boen in office a month and has not yet selected
any colonels. Of ell his errors (?) that one comes
naarer being a virtue.
We haye a hunch that that telegram from Gov-j
ernor Manning to Mayor Grace on law enforce-!
mont in Charleston ls but a forerunner of inter
esting developments In the near future
Orcfcnvltc has a candidate for^ahertff In 1918 nam
ed Mooney. He's the fellow who created * Sensa
tion at the list Democratic convention by almost
licking a New Jersey boss who attempted to In?
ere with the parade of Ute South Carolina dele
about the convention hall with their Wilson
It may be that there are persona in tho county
who will oppose the proposed bond issue for lack
of information. We desire to give a few facts as
to this matter which will furnish food for thought,
at least. That this county If financially able to
have good roads Is evident from a study of the tax
able property as shown by tho books of the county
auditor. Anderson County has property valued at
?13,506,705. Of this amount S5.738.090 Is real es
tate and S7.768.615 is personal property. The total
amount of taxes assessed ngainst this property for
1914 was S267.379.16.
There ore some other Interesting facts about the
assessed valuation of! property in this county. The
total taxable value of the cotton mills and the cot
ton oil mills in the county is S8.C91.92S, and they
pay taxes to the amount of ?70,895.53. In and near
the city of Anderson the cotton mills are assessed
at 11,407,315. and pay taxes to tho amount of $30.
There was to be expended on the roads of the
county last year $61.043.36, divided Into the follow
ing: Public roads, $38,327; roads and bridges, $22,
The proposed bond lesue of $750,000 bears in
terest at 5 per cent. The amount of this interest
will be $37,600. ' There is to be provided a sinking
fund of $7,500 per year. To raise this interest and
the sinking fund will require a 3 mills levy addi
tional, if all of this ls to be raised by a special levy.
It would seem, however, that it would be equitable
for a portion of this money to be taken from the
road fund, for the amount of work to be done on
the roads sifter this permanent improvement has
been made will be reduced to a minimum. Of this
amount tho cotton mills and the cotton oil mills
will pay approximately one-third. The railroads of
the county are assessed at $924,220, and this will
further reduce the amount of the taxes to be paid
by the people of the county at large. Taking off
the taxes to bo paid by the cities and towna in the
county which will not receive any of the fund, lt
will be found that the people who will receive t. e
most and the direct benefit from the good roads
will not pay as much as one-half of the cost of se
curing them.
The Intelligencer ls a great believer In concrete
Illustrations to show how much a property owner
will have to pay to secure this 250 or 300 miles ov.
good roads In tbe county. Let UB take the caso cf
Mr.' A. who returns for taxation 10 acres of land at
$7 per acre, or $70, and $ll? ot personal property
making a total of $186. (This ls the property of a
tax payera as shown on the auditor's books.) His
taxes will be increased just $.06 or be will pay the
price of a olgar per'year for the privilege of driving
or riding over 300 miles of macadam roads. Will
he not Bave lt in one trip to the county seat, or to
his market, to say nothing of Ilia convenience and
pleasure ot having a good road to use in going to
church or to see his neighbor on Sunday. Let us
take the case of the man who paya taxes on $1,000.
If the bond issue carries he will pay an annual tax
towards the cost of the ronda of just $3. What man
la there who will withhold Ibis amount of support
from securing that which would Increase his prop
erty values, his comfort and convenience. Why, he
pays that much for a pair of shoes. So If it Ss a
question of saving $3 per year let him do without a
pair of shoes, or in the case of Mr. A. one dope will
pay Lia 4i?ae& for a y wv.
So, lt there be opposition to having the bond Is
en? it will have to be on other than financial
grounds, and unless ' the other reasons are better
than this one, lt will be suicidal for anyone to vote
against having a better system of roads. We must
not stand In the way ot this great need for the
county on such grounds as these. Optimism and
confidence In the future are essential and will pay
big . >turns. Let us not oppose this forward step
except for the best of reasons: Let us hear from
you, and discuss this most important matter.
What faint voice la that we hear coming
from the direction of Anderson about getting
up a fair to be called the Piedmont fair to be
held In Anderson this fall. Listen again.
It comes from The Daily Intelligencer. Why,
neighbor, we are surprised that r?ru are so
tar behind the' times or that your memory Ia
so v-?ry ahort. Do you not know that the
Pleumont Fair is an established Institution,
and that lt waa held in breen wood last fall?
Why Brother Sm oak, you attended, and a
large number of Anderson - people. We are
counting on having you with us again thia
fall to a bigger and a better Piedmont Fair.
"Hy Town" will have to do better than
this. It may have a fair, and we hope that lt
wilt but lt can not he the Piedmont Fair.
Surely thia voice that we heard ?rom "My
Town" Sa the voice of some one who wrns
dreaming. Wake up man. We are wide
awake in Oreen wood and so ls the Petdment
Fair. Even Belton can beat that kind of -
And the worst of lt all la that the editor .
ot The Intelligencer went back home and
wrote nearly a halt page about the Piedmont
Fair held In Greenwood last October.
The above ls fro*n The Greenwood Journal, and
The Intelligencer had the same thing to9 contend
with laat year about the so-called" Teidmont Fair.**
Greenwood ls so Jealous of Anderson tbnt shs
dreams dreams' about the things she fears Ander
son might attempt. Of course, we shall not call
our fair the Piedmont Fair, but we said that Ander
son should stage the "greatest Piedmont Fair here
thia year that has aver been staged In the Pied
mont" And Anderson can da this, and call lt
simply "Fair" or "Anderapa Fair." or any old
thing. "A rose by any other name will email aa
sweet." and If there'ever should be a fair held at
Anderson, the lltt#show at Greenwood weald have
to beat lt for the tell timber.
Yea, the editor of The Intelligence* was at the
last little show held at Greenwood in October of
last yv*ar. and w? were struck by one thing that at
tracted the attention of every caa -rho ksctr it,
and that waa what a'mighty email fair lt would
have been If Anderson bad not furnished BO manyi
of the exhibits, and KO much of the crowd.
We arc going to have a fair here that will eclipse
anything In the Piedmont, and we are not going to
crow so much about it, but simply do it, and we
here and now extend a cordial invitation to Brother
Gardner to attend and aee a fair wbat is a fair. Wo
shall try to have lt in time to lend the Greenwood
folks a few exhibits to keep the buildings and the
show ring from being so tare. We have a new
slogan for "My Town" now and it Is 'You can do
better in Anderson." , . ?e., A
Governor Manning is beginning to get his guns ?
ready for the attack on' lawlessness in Charleston.
He has given the authorities of the City by the Sea
ample opportunity for enforcement of the law
down there, and they have not availed themselves
of the chance to redeem the good name of the old
city. Now, the governor will show them that in
South C. /olina once more the law ls .supreme. As|
he said to Mayor Grace: "Neither you nor I are
responsible for the' laws on the statute books, but
we aro both charged with enforcing them. Our ?
duty ls plain." What a grand thing if all the city
and county officials everywhere would realize this
truth, and see that the laws are enforced without
fear or favor.. It must be done or we shall suffer
in loss of life and property, and in the forfeiture
of the respect good people everywhere have for us
and our institutions.
Governor Manning expects every official to per
form his full duty, whether or not lt be a high or
a low official. That he intends to compel this may
be inferred by his refusal to offer a reward for the
slayer of Mr. Dodd. If the desire to perform vine's
duty is not a sufficient Incentive to cause officials
to hunt down criminals, the governor's office will
not supply an artiflcal incentive in a sum of money
offered as a reward. "Our duty is plain," would be
a fine motto for every official, and we would like
to see lt generally adopted as such. Governor
Manning has accepted it as his motto, and appears
determined to stick to it Others may do well to
emulate his example.
And now wo have the rather unique spectacle of
a band of masked men going about in the interest
of good order and law enforcement A company of
fifty marched into a- chut ch in Hopkins County,
and delivered a dictum concerning the proper re
gard for public worship and established institu
tions in general. It appear? that certain hoodlums
in the county have been given to unseemly conduct
In and about the church, and these good, religious
citizens-all dressed for the occasion-rode forth
to crusade In the name of th? temple. They came
with masks and threats, led ' by a dashing, out
spoken leader; they lacked none of the pomp and
trappings that we have come to associate with their
picturesque brothers on the other aide of tho argu
ment Thus equipped they marched boldly into Ote
church, past Ute trembling worshippers, and from
the pulpit announced their Intentions toward any
who persisted hereafter in dtslrurbing 'services.
It ls not Just clear why these crusaders thought
lt necessary to resort to a make-up. A plain, open
faced protest from a citizens' committee ot fifty
would have been a convincing and commendable
evidence of the temper of the community In this
matter. Something of the worthiness of their pur
pose behind the .nash, and the visage presented by
the affair, on the whole, ia ugly and a little men
acing. Disturbance of public worship bi an offense
of which the law takes note; and these brave spir
its, could bsve appealed to and cooperated with the
authorities hi correcting Ute trouble at the Hop
kins County church. It ls Just possible that'the
m?thode they adopted, however successful in Oils
present Incident will not bo found to have con
tributed anything to the community's respect tor
law and order, in general-The Courier Journal.
We believe that the refusal of Governor ?anning
to offer a reward for the party dr parties guilty of
murdering an aged storekeeper in Anderson Coun
ty will have the approval ot moat of those who atop
to give the matter thought. It is true that ibero
may be cases where the ends of Justice can be
promoted by auch means, as, for example, where
some notorious criminal ls known to have fled the
State. In a case of that oort a reward might ac
complish something ot value by stimulating police
officers throughout a wide territory to look out for
tho tug,((ve. In the present ease, however, it is
scarcely possible that the guilty party or parties
can have gone very far from tho scene of tho
crime. Indeed. In the resolution adopted by the
city council of Anderson asking Ute governor to
offer a reward lt waa suggested that the object ia
view was to make Urn amount sufficiently huge "to
attract detectives from national agencies." Such
a policy ia a doubtful one at best If the officers
chosen hy the people to attend to auch duties are
Incapable of performing their work Intelligently it
would be better, to employ a trained detective out
right and pay him for hts time regardless of re
sults. The reward plan ia usually dangerous for
more reasons than ono. It may tempt droves of the
worat kind of detectives to give their attention to
a case, and not Infrequently there are m ?m of this
kind who would not hesitate to manufacture evi
dence so that lt will comply with the terms of the
reward, which invariably require "evidence to con
vict**, Governor Manning ia right The thing for
the people to do ls to \!pc*? peace officers who
are competent th perform their duties sind then see
that they do perform them.-The Newe and Courier.
A representative from Anderson County waa re
cently asked by a gentleman from. Charleston this
question "What ls the altitude of Anderson?' To
which the representative replied at once* "Baptist, i
way yander."-The Abbeville Press and ?Banner.
Some comic opera chorus girls show ouat?mes
and ?orne costumes show comic opera chorus girls!
"Dentists Having Fits Time In Thia Olly Today."
-Headline. I^vtiie?-'ly not T^&fMg d?>wn ?n 'he.
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm _____
Those of you who have worn an Evans Fifteen can better appreciate
your opportunity here now when you understand that $10*95
these suits of peerless quality are now selling at. <
But here's the complete list of all suits and overcoats:
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Reductions no less interesting on all men's trousers, shoes, seasona
ble underwear, wool shirts, sweaters and all boys' suits and overcoats
The Store witt) a Conscience
Governor Manning Reiterates |
Policy That Officers Are
Elected to Enforce Law
COLUMBIA, Feb. 26.-Governor |
Manning mad? it known early Thurs
day that he would not accede to the
request ot Mayor J. H. Godfrey, of
Anderson, to supplement with an offer
of a reward of |260 the reward of
$500 offered by the city of Anderson
for apprehension and conviction of
the assassin ot Thomas M. Dodd, an I
aged citizen of Anderson.
In his letter to Mayor Godfrey, Gov
ernor Manning explained his inability
to offer a reward for this slayer by
reiterating his policy that the officers
of the law were elected to enforce the
laws, and the apprehension ot tba
slayer of Mr. T>?dd devolved upon the
county and city officials of Anderson.
The governor's observation was that)
the offering ot rewards had "become
too common."
Governor Manning explained that I
he was much opposed to government
by detectives, when discussing the re
quest of Mayor Godfrey to order State
detectives to investigate the killing.
It was observed by the governor that
the offering of rewards for the arrest j
cf criminals has become odious to the
people becsuse of psst excesses in
this regard, and he made lt plain he
bas reached a determination not to
resort 'to detective government save
when such action becomes of last re
Expressing regret that he could not
grant the requested reward. Governor
Manning stated he felt -'certain that
yon are fully capable of handling the
situation, and I also think that the j
very liberal reward offered by your
city will bring forth the efforts ot in
dependent detective agencies."
Was Oae ol FJceeas* Oldest aad Best
Knot..! ClUsens.
BICKENS. Feb. 25.-Wednesday af
ternoon about 5 o'clock the spirit ot
Rev. John T. Lewie, one of Pickens
counties oldest and best known citi
zens passed to the great beyond.
Mr. Lewis died st the home ot bis
daughter. Mrs. Ben T. Daniel in
this city. He was 78 years of age
and had laen sick several weeks pro
ceeding hts'death.
The funeral services were conduct
ed at the home. Thursday, ??y Rev.
E. V. Babb, of Easley. 8. C. After
whick the body was carried to Moun
tain Grove church and Interred there
in tho presence of ? large gathering |
of relatives and friends, with M?eon
Ic honors.
Mr. Lewis waa an ordained minis
ter of the Baptist d?nomination, also
s Mason. He leaves besides hin
widow, the following children to
mourn nie death: Messrs. W. G. "B.",
and Frank, of Pickens; J. J. of
Anderson county, and Rev. Wads H.
Lewis, ot M. E. Conference, located
tn Laurens, Mrs. Ben TI McDaniel,
Mrs. Hoyt Townes, Mrs. J. M. Gil
lespie of this county, Mrs. Frank
Townes, of Hones Path, Mrs. Win.
? JFeansoa, or Central and Mrs. L. E.
ChOdros, at Greenville, Two brothers,
H. 3. sad Robert Lewis are living
In this county.
Will Probably Be Several Weeks Bo.
fare IT? S. Sayrea-e Court Ohres
Bee?sf?* fis Frank Case.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26.-Arfi*
.^?-4 _.. .*k-* '- /->-1- J.vJ
~-~- .*??? ~w?. .??..?. %w%iv&mm ??M.- i
[eral, court's decision refusing a writ!
ofv habeas corpus to Leo M. Frapk,
under death sentence for the murder I
of Mary Pungun, were concluded be I
fore the United States supreme court I
today. A decision probably will not I
be given for at least several weeks.
Should the supreme court affirm I
the decision of the lower federal I
court, no legal obstacle, - lt ls said, I
would stand in the way of carrying
out the death sentence. If thc ruling
ls reversed, counsel for Frank and
the State told the court the case must
go back to the dint riet court for the
taking of evidence on which the alle
gations for the petition for the writ
were based.
V. auk's attorneys informed the
court that: should the, writ he granted
Frank could bc tried a ?iain under the
pending indictment. The State'?
counsel questioned this assertion.
Louis Marshall, ct New York, on
behalf ot Frank, contended that the
trial court lost jurisdiction overs tho
prisoner because of mob violence dur
ing thc trial and because of Frank's
ab.opec through "coprcion" by the
tr'-il ji'dr3 v.'h?n tho Vsrdict was an
rc>?nced. Both nido? agreed that the
truth of the allegations of mob vio
lence and ot absence under coercion
were not before the court, but remain
ed for hearing by the lower court if
the supreme court held, aa a 'matter
of law; assuming the allegations were
true; that Frank waa entitled to t'-=.
writ. Notwithstanding this > both
?Ides at times argued the truth of
the allegations., until at last, Chief
Justice' White suggested to Solicitor
Dorsey that he waa wasting hts time.
Attorney General Grice for ' the
State, urged that Frank's petition
showed that the question ot mob vio
lence had.been passed upon by the
trial court and by the Georgia su
premo court and that both' had found
there had been no Buch disorder aa
Interfered with Frank's rights.
Old Glory on Each Side.
NEW YORK. Feb. 26.-The steam
ship City of. Savannah, of Ute Savan
nah line, lc to be loaded with cotton
for Germany and aa a - protection
against German submarines rho has a
big American flag painted or each Bide
that will he Illuminated at night.
The City of Savannah la en route
for Wilmington,- N. C., where she will
load 10,000 bales for rotterdam.
If you don't wont lt today? you may
nozt week. Send this advertisement
and 5 .centa to. Foley & Co., Chicago,
111., writng your name and address
clearly. You receive in return Uiree
tricl packages-Foley's Honoy and
Tar Compound for coughs, colds,
croup and grippe; Foley Kidney
Pills, for weak or disordered kidney?
orhbladder; Foley Cathartic Tablets,
a pleasant, whot-some and cleansing
purgative, just the thing tor winter s
sluggish bowels and torpid liver.
These well known standard rem?las
far aale by Evana' Pharmacy/
i- g aa an*?g?a?Ma*aanwarn?aaaian^^
6 Reel M'?xi
Special children** program trim
grana: ?LITTL? BOT BLUE," *LV
Announce Members of Commission.
CHARLESTON. W. Va?, Feb. 28 -
Governor H. D. Hatfield today an
nounced the new members of the Vir
ginia debt commission for Oils State.
The legislature recently passed a
measure reducing the commission
from ll to five members. Besides the
governor, as ex-offlclo member, the
new commission will comprise W. D.
Ord, of Landgraf, and Jndge John W.
Mason, of Fairmont, Republicans, and
R. E. Talbert,-cf Philippi, and Septi
mus Hall, of New Martinsville, Demo
?No Headache, Soar Stomach,
Bad Cold or Constipation
by morning.
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Furred tongue, B?'i Colds. Indiges
tion, Sallow 8kln and Miserable Head
aches come from a~torpld liver and
clogged bowels, which cause your
stomach to become fllleC with undi
gested food, which sours and fer
ments like garbage in a swill barrel.
That's thd first step to untold misery
-Indigestion, foul gases, bad breath,
yellow akin, mental fears, everything
that ia horrible and nauseating. A
Cascaret tonight will gtve your con
stipated bowels a thorough cleansing
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know a mi se rabio moment. Don't for
get the children-their little insides
need a good, gentle cleansing, too.
II I I ?il----M--S
What Meat?
That* ia a secondary consid?ration.
Tho flrfct question is. What butcher?
You are not sure ot getting a fresh,
tender Juicy steak from an unreliable
You must be sure: If you are sure
of your butoher, you are sure ot your
meat. Our customers rely on ns for
being choice, down to Ute last ounce
of meat, even if thai ounce ls over
J. N. Lindsey, Propr.
Phones tH and ?Sf>.
tary- Western
AY," gees en ai one sMeek.
Jaaw i i..? M ? . ri i a i 11 II i *
10 s. na Saturday te 1 p. nt. Pre
mi ?as? Yswns,? ?mes

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